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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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this is the bay areas news station. road rage, a man pulls a gun and opens fire. >> this happened today in oakland and the shooter is still on the loose. check out the scene, a massive gridlock lasting into the evening commute. >> the shooting happened near lakeshore avenue where we are live tonight. we talked with someone who heard those shots. >> that witness was not sure what the gunshots were until she heard the helicopters a short time later.
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>> i heard for pops-- 4 pass. >> she's describing the gunshots along 580 comparing those sounds to the ones that killed oakland police officers back in 2009. >> it was the same type of sound where i thought it was firecrackers. >> it was taken after chp officers fire during a road rage case and says the driver was tailgating someone in a black mercedes. as they went to pass the mercedes someone in the honda made a gesture toward the driver and that is when things took a turn. >> at some point the mercedes got around the honda, utilized the center median and began firing a handgun in the
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occupants within the honda. >> the bullets did strike the car and the driver pulled away and found shell casings along the road. we asked if this could have been gang-related. >> right now it appears to be road rage pure and simple. >> the current whereabouts are unknown and the message tonight is a clear one. >> we all have to share the road and be kind to one another. zooming around are getting piston is not going to do anyone any good. >> there are vague descriptions of the suspect, an african- american man driving the black mercedes with no tags, a license plate sitting on the dashboard. in oakland, j.r. stone, kron4 news. now an update on breaking the news that we brought you first at 8:00.
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firefighters have trapped-- have freed a woman that was trapped behind a bus on third and market. these are pictures of the scene, learned that the woman has significant like injuries and no word on what led up to the accident. we've been following a mail truck crash that have not only spelled packages and letters, but the incident also left the driver dead. spencer blake has details. highway patrol emphasized the most important and saddest part of the story. it left a 26-year-old driver dead. >> it's a tragic loss of life anytime someone dies in a traffic collision. >> he was at the wheel-- the wheel of a contracted truck in the wee hours of monday morning. somehow it veered to the right
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and hit and abandoned van. traffic did not get back to normal until about lunch time. >> these four lanes were shut down for a couple of hours. >> those packages ended up coming here to the service center in san jose. >> the mail could have originated from anyone. it was meant for northern california. >> the postal service makes the last leg of deliveries for products-- fedex packages. it doesn't become us mail until it arrives on our facility, then we take ownership of it. >> most of the mail was fine and should be delivered by tuesday. >> 5% of the total volume that was unrecoverable so cannot be delivered. >> they will be sent back to fedex where the company will try the hardest to contact the
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senders. spencer blake, kron4 news. breaking news tonight, we have been tracking suspected terrorism in germany. a tractor-trailer barrels into a christmas market and moments ago say the driver intentionally crashed into the sea of people. 12 are dead and the driver who police believed-- believe hijacked the truck is in custody. >> a christmas market packed with people transformed into a crime scene as a tractor- trailer slammed into a crowd of shoppers. >> it was really dramatic. >> the truck slowed no signs of slowing down. >> people started running and screaming, i think everybody thought there was a terrorist attack and people dropped whatever they were carrying and ran for cover. >> some were not able to
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escape. >> there were people lying in the pavement. >> the truck has polish license plates and the owner said the vehicle had 25 metric tons of steel inside and may have been hijacked. >> it didn't feel like it was an accident. >> crews investigate the cause. the white house to-- white house released a statement condemning what appears to have been a terrorist attack. donald trump released a statement saying innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the christmas holiday. hours afterward a christmas tree was still pinned with branches crushed by the tires. a somber sign of the deadly day. more violence in turkey, we are learning about the assassination of the russian ambassador, gunned down while cameras were rolling.
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the killer was a police officer with the gunman shouting don't forget aleppo. >> the full video is too graphic to show on tv but we posted it if you want to check it out. turkish authorities killed the shooter, the ambassador was several minutes into a when he was shot from behind. a meeting is planned for tomorrow involving russia, turkey, i run. >> back here it is what everyone is talking about. frigid temperatures and it will be another cold day tomorrow and it's cold tonight. it is so cold that drinking fountains were turned off at a
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local park because the water lines froze. >> we are standing by with details on what we can all expect when we wake up tomorrow. >> another cold night ahead with temperatures dropping just above freezing, 33 degrees. 47 degrees in san francisco, so as we go into the rest of tonight overnight lows will get down to 33, 37 in san jose, below freezing in santa rosa, 33 as the overnight low. you will wake up to lots of sunshine, we are not tracking fog or decreased visibility and will be a cold start to the morning. 37 for most of the inland locations and by noon we will push into low-mid 50s.
