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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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33 victims found in this building. >> this tragedy hit close to home for our agency. one of our deputies that we work with, lost his son in this fire. >> it is absolutely clear that a lot of people need to take
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responsibility and reflect on what happened here and make sure this like never, ever happens again. a community looking for answers. and grieving tonight as we are now able to put faces to the names of some of the victims. good evening. i'm jr stone. >> 8 families have gotten the grim news that they did not want to hear, a loved one who died in the fire. but there are many other loved ones waiting to hear. here is what we know so far, again, 33 bodies have been recovered from the burning building. the officials identified 8 victims. one of them a 17-year-old. the officials have not officially released his name but we learned he is a san francisco high school student. fire officials say 33 people confirmed dead, several appear to be between the ages of that 17-year-old and their early 30s.
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some of the victims are from other countries such as europe and asia and as of it this afternoon they had only gone through 40% of the building. a criminal investigation has been launched, we now know, by the district attorney's office. we have multiple crews out tonight covering many angles of this devastating story. we first start with dan who is live at the scene in look land with the latest on the search efforts, dan. what does it look like out there this evening? >> well, we have recovery crews continuing to work. the mayor made it clear it is the the top priority. recovering the bodies and identifying the victims and letting families know as soon as possible. the district attorney has other priorities. now, recovering some from 35 to 40%. the death toll jumped to 33, 8 of whom have been identified. and with more than 60% of this charred warehouse still to
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search the body count will likely increase. >> i don't know how many people are left in there. we have no idea. no idea how many people were in if that building that night or how many people got out of that building. >> the fire night fire looks to send partygoers in all directions looking for an escape. bodies are not clustered in one area but scattered all over the building. the bodies found include those younger than originally thought. >> there are teenagers and young adults and people up in the age of 30 plus the attorney's office confirmed that a criminal investigation into the fire is underway. oakland's mayor talked about the role of the da's criminal investigation team. >> the district attorney representative is on sight and is working in partnership with other law enforcement officer agencies. we are ensuring that this investigation and the recovery
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operation is conducted in a manner that preserved evidence, is conducted in a manner that allows us to get to the bottom of what cause thursday. >> back live now in oakland, we can tell you that the d's task force is on the scene as well as tobacco and firearms. >> thank you, dan. tonight, we are taking a closer look at 8 of the 33 victims recovered in the warehouse fire who have been positively identified. 17-year-old, name not officially released by the city but we learned he is draven mcgill. a high school student. tonight we haves his photo. he was 17. an 11th grader at the school of the arts. tomorrow, faculty counselors and members of the wellless program will be available to support his classmates as they grieve. we have photos tonight of the
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other victims, cash asque was 22 from oakland. david klein, 24 and a uc berkeley graduate. nick gomez-a hall, 25 years old from san diego county and sara hoto was 30 years old from walnut creek. brandon chase whitnouer and donna kellogg, 32 years old from oakland. shock and grief hangs over the hearts of many who knew the victims. we talked to some who knew them. now, we go live tonight from the family assistance center in oakland. >> the family assistance center is now closed. open material at 8:00. now, on the door, the coroner's
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office, that is where concerned family members can call until tomorrow morning. this is where it is. people have come. now i spoke to a man who is looking for a friend. >> reporter: searching for his friend alex. his web site says he is a producer and director who lived it in new york the last tweet showing the video of the warehouse friday night. >> reporter: she did not know anyone directly effected by the deadly fire but still hitting too close to home. not knowing how to help she came to the family assistance center with cookies. >> i know a number of people who kind of run in that circle. i did not know directly any victims who are in the fire. it did not feel right to do
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anything. dinot know what to do but i did something, you know. >> it is a devastating couple of days for her friends. >> i was immediately swamped with tons of messages and things and you know. if i was safe, spent most of the day looking for anybody that might have been at that party. i am really luck tow report that none of by direct friends are impacted as far as i know. >> reporter: this disaster is so massive a lot of people we talked to earth knew someone or knew someone effected so we will continue to follow the story and bring you the latest. reporting live in oakland, kron4 news. >> there are ways to learn more. here is one. you can find out information about those who are still unaccounted for and there are at least two dozen. a family assistant center set up at 24-25 east 12th street.
