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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 6, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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a teen ager, a performer until the end. "bright lights" debuting tomorrow. debbie got her last big audience today as loved ones witnessed her burial near her friends, booet dav bette davis and labu-leith al libi and liberace. new details about the emooional ending f carrie. meryl streep performing "happy days are here again." the more than 125 guests with star wars george lucas, jolie fisher, jamie lee curtis and penny marshal, all reportedly singing along. carrie loved throwing parties at the house once lived n by bette
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davis. people reports fisher's favorite menu served, fried chicken, collared greens and cornbread. steven fry among ttose delivering eulogies, all of which mentioned how much carrie loved her daughter, billy lourd. at one point emotional billy spotted giving a long lug tohug friend. and being said, only thing missing are debbie and carrie. >> we will miss them. the family says there will be a public memorial for debbie and carrie but the date is not announced yet. yet, cameron, rumors flying about the death of george michaels. >> and rumors centered around his boyfriend and whether or not drugs were involved. here is what we know tonight. >> police are reportedly seeking answeres from george's boyfriend about what happened in the hours before the singer's death christmas day. he wrote, he found michael's body lying peacefully in bed christmas morning. yet reportedly police were not
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called until round 2:00 p.m. there are also conflicting reports about where he spent christmas eve. meantime, the coroner is conducting tests to see if drugs played a role in the 53-year-old's death. this as new story claims the singer may have spent up to a year in an $85,000 a week swiss rehab clinic. at this time, police say miccael's death is nonsuspicious. however, if toxicology reports were to show a drug overdose, there could be a criminal investigation. we have reached out to george's reps for comment. they did not respond. today billboard magazine releasing george michael tribute issue. inside his former manager hints that we could hear new music from george michael. he claims to have listened to new tracks michael reported before his death calling them totally pop like something that would have been on faith. ♪ i gotcha have faith.
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>> george's michael saying the state contacted him with legal concerns. >> can't wait to hear that new muse ping george george was one of those unique voices out there. the golden globes are this weekend on nbc. i want to let you know a lot of stars are in town and the celebrations have already begun. >> original song nominee justin timberlake feeling the party -pmood with wife jessica biel. at star-studded performance event. sunday timberlake with emma stone also out partying. must be over that strep throat that put her in the hospital last week. >> a very bad case. >> another nominee on the mend, this is us star chrissy met. we spotted her at lax after hurting her knee hiking but we are told she will be good to go at the golden globes.
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arrivals amy adams, showing shoulders last night and today her globes fit. last minute ladies keeping us guessing. >> i have a fitting in a few days. >> do you have your dress for sunday? are you ready? >> i'm just about ready. >> i'm not ready this year. i might be makeed. >> as for host jimmy fallon be, he is suited up and ready. >> any musical guest? >> i think we will have more music in the show than we've ever had before. >> as for who will secure those statuettes -- >> i worked really hard to get here. >> ryan versus ryan. if goseling inches out reynolds it could make "la la land" history. potentially winning seven globes. no other film has done that. and meryl streep alreedy a winner. >> i'm so blessed. >> the most nominated star
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taking home the cecilb.demil award.& >> getting my speech right now. >> the preglobes bash, one of thh stars there was val kilmer. thhre were concerns about his health. our first sighting of val in 26 days, the best he looked in months after a mysterious illness plagued him for more than a year. this is the photo that first sparked concern. in november of 2015 kill mer spotted with a tracheotomy tube, with speculation he was battling throat cancer. he denied it. he was forced to deny cancer rumors after friend end co-star michael douglas said in october that val was battling cancer and quote things don't look to good for him. days later val posted on facebook that michael was misinformed. i started having trouble with
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my -- >> in november, val made his first appearance in about two months for a screening and fans were shocked by his speech. >> my tongue swelled up. [ inaudible ] >> then in december, the 57-year-old was spotted looking very frail. still all the star admitted to ps a quote lump in my throat and swollen tongue. he is rehabbing steadily. his appearance last night seems to indicate that treatment is going well. >> and that is sure good to see. now, look who else was at the party last night. james corden. jaaie performed songs in the public domain and that means they didn't cost one red ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> amazing. gave a little testimony as to
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how people doubted him and now he is by smashing one of the greatest shows ever. ♪ ♪ >> with jamie after his serenade at the premier of his new thriller. >> what you got to say? >> my daddy kicks butt. >> yeah! >> jamie's date for the night, his 8-year-old daughter, annalise..o cf1 o foxx's other daughter wa miss golden globe. this year he is looking forward to hosting with jimmy fallon. >> jimmy don't hold back. you can say anything you want to say. jimmy, go get it. >> stars rarely hold anything back at the golden globes. coming up, outrageous moment in the show's history. >> i don't know if an actress can do her best work until i have suffered. >> then kim kardashian breaks silence about her paris robbery. >> are they going to shoot me in the back. >> what she said about being held at gunpoint and kanye's hospitalization.
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♪ ♪ oh, you just can't -- look into snapchat too? >> of course i am. ed sheeran's song, now on snapchht. >> thht's right. and just two new songs but is he worried his pal, taylor swift, will try to steal his thunder? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's ed, nailing a live performance of his other new both tracks jumping to the top of itunes chart. >> i wanted to pick the two that were furtherest away from each other and release them. >> also loving his new music, pal taylor swift, who sent an e-mail expressing her excitement. said we can expect new music -pfrom her soon. >> would you be annoyed if she released it on the same day as you? or near? >> i'm confident in our stuff.
