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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 29, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>anny hong: again may be a little light sprinkle her was a look at the future cast will will be happening in a dry and sunny for today really great conditions across the bay area by friday this is the system we're watching is a lie right impacting mostly southern
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california overall should be dried we attracting a slight chance of shower years even now sunday it things are looking driver another storm system will bring us more light rain intentionally on monday enjoy the sunshine get outdoors if you can a slight chance for shower of the golden gate bridge this illegal up on a year's day on sunday improvement unmanly driving. >>robin winston: no major
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trouble spots to start off the morning we will check the bay bridge first into san francisco looking pretty good no major slowdown is out of oakland into downtown a quick nine minutes checking in on the richmond san rafael bridge nice and smooth so far no major hot spots when we connect with north and south it will be a smooth transition. >>robin winston: into and out of san francisco no big trouble spots for the north bay coming up with a look at this out but we haven't found any major trouble spots. >>will tran: police are looking for a lease to shooters involved in a gunfight hear pitches from the scene it all happened around 9:00 last night about the same time several 911 calls came in
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reporting that people and two cars were shooting at each other in the parking lot officers from several special casings and sadder glass when they were on able to find any victims or shoulders at least 15 shots were exchanged witnesses say two cars a black hatchback and light- colored for door sedan fled the area in different directions before the please also arrived their viewing video surveillance footage from the area. >>will tran: and tie ron griffin family is devastated hanging all emotionally you can see here is a picture a 36 year-old hayward man was killed on christmas eve ride by his side as they were shopping inside of the target.
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>>reporter: you're listening to the voice of the 22 year-old the two brothers arrested on suspicion of murdering a 36 year-old we spoke with him at the courthouse and the oakland he does not want to share his face or name but says he feels obligated to come to the son's defense on the night of christmas eve he says his son said into the inside of the target store and a work happen like this they were inside when they allege he asked him to turn down the music playing on his phone pieces they exchanged
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words, and when he pitcher here walk away he says his son's girlfriend hit him and head with a champagne bottle port from a shelf his son came to his brother's aid admitting his son had a knife and stabbed him who later died his son at the out of self-defense and believe surveillance video will vindicate both brothers in the meantime the brothers remain in custody and both are due back in court thursday neither into a plea during their arraignment. >>will tran: another big story
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we're following the sudden death of yet another hollywood legend she was a hollywood supple thread and america's sweetheart per film career began at the age of 16 after being spotted in the beauty pageant per star a sister-in-law just a few years later after a spirited performance in 1959 the marriage
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ended in a publicized divorce when that she left him to marry her close friend elizabeth taylor a painful but trail her second and third marriages ended in divorce each time causing our financial pain of fire ripped
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through a popular ski resort what investigators believe may have started the fire and when it will reopen we will be right back.
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>>anny hong: and since i do not
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have any issue for flights landing credible freezing of their fellow men for is an oakland for checkout have laid 63 san jose is 65 especially toward santa cruz and sunny and
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mild to date through to marron-- tomorrow. >>robin winston: in san leandro will make it over to 92 over to the fremont street accent--exit.
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>>robin winston: an e success is all moving very well so noland 3 mono problems for the nimitz if no problems for 101 r morgan hill nice and quiet. >>will tran: 2 people or rested after the crime now turns out
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there from tennessee they travel to the bay area what a sole mission of killing the victim a shocking crime after this these sexually battered and elderly woman and tried to rob her. >>reporter: police said men attacked as she approached her front door of 49 year-old sexually assaulted his victim while trying to steal her purse when she held on tight the
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neighbors said their number of senior citizens and retired families living on grounds circle.
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>>reporter: if there is and the firefighters wear home was sawfly for more than 12 hours
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and reporting to an. >>will tran: 70 mi. to the salt lake tahoe 5.5 magnitude earthquake scientists with university of nevada says if the clerk with have been centered
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that could've called about a billion dollars worth of damage.
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>>will tran: the 14 year-old was in the car with his parents when he was killed early christmas morning at 1230 she was driving
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on capitol expressway when she drifted into oncoming traffic. >>reporter: 20 people living here but neighbors say it is more like 50 the camera is a
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haven for activity and the
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adjacent neighborhood in this city jurisdiction which makes finding help complicated. >>reporter: we still haven't received a call back and get. >>will tran: they may have something to be happy about this holiday season and this despite the year of scandals and a revolving police chief they have seen a decrease in violent crime
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compared to last year so far is down and (this year to last year some of those crimes include homicide a pilot assaults and shooting and more numbers compared to 2012. >>will tran: and a popular place closes at door howe employees found out they did not have a job to return to.
