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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 13, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PST

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tonight, is this the sexiest showdown in history? >> i remembered pants. >> we're on set of the golden globe nominees today. and celebrating with a very happy stars of "this is us." >> this is mind-blowing. >> plus, making fun of mariah? why nick cannon is taking aim at his ex on tv. >> i couldn't leave nothing on the tabll, man. >> before "the voice" finale, our interview with alicia keys and what she really thinks about the other coaches. >> i definitely do not like blake. >> my name is jennifer. and these are my issues. >> all about their real-life
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friendship. and -- >> that's what my butt looks like all the time. that's what it looks like right now. now, for december 12th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> how do you like this, ladies? ryan versus ryan, the golden globe nominations. we're officially in the heart of award season. >> this is going to be the hottest category. you'll see all of the award season. two of hollywood's favorite dads are going head-to-head. their face-off was announced. >> ryan gosling, la la land, and ryan reynolds for dead pool. >> the battleefor best looking, but the ryans will face off for best form answer by an actor in a picture. >> here at the beverly hilton, ryan reynolds posting this pick and tweeting, thank you, golden globes. >> we've got a preview of the showdown last night.
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>> ryan reynolds, the man of the hour! >> ryan reynolds beat out ryan gosling for best actor in a comedy at the critic's choice award. but the real winner? that was all of us when the handsome ryans posed together during the show. tie. clearly you tied it. because i have the fake real bow tie. >> this is like a 45-minute procedure. that's on a good day. >> they have a lot in common. they're both canadian, former child stars and both dads to two adorable baby girls. of course, each has an a-list partner. in la la land received seven nominatio nominations. it was all about the people versus o.j. simpson american crime story. it received five noms. and it was a great morning for the cast of nbc's this is us.
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>> thank you. this is mind-blowing. cheers. >> this is fabulous and well deserved. >> thank you so much. >> "e.t." toasted the show's three nominations with mandy moore and chris. >> i like the idea of not being nominated. it keeps me hungry. >> and more for the stars of blackish, that show also scored three noms. >> thank you! we love it! and a second nomination for crazy ex-girlfriend rachel bloom who won last year. >> i danced. i was standing up, and i just started dancing. >> and finally for the first time ever, jimmy fallon will host the globes. organizers say he's already on it. >> we're very excited about jimmy fallon. >> how do you think this party's going to go down? >> he's already preparing sketches. and of course, all of us is
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waiting also for this morning. i know that jimmy is taking the job very seriously. >> the golden globes should be a lot of fun. beyonce stopped by to check out mariah carey in new york. in los angeles, only i was there when mariah's ex, nick cannon, his best work. and nick holds nothing back. he takes aim at james packer, mariah's backup dancer/boy toy, and even mariah herself. >> don't shoot. we shoot. >> we're talking about this new kind of boyfriend/dancer. >> everything. it's all out of love. i couldn't leave nothing on the table, man. >> nick has a lot to discuss. he's expecting a baby boy with an ex, and spending the holidays with mariah and their twins. >> i'm going to be st. nick. >> what are you spoiling rock 'n roll with?
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>> they're almost 6. they've been asking for laptops and phones and cameras. >> the twins hit the stage this weekend with mama mariah for he holiday show at new york's beacon theater. check this out. afterwards, the diva stepped out in the 32-degree weather. >> how are you? >> meantime, anything but chilly as mariah's chemistry with brian tana tanaka. they got pretty cozy last night. >> i'm a beer drinker myself. >> they shared drinks, a kiss and even a secret handshake. the viewers saw a completely different kind of interaction between mariah and her now ex-fiance james packer. watch mariah fidget and pull away. in a word, awkward. one more mariah note. she's getting ready to party all
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night long. she's joining lionel richie. march 15th in baltimore. >> they have enough hits between them. >> yeah, they do. let's go to hollywood blockbuster. the next one isshere. >> yes, it is. here's the thing. premieres are all about pulling out all the stops. i've never, ever seen anything like this total hollywood takeover of "rogue one." >> oh, my god, this is crazy. the energy out there, the fans. >> i think people are going to be pretty blown away. >> just when we thought a "star wars" premiere could get any bigger or better, right here on hollywood boulevard! it was closed down for almost a week as to make rid i for one of the longest red carpets of the year. and dozens of storm troopers. >> i can't wait to finally be going to the film, my friends
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and family. i've been like a secret agent for the last two years. >> the stand-alone story, the level fighter out to steal plans for the empire's death star. diego on her side. two years of secrecy. >> one of the worst-kept secrets after 11 years, the return of darth vader to the big screen. how much taller is he than me? >> about there. >> i want you to picture that. you look like you were a little bit overwhelmed. >> if i wasn't overwhelmed, i wouldn't be human. although i'm a droid in the movie. >> this is so good. let me say this, this is my favorite droid of any "star wars" movie ever. >> send your hate mail directly to cameron. the best reason to go see
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passengers is the insane chemistry between these two stars. >> did you guys know each other before doing this film? >> it was a real roll of the dice. >> could have been a total nightmare. >> total disaster. >> yeah. >> i jumped right in. i was like, my name is jennifer and these are my issues. >> these two are clearly buds on and off camera. he's been messing with jen by crossing her out of his photos. >> when i found out, it was three to four times? five times maybe? it was hilarious by the time i actually saw it. there were many pictures to scroll through. then, like, i remember taking that photo. >> on the set, chris' 4-year-old son jack got to hang out with dad. >> jack's been on set to visit me on every movie that i've done since he's been alive. through his little glasses at the monitor and he just said, can i get a coconut water?