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you can contact the coroner's bureau. that number is 510-3800. they are listing people that they know to be missing. >> as we hear more about the ñr death toll and the names of the victims of the fire. a sidewalk memorial is growing near the wear house. many families, friends, people from all over the neighborhood are gathering there to pay their respects. >> that is where we find spencer blake. he has been there through the evening and spencer as this memorial continues to grow what does it feel like there tonight? >> it feels differently. people are gathering on the outside here. >> reflection, prayer, and mourning are all happening on
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east 12th street and 31st avenue. they are filled with candles, flowers and other items. >> i, i just felt like i needed to come to the space and process it a little bit. >> some people know the victims personally. some heard of them or recognized names. others are pausing to let the gravity of it sink in. >> we don't know him but we know that his son -- his son is missing. >> reporter: this man spent considerable time in silence at the memorial. left a poem for victims and loved ones. >> had has to do with safety. prayerful and mournful and practice love. >> reporter: sticky notes cover parts of the sidewalk and the fence with messages with great adventures. you are the smartest, funniest and bravest. many people attending friday night are visiting throughout
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the country. >> it breaks your heart. did not know it was going to happen. it did it not have to happen. >> sticking out the long and tragic investigation. >> reporter: in a way you could say that these memorials are in their own rights sorts of public art displays that would be fitting for a lot of these victims. we are live in oakland, kron4 news. >> not only is this tragic fire difficult for families of the victims but also for the firecrews who are tasked with the job of sifting through the wreckage to look for bodies of the deceased. >> yes that is the point that was made by former oakland fire chief simon when i spoke to him earlier today. and today, they spoke to firefighters about their horrific ordeal. >> obviously the fire is the most devastating to family and friends. but having an impact on the
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authorities. the fire department going through bit by bit using buckets to remove the debris, trying to honor the victims. i have known battalion chief for years. a professional. never breaks down, always right to the point. a cool customer. >> at the news conference this morning she had to fight back tears as she was announcing what they were doing ever since the fire started. >> i can tell you throughout the evening the somber approach that our firefighters and sheriff department members took to this search. it was quiet it was heartbreaking. to get through what we were able to accomplish in 12 hours
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was a phenomenal feat. >> reporter: it is only going to get tougher for the authorities especially the fire department. they just started scratching the surface by midmorning 28% through the building. they anticipate to be here throughout the week as they remove more debris. and they are telling us to brace for more bodies. reporting from oakland, kron4 news. >> we will have continuing coverage of this breaking news throughout the show. after the break, you will hear from oakland city councilmember gio on the building criticism and what needs to be done to prevent this tragedy from happening again.
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breaking news story continues tonight in oakland with now a criminal investigation. 33 people have been confirmed dead of the massive warehouse fire that took place on 31st street. 8 of the victims have been identified. 1 a 17-year-old san francisco high school student, the son of a deputy sheriff. tonight, more community outrage about the warehouse that held the house show, how it was operated and possible laws that were broken. we spoke with one city leader who wants answers now. he also believes the owner of the building must be held accountable. >> here in oakland more outrage and criticism of the warehouse
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and how it was being operated in this neighborhood. >> you know, the neighbors, they live here. and i, you know, i report to the neighbors and out to the institution or not to the property owner. and certainly these neighbors on sunday have cleaned up that property many times. >> this is oakland city councilmember. he represents this area. >> why was it not shuttered a long time ago? >> that is where i can not go there and arrest people. i do prostitution here. i can not arrest a pimp and i can not arrest but i can remove them. so this is an area where we reported. i mean, wind stphaoe he did not hold back when it comes to holding the owner responsible for what happened here. >> we lost lives. >> no way around it. we lost lives. we don't know how many at this time. and -- >> and there was this. a prayer.