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temperatures will go closer to the 60s and it will be tempting to start your fireplace but we still have an alert that will stay in effect until wednesday. it is illegal to burnwood or even use an outdoor fire pit. it will be tempting but the alert stays in effect for the next few days. i'm also tracking unsettled weather with more details coming up. >> an apartment building has been compromised because of erosion issues and the city is deciding what to do about the situation. the city wants to demolish the building. the planning commission is scheduled to vote on the issue trying to figure out whether demolition permits for 2 cliffside homes will be issued. we just reached out to make a call and have not heard back but once the permits are approved which is expected, it
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is expected that the homes will be gone within about one year. but if they are road anymore that would require the city to take emergency action and tear them down immediately. in the east bay a scary situation for people who were told to stay indoors because there was flaring at the shell refinery. we looked for any potential problems. reporter: according to a spokesperson the refinery here suffered a temporary power outage that disrupted operations. this is video. gas was released in a flaring event which is where the fuel was burned in order to keep it from entering the atmosphere. it created a black cloud and an order. it was possible there could be an impact on the surrounding community.
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many neighbors reported seeing the flair and smoke. monday afternoon the county issued a health alert asking residents with respiratory conditions to stay indoors. they sent a response team to look for any problems. >> it also sent its community sampling team to test for contamination but no adverse impacts had been found. power was also restored and operations stabilized. the exact cause remains unknown. charles clifford, kron4 news. in a brand-new edition of people behaving badly, parking can be a nightmare but blocking someone's driveway just to get a spot is something stanley roberts says is happening more and more. a grim milestone for the
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bay area's largest city, what is behind the spike in homicides? >> asked questions arrive about who is to blame about the ghost ship fire we talked to a woman who lived there saying she barely escaped those flames.
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you look at it and it is so stunningly beautiful. you don't think about any danger, you are just sort of in all.
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>> the property manager for the ghost ship warehouse has hired an attorney. >> the das office is still deciding whether to file charges against him for the fire that killed 36 people. he ran the warehouse. >> he released a statement placing blame for the fire on the city and the fire department . it was not inspected for 30 years. >> they talked to a tenant who says she barely escaped the flames. live in the newsroom with reactions. >> she tells me she is still having a hard time coping with this lost. they are looking for someone to blame but says it will not bring back the 36 lives lost. >> january would have been one year that she lived inside the warehouse known as the ghost ship. she slept 20 feet away from where the fire erupted. >> there was a window of five minutes between the fire
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hampering-- happening and not getting out. 36 people did not make it out. the man who owned the space has hired a lawyer in case criminal charges are filed against him. they say he did not commit a crime. in a statement released monday they blame various government agencies for the-- for the fire and he should not be made the scapegoat. >> there's blame to go around. inspections weren't done. cps went through the warehouse and cleared it. >> a sprinkler system could have saved the lives but she was told it would have cost $40,000 that tenants didn't have. >> we did a lot to make it as safe as possible. we did have fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. >> they wrapped up the investigation without determining a cause. the office is still doing a criminal investigation and has not decided whether anyone should face charges.
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>> she went on to say that not anyone person is to blame for the accident that should serve as a testament to the housing crisis. a man accused of drowning his daughter in a church baptismal fountain has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial. he appeared in court today and is charged with the murder of his four-year-old daughter. the suspect was found naked and yelling for help in a parking lot behind the police department. they say he was also holding his daughter in his arms and she was unresponsive. the suspect will be back in court next month. a setback for those who want to throw the judge off the bench, he is the center clara county judge who sentenced brought-- sentenced to brock turner to three months of jail.
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any ruling released today the california commission on judicial performance cleared him of judicial misconduct but a stanford law professor disagrees with the decision saying she will push ahead with a voter recall which she hopes to get on next november's ballot. >> we disagree with the conclusion and believe that he has in fact demonstrated a clear pattern of bias in cases of violence against women particularly when they are committed by collegiate athletes. >> they say he was simply following the law and the commission made the right decision. now to a major settlement that has been reached between the academy of art university and the city of san francisco. it was filed against the academy of art university later this year claiming that officials with the academy along with state affiliates ignored city land use rules.
