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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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what's that mean? this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 10 starts now. tonight, armed and dangerous and on the loose. police in vallejo are looking for mask killers who opened fire in a pawn shop. hello, i am pam moore.>> i am brad lotus for steve davidson. one man was killed, another was hurt. this was at the pawn advantage shop and belay hope. the video on the right courtesy of our partnership with abc seven.>> police are looking for two suspect.>> reporter: late tuesday evening, the investigation continued into a phadia nails shooting -- fatal
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shooting. according to vallejo police, officers responded to pawn advantage 3:10 thursday a -- tuesday afternoon. officers found two male victim suffering from gunshot wounds. one was transported to the hospital with serious injuries, the other died from his injuries. police also say a dog inside the store was shot and killed. according to witnesses there were two suspects, each wearing a hooded sweatshirt and at least one with a handgun. their identity remains a mystery. least of not identified a motive for the attack. chris adams owns another nearby pawn shop. he knows the owners and says the attack is stunning. their i have kids and this is scary. there have been times where people, various people come in, and maybe i shouldn't keep the door open. i keep my shops open late.
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it can happen at any time.>> reporter: tuesday evening, police had not yet identified the victims. charles clifford, kron4 news.>> we first told you about this story for breaking news push alert. be the first to know when news is happening with the kron4 mobile news app. in the east, woman carjacked right in the middle of the day at a shopping mall. the robber took off and her porsche which was later involved in a police chase before it was found crashed on interstate 880. j.r. stone is live where the woman was carjacked.>> reporter: i talked with employees who worked in this area. they tell me this victim was just headed to fred cleaners in this area when she was carjacked. she likely never expected to have a gun pointed at her head.>> it's the holiday season. people tend to do this. but it's really sad.>>
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reporter: said to see this $44,000 porsche boxster all busted up after it was first stolen then taken on several joyrides.>> we have reports that the porsche was driving down the right-hand shoulder at a high rate of speed. sounds like it clipped a big rig and loss control and rear- ended the back of the truck. >> reporter: it started in this parking lot monday afternoon when it was light out. a woman was sitting in her porsche about to get her dry cleaning when a thief pointed a gun at her, forced her out of the car and drove off. news of the attack spread quickly. >> it was scary. this never happened here at all. this is like a home of quiet. for that to happen shook us all up.>> reporter: hercules police spotted the stolen car on monday but lost it when it well into the interstate. after tuesday's crash the two people inside the porsche did not stick around.>> the driver
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and the passenger in the porsche got out, jumped over offense, the vehicle picked them up and they fled the sea. >> reporter: the search is on for the thieves. this suspect, the description of him is vague, just described as a hispanic male who is likely suffering from an injury after that car wreck. live in alamo, j.r. stone, kron4. new tonight, san francisco has a new police chief tonight but not everybody is embracing the change. >> the chief is william scott. is a veteran officer of the la police department. edley making the announcement today at city hall.>> this comes after public uproar after several officer involved shootings which are controversial which led the justice department to recommend reform. >> the new chief talked about his agenda going forward.>> i'm excited to be a part of this.
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the police department is just a piece of the total picture, but it's important. there's a lot of work to be done, a lot of reforms on the agenda. keith chaplain has reached out to be an been gracious and i am looking forward to working with him to get to where we need to get to. >> the new chief will start after the first of the year. the swearing-in ceremony date has not been set. some background on the new chief. william scott worked in the lapd for 27 years, overseeing the department 1700 members southern bureau before he was appointed by mayor lee. he is an advocate of greater officer involvement in communities. he was a young officer working in la with the rodney king riots broke out. before that, he got an accounting degree from the university of alabama. >> alecia reid sat down with the bay area civil rights
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attorney to get their take on the new chief of san francisco. she joins us live. alecia, what's the reaction?>> reporter: some believe there will be up push back because the new chief is an outsider, but this is what people wanted, this is what community asked for. now they are hoping he will make some positive changes.>> we are cautiously excited. we are very encouraged.>> reporter: the new chief, bill scott, was announced at city hall today. he comes from a large district where he managed over 1200 officers and although his resume is extensive, he is an outsider. some feel it may cause push back in san francisco.>> this is a parochial town. police officers come from si, the sacred heart kind it's kind of a deadlock of the foundation of the police department.