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>> god bless everyone. here, the police department, the fire department, the city. and the community. >> people work and live out here. they say they are heartbroken about what has happened involving this warehouse. >> we have a hardship for the loss of all of the members of the families and god. i pray to you and in front of you. >> in oakland, kron4 news. >> neighbors tell us he lived in this house with a wife and children. in the last 24 hoursa that man is taking hate on social media. we are talking about one of those associated with this property. you saw a picture there before of him froms his facebook page with him and his wife. now, saturday he posted on facebook confirmed. everything i worked hard for is gone. blessed my children were at a
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hotel safe and sound. it is as if i woken from a dream filled with hope. now more than 2500 people commented on that one post. most of the comments are bashing him for caring about his face and family and not making a mention of those that died in the fire. the oakland mayor and police officials were asked if he was in contact with him. >> i can assure you from the oakland police department investigation as far as what is happening, who is involved from the victims to witnesses. we started that from the moment everyone got the call. we will follow up as this investigation moves on. >> we reached out to derek who you see here. the facebook picture. he has not returned our messages. as of tonight he has not responded to comments on
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facebook. >> now, there have been previous reports of possible arson at this site. we told you about some of the complaints involved with the warehouse property yesterday. here are pictures taken last month. november 13th in them you can see the area outside of the warehouse part of the property. you can see all of the items just sitting there. they were asked about the hazards on the property inside and out. and if the city was able to get a firsthand look at them last month. >> at this time all i know is that we were not able to gain access to the interior of the building. i do not know all of that. what i am getting is a team of city employees it to gather every piece of evidence. this is the weekend. we are in the process of
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getting that information. >> even with past complaints lawyers say it is unlikely that the city of oakland would or could even be held liable for this fire. >> we are covering this now. we will tell you more information as we get it. now, we can just hope that they have good weather for the search efforts because there is a lot of outdoor activity going on at this site? >> yes. the next couple of days, wednesday. should be dry. after that, changes. we will see a big change in the weather for the next couple of days. it will be the cold air sweeping down in the arctic. going to cool things off. the arctic air, making it our
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way. now, cruising through, now, cooling down. here is a live look. fog over san francisco right now. partly cloudy skies elsewhere. around the bay area. there is some of that fog i was talking about making its way over sfo last night. clouds around. chilly outside. then, tomorrow, kind of a mix of sunshine and clouds. i winning we start out with a lot of sun by the end of the day we see more clouds coming our way. a dry cold front sliding in our direction. that will bring in the much cooler temperatures expectedda ahead on tuesday and wednesday. out the door today. it was a nice day but the temperatures coming down from what we had just yesterday, highs, still running slightly above the average. you have low 60s almost across the boarder. hovering in the upper 50s or so. boy, what a change we are in for after then. livermore, 49 in oakland. 50 degrees in the napa valley.
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chilly 46 degrees in santa rosa and 40 in fairfield right now. this ridge of high pressure starting to flatten out a little bit. not allowing for the clouds to drift over the upon top of us. chilly night tonight, cold clouds up here. all of that drifting in our direction as we head towards tuesday and into wednesday. some very cold temperatures coming our way. so, planning in the high country better be prepared for the cold weather. high temperatures hovering around freezing heading in towards tuesday and wednesday. overnight lows down into the teens there. around the state for tomorrow. sunshine, southern california, into the 60s, 50s in the central valley. and it looks like the system that will start sliding our direction, not a lot of moisture with it. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., wake up to mostly sunny skies, heading through the day today, clouds going through. slight chance that you can see a sprinkle in the north bay. most of that moving on by. ushering in the old air. that will be the story. temperatures for over night lows, in the 30s and the 40s by
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the day tomorrow. cooler 50s for the most part. lower 50s, then, next couple of days those temperatures really going to cool off. i think we could be talking about a hard freeze and the coldest temperatures of the season heading in towards tuesday night and earlied with morning. that is when we could see numbers in the north bay and middle 20s. a that would be very cold. >> all right, thank you, lawrence. >> deadly oakland fire, we have more information. one of the victims is a uc berkeley student. we will have that story, after the break thank you.