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and he wasn't like talking to anyone necessarily. which is totally terrible behavior that we do all the time. we're just like -- throw a random request and expect something to deliver it. >> we're betting little jack wasn't there on the days his daddy had to strip down. >> i'm naked for some parts of this movie. >> it went down very well, by the way. >> did it? oh, that's good. i got a little spray tan. >> a new fast and furious trailer hit the theaters this weekend. insane locations. amazing action. as long as you don't mention charlize theron. the fate of the furious in theaters in april. meanwhile, one of the movie stars dwayne johnson helped carry off this surprise friday when he reunited one of jimmy's producers with her husband who has been serving in iraq for th&
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last year and a half. >> we wanted to bring your husband home. turn around and hug your husband. >> you can expect many more emotional moments when dwayne hosts rock the troops tomorrow night on spice tv. up next, an hgtv couple calls it quits. what caused these stars to flip and flop. plus, amy shumer on the moment that nearly ended her relationship with her boyfriend. >> i knew it was over. >> then the critic choice awards. who turned heads last night. only we are with supermodel janice dickinson on her wedding
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you can bet on items like a tour of the set of the young and the restless.
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flipping houses is a passion. >> take the walls down. have it wide open. >> the hugely popular stars of the hgtv movie show flip or flop. now it's the marriage that's been rocked to the foundation. the explosive flip or flop fight? >> my dream in life since i was a little kid is to have an amazing family which i have today. >> that was a year ago. today we have learned the couple is calling it quits. the split announcement came after a scary incident between
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the pair went public. "e.t." obtained the police report today which revealed officers were called to their california home in may after getting a call about a possibly suicidal male with a gun. in a statement this morning to "e.t.," they called the incident, quote, an unfortunate misunderstanding and say they're committed to co-parenting their two children. kim and kanye are stronger than ever. >> the rumors are just flying every day. it's hysterical. they're very together and very good. >> we caught up with him at the jingle bell concert. the biebs actually walked to the venue after getting stuck in traffic a few blocks away. finally, amy schumer -- >> that is what i learned not to throw up any liquor. >> amy's hilarious and very detailed account of getting sick
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ben brought ellen to tears. >> i'm yelling at him, like it was so great dating you. i wish you the best luck. you're going to meet the greatest girl. but i knew -- i knew it was over. happy holidays, guys. >> go ahead. alicia keys on her voice -pshowdown with blake and adam. >> adam i thought i totally wouldn't like. >> we're breaking down the fashion from last night's critic choice awards. >> does your daughter approve? >> she liked it. >> only "e.t." is with supermodel janice dickinson inside the wackiest wedding of the year. >> i feel like chewbacca. closed captioning provided by --
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as we showed you earlier, i had a bird's-eye view for all theestars at the people's choice awards. i have great opinions. >> oh, you do. >> yeah, i do. >> you're a fashion expert now. here's the best of the best. >> whose dress is that? does your daughter approve? >> versace. she's a learned concerned, so sorry about that. >> i'm cheating. my stylist told me everybody wears these shoes because of the giant platform. they're semi comfortable for most of the day. >> so many red carpet looks. the trend of the night was definitely anything but basic black, and cutouts. nicole kidman with the abs. emma stone rocking it from the front and the back. kerry washington going short and sassy. nice for the month of a 2-year-old. >> two months old. look at this. >> wow! >> he's adorable.