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>> reporter: scott has a lot of work ahead of him. there are more than 200 reforms recommended by the department of justice that he needs to 10 to and he has a lot of eyes on him.>> he is got to make, exercise good judgment early so people can see he is a found -- sound thinker and not just in the back pocket of the police union or association.>> reporter: edley chose the chief from the top candidates. the former chief step down after jessica williams, allegedly driving a stolen car, was killed by officers. there was already tension between the community and the police after a number of officer involved shootings that left people dead. now there's hope things will get better. especially in the black and brown community.>> we are hoping. we are very cautious, of course, because we don't know him, but everything that we've asked for to this point has happened. so we've asked for the
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communities asked for commute -- external candidate, that is been granted. this officer, chief william scott, looks like he is had some experience in lapd, so we're looking forward to that. and so we are going in with an open mind.>> reporter: the community is waiting to see how this will all play out but one him thing folks are grateful for his having a pair of fresh eyes to look at all the issues the city is dealing with to hopefully come up with a better solution. reporting live from san francisco, alecia reid, kron4 news. the san francisco police officers association, which had backed toni kaplan : put out this statement today, saying in part, we look forward to meeting william scott. we anticipate he will tap into the tremendous talent of the men and the women who make up
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the sfpd. the poa hopes to work closely with him as chief and we are committed to helping him move the department forward. i am brittney shipp. we will wake up to warmer conditions, high 40s for the coast, if you are closer to inland, low 40s, lots of sunshine, not tracking the fog, so that will be nice. as you head out for your lunch hour, we are close to the low ?re@pí.pm&úw most locations will stay close to 60 degrees. i am tracking a few changes heading into the end of the workweek. we're tracking aú ñ deadly explosion at a fireworks market near mexico city that killed more than two g#dozen people. just a spectacular yvnhorrifice . you can hear &oit as it rips through the market and keeps going. fireworks all 6#around there t
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happened about 40 -/amiles nort of the capital of mexico city. officials say at the time this market was packed with people buying fireworks. a lot of them just before the holidays. the blast leveled stands and left rescue workers combing through ash and charged metal -- q-:çkoñcharred metal. this happened previously in 2005 and 2006. the person who rammed a semi md&truck into crowded christmas market near berlin germany is on the run. at least koñ12 people were kill# others injured. isis has now claimed pc5 responsibility.>> reporter: on the lower merkel added to a growing /+memorial for victims mê8q)lin christ it is closed, but the case is wide open.>> do not know if there was one him perpetrator or several. do not know if there was
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support given to a perpetrator. >> reporter: german authorities arrested the suspect, asylum seeker from pakistan. >> i know 0cuit would be especially hard to bear for us if it was to be confirmed that a person who committed this act was someone who sought protection and asylum in germany.>> reporter: the suspect denied involvement. without witnesses, police set him free. >> we are back to square one. >> reporter: a polish man zy3wa the rightful driver of the truck but was not in control at the time. the owner says earlier in the day something seemed amiss.>>'s last contact was at 3:00 when his wife called him. he was at work. she said she would call a';çat but she was unable to contact him. >> reporter: police found him dead with a gunshot wound but a g the possibility that the suspect is armed and still out h5vxrg a statement, isis says t inspired $'the attacker, callin him a soldier of the islamic
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 as or authorities search for answers cost so do berliners. they are holding a vigil and holding hands for those they loss. scott maclean, kron4. coming up, new dramatic video of a plane crash and jetliner fails to take off car running through an airport fence. we have multiple angles of the accident. is the free holiday meal that left three dead and many others sick and the eastbay. we finally know the cause. one year after a bay area teen was killed by a falling tree branch your children's fairyland in oakland, why the grieving family is worried it could happen to someone else. come into a sleep number store and save $400 on the c4 mattress. it's a no brainer.
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a child was killed by a falling tree branch last year.>> maureen kelly talks with an arborists hired by fát family attorney. she is concerned that she sees other potentially dangerous trees at the same section of the park.>> jack was pa kindhearted kid with a smile for everyone.