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now continuing our coverage of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland that has now brought a criminal investigation. 33 people confirmed dead. several more still missing at
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this hour. 8 victims identified and one of those victims is a 17-year-old son of a county deputy sheriff and a san francisco high school student. another victim identified isa a student from uc berkeley. two other students are alum are still missing this evening. the campus community received a notice from their campus chancellor. >> what can you tell you about it? >> reporter: as we get further into the weekend. almost the end of sunday already and there is a list of missing people including the two young women that do attend uc berkeley here. the students are happy to see that prompt response from their chancellor with the resources that are now offered to help them cope with this tragic news. >> is something that seems like a regular event that people go
10:26 pm
to it is jarring. >> it is hard to process what has happened. it is so close to home. >> reporter: emptiness and disbelief is a feeling for many across the bay area who knew of or were close to victims and those still missing from the oakland fire. so far 33 victims have been found buried in the rubble. there are still several people that remain missing. among them two students jenny morris. >> it is sad to lose people that, you know, are with you on the same thing. going to the same school as you hoping for their safety and the families. >> a letter from the chancellor sent out on sunday afternoon addressinghe community of the devastating news saying our hearts, condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of the deceased and those that must deal with the
10:27 pm
uncertainty as they wait for all accounted for. >> the situation is looking grim. i guess there still a hope that -- to hold on to, you know. >> reporter: former cal student is missing and another is confirmed to have perished in the fire. >> reporter: unfortunately that death toll continues to climb as they continue to go through the area at the oakland warehouse fire. students here that knew the victims or did not just hearing about the devastating news can turn to the resource for those counselors that are now available on campus. we are live, back to you. >> now, here is where you can find out more enformation on those that are unaccounted for. a family assistance center set up at the sheriff's office on east 12th street. contact the county sheriff's coroner's bureau 510-382-3000. we'll be right back.
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more than two dozen people died in a raging enferno of what was supposed to ba a night of music. this afternoon the investigators confirmed 33 bodies have been recovered, 8 have been identified, one of them a 17-year-old. >> there is more work to do at the scene. kron4 is live there tonight where the investigators are sifting through the rubble around-the-clock. dan? >> reporter: that is right. they are looking for more bodies and more victims and the numbers are expected to increase a buff the 33. we can show you the video from the the seven and recovery efforts that took place earlier it this afternoon. we can tell you that they so far searched that to this afternoon. 35-40% of that building. they have found the bodies not
10:31 pm
all in a clustered area but scattered throughout the entire building. and, again, keep in mind they still have 60% of that building to search so those numbers will likely go up. earlier it in the day, oakland mayor talked about the painstaking search and the recovery efforts. >> doing everything we can to preserve evidence and to conduct the recovery operation in a manner that allows us to fully and professionally investigate this incident so we can get to the bottom of how this happened. >> reporter: in the meantime we learned that friday's fire has now has the folk us of the district attorney's office. kron4 confirming the da's office launched a criminal investigation. there are task force on the scene as well as criminal investigation units. no details about that. they are looking into this fire
10:32 pm
to see what the causes were and who might have been responsible if anyone was response ebl for this. again, we are live here at this location at the oakland warehouse fire. more is continuing at this hour. again, the mayor has made it clear that the recovery effort, the identification of the bodies and the conversation that is very hard that needs to be had is top priority. that is why they want to get it done as quickly as they can. but to preserve the evidence on site. that is the latest reporting live from oakland, back to you. >> thank you, dan. a tough balancing act to be sure. recovery and the approach to get that evidence right. meanwhile, shock and grief hanging over so many who knew the victims. we talked to some who knew donna kellogg. we go live to the family
10:33 pm
assistance center. >> that is right. many people come here looking for answers about a family member or a friend. part of them not wanting to find any answers here because here it is likely not to be a good one. we spoke to someone who got one of those up fortunate closures. >> reporter: at 32 years old donna kellogg is gone. she is one of the victims identified today. kellogg was a graduate. she was in culinary school and working at high wire coffee roosters. the cafe say others ties with the coffee shop are also missing. her ex-boyfriend says he was not surprised to hear she was at the warehouse event on friday night. >> donna loved house of shows, they call it house shows, artists live in a house, you throw a show for your friends. that is, you know, that was her
10:34 pm
thing. she did not like big venues. >> reporter: in an emotional interview he says right now he is trying to focus on helping kellogg's family during this tough time. >> well, i am trying to be dill gent and fulfill whatever responsibilities i feel are upon me to go and try to find her car so it can give her mother some microscopic feeling of control. >> what will you miss the most about her? >> her, just her. you know. just everything she was and everything she did. her beauty. you know. all of that. all of that. [crying] [ laughter ] [crying] >> reporter: it is really sad. the family assistance center is closed for the night but it will be back open again tomorrow morning at 8:00. in the meantime if you have an urgent question to be answered
