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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 26, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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has taken to something of value 80 not surprising. it's the holiday and now people that would come out here normally to be together. the lack of the menorah will not stop the celebration a hot cup. " they're encouraging people to bring their on menorahs from home and lie to washington square park. webb will
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>> reporter: this celebration will start at 6:00 type people start arriving at 545 >> vicki: fund feces and food and i must as senate got was
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reason is. they did report the incident well-planned text have extra patrols the also plan to install surveillance cameras. >> vicki: police in the east bay arrest two people. accused of fatal stabbing a man inside a hayward target store. it happened just before 8-30 inside the target store on whipple road saturday night. when police arrived they found a 36-year old man suffering from multiple stab wounds witnesses say he was stabbed after getting into an
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altercation. a short time later police arrested the two suspects. who have now face homicide charges. the victim died at the hospital. his name has not been released >> grant:moving on without derek carr. despite a christmas eve win, raiders fans are facing the reality that their team will be in the playoffs without derek carr. he broke his right leg in saturday's game. ' today kron four's spencer blake was there as head coach jack del rio updated reporters on the team. spencer, any new details on derek carr's injury? no - del rio had a quick press conference here at team headquarters in alameda, but he doesn't have any more light to shed on carr's upcoming surgery, or what kind of recovery timeline he's look at. but he did have plenty of good things to say about carr.and
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about the new starting quarterback matt mcgloin. del rio says he doesn't want to sound insensitive when he says that his team regroups and moves on, no matter who gets banged up on the field. >> reporter: of course the loss of carr really hurts morale, but del rio says carr is in high spirits for his teammates. >>:"excellent. ya know, a very positive young man. he's all about the team and being there for the team, and ya know, wishing us the best. and he'll be back as soon as he can to be there vocally for us. but he was outstanding." there were also plenty of good things said about mcgloin, who made some good plays of his own saturday after carr got hurt. del rio says mcgloin is someone who really attacks his game preparation. coming up tonight at six, you'll hear more about mcgloin from his coach as they get ready for the
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playoffs for the first time since 2002. the raiders' last regular season game is this sunday in denver. live in alameda, spencer blake, kron four news. in the south bay, a christmas day tragedy has friends and family still in shock.
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just after midnight. a car crossed the center line. and cost two people their lives. kron 4's will tran reports. it's being investigated as a deadly d-u-i. >> will:police say a suspicious object left on a sidewalk in san franciscocaused quite a scare this morning. it happened around 8:00.on green street.near baker street. near the consulate general of russia. after assessing the situation, officers decided to called thep luckily.the bomb squad determined the object.was actually just a propane tank.and wasn't dangerous. green street was closed down for a few hours for the investigation.but has since been reopened. a and also wrote to a whole school and his family. we live
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from family and friends at the 25 year-old to just cut leaves behind a five year-old child. pitt in the east bay. holiday package thieves are at >> vicki:this time in the city of livermore, where as kron4's haaziq madyun shows you.a particular package thief has targeted a specific residence.more than once
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>> reporter:surveillance video shows a package thief in action a few days before christmas here on cedar drive in livermore. now look at this, same person, same clothing, casing the same address, however this video was recorded back in october >>:"when we saw that video it made it look kind of like we are being targeted" steve munroe lives here with his son and daughter -in-law
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"frankly it upsets my son and my daughter-in-law very much" he desrcirbes what happened when the package was stolen "we see a car pull up a white car that we can't identify at this time, we see a gentleman, about 6-foot wearing black shirt, khaki pants, a white gentleman, go up to the front door and pick up and run down the steps and jump into his car" here is he back on october 11th, no packages taken then.but. "we have him knocking on the door, looking up for cameras kind of casing out the house" munroe says this is very unsettling for his family because their home was also burglarized a few months prior to these recent incidents "a guy was actually in the house, didn't take anything, but in this case it is the same
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guy twice" he is reporting this recent package theft to livermore police and giving investigators the backstory on what has been happening here "and uh something needs to be done" ' officials with livermore police say inaddition to using surveillance cameras to deter package thefts, victims can make their neighbors aware that a crime has taken place and raise the awareness to be on the lookout for package thieves in the livermore haaziq madyun kron4news >> grant:a fire at an east bay apartment complex. displaces nearly two dozen people. together--- to help those who lost everything. plus, >> vicki: president obama chiming in on the recent presidential election. + what he says would have happened if he ran for a third term. and next, police are looking for the people who broke into multiple east bay businesses. the most recent burglary -- caught on camera. who police are looking for--- find out after the break. and happening now.
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>> stanley: >> vicki:police are looking for a burglar who broke into two benicia convenience stores. last week, officers were called to the super stop at the southampton shopping center around 4 - tuesday morning. this is surveillance of the incident.