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>>will tran: apple samsung amazon global and facebook all the big ones new, or in part to release new products. >>gabe slate: us to bohai o l e d display a curve form factor and stand technology for security they will have to down
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to consumers to gain back the good name their brand used half that will likely release one of these gadgets in 2017 again it
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is expected to release their had set in 2017. >>anny hong: it is one to be a nice mild afternoon.
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>>will tran: the father of two men accused those stabbing a man to death is finally speaking out he said his son i doubt in self-defense and it was tyrone who would tap them she was known for her oscar-nominated wall and another musical they were
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fighting and ended up winning to 111 the warriors announced 11 with steph curry here is a live look outside from the golden gate bridge get to see they're getting busy for the morning commute.
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>>anny hong: lead for is an oakland 50 in san francisco 59 and half moon bay colden center rosa 31032 we're going to see
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some showers into lost angeles and southern california. >>anny hong: tomorrow a slight chance for sprinkle on saturday.
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>>robin winston: 20 minutes for the connection the south of a 237 west a great ride from a connecting with 1 01 that would take six minutes looking good
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101 of to the 85 split. >>will tran: new details one is said to be about 6 ft. tall with a thin build. >>reporter: there in san bruno and the other from the bay area
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would be a fool people having dinner but tonight there all closed and the management inform the employees be a text message the company had ceased operation of all employes are on paid that they should not come to work in their final paycheck will arrive by friday of 15 locations have
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suffered the same fate putting condoms a people i work during the holiday it is unclear why the company shut down which tried to contact the management but has of late wednesday no one had respondent he's disappointed by losing a good job of trying not to let it get him down.
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>>robin winston: 454 the morning commute looks fine so far few me to get into san francisco so far is at the limit know the problems from 580 to the east shore 24 looks good connecting on to 80 west. >>will tran: if it is the ninth year president obama has won the distinguished title second place donald trump paul francis came in third among women held a clinton tops the list for the 15th straight year followed by
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first lady michelle president obama and german chancellor into a long time since a local cleveland tv meteorologist shaved his beard.
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near an east bay hotel. i will have the details in a live report. çááámarkáááñ[take vo]çááávoáááñ and another hollywood legend dies just a day after her daughter. we take a look back at the life and career of debbie reynolds. çáááannyáááñ adlib weather tease.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: going to work this morning we are looking at a clear skies all across the bay area if you are in san jose
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chilly for you the next and hours look like this mostly clear conditions this morning but thomas and will be out toward santa cruz to the judge will push close to 70 degrees. >>robin winston: not through the
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tall but the new eastern spent a suspension the skyway the james lick and 280 a very nice, you limit the trouble spot on the open side. >>mark: the top story this more a gunfight at and east of a hotel parking lot sent people running for cover. >>reporter: the scene has since been cleared one to show you suppose we had yesterday when it was still active and the cars
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left the parking lot in opposite directions after the shooting they found shell casings and shattered glass they haven't been able to locate the people are coming back to was lie we want to show you how close it is to the bay street shopping center you concede that that is right across the street from the hotel. >>reporter: there are some residence and apartment they're right there above the shopping center this very concerning for all the people they're going through security footage i will be here throughout the morning of date.
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>>darya: 80 your woman was headed home after a wall when a man attacked her just as she was walking up to her home the 49 year-old sexually assaulting her and tried to steal her purse she did not let go and he took off they later found him there all grow rolled the and he is now being charged with sexual battery. >>mark: the two brothers accused of killing the 36 year-old war rain accord and now the father of the 22 year-old and 25 year- old is speaking out he said there are provoked that started after a the axle to turn down the music after they exchanged words heat through champagne bottle hitting him in the head.
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>>mark: he had a knife on him and was acting in self-defense he believed surveillance video will back up the story the brothers are being without bail. >>mark: debbie reynolds passed away just one day after her daughter and she spoke to him before she died in said she missed him.
