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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 14, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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çáááaveriáááñ woman burned and murdered.latest in a live report. çáááwilláááñ the city of oakland approves a plan to build a new stadium for the raiders. i will have more on what this means moving forward. there is still hope that the oakland raiders will stay in town after city council voted on ronnie's proposal. a major storm headed to the bay area, when storm tracker 4 will be all lit up. çáááliveáááñ breaking news
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firefighters are on the scene of a house breaking news right now, a fire in oakland sky 7 was on the scene as the fire is on east 19 street. here is video from the scene between park boulevard and 5th avenue near the lake, a 2-story victorian on fire. one person had to be rescued from the second floor of the house. the fire crews are on the roof of the building. as we get more information we will bring it to you victorian home on fire between park boulevard and 5th avenue. streets in the area are shut down. big story that will affect everybody is weather and traffic, the first round of rain hitting the bay area, we will go to the roads in a minute. first a look at the storm. >> this really woept be much of-- won't be much of anything, round 2 comes tomorrow that everybody is bracing for. outside, what conditions are like at the moment, the golden gate bridge shot is actually going to show pretty nice drive even though it is wet on the road. there is some spray getting kicked up by the cars in front but that really is the only thing you will see on the
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windtial, you may get-- windshield, you may get a sprinkle but mild. generally dry conditions most of the bay. the exception might be in the north bay where you could catch a rain drop or two. that is the current situation. radar verifies there isn't much falling in the form of rain at all. as we pull out the shot you will see what is coming, the system to the north will be slowly tracking over the course of the day today towards us and will begin impacting us, really, in earnest by tomorrow morning. it will last all day long. here is the system, wider view shows all the moisture, you see the clouds coming off of it. all of this will slowly move our direction and again impact us for the entire day on thursday and it has set off a number of weather alerts that we want to make you aware of. flash flood watch in effect 10:00 thursday morning until 4:00 a.m. friday. there is concern with the run off from the system that we could see low lying areas being inundated. coastal flooding also a big concern, king tides are also happening right now as we have the storm system.
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coastal communities, bay shoreline communities, especially low lying areas don't be surprised if some parking lots might be under water a bit. there is a high wind watch in effect all day thursday, then clk in the morning-- 10:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. gusts 40 miles an hour combine would the soggy round a recipe for trees to come down and on the way they take down power poles often. don't be surprised if you have an outage. lots to track here is ready for school forecast, time for you to get the kids out the door. we are looking for generally cloudy conditions throughout the day warming to low 60s. not much in the form rain for much of the bay. tomorrow is the main event. more in 15 minutes. to traffic. james i am tracking a big back up out of oakland headed to san francisco. the bridge itself on the span, eastern span, the suspension span fine. but it is the approach, the connectors that bring you out of the oakland maze to the bay
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bridge toll plaza all jammed. a big back up at the pay gate. coming from west 24, there was a crash before 580 split blocking. look at all the heavy traffic now trying to get into the maze and then you have the usual jam up on 580 west from 24 to the 80 merge. it is going to be very slow from highway 24. the lafayette side, that portion of the commute is okay. it is the oakland side that is packed. put it all together, it is 24 minutes and growing to get from the creek to the oakland maze. i am tracking a problem that may turn into a hot spot in fremont 880 north dakota road, multicar crash blocking 3 left lanes jammed from thorten. i will have a complete check in a few minutes. 7:04 a house fire in the east bay was intentionally set to cover up a murder. this is according to investigators in cast row
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valley. >> police are back-- castro valley. >> police are back on scene averi harper with more on what happened. >> reporter: this area in castro valley is still being guarded by sheriff's deputies as they look for evidence in that arson that was intentionally set they say by someone trying to cover up forensic evidence in someone's murder. i will step out of the way so you can see what is going on down here. you can see there are lots of tarps and tents to protect the scene from the rain. investigator saz they have to go through the scene very carefully. they have moved us back because they are bringing in more equipment and more vehicles to conduct their investigation we are told a lot of the equipment actually, they are using here came from the ghost ship fire in oakland. look at the video we have from whenever officers first arrived-- when officers first arrived, called as a fire 2:45
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wednesday, crews found a woman's body in the garage. the woman was dead before the fire and she suffered from brutal injuries. that victim had has not been named yet. the sheriff's department believe the killer started the fire to destroy that forensic evidence, like i said before, and people in this neighborhood are scared that there is a killer on the loose. take a listen. >> these are brutal injuries, these are injuries that are inflicted upon people with violence. these were violent disturbing-- >> if it is a lunatic i can't even-- i am almost in shock of hearing it. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is asking that neighbors take a look at any home security footage that they might have to see if that killer was caught on tape. both directions of grove way will be closed. all day investigators will be inside doing 3-d imaging in the house and garage to get more information and get more evidence in their investigation. i will be here throughout the morning with more information.
