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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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get ready for another round of cold temperatures. ?re@pí.pmw bay bridge. the > it will be in the north and east bay. even frost along kothe coastlin ay area.
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the cold and arctic air is settling in. we are in the ?[:freezing mark. check out half moon bay. ñ coastline. that is a )w
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temperatures and expect an c overnight low of 25 degrees in santa rosa. will be down to 25 here and along the coastline. the temperatures will be in a 30s. how long will this last? ç9 that's coming up.>>÷>ñit was below freezing temperatures the bay area.. people are finding ways to stay warm. we are live in the east bay. p how cold is +it now? >> reporter: you can see how cold it is. it is called. it is e(k÷33 degrees and the about rnkznóspace heaters.>> a temperatures drop, people are searching for ways to keep gg jackets.>> we been cranking the heat up. ÷down
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but it is important to stay warm. we will also use the fireplace. our >lcñt a heating system in-house these basic >> no picks up the middle. w signature elite typically of open space. >> be very careful with kids and pets. supervise pgethem at all times they do not touch the heater
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and xlknock it over and starte fire and never leave it unattended. >> turn it off if you leave the room. if you're purchasing a space heater, loúagfor new home -- a newer model that has the newer safety features on it. some of the safety features, the sensors will signal the divisive it gets knocked over someone gets jo>;too close. we are tracking the weather conditions around the bay area > with the tran 2g?one app. you can check ñkóon you severe weather in lmpyour area. according to the sheriff office, the deputies seen beating a man last +novemberç have ÷been fired. they say the incident started with deputies approached the t-
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suspect identified as a man who was sitting in a stolen car. he ran into a cruiser and 1i the deputies on a 40 minute chase. you can see the video. he tries to run from the deputies and him with 5.&((mba even after it appeared he had surrendered and they had qbeen charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery. firefighters are looking for was started a fire in a home. at first %/into flames. it happenuf"around 4 this ñpark. the fire was contained in under an hour. the cause of the fire is unknown. they believe the flames originated in 8(÷the crotch. another 6story tonight, the police are investigating the overnight killing of a woman.
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they believe it may be a part of a 1wñdomestic dispute. here's the story. >> reporter: the police are investigating what they believe to believe the cmartyr of arianna minutes after saturday.# o domestic dispute. when they arrived, they found her with severe injuries to the: head. ]/> to general where she died. the neighbors are stunned. >> we have never had a problem in mthis neighborhood. we'xh"never had a problem. i was shocked to hear what happened. >> the p9police say frederick tran was there and he was believed to have been dating her and he was arrested on suspicion of killing her.>> as
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part of our investigation, were asking for ;ój7anybody that ha information, to contact the city 1police department. >> the neighbors we talked to did not know the couple well that and see them going in and out of their own. they were ssa(ching for answers. >> eight credit line happen 77k was screaming and i told him no. >>nxi asked 7ñmy mother-in-law she did not hear anything. >> if this is found to be murdered, it would mark the first homicide hof 2016. thi homicide comes one jfñday after
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candlelight vigil was held for ian irby who was killed. the police say the girlfriend ran him over with in the car. the police say a witness called to report that the 19-year-old was driving in ykmcircles. kirby was trapped under the car. was charged with vehicular manslau8:zand fleeing the scene. she is said to be arraigned on was shot outside a popular bowling our last night. that man is in serious but stable condition as %qñxgcwe re the gunman is on the loose.
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reaching a head around @> the building was barricaded by the police. the victim is a man who the 6sv investigators say is in serious but stable condition. they believe the victim was inside the bowling pali there's the i&ubowling alley. tpolice say this was not a random shooting. they victim appears to be targeted. >> we have been coming here for decades.>> the viomorning after families with young children still showed up. the shootings n61istunned many. they said violent crimes are uncommon in this side íluñ"gzof town.>> it is a tragedy.
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were going to keep having fun. >> loewenstein says she tiis grateful for the support she received. >>yák i want this to be a safe environment and that is our number one goal. investigators have not released suspect information and they have ño'not ruled out that the case maybe gain related.>> @qe thank you. the goshen fire to ÷ loved ones 4óareqo,holding memorials and services. spencer blake was adding club in the mission fn(district toda and friends and family look back on the life of chelsea.>> u the pictures htand balloons to the life story of chelsea, 6mt
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electronic musician who died in/ a warehouse fire on december 2. chelsea also was not a regular performer, her talk group toured the country with air. >> she had a true plan. she g7mfollowed faithfully. do the thing that makes you happy to get out of bed. >> the dotted q-:xñhe fire, sh mentioned that she did not want to éfbe there and wanted to jus hang out.>> for while she lived5 in germany and there was m&tii'- international friendships with other lpeople. >> because of ñooher regular sh she became someone that others $ do about before they matter.>>
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through the years, we > taking a look at the eementions of her kindness and fierce opposition to those who mistreated others.>> > the fam of the !uñmissing teen, celebra her birthday. they have not+çgiven up hope that she is out there somewhere. castro kidnapped her on a freeway overpass and according to the police, castro was a stranger 8qu%to perl who was k in a shootout with the police as heard from perl
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since. the sheriff office says there are no new leads and rose is determined to keep rural in the l9w her. coming up, get ready for more patrol on the streets and we'll explain why the chp is beefing çup patrol a massive taker explosion in maryland and what ñled up to th deadly fire. u a large tree goes crashing down on a wedding @gxhparty below. what the fire crews believe cause the tree to crash.