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>>reporter: she was a hollywood triple threat and america's sweetheart her film career began at the age of 16 after being spotted in a beauty pageant resulted in her number one hit song she played opposite gregory and her performance in the unthinkable earned her an oscar nomination she had two
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children with her first husband producer and actress and author in 1959 the marriage ended in highly publicized divorce when it she left to marry her close friend elizabeth taylor a pen from the trail she was able to joke about the scandal years later she had quietly been collecting over the years that will prove a wise investment she sold mayor low white subway dress for $4.6 million she never
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quit performing she loved every minute she spent in show business in a 2013 autobiography she credited the love she had from her friends and family for her personal and professional resiliency. >>darya: they are reacting to the sudden death.
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>>darya: a body found a homeless
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encampment here i neighbors say it's time for this in experiment to go a ski resort clothes because of a fire we would tell you when they're going to reopen. çááárobináááñ robin traffic tease. . .
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0% fillers, always real meat #1. lifelong smart nutrition. it's all in one. purina one. >>anny hong: we have a clearer
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skies across the bay area for 31 and fairfield cold for you mild and half moon bay to 59 degrees some of the warmest temperature along the coast that could bring
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some sprinkle here was a quick check of your traffic.
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>>robin winston: 80 west that looks good approaching the toll plaza of into downtown san francisco south 680 the nimitz and other trouble spots for san leandro union city hayward 21 minutes to get from to 38 out to 237.
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>>mark: for more than 12 hours the fire started in the resort and minister of offices that began to work through the rubble to sow was what they could.
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>>darya: it has not been found but thanks to a donation from a man in the east coast it will be replaced the 100, 6 ft. tall was taken from washington square park on christmas morning he decided to send a brand new menorah to the rabbi who put the first one in the park. >>mark: the bodies found inside of a homeless encampment.
5:19 am
>>darya: a popular restaurant closes doors with no notice and locations putting hundreds of people suddenly out work the
5:20 am
brother of word beauty queen has filed a lawsuit over its murder miniseries. >>mark: he is suing the network a production company behind the series we have all the highs
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after the break.
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.dry and mild continue through thursday. a weak weather sy >>mark: welcome back another really cold morning for the evidence spots.
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>>mark: the warriors would close out with a win by 10 and the warriors take on the dallas mavericks to are my. >>darya: more security at the famous rose parade in pasadena they're going to have more security checkpoints and water filled barrels to stop any possible attacks from a vehicle they learned of bible lesson from what happened in brussels the fbi will be among the agency providing the extra security.
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with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets. çááádaryaáááñ welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. çááámarkáááñ we are keeping an eye on weather and traffic this morning. toss traffic. >>robin winston: it's been
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backing up often on overall very nice commute would have had any big trouble spots for the maze or downtown 84 ionize camille i
5:30 am
livermore and no big problems for south 680 from the dublin and to change the sow about nimitz freeway looks great so far heywood union city fremont hot spot free in the morning commute looks great so far. >>anny hong: cold feel 37 in san jose.
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>>mark: despite a year of candles. >>reporter: violent crimes and property crimes are down the
5:32 am
decline in crime is due to several factors greater analysis of where and how it is happening finally a better working relationship with the public she is pleased that they
5:33 am
are moving in the right direction but she says and still has a long way to go in she is committed to reducing crime even more. >>darya: a new twist in homicide investigation investigators are calling in a murder for hire and to more people have been arrested he was shot and killed his car in july to people are arrested for the shooting both were for tennessee investigators said they traveled with the sole mission of killing him and now to more arrests have been made detective say they hired them from tennessee to commit the murder the have not released the most.
5:34 am
>>mark: the police released detailed description of the to shoulders murderers and the recall are the termless take you to the surveillance video. >>darya: the burglar tried to go through a window and the person at the motel heard the commotion and called the cops they took off in a stolen u-haul truck leading police on the pursuit as we did a closer to
5:35 am
the end of the year we're highlighting some of the biggest dories would take a look back at the video that led to the closure of the east of a school. break we have some tips that could help. [take: live]çáááscenicáááñ and here's a çááá2 shotáááñ
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>>robin winston: for those of
5:38 am
you who come from 80 on 25 a connecting with a 1 01 same story the bay bridge may see a little bit of a slowdown it quickly clear is that is a great ride all the way across less than 10 minutes for that trip 101 across the golden gate is looking good sausalito marin city san rafael no big trouble spot is a great ride on to city streets. >>darya: according to a new
5:39 am
study the three most common goals for 2017 are save money payoff bad and spend less you should set up an automatic savings account./ >>darya: that gives terminally ill patients the option of using an experimental drug that and not receive full revelatory approval there was a gun battle
5:40 am
at a hotel parking lot police are trying to use a smart speaker as evidenced in a murder investigation what they say the speaker could reveal in the case.