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among the major issues was converting an affordable residential unit into student housing. the settlement will include providing at least 160 affordable housing units for san francisco residents as well as cash to help low income residents. now to the oakland raiders heading to the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season. >> a lot of excitement clinching the playoff spot after beating the chargers. mark has been tracking this team all season. here we go. >> it has been a fun ride and has been a wild. 14 years. the last playoff game was super bowl xxxvii against the buccaneers. the only player remaining is the kicker and how fitting, he was the one that booted in the game-winner to send them back.
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it all unfolded in front of a raiders crowd. the chargers were booed. raiders went in trailing but to scoring drives forced a pair of turnovers including a game ceiling interception. there he is, making it to the second season. >> i'm excited for the fans. to be in the playoffs, there has been a drought here, we got here two years ago and talked about one of the-- winning the division and being in the playoffs. the being in the playoffs part is there and the winner is still yet to be determined so we need to let the fans enjoy the other part. >> let's take a look at the postseason standing. they are the second overall
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team, top of the afc west, and kansas city's loss against the titans. the raiders could clinch the division if they beat the colts in the chiefs lose against denver but if it somehow happens were oakland and kansas city share the same record, the chiefs when the division because they have been the raiders twice so buckle up for a long and wild ride. >> at least they are in. off the field they are doing well as well-- as well. >> a group of children received christmas present a little early. children from the davis street family resource center received bicycles from the wide receivers. the team bought 50 bicycles and the event was at-- at jefferson elementary school. smiles could be seen on every face. the top should-- starters were
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among those in attendance. >> it means a lot. raiders nation put this together , it's nice. the select few kids. >> not only did they purchase the bicycle but they also bought pizza and the children received other equipment including helmets so that all of them can enjoy a safe ride.>> we love that story. football weather if you will, it's cold and maybe a chance of rain? >> a chance of rain as we go into friday so toward the end of the workweek we are looking ahead and if you are planning to go to the sierra over the holiday weekend we may have some rough travel ahead with the chance of a snow system. we will go over all the details. it is still cold but not as
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cold as yesterday. still below average for us. sunny and even warmer daytime highs and we have a chance of rain moving into the bay area on friday. temperatures have dropped into the 30s. 41 degrees in concord, 45 in hayward. 51 degrees but most locations are in the 30s and 40s. settler-- satellite radar shows us cold conditions. it's going to drop as we go into the next few days and bring some scattered snow shower activity late tuesday into wednesday. apart from that we are tracking a larger system by friday starting to move on shore and will continue throughout most of the day with rain. most of the moisture will continue to push off into the sierras, we will see another round of snowfall for this year saturday and sunday on christmas day.
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for some folks it will be a white christmas. future cast shows us scattered snow showers that i was talking about and the main system gets here saturday into sunday which is when we start to see accumulating snowfall. we could see 12 to 24 inches. chain controls will be likely so we will continue to update you on that. over the next three days it will stay nice and dry with partly cloudy skies. temperatures drop to 43 degrees and we will see temperatures heading into thursday before all the changes over the weekend. it will get down below freezing and i will have a closer look at your seven day forecast coming up. you've probably heard about the plan to try to block a donald trump presidency by swaying the electors but today that did not work. we will show you how it cost hillary clinton some votes. a wedding party turns
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we're learning more about the wedding day that ended abruptly and tragically. the wedding party was taking pictures in a park when a big tree came crashing down on them. the mother of the bride was killed. others were hurt including a four-year-old girl with a brain injury. the horrific scene played out in the city of whittier and los angeles county. tina spoke with witnesses who were there when it happened. >> last night i couldn't sleep. >> luckily she and her family were celebrating their grandmother's birthday when they heard a loud noise. >> i thought it was fireworks but then my brother said the
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tree was falling down. >> this large eucalyptus came crashing down on a wedding party who can't-- came to the park to take photos. >> the tree of the bridge cut them. >> the father helped the group who appeared to be helped-- having problems breathing but other people were trapped until firefighters could cut through the tree. 5 people were taken to the hospital including a five-year- old girl, an older woman who we were told was the mother of the bride did not survive. >> everyone was full of blood, i just started crying. >> it is closed tonight as they try to figure out what caused the tree to fall. the city managers say they have seen other trees fall recently and think the problem is job- related. the new star wars movie has the potential to make fans
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happy. how we could actually have an impact on the stock market. the homicide rate is the highest it has been in decades. we talk to police about what could be driving the violent crime. once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times.
