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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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this is a live look at storm tracker four radar. and a live look outside at san francisco. mostly dry for now. but make sure you have the umbrella ready for the weekend. good evening i'm steve aveson. and i'm catherine heenan.
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steve is right -- get ready for some fairly heavy rain. meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by in the weather center. with the latest on the timing of what we can expect. make sure you have the free kron-4 mobile app. to help you get through the storm this weekend. be the first to know about severe traffic and weather in your area. we'll keep you updated through breaking news push alerts. tonight marks one week since the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. today -- city officials officially r the identities of people what caused the tragedy? tonight it appears that federal investigators are getting closer to an answer. today they officially ruled out a refrigerator that was being looked at. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the scene tonight. where friends and family member have been showing up. ella? >> reporter: week later people are still giving condolences living flowers and will wishes. those might and on the victims' and people just curious touched by this devastating fire and all of this as several investigators remain on the scene one week later continuing become the area
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and where they see where the fire may have erupted in plan or the fire. >> reporter: 2 loss of one continued to visit the warehouse for closure some hanging the memorials along a great fortified by police. and
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digitally mapping the warehouse. and also checking for any electronic devices on interim they believe the fire erupted. often this electrical component was studied silicon little item. and they will continue this portion of the investigation and will cover poor on monday. >> steve:after the devastating ghost ship fire- one young woman set out to find a memorable photograph of herself and one of the victims- her boyfriend 23-year-old griffin madden. it was a year ago when saya tomioka and madden, took a trip
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to new york city a photographer in times square took their photo, but the couple left new york without getting a copy. tomioka posted on social media in search of this photo. it was shared hundreds of times until. the photographer saw the post and sent her the photo. tonight -- a group of church- goers changed their weekly march through the pay respects to victims of the ghost ship fire. kron four's spencer blake was there in oakland. this is a form of prayer offered by members of victory outreach church. they gathered at the fruitvale village for their normal weekly march to promote peace, safe streets, and safe kids. but this friday, the theme was a little different. "ya know, we're always sensitive in the community, but we know that there's been a great tragedy here in the last week, so we're gonna make sure that we're sensitive to all of that." the drums and signs came with the moving vigil as marchers walked the two blocks or so to
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the front of the fire scene. "it's different, it's actually sad that it happened." normally they'd be chanting 'safe streets, safe kids' in both english and spanish during their walk. it was a little more somber this time around. "i mean the message is still kind of the same but it's definitely more of a vigil for the victims of the fire." leading the group was oakland city councilor noel gallo, who told kron four there is a lot of blame to be shared for the
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fireincluding on the part of the city. "we need to enforce the rules because our behavior and attitude and values in our city here are challenged. and sometimes we need an attitude adjustment." one of those needed adjustments, he says, is a higher level of code enforcement, with more fire investigators. gallo has also been trying to follow the lead of other big cities. "we're looking at what new york city has done already - way ahead of us - a live work policy. i just recently paid attention to what la has done." "long after the group of marchers left with the drums, and after the dancing was done, there was still a small group of people that stayed around to add flowers to the memorial here in front of the warehouse. in oakland, spencer blake, kron four news." >> catherine:the fire has prompted a lot of questions about what the tragedy will mean for the city of oakland in the long term. there's already pressure on city officials to keep this from happening again. while owners and residents at other warehouses are worried that they could have their lives upended. today kron 4's charles clifford talked to a prominent east bay defense attorney. who says there are lots of people worried about their futures. our coverage of the oakland ghost ship fire continues on kron4-dot-com. we have the names of all 36 victims posted online. and a timeline to the events. three's also a link to where you can donate. r
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a glimmer of hope for raider nation. late this afternoon, the city of oakland announced it has a specific plan for a new stadium, aimed at keeping the silver and black from bolting to las vegas. kron 4's lydia pantzes is live in the newsroom with reaction from city leaders and raiders fans.lydia? new at ten: a woman forced to leave a
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victoria's secret -- in tears. tonight -- how she says she was racially profiled at a mall by a store employee. in a brand new edition of people behaving badly: how fast you can become a victim. the crimes that happened on the same block in just minutes. >> catherine: kron4news-dot-com timeline for the events and also a link to places you can donate money. also here is a glimmer of hope for the raider nation late this afternoon they have a specific plan for a new stadium and keeping the silver and black going to las vegas >> reporter: city leaders spoke with our very excited and they
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also broke the news to raiders fans who got into a very emotional summit in even started crying. the couple are dedicated fans and season-ticket holders they found out about the plan to keep the raiders from moving. city of oakland alameda county leaders outlined a plan to build the stadium and make use of development to encourage oakland raiders to keep the team in oakland. in the proposal also
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has the option for new stadium " it is especially a time when they have a devastating loss to the ghost ship warehouse fire hicks
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>> steve: and next: some potential traffic trouble ahead for this weekend. the water main break that has shut down a busy san francisco intersection.