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çááámarkáááñ[take vo]çááávo in big stories boxáááñ we're coming up on 5:45... here's a quick look at the top stories we're following this morning... in the east bay... a man is behind bars this morning after police say he sexually assaulted an elderly woman... and then tried to rob her. it happened on graymont circle in concord at around 9:00 on tuesday morning. police say 49-year-old steven minor sexually assaulted the woman while trying to steal her purse. he is being charged with sexual battery, elder abuse, and attempted robbery.çááádaryaáááñ çáááadvanceáááñ we are learning new information about what happened inside a hayward target store when a father of four was stabbed and >>darya: two brothers are accused of killing a 36 year- old and their friend in court the to men saying they exchanged words with him she was 84
5:44 am
>>robin winston: connected to the peninsula and foster city 14
5:45 am
minutes for that drive a good one in it was looking good all the way across into downtown the richmond san rafael bridge for now it is pretty good ride it will take a quick 15 minutes over to mission south in fremont 580 leaving dublin san leandro castro valley know the
5:46 am
trouble spots into millepede is that as northbound a quick eight minutes rolling into to 37. >>anny hong: by friday evening we will see more of that land heading farther north on
5:47 am
saturday once again the main its drive for your new year's day. >>haaziq madyun: this is cell phone video of an altercation involving a pair of teacher's aide at the school and antioch
5:48 am
law school the specializes in teaching autistic severely emotional developmentally ranging in age from 5 to 22 years old to people holding a student by his arms and legs while someone strikes some is shows someone wearing all blue shirt on top of the student paris of students wear out raids after seeing this video they suspended the staff involved in called children and family services and antioch police the student in the video return to school on injured this is the first time the boy's grandmother is watching video for grandson they also set a school police
5:49 am
identified the aid and cited the video is evidence used to arrest her on child abuse according to the score dr. nicias facing one misdemeanor count of cruelty to a child. >>haaziq madyun: although she supports the mr. man and child cruelty she does not believe the incident reflects her 12 year- old son experience for teacher's aide agreed to come forward and talk about their experiences of
5:50 am
the former employees say at times may have sent other staffers instigate students to make them act out giving staff an excuse to use force the documents turned over from the state department of education shows during the school year students were being bused in from oakland brentwood pittsburg's real vista martinez in concord the san ramon valley livermore mountain house and tracing some district agreed to pay them 6071 ks $90,000 for just one student.
5:51 am
>>reporter: it is shutting down after this classroom video came to light and a news investigation on part of the allegations of abuse the teacher who did not want to appear on camera said she sad to form a teacher's aide are on probation the family of the boy showed the video filed a lawsuit which still operates the campus and southern california.
5:52 am
>>darya: fans still mourning the death of actress carrie fisher after the break we will show you how group of fans decided to pay tribute. can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside us are trillions of good microflora that support digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you. clear, taste-free, benefiber®. çááátrackeráááñ welcome
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back... before you head out the door this morning here's a look at current temperatures. ((adlib)) >>mark: of the '30's and novato met third is a long concord and livermore although we are at 37 in san jose, up 04 is an oakland hundreds of fans gathered to pay tribute to carry
5:55 am
fisher this is an disneyland last night she was best known for playing princess leah in the star wars movie she died in vain yesterday her mother died a program reminder where the only a local station that will bring in the new year we're starting this saturday night at 1115 a gun fight breaks out will live on the scene and we have an update on exactly what happened a home ii the burglars are still on the loose we will have more on where happen.
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çáááaveriáááñçáááaveriáááñ a shooting near an east bay hotel. i will have the report. çááámarkáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ plus... a home ransacked in the east bay... the burglars still on the loose this morning.. who poliec for. çááádaryaáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ and another hollywood legend dies just a day after her daughter. we take a look back at the life and career of debbie reynolds. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now if
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>>anny hong: a live look at the bay bridge we have the clear skies across the bay area m a chilly start from some locations along the water working milder a cold spot we
6:00 am
will talk about than in new year's eve, and of little bit later. >>robin winston: some spots are nice and smooth we're attracting a crash in the east bay will get to that on the traffic map best ally of look at the bay bridge drive into san francisco no major problems coming out of oakland into downtown only 11 minutes from the average drive times.