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lepe's foods is a locally owned here in santa rosa. as a small business, we're always looking to save money, and pg&e was able to help us. i help the small businesses save money and energy. it feels great. we looked at their lighting, their refrigeration system, and with just those two small measures, they were able to save a good amount of money. i was shocked. i couldn't believe that i could save $1,500 a month. with the savings that we get from pg&e, we're able to pass it on to our customers. it's pretty awesome. learn how your business can save at together, we're building a better california. you're watching the bay area's new station. this is kron4 news. >> tonight a grim milestone for the city of san jose.
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police are investigating the 46 -- 46 homicide of the year. >> that's the highest homicide rate since 1991. 25 years ago the most recent murder happened last night near the san jose border, an 18-year- old was killed. >> we talked to police and people who knew the latest crime victim. as friends got together to remember the man shot and killed , san jose police confirmed that they suspect the killing is the result of gang violence. >> we are looking at this as possibly getting motivated and we don't have a suspect or any type of other information. >> i met him before as little kids. >> a close friend agrees with police but says it is not clear what led to the shooting.>> it
10:32 pm
could be anything. it could be from any type of confrontation, fights, it happens everywhere. not just here, everywhere. >> police were called to the scene before midnight where witnesses said the victim was standing in the parking lot when he was shot and rushed to a nearby hospital where he died. homicide investigators were still here late monday morning questioning neighbors about the 46 homicide of the year compared with 34 all of 2015. >> i don't have an answer, but if you look at the one that occurred last night even if we had ample staffing it would have been very difficult to prevent this one from occurring because we can't be everywhere at once. >> one neighbor said the area near the border north of winchester boulevard has seen an increase in gang activity and is worried there will be more violence.
10:33 pm
francisco says his friend was at the wrong place in the wrong time. >> there is no hard and fast explanation for the increase in homicides. they saying eight or nine of these are start-- thought to be gang rated-- related, the others we are told were crimes of passion or drug-related. kron4 news. there were multiple shootings in san francisco. one incident left two people dead and the killer is still on the loose in san francisco's mission district. the victims were a man and woman, no word on a motor. police have not released a detailed suspect description. in addition to that there were also other incidents over the weekend, about 10:00 last night a man was shot near 14th and valencia.
10:34 pm
he is expected to be okay. then on saturday a shooting south of the market neighborhood left a man and a young teenager hurt. the victim was sitting in his car on nights when he was hit and a nearby 14-year-old was also shot. those victims are expected to survive. a shoot out in the-- across the county send people across the hospital. it happened near e. 18th st. and antioch. witnesses say two groups of 20 people were shooting at one another and flood the same-- fled the scene when they heard sirens. both had to undergo surgery and those who live and work in the area say they are not surprised by this level of gun violence. >> i've only worked here for two or three weeks but i've heard things already so that's not too out of the norm.
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>> police detained several people for questioning. part of a tree comes crashing down on a moving car blocking a portion of veterans boulevard. the tree came down before 1:30 landing on a white ford escort heading south. you see the picture on your screen, they allowed some cars to pass under it as they figured out what to do about it. luckily no one was injured and the tree was cleared ahead of the evening commute. 8 homes were damaged in an apartment complex fire, a young girl was sent to the hospital but is expected to be okay just before 2:00 this afternoon. 2 people had to be rescued from a balcony upstairs because the fire had cut off their only way to escape. aerial photos courtesy of our partnership with abc 7 news. >> vote to your can't-- conscience, please.