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when officers arrived. they found the front glass door had been smashed in. minutes later, officers learned a nearby market at the chevron gas station on columbus parkway had also been burglarized. surveillance video. tied the same suspect to both burglaries. the suspect was able to take an undisclosed amount of cash from both locations. and. it's been a week since a fire in the east bay displaced a number of families from the taxco condominium complex in concord. now, neighbors are holding a clothing drive and raising money to help them. kron 4's alecia reid spoke with one of the families that is still staying in a motel. and joins us live now. with how are they holding up. alecia? >>alecia: she is now looking for a new apartment and the homeowners association is trying to help her family.
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she's now looking for a new apartment, and the homeowners association is trying to help her and 5 other families. sot - most of them have not received their deposits back. many are having a hard time getting their deposits. they set up a go fund me page with a goal of 30-thousand dollars. so far they've raised just over 39-hundred. >>:tonya amos / taxco homeowners association sot - the idea is to get each family stable enough that they can get an apartment.groceries standup >>alecia:there's a total of 6 families that need help, but each family . especially the ones with children has at least a handful of people in need. if you'd like to help this holiday, visit our website kron 4 dot com, where we have the go- fund-me page posted. reporting live in concord. >> grant:a reminder. bart a has a new schedule for the holiday season. bart will be limiting the number of trains running during commute hours. fewer trains will be running on the pittsburg-bay point line.
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rather than the usual five minute interval. you should expect trains to arrive every ten to 15 minutes. this limited schedule only applies to weekday trains running from the early morning to mid-afternoon. the pittsburg-bay point line will resume regular service on january second. and waste management of alameda county is encouraging people to recycle their holiday trees. the company says you can put it in your regular trash, recycling and compost collection. trees that are collected at the curbside will be turned into compost. waste management says the tree must be free of snow flocking, tinsel, ornaments, nails and metal stands.
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gymnast simone biles has been voted the a-p female athlete of the year. this comes after biles won four golds along with a bronze for the u-s women's team in the summer olympics. today u-s editors and news directors announced biles received 31 votes out of a possible 59. coming in second was u-s olympic swimmer katie ledecky who won four golds and a silver in rio this year. she finished with 20 votes. the a-p male athlete of the year is expected to be announced tomorrow. >> britteny: doesn't feel like the leica outside. a heat wave
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likely to warn of a few degrees over the next couple days. and bringing temperatures our right now 44 in cleveland 48 and have a mandate 48 also acquitted july
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42 and killed and 46 degrees and a bottle. cool temperature setting up the door now that's the way it looks over least another day temperatures and now chilly weather continues. and we take another day or so before begins to move on out of town. it toward more a few high clouds a whole lot of sunshine. and toward moral and that looks like the air mass will shift a little bit. and then a chance of rain on year's eve. >> grant:coming up, a massive search and rescue is underway after a russian military plane crashed with 92 people on board. what officials are ruling out - as the potietal - cause of the crash. and next, the world is mourning the loss of iconic pop star george michael. more on his life and career-- after the break. people all over the world are mourning the death of pop superstar george michael.
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>> reporter:the british singer died of heart failure on christmas day. ian lee has a look back at michael's life and career. nats: "wake me up" global superstar george michael launched into pop culture history in 1984 as half of the british boy duo -- wham -- singing the chart-topping ballad "careless whisper."
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nats: "time can never mend." by 1986 michael launched an incredible solo career -- his number one album, "faith," raising eyebrows with it's first single. nats: "i want your sex." the risqué lyrics and provocative video drawing sharp criticism from those wanting to bring awareness to the growing aids epidemic and the need for safe sex.
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nats: faith faith producing four number one singles including"father figure" p nats: "i will be your father figure.tiny hand in mine." "one more try." nats and "monkey." nats: "why can't you do it, why can't you set your money free" by the 90s, michael became a more serious artist -- celebrating his independence from the pop machine. nats: freedom! refusing to appear in the video "freedom 90," which featured cameos from top supermodels lip synching his lyrics. nats: cindy "for the boys at mtv!" but the late 90's were rough for the pop icon -- he was arrested by an undercover police officer and charged with "engaging in a lewd act" at a park in beverly hills. leading him to reveal in a c-n- n interview that he was gay in 1998. george michael/ singer: "i don't feel any shame whatsoever and neither do i think i should." in later years. there were drug-related arrests and a nasty car accident in 2010. he served a month in jail for driving under the influence of marijuana. nats: symphonica but his career continued to flourish thanks to his powerful vocals -- at nearly 50, michael once again found critical success with his sixth and final album symphonica -- a creative masterpiece backed by a full orchestra.