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back to you in studio. >> thanks. the time now 7:06, two big votes that could help the raiders stay in oakland. >> alameda supervisors and oakland city council approving a resolution authorizing negotiations to begin with an investment group to try to build a new stadium for the raiders. >> will tran is at raiders headquarters in alameda with more. >> reporter: here is what you need to know, guys. basically what they did yesterday was sweeten the pot to give owner mark davis something to think about. he already has a las vegas deal on the table worth $1.3 billion possibly even more. now what ronnie lott's group and oakland city leaders alameda county they raised the ante to $1.3. something for him to think about, but he was not at the meeting, owner mark davis that is. we do know that the oakland city
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council voted 7 to 0 last night to go with ronnie lott's investment group to build a coliseum at the coliseum site and work out the details. this is far from over but it is a hurdle that raiders fans would like to see and did see that the city council jumped over last night, including the course of ronnie lott, he has been spear heading this for a long time, as far as keeping the raiders in town he used to play for the raiders at one point. we were at the city council. here is what he had to say after the vote passed for him to go ahead and work on the details. >> i will say this, and i know this, this deal is not a carbon copy. more importantly, i have been part of the nfl for a long time, for any executive to put me in that category, i find a little offensive. >> you know, the owners will know that oakland has submitted to what we perceive as a viable
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alternative to las vegas if you look at the deal in vegas and if you look at the deal that we put forward for the raiders our deal is a much better deal. >> reporter: that was ronnie, live reacting to people saying his proposal is the same as the other proposals over the past couple years and you don't want to macrony lott angry, he is known to crush people. i can tell you he is very angry he thinks he has a fresh proposal on the table. but it will be up to owner mark davis to decide what he wants to do and he was not at the meeting last night. as far as we know, he has not made comments on the proposal, the city council passing lott's proposal. if nothing changes and he is still eye balling las vegas guys, he can move the team as early as january 1 and here is the hail mary for raiders fans, even if he wants to move if he loves las vegas and tired of
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oakland, he will not have the final say because the nfl is a business and it will be up to nfl owners cleckively to de-- collectively to decide. they need 24, he needs 24 out of 32 votes and many nfl owners have already said if it appears to be the same proposals and that the existing home town is working on a plan, they tend to favor the home town and to tell the team to stay where you are at. back to you. >> thanks a lot. the ghost ship waers was never inspected by the fire marshal according to the oakland fire chief. investigators are still trying to determine what started the fire that killed 36 people. the state does not require fire marshals to inspect most wares businesses are-- warehouses, businesses are inspected twice a year but only after registered in the system. oakland's fire chief says there are no records of complaints about the building even though some estimated 20 people were
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living inside the warehouse and loud parties often went on according to neighbors. a fire station is a few blocks away the city is asking national fire experts to come in to try to prevent future tragedies like the ghostship warehouse fire. >> we talked about the gap we talked about communication, we talked about trying to establish the possibility of one record management system that all enforcement agencies have access to. >> it has raised awareness of the dangers of illegal conversions and they are investigating several complaint s. another big story we are following, tv star alan thicke has died. anny hong has a look back at his life. >> reporter: he had a heart attack playing hockey with his 19-year-old son. he was just 69 years old most
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famous for his role as father dr. jason seaver on "growing pains," from 1985 to 1982. thicke was a talented song writer who wrote the theme song for numerous game shows including the original wheel of fortune and most memorably co-wrote the themes for different strokes and "the facts of life." listen to the interview on-- listen to the interview on larry king where thicke talks about the role as america's greatest dad. >> i was just coming off one of the great failures in the history of talk shows thanks for bringing it up, larry and that was thick of the night. i was just so thrilled, i didn't care if the script was good, i was happy to have something to do for a week. in fact, i was in doing whault i had started-- what i had started my career doing, as a writer i was pitch agshow to abc-- pitching a show to abc they were developing it but they said by the way we have this other
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show we haven't found a male lead for and could maybe use an alan thicke type. i said i happen to be available. >> you were perfect alan thicke. >> otherwise driving the zamboni for the kings that year. i was very happy to get the call and i remember when i finally got the part, bursting into tears in the parking lot and phoning my two young boys instantly and just basically feeling that now i would be able to take care of them. >> sheems like a very down-- seems like a very down to earth guy. reaction came pouring in on social media, several celebritries taking to twitter with their condolances influiding ellen degeneres saying "america loved alan thicke so sad he is gone, send so much love." actor bob sagt saying "so sad is the passing of thicke, good husband, father, brother and friend. he will be deeply missed.
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rest in peace dear alan." >> we will talk more on that and other sports when we continue in the next 30 minutes. the donald trump thank-you tour continues, we will tell you what is next for the president elect. first as the bay area is preparing for more rain and braceing for a big storm tomorrow, the sierra is bracing for more snow, what you needed to know if you are headd to tahoe.
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çááámarkáááñ the series of storms headed our way means conditions welcome back, the series of storms headed our way means conditions in the sierra will change rapidly. the dangers they post. >> reporter: with snow coming down and wind picking up, a skier and snow boarder sit on a lift not going anywhere, patrol workers have to get them down with ropes. this is only a drill happening an example how staff members have to be ready for a worst-case scenario, such as complete chair lift malfunction a similar measure of caution is advised for anybody venturing into the mountains this week. better to over prepare than stuck without a plan. >> extra clothes blanket s water in the car. >> reporter: cal-tran supervisor reminding us snow levelerize likely to-- levels are likely to
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change the next couple days. >> friday it will just head west and down the hill. take your time if you don't need to travel, i wouldn't. in the heavy storms. >> reporter: even people who know the mountains can get caught off guard. riley was traveling from sacramento to reno when his car over heated. relatives came from reno to bail him out. >> i was from tahoe i knew i was headed for something, came prepared. >> reporter: we saw rain change to snow and back again several times and the weather is not the only concern. >> rocks our guys are plowing them all the time but they could be out there. just slow down. >> that is always the thing will it be cold enough for the snow? you know how low elevation, you are saying above 7,000. >> how low will it go? 7,000 feet is what it looks like, low enough for a lot of the peaks to get it. >> down by the lake? >> probably not more rain for you. the snow level could drop down