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>> reporter: lynda lewis is remembering her roo16-year-old . he was killed last year.yvj this is the one year anniversary of his death. the lawyer maintained the tree nd it was tñknown.>> this is not 9 some tree that was in the zmfoç somewhere. this was a tree in this area re-where we were standing. kids play there. >> reporter: and arborists says she sees evidence there was extensive decay in the trunk and roof. she is concerned because 6kíit a 06popular area of the park. she sees other evidence of trees in similar conditions.>> the bark is separating from pfl wood. there is decay at the base of
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the tree. given it is at the base, that is a possibility for whole tree fall over, especially during a storm. >> reporter: i reached out to the city to ask about the park maintenance, but /n1they did no comment because the case is pending. $35 million has been set aside for qlpark %./improvements. maureen kelly, kron4. $ña subculture inuthe eastbay morning the deaths of those killed in the ghost ship fire.>> after having their workspace red tagged, they say the city of richmond when about it the wrong way. spencer blake reports.>> reporter: what started as a small crowd grew to 60 or 70 people tuesday afternoon. >> i organized this. i'm doing this because many a/s
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people zo%are getting a hold of and they wanted to happen.>> reporter: the brewery housing six artists was red tagged after the ghost ship fire. >> they didn't look at a single fire extinguisher. they knwere digging around the building, taking pictures. >> reporter: friends inside say there was no clutter like what investigators found in the ghost ship warehouse. the exits are clearly marked.>> the place caught -#mon fire. i am confident everybody could get out ÷of there. >> reporter: after rallying briefly, the group walked a block and have to city hall to start the city council meeñi3g.1 they work chanting outside the chamber but they were orderly during the meeting. they filled out the appropriate
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request to speak cards hoping to get across their feelings that the city is trying to make an example. >> i hope the city will allow them to make the changes that they need to make to the house to be up wkkto code. v÷ >> reporter: remember the open forum section of city council meetings is a chance for residents to speak their minds. we will keep a/;you updated on red tag situation. spencer blake, kron4. people who put in long hours at the ghost ship warehouse fire including first responders. roughly 300 people were e%kzgnp today. the corners office, employees, emergency workers comp firefighters, police officers, investigators, among others were recognize. county officials say they wanted to a knowledge the dedication and hard < work und what they called heartbreaking circumstances. all of them playing key rolls
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in the aftermath of that tragedy that killed 36 people.>> that was a p0< diff fire. especially around the holidays. all the agencies koñp$came togez the sheriff says everyone worked 0with dignity and respec for the people e who died. it's cold tonight but not $a5as cold. we are glad about that.>> p a chance of rain on friday and we are tracking heavy sierra snow. try to plan around it as you
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head up to the high country. temperatures right now, 2f=40 in livermore. temperatures will keep dropping antioch, 45 in san francisco, 37 in santa rosa. we have a winter spare the air alert that will stay in effect once again not only for the resúg÷of tonight but qjjas we g into tomorrow. just a reminder that would smoke is the largest pollutant of our air quality as we head into the winter months. it is illegal to burn wood and fire logs in your fireplace for your outdoor é4pits when we hav a winter spare the air alert in effect. satellite radar to v:the south.
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 heaviest rain. by 1:00, santa rosa congbalay how, and surrounding areas expected to see downpours. as we head home from work we should still see right -- light rain. the heaviest rain will be saturday morning and sunday. the same system is going to push through. 7a little weather disturbance that will break. a few scattered snow showers tomorrow dc6early morning. then everything dries out on thursday. look what happens friday. we see substantial snowfall moving in friday g4-ñevening in saturday and sunday. our highs around the region tomorrow at 63 in napa, 60 in ú vallejo, 60 in concordes, 59 the high in antioch got 56 in
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san francisco and 60 in half- moon bay. we are starting to be above u' average temperatures. i will have more details on your christmas holiday in the forecast. in a brand-new addition of dxpeople behaving badly, the eastbay traffic shortcut which could get you in t( tonight, the aftermath of the deadly plane crash. what happened before was caught on multiple cameras. we have q-:the videos just ahe a criminal -9:obreaks into bay area school and causes more than $100,000 of damage. we will show you what was done after the break. &a1
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this one has us shaking our widespread destruction. authorities are describing what happened last night as a seemingly senseless act, this was at a high school called cardinal newman. >> reporter: this is what it looked like inside cardinal newman administration. inside, a man was trashing the place. are making had numerous objects, planners, you name it, he threw it, tossed it. debris all over the front half of the school, broken out windows.>> reporter: when deputies brought the man is is motive is unknown.>> you broken trophy case, photos
10:26 pm
they said some items had been there since the 60s. -- '60s.>> it's weird that there was a guy at our school. >> i think it was pointless. >> reporter: the suspect is a been identified as 23-year-old andrew faulk it was arrested and booked in /cou jail and felony vandalism and being under the influence of controlled substance. the suspect will appear at the hall of justice in wo#santa rosa. coming up, more new video showing a jetliner 4ócra off. what we are learning about this deadly accident. we finally know what caused so many people to get sick and some are getting a free thanksgiving meal. manolo!