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nats george michael/ singer: "i've been so lucky. i've had an amazing, aazing life." >> grant:coming up, investigators release an official cause -- as to why a plane carrying 71 people including dozens of players from a brazil soccer team -- crashed in columbia killing almost everyone on board. and next, president obama and his family are still vacationing in hawaii. but when he sat down for a radio interview with his former senior advisor today -- he had some interesting thoughts on the past election. interesting thoughts on the past election.
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that includes how he thinks he would have done -- had be been able to run for a third term. catherine heenan is here with more. >> catherine:he's not arguing for a repeal of the 22nd amendment.but if he 'had' been able to run again -- president obama says he thinks he could have beaten donald trump. president obama has been mostly relaxing on his hawaiian vacation. sharing shaved ice at a local store with one of his daughters for example. but when his former advisor david axelrod - now a cnn contributor - sat down to talk with him. it became clear the election is
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still very much on his mind. in the wake of the trump victory - the president says he rejects the notion that his vision of 'one america - tolerant and diverse' - is somehow being rejected. it implies some criticism of hillary clinton's campaign. p and the president 'has' suggested clinton should have had a more focused message - and paid more attention to certain states. and while he makes it clear he won't be on the sidelines politically.and will weigh in on issues he considers important.
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he also says he needs some time to simply be 'still'. next up on president obama's schedule. he's expected to visit pearl harbor tuesday - alongside the japanese prime minister. shinzo ah-bay will be the first japanese leader to do so since the end of world war two. you 'knew' that donald trump was going respond to obama's claim that he could have beaten him. trump tweeted in part -- 'he should say that, but i say no way!! jobs leaving, isis, ocare, etc." vicki and grant?
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>> reporter: we have some less clerical experts' sticking around for another night making for a beautiful sunset this evening berkley's these guys mostly clear chile again are on the bay area likely going to see patchy fog again and today as well. temperature is right now out of 45 degrees and san francisco. 4449 concord and a bed in santa rosa and spots in the afternoon. and then san francisco you can see moving offshore. you can see it is working its way east of the coastline.
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>> reporter: chirrs will be done in the 30's chilly temperatures in deed. in see changes next couple days. the system down the south backs away from the coast line a little bit before moving back on shore as they headed toward late thursday friday the cold air stays in place moderating over the next couple days and if we plan had the high country and enjoys and the beautiful fresh powder looking good op their temperatures in the 40's '50's. and then likely you will see the knife sunshine and 70 degrees there. in the afternoon and then some great weather 20's and '30's are on the bay area overnight lows along the coastline and then a little bit warmer getting sixties and the warmer spot and then '60s popping up toward the next couple days. there's a chance of showers as we headed toward saturday. it looks like
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that comes in saturday morning. >> reporter: returns more rain possibly on year's day that is the latest forecasts back to you. >> vicki:the russian intelligance agency says there is no evidence pointing to terrorism as the cause of yesterday's deadly plane crash. the military plane disappeared with 92 passangers and crew members on board with no expected survivors. russian media has reported that pieces of the plane headed from sochi to syria have been found in the black sea. investigators say they are looking into possible technical or pilot errors. vladamir putin has announced russia is observing a national day of mourning for the victims. the colombia plane crash that killed 71 people last month, including members of a brazilian soccer team.was caused by human error. that's according to the civil aviation authorities in colombia.who held a press
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conference today about the tragedy. the authorities played several recorded communications between the pilot, copilot and control tower. these revealed that the pilot and copilot. knew the plane did not have enough fuel for the flight. authorities also said the engines began shutting down and that the emergency situation was not communicated to the control tower. still ahead. the t-s-a releasing its list of top 10 most unusual finds at checkpoints. a look at these outrageous items. coming up. plus, outrage in one ohio community. after a mother hands her son a sippy cup full of wine during a traffic stop. that story next.
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> grant:amazon is teaming up with goodwill to encourage more donations by allowing donors to ship for free. according to amazon's website.
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by using the "give back box" platform you can ship donations to goodwill for free through u- p-s or the u-s postal service. the offer is good for all boxes - not just those from amazon -- as long as the box meets mailing regulations. amazon says donations go to your nearest particpating goodwill organization. sales revenues support local job placement and other community- based services. endangering children and driving under the influence. she's free on bond after a weekend court appearance. >> reporter: hookah here's what you'll get the same reaction. well you risk being and the car or having a child inside the car as well and then to understand what was going through her mind. according to court papers the couple leased after seeing floyd driving erratically friday. they soon suffer themselves the same thing. the 27 year-old will twice the legal limit when she pulled over a five year-old was in the backseat. police say she admitted handing the child to become of on line as the officer approached her window.
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happened in 2016. stay tuned.