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at some point during the storm system as it passes through down to about 4,000, which would bring snow to lake level. won't last long because the system is here and gone within one day. if you are planning on heading up just know there is a winter storm watch in effect for the western slopes of the sierra, which means it will impact all of your normal routes getting there. 80 50, 88. you may need the chains because of the roads being slick. check ahead with chp or cal trans on the website to make sure you know what you need before you head up. thursday into friday afternoon. here is what we have in current conditions, cloudy out there we have wet roads no real rain falling but a lot of mist and drizzle collected overnight. few light sprinkles and probably a few more throughout the day. nothing organized, no real system on the bay area at the moment. the main rain is falling to our north. this system will slowly make its way towards the bay and when it does we will set up for a very wet thursday. here what we expect. futurecast, set for the current
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hour, not a lot going on in terms of rain. by 9:00, may be a few sprinkles possible in the north bay. 1:00 this afternoon possibly sprinkles in san francisco the theme for today occasional sprinkle nothing major. 4:00, the commute home, 7:00, not a lot of activity either. fast forward to 9:00 in the morning tomorrow. at the top of the screen we have oppressive showers headed our way at that point and it will start to dump. here it is 11:30 in the morning impressive heavy rain falling in the north bay and starts to move its way over the heart of the bay by about 1:00, 2:00 a nice line probably working its way. this is heavy rain. it will be quite a downpour. look at this, by 4:00 p.m., kids are out of school at that point. we have heavy rain, a line of intense showers moving through the north bay working across san francisco and the rest of the bay area over the course of the afternoon. here it is, 7:00 p.m., your drive home from work tomorrow, look at that. it is going to be coming down
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hard tomorrow. it will be very dangerous out there on the roads. make sure you give yourself extra time to get around. you may not have a choice, i have the feeling will be jammed up. by 11:00 in the evening on thursday we start to see the tail end come into view. early friday morning most moisture is gone. thursday will be the day where we have really intense rain. that could cause urban flooding as we go down the list here of impacts for you. standing water on roads and in intersections, that will gum up the road. expect a slow commute. there will be accidents with long drive times paycheck your patience and-- pack your patience and just let it go on the roads. let it go and take your time. better safe than sorry. power loss a possibility high winds, grounds saturated. tree s are going to come down and they could very well bring down some electricity lines and power poles. be ready be prepared, have a flash light know what you will do if the house is thrown into
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darkness and who knows how long it will take to get it fixed. make sure you are ready for that. that is the latest with the forecast. here is a quick look at your ready-for-school outlook next 3 days i should say. wet weather ends thursday, friday and beyond looks just fine. to the traffic center now. hey, james tough commute around the bay area this morning, tracking a hot spot and lots of heavy traffic. in fremount with the crash i have been telling you about, i made it a hot spot because it is jamming up the ride and it is blocking three lanes this is fremont, 880 north dakota road, several vehicles three left lanes blocked and chp has a traffic alert. back to stevenson for northbound commute, leave early for 880. southbound opposite side, commute direction, normal 238 through the scene of the crash 38 minutes from san leandro to
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millipedes growing back upen othe northbound side. bridgeerize okay no major problems on bay area bridges. wet, roads are slick. watch your speed. at the bay bridge, arriving to san francisco still backed up recovering from a couple of earlier stalls through the maze. your approaches are slammed because of earlier accidents. 80 west out of rodeo 580 24 recovering from an earlier crash. anything to the bay bridge toll plaza will be a crawl. well moving on the bridge. south bay, 280 north i spotted a crash little closer to winchester that was coming out of san jose headed into coopertino long line of slow traffic behind the scenes, backed up to 101 and pushed up your drive time north 280 now 44 minutes from 101 through the scene of the crash and to 85 in toopertino-- coopertino. donald trump is continuing his thank-you tour across the country as he continues to fill
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top positions. >> the president elect made several key cabinet choices and visiting with big name celebrities. reid beenian has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump started his day in new york with a major cabinet announcement. >> rex tillerson i think is a dream pick. >> i don't know about him. >> reporter: ended the day in wisconsin. in between a little of both after the president elect announced exxonmobil ceo tillerson has pick for secretary of state multiple sources told cnn trump settled on rick perry for energy secretary montana raung congressman zince accepting. bill gates and kanye west, nfl legend jim brown was at trump tower. >> he talks about helping african american and black people. >> reporter: trump making sure no one missed the details of the
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star-studded day. >> jim brown bill gates, anna wintour, kanye ray lewis. >> reporter: a push to further investigate russia's hacking of the presidential election, something trump down played. senator bob corcoran saying the committee will hold hearings on the hacking. still ahead on the kron4 morning news, burglaries in the south bay, who police are looking for. first sh as the country pre-- as the country prepares for president trump, some people fear what the future holds for them under the new administration. we will talk about that. we will also give you an update on the commute and weather. things are kind of drying out and a look at the san mateo bridge. things are not drying out for tomorrow. that is when the big storm is expected.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news, a hot spot premont, multi-cash blocking three lanes, 880 north dakota road clogging up traffic. if that is your ride it is bumper to bumper from stevenson. crews are on scene trying to get it out of the way but not doing it fast enough more and more commutererize hitting the road. -- commuters are hitting the
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road. a a slow ride from premont to union city. the opposite direction usual back up south from 238 from the scene of the crash on the northbound side, it is just under 40 minutes 238 to 237. >> thank as lot. 7:27 a warning for people a part of president obama's dream act. imbrasion rights advocates say if you plan to travel outside the country before the holidays to come back before trump takes office. >> dan kerman spoke to local dreamers about their uncertain future. >> we have some bad ombres and we will get them out. rounding them up in a humane way. they are going where they came from. >> reporter: cracking down on undocumented immigrants was the center piece of drauchl's presidential campaign. as president elect the talk is taking on greater concern
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especially for more than 700,000doca recipients. >> after the program announced 2012, i applied shortly after. >> reporter: allowing more than 700,000 people who came here illegally as children to obtain work permit s and defer deportation. president elect trump has threatened to rescind the program. >> we all felt the shock we all felt the imminent threat. >> reporter: 23-year-old legal assistant, andrea reyes is a dhaka recipient moving from el salvador when she was 10, he objects he painted undocumented immigrants. >> it is your neighbor, classmates, friends, people we interact with in the communities. >> we are here and we are working and we are contributing to the economy. but above all, we are human just as everyone else, regardless of legal status or not. >> reporter: 25-year-old anna morales is a legal assistant and
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dhaka recipient like others she has been in the u.s. more than half her life moving here from mexico when she was just 8 years old. >> there is definitely fear and i think there is also hope, not necessarily because we believe that trump will change what he has been saying but i thing more so because we know that as a community if we come together we will fight and we will continue fighting and we will not just give in. still ahead on the kron4 morning news, i am tracking some rain headed our direction. here is a quick look at the wide view on satellite radar there is the storm. we will talk about when it will arrive, coming up.
