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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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what's that mean? (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> steve:tonight officials a local state of emergency in oakland.following friday's deadly warehouse fire. today all but one of the 36 victims have been identified. good evening i'm steve aveson. >> vicki:and i'm vicki liviakis.
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in for pam moore. >> vicki:crews are still out, searching the building, but it is believed the bodies of all the victims have been recovered. we have team coverage tonight as families and friends cope with this tragedy. >> vicki:kron4's alecia reid spent the day with friends of the victims hearing their stories. >> steve:we begin with kron4's jr stone. he is live at the fire scene with brand new information >>at this time we have emergency >> reporter:that in connection with the oakland warehouse fire that left 36 people dead. tuesday crews spent the day not only clearing the rubble but focussing their efforts on the back side of this warehouse where they believe the fire started.
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>>sot my understanding is that there is lamps and refrigerators and electrical closely examined all of those. >> reporter:out of the 36 victims, 30 of those families have been notified about their loved one. five other families will be notified in the coming hours, and authorities are still working to identify one of the victims. >> reporter:tuesday the city made 30 years of public records available in connection to this warehouse location. in total there are 21 records. 10 of those are complaints. one of them coming as late as last month. the mayor defended her city inspector's tuesday night. >>sot it is not my job to second guess intentions of an individual inspector >>sot but the routine procedure which was followedif you cannot gain entry to a building you send a request to the owner requesting such entryrequesting an investigation and that request was in fact made.
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>> reporter:as for this recovery victim's final moments. and to help save another. >>sot it appears as if the the female and had her in like a hugging position and they were trapped on top of one of the motor homes in the vicinity. >> reporter:we just learned the names and ages of 9 additional victims. >> steve:kron four continues to bring you stories on the lives of the victims of this tragedy. >> vicki:tonight we learned of one victim whose promising love of musicand his girlfriendwere cut short.
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>> vicki:kron four's spencer blake danemayer. >> reporter:we were able to find a friend of micah danemayer's through a facebook post we saw from brotzeit lokal, an oakland restaurant on the water front. >> reporter:their post called him a long time regular customerand a friend of the restaurant staff. of those employees, eric stucke knew him best. >>"we met each other going to around the bay area. he started coming in to my work here at brotzeit on weekly basis and he would get a beer from me, and he would bring me free coffee from his workm, blue bottle." >> reporter:soon, everyone else, including the restaurant's owner, started to recognize and befriend him. >>"he's pretty much touched everybody here that's met him. they all thought of him as a really sweet guy." >> reporter:micah was climbing his way alongside stucke, who says the pair was thr new wave of the electronic future. >>"just two months ago he put out a tape for me. a year ago he booked me at one of his events." >> reporter:perhaps most tragic was that micah had gone to friday night's deadly party with his girlfriend, alana kane. >> reporter:their friend says the couple had just
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moved in togetherthe day of the fire. >>"in the last two months of his life when he started hanging out with her every day, he was extremely happy, like every single day he would be post after post on facebook about his girlfriend, how happy she made him, and how much they were alike." >> reporter:micah and eric were just a month away from having a both of their music projects. >>"i just - i hope his music lives on." >> reporter:"stucke tells me that one of the ways micah danemayer's music can live on, is when people check out his label, discarded records. we have a link to it posted for you at in oakland, spencer blake, kron four news." >> vicki: thank you, spencer. >> vicki:new details of another on of the victims lost in the ghostship warehouse fire. his name is barrett clark. >> steve:he was a regular sound engineer in the underground scene. kron 4's alecia reid joins life and legacy.