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as we count down to the new year. 2016 saw triumph and great tragedy. dianne gallagher has a look back at the top national stories this year. t-s-a agents scan through millions of carry-ons during the year. you can only image some of the items they have come across. and as 20-16 comes to a close. the t-s-a is sharing its most wild and outrageous finds. in atlanta. t-s-a agents found this bladed dragon claw. that's not allowed in your carry-on. how about these items-- known as sai-- used for bludgeoning. those were caught at an airport in boise. walking dead fans may be familiar with this one. even though the barbed wire covering the bat is rubber. still a big no-no. here is a fancy gold-plated, bullet-decorated oxygen mask. probably should have left that one at home. take a look at this pair of five-bladed floggers found in houston. that's a big ole' no. >> reporter: intelligence community believes to have had called for russia.
5:44 pm
lenders and a first and let identify with. the suits a bill violates civil rights act. and hollywood stars that this pipeline the protests which lasted for months the largest gathering in the past policy a but last year's. the movement and other activist groups organize demonstrations after the officer all shooting death of lamont's, it tends crusher colony all all since the link and test yield.
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>> reporter: and they noted texas with the military and of police officers. sparking fodder
5:46 pm
for samsung to discontinue its popular smart phone the galaxy notes 7. people across the country were glued to their phones of plan the popular game poking mondo. can't catch them all put. >> vicki: a look outside that the san mateo bridge traffic looking pretty moderate.
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>> reporter: 3 hovering just above freezing some very cold air across the country. unclear night aead as we see mostly clear skies crazy at times especially along the coast and it should calmed down expect pat you frost and to the interior valleys and then as we had in
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toward next week. it we see the temperatures hovering in the fifties 60 degrees in san jose a degrees there in 55 degrees and cool sunshine making our way to send francisco. it looks like over the next couple days and then come back on shore as we had in toward thursday friday receive showers in southern california we stayed dry. approaches in the next couple days and then a chance of rain as we look toward this next weekend. adjusting week and ahead and in the bay area. in the next couple days. the next couple days and still iffy
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chance of showers on sunday and monday. >> grant: did dragging cooperation known as open seat places like india and china walking dead fans may be familiar with this the barbwire covering bob lurie said it have that even if it is forever.
5:50 pm
this >> grant: was found at an airport in houstonstill ahead.
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has her >> stanley: when this cut is repeat offender he had misused potent a ticket. now is about to get another one. net debt to more. make that two more the ground looking for abuse and sometimes they have other egregious violations like this car for fire hydrants.
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>> steve: missed deliveries may be over. port authority of dollars to show you went for it that they need your halt to catch. and proving beneficial for the future of the coho salmon. the leader of japan makes history at pearl harbor tomorrow. >> steve:
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a holiday package thief conducts a dry run before commiting the actual crime. both incidents are captured on surveillance video. good evening. i'm steve aveson. >> catherine:and i'm catherine heenan. it's that time of year --- when christmas gifts are being delivered on front porches across the bay area. package thieves are on the lookout for boxes left outside homes.where the crimes happen. this has been a huge problem this year all over the region. one theft victim wants to let people know that a thief cased his home 'before' coming back to grab a gift. kron4's haaziq madyun shows us the videos. "frankly it upsets my son and my daughter-in-law very much" this surveillance video shows a package thief in action a few
6:00 pm
days before christmas here on cedar drive in livermore. now look at this, same person, same clothing, casing the same address, however this video was recorded back in october "obviously this person is relatively close, he seems to be targeting this house in particular" steve munroe lives here with his son and daughter -in-law "frankly it upsets my son and my daughter-in-law very much" ' he desrcirbes what happened when the package was stolen on december 22nd "we see a car pull up a white car that we can't identify at this time, we see a gentleman, about 6-foot wearing black shirt, khaki pants, a white gentleman, go up to the front door and pick up and run down the steps and jump into his car" here is he back on october 11th, no packages taken then.but. "we have him knocking on the
6:01 pm
door, looking up for cameras kind of casing out the house" munroe says this is very unsettling for his family because their home was also burglarized a few months prior to these recent incidents "a guy was actually in the house, didn't take anything, but in this case it is the same guy twice, we think that the neighborhood should be aware of what's going on" "normally we keep a window open.and we got a pretty good dog too, he lets us know when somebody's on the front porch" "something needs to be done about this, i know it's not wise to have packages delivered to your porch and this proof of it, we have to change the way we get packages delivered" in livermore haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine:unfortunately.we have a lot of those kinds of theft around christmas. this one is from san francisco where you can see a man walk right up to the front door. open a bag. and then put two packages inside. we're told the porch pirate struck just 15 minutes after those packages were delivered. the homeowner says they were gifts for her two daughters. this theft happened december 21st. and in the south bay -- this is surveillance video in san jose. you see the suspect walk right up to the doorstep.grab a box.and then leave. the porch pirate problem is so bad. several bay area police departments have now set up sting operations.