6:01 am
>>mark: more on our top story in a gunfight in the east bay hotel parking lot.
6:02 am
>>reporter: this town shell casings and shattered glass left behind as they have been unable to locate the people they still haven't found those people are involved to see it offers and the crews and leave them to the
6:03 am
people who are involved. >>darya: 5 9:00 tuesday morning and the >>: and was heading home after wall one command attacked her and just as she was going to appear to her home the woman held on and did not let go and he ended up taking off we're learning new information about what happens inside of a hey what target store. >>mark: the two brothers accused of killing the 360 or trained in court yesterday and the father of the 22 year-old and 25 year- old speaking now he says his
6:04 am
sons were provoked in the attack and started after he apparently accepted turned down the music after they chained the words he threw a champagne bottle their father says he had a knife on him and was acting in self-defense he believes surveillance video will back up their story they're being held without bail and they're due back in court today and. >>mark: toss is scheduled for a 18 year-old who died from gunshot wound to happen in the 2200 block of the man was taken to hospital where he died the
6:05 am
shares that it is a the shooting may be accidental. >>darya: police are looking for to a man who broke into and ransacked all home in fremont it happened in the hone their the intersection there was a brief police chase and hayward and the men were able to get away in the home owners will not hurt another bookstore where following. >>mark: she passed away one day after her daughter her son told a partner that she spoke to him before she died in said that she wanted to be with caring. >>reporter: descender dancer *
6:06 am
she was a hollywood triple threat from an american sweep hard per film career began at the age of 16 after being spotted in a beauty pageant harstad officially launched just a few years later after a performance of a notable roles followed the 1957 which resulted in her number one hit songs tammy if she played out a said and held her performance in the unthinkable molly brown earned her an oscar nomination. >>reporter: of on-screen a she
6:07 am
over shattered her success she had two children when she left to marry her close friend and elizabeth taylor the pain from the trail she was able to joke about the years later her second and third marriages ended in divorce each time causing her financial pain however she quietly been collecting hollywood memorabilia over the years the reproval wise investment she never quit
6:08 am
performing she stepped away from them so much for a career as she continued to into san on broadway stages and a loss vegas nightclubs in addition she has several tv role of the years notably playing her mother in the 2013 tv movie behind the candelabra it was recognized in 2015. >>reporter: when a xian her with a lifetime achievement award she loved every minute she stand and show business and her 2013 autobiography unthinkable she credits the love she have for friends and family for personal and professional resiliency. >>darya: the fans all across the country are reacting to the sudden death of the reynolds.
6:09 am
>>will tran: they knew what happened but they thought that maybe she would pull through the tragedy she died less than 24 hours after her daughter died. >>: i love that remote console and followed her more than carry fisher but just knowing that they're both related to and probably the devastating news of her daughter of maybe that has something to do within.
6:10 am
>>darya: the late harry fisher does not have the star on the hollywood walk of fame serve fans created one that put the letters to say she made the force be with you always hope the hollywood, said it plans to allow this star elvis for few days to remain there the brother who now suing a major television network hear what is asking for $750 million police a
6:11 am
to use a man speaker.
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
>>darya: nothing that is awful. >>robin winston: i will show to you on the map i want to show you the good-looking traffic 80 west heading into san francisco know the problems coming out of oakland through downtown this is
6:15 am
on the snow grade the vargas road on ramp to southbound 680 this isn't overturned on the freeway no other major problems or major hot spots these drive times looks great we're at the limit 580 west out of livermore and to double and 101 living morgan hill a big problem from copper and up to the guadalupe parkway that is a quick 23
6:16 am
minute trip. >>anny hong: here is a live look we have family or in-laws we need to get out of town sfo no problems we have clear skies checking out the delays at the bay area airport no problems this morning for travelers getting in and out of town we're still cold and santa rosa 29 degrees including santa rosa m. tan also san jose a lot of sunshine expected as a nice day to be expected to undo what this
6:17 am
afternoon satellite and radar pictures showing us dry conditions because of that we think the south bay in areas south can get a little better shower activity from last system intentionally went for those who will be in southern california where looking and mainly dry conditions for the bay area.