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you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care
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it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care ay areas news station. this is úf$kron4 news. we no know why three people died and two dozen others became sick after eating a free thanksgiving dinner. >> such a mystery for so long. the cdc is weighing in tonight. is connected to food that was served that day. >> there are 25 people that
10:30 pm
became ill and three fatalities.>> are they connected to the bacteria?>> tha'k4is correct. >> reporter: officials at contra costa health services say the cdc has testified that the meals served at the mem gwas caused by a bacteria. it could be in meat or gravy, it could be another foods as well.>> reporter: dr. louise mcnitt says some of (g.the way are...>> it could have been that it wasn't stored properly. this bacteria seems to be found in situations where food is held for a long time.
10:31 pm
you must cook újykmfood at the appropriate temperature, wash your hands often cost store food properly. xgg appropriate temperature after cooking and separate /raw foods. >> reporter: 8hover 800 people were served the @gxfree meal. church officials say they have not made a decision on whether or not they will continue to free meal program in 2017.jf haaziq menu, kron4. package thieves caught on camera stealing somebody's christmas spirit today in san m] jose. the footage caught on camera by home fm
10:32 pm
packages to steal in front of people zones. the homeowner is hoping sof:ine will recognize the suspect and or their car and turn them into police. a man was arrested in the @
10:33 pm
pass, a gesture was made in cq mercedes driver pulled out a gun and opened fire. nobody was injured but bullets did hit the car. another road rage story, this with a tragic ending. family has been faced with the death of their three-year-old toddlers life taken. the community is searching for the suspect and for answers. john lawrence has more.>> % after a toddler was shot in killed in literal rock over the weekend -- jfz9 little jfrock the reward has doubled to $40,000. >> as we appeal to neighbors and the people oçwho live in t community that know something, this is a community where it's almost one way in, one way out where you have to know someone in that community to be there. so he had to be at someone's house. we are getting the word out, if
10:34 pm
he was at your house, we're looking for you.>> reporter: the three-year-old was in the uñ back of his kgrandmother's car a man driving behind thw became impatient. the man grew angry that the car wasn't moving quickly enough at a stop sign. the man got out of a chevy impala and fired a shot into x@÷ her car. she didn't realize the child had been hurt 8 until she pull over rblocks later.>> hello? . >> oh, my god.>> reporter: xgg in9=0pb of celebrating christmas, the family tdwill instead be burying their son.>> they can make their way again @cqthrough ay and -9:o.
10:35 pm
christmas because they have gifts under the tree. >> reporter: john lawrence, kron4. five people have been columbia.>> it was a pc5cargo jetliner. the moments leading up to the crash were caught on camera. gá0 we will slow down the video and played again. err this is near puerto carino. cau plane to crash, but it never got off the gap 5-- ground.úf$ in a moment, we will see the aftermath, the plane, a boeing 727, that company has dpáq&ease5 a statement saying that it is standing by to provide assistance in the
10:36 pm
investigation. a twitter feud between former president clinton and president-elect trump. it started when clinton said that donald trump doesn't know much but he knows : how to get angry white men to vote for him. clinton also blamed fbi director james comey for his wife's defeat in the presidential election. when asked about the hacking, the president said, you would have to have a single digit iq not to recognize what was going on. in donald trump fashion, the president-elect fired back, tweeting, clinton doesn't know much, especially how to get people to vote in vital swing states. trump also claim that clinton %ñ called him qafter the election not the other way around. trump and i can agree on. i called him after h.nbthe ele&
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just ahead, pro bowl selections have itbbeen announc and a whole bunch of f)graiders are on the roster. details on who made the cut for the all-star game. also, the warriors welcome the chance jfñto oakland. there called 5añfreeway jumper. -- jumpers. they look for the past -- passive least resistance. we look at that in this next edition of people behaving badly. once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need.