10:35 pm
you can call the coroners office. >> there are other ways to reach out. information for those unaccounted for. 2425 east 12th street. you can contact the county sheriff's coroner's bureau. and get information on our web site. tonight, we are starting to see memorials remembering those who lost their lives in this fire. spencer blake is live at one of the memorials it this evening. spencer what does it look like out there? >> reporter: there are two corners here at 31st avenue and east 12th street. now, to give you perspective just behind us that way you can see the lights, that is where the recovery crews are still working on the warehouse itself. to my other side you see memorials with candles burning and perhaps the part,
10:36 pm
personalized notes people have been adding to it. on the other side of the street there are sticky notes people are attaching to the fence, the sidewalk, to candles notes on candles themselves. here there is almost a booklet full of the notes people have been adding to it. dropping off flowers. i found a man earlier tonight who had been standing in front of the memorial in silence for awhile. i asked him a few things and one of those questions was "if he was an artist there? " and this was his response. >> i think everybody is an artist but, you know, it takes a special person are to live their dreams. >> he was referring, of course, to some of the artists that were part of the collective who were part of that party and you can see from this video more of those notes, flowers, candles, things being add to the memorials on both corners and as the night has gone on there
10:37 pm
are more and more people gathering, too. this is a rather -- this is about as close as people can get to the warehouse because of the police block -- blockades. >> they are coming here and gathering to have it all sink in, back to you. thank you, spensor. -- spencer. afterbreak, the outpouring of support on social media and sports teams offering their leadership forward
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stacy marino of the post praying you can find ease and comfort at this time. you are not alone in this. texas is standing with you. mark cantino posted -- i am not one to usually do this, but i wanted to extend my condolences to all effected directly or indirectly. these parties are put on with the best intentions and meant to keep people feeling good. >> professional sports teams in the san francisco bay area are taking their goodwill and turning it into leadership. the oakland raiders paid ohmage to the victims of the fire. >> silver and black held a moment of silence before today's game against the
10:41 pm
buffalo bills at the coliseum. 33 people are confirmed dead after a fire started in a warehouse like we said, that was turned into a makeshift nightclub on friday night. firecrews only covered about 35% of the burned building. silver and black and near lie oakland athletics joined forces through $30,000 has been raised. both teams announced they will match the donation for assistance and relief for victims of this tragic fire. >> golden state warriors offered their condolences of the fire. the head coach gave this message before last night's game. >> just a devastating tragedy right here in the east bay. it is hard to comprehend but as an organization we just want to send our thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families, their friends, people who were injured. >> and stepping uptaking a leadership role providing a
10:42 pm
focus for all of us to assist. they are providing a $50,000 donation to support those who are affected. as you look at some of the latest video coming from above this warehouse we continue our breaking news coverage of this deadly warehouse fire after the break c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta
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if you are just joining tonight, 33 people confirmed dead, 8 victims now identified. >> david kline is is -- is among the missing and now confirmed dead. we go live between the how students are coping. >> reporter: the chancellor
10:45 pm
here at uc berkeley sent out a campus wide e-mail letting people know about this devastating incident and let them know they are here to support them as they cope with this potential lots and of course david kline we now know is confirmed dead and among those that it did not make it out ofa that fire. as we mentioned 33 victims have been found in that rubble, in that warehouse, there are still many missing. among them two uc berkeley students. and one more alumnus. we have learned that david kline, who was on that list earlier has been taken off and he has been confirmed perished. among the victims. the list continues to grow as the weekend continues into the night. students here on campus are having a hard time understanding how something as innocent as going to a party as any young person would want to do on a friday or saturday
10:46 pm
night and then to have that result of just not being able to come home and lose somebody close toy like a friend or a family member after something that should have been just another night out. >> it hits close to home. i am here on campus walking through every day and everyone is more -- it is more of a community. to see something that can happen they don't think typically happens and it happens here on camp us it it shocks me a lot. >> reporter: so, that letter from the chancellor was sent out this afternoon addressing the community saying quote our hearts, condolences and prayers go out to the families and the friends of the deceased as well as those that must deal with the unbearable and uncertainty as they wait for all who remain to be accounted for and once again, two students remain missing. they are still on the list waiting to be found f. if you know anything about their whereabouts contact the authorities. in the meantime we will just keep our hopes up.