6:18 am
>>darya: a fire ripped through building on the property and they were at home what ski resort in the south slavs would broke out in flames about 12 hours the fire started and the resort administrative offices to about three in the morning a firefighter began to go through the rubble this out was what they could and then they want to make sure that new sparks did not flare up.
6:19 am
>>darya: also stay the night to make sure was no flareups the resort was closed for skiing yesterday besets to reopen at 9:00 a.m. the brother of the beauty queen is far lawsuit against cbs over its murder miniseries he is suing the network and production company and other contributors behind the series called the case the program foster accused of murdering his younger sister delores sell-off forced has repeatedly cleared him as a suspect the board is investigating the death of a man wants to expand the probe to include a new type of evidence in the comments overheard by the suspect prosecutors asked the court to provide data that could
6:20 am
build more clues about the night when a man was strangled and drowned the main suspect is the man who owns a home with the death happened his attorneys argued that turnover is an invasion of privacy they did hand over the suspects account detail was so far they refuse to give police the voice recordings. >>mark: it has still not been found but thanks to the nation from a man on the east coast there will be a new menorah placed in the sand and cisco park he heard what happened in the bay area so he decided to send a brand new one who put the big one they're in the first place is going to make its debut saturday night just-in-time for
6:21 am
the in the chronicle the body is found in homes in cameraman people in that neighborhood are demanding answers. >>darya: 01 of the body was found in this thing cameraman the cause of her death is not known at this time there was a man as well with the body was taken to hospital it is not the first time that a body was found in this in catmint neighbors are fed up with this and can men the spokesperson said their efforts to relocate people from homeless camps to safer areas that put the population somewhere between 20 and 50.
6:22 am
>>mark: inspire would nose first into the water and this is the time to figure out what caused the helicopter to crash the search is over for a missing woman her five your great granddaughter from teachers there been missing since christmas eve there were found yesterday in a wooded area in virginia and they were still in their car on the man from they have no idea how they ended up in the secluded area the woman is in hospital the 50 is back with her family. >>darya: it shut down all 16 of
6:23 am
this location's the company have ceased operation now they do not have jobs they can to work after the holiday and found out their final paychecks are supposed to arrive tomorrow and on one employee looking for answers he found locked doors and clotheslines the city of
6:24 am
oakland said it increased to hear why city officials say they're still all long way to go. may be one of your new year's resolutions... ways to keep your pledge to lose weight is next on kron four.
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çbreakñáááábreakáááá çááárobináááñ
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no major hot spots >>robin winston: we're attracting and overturn crash and we will have the details we're commit coming up. >>mark: takes more than a resolution to watch the numbers on the scaledown this is what it takes we will be right back.
6:27 am
6:28 am
. çbreakñáááábreakáááá çááámarkáááñ[take: live]
6:29 am
çáááliveáááñ opening bell. . >>mark: pulling back from us today as we were closing in by 30 points if it dropped 75 to
6:30 am
19,00833 some places also below freezing. >>anny hong: 36 and novato right at the freezing mark in fairfield those are some of the cold as location so far 34 in
6:31 am
livermore a cold start for you of the 30's and san jose and. >>robin winston: if you need to get to work this morning it will be a very nice committal no problems out of the maze nimitz 658024 the shore freeways connecting on to a west sphene
6:32 am
is not causing a major slowdown here is the drive time only 15 minutes. >>will tran: this happened about four and half hours ago task nicosia the damage they believe this was the case where a driver and passenger loses control we
6:33 am
don't know how much damage the fire department had to go out to treat the passenger right now the driver has been arrested booked into san mateo county jail. >>darya: there is a new twist in a homicide investigation they say it was a murder for hire case to people or arrested for the shooting turns out they were from tennis scene they travel to the bay area with a mission of killing him to more arrests have been made detective said they hire the shooters from
6:34 am
tennessee asked to commit the murder. >>mark: it has seen a decrease in violent crimes this year we first told you about the decrease. >>dan kerman: 26 scene was a year of scandal in spite of all of that violent crimes and property crimes are down the oakland police said comparing this year in oakland this seems like drops of homicide all salt and shooting a significant drops in residential burglaries with city officials say about a step and the right direction is still a far cry from where the city needs to be this declining
6:35 am