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7:30 now a look at weather and traffic, looks like we are trying to dry out the rest of the commute. >> little slack problems, several lanes blocked west 24, car stuck under a a big rig. worse as a storm comes our way. >> we can see it on radar now a live look at the moment, caught tupe speed on what to-- up to speed on what to expect. golden gate showing drying conditions. may catch a light sprinkle but all we are expecting out of today's storm. most staying way to the north . you can see that on storm tracker 4, few bits of green south of san jose. really, it isn't translating into much rain that will be getting in your way. few bits of moisture but that is about it. the larger system, that is what is to our north now. currently today, storm 1 we get the southern edge of it every now and then with a few flecks
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of green, an occasional shower in the north bay. tomorrow this all begins to migrate our direction and that is when things get hot and heavy with torrential rain strong winds, and the possibility of flooding as well. a lot of moisture with this system and as it begins to move south, we will start to see the impacts. what can you expect with this? heavy rain, first off. all day thursday. storm totals anywhere from 3/4 an inch to 4 inches for some coastal mountain ranges. it is going to be a good soaker. low lying flooding also something you may expect. coastal flooding concerns with the high tide, coinciding with the storm system. urban flooding a possibility as storm drains get clogged with leaves, you can get intersections that start to fill with water and gusty winds. steady 15-30 but gusting to 40. when you combine that with the soft ground because of all the rain it will be real easy to topple trees and bring down power lines. be ready for power loss and for it to be there a while as pge
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could get back logged trying to repair. best to think ahead and be ready for whatever thursday. more on the forecastane bit and lets get to the traffic center and robin already following problems on the road and it isn't evan raining yet. wet weather wet roads leads to a number of problems out there. lets start off with the traffic alert, our hot spot in the city of premont 880 north-- premont 880 north dakota road, this crash blocking for over an hour, at least 4 cars involved. they are blocking 3 left lanes tow trucks on the way. from stevenson backing southbound traffic because it is attracting a lot of attention. heading south, jammed 238 in san leandro. 24, in oakland a crash westbound before you reach the mcarthur bart station before the maze involving a car and big rig. looks like the car may be stuck under the rig, the driver was trapped at one point. it is unclear if it is the case. if you are to use westbound 24,
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it is backed through oakland backing into arinda and slow in pockets out of lafayette. lot of heavy traffic to work through this morning. leave early. breaking news that firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in oakland and we have been covering this for the last hour or so on the kron4 morning news. there sashot from above. -- is a shot from above, east 19 street where the activity is. one person had to be rescued from the second floor of the house on fire. we will continue to cover that. they are still on scene getting out of hot spots and investigating but the fire sout. san jose-- is out. san jose police investigating burglaries getting help from surveillance cameras from people's homes. footage of recent burglaries we spoke to one of the victims. >> reporter: be on the look out for guys like these the guys did it while christina was gone for a little while dropping her
7:35 am
4-year-old off at preschool december 8. >> i came back to see the door wide open and then i came in and saw that this door was shattered. >> reporter: her cams were originally installed as nanny cams she remembered to check them after the burglary anda the brazen criminals one tried to remove the camera from its mount. >> they have been watching, is our opinion. they know our patterns, know the schedule. they know the weak spots. >> reporter: she got on to let everyone know what happened. >> we posted, we realized that there were other home owners in the area burglarized and very close to us. >> reporter: there were sim lairies, 2 men working together stealing the same types of items, jewelry and pass ports. kron4 received this video of a break-in in a different neighborhood. these dpies didn't stop when the home owner used the 2-way audio system to call them out. >> i can see you, i am calling the cops, [ bleep ].
7:36 am
[ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> one man was inside for 34 seconds, enough time to get upstairs and rifle through drawers. strangely he didn't take anything. we don't know whether the caseerize related but-- cases are related but the family is beefing up home security with the burglars on the loose still. >> a third camera, installing an alarm system, outside monitoring this week. >> reporter: as police continue the investigation in both of the cases, they did talk with the home owner in the first video and said all the evidence makes it look as though the robbers are professionals. in san jose, spencer blake kron4 news. police are trying to figure why a man had toxic chemicals that could be used for explosives at his home in millipedea. neighbors noticed strong chemical odors and there was temporary shelter in place as police searched the home. police later arrested the man living there. they say there is no public safety concern but there is an officer stationed at the home.
7:37 am
a woman is dragged off of a delta airlines flight in detroit and it was caught on video. >> anny hong has a closer look. >> reporter: it happened at a detroit metropolitan airport, many passengers were shocked to see it happening and they pulled out their phones to record all of it on video. take a look. there is the woman she is in the red shirt, being dragged by airport security through the plane's middle aisle. officials say the flight to san diego was delayed after this woman you see here refused to comply with boarding and baggage check procedures. the airport released a statement after the video was posted on the internet saying the passenger refused to leave the plane and so they had to remove her. she was arrested and charges are pending. we will find out hopefully why she didn't want to get off the plane, we will let you know. back to you. >> thank you. eyes on wal street with the dow-- wall street with the dow soaring to a record high but the
7:38 am
march to $20,000 shortened a bit with a pull back with disappointing retail sales from november. dow up 34 and $19,877. we had 16 record highs for the dow industrial average since trump won presidency. still ahead on the kron4 morning news, you know you are at the top of the game when the opposing coaches are giving you love after you score. we will talk to gary about the warriors, football and all sorts of fun things. and it is the end of an era for the hawaiian islands. why island life will now be a little less sweet. a live look here at a commute that you have, if you are headed over the golden gate bridge plenty of traffic and wet deck. we will be right back.
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çááárobináááñ welcome back to the kron4 morning news, the time is 7:41, i have good news this time around about our hot spot in fremont, 880 north dakota road, all lanes open. i had a 4-car crash that was blocking the 3 left lanes. you will experience some residual slowing in both directions northbound, jammed and backed up well beyond steveson. southbound, the usual back up coming from 238 here in the san leandro, heavy both directions. 24, not looking so good. your trip out of arinda to oakland backed up because of the accident before the mccarther bart station blocking at least
7:42 am
one lane, lot of heavy traffic. out of walinate creek 20 minutes from 680 to the oakland maze. hawaii bids aloha to the sugar industry, the competition from low cost over seas producers priced hawaiian sugar farmers out of the business. the owners of the last sugar mill in the state said last year financial losses were too great to continue operation. at its peak it produced 18 billion pounds of sugar a year. still ahead on the kron4 morning news, we are tracking the weather around the bay not so much rain right now but come tomorrow we are going to get hammered, a big storm to our north and out of the pacific is headed our direction giving us nothing but torrential rain thursday. good news is friday and the weekend looks pretty nice.
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good morning. >> what do you say? >> the warriors beat the pelicans but i didn't think it should have been that close. are the pelicans that good? >> they had one guy davis pretty good. >> the eye brow. >> what do they call? >> the unibrow? >> that is how i knew when drafted, following the eye brows. >> the last game of a 5-game trip. >> okay. >> and probably more to the point, these guys are so good that it will be nice, not walk through it but not have to go all out and still win. >> i was wondering if maybe i don't know, if you got the pelicans coach and assistant coach both having been form early, with the warriors if knows how to beat them, not when they can another story. they would get an idea? >> i see what you are getting at but when kevin durant goes up for a shot, i don't think--
7:46 am
couple years ago i remember, you know. >> right. >> i wouldn't bet on it. i guess it can't hurt but just a heck of a lot better. >> it did make for what i would think an awkward moment when steph went up, a jumper that was so cool that the crowd is cheering, right? and then he goes over to the assistant coach like give me some love, and he did. they did a high 5 skin thing. i thought, well that is odd. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i am always wondering, they got a football team there. i always wondered, satey like new orleans though-- city like new orleans though, is that like every day? almost like las vegas you have games 40 times a year, does that work? >> right. >> resort city. >> i got you. yeah, resort city. >> i mean, that is the thing when we talk about the raiders because they had a team for a while, then move said, then came back. we will see. >> well, you know, and as the
7:47 am
raiders are in their love triangle with oakland vegas oakland, we don't know who they will pick but we know the former who got caught, underwood he still has got the girl. he was cut from the team but remember? alley raisman? he had a crush on her. turns out they are been secretly dating for months. >> give her credit, this guy doesn't have a job and-- that is right. he said he would like to date her. they hooked it up and then the poor guy got cut. wow, good for-- >> yeah, they made their debut on the red carpet. no more secret on the sports illustrated person of the year thing, they had a ceremony, they are dressed up, out getting along. like you said, we like to say-- we don't say "unemployed" or "jobless", we say free agent. if your poif is a free age-- boyfriend is a free agent. >> nice-looking guy probably get something. >> working out for him i hope.