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>> steve: >> steve: alecia? >> reporter: deaths they remember him as the gold 2% for sound and engineering. >> reporter: they remember him as the gold 2% for sound and engineering grant-- go o person >> reporter: always the person that was willing to assist you. >>audio difficulties
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>> reporter:there are scores of area. >> reporter:tonight concerned residents and business owners are raising questions about another building in oakland. >> reporter:kron 4's gabe slate reports they want to prevent a tragedy like friday's fire.from happening again. >> gabe:media from all over the world have converged on the scene on the deadly fire. many onlookers also showing up.taking pictures and clogging up traffic. >> gabe: unaware of the
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problems on the weekend but after last week's tragic fire things have changed. >> gabe: from the outside i did not see any fire hazard such as; debris or blight. >> gabe: city council member says she was surprised to hear a complaint about this particular venue said no complaints have been made. >> i have not received or heard or seen any evidence of any complaints at that particular building. >> gabe: should like to raise awareness of understaffing issues. >>
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>> steve:thank you, gabe. >> vicki: >> steve:and as kron 4's stanley leading to new safety concerns at the site. >> stanley:pay attention to the driver, is driving with both hands on her phone and both eyes off the road here is another driver not looking at the road and recording while driving this driver exits her car and run back to the car behind her to give some passengers a hugs in the front of the car . and then in the rear of the car >> stanley:she then returns to her car and begins to drive but not before whipping out her camera to record the scene while she is driving >> stanley:here is another .this driver is facetiming while driving window so the person on the phone can see what's going on >> stanley:all four drivers have one all one block away from the scene of the ghost ship warehouse with 36
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people lost their lives in a fire >> stanley:i was surprised at the sheer amount of people who were driving while using their phones to record the scene that they couldn't actually see from there cars >> stanley:there are people who are for the people who lost their lives many adding to the constantly growing temporary memorial >> stanley:where the place that burned down? its back here are you just driving by to see where it is yea it back there where are the yea but it not on this street well you see it as you go by alright often all the traffic from photos begins to clog up the streets making it harder for first responders to pass through >>truck >> stanley:even if they are heading to a different emergency in one case an oakland city scene and asked on officer from oakland police ddepartment to sign off on a fixit ticket >> stanley:not to mention all the drivers making illegal u-turns just to driver by the scene multiple signs
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>> stanley:remember people are morning the loss of 36 people who died in warehouse fire. let's not be disrespecful there if you really want to be there, be there in spirt, who lost someone . but don't be part of the problem >> stanley:in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> vicki:we're constantly updating this story on air -- as well as online. just go to kron 4 dot com. and click on the link near the top of the page. you'll find the latest stories - including details about the victims. >> steve:meterologist, brittney shipp! >> brittney:freezing temps are touching our region
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with freeze --please take care of your pets and plants. >>audio difficulties
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>> steve:ahead at eight. >> steve:more on the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. >> vicki:we're learning more about similar artist collectives in northern california. city officials are speaking out about the fire. they explain to kron4 what changes may be coming to again. >> vicki:and next we continue to learn more about the the fire. we'll hear from family and >> steve:continuing our coverage of the fatal oakland warehouse fire.
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many of those who died were deeply passionate about the bay area's music scene. >> vicki:kron 4's charles clifford spoke with a friend of a young woman who had strong ties to the creative community in oakland. >> reporter:another person who passed away friday was literally doing what she loved.surrounded by the kind of music that insipired her. >> reporter:chelsea dolan was an aspiring electronic music producer, event producer and radio host. this does the deaths from the >> steve:grant lodes is here with more on the young lady who was also a radio d-j in the bay area. >> grant: yes, she had a lot
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going on... >> grant:chelsea faith dolan, from san francisco. d-j's at u-c berkeley's k-a- l-x- fm. the 33-year-old's on air name was 'cherushi' and she was on from nine to midnight every thursday night for the past four years. >> grant:her colleagues at kalx are not ready to speak publicly about her passing but in a statement.u-c berkeley wrote that. >> grant:'.it is with a heavy heart that we share the loss of chelsea dolan.'.and.'we vibrant artists and art enthusiasts.' who perished fire. according to the trade publication 'variety,' dolan was among those scheduled to electronic music label golden donna 100-percent silk. >> steve: >> grant:a playlist from one of her recent shifts at k-a- l-x artists so popular with the ghost ship crowd. kalx station manager sandra
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watson says dolan will be sorely missed on and off the air. an on air tribute to her is likely coming soon. >> reporter:coming up. >> reporter:we continue our coverage of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. >> reporter:next we'll hear about similar artists collectives across northern california. >> reporter:after learning about violated safety codes in the ghost ship warehouse.other buildings that house artists are being looked at for their safety standards.