crime is due to several factors pass. >>dan kerman: its cease-fire programs giving known criminals away out and finally a a better working relationship with the public the oakland mayor is out of town for the holiday but i spoke with her by phone she is pleased they're moving in the right direction this is still has a long way to go to the she is committed to reducing crime
6:36 am
even more. >>darya: there is a sketch a detailed sketch and description on the shooter both men are described between the ages of 18 and 30 and have white complexions a sort employee was seriously injured also dogged the shot was killed burglar's target is a motorcycle dealership and they are caught in the act that tried to break the window but a person heard the commotion it and did it was
6:37 am
oakland with the driver was arrested but two other men are still. >>mark: donald trump attacked millionaire son, is to create 5 50,000 jobs it controls one west which would hire 3000 workers 2017 is shaping up to be a big year in consumer technology we
6:38 am
will be rght back. and here's a
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>>robin winston: the ride into san francisco nice and smooth if you need to get a in a is not going to be a problem we would check again on the san mateo and richmond san rafael bridge. >>darya: this setting look it the most goals that people have here the big common ones resolution for saving money in
6:42 am
order to save money is best to put together a budget law protect doctors of disciplinary actions still cold for some spots below freezing we will continue after the break icon
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
stories boxáááñ we're coming up on 6:45... here's a quick look at the top stories we're following this morning... police investigating a shooting in emeryville after shots were fired between multiple cars. the shooting happened near the hyatt on bay >>mark: thankfully no one was injured and didn't to man is behind bars after police said he sexually assaulted and elderly woman and tried to lob are he took off before getting the person the police arrested him she was 84 years old.
6:46 am
>>anny hong: a cold start feel we are tracking some milder conditions along the bay shoreline 56 and a half moon bay this is where we're going to see some of the warmer readings a quick check of the high for today mid-60's intentionally 63 in hayward low 60s and oakland expecting a loss of sunshine will see a potentially the mid '60s the warm response will be
6:47 am
out for the coast to the slight chance for shower because the showers are track and to the south in the alley area and southern california and in this to be dry mostly across the bay area still holding on to what weather for southern california.
6:48 am
>>anny hong: a chance forced window or two will keep you posted if that changes. >>robin winston: no major problems right now no hot spots a great time to go ahead and run those errands from highway 37
6:49 am
over to the toll plaza drive times still looks pretty good no problems here on 680 we had one incident that was an overturned accident that is still wrapping up.
6:50 am
>>gabe slate: it is the 10th anniversary of the device and is expected to be a big upgrade speaking of i use that in the fall and it was it or replace the fingerprint on locking system the samsung galaxies seven will the first phone to feature models scores of phone was recalled samsung will come out big in 2017 they will have to dazzle consumers to gain back the good name them brennan used have that extra pressure to innovate and excited as is going to lead to an impressive new device puppet pack answer your
6:51 am
question and play your music by vocal command you will likely walk again on a friend or family member of this upcoming year acting weird.
6:52 am
>>darya: the war is trying to bounce back last night was great last night back home month and they're taking on the toronto raptors that made nine of the first 10 shots and played
6:53 am
the mavericks to mar 9. >>darya: t tosses it between his legs behind the back for a shaun livingston we're watching wall street will be right back on the news continues let's go outside on this beautiful and chile thursday morning.
6:54 am
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at this... thousands of people are watching and watiting for two eaglets to hatch... we are >>darya: this is the eagle's nest in fort myer florida and this is where 2 american bald eagles soar when for the arrival of their young ones of programming reminder. [take vo]çááávoáááñ ahead
6:58 am
at seven on the kron 4 morning news... a gunfight breaks out overnight at an east bay hotel parking lot... the shooters still on the loose this morning. kron four's averi harper is live at the scene with the details. ((advance)) çááádaryaáááñ[take vo]çááávoáááñ plus... hollywood legend debbie reynolds dies just one day after her daughter... we'll hear from people around the bay area on how they are remembering her this morning. ((advance)) çááámarkáááñ[take: live]çáááliveáááñ and we are tracking the weather around the bay area... anny hong has the forecast in just over a minute.
6:59 am
7:00 am
çáááaveriáááñ a shooting near an east bay hotel. çááásot fulláááñçááámarkáááñ [take: cont vo]çááácont voáááñ and another hollywood legend dies just a day after her daughter. we take a look at how people across the nation are mourning debbie reynolds. çáááannyáááñ and i'm tracking the weather across the bay area...


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