6:02 pm
they plant packages with g-p-s tracking units inside. police have arrested two connection with a deadly stabbing inside a hayward target store. it happened just before 8-30 inside the target store on whipple road saturday night. when police arrived they found a 36-year old man suffering from multiple stab wounds witnesses say he was stabbed after getting into an altercation. a short time later police arrested the two suspects. who have now face homicide charges. the victim died at the hospital. his name has not been released police are still investigating a car crash that killed two people sunday morning.including a 14- year old boy. it happened just before 12-30 christmas morning.
6:03 pm
25-year-old jessica zamora is suspected of being under the influence. police say she crossed the median divider by the intersection of snell avenue and capitol expressway. her car collided head on with a silver lexus.carrying a family of three. including the 14 year old. zamora and the teenager were both killed. friends and family of zamora have created a memorial near the crash site to pay respect to both families. big typoon hit the philippines. need to get the latest death toll and number of injured. we care because the bay area has one of the largest philippino populations in the united states. return to index >> reporter: several dozen people showed up the board told over social media they should bring the menorahs from home and continue the festival lights
6:04 pm
ellis year or not. december 13th when the six fought harder hon brass menorah was in washington's clark a part of it and you'll part of kennecott. and service organization north beach return sunday for a celebration on the second of hanukkah it was gone. says that the stolen menorah is this similar to what she and her husband have and what the motive might be it. >> reporter: and make a fast dollar and unable recyclers some spending the day in the parts
6:05 pm
aren't surprised by this time of motive. kahane >> reporter: there is north beach said of the like of a menorah is not going to stop them from celebrating and they bring them home on monday night and led a part. .. >> reporter: a dozen tables showed up in bringing in their own and then talking about the third night of hanukkah.
6:06 pm
>> reporter: what folks alive or about that tonight and temperatures down in the 20's and '30's and the lifting guy out there right now as we have mostly clear skies. all night long since then you see it with the point conception of a similar call from making as when this of the northwest and in between. 37 degrees in fairfield any of the door plan
6:07 pm
and grabbing a thick coat to the trustee chile and for 9:00 mostly clear skies over the next couple days are gone to see changes. temperatures should begin to warm up a little bit. >> reporter: have some big changes a chance of showers moves into the forecast right before the end of your show. that coming up in just a couple minutes. something like 11,000 passengers stranded >> catherine: lot of people
6:08 pm
anxiously a campus from the bay area one of the largest volcanic populations in u.s.. the team is focusing on the future with one of the big stars. he joins us now from the team's el amid a headquarters order raiders fans need to know. they do have a lot of confidence at its very easy for big injury and for its fan base. and as you're mentioning gabrielle was the same for anyone as a matter what position the have and have some very good
6:09 pm
plays of his on saturday at the end of the game and his injury making a big headlines all across the attacking his preparation. and he says that estimate places the chip on his shoulder. he gets along pretty well. of loss two years. tonight--the team is focusing on the future without one of its stars. but raiders fans hope they'll have *another star on their hands for the playoffsin the form of matt mcgloin. kron four's spencer blake was at a press conference with head coach jack del rio today. spencer joins us live from the team's alameda headquarters. spencer, what do raiders fans need to know? >> reporter:they should know that del rio has a lot of confidence in mcgloin. it's easy for a big injury to get morale down, but the head coach says 'next man up' is the mantra when *any player gets hurt. carr's broken leg was one of the big stories around the n-f-l over the weekend. but mcgloin came in and made some pretty impressive passes in the fourth quarter. del rio says he attacks his preparation. fearless
6:10 pm
chip on his shoulder been getting to know him over the last two years "matt's kind of the elder statesman in that room, even though he's still a fairly young player. but he's handled himself very well, been prepared all year in the case that anything were to occur and he's ready to step in and take advantage of his opportunity." meanwhile, carr will need surgery on his right leg, but del rio didn't have any new details to share about when that surgery will be, nor how long carr's recovery will take. he did say that carr is keeping his spirits up for his team as they head to denver for the final game of te regular season. after thatthe raiders head to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. live in alameda, spencer blake, kron four news. pas president obama prepares to leave office. he has strong thoughts on what would have happened if he had run for the white house again. his prediction on how the election would have played out. and a close call on christmas day. we have more of this dramatic water rescue. and why witnesses say sets this incident apart from others. plus after losing just about everything. some east bay neighbors step up to help out. what they are doing to help some families hit hard by a fire right before christmas.
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he's not arguing for a repeal of the 22nd amendment.but if he 'had' been able to run again -- president obama says he thinks he could have beaten donald trump. you 'knew' that donald trump was going respond to obama's claim that he could have beaten him. trump tweeted in part -- 'he should say that, but i say no way!! jobs leaving, isis, ocare, etc." vicki and grant? >>alecia: the week since the fire that the shoes toys books and that small. but terry oliver open up u-haul truck to for richard roth.
