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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 19, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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it's a very new relationship. kate middleton didn't spend christmas at sandhampton until later. >> in a new interview for a documentary, prince harry opens up about coming to terms with his mother's death. >> i'm just trying to make my mother proud. >> harry said he started his charity work in africa because he was inspired by princess diana's determination to make a difference. megan has also done charity work there helping to build a well in rwanda. harry said his charity work has him feeling energized, and, quote, lucky enough to be in a position to make a difference. now, to the death of hollywood socialite and actress, zsa zsa gabor.
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>> i know everybody in the world. royalty. every simple person. i know everybody. >> the 99-year-old hungarian beauty passed away on sunday. "e.t." spoke with her husband who said she was brought to the hospital after she could not be revived at home. >> it just took 30 seconds and the doctor came out and he said, look, there's nothing we can do anymore, she passed away. >> zsa zsa might have been the first the celebrity called famous for being famous. today we have kim kardashian. but for four decades, it was zsa zsa. >> known for her feistiness in recent years, gabor suffered from serious health problems, including a stroke and leg amputati amputation. she always entertained us with her humor. the formee miss hungary was a
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frequent guest. she even dated a bachelor jfk. >> when i was in america, i never slept with him. i slept with everybody i met. but he just liked to be with me. >> in 1989 she made headlines for slapping a beverly hills police officer for stopping her for a violation. >> this punishment is wrong. >> she was sentenced to three days in jail. >> they even took my makeup and everything away. >> in 1995, she lost her sister ava the star of the sitcom "green acres." what we will remember most is zsa zsa adored the spotlight, good, or bad. >> you don't have to look old. and we don't have to look -- don't think about that. why should we. >> we have more on zsa zsa and her bond with the prince, from
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their 1986 wedding to some of the tumultuous moments in their relationship. a memorial for alan thicke was held yesterday. his grieving son robin was front and center. we were told he was incredible instrumental in planning this event, even arranging travel for many of the guests. a source inside tells "e.t." the entire cast of growing pains including leonardo dicapoke about how much alan meant to them. alan died last week of a heart attack. he was 69. now let's head to new york city where our jennifer has news on mariah carey. >> mimi threw some shade last night, and her latest target? young hollywood. >> she kind of shaded you on social media.
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mariah's a legend and she's so talented, but she disses people. it's nasty the way she treats jennifer. what would you say? >> i don't know her either. she should come up, introduce herself to me, say here's my opinion, what do you think about it. that's how you handle [ bleep ], okay? >> do not mess with mimi. the ultimate diva revealed what she really thinks about other stars. taylor swift, she's sweet. katy perry, a nice girl. lady gaga? we've met. >> ariana grande, do you know her? >> no. >> i thought, this is an homage to mariah. >> i don't know what early in the career was. >> britney -- >> i love britney. >> recently she said she likes to paint in the mood listening to mariah. what about mily cyrus? >> i don't know. >> do you know j. lo at this point? >> i'm forgetful.
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>> mariah spent the weekend with the great loves of her life, ex nick cannon came to her concert. mimi enjoyed time with her boy toy. >> when i am with the right person, a hundred percent love. >> do you two have a special thing? >> when something is real, you don't want to just trash it up. >> okay. >> and we have more couples news. kim kardashian and kanye west had a rare date night. they went to dinner in santa monica. we've barely seen either of them since kanye's breakdown last month. maybe this will stop all those breakup rumors. a source close to the couple told me that just like any married couple, this edo have some bumps in the road but they are definitely still together. >> let's look ahead to friday. that's when the new comedy "why at first you think, what an odd pairing, to put those two
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together, but that's what makes it so much fun to watch. katy joined the stars at the film's premiere. >> can you tell us about tonight? >> he's so cute. he's perfect. >> gushing about her man of nine months, carl cook. they posed together in coordinating outfits. while her costar james franco hit the red carpet solo. >> what do you do to win things over? >> i've been bad in the romance department. i think i'm a caring guy, but the grand gestures, i'm not great at. >> franco's character is all about grand gestures. he plays a tech billionaire to win over his girlfriend's dad, played by bryan cranston. >> have you ever gone to meet somebody's parents and they were not a fan of you? >> i remember being very --
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throwing pebbles at somebody's window and the mother oming out and treating me like -- get out of here, you scum. >> what would happen if she were to bring home somebody like laird in this movie? are you a protective dad? >> i wouldn't be harsh. what i would do is just -- i would borrow from my supply of "breaking bad" memorabilia, a bell and respiratory and chemicals. and just say, if you're not nice to her, you're going to end up in there. have a good time. >> up next -- ♪ garth brooks and trisha inside max and peta's baby shower. stories from the set you've nef heard. >> she's stunning to look at. inside zsa zsa gabor's controversial romance with
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prince van han alt. >> when she lost her leg, she found out a year and a half later. opening a family restaurant in north carolina. >> had to be here. >> a big project for a number of years now. >> flying in, all the brothers. >> watch it all go down on their food network special. >> we grew up with this food. >> the food is amazing. chicken especially is top-notch.
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a very merry christmas volume one featuring some of the
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biggest musicians of all-time.