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happening now: traffic troubles in the heart of san francisco crews are working to repair a water main break.which shut down a busy intersection. this was the scene earlier on fourth and howard. the work will stretch into the weekend. it's a big mess.not going away quickly. kron4's hermela aregawi has an update from the scene. in the wake of the oakland ghost ship fire. the san francisco department of building inspection says it has been getting complaints about alleged illegal warehouses. converted for residential use. is working for water that comes out the pipes. corrode materials there are working at the road and filling in holes with dirt and concrete. people live nearby say they have got used to the noise. has been on
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the department of building inspections radar for several months now. the eagles situation is precarious the silly spurious to say the least. commercial building is being used for house the department of building inspection has less of about 12 warehouses illegally converted for residential use without a permit.
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faulk and they give permission to enter and sunbelt. the owners of this warehouse on alabama street mission district close and a show that all lived in the collective. its open space rented out the people and companies but solipsism and holland was falling along with those people are under investigation. >> reporter: need to be responsible and take action. kron four's philippe djegal reports.
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following the warehouse fire. for example - a building in denver. similar to the ghost ship in oakland.has been shut down. it was called the "rhinocer- opolis" and was popular with artists and musicians. there's a notice on the door warning people to stay out. and earlier this week - an artists' collective in baltimore was closed down because of similar problems. >> reporter: rollo the rate will stay here in the start of a week and the heavier showers and reyna is expected tomorrow morning and then it will continue to with all cluster pushing up in the high country sierra like talk or region has the guts to the day. ec wheat conditions to start and then the
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next system arrives. x retarded theory chances specifically monday and tuesday and possibly into wednesday and thursday as well. wrote >> reporter: to look at what's happening in north bay is on everything treks to the east. vallejo now seeing a light rain showers and then the same is true if you're closer to milpitas and was a not view everything as tracking to the east of your living east of livermore you'll be seeing light rainfall as well. the feature test shows widespread picture we have this moisture river of the oyster that will continue to push in the san francisco although ec break on sunday there is another sister right behind here is to go into monday night and tuesday that system will push through endemic a potentially see another round of
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wednesday and thursday. as we go into tomorrow afternoon and evening around half an inch for san francisco daily city a third of the bench for paul auto and a quarter of an inch closer to south is owns paramount and its will be in our north pay zones.
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>> reporter: completely serious and an oxford oxford all of the minute video captured moments after she was asked to leave a victoria's secret was enough to inspire around 50 people and clarity and cleared and lay peace research. these officers but appreciatea victoria's secret customer in says that she was racially profiled and was forced to leave the store. in tears. you saw it there. kimberly houzah got on facebook live on her way out of an alabama mall. her video about the incident has been viewed more than half a million times. reporter leigh garner talked to the woman -- about what she wants to happen now. victoria's secret has now issued a statement saying in part: "we take the experience of our customer at the quintard mall very seriously.
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and have reached out to her directly to express our sincere apology." victoria's secret also says -- "the store associate involved in this matter is no longer employed with the company." meatloaf, should i run for president? he did -- and he won. the manager and doody apologize. apologize that the employee was a logger the schedule could not comment further. attila get apologies' some protestors are recommending a boycott.
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now we are learning president elect trump will *not be leaving the apprentice behind. even after he takes office. and next: an arrest made after a string of sex crimes on a bay area college campus. tonight -- despite an arrest -- why some students are still nervous.