6:14 pm
there are trapped inside and had a lawyer for the fire department and climbed down ladders did manage to find another complex and still in need. in so far
6:15 pm
they've raised 3900 for the 66 families majority now home last have a number children and they're looking for bodies and debris. 84 passengers and the
6:16 pm
very famous military quarter. on health is what the new baby. >> catherine: 84 passengers and a crew of 8 are believed to have died.including dozens of singers in the country's famous military choir. today a singer who had stayed home to help his wife with a new baby said he has no words to describe the tragedy. in moscow - people have been leaving flowers to remember the cash victims. among those victims -- 9 journalists who had been traveing with the choir. shinzo abe-- the prime minister of japan-- has arrived in hawaii to make a historic visit to pearl harbor tomorrow. abe is the fourth japanese prime minister to visit pearl harbor. >> steve:but the first to visit the u-s-s arizona memorial. which honors the sailors and marines killed in the 19-41 attack. the memorial will be closed to
6:17 pm
the public tomorrow. abe will be joined by president obama at the site. the prime minister's visit comes seven months after obama's historic trip to hiroshima. he is the first sitting u-s president to visit the site of the first atomic bomb. with just afew weeks to go in his term. president obama is reflecting on his time in office. but he has some pretty profound thoughts on what would have happened if he had run for re- election this year. he says he would have won. i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could've mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. i know that in conversations that i've had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say the vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one." the president also chimed in on hillary clinton's campaign.likening it to a sporting event. saying when you think you're ahead on the scoreboard and winning. it is to play if safe. in a few weeks it will be moving day for the first family. as president obama wraps up his two terms.
6:18 pm
tonight we're looking at what's ahead for the commander in chief. kron 4's washington correspondents mark meredith and alex schuman take a closer look. out: in washington, i'm alex schuman. with the new year right around the corner - we wanted to take a look at what's coming in 2017 as president obama prepares to leave the white housemarkwhere is president obama planing to move after january 20th. alex you're not going to believe it but they're going to be staying here in washington, no not the white house, the president and the first lady are going to be staying in town because she is still in high school, they want to give her the advantedge of being able to finish out her term, finish out her schooling, where she is right now. mark continues - so you said he's already breaking with traditionmark what's life like for a president when they leave the oval office? well it certainly going to be different, its going to be a little different from george w
6:19 pm
bush, he enjoys writing, he enjoys teaching, mark continues to answer well mark will be there covering them wherever they end up, wherever it takes us, exactlybut for now in washington, for mark meredith, i'm alex schuma all the rain we've had the past couple of months has rejuvenated a salmon run in the north bay. endangered coho salmon are once again spawning in lagunitas creek in marin county. the salmon make an annual journey from the pacific ocean to the creek. but between the drought and the dwindling population. the journey has been treacherous. ' if you'd like to see nature in action. there are tours being offered. not happy with the weather here in the bay area? this might make you rethink your stance. how would you like to deal with this? see who is getting a heavy dose of winter right now. a scary scene out of florida. after a boat capsized.leaving 14 people trapped at sea. fortunately - rescue crews.and even a good samaritan. came to the rescue.
6:20 pm
it happened on the edge of biscayne bay. a brave onlooker. jumped in his kayak and rushed out to start helping the 14 people. he rescued 4 victims.but miami rescue workers say one woman was trapped under the water. by the time she was pulled out, she didn't have a pulse and wasn't breathing. first responders got to work as witnesses watched. parts of north and south dakota are trying to recover.after a brutal winter storm rolled in on christmas day. there are still blizzard conditions.making travel a nightmare. authorities are warning of slippery roads and near-zero visibility. many major roads are shut down for a second day.and some airports have been closed because of severe white-out conditions. people are being encouraged to stay home.but many would have problems travelling anyway -- since their cars are buried in deep snow drifts. when the camera crew left -- he was still digging. conditions were so poor in south dakota for a time -- even snow plows had trouble getting through. and it's not just the dakotas. high winds in minnesota have led to delays and cancellations at the minneapolis airport, for example. we have an update on the condition of carrie fisher. who suffered a cardiac event friday. >> reporter: rate it out where between systems. what pacific northwest branch and some of the nine direction and then another one playing california is spinning around there. and bringing a summary christmas day. and we're going to see pettifog again even into patches
6:21 pm
inside the bay as well. plan your sunshine come your way. >> reporter: initially and the next couple nights before the temperatures only a digger to warmer. and around the bay area planning to go up there looking good the roads will be opening
6:22 pm
clear heading up there. the daytimes and the 40's and '50's and 29 degrees in santa rosa 34 and 38 in san jose. and then maybe 59 degrees in san jose may sneak up the low 60s would you know it's a chance of rain on the way. back to you
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
fisher fell ill during a the last leg of a flight from london to los angeles. her mother-- actress debbie reynolds-- said in a tweet sunday that fisher is now in stable condition. reynolds thanked fisher's friends and fans for all their "prayers and good wishes". and said the family would share updates on her daughter's condition. fisher is best known for her roles as princess leia in the original "star wars." 2016 without a doubt has been quite a year. from a surreal presidential election to some strange viral trends. which stories lit up the internet the most? jeremy roth with our partners at c-n-n shows us some of the most shared moments. online. 2016 was a year chocked full of viral trends, are you ready? on your mark.get set.pokemon go! the digital scavenger hunt became an phenomenon seemingly overnight with players searching for invisible pokemon on the streets.on the front lines.even in the state dept.
