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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 11, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PST

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tonight, once the kim kardashian robbery a an inside job in there are 17 people taken in custody. we will tell you which person had direct access to kim. >> latest get-way for prince harry an his girlfriend and a possible royal engagement? >> close friends haven't seen him this happy in a long time. >> plus, ben affleck. >> i don't know what i would do without those guyes. >> not out with matt damon after his little brother's golden globe win, recreating his favorite party pose with "e.t.." >> here we go. >> and -- >> scarlett johansson's sting to the truth and 2-year-old daughter. >> she will say, no, no, not that one. just like on a juice box. yeah, next. >> now for january 10, 2017,
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this is entertainment tonight. >> plus, kim kardashian betrayed bay member of her own team when she was robbed at gunpoint inside her paris apartment. >> that jewelry heist was three months ago, now we have details. kim stepped out with kanye in bell air. the couple had reason to celebrate in predawn age. french police taking 17 people into custody in connection with the armed robbery of $5.6 million worth of kim's jewelry. "e.t." today with cbs news reporter who spoke to the french authorities this morning. >> he public prosecutor confirmed to me that 17 people are still in custody. they are being regularly held for four days. >> the suspects are remarkably diverse. >> age from 23 to 72. the 72-year-old is in the south
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of france. three women. >> suspects include the chauffeur who drove kim home the night of the robbery. >> looking at the possibility of an inside job with inside information. >> and another twist. investigators apparently got a break worthy of an episode of csi. >>. [ inaudible ] two hours after the robbery was declared to the police and found dna on that. they also found dna on one of the plastic ties used to tie up in the bathroom as well as in the apartment. and that dna led them to major criminal who is already known to police and public prosecutor said they are already involved in armed robbery. >> yesterday's pretaun raid included this home in the french countryside in a paris apartment. >> they found some weapons in a
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large amount of cash. >> meanwhile, in the latest promo for her reality show, kim broke down in tears as she recounted the robbery. >> they were going to shoot me in the back. no way out. >> this morning a source close to the reality star told us quote, kim is deeply relieved to know that this ordeal will all come to an end soon. >> kim is expected to do a follow-up interview with investigators. not sure if she will go to paris or investigators will come to her here. >> scary. >> prince harry and meghan markle snuck away for yet another secret rendezvous. and we have the details in london. >> taking her away specifically to see the northern lights back in 2011 when they saw the northern lights then and when he went back, he took someone special with him. >> slipping a away without being
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photographed. photograph. tweet this >> not tweet, about $400 a night. apparently spending one night in a tepee. they went whale watching. >> she rang in 2016 in iceland and 2017 could we see a royal engagement? >> some of harry's close friends are seriously thinking there could be an engagement at some point later this year. they are planning to take a skiing holiday and there is talk that harry will take meghan as his guest to the wedding of his best friend, tom. it is happening in jamaica. . >> there is some distraction. meghan's sister talked to us about new drama. samantha and meghan have the same father and she says reports of harry not meeting their father is not true. back in november grant was
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hopeful of her sister becoming a princess. >> i think it would absolutely be a royal wedding. and i think she would love that because she will be honored and happy and haveppy and that wille her moment. >> we will wait anxiously to see if 1/2 harry will pop the question. bran gentlem!! brangelina with a joint statement. could there be peace on the horizon in "e.t." has brad and angelina's new statement. the pair says they agreed to documents confidential. number two, did what's necessary to both facilitate an expeditious resolution. and number tlhree, committed to act as a united front. >> executive producer of "moonlight", brad pitt. >> less than 4 will hours after brad's globe appearance, first
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public sighting in 47 days. after presenting best picture drama winner, moonlight, pitt wasn't seen celebrating with the cast at any after partyes. ju he did find himself with the view stars behind the scenes. >> i found myself with brad pitt, quite surreal. >> nearly four months after splitting from angelina, brad has asked for joint physical custody. right now he sees them with a monitor present. angelina has sole physical custody. a judge will be needed to make any further decision. >> is there any ending to this any time soon, hopefully? >> hopefully. >> behind closed doors from now on. >> you heard from sienna miller, she was at the premier last night with carly field. carly, the night did belong to ben affleck. >> he wrote, directed and