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>> steve: >> vicki:an owner of a similar warehouse in sacramento says his right up to >> reporter: in 19
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everything changed. as their home boyer-- as their home burned down duringa party, >> reporter:--in one night everything changed. >> when you have a facility like this you must look out for them. these are creative types which are different and how they think. you have to make sure that you have everything under the right colder standard. they're not
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always thinking and this is done correctly or there's enough people or this heat is too much. >> reporter: building owners can't face hefty fines. oakland tragedy could be of a lesson for everyone. >> we learn from this situation is awareness. and that is any place. the aware of your surroundings. know where your taxes are. >> reporter: have important conversations about building safety. but a warehouse can be created into a beautiful working space which is have to do the work to make it that place. >> make sure you have a safe place for people to live or to create. for the
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sacramento public to gather. >> steve: hopefully there will be more lessons learned going for it. >> steve:coming up. >> vicki:we have continued coverage in oakland. next we're live from the scene of the fire with more on the victims who were killed. >>music
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. stand back, ya hear!
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breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier, better rudolph pancakes are here for the holidays. >> steve:right now crews are finishing up the days-long task of sorting through debris in search of human remains after a warehouse fire in oakland. >> vicki:jr stone joins us now live information we've
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learned within the hour. >> vicki: j.r.? >> reporter: there is a much different scene here tonight. s to last night. i would like to go to the video because there is a lot of action going on outside of this building. >> reporter: fire crews can tell us tonight that they are about done with this recovery effort. we spoke with them during the day today and they also said that the eight t f has been focused on the back side of this building. were appliances and lamps were plugged band. we also talked with the share of also office. about how many people had been identified at this point.
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>> we have identified 35 of the 36 the victims. and we have made contact with 30 of those family and are in the process of contacting the other five. >> reporter: back out here like this evening is see a much quieter st compared to what we saw to us last night. and the mayor spoke this evening. the city of oakland has released public records going back at least 30 years regarding the property and debated lot next to it. there were over 10 complaints. >> vicki:thank you, j.r.
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>> vicki:another victim of the tragic ghost ship warehouse fire was 35-year- old travis hough. hough was a licensed family therapist and school councilor at montalvin manor elementary school. students are remembering hough by taping well-wishes on his door. >> vicki:fellow staff members say he used his passion for art to get through to kids. west contra costa unified school district's crisis team visited montalvin manor monday. >> vicki:they will be available throughout the week to help students and staff get through this difficult time. >>: "he worked with our most difficult students who needed therapy, who needed support. he showed them through art and music how they could really talk about their feelings and how they could really solve their problems without using their hands. he is dearly missed." >> reporter: >> vicki:hough was also a member of the oakland electronic bands ghost of lightening and easystreet. he was also an artist and glassblower. friends and family hailed hough as a 'the warmest, sweetest guy who is loved by all'. >> vicki:next we're following the latest developments in the oakland warehouse fire.
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>> steve:coming up we'll explain the challenges facing fire crews as they work to finish sifting through debris. update on what we've learned so far...about the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. >> intelligent, funny and vibrant. france said he was an amazing sound engineer, cook and d j + musician. who love adventure. he was passionate. >> he was extremely patient.
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>> reporter: he was also considered a visionary. >> a lot people utilize them. he is definitely going to be mixed-- missed on the arts scene. >> reporter: friends say the winter solstice will now be a memorial for all the lives lost in the fire. alecia reid, kron4newsd >> vicki: thanks, alecia.
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>> grant: preparing for a vote later this week from the spool city council. -- for the full city council >> fundamentally people need better housing options. >> where are these types of complaints? are they housing people illegally. foster and the underground community and then there are those that are breaking the law. >> grant: what happened to
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tenants living and buildings when they are in violation. one potentially having to kick people out of a building that is not up to code. but also led to see 8 increase in staffing. and they get fire marshal position to be filled. -- and, the vacant fire marshal position to be filled. >> vicki: thank you, grant. >>music
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>> brittney: we have a lot of moisture that will hit our way. so by the time that you are heading home from work, widespread light rain showers will begin tours the region. and then a steady amount of rainfall. >> brittney: things will begin to liven up as you begin to head home from work on thursday. right now on
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the model is not showing a lot of land for us for friday. -- alot of rainfall >> brittney: thursday into thursday night it looks like half an inch of rainfall for paul also and about three-fourths of the engineer petaluma. -- near petaluma >> brittney: over an inch of rainfall and paul of toll. close to 2 in. in san jose. --over an inch of rainfall in palo alto.