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it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. time for the bank of the west business report.>> apparently credit card debt among americans, higher now than it was before the financial crisis.>> americans e
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are exceeding, they are using their credit card to pay for things like groceries and rent. the average household now owes that's a big number. that's up 10% from 10 years ago. is down from recent highs of 16,000, write it 2008 q ccredi started with -- when mortgages 3wñb9nstarted implodi we will hit the levels around 2019. we continue to cwlrack up more more credit card debt. also want to talk about facebook. i guess their messenger app like with google hangouts, you can do multiple people on the same call, six, i think it was. apps. it's kind of what i do for business. teen apps, and app called house party, is like really cracking it out. it's doing quite well. facebook's all what house party
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did and basically copied it. slip -- split screen. you can have 50 total people listen in. six people looking at each e1 other's $q÷video feeds instead popping off text messages, you're hanging out getting ready for a party, your friends of gone off to college in your warning to see each 5aother's faces.>> thank you as always. if you have questions or comments, let rob know on social vktmedia.>> this busines report is sponsored by bank of the rob west -- the west. go west. i am brittney shipp. we have a mild day ahead, lots of locations in the 60s, lots of sunshine. i'm tracking changes closer to the end of your work week. i will have the details after your break. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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reporter: stanley roberts found some people behaving badly.>> look at ddr:hbig rig driving across e, to the untrained eye, it's just a truck entering the freeway. the same for this commuter bus crossing to get on interstate 80. both drivers just exited qjj highway 80 and both have commercial
10:46 pm
signs, it was a stream of freeway jumpers trying to avoid traffic and driving straight across. like this driver and these now that interstate has glj4kd travel time and want to shorten it. the truth is they are really only trimming the trip by 30 seconds if koorthat. they also get stuck in traffic = again. the o56myhighway patrol could d target enforcement. the final be $240. now that you know, the question is, do you still want to travel and save a whopping 30 seconds? by the way, i shot all this video in 20 minutes if that gives you an idea of how bad the problems are. stanley roberts, kron4. her
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the towers look especially lit. their we love it.>> golden gate bridge in 1esan francisco. it is a clear night, correct? their it is.>> it's about to not be.g6mxfj >> friday night things will change. the other thing is lots of snow in the high country. still cold tonight but a bit warmer than the past couple of nights. rain chances for us on friday. friday night into saturday and sunday we have snow chances. blowing úf$snow is expenses -- expected. 34 in concord, 15 san francisco, 48 degrees in mountain view. again, you probably notice we're not as cold as we have been the past few nights. ulu scattered showers, a little weather do forãa performance which will bring a few light snow pgashowers to parts of lak
10:48 pm
tahoe. widened out the picture and show you we have more unsettled weather towards the gulf of alaska. as we head into thursday night but more specifically friday, that's when we'll start to see the pystem moving in. by thursday, it's off the öthe coast. early morning friday in the north bay, slowly transitioning down, moderate @
10:49 pm
coming down. as you had up for a white christmas, you're going to find a %+greally rough road conditi be careful driving. through tomorrow, 59 ir.÷ñ-in antioch, 63 in san jose. 5the high in san francisco. winter starts tomorrow at 2:44 in the morning. heading into friday, we will see lots of rain throughout éñt bay area, anywhere from a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch, ÷saturday, sunday, slight chances of rain lingering, stronger system on uñ monday and 6opsnow. be careful driving for your sports report brought you by xfinity internet. the fastest just zlwñgot faster the warriors slaughtered the jazz tonight. it was amazing. >> that's how you put it. it's good to pgaget a big win l
10:50 pm
that before you have a big road trip. we are now five days away 3wñfr the much-anticipated finals rematch with the cavaliers. before that, golden state is making sure to leave the bay area on a high note. warriors facing utah, the team honoring nate thurmond tonight. sloppy first quarter. in the second, thompson red- hot. an extra three part of this 13 point quarter. worries up 39-27. later, the place was rocking. it made the team angrier. thir little -more with steph curry. kevin durant doing what kevin durant does. this shot from half court good z