7:48 am
>> good for him. >> now i have a feeling that jim harbaugh probably thinks me and you are liars and the enemy because we were the ones-- we joined in the talk about well harbaugh leave michigan and go to the rams? about those people he saidthy are lies made up by our enemies. >> okay. >> what is this? war? >> he came out with an announcement he has not taken the job. >> he came out he didn't say that but there is a banquet all the players there and he said that is how he des counted them. he said the talk is lies made up by enemies. >> that is a little dramatic. >> it is dramatic. >> it wouldn't be, you know, i might go for you know, what he is saying if he look at his record. he has moved around a little bit. >> yeah. >> that is the nature of coaching. if they didn't lie to begin with you am might trust them a little more. >> and now we have the coachless
7:49 am
or interim coach rams heading into the poop fest with seattle the poop fest is what it is called. >> richard sherman. >> i couldn't have said it better myself, richard. that is what i think the nfl is, a poop fest. >> he is mad they play on thursday night. >> yeah. >> you know, he is entitled to his opinion he is a bright guy. but next time the player or the agent they are doing a deal say we will take, maybe $3 million less so we don't have to play on thursday. >> so we don't have to play in the poop fest. he said-- >> you say that one more time. loving it. >> poop fest t. is a poop fest. monday 1:00 in the morning after their sunday game, really that is not 4 days rest, it is like 2. >> i understand it, but it is about money. by having a game on thursday night on national television the league makes millions. >> yeah. >> and it is a quick turn around. ioyou played sunday, i
7:50 am
understand it all. but when the players union or however they do it say we do not want to play on thursday, that is it. it is all about money. everybody can make more money if you have game that night. >> poop fest. >> one more time. >> poop fest. >> one more time. >> all right. a sad thing alan thicke died, and i-- of course knew him from full house-- sorry growing pains, but i didn't realize he is playing the dad in growing pains, the whole hockey side of him. i think he was joking but he said, you know, if i hadn't got that growing pains job i was going to go drive the zamboni for the la kings. >> all those guys, big buddy was wayne gretzky. what was he? 69? what happened? >> so young. he was actually playing hockey with his 19-year-old son when he had the heart attack. >> i am not trying to be funny but they say die with your
7:51 am
skates. >> something he loved. he was canadian, really loved hockey. so proud of his 3 sons and everything. yeah but you go, my god he is so young. 69. the kid was 19. his son. >> his son of course, robin thick. >> the other son, yeah he is older. >> do you know his story? when he came over he had a talk show in canada, maybe you are too young they brought him over, he was going to be the guy back in the day this guy will knock off johnny carson. >> yeah. >> a show called thicke of the night. >> didn't really work out. >> but he is a santa barbara lives in carpenteria. >> whenever i hear that, so sad to me. you know, when a dad is with their kid. i think of it from the kid's angle. i have, when you have an older parent and thinking, 69 is not that old. playing hockey, you don't expect your dad-- just sad. sad. >> history of anything? >> i don't know. with heart attacks it is like that. >> yeah, that is sad.
7:52 am
again, until you know somebody, you know his wife was goria loring. >> the first wife, right >> yeah, then he went through a few after that. every time you see him he seemed like a good guy. sad. >> the ultimate dad from the show. that all i know. fans, you guys, sports fans i say "you." you hate-- all fans, you trade away your favorite player. what do we do about it? nothing. in this caseilateal boy loved-- case a little boy loved the outfielder george springer, he wrote to the general manager and you can tell he did it on his own gary, not parent. here is why. i will read the note. go to your screen and look, the spelling and everything else. he is writing him and says "hi my name is will and i live in texas, please don't trade george springer and here are the reasons. he is my favorite player, i get my hair cut like his and he is a team leader." so cute. >> that is-- if i am george
7:53 am
springer i say i am not leaving. >> i hope he doesn't have to leave. the guy doesn't want to. with all these baseball trades you never know. >> george springer, if you are a major legal, still pretty food. sounds like he is one of the great, great players just, a major league player that kid had a thing for george springer. good for him. >> isn't that cute? >> yeah. >> really is cute. >> those darn kids, gary, we love them. >> i am going on a little rest here. >> you are? >> i will see you probably first of the year. >> hold a second, you are not becoming a free agent? >> no, no, no no free agent. you are pretty damn good at the end of the year, nobody can do what you do, ablib a segment where you are not even a sports fan. i hope the audience realizes. very few people got your talent, young lady. >> thank you. thank you. it is not a poop fest? >> no. you say that one more time i am going to take it back. >> poop fest. >> all right, gary.
7:54 am
>> all right, darling. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:55 am
all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
7:56 am
çááámarkáááñ[take: ots] çáááotsáááñ a college welcome back to the kron4 morning news college professor forced into hiding after receiving death threats, she was caught on camera in the classroom ranting about president elect donald trump. >> our nation is divided. we have been-- it is an act of terrorism, one of the most
7:57 am
frightening things for me and the people in my life-- among them. >> that recording was taken during class in orange count college in coasta mesa, the video has been made public and it divided the campus with students coming out to critset and support the prodpeser. analyst-- professor. analysts say donald trump has given student as voice particularly left leaning college campuses. >> they should not be void, they should not be facing ridicule. >> it is unclear if the professor will be returning to campus next semester. still ahead on the kron4 morning news, a fire at a house in cast rowrow valley, turns out it was to cover a murder. more on the raiders. wet weather around the bay. the wide view on satellite and
7:58 am
radar, we have decent showers to the north. we will see that come in our direction by tomorrow.
7:59 am
oh no. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man.
8:00 am
mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>mark: light rain along the bay area but the heavy rain that is just the beginning of what is headed this way.
