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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 30, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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in musical comedy. >> i wrote that for her. >> e.t. spoke with todd fisher by phone the night he lost his mother. >> she said this morning, the last thing she said was that she missed her daughter and wanted to very much be with her, andd then this morning she just said those words to me and 15 minutes later she had a stroke and virtually left. >> carrie was perhaps best known as rincess leia from "star wars." >> help me, o biwan kenobi. you're my only help. >> she wanted equal pay for women. >> i'm not worried about fans. my fans are 9, 10 and 12 years old. i don't think so. >> diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her 20s, carrie was admired for trying to take the stigma away from mental illness. she leaves behind her daughter,
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billie lourd. >> i feel my life has been blessed because in show business, i've met a lot of people and traveled all over the world, and i still have more life to go. ♪ good morning, good morning ♪ ♪ good morning, good morning to you ♪ >> debbie got her big break, n 1952 in "singing in the rain." she was also known as a survivor after carrie's father, eddie fisher left her for elizabeth taylor. throughout her life, debbie stayed strong. >> i want to go out performing, singing and dancing. that's what i love. >> is there a reason to stop? >> not until the inevitable. >> losing debbie and carrie one day apart was unthinkable and unimaginable. like the passing of music superstar prince. ♪ purple rain, purple rain
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>> i have nothing left to prove. i feel i'm the greatest performer that i could have been. >> he collapsed in his elevator near his paisley park estate. accideetal overdose. it's believed he used the drug for chronic pain. >> a man of fee words who let his music do the talking for him. to many one of his greatest achievements was his 1984 film "purple rain." he won an oscar for song score and starred as a musician. >> he did a movie, you know, you get that and you move on. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> in 1993, he became fed up with his record label and famously changed his name to assemble, combining the elements of male and female. most of us called him the artist
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formerly known as prince. ♪ i just want extra time and your kiss ♪ >> he would often reinvent himself releasing new music and going out on tour. in our time we learned he was a deeply spiritual man. >> i study all of the time to keep myself grounded. i study the bible, and study life and love, and just spend that. it keeps you pretty protected. we lost another music icon george michael on christmas day. the singer died of heart failure in his sleep in his home outside of london. ♪ >> "e.t." first interviewed george michael at an l.a. concert when he was still part of the pop group wham in 1985. >> at what point did you realiie you would be a major star in america? >> to be perfectly honest, i suppose the minute that "wake me
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up" started moving up the charts. ♪ >> he went solo and quickly became a force in music. ♪ >> selling more than 100 million records. ♪ i've gotta have faith >> george michael also made news for drug problems, health issues and run-ins with the law. despite all his struggles and there were many, the singer will be remembered as a trailblazer who pushed the boundaries of pop music. ♪ just let me go >> i do have a strong belief in my own ability to write music that people will relate to for years and years. >> of course, the music world lost another innovator this year. it's hard to believe it will mark the one-year anniversary of ziggy stardust, the one and only david bowie. we'll say good-bye to some of the stars of the small screen, mrs. brady, florence
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henderson touched all of our lives and she was a mom to her tv children who shared with us the special memories of this lovely lady. >> i'm hers, she's mine. how lucky. how lucky i am. how lucky we all are. florence's heart was so good. you know? it's so funny because, you know, yeah, she played mother that, you know, many people joke about or say, you know, it's just so sweet and everything, but you know what? she was ttat sweet. she really was. >> she was a lovely lady they sing about in the brady song. >> she was the love liest of ladies. >> shortly after her passing, maureen's brady bunch brothers felt florence's loss. >> it's important to know that many people share this loss. she will be remembered. she'll beloved for a long time. >> barry williams who played
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greg fought back tears. christopher knight who played peter broke down. >> regret, you know? >> go ahead and take a second. >> she's just one i could have spent more time with. she's the kind of mom you want. she had a very important role in my life, and i a good deal of who i am because of her. ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ ♪ >> i rarely ever watch anything i've done. i believe in the present and moving forward into the future, but i do realize the impacttthat it's had all around the world. "e.t." spent so many wonderful moments with the woman whose known as the mom who could solve any problem. >> i have answered all my mail ever since i started in this business, every piece. i still do. the letters that i've received from young people saying could you come and get me? would you? my father's abusing me.
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i have such an unhappy home. oh, yeah, kids who want me to come and help them. >> you know, there's an old saying, quitters never win and winners never quit. >> it's never been a curse for me because i don't allow it. a lot of actors, they do something and become very well known for it, and they hate what they were paid and they hate everything about the job. i don't hate it at all. it's part of my past. i cherish it. >> they would reunite for tv movies and florence always relished being with her tv family. >> we're very protective of the brady bunch. we don't like people to make fun of us. >> this hairdo now, which don't ask me how i created this at the time, but a lot of people have this now. it's coming in again. up next, we remember the life and impact of oscar winner patty duke. >> i happen to prefer calling my disorder manic depression.