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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now, let's get you up to speed on a few other headlines. it's official, joe is hosting the people's choice awards next month on cbs. j hey, america. >> the funny man show the great indoors is also nominated. but he focused on his hosting duties. >> what makes a successful live award show? i would say not having the
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theater catch fire. definitely. >> next, to brooklyn where "dancing with the stars" pros maks and peta hosted a baby shower. the pair are due to welcome a baby boy on january 2nd. next, we're talking holiday traditions with trisha yearwood and garth brooks. >> the great thing about miss yearwood, is whatever you ask as a kid you were never allowed more than one start at a time? she does rice, potatoes, gravy -- >> whatever you want. >> the pair who also have a christmas album together are part of a disney park special airing sunday on abc. ♪ >> and finally, pit bull is gearing up to host new year's eve in miami. >> what happens in vegas stays
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in vegas. whatever happens in miami never happened. >> you coming into 2017 swinging with positivity. >> all right, now, my friend pitbull gets miami jumping, lionel richie will be partying all night long in vegas. he will be the first performer in 2017 just moments after midnight on dick clark's rocking eve 2017. that airs on abc. still ahead, look back at zsa zsa gabor's controversial 30-year romance with prince frederick. >> it's all about zsa zsa dpa bor. >> only "e.t." was there when she said "i do" to her ninth husband. then, our screen flashback as the horror classic turns 20. >> and the cast of office christmas party cracks up. we've got the bloopers. >> your mother's never coming back. merry christmas. dolly parton's christmas of
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many colors is coming to blu-ray tomorrow. closed captioning provided by --
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>> welcome back, everybody. i'm outside the bel air home where hollywood socialite and actress zsa zsa gabor passed away this weekend. she and her now widower frederic prinz von anhalt lived. >> we keep everything positive. she doesn't know. when she lost her leg, she found a year and a half later because i didn't tell her. she saw it all of a sudden. i don't tell her bad news. i'm a positive guy. >> that's not the only thing frederic didn't tell zsa zsa. he kept her daughter's death from her. >> in my life, it's all about
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zsa zsa gabor. >> we were with zsa zsa in 1986 when she said "i do" for the ninth time, marrying von anhalt at their bel air home. the prince wasn't really aa prince. he got his title after paying a princess to adopt him at the able of 36. in 2007, he was found naked and tied to the steering wheel of his rolls-royce. the victim of an alleged robbery. >> they had a gun at my throat. it was the first time i had something like that. >> that same year he made headlines when he claimed to have had a decade-long affair with the late anna nicole smith. >> if it is positive it is my baby, i will fight for her. >> the test was negative.
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today looking back, he has no regrets. >> i took care of my wife. that was my duty as a husband. >> you know, this is a time of year when we get totally swamped with holiday specials. if you're looking for something a little bit different, why not rewatch "scream" because the horror classic turns 20 years old tomorrow. we have the cast looking back at their very first run-in with evil old ghost face. >> why do you want to know my name? >> i want to know who i'm looking at. >> it took ten days to shoot that scene. the crying, the screaming, the hyperventilation. >> surprisingly, she wasn't the first choice to play the part. >> there was conversation about maybe alicia silverstone. >> that's why i chose that role because it was one of the best written scenes i've ever read in
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my life. >> not anymore. >> campbell who plays cindy prescott was known mainly for "party of five." >> i remember being in santa rosa when we shot the film. i thought, imagine if there might actually be a halloween costume? could that happen? no, that couldn't possibly happen. >> it happened obviously. and we were there on the 1996 set of the film as the late movie master wes craven made the reveal. >> oh, my god. >> it's kind of scary. >> reporting on the smalltown serial killer was courteney cox. >> i wrote a letter to wes craven saying, i think i was known as being sweet. i said, i really can be a [ bleep ]. >> it was on the set where courteney now met her
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ex-husband. >> she's incredible. she's stunning to look at. >> courteney's "friends" co-stars, with then boyfriend donovan. >> it was a scary movie. >> gripping audiences. they loved every second, all the way to that gruesome final scene. >> we wanted to burn our costumes afterwards. they didn't even watch them. the continuity of the blood had to be correct. so we just wet them down to be able to put them on again. >> things are now going straight to video. >> here's a cool piece of trivia that you may not know. the movie "original title was "scary movie" but they reportedly changed it after michael jackson's song "scream" came out because they liked the sound of that better. >> i love that.
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>> check out this new shot of michael's daughter, paris jackson, painting her godfather's toenails. i paint toenails for a living. only we can show you the bloopers from the "office christmas party." >> we find out which music fans have been especially nice this year. spotify is making a list and checking it twice to find music super fans. they're dlab rating with some of the year's biggest acts. >> hey, guys. >> wrappers. wrapping paper is easy. >> to thank some of their most loyal fans, spotify will
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surprise them with these custom designed gifts. a fruitcake by the ocean and cornamentes. and taking the ugly christmas sweater thing to a whole new level. plus, a personalized message from the artists themselves. check out the instagram. hope you made the list. happy holidays.
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office christmas party stars some of the funniest people in the business. >> you know it's no surprise that some of the stuff that didn't make the movie is just as funny as the stuff that got n, right? >> take care, everybody. right? >> take care, everybody. >> merry christmas! -- captions by vitac -- >> isn't there where you had the key to the city of margaritaville? >> let's do it again. margaritaville? >> let's do it again. >> oh, damn it. >> grant:now at eight. road rage, the apparent motive for a new freeway shooting in the east bay. >>the honda was truck multiple times
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>>whoosh >> grant:the company called it a flareup. health officials called it an emergency, the latest on the alert for neighbors of the shell refinery in martinez. >>whoosh >> grant:on the busiest shipping day of the yearm a deadly accident leaves a bay area freeway strewn with christmas packages. tonight. what the postal service is doing to make sure they reach their destinations >>whoosh >> grant:the raiders showing pride, poise and the holiday spirit. what they did for a group of boys and girls in oakland. you're watching kron four news in prime time. (foreign language) (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at 8. >> pam: violence spills onto an east bay road. triggering traffic gridlock as police investigate a road rage shooting >> pam: thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. >> grant:and i'm grant lodes.


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