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are you sleeping at all? >> enoughh you know. >> justin timberlake and jessica beal hands down for best-dressed couple. the most, i'm not so sure about that look. the tank top with pants. the shot from behind as she leans in for a kiss withh boyfriend carl cook makes it all okay. the pregnant natalie portman mix florals, ruffles and a cake as she won the best actress award. >> my husband and son, the most important people in the world to me. thank you so much. >> but bryce dallasshoward is best dressed. not just for her. i could totally do that ponytail at home style. but for her off-the-rack gown. >> i'm wearing top shop. it's comfortable. it's flowy, which is good for this time of year. >> here's a question, where are the guys? ryan reynolds, christian slater, just a little bit of love. let's move on.
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this whole season really has been a hard dose of reality for alicia keys who opened up to "e.t." online. >> my heart is a part of this whole thing. >> you told me before, it's like you quit every tuesday. >> i do, i tell them i'm quitting. this show is terrible. tuesday is obviously the results show. >> as a first-time coach, she's been on an emotional roller coaster. the ride ends tomorrow night when her one artist remaining duke it out in the finals with the longtime pros. adam has two singers left aad blake has one. >> tell me what you've learned this season that you're going to apply next season. >> the most interesting thing to learn is who is watching the show. that's how you choose song choices. that's how you make great choices for how is it going to resonate with the people watching. i've also learned that just like in life, you don't know what the outcome is going to be. so i really have to go with your heart. >> the 35-year-old grammy winner
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also learned a lot about her fellow coaches. >> adam, i thought i totally wasn't going to like, even though he's a good friend of mine, in the sense of the competition of this thing. >> he's super competitive. >> hoe's actually very competitive. >> i've won three times. >> i didn't know i was going to like blake as much as i do. i didn't know he was going to be so funny. i love miley so much. >> i love that she called you big sis. >> definitely my little sis. i'm her big sis. we're connected. >> there's still the competition. this firsttimer wants bragging rights when she comes back next season, when gwen stefani returns to take miley's seat. >> she'sssuch a good friend. this two-women thing is the right thing for this show. they can't ever go back. >> alicia is trying to make voice history. no first-time coach has ever won since season one when they were all new.
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if yoo're in the mood for a little holly cheer, join us as we count down to the greatest holiday commercials from the world's largest mall at 9:00 p.m. eastern. this past weekend, the world's first super model janice dickinson walked down the aisle for tte fourth time. she said she sometimes struggles to keep it together. but what was the moment that made her break down this time? only we were there for the bride's big day. >> i promise not to obey you. but i promise you from the bottom of my heart, that you are the man i never dreamt that i would ver, ever, ever have. >> janice and her new hubby wrote their own vows, saying their i dos on saturday in an unfiltered ceremony. >> yeah, i'm loud. you taught me how to be less loud. >> you may kiss your bride. >> what about the ring? >> it didn't go off entirely
1:10 am
without a hitch. we were with the couple earlier in the day and janice admitted she was a nervous bride. >> i feel like chewbacca from "star wars," the way he just goes -- >> the 61-year-old wore a custom gown to her beverly hills garden wedding. the family included her kids nathan and savvy. >> i said, and they both went -- >> the couple's first dance? pretty traditional. but janice had a not-so-subtle message delivered, all to "you don't own me." i picked that song because i thought it just depicted everything. and rocky said, you should play it at the wedding. i was like, okay. >> it's the truth, too. >> it's working. >> good luck y'all.
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janice and rocky are heading to europe for their honeymoon. she also has a new project to book models in the digital world. when we come back, hollywood legend kurt douglas turns 100. only we can take you inside his birthday bash. joker.
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it's all on travel considerations provided by -- before we leave you, a hollywood legend is celebrating a milestone birthday. >> kirk douglas is 100 years old. only "e.t." was there as friends like steven spielberg came out to celebrate. >> his daughter-in-law who was there, of course. his son michael had the best
1:15 am
toast of the night. >> he turns 100.& >> when you turn 100, you should be able to do anything you want. congrats. >> you said that right. congrats. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> mandy moore, "this is us." >> we would be blown away. >> chrissy metz, "this is us." >> get out of town. >> number one, it's the golden globes mother/daughter showdown. but why were the sons from "this is us" snubbed? >> what? >> we're breaking down the nominations' most shocking surprises. then it's mama's night out at the critics choice awards. >> this is my first carpet after having my baby. a bit of a culture shock. >> i'm on the carpet with the show's big winners. >> it never works that way, right? >> and number three, "star wars" has taken over hollywood. and felicity jones is feeling a little chewie.


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