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then the passing of a true hollywood legend, e.t. remembers the genius behind "happy
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brain, but you can lead a balanced life. >> while she was steadily getting film and tv roles some people began to notice that off-camera she was sometimes erratic and rumors flew she was a substance abuser. >> drugs have never playeded a part in my life ever except fantasy stories made up by other people. >> after 35 years of going undiagnosed in 1982 doctors found out why she was struggling with highs and lows. >> i happen to prefer calling my disorder manic depression. it is known as bipolar disorder now. >> for the mother of sean and mackenzie astin, treatment stabilized her life. she was elected president of the screen actors guild, but her greatest legacy might be for giving hope to others affected by meetal illness. >> my goal is to talk about it so much that people will be bored to tears with the idea of depressive disorder, manic
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depression and they'll go get help. we also cannot forget the man who played her tv dad, william shaler. he was 93. our look back with director garry marshall. >> i made people laugh and made their day a little better. >> plus gene wilder remembered. we back at the "e.t." vault with snl star gilda radner. >> i know you love me. >> the willy wonka star in his own words. >> love in particular, throws you upside down and throws you around. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ if you want to view paradise ♪ welcome back to our special look at the stars we lost in 2016. gene wilder passed away at the age of 83 after a battle with alzheimer's disease, but he left behind one of the most endearing characters ever created on film
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and we were lucky to spend so many priceless moments with the comedy great. ♪ come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination ♪ >> i've had a wonderful career, and i have no complaints. if this is it i have no regrets. >> gene passed away holding hands with his family. by his side was his fourth wife karen whom he introduced to us in 1995. >> we've been married for three years now, three wonderful years and i'm happier than i've ever been in my life. he was lucky enough to find love again after losing gilda radner in 989 approximately while she was alive, e.t. saw firsthand how passionate they were. >> their relationship was also hot tempered with lots of arguments. >> i would pick up a plate and throw it. i know you love me. now i know you love me. >> the year after her death he returned to work in the comedy, "funny about love".
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>> after gilda died, a lot of emotion was not coming out of me, and i'd come home at night exhausted and i felt relieved because i could cry, and i said i'm finally healing. ♪ ♪ if you're blue and you don't know where to go to ♪ >> he made us laugh making a career out of being a straight man in absurd situations, but gene himself was a quiet soul. >> i love those films, but they're crazy and bizarre that i wanted to be a real human being. ♪ maybe there you'll be free if you'll truly wish to be ♪ >> well, not all the big stars that we lost this year made their impact in front of the camera. garry marshall was one of hollywood's most beloved directors and producers from "pretty woman" and "princess
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diari diaries" to "laverne and shirley" and "happy days." he made us feel good. ♪ >> enough cannot be said of my relationship with garry marshall and what that's done for me as a person and having the confidence to be funny and goofy. >> a big movie star. >> she was 19, and came to my office and wouldn't sit down. she was fidgety. >> just about every star who worked with him loved him and considered him family. >> julia, ann, goldie, kate, bette. all of the stars we love most, they adored garry, not for his work behind the scene, but for his big heart. ♪ did you everrknow that you're my hero "qwest. >> the garry we know was always open, humble and open to people'sed whys. we did nearly 30 sitdowns over more thaa three decades.
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>> our last interview with garry was the month he passed away from complications of pneumonia and he was celebrating the 70th anniversary of the tv academy. >> it's a great thing to have come so far, and i have to be a part of it. i got all dressed up and came just to talk to you. >> out of everything that you've done, what do you most want to be remembered for? >> that i made people laugh and made their day a little better. i always said, i don't know how to change the world, but i can change a day for you if i make you laugh and happy one day. that's how i would like to e remembered. people come up to me and it makes me feel young and they're 50-year-old people, i grew up on your shows. i was a little kid and 50 years old and they're telling me. >> we miss you, garry. here's something, for his incredible tv success garry never won an emmy. can you believe that? he was nominated five times. here's something you may not know, garry marshall was good
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friends with alan thicke. they were neighbors and garry was a groomsman when alan married tanya in 2005 and "e.t." got an invite and it's just one of the memories that we have with the growing pains dad. >> it's my main goal in life, i suppose, on my way out the door beloved, remembered and appreciated. >> the 69-year-old canadian--orn actor died of a ruptured aorta. he'd been playing hockey with his son carter. his death was a surprise because he seemed to be in good shape. more ttan anything, alan will be remembered as america's dad. >> oh, come on, mag. >> yeah, come on, maggie. >> "e.t." was on the set of "growing pains" in 1985 before the show premiered. while alan was the biggest name he'd been on game shoos and he had his own talk show, "thicke of the night." >> we had a very attractive
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15-year-old cast member, a guy named kirk cameron who will probable be a thump, thump, thump, thump, heartthrob within months. ♪ show me that smile again >> to my dying day, if that's the last thing on my epitaph, that he was the dad on "growing pains," thank the lord. >> he had three boys and married three times we'll never forget the joy and day he and wife tanya said their "i dos". >> if the last breath i take would be to say how much i love you, then i'll know my life on earth will beecomplete. >> tanya was with alan just three days before his death and look what she wrote. i've got the cutest designated driver ever. so sweet. of course, there are many more stars that we lost this year, and now the look back continues right after this. lebrity stories.
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>> a little bit of everything. >>, your destination for entertainment news. primal consideration provided by -- nancy odell will be hosting year with help from josh temple, and look forward on january, and a policyy >> i like that. and we'll leave you now with some more stars that we lost
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this year who we will never forget. >> absolutely. good night. ♪ ♪ >> entertainment tonight. >> tonight. >> well, that's what i'm all about. i'm all about entertainment. ♪ >> this is important. there's a little joy in telling great stories. >> i'm a survivor and i'm out there and i'm working and winning awards. that's a great role model. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i like that every wrinkle on my face i've earned. [ indiscernible ] ♪ ♪ >> i'm
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