8:01 am
>>james: if you have an down older that is a great tool not only to you to keep updated you are part of our weather team when stormy weather arrives to take pictures probably about
8:02 am
8:00 we will see showers coming down the bulk of this moisture centers itself up over the bay area in is triggering a number of weather alert. >>james:
8:03 am
>>robin winston: when you get the vessel traffic you will have to deal with the usual crowd and we had a couple stalls that called the traffic is back to normal.
8:04 am
>>darya: house fire in the east to bay does according to investigators and castro valley their back on the scene investigating >>reporter: you concede there
8:05 am
was lots of equipment here tarps intends to protect the scene investigator said the have to go through the scene very carefully she suffered from berlin injuries the victim has not been named yet the shares office said the killers effort does not destroy key evidence.
8:06 am
>>reporter: the sheriff's office will be here throughout the day there will be here as long as necessary to make sure it is completely processed. >>will tran: they just told us
8:07 am
they have no comments on what happened last nine he was what happened last by the city council voted 7 to 0 to go ahead with the proposal the bottom line and they're trying to sweeten the pot to entice the owner to stay and tom.
8:08 am
>>will tran: you heard him passionately his proposal not the same as the previous proposals not at the meeting on a mark davis so far we have not heard from him silence is deafening we spoke in the have no comment for now >>mark: according to the
8:09 am
oakland fire chief investing is a time to determine what started the fire that killed 36 people according to those of a neighborhood there was a fire station a few blocks away they're now asking national fire experts.
8:10 am
>>darya: firefighters haar watching a warehouse fire in santa rosa and broke out at 7:00--2:00 a.m. this morning they're staying on the scene to make sure there are no flareups no one was hurt remembering alum think of the legendary actors life as he died such a young age--alan take--thicke. also... a sinkhole opens up along a popular beach trail on the peninsula. what workers discovered inside the hole.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
çááárobináááñ no major hot spots çááádaryaáááñ[take: on cam]
8:14 am
çáááon camáááñ happening now... crews are >>darya: they're repairing of 30 ft. sinkhole that opened up along the popular beach trail and pacifica pier is the video from yesterday's pumping sand and concrete into the hole opened up over the weekend.
8:15 am
8:16 am
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8:17 am
çááájamesáááñçááámarkáááñ çááádaryaáááñ toss wx. >>james: she lives from the base of mount diablo great job to usable application especially as to get into tomorrow the clouds also evident and everywhere the bay bridge approach a minute that the unsurprising if you run
8:18 am
into a stray light shower that will be the exception not the role. >>james: we began to see the more intense line by about noon time and is looking like it is going to be pretty impressive it is going to be a wash make plans
8:19 am
to pick them up because walking home will be pretty difficult as we head to the overnight hours it begins to clear out the weekend looks great but thursday as you saw is going to be pretty intense what would the impact the to you first of we have the possibility get your batteries
8:20 am
is to force west said and know where they are. >>robin winston: i am tracking some very high drive times the wet weather combined with all the standard vendors this morning it is much heavier than normal 680 recovering from earlier accidents we are ok and the south bay not too bad for a 80 from 280 to 37 but you need
8:21 am
to leave early reduce trusteed because the roads are slick the bay bridge toll plaza the backup pretty normal well beyond castro know the problems and to the north bay if you are in a motorcycle or driving in this sort of high-profile vehicle.
8:22 am
>>mark: she joins us with a look back of his life and career to his most famous for his role and father and son is typed as-- psychiatrist >>anny hong: he was a talented songwriter.
8:23 am
>>anny hong: when the news broke reaction came pouring in on social medium.
8:24 am
>>mark: 73 your man was carrying a crucifix and he was shot and killed by police.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>>robin winston: the time is 827 the inshore freeway still hot spot the drive times as much higher than normal.
8:28 am
>>mark: they posted an on-line in the have thousand shares.
8:29 am
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çááámarkáááñçááámax 2áááñ welcome ba >>james: multiplied by it and to
8:31 am
three times less show you a quick picture of the last update a lot of people are starting to send pictures this is from amber is actually rain coming down but unfortunately it didn't include the location however let us know where you saw a little bit of rain this morning and looks beautiful my shot to start the day tomorrow of course rain will come down.
8:32 am
>>james: if you do it will not last very long not picking up much at all not expecting it to build we had some over sfo in the last update the big rain that is to the north it will build its stronger more severe as we head throughout the day by the time the evening commute rose around basically from 3:00 on the kid out of school and that includes the commune ride home will see some pretty serious down for here was a look of which can expect heavy rain all day is from three-quarters of an and all the way to 4 in. that is mainly going to be in the coastal mountains stuff
8:33 am
fifth sphere. >>robin winston: very sluggishly has so many minor incidents when you get a lot of minor issue that equals high drive times it
8:34 am
stretches through the maze but is ok if anything that connects you out of oakland was 24 west 58080 west 80 north off all leading up to that connected checking in on the richmond san rafael bridge are high when the advisory by chp and still in place know the problems and the north bay you be dealing with the back of that stretches out to richmond park with 14 minutes over to 11
8:35 am
>>darya: to boast that could help keep raiders in oakland. >>will tran: at this point we reach out to the spokeswoman and they might make a comment the have nothing to comment about what happened last night.
