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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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this is the bay area's new station on for news starts now with breaking news. we have breaking news following tonight because nine people were killed and a fire in oakland. inks for joining us at 11:00. i am jr's down. and i am grant. two dozen additional people tonight are still missing. including three california students. on the scene carefully trying to get to the debris, searching for bodies but the building is so badly burned that the dangerous and certainly time-consuming process. the fire started just after 11:30 at the warehouse known as the ghost ship which is on 31st avenue and international boulevard. a couple blocks from the fruitvale bart station.
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an electronic music party was in progress in the second floor of the warehouse. fire started in the second floor and we do not know how it's done -- started. the second floor collapsed onto the first floor. we are covering the story the multiple angles. >> we start with charles who is live at the scene in oakland. chuck you have been there all day, what things look like right now? >> reporter: it is now 11:00 and there is a considerable amount of activity here. as you can see behind me they have put out floodlights to light up the interior of the building that has burn down so they can get crews and their two recover remains. let's go ahead and take a look at some video from earlier today they are facing a daunting challenge here because this is a three-story building and it collapsed into one. they announced earlier they being the sheriff's office that
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they have recovered nine bodies from this rubble. they have sent the bodies to the corners office for identification. there now using heavy equipment excavators to search the rubble for additional victims that they can see. vacancy remains in the rubble but they cannot get to them. there will be more fatality's announced in the days ahead. now, this afternoon the sherriffs department were sheriff's office was warning people that there will be no quick answers. it will take time to find the exact cause of the fire also to figure out how many people are still inside.>> we don't even know how far into the process we are. we do not absolutely have a number of people that we know are deceased inside. that will take quite a bit of time. that's why we have been trying to stay away from a number, we truly don't know.
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>> reporter: the sheriff's office has told the media that they plan on being here for the very least another 48 hours. it most likely will be longer than that. the section of international or industrial will be shut down for sometime. also we are expecting the neck media briefing and the next announcement to"or about it a clock in the morning. we have the very latest in oakland charles clifford at kron4 news. among the missing michela gregory a student, we are also learning that three california students are missing. friends griffin madden, jenny morris as what others have been missing -- reported missing. they have been posting names on social media hoping to hear good news. the paper is also reporting that a cal graduate who is at the party is also missing.
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meanwhile our team covereage continues we're learning more about that fire that killed nine people and left more than two dozen unaccounted for we're joined now live from the scene can you tell us? >> reporter: is been an emotional day we spoke with several people who showed up at the scene because they knew someone who was inside the warehouse last night. i spoke with one young woman who said she knew six friends that were in that building. as you can imagine because this is some sort of a social event some people are not just losing one loved one they are losing several. >> everyone is making sure they were okay and did not know anyone that was her. i heard that unfortunately nine people are so have passed away. other than that the people i know are okay.
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i guess that is one good thing. >> reporter: we have been told crews will be here for about 48 hours for those who were still searching for their loved ones it may be days before they get definite answers. reporting live in oakland. at kron4 news. here is where you can find information on those who are unaccounted for. there's a family assistance center that up at the alameda county sheriff's office on east 12th street. you can also contact the alameda county sheriff's corners bureau. also golden donna 100% silk, electronic music performer that was playing at the warehouse, they have also listed the names of the people missing. on his facebook page. family and friends of the people are still at the family assistance center waiting for any answer.
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they have more about how those families are coping. >> it's been a revolving door out here all day long as concerned families and friends have come through to try and get whatever answers are available.>> we were just starting out today and i guess they were telling us that my cousin did not come home. took at least 25 people who attended the warehouse party saturday night are still missing. friends and family have turned to the only place they feel they can get answers. the sheriff's unit on 12 street has been converted into a family assistance center.>> we are hoping for the best, good news and not bad. >> reporter: they have reported that they have been able to relieve loved ones with several dozen people were found in the area. several people remain inside waiting for their silverlining. red cross and salvation army volunteers will be here as long as there is a need.>> try to comfort them to the best of my
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ability. right now it's trying to feed them.>> reporter: the health center offers kindness and mental health experts. >> i saw what was going on and i wanted to step into action and help.>> reporter: they report they will begin announcing the names of the nine people confirmed that in the fire so far. with nowhere else to turn and unable to search themselves families and friends await at the center for an answer, good or bad.>> it is pretty much are dead and right here. unless we go look for the bodies ourselves, i doubt that will happen. took the mayor also paid a visit to those concerned family members. a will back them up whichever way they can. they will be paying for hotel accommodations for people to have had to fly out from different cities, states and even parts of the world. in oakland at kron4 news. the next press conference about this tragedy is tomorrow morning at 8:00. he will have that live on kron4 news in the morning.
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we will also streamed live online and in our mobile app. front is a great resource to figure out what is going on. we will be back after the break.
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we're looking ahead mostly clear skies. it will get chile in spots again. here we go, out the door we have 43 and live more, 43 in nampa, 41 in santa rosa. by day not a whole lot warmer tomorrow. we will see temperatures drop off intact as we look towards the middle of next week the coldest temperatures of the sena first season overnight lows into the 20s and 30s. very chilly weather on the way. all right, tomorrow morning , admiral is the next press conference where we will learn more information.
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at 8 a.m. we will see you bright and early.
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