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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big news. a disaster strikes a wedding and los angeles county. the wedding party was taking photos under a
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parts of the u.s. u.s. you are looking at cherry town, new york where snow is there on the right. the police say újbad weather caused several accident on major highways. this truck almost went off é÷th highway. only one chick had wo#minor injuries and temperatures b.0a minnesota. we have snowy conditions d&tha icy conditions. there is snow in d@izwjrt(v6cj& colorado. b some areas saw 5 t finches of and wind gusts between 70 and 100 miles and 100 miles per hour . take a look at this in baltimore. this is the remnant of a tanker
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carrying gasoline that burst into flames. wo people were killed and 50 were injured. 55 vehicles. highway was shut down ñnfor hours. >> it is estimated 40 vehicles were involved. it has created the 6pile up. >> q(@÷i-95 s., we are getting transportation. clark said it is unclear whether the pilot started before the tanker crashed or if the pilot 8gxwas i zçthe incident. lawrence is here as we talk about the bad weather ñl3cold here. >> it is amazing how people d g
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around. yet black ice and freezing rain and wind. it's dangerous. >> especially on a daily basis. >> everybody's off the roads. >> we have cold temperatures around the country and it is a y./ this snow working its way it through st. louis and chicago. c& is in the great lakes right now. the temperatures are unbelievably cold. with the talking about freezing temperatures here. is minus -12 degrees in minneapolis.>> your 29 &jñin albuquerque. overnight. n spots. we have some dangerous called.
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your skin will freeze and a matter of seconds outside. it is going to be up )éthat a' called day around much of the country. qdegrees koa high of 13 ko and minus and -10 in minneapolis. >> with some very chilly temperatures across the country. >> the wind chill is a ce$ñbig concern. >> it is -29 in minneapolis.  we have the extreme deep south. we have clear and dry conditions and the winds have ux settled down and it allows the temperatures to drop h%off outside. on the coastline, this is unusual. we have sunny skies on the way. we will watch the 5+temperatur moderate as we had into next week. we are at the freezing $a5mark u santa rosa. ñ it is 39 in oakland.
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we have 40 degrees in x-9:osan >> we have a system that is dropping down in the area. the arctic area saddling him. we see cold páures along the coastline. the lows look iv%like this. ="uñ it is 27 in napa and 24 kvcin antioch. 32 in san jose =)añand 38 along coastline. >> we have a frost advisory in the cinterior valley as we loo at cold @
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morning. as we head to the afternoon, the temperatures will warm up a little bit. we have slightly d8warmer temperatures as we head into monday e&and tuesday. the temperatures will drop down into the 30s. the leader of the catholic church turns 80 years bgaold today. he nbcelebrated it in the unconventional way. (shared breakfast with eight homeless people. they @cwere chosen this morning po offered sweets8áfrom argentina. ko breakfast featured %qñpastriuvm orange juice. they celebrate mass with the cardinals. christmas is h#za few days away and we will look at zo7san francisco where every is happy for the holidays. it is that time of year.
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4 christmas gifts. we will share what one person did to track a thief. many sleep-aids have pain medicine
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a hayward resident was fed up with package that's so decided to do something about it. the homeowner set up a camera and decoy package túto catch t thief in the act. you see them walk up lgto the door and take the item and the package in the 6zññpassenge seat. he does not know that the resident has video of the crime along with a shot of the license plate. the homeowner runs out to confront the man and the car a, they turn the video over to the police. christmas is around the corner.
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were making sure everyone has a good holiday. >> christmas is for kids. they are making ío5sure they go toys this year. the salvation held the toy for joy shot to shop. >> is exciting. >> a small army of volunteers help families g7mmake selection from toys. >> i like to do my part with the people in kt'ñpc> t help came from the community. >> we can only do this because of the donors. are donated.
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>> hundreds lined up to receive gifts. %/ one family ÷showed up before th sun rose. >> we had some here at midnight who had five children. they éwere first in line. they were homeless and could ãe their children. >> this year, there was a gobsa claus. >> they have lots of toys. merry christmas. okay? >> sometimes the simplest bglgi bring the most joy. -9 jeff pierce, kron-4 news. donald drop wrapped up his thank you to her and find out what he had to say about the russians. and we will look at president obama's 8hñlast christmas. gadgets are on the wish list this holiday season.