8:36 am
>>will tran: and that is the hope and not have at the city hall meeting or city council meeting he's been very quiet brought all this there is some speculation that he no matter
8:37 am
what happens is eyeball loss biggest and he wants to go if the team decides to go they can move as early as january 1st. >>darya: they're back out at the scene investigating >>reporter: their loss to
8:38 am
investigators who are here a lot of equipment trust harps and tends investigators say they have to go through this seemed very carefully a lot of the equipment they're using just came from the open goal should fire the victim has not been named yet the share apartments say they believe the killer started the fire to destroy a forensic evidence neighbors in
8:39 am
the neighborhood are worried that something like this happen so close to home the shares office said they will be here all day they'll be doing a three the image of the home and that could take hours right now growth way is closed on a tin on the block in both directions there will be here as long as necessary. >>darya: still had tracking the
8:40 am
storm will have more on how much rain is expected this teenager went to work after being in a car accident. ♪♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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8:43 am
çááárobináááñ no major hot spots çááá2 shotáááñçááámarkáááñ a car accident did not stop this teenager from going to work. despite being in a neck brace and arm sling, jakeem tyler went to work because he needed money and wanted to help feed the homeless for the holidays. çááádaryaáááñ a customor took the photo of tyler while he was at work at a chick-fil-a in indiana. the customer says that's when he asked him why he was at work despite being hurt. he then went home and created a go-fund me page to help tyler out. the goal was to raise 2,500 dollars. in less than a week, the page has raised nearly 11,000 in donations.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>mark: a quick look at the top stories we're following a house fire was intentionally set according to police to cover up the murder of a woman the firefighters responded to the scene at 1800 block shortly before 3 in the morning and no one else was inside the home. >>darya: that with the money needed to build the stadium there are still of the hurdles that this plan has to clear there was still no word on what caused the fire that killed 36
8:47 am
people at the goal should warehouse we're waiting for officials to find the cause in the meantime there is a benefit concert that is tonight at the fox theater. >>james: shall showers been reported in the hills burned we have clouds overhead and that looks like it might be rain coming down right now a hundred and 38 minute delay talking about two hours off in 18 minutes back the for incoming
8:48 am
flights that is going to be a problem if that continues to focus san jose ok for now. >>james: we have some sprinkles on the south and not the case anymore temperature is warm enough 59 in san francisco that is today the big story is tomorrow in this system is one to bring us all the rain we can handle the future test for has it for early thursday morning creeping closer and closer it looks like by about 5:00 to 8:00 hour if you will start seizing grain developed in the north bank and cross over here is 1015
8:49 am
you concede pretty wide spread at that point it is still sitting over top and is one to do nothing but don't on as the evening commute home is on to be pretty bad 1015 early friday morning that is what we are seeing no one they shot thursday it will come down by friday to win going to be left with storm totals of course a little more than an inch in san francisco. >>robin winston: the slocum and
8:50 am
around the bay area is still back the will be on the tall pretty much jammed the whole 7 mi. stretch but no big problems is traffic is recovering from the wet weather and all of the fender benders and stalls we're not tracking any big hot spots where attracting the crash in the east bay this the commute into walnut creek coming of san
8:51 am
leandro harewood union city it was taken around 34 minutes from cochrane of to the guadalupe parkway. >>mark: the recording was taken
8:52 am
during a class and on to coach college system that it was made public is divided the campus tutors are coming out to support and criticize the professor donald trump is giving young conservatives a powerful voice that typically are and college campuses. >>darya: hero we wanted to meet with him today.
8:53 am
>>darya: details of the cause of death to immediately available. >>reporter: he rose to fame from his beloved tv he worked as an
8:54 am
author and composer writing thing songs for will fortune and the facts of life and different strokes the musical talent antabuse to share with his son after growing pain he would want to appear in several tv shows included a net flicks.
8:55 am
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♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >>mark: >>james: we are trapped in the latest with an earthquake this one stroke about 841 this morning if you felt that it is not surprising of magnitude 5.0 and centered about half mile down about 5 mi. west southwest of the geysers you concede there is to read that the larger one
8:57 am
is the five. all. >>james: we had an aftershock about 3.0.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: we froze told you about we cell some shaking
9:00 am
. >>anny hong: we have some light shower activity we have contracted weather update: mostly cloudy today with a chance of some north bay showers but generally dry elsewhere. a strong cold front will move into the bay area tomorrow morning. as the front moves from north to south, strong winds and heavy rain are expected during the afternoon. this will will likely lead to urban flooding, impacting the evening commute. the storm exits the area by friday morning, leading to a dry weekend. what we're watching in this is what we are concerned about the rain is on to be headed this way late tonight and tomorrow morning we're talking some impressive rain
9:01 am
. no major hot spots 880 of a
9:02 am
i will have another traffic check coming up in just a few minutes. >>: i am in hidden valley lake just north of middletown >>: it was actually i was sitting on the couch watching the news cast
9:03 am
çááá2 shotáááñçááádaryaáááñ our top story this morning... a house fire in the intentionally set in order to cover up a murder. that's according to investigators in castro valley.çááámarkáááñ this morning police are back çááá2 shotáááñçááádaryaáááñ our top story this morning... a house fire in the east bay was intentionally set in order to cover up a murder. that's according to investigators in castro valley. çááámarkáááñpolice are back out at the scene to continue the investigation.çááádouble boxáááñ kron 4's averi harper is live in castro valley this morning with the details. averi. çáááaveriáááñ a house fire in the east bay was ánoá accident.. authorities say it was intentionally set to cover up a murder. inside the burning home -- investigators found the body
9:04 am
of a woman, who still hasn't been identified. detectives are trying to figure out who would have a reason to murder this woman. the victim is described as an upstanding neighbor that was well liked. they got him to pull out the fire at a from a woman's body categorize an autopsy revealed woman was dead before the fire and that she suffered from grow injuries that did them has not been named the [take sot]çááásot fulláááñ
9:05 am
çáááaveriáááñthe victim lived alone. neighbors say her husband died from a stroke back in april, and that it was hard on her emotionally. now her grandchildren and two adult daughters will have to deal with another loss in the family. çááámarkáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ thanks averi. images to take a look at all the evidence we will check back with you through out the morning. çááá2 shotáááñçááádaryaáááñ a big story we are following this morning... two big votes last night that could help the raiders stay in oakland.çááámarkáááñ alameda county supervisors and the oakland city council approved a resolution authorizing negotiations to begin with an investment group aimed at building a new stadium in oakland.çááádouble boxáááñ kron 4's will tran is live at raiders
9:06 am
headquarters in alameda with more on what this means going forward. will. çáááwilláááñalameda county supervisors and the oakland city council approved a resolution authorizing negotiations to begin with an investment group aimed at building a new stadium in oakland. ronnie lott, sacramento mayor kevin johnson, marcus allen and even m-c hammer were all att those meetings yesterday. but even though plan has been approved...there are still other hurdles the plan has to clear. coming up at 5:30 kron 4's will tran will be live at the raiders headquarters in alameda with more on what the vote means moving forward. çááádaryaáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ thanks will. we will check back with you sitting at about $1.3 billion in the same neighborhood as las
9:07 am
vegas is proposing . >>will tran: çááádaryaáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ thanks will. in the red is alternately it be up tomorrow davis' decision we will check
9:08 am
back with you through out the morning. [take: live]çáááscenicáááñ and here's a live look outside... bay bridge çbreakñ if he felt the earthquake within a half-hour it was a 5.0 pretty big we will be
9:09 am
right back.