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we need them to vote their conscience and do the right thing for the united states. >> for hillary clinton of new york a democrat, 55, no zero. california cast all of the 55 votes for hillary clinton. her supporters had hoped to convince some trump electors to change their votes. >> the last ditch hopes were dashed after texas pushed his total above the 270 that he needed to clinch the election. >> texas now puts president trump over the top. >> in many states they came amidst protests. >> 10 votes for donald j trump. >> [ yelling ] this is what
10:37 pm
democracy looks like. >> from arizona to mexican-- michigan, anti-trump demonstrators called on the electors to defy the will of the voters. one electoral resigned minutes before his states vote protesting what he called extreme political bullying. in michigan death threats have filled social media accounts of one elector. >> a blank head, i will find a bullet and put it in your fat blanking mouth. >> it is utter hypocrisy. if the roles were reversed most of these people would be okay with electors being faithless and voted-- voting for anyone other than hillary clinton had she won. >> for delegates in washington state, named general. colin powell instead and one of them voted for a native american eagle of the dakota pipeline protests. in tennessee one elector said she had been harassed and offered bribes and is glad the
10:38 pm
whole thing is over. >> this is the united states of america and this is our president-elect. >> one more step to make it official, the republican- controlled congress has to certify the electoral-- electoral college number which will happen two weeks before he takes the oath of office. the stanford running back makes a decision for his future, details on what could be a growing trend in college football. this delivery is-- deliveryman as part of a bigger problem in san francisco. the problem may be affecting residents all around the city and i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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this is crunch week for a lot of shippers like ups and fedex. are they keeping up with it? it's in the winter column, explain. >> i did most of my shopping on black friday but small shopping today and it will all get delivered. fedex and ups are rocking it. last year they were struggling to keep up with demand and over planned this year. volume packages are double of any normal day. they are succeeding because they opened up extra facilities. they hired tens of thousands of extra workers so we could all get our toys on time but this is an interesting season because christmas and hanukkah fall on the same day and it's more packages because they will deliver 30 million packages a day. that is twice what they do
10:42 pm
on a normal day so that shows you they are doing great. fedex is predicting up 10%. star wars opened this weekend, big drop. do you think this could be influential for the dow? >> not just me but analysts are upgrading stock because $290 million globally, second-best december opening weekend behind the force awakens. 150 find-- 155 million people domestically but this will be a dominant moving-- movie and word-of-mouth will rocket it higher. if it makes 55% of what the force awakens makes it will be the biggest of the year. >> you can always reach out with questions that will hopefully get answered here on the air and you can find them all on the website. this report is sponsored by bank of the west for a personal approach to business banking go west.
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hopefully you have an extra blanket on the bed tonight, temperatures will drop close to freezing for lots of locations. i will let you know what is in store as we had to work tomorrow. it's all coming up after the break. 's manolo! you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care
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people who live on this one block of the neighborhood say they are experiencing the same problem every day sort of like
10:46 pm
the movie groundhog day except this is real life. >> they had been hoping for a solution but when all else failed, they reached out to kron4 to show us the problem. >> he found some people behaving badly. >> on sacramento street, this pathetic truck pulls up and parks. the driver walks up the street to deliver a package just like probably every other day. he will make two other deliveries on the same street. he's heading to the next location which is a few houses down the block. before the fedex driver there was another driver who's going to bring food. he begins his walk checking his phone to make sure he's delivering to the correct address. he gets down the street as another pulls up. the driver of this truck is a dog walker and she had to pick up a drug-- a dog.
10:47 pm
say hello to melissa. >> we can't even get in and out of our garage. let's go back to the food delivery guy, he parked in front of the garage and leaves and the unattended car sits. if someone wanted to leave they could not and by the time residents called parking enforcement the driver will be long gone. finally the food delivery guy returns, and he knows we are recording him so he laughs out loud. the fedex driver who also left his truck parked is done and he heads out. >> it happens constantly. there are certain hours where it's going to be worse like with commuter traffic. >> right shares are the worst. the driver basically pulls into the driveway and sits there. >> this has a sign parked there
10:48 pm
and i asked melissa what she would like to see. >> i would like to know that i can get in and out when i needed to but it seems like the only solution is to remove the street parking. >> the problem goes away because it becomes a transit lane but in the early morning residents are basically held hostage inside their garage. stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> we turn our attention to the forecast. britney is here. that is gorgeous. >> i think that is our favorite weather shot. >> there are so many good ones. >> it will be another cold night. still cold for us with a slight warming trend into the rest of the week as winter officially starts. then we track a few changes as we get closer to the christmas
10:49 pm
holiday. tonight is unseasonably cold, and alert staying in effect tomorrow into wednesday, rain chances start on friday and possibly into christmas day. right now temperatures in san francisco are at 47 degrees, oakland 45, 43 san jose with temperatures at 47, 41 in concord. a closer look shows we are at 5 degrees in santa rosa, 4 in nevada, 3 san francisco so it is cold but not as cold as what we saw last night. overnight lows will drop to 33 in nevada, 39 san mateo and 30s , so our inland locations will be the coldest. the latest details, woodsmoke is the largest pollutant so occasionally we will see alerts
10:50 pm
and when they are in effect it is illegal to burn wood. or even use outdoor fire pits. the season goes until the end of february so we are under that alert today through wednesday. satellite radar shows us quiet conditions and we will see a few snow showers move into parts of the region which will be really early on wednesday but apart from that we will wait for the next system as we push into thursday night and into friday so showing us what is in store heading into tomorrow which is clear visibility for most of the day. lots of sunshine by 9:00 and we will start off in the 30s. we will be quick to warm by the time you head out to lunch. a closer look around the region , 60 in oakland, 57 san mateo and 60 in san jose.