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>> brittney: you want to be careful driving in a higher elevation. >> brittney: as we go into the rest with 36 and by tomorrow to other jews were not warmer out tomorrow. >> brittney: and by tomorrow temperatures will not warm up to much more. temperatures will be between low '30's to high forties.
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>> audio difficulties
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>> gary:good evening! >> gary:the golden bears and princeton meeting in honolulu for the pearl harbor invitational. sloppy game in the first half as cal shot 25-percent from the field, but then charlie moore came through. >> gary:the freshman guard scored 9-of-his 15-points late in the 2nd half. >> gary:cal wins 62-51 >> gary:*ivan rabb had eleven points >> gary:klay thompson.put on a show last night. he dropped a career-high 60- points last night against the pacers. >> gary:even more impressive is how efficient this performance was. >> gary:he did it on 21-of- 33 shooting and played only 29-minutes. >> gary:making him the first player in the shot clock era to score that many points in under 30-minutes. another mind boggling stat is that he only dribbled the ball 11-times.
10:51 pm
>> we should keep these gains much closer next time. but it is all good. --we should keep these games >> gary:and his points were
10:52 pm
a product of moving without the ball. here's thompson on his incredible night.. >> gary:the 49ers are sticking with colin kaepernick. >> gary:the team announced today that kaepernick remains their starting quarterback.and will be out there sunday against the jets. >> gary:last sunday in chicago kaep was benched in the fourthyards on 1-of-5 passing. >> gary:and this afternoon, he was asked about reports that he'll opt out of his contract at the end of the season. >> gary:he said he still hasn't made a decision. >> gary:huge game ahead for the oakland raiders. the silver and black.will face the chiefs thursday night in kansas city. >> gary:while the raiders are rolling this year, kc has had their number for a while. >> gary:chiefs have won the last four meetings.the most recent was a 26-10 victory in october. >> gary:kansas city controlled the ball for nearly 37-minutes in that game. >> gary:the raiders can
10:53 pm
clinch a playoff berth with a win over the chiefs and and a dolphins or broncos loss. finally, some raiders showed off their basketball skills last night. >> gary:derek carr, latavius murray and the offensive line held a light shootaround after last night's warriors game. and it's a good thing they play football. >> gary:donald penn missed a three, >> gary:murray bricked a layup. >> gary:but of course-- the one who does hit a shot.the quarterback. carr, nails a three from beyond the arc. >> gary:carr is a noted kobe bryant he did his best black mamba impersonation. >> steve:thanks gary. here's what's next. after the break- we'll have a rundown of all of today's developments in the oakland warehouse fire. >> vicki:we'll be right back.
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>> vicki:heartache for the families.who learned their loved ones died in friday's devastating fire. >> steve:tonight kron 4's catherine heenan has another look at the young lives lost. >> catherine: he lived in
10:57 pm
oakland for a about a year and was the father for twin toddlers. >> catherine: living in oakland and worked at a berkeley supply store. >> catherine:reynolds, and no one musician. his family says he moved to the bay area because of the vibrant music same. --scene >> catherine:riley and transgendered woman her
10:58 pm
father says she was a kind and gentle woman. never without rescue dog. >> catherine:jennifer, a music manager... 31 year old was also a nail artists and had to set up an underground narrow bar. --nail bar at the ghost ship. >> catherine:21, jennifer morris ... a student. her friend wrote, we will dance
10:59 pm
again in our dreams. >> catherine:micah, reme mbered as a big music lover . >> steve: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve: good evening, i am steve aveson. >> vicki: and, i am vicki liviakis, in for pam moore. >> steve: j.r?
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>> at this time we have proclaimed a local state of emergency. >> reporter: in connection with local warehouse fire that left the six people dead. --thirty six >> reporter: out of the 36 of victims, but the of the families have been notified about their loved ones. authorities, are still working to identify one of the victims. and tuesday the city made 30 years of record available. with connection to this location. 10 complaints, one of them coming as late as last


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