10:51 pm
for $5000. warriors, 104-70 for your final. they win their fifth straight. oña bit but first it seems like the raiders are setting some sort of new record every week after ending a 14 your playoff drought. the franchise at its highest number pro bowler since 1991. all-star game selections announced this evening seven raiders on the roster. that is the most in the league. the headliners, derrick car, amari cooper, reggie nelson and three ;offensive lineman.ñm/ in so3addition to that group, t team had pseven alternates. the game set for january 29 in orlando. you don't want to be playing in that one guy you want to play in the super bowl. until then, the raiders gearing up for htthe colts. silver and black to clinch the division title. let's hear from derrick car.>> after the game i was so focused on m/oindianapolis because they
10:52 pm
had to win out to make the playoffs. they had their backs against the wall. we've had our backs against the wall couple of times. we're going to come out and fight. you have to expect that when they come in. chip -- chip kelly 49ers have ña historic stat, no pro bowlers at all, the person that is happen since 2005, the second time &swsince 1980. they have lost 13 m.dstraight, they can get 7sña win. maybe this weekend against the la rams. @the sharks back in the ta after a four-game nroad trip. joe thornton, his beard and the sharks hosting t#+tflames. second-period, let 4póñonáfeeds began. four z3ñunanswered goals. w yomyminutes. we had to
10:53 pm
morocco for st. mary's against christi great start as a hit from downtown. this n"bñguy, lendale, great fj name, better inside game. in a 15-13 bndouble double. 67-46. steph curry shows us why he is and all-around mvp. the ghost ship $ñfire. both m.the items are up for sal on ebay. one is currently up at $9000 while another one is going for more than $10,000. proceeds will go to the oakland fire relief fund. that $9000 number i just mentioned just now, that was up $5000 in just a matter of two
10:54 pm
xçfáfrom tonight.>> gr cause for sure.>> good on the court and off. we will be y.&back right af this.
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a video of the special needs student receiving a special gift has gone viral generating 5 million views.>> students got together to watch this class may open his gift, uñ two newgz=pairs of shoes. his reaction is priceless.>> garrett burger has the gobtouch story.>> reporter: is the reaction everybody wants when their gift is unwrap. in a video on the somerset independent school districts facebook page, j. r. gilbert opens presents from hf7his classmates. two pairs of styling new ÷r
10:58 pm
shoes.>> -- roger viega and others started fundraiser because h"mthe child squeezes 13 feet into size 10 kl/choose so the group sold candy to raise money. between that and the cash they pgot th she is. >> it's christmas. everybody deserves to have one of those christmases where is our friend.>> reporter: his mom said they were wearing the too small boots because they were his grandfather. you may not have needed them but his mom says that doesn't change with the other boys did.>> it's (not about needing it. it's something they wanted. they granted a wish she wanted.>> reporter: the boys got something too. >> it touched my heart. it touched everybody's heart
10:59 pm
that.>> reporter: the kindest in this video already seen more than 5 million times, something to remember.>> thank you, guys, y'all are the best. this is 0 the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 11 ;starts now.>> san francisco has a new police chief. thanks for joining us. i am grant lotus. their i am pam moore. today san francisco's mayor formally introduced william scott. their he comes here from lapd where he served for 27 years. he was overseeing that department 1700 merritt -- member southern bureau before being ÷&appointed. scott is an advocate of greatero "yjfficer involvement in communities where they serve. he was a pc5young officer worki in la when the rodney king riots broke out. before that he earned an accounting degree from university of alabama.>> alecia reid sat down with b.the
11:00 pm
prominent attorney and a new -- activist to get their opinions.>> reporter: will scott was announced at city oo hall today. he comes from a large district where he managed over 1200 officers. although his resume is extensive, he is an outsider. some feel it may cause push back in san francisco.>> this police officers come from si, sacred heart cot and it is a bedrock of the foundation of the police department.>> reporter: scott has a lot of work ahead. there are more than 200 reforms that are recommended by the department of justice that he needs to 10 to, and he has a lot of eyes on him.>> he is got to make good sense and exercise good ujudgment early so people can see that he is a sound thinker and is not just in the back pocket =z!e police union


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