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students at san jose state university remain on edge - despite the fact a suspect has been taken into custody after a series of sexual batteries. yesterday a we told you a student had been arrested. but now school officials say more than one perpetrator may be behind the recent attacks. kron4's rob fladeboe has reaction from campus. sot maria bernal/student ready to fight back if it comes to that, san jose state sophomore maria bernal was relieved tolearn that university police have made an arrest in at least one of six cases of sexual battery dating back to october. sot maria bernal/student
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this is the booking photo of 19 year old huaien david kong, who was arrested thursday and charged with sexual battery. police were led to kong based on tips from students who
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recognized him in this surveillance photo. sot pat lopes harris/san jose state university the investigation suspects others may be to blame for incidents in duncan hall and sweeney hall where at least two other women were groped in the stairwells on monday and wednesday of this week. sophomore london pitts feels more disappointed than scared. sot london pitts/student sot cheyenne brandon/student in a statement, university president mary papazian told students that sexual battery may sound less severe than sexual assault, but can be traumatizing to students nonetheless. maria bernal couldn't agree more. sot maria bernal/student suspect huaien kong is charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and faces disciplinary action from the school if convicted. meantime, police have stepped up foot patrols and are beefing up security. sot pat lopes harris/san jose state university standup closer tongiht we have reaction from students. it's after the arrest of a teacher at santa teresa high school in san jose. we first told you about this story last night. 32-year-old trudy hill has been charged with sexual assault on a minor. she has been place on leave from her job as an english teacher. the investigation began about 10 days ago when the school
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district received an email about an alleged relationship with a 17-year-old male student. kron4 spoke with students this morning about the arrest.
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>> britteny: here's how they are preparing across the nation. over the next week 8 percent of the country will see freezing temperatures cold air pushed into the north east southeast today and then freezing temperatures expected along the gulf coast this weekend. 10 million people are thunderstorm warnings winter weather visors in the west. cities like portland and seattle are already getting snow and colder air scheduled to hit the midwest and
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northeast later this week. 50 vehicles landed to each other on interstate 90. trevor say that there was no way to avoid the massive pileup. will let you know what to expect closer the week end up coming up are full forecast.
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>> steve: president-elect's continue to our today. president-elect donald trump continued his "thank you" tour in grand rapids, michigan today. trump was the first republican presidential candidate to win michigan since 1988. green party presidential candidate jill stein had been pushing for a recount in that state. but today the state's high court denied that bid. getting a lot of attention tonight -- the fact that donald trump will remain executive producer of celebrity apprentice. while the show has a new's still a money-maker for the donald. reporter sara sidner has more on the possible conflict of interest it could pose. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is out of the running for secretary of state. president-elect donald trump said in a statement today that giuliani removed his name from consideration during a meeting late last month. according to the transition team. giuliani will stay on as a vice chairman. in an interview with fox news. giuliani said his desire to be on the cabinet was "great but not that great". former trump critic mitt romney is reportedly still on the short list for the secretary of state job. some other names being floated -- rex tillerson from exxon and alan mulally from ford. today president barrack obama ordered a full review into the russia's alleged hacking during the presidential campaign.
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before the election.the u-s government publicly blamed the russian government for cyber- attacks to influence elections. a homeland security and counter- terrorism official said today that the administration. will be cautious about revealing investigation results to the public. the review is expected to wrap up before president obama leaves office.
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and if they elect a statement during a meeting last month according to giuliano as vice chairman in an interview and was
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not that great. some of the other names floated from exxon and alan lonnie from coming up in less then 4 minuites two seperate burgeries on the same block at almost the same time all caught on security cameras what did they take ill show you in the next edition of people behaving badly
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burglars are out force.but you might be surprised just how fast they operate the point the don't expire use of travel and day of different promotions with retailers a needlepoint. >> reporter: citibank recently partner with the second the
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lisa the isa. mastercard good at protecting buyers.