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>> also tonight, kim kardashian breaks her silence about being held up at gunpoint in paris. >> are they going to shoot me in the back? there's no way out. >> the promo for keeping up with the kardashians shows kim hope opennng up as well as kanye's hospit hospitalization. >> plus, mark wahlberg. the actor has been complaining about longer locks for months. he had to keep it shaggy for transformers. >> it makes me uncomfortable. it's a problem. it is blowing around. it obstructs your view. >> a fresh cut on today's "ellen" where he revealed he might have a new problem. his 13-year-old's daut wesh ella, crush on bieber. s she said, we're getting married. i said, over my dead body.
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actually over your two dead bodies. >> we have details on the first tv role, in two decades. >> something really important to me. >> then before ben affleck hits golden globe red carpet, we are with him opening up to "e.t.." >> and the golden globes, funniest moments ever. jokes from years past that will still make you laugh. >> gravity, it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> closed captioning provided by --
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areeback it work on movie number three, anna kendrick instagrams this ic of the cast united but no word yet in the story line matches what anna told us what she hoped it would be. >> what would your dream line --
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>> i would love it if we were in space. i would personally love to do one of those anti-gravity scenes. >> they are not going into space. meanwhile, ben affleck is aa gangster in his new drama, "live by night." in the nearly 20 years since he and matt damon won golden globes for "goodwill hunting," been out with a little globe flash back this morning. >> you and matt back stage and your reaction? >> only like when we were like, silly and even hard to imagine that anything good would happen us to. >> we will try our best. >> what do you remember from that moment? >> i don't remember a lot. it is kind of shocking. likeewhen you get takennout of your body. >> well, ben, a good thing "e.t." was there to get it all on camera. then 25-year-old scrub-free buddy and bff matt getting their
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first taste of hollywood victory. >> here is ben. >> that was exciting. that was a real thrill. we were awfully young. >> young and talented. just like the other affleck. >> casey affleck, he is the front-runner to win the golden globes. how is he feeling? how is he doing? >> he is doing great. >> he is handling it well. >> could be making history? >> yeah. >> meanwhile big ben has been very busy starring in, directing and writing the new crime thriller "live by night." >> breaking rules meant nothing. you had to be strong enough to make your own. -p>> turns out we're not the on ones who remember that vintage globes moment. >> remember watching that movie. watch that clip and to be sitting here with him today, i feel, you know, really honored. >> i cannot wait to see ben and his brother, casey, at the globes sunday. this will be a party.
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remember, this is the awards show where they serve drinks all night long and the stars really get to cut loose. here are the funniest moments we will never forget and the categories are -- >> honestly i was told i was presenting alone. >> first up, contender for most outrageous moment by presenter. >> i own don't know if an until i've slept with her.wn dos can do her best work until i've slept with her.n don't know if can do her best work until i've slept with her. don'' know if a can do her best work until i've slept with her.don't know if an can do er best work until i've slept with her. >> winner? >> want me do it? >> i have the mail. >> you have the globes too. >> next, globes known for catching stars in the act. christine getting the worst in 1998. >> i was in the bathroom, mom. >> same thing happened to renee zellweger just three years later. >> a moment i almost didn't havv. >> the lights went down, they said, commercial break, i thought, hey. >> meryl streep is golden globe
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queen and shout-outs are expected. >> i beattmeryl. >> you want to take a picture? the best meryl jokes in 2013. >> what does that say? >> muriel. >> muriel streep. >> known to take aim at the audience. >> we're still looking that the one from 2014 hosts tina fey and amy poehler. >> "gravitiy" nominated for best film. a story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> best of all, this is live tv, so of course we've got some ffvorite prompter fails. >> and they put up the wrong stuff on the teleprompter. >> our winner is -- >> here it comes. >> here it comes. >> thank you. >> this is why we love this
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evening. >> see now, that's the kind of moment made for someone like cher. maybe we will see her at the globes next year. she already won three times and now the superstar is starring in her first tv movie in 20 years. and here is the cool hing. cher told me at 70, she is not slowing down. >> at this point, in a ot of people's careers, they are winding down. you're winding back up. why? >> because i like what i do. and i never knew there would be a sell-by date. >> at age 70 she is starring in a new lifetime movie titled "flint". she will play a woman affected by michigan's water contamination crisis. she is also executive producer along with katie couric. >> i have to go. >> where? >> this won't be the first time cher tackled real-life issues on film, earning first oscar nomination for "silk wood" where she and cheryl stremeryl streepa
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con tomorrow nat contaminated factory. >> i'm just older than dirt. >> you're not. in your mind, what do you think? >> in my mind i totally forget. the other day i thought ways 60. oh, my god, i'm 60. then i thought, oh, my god, i should just -- iinever expected to live this long. ♪ ♪ >> before her new movii, she is returning to the stage with a residency called "classic cher" that launch eats monte carlo in vegas next month and moves on to mgm in the d.c. area m march. >> do i want to do this, you know. and the one thing i know is i still like it sing so much. i love to sing. >> back to the tv movie about flint real quick, cher has been fighting for residents there since the water crisis first broke. she posted information on twitter and donated thousands of bottles of water. >> there is still lead in the water there. >> why sylvester stallones three daughters are the best reality show you should be watching.
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>> >> promo consideration provided by -- >> make sure to join us monday for all of the golden globe excitement. by the way, sylvester stallone's three daughters are right in the
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middle of all the madness, ha handing out awards on stage. >> they also actually star in their father's instagram. >> crazy. >> it is crazy. they told us it is basically stat lone family reality show. and it is so much fun to watch. >> take a look, and we will see you on monday. >> the proud papa just can't stop filming his daughters, sophia, scarlett and sistine. >> everything you see is currently what is going on in our lives. >> i don't want a pout faae. >> i'm not pouting. >> you are pouting. don't pout. >> he films us out of nowhere. he can be laying m bin bed withr haar messed
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>>: people just grab things and ran >>pam m: breaking news out of florida reeling from a mass shooting of four lottery their im


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