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for nearly a month, donald trump has been traveling across the country with some call the thank you tour. the tour wrapped up in alabama.>> thousands pflof supporters lined up for hours to see the president elect with his thank you stop in alabama were some greeted donald trump y and fancy dresses. i said, file lose come i think e i 6jwwill move to alabama or someplace in the v:south. he is traveled across the country holding rallies in battleground states.
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>> these are great people in north carolina. >> thank you to the great people of iowa. donald trump admitted his supporters can pilot during the campaign. >> you are nasty and mean and vicious i wanted to win, right? and now you are mellow and cool. and violent. right? we won. >> it has been the center of controversy. tv&xcia believes that russian hackers interfered with the election. donald l=trump calls the claim president obama says he delivered a warning e&dc?to protect.>> we did not see 0the e
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process. he warned that he would retaliate against russia for hacking it zo7what intelligence officials concluded was it an attempt to help áo@donald trump when the presidency. >> they are questioning a waterfall. president obama's life -- signed 8legislation yesterday ñdered the 9% ñfederal water project wckyto deliver the maxi amount of water. scientist fear it q+5will confl with state laws for endangered fish. they plan x>on early tests of law after the a,first storm of the new york. please qvlofficers took tw people into custody thursday after they noticed a !w/stolen vehicle. they tried to bite items 8ñinsi target with a stolen kvcfácred
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card. the car did not work and they left the store írñwith the kwns items. the police found a large amount of stolen mail. the link this: credit cards to home and wednesday night. a parking lot. they face a string of charges including car theft /o!and possession of illegal weapons. ronald has been charged with repeatedly sexually assaulting his young daughters friend. %./ it happened over three years and the girl was over zk7uffor overs. she told a school counselor who informed her parents. they found him guilty on óm[>mc counts related to the assaults. he liç:htaken into custody. lauren has been out of jail on
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bail. the police are on the hunt for thieves who stole thousands of dollars worth zo7of merchandise they were able to obtain fá surveillance images. three people walked into the outlet storeion december 11. outlet storeion december 11.too merchandise. anyone with information about their identities is asked to call the xgilroy police. multiple arrests have been made this month in connection 8÷ with stolen packages. the man on the left side of the and into a storage facility. they stole a )w.number of packa the "gzto 2the right, amanda pachuta and marcos were found
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dollars worth of stolen boxes u;hand qhñ,@>)qu construction equipment. =/ maximum enforcement period pñis underway. they will be cracking down on impaired drivers. available officers will be on drivers and people violating traffic laws. if you drink, have (a bgldesign driver. if you see someone driving erratically, w3call 911. if you're looking for decorating ideas, you might w7 to washington dc to see the best designs in the t!%qñkn+co mark meredith is at the white house with "9la rare look insid
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the nexecutive mansion. there's something about right now with the holidays around the corner that stands out. ÷ the obama's last christmas at the 3wñwhite house. gingerbr houses are filled with 7500 strands of ribbon and a replica of there dog, christmas at the white house is here. he history in this room, it is overwhelming. >> the gift of the holiday is the theme. you'll find crafted decorations ñ19 foot tree from the venue. that there is a lego house and for those lucky enough to ú ge tickets to visit the people's
10:36 pm
house? 4room. wthe trees, they are bringing out the crystal that is luxurious and the place settings. >> the biggest draw, a massive replica of the white house made with 150 pounds of gingerbread and 20 pounds .6 considering uhow extravagant deco:w=e work was done by volun from all over the country. the spirit is alive ykmin washington. the ÷nlast official christmas vacation to hawaii kicked off q,@ñthua'week the family is on the island of a wahoo. he played golf pgewith #llñ70 5 weather along with secret %qñ
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service aids. biden is expected to stay in hawaii through the new ím=year 17 bglsalons and spas collecq'c toys and gifts and is ready to give -( hem away. the $dguests they $bhave collec 17 j is inviting families to come in to their location on december 23. the giveaway's darts at five that 30 in the afternoon. find out why some home depot employees were fired for doing what they say was the right thing. we will explain. a family searching zlwñfor answers after their (family answers after their (family +l4 custody.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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in death of a man whose the deputies shot with a taser. martin lose called 911 reporting that someone was trying to kill them. they say lewis was agitated when the officer arrived. taser and he had a heart attack and died at the scene. an officer was wearing a body camera. the video is yet to o[ibe released. friends and family say they are the i am happy he is at peace.>> you have to !.ethe positive.>> officers involved are on paid administrative (leave. >> four employees of a home depot say they got fired for
10:41 pm
olice track down a shoplifter. they 8hstole tower there's pow tools. when a lgthief tried to run fro5 the scene, four employees attempted to get the license company policy. when management got word of the incident, they fired the group of cmen. the employees fkubelieve their punishment was too severe. >> we want our job >>. that's all we want. were a big family. taking care of each other and doing the right thing. we live by that. >> the police were able to arrest this man on the screen for shoplifting. the former employees still have not got their jobs back. drivers are caught in a red kl/
10:42 pm
light crackdown. stanley roberts is here and find out what they say after being caught behaving badly. it is cold out there. we will show you. were talking about the golden state warriors who made a team look like an elementary + school team. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number, designed to let couples
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there was a huge crackdown targeting red light runners. ñof you says it was time coming. stanley roberts took time to talk to the drivers and wo#they to is stanley roberts who found o people ( g=behaving badly.>> th
10:45 pm
was no stop sign. >> i had a chance to talk to the drivers. >> it is part of th2020 campaign. it is to reduce v.-lities and injuries by 2020. it is going to be an p o[iuphi battle. >> you have to do what? back have to stop.>> i did not stop. >> he ran a p-red light.>> you did not stop. what happened? back i am in a rush.>> so it was inconvenient -- inconvenient. >> started driving while the officer was talking. >> your good right here. the reason i'm pulling you over because you did not stop ;w,at red light. you read through it. you should've stopped.