10:47 pm
live in berkeley. back to you. >> thank you. friends and family of some of the missing are still unsure if they are among the dead. the sheriff's office is creating a space for anyone with questions about their loved ones. >> reporter: volunteers are inside helping any way they can. >> they are needed it to provide services that is why we are here. >> in addition to offering housing assistance for those living in a warehouse their role is still fluid. >> reporter: it has been 2 days since he heard from his friends and had his girlfriend,a anna, vice theiting from finland. he is very worried. >> we set up social media, post
10:48 pm
today on the walls we connected with the family. >> loves ones are upset. support is pouring in from everywhere. a shap lynn, therapy doings are here to comfort them. >> reporter: members from the human society brought their personal dogs who are trained to aid in this grief. that they tell me they are seeing the difference that the dogs made with people in mourning. >> they will hug the dog and you will see the tears release and their emotions release. it is really good for them and for the dogs. the dogs help, they go up to the people that are most in need. >> reporter: be sides the oakland fire in the hills a number of years thaeg is -- this would be the most tkef -- a number of years ago this is the most devastating, yes. >> reporter: the sheriff's
10:49 pm
office will remain open for those that need to come in for help. reporting in oakland, back to you. >> another vigil will be held tomorrow night. the vigil is held at lake merit in oakland. from 8:00 until 10:00 p.m. bring your own candle and matches and it is advised to bring a cup to protect the flame from the wind and keep the wax from dripping on your fingers. it will be cold so dress warm. for information viceit vice -- visit candlelightvigil bad decisions and broken laws. in 1942, flammable decorations
10:50 pm
and exits bolted shut led to the deaths of almost fivepeople. more than the capacity for the club itself -- 500 people. more than the capacity for the club itself which that night, they had 1,000 people. a club in kentucky was the third deadliest, 165 people lost their lives attending a concert. 3,000 people were packed into a building with fire exits that could only handle half that number. recently the station nightclub fire in rhode island injuring 200 and left 100 dead after broken exits and illegal flammable foam was use in the nightclub where illegal pyrotechnics sparked a blaze. an overcapacity crowd could not get out of broken fire exits. we are joined now live, we are looking back there and looking ahead hopefully things look good. >> yes. we will see changes coming our way this week.
10:51 pm
cold temperatures, arctic air, diving into the bay area and rain heading into the latter part of the week. outside right now. fog, it is a chilly fog out there right now. partly cloudy skies, the temperatures not as cold as they were at this time last night. chilly enough. 40s and 50s out the door. now, tomorrow, we are going to see a few more clouds moving across the sky, especially towards the afternoon. the temperature will be cooler tomorrow. now, we have changes coming our way, that is coming from the arctic. we have weeks fly by today. another one coming through tomorrow night and into tuesday. the temperatures will be coming down across the board. you will see the numbers, 55 degrees. pacificaa, 57. farther to the south. partly cloudy skies. pa58 degrees in redwood city. 56. about 59 degrees in san jose -- 53 degrees in redwood city.
10:52 pm
56. about 59, degrees in san jose. tomorrow, maybe a couple lower 60s, not many as we had the cold air moving in by tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures in the north bay expected to be in the 50s. you will see maybe 60s in towards the napa valley. a that is about it. keeping it cool across the board. as the temperatures are going to stay down. maybe a hard freeze, tuesday night into early wednesday morning. and then the possibility of rain returning as we look towards thursday. maybe more showers into friday, too. that is the latest forecast, guys, back to you. >> thank you. breaking coverage continues with the deadly warehouse fire. coming up, latest details coming up after the break
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10:55 pm
breaking news, 33 people. >> its bring you up to speed in what is now a criminal
10:56 pm
investigation. again, 33 bodies have been recovered. one of the victims, a 17-year- old. the officials have not released his name. now, we learned he is a san francisco high school student and the son of a deputy sheriff. fire officials say the 33 people confirmed dead are raging in age from 17 to people in 330s. some of the victims are from other countries in europe and asia. >> as of it this afternoon they have only gone through 40% of it. we will continue to bring you more information after the break
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we expect another update on the search it for more victims
11:00 pm
in the oakland fire. they scheduled it for 6:00 a.m. tonight we know 33 people are confirmed dead and many more remain missing. >> good evening everyone. >> tonight, we are able to put faces to some of the names of those victims. last check firefighters had only made it through 40% of the charred rubble left behind by the friday night fire. the flames broke out during a musical event. >> reporter: the da's office is saying there are tkafbg forces on the scene for the criminal team and they are conducting an investigation into this friday night fire. giving them a lot more information today about where they are finding bodies and how much more of that building they had to search. >> the last number that


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