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
and other car the same person at an october. and it looked like we were being targeted. he reported the recent package that a and the best for them what happened here. >> reporter: in north beach types polyphonic a celebration and on december 13th 6 ft. tall and clear that there is anti- semitism in vaults or if the
6:30 pm
need to make a quick buck by selling model. but those intense and celebrated this third night of poco. >> reporter: the condominium pot complex misplaced neighbors in the nation including furniture. can collapse in place today last monday firefighters had the rescue him and his grandmother. the blaze was so intense and you can visit our web site kron4news-dot-com with their page posted. >> reporter: cattle expressed
6:31 pm
according to san jose police 25 year-old suspected of driving under the influence loses control of her car. and crosses the center median hit the collision so horrific the 14 year-old in the backseat and later died. the raiders and the rulers season in denver before heading and the playoffs since 2002. this can rolling in on
6:32 pm
christmas day still a blizzard conditions and traveling was just a nightmare warning of slippery roads near desert zero visibility for our roads and shut down for a second day. >> catherine: airports close because of severe what the conditions people being encouraged to stay home but they would have problems troubling any way the cars in many cases buried in deep snow drifts. and the camper crew was still digging and has a long way to go conditions are so bad and south dakota even less applause had trouble getting through. they've led to delays cancellations at the minneapolis airport.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: it's just that, year holidays 1/2 to the next. and it looks like we have some changes mon-khmer way cold air on the way in place again nothing like this across the coast chile enough down in the 20's and 30's and places once again in the coastline. toward san francisco temperatures 52 san jose 40 fighting concord 41 in a bottle and the 37 fairfield and 44 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures dropping off no hurry to our morning and waiting at patchy fog likely around the bay area away from the coastline. and then it looking toward the middle of the day lot of sunshine come your way tomorrow
6:34 pm
a little bit warmer still in the 40's and 50's by noon. some of her fifties and the south bay getting near 60 degrees and toward san jose. or whether on the way 59 san jose 15 in livermore 55 in san francisco and 56 vallejo. cultural and on friday a chance of showers on in years eve. >> reporter: she is now in stable condition. the tanks fischer's friends and fans for all repairs and wishes which quit as a son for her role in the star wars series.
6:35 pm
"you're playing the pokemon thing right there, aren't you?" and because we can't have nice also led to the discovery of dead bodies, people being robbed.and drivers playing.uh, when they shouldn't. a kansas college freshman became an overnight star after a thief broke into his vehicle and stole a kit kat bar leaving behind a note that basically saidgimme a break, i was hungry.
6:36 pm
the note went viral and eventually caught the eye of kit kat-maker hersheys, who made it up to the student with over 6,000 of the chocolately snacks. ah, sweet justice! if 2016 ends up being known for the electionand the election ends up being known for its debates.then the debates will surely be knownfor the bone! ken bone, the bespectacled, red- sweatered debate contributor was a viral sensation no one saw coming. in a debate with no winners - ken came out on top garnering a huge social media following and eventually, his very own izod commercial. after a 3-year old child fell into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo, authorities were forced to shoot and kill a gorilla named harambe, a name that would become synonymous with animal rights. the shooting sparked international coverage of the media debates on the actions taken.protests, snarky memes, and hashtag cries for #justiceforharambe.a twitter handle that is still trending online. one woman's self-inflicted case of the giggles led to international stardom -- after a viral video of a mom chuckling at a chewbacca mask became the laugh heard round the world. the "chewbacca mom" enjoyed her 15 viral minutes by doing the
6:37 pm
talk show circuit, tattooing her claim to fame on her arm.even meeting the real chewbacca, peter mayhew. who's laughing now? 2016 also saw some viral trends that nobody in point.those creepy clowns. sightings of weirdos in scary clown masks reportedly started in south carolina.but began popping up all around the country with no explanation. most posed no real threat-- but it gave everyone the willies anyway. 2016 finished strong though with a viral trend we could all enjoy.the mannequin challenge! everyone was striking a pose with their squads-- the more bizarre- the better. celebrities, athletes, even presidential candidates got in on the action. or should i say- inaction? i'm jeremy roth reporting. hackers once again have targeted sony. this morning they took over the sony music twitter account. the account posted two tweets. claiming singer britney spears had died. spears however is fine and alive and well. the tweets were deleted and sony said its account was "compromised" and apologized to the singer and her fans. two years ago. hackers hit sony pictures and released a string of unflattering e-mails from top executives.