10:46 pm
>> did you not see the red light?>> i saw yellow. >> this woman had no idea what she was supposed to do at a red light. >> treat it like a stop sign turn.>> she knew what she did not want to do with camera. >> how are you doing? >> i'm here to a([÷find kn+out.é you ran a red light. what happened? back i not want to be on tv. >> drivers were using a dead -- dedicated lane. >> you cross the road l there.>> mit ñbe? >> yes. >> explained it to me but i'm not surem(s i will go back and look the next time i come out and see what í>mci did.>> the officer we have to use that laid.
10:47 pm
>> you did not see it on the side? >> i did not notice the sign. >> this comes with a ticket. the other drivers receive tickets for a7)ed light violations. it will be $469.59. stanley roberts, kron-4 is a live look kron-4 from o-vour tower. we mhave a gorgeous shot. it is beautiful. if you are inside and looking out, looks good but aleman middle of it, it is freezing. goal is to try to get you some hand warmers. mac>> we have clear skies out there. hpressure
10:48 pm
trying to sneak in. we @
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warmer. that is not happening tonight. with a frost advisory along =) coastline and we expect frost ú$ w baywood park and belmont and hayward in oakland and pc5one coastline. temperatures. it is going to be chilly everywhere. the temperatures are dipping down to zlwñthe mid-20s. it is 24 degrees in antioch. is 25 at xe'santa rosa at 27 degrees in it is 30s along the coast line. we have clear skies continuing but the temperatures are dropping off at 37 degrees at san jose. were catç9g a little qrlñbit ofm ¢#áwas hoping to down to 39.
10:50 pm
here's the ridge of high pressure. oo you have a arctic air that is settling in. we may have some record cold overnight tonight. things uwill subside. we have a week zi-ñoffshore win in the afternoon, it 5añlooks nice. it changes on sunday night ñ)sñ monday. we see the seabreeze kick in. there is frost along the coastline and things will warm up. tomorrow afternoon, it will be slightly warmer g=and chile. it is 51 degrees in san francisco. there's lots @/ko+of sunshine. as úwe look over the next few days, we see a warming trend. it looks like we will keep
10:51 pm
things cool to the middle of the week. looks like the chilly temperatures, it will not be as/ =7i the golden state warriors are out. o2on the trail blazers. tis a beautiful shot. we love the colors. movement. goes back to zlwñ@gqthe staff. isolation with kevin .nbto rea >> direct as a passing. no one can touch him. he passes the ball. there's a pass to curry. the game was not even close. it look like a junior high
10:52 pm
basketball team. they announced they are giving $1.25 million in education. that is class. that is a class organization. >> were 24 hours away from raiders football. we xgclanded there a few hours get -- ago. the kickoff is at 1:25 çúp=5orrow. if they win e/9ptomorrow, date clinch a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 2002. that the second hf%&ongest play drought behind the buffalo bills. there trying to get a playoff spot but also win the division. the raiders. as for pgathe 49ers row.
10:53 pm
they are in atlanta tonight. the team has the tsecond worst ñ record in the lead which put dems behind the óomóomcleveland brown's. they have the rg6$xñfourth must rushing yards in the league and falcons tomorrow.
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are big story tonight, arctic blast is sending freezing cold temperatures to dropping to 20 degrees. it freeze warning is in effect for parts of the v#çbay area. lawrence is here with details on the cold snap. st temperatures of the season. p things. your clear conditions outside. it kois clear all the way to thñ coast line. the temperatures are dropping off at 37 degrees in san jose. were hovering


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