9:10 am
çááámarkáááñ breaking news out of lake county, a 5 point oh earth has hit near the geysers.çááádaryaáááñ no word of any damage or injuries at this point.phoner with sunny bruno >>: laying in bed and all of a sudden the bed started to move back and for the and i look out the window and the water in the pool was moving back and for my grandfather clock moved a lot of
9:11 am
been but i look around and i did not see any damage from windsor çááárobináááñ spots çbreakñ because we've had so many problems the northbound class before the 24 splint not without
9:12 am
the jamming of traffic out of danville looking at a least a 40 minute trip from a least a 40 minute trip from dublin to walk the creek and to conquer the ride is just as bad lead early in watchers' speed the roles are selects stay with us will return. half after return.
9:13 am
9:14 am
áááábreakáááá >>robin winston: look at the backup is crawling out of danville in some spots like the
9:15 am
bay bridge ride into san francisco that is starting to pick up to now in the car for line of minor improvements for you're ride into san francisco. >>anny hong: they're very
9:16 am
scattered light in nature no radar returns as we speak look at this this is what we are watching for we are expecting really a moderate to heavy rain by for cockpits go on the north bay is getting pounded also the
9:17 am
san jose area looking at some pretty good rain as well the east bay along san mateo and that is 45 tomorrow just in time for the evening commute is still holding on to some wet weather but the front pushes fairly quickly by early friday morning we should be done with the rain with the exception of lingering scattered showers friday morning will start to clear things out and get ready for dry weather and also some more sunshine this talk about tomorrow's impact.
9:18 am
>>anny hong: especially in the north today tomorrow the kids will need it they would need the rain boots it is going to be of very stormy nasty day friday into the weekend. >>rob black: it is now starting deliveries ride share starting today alternately if you or you might be able to have a driver's car. it is nice to see is the
9:19 am
end of 2016 and one has been predicting that the car is a dominating.
9:20 am
>>rob black: with it being said they did have problems for transmission but they're trying to get things right at the right plays and technology should be working with that being said a lot of people will elect..
9:21 am
9:22 am
>>mark: in there like fur be-- furby. they opened at 9:00 a.m. sunday we have a question he is asking where do i start for saving for retirement? >>rob black: you have to start
9:23 am
with a budget but it's tough to stay on top of because you have to check your category a budget is a yearlong process because you have to pay for a life- insurance their other big onetime cost you have to pay attention to spring knowing of budget and you have to slip in retirement 20 percent down payments to its success would you have to have a budget and you have have two with three goals.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
çááámarkáááñ >>mark: right near the geysers around corporate veil he is with the usgs to tell us more about the quake.
9:27 am
>>: what is interesting about the earthquakes is there filled locally very strongly but
9:28 am
they're not fell away from the geysers just because the other thing is we will be back with
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
welcome back to kron four news at six... taking a live look at stormtracker four... there may not >>anny hong: we had little life
9:32 am
showers this morning right now it is pretty quiet we're picking up farther north was the big storm this is what is happening well no. was out for writing the we are the starting to get a little bit of moisture to him is what we're expecting heavy rain starts tomorrow morning for the most part the biggest grain happening in the afternoon and evening.
9:33 am
>>robin winston: earlier it was to and through the maze slow improvements 16 minutes from the foot of the maze of a to fremont street.
9:34 am
>>darya: several recent home burglaries and they're getting help from surveillance camera to the tech a look at the video when the concession left a home for just a few minutes. >>: they know our pattern schedules and weak spots when installing and a lot of system outside monitoring this week they're calling this bird was professionals and continuing to look at the evidence this morning.
9:35 am
>>rob fladaboe: this was the scene and the 1700 block of you driver early tuesday as the police backed by a swat teams searched the search warrant from a strong chemical orders had been noticed recently by neighbors and passerby's a sample obtained by police was sent to the county bomb squad for analysis to the have not disclose the nature quantity of the chemicals the closest neighbors were evacuated for time off of this on the street were priced to shelter off in place as precaution a male resident was detained for questioning but not immediately
9:36 am
arrested members of hazardous materials team could be seen at time moving through the home in a series of 10 the investigation including an inventory and on san analysis will likely be a long and involved process despite the inconvenience the subsequent investigation one neighbor tells us that she is glad the police and the bomb squad are here and hopefully the smell the have been complaining about will soon be gone.
9:37 am
more >>mark: have been approved for the park and, of alex he was shot and killed by police in 2014 he was carrying in the park caring a taser in preparation for his job as security guard the shooting spurred anchor of a federal investigation into excessive police force that went to trial early this year we are tracking a series of storms headed to the bay area we want to clear out this morning another is on the way.
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[take: on cam]çáááon camáááñ welcome back to the kron 4 morning news... every morning at 7:45 we talk sports with gary radnich. and in case you missed it here's the gary's world rewind.[take pkg] çááápkgáááñ time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>gary: this was the last game of the five began in the trip and probably more to the point that it is going to be nice they
9:45 am
would not have to go out and still when i was wondering if maybe. >>gary: 4 always wondered if a
9:46 am
city like norman's we do know he still has the wrong it was cut from the team it turns out they been secretly dating for months. >>darya: and there they are
9:47 am
dressed up there out there getting along and we like to say unemployed and jobless. >>gary: he came out with an announcement that he is not taking the job he said that is
9:48 am
how he discounted the talk is live made up by an enemy is.
9:49 am
>>darya: they got him monday one in the morning and now really that is not for days i understand it is about mining. >>darya: he said if i had got
9:50 am
the growing pains job i was on to go drive the zamboni. >>darya: he was actually playing hockey with his 19 year-old son when he had a heart attack.
9:51 am
>>gary: we did he have a history of anything? >>darya: until you know someone his wife in this case a little boy love this outfielder so much that he wrote to the general manager dick until he did on his
9:52 am
own web on to read you the note as to take a look go to your screen the spelling and everything else. >>darya: he is my favorite player i get my hair cut like is and he is the team leader. >>darya: those kids will love them. >>gary: i was seal at the first of the air--year know when and
9:53 am
do what you do i hope the audience realized there very few people have your talent >>darya: will thank you will see you later gary.
9:54 am
9:55 am
çááámarkáááñ breaking news out of lake >>mark: it took place over an hour ago near the guys just this morning it was half a mile deep for the considered a pretty shallow 5 mi. west southwest of the geysers some people reported feeling and it is a pretty quick shake and nothing was damaged
9:56 am
>>darya: he said he went to work where because he needed the money he wanted to paint for the hard evidence in this system to help feed the homeless they're hoping to raise $2,500 and less than a week they raised $11,000 in donations the driver said as
9:57 am
she pored over the started moving all the packages stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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