6:38 pm
and in 2011. hackers took down the sony playstation network. knocking it offline for more than three weeks. turning our attention to the 49ers--
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
the team experienced the very definition of a pride win against the rams. as a franchise-worst 13-game losing streak is no more. >> reporter: finalize a decade to related sites as the account was compromise and apologized to the singer and fans. two years ago you recall that sonny was affected the way it was missing a very on flattery e-mail's from top executives. hackers to come the police station network knocking the offline to we speak
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> reporter: >> reporter:it wasn't pretty but it still counts. down by a touchdown late in the 4th, colin kaepernick. led a game-winning drive that culminated with a bold two-point conversion that gave the niners the lead. it's the team's first victory since the season opener, which was also against los angeles.
6:46 pm
as another loss would have put san francisco in position for the top pick in next year's draft. speaking of the future, chip kelly. said this morning that he has yet to meet with the front office about his fate, but that didn't stop reporters from asking if he'll be head coach in 2017. moving on to the warriors-- a day after yet another stunning loss against the cavaliers, the nba.has rubbed more salt in the wound.
6:47 pm
in the official's last two minutes report, which reviews all calls made or *not made late in the game, the league announced two key errors. the first mistake is that lebron james should have been assessed a technical foul. for hanging on the rim after a dunk. also, upon further review, officials say that richard jefferson made contact with kevin durant on the final play of the game. >>: and yet another starting
6:48 pm
loss against the cavaliers the of rob moore's law and the wound and officials last two minutes report reviews all calls made or not made lightly game the league announced to key errors or problem guess what they are the first mistake was that james and should of been a set sent a technical foul for hanging on the ramp also upon further review officials say that richard jefferson made contact with kevin to rent on the final play the game that oversight is especially crucial cause it would most likely shot three froze giving the lawyers a chance to take the lead.
6:49 pm
>>: of a big more. and then the lawyers and your than just a few weeks and the cavaliers from oracle tonight we know who has
6:50 pm
the honor of dropping the crystal ball at times square in new york
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
as we start thinking about ushering in 2017. we now know who's going to be center stage at one of the biggest new year celebrations. united nations secretary-general ban ki-moon will push the button to drop the crystal ball at times square in new york city. that's also his last day in office. he's ending his ten-year run of leading the world body. as always. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pack times square to watch the famous ball drop on saturday night. a new poll says that americans have an optimistic outlook for 2017. 55-percent say they believe 2017 will be better for them personally. that's a 12-percent increase from last year. but maybe the only direction was up -- since only 18-percent said things got better in 2016. the poll was conducted by the associated press and the times square alliance. and a little reminder: kron four is the only local station that will ring in the
6:54 pm
new year live across the bay area. catherine will be joined by gary radnich.and they'll show you celebrations around the world. also - the fireworks from san francisco's ferry building. kron4's "new year's live" starts at 11:15 saturday night. that's it for the kron 4 news at 6. a stolas conducted by associated press. the joy and not gary and celebrations around the world. paul also fireworks they're rebuilding note new year's live celebrated 1115 saturday night
6:55 pm
always >> reporter: from the media coastline and the frost early on small morning by daytime we start to warm-up temperatures and the san jose. in looking out of the next couple days staying dry clouds rolling on friday and new year's eve analysis comes in the morning.
6:56 pm
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ hollywood remembers george michael. music fans in shock over his sudden death. then, healing prayers continue for carrie fisher, as she fights for her life. and -- ♪ hello from the outside >> 2016's major music moments. our music roundtable sounds off on every milestone, including cordon's "carpool karaoke" revelations. >> i might not ever go to men again. then, mimi can't get enough of dem babies. >> they make me really haey. >> carrie gets candid on her most iconic mariah moment. and it's a package, but can
7:00 pm
boyz 2 men, new kids and paula abdul survive their tour together? >> you have to good get in stage shape. >> i have to talk to my body, come on now. >> now, "insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. prayers for carrie fisher pour in as she continues to fight for her life. ♪ this as fans worldwide remember music legend george michael. the 53-year-old '80s icon died yesterday of heart failure at his home just north of london. as we await more daelsetails, hollywood reacts with sadness. ♪ >> elton john posting on instagram -- "i am in deep shock. i have lost a beloved friend, the kindest, most generous soul, and a brilliant artist." ♪ i'm looking out for angels . >> the diva himself, george michael! >> madonna


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