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>> stanley:in this in less 2 minutes one person was able to break into multiple mailboxes but that's not all stanley roberts shows is what happened in this edition of people behaving badly in the far left corner a minivan enters the screen at stanley place and fairmount ave in oakland not far from richmond blvd shortly afterwards this woman enters the view if the camera and pulls her hood over her face to conceal her identity, she then begins to dig through her purse looking for something
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then just like somthing fresh out of a scene in a movie the woman begins to try and pick the lock to the mail box after being unsuccessful with her lock picking skills, she moves to the prying open the mailbox and then removing the contents of the mailbox she then pry's open two other mail boxes and removes the contents, all being caught on the apartment building security camera. the entire time lasted a total of 1 minute and 25 seconds then before leaving she hides being the pillar until a passing car leaves then off she goes now you might think it ends but it doesn't here is another camera which catches the mini man with its emergency flashers on; it pulls forward to allow another car to pass . then it appears the van departs . but something in a parked car must have caught the attention of someone in the mini van because it backs up notice how the unwanted mail is tossed out the window but the passenger is focused on one particular parked car, breaks the window out and proceeds to ransack whatever is inside is inside the back seat he puts items in the front of
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the van just as the rear door opens and another person which appears to be the mail thief bandit helps the passenger go through the rear of the car the front passenger then goes to the front of the car and pops open the trunk this then trigger the cars anti-theft alarm and flashing light they grab items from the trunk and then rabbit from the scene from beginning to end of the car burglary it too a total of get this. 58 seconds in case your wondering yes the police were called but you see just how fast burglars work and in some cases there is very little anyone can do in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news >> britteny: family still see
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rain even sure right now. it imparts a severance is go right by the northeast area district. outside a local in san ramon rainfall and same thing the east of livermore tracking to the east as well. it's all part of a larger system here that will have more moisture through our region. 11 other system read behind it that could affect us late monday and tuesday possibly another system wednesday and another system on thursday. future cast shows and for over nine hours more expected as and give your morning hours have your downpours and it will come down between 6 and 8:00 a.m..
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orrin snow makes and a little bit more snowfall and are higher elevations close to half an inch inmost thought so. >> reporter: and anheuser on the region tomorrow it mainly in the high fifties and unsettled
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weather will continue for us. establisher: joe pavelski getting ready in locker second period - sharks were down by two. kevin lebanc scores the tying while it is encouraging to hear plans for a raiders stadium in oakland, that is an issue that could take months, perhaps even years to sort out. in the meantime, we could turn our attention to a situation that's currently concerning raider nation. what went wrong in kansas city? derek carr.had his worst game of the season, and probably of his the frozen arrowhead conditions. and an offense that's been so explosive all year.looked
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completely out of sync. carr threw for 117-yards.on 17- of-41 passing, which is the 2nd lowest output in nfl history when a quarterback has at least 40 pass attempts. the strongest evidence of his struggles came in the 4th quarter when he and amari cooper.missed on a wide open connection. and then again on the final play, when his lob to seth roberts was batted away. here is carr and jack del rio. speaking of big signings, the giants officially introduced their 62-million dollar acquisition. new closer mark melancon.met the bay area media this afternoon. the 31-year-old right hander is
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the team's latest significant free agent signing. and he's expected to provide some much needed relief to a bullpen that had a lot of problems last season. the giants set a record.with 30- blown saves. melancon, who signed a four- year deal, has bounced around the league and his most recent stint was with the nationals. finally, a cal women's basketball player accomplished a feat.that's never been done in school history. thanks gary. here's what's next. a mystery device is helping car thieves easily break into and steal cars including. with this gadget criminals can: open the door, start the vehicle, drive it away and turn off and restart the engine without the original key fob present. >> will: >>: no regrets and it's just i
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felt like this was god's plan and work out perfectly. ha >>: i'm very confident we will have a good bridge to mark their patent but >> steve: we will show you the new mystery gadgets that car thieves are using to break into and steal vehicles that is coming up on kron 4 news
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cattle frightening. they share this video explaining how works. and locks it with their father and standing walking with any of the driver the date use a component use a relay box that seals the code from unsuspecting drivers fob. also the corporate
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record of what it opened. it and drive awayopened we're starting with a live look at the rain with the richmond center fell bridge tonight. it's kind of pretty.


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