10:51 pm
the planner shows that winter begins on wednesday but temperatures will keep climbing heading into thursday. 7 day forecast shows us as we push into the next few days that apart from warmer temperatures by friday that is when the chance of rain starts and could linger into the weekend. we also expect all of that moisture to bring us a one or 2 feet. we will have all the details coming up. tonight's sports report. >> mark carpenter tonight and everyone is talking tonight about the raiders. >> this is a fun story. you get the feeling they are going to be good for a while. this is being called the return to greatness which is exactly what is happening. after the game it feels like they played nine home games a
10:52 pm
year and the resurgent raiders can make themselves home in the playoffs. they are back for the first time since 2002. in san diego did all they could to stop that from happening. it just leads to another come back when. consecutive storing drives in a span of 7 minutes and sebastian came through with the defense forcing a fumble and an interception to seal the victory. michael crabtree and the receiver says the return to greatness that we talked about is only just forget-- beginning. >> we try to do the championship . can't wait to get out here. raiders back in action and now for some monday night
10:53 pm
football. panthers, redskins, they need a win to stay in the wild-card spot. cam newton could care less. the first of 2 touchdown passes, panthers led by 14 and the redskins are just frustrated. jordan after taking a swing at kurt coleman, panthers when i right now washington is on the outside looking in. next season christian mccaffery will be playing and the stanford running back announce the decision that shows that his only focus is making it to the league. he tweeted this that he will be sitting out so he can prepare for the upcoming draft. this may be part of a growing trend and he's not the only player to forgo a game. he will enter as a projected first-round pick saying he will not playing-- play in the citrus ball.
10:54 pm
mccaffrey is also slated to be drafted. sitting out helps prevent injury but some analysts say this decision could still affected. taking a trip to dallas, george w. bush in attendance. jerry foster throws down the alley up. president bush said that's cool. the cardinals win by 23 and stanford falls to 7 and 4. all over abilene christian, 16 points apiece with the final score 86-51. they improve to a mac and 2 and finally as we showed you earlier, the raiders are busy handing out bicycles for the holidays and some other teams were active in the community today starting with the 49ers. a handful of players taking
10:55 pm
children on a shopping spree. the team is helping out kids from the boys and girls club. $1500 in sporting equipment for their afterschool programs. clay thompson very active. visited more than two dozen boys and girls delivering gifts, took softies, signed autographs, thompson also visited, this is the children at the st. vincent stay home in oakland. he brought toys to more than 220 kids so very nice to see them. raiders, 49ers, very nice. >> it is the season.
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less than one week until the first night of hanukkah so
10:59 pm
are you still thinking about the perfect gift? >> time is running out. as mary explains, there is a trend that may make your gift giving a little easier. >> stores are counting on last- minute shoppers. >> is target the place to get last-minute deals? >> national chains have sections online devoted to last- minute gifts but many millennial's are taking a different option. >> they want a story to tell. they want that much more than a product or service. >> a customer experience company, a quarter of spending by millennial's will be on experiences. >> you will see more trips, and events that people are going to go to that people will give as part of that experience because
11:00 pm
they can tell the story and learn about those products and experience those with other people and that is where the trend toward experiences as gifts will become even bigger and continue far into the future. >> if you need something now get tickets to a concert or go to a restaurant and get a gift card. you can print or email confirmations even on christmas. this is the bay area's news station. >> a road rage shooting, thank you for joining us. shots ring out and police say this was not a targeted shooting but the result of one driver tailgating another. we talked


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