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starred in a movie but he did also open up about people live here including long time partner in crime, matt damon. >> matt came out to support you tonight. what does that mean to have the long standing bond? >> i can't tell you how valuable it is to have somebody who has been through things with you, up answers downs and i donnt know what i would do without those guys. >> talking about his guy squad and the first reason we love ben, the 44-year-old has no problem giving props to little brother casey for golden ggobe best actor win. >> we talked to casey last night. he said he always asks you for advice and you never give it to him. why is that? >> he hasn't given me any advice. i asked for advice. this time i reached out and he said nothing. >> he doesn't need my advice. my brother is one of the smartest guys i know. he doesn't need me to help him. >> but ben still got a little bite, pay back after casey forgot mention him during his
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acceptance speech. >> i was a little taken aback. >> i looked up the video of when you wouldn't oscar for the first time -- >> my brother casey nd his brilliant -- >> we didn't hear anything like thattlast night. >> the third reason we love ben, besides the fact his co-producer leo snuck into the premier of the gangster film, he has this cheesy move. >> do you have a go-to pose for your memorable moment to recreate right now for "e.t."? here we go, here we go. >> you know what else, kevin? ben told me he didn't stay out late partying at the globes because he had to get up early and take his kids to school. >> that's the reality, carly. big inwinner was "la la land" with record-setting seven awards today. 11 nominations, the british ekwoif le
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equivalent to the oscars. ryan and emma, in paris making a movie. touching down in the city of lights barely a day after his acceptance speech where he thanked his partner eva mendes without ever mentioning her name. >> sweetheart, thank you. my daughters, mada and esm esmeralda, thank you. >> they are so under the radar, no one knows if they even tied the knot. eva posted this of janelle monae, obviously this wasn't my favorite moment of the night but definitely my favorite style moment of the night. >> and still to come, details on george and amal's date night. >> then before this is us returns, we are with the cast digging for answers the fans want to know. >> is toby alive? >> huh? >> and winning -- >> charlie sheen reflects on his
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only at a sleep number store, right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99 learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. ray? >> may the force be with you. >> so emotional after that now. >> and the big question, what will star wars do? carrie fisher signed on for
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three new movies before she pass wade. >> she already shot scenes for the second and j.j. abrams admits they don't know what to do about the third. tonight, how does star wars carry on? >> the third film is remained to be seen. still no script. she was someone that i know will be missed deeply by so many. >> meantime, "e.t." has obtained death certificates for kari and debbie. carrie death is cause pending hp her mother, from a stroke. and charlie sheen? he said his life is much different now. >> does that guy still exist? >> he has to. i think, ult plaimately it is fo watch sometimes but also cringeable. >> sitting down with michael strahan with a special interview
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tomorrow. since his hiv diagnosis, charlie says he has been focused on healthy living and his family, posting this pic with denise richards and daughters sam and lola just last week. >> all of our experiences within that. you know. >> finally, is the future of flip or flop in question? >> bathroom, what are your thoughts? >> oh geez. >> tarek and christina el moussa from hgtv home renovation show splitting and tarek officially filing separation papers. cot flip or flop will continue to air as scheduled but not sure if new showes with tarek and christina will work together. >> a lot of their shows they worked on separately anyway. >> look at this.
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>> oh, my, right? >> well, mommy confessions. how she keeps her 2-year-old daughter entertained. >> you could give her a box of tic tacs and it will blow her mind. >> secrets. >> there will be an uproar. >> we are with the cast before the tush turn of tv tonight.rn . >> closed captioning provided by --
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"woo "boots are made for walkin." >> oh she sounds good. star let joe hansen channeling her inner nancy sinatra. all for the uso in afghanistan p.m. i'm impressed. >> 3,000 troops in four days.
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even though we are not used to hearing scarlett sing, she says it is something she does a lot as a mom. >> you sang lot? >> yes, i sing a lot all day, probably much to her annoyance. sometimes she will say, no, no, no, not that one. like i'm a juice box. >> scarlett's 2-year-old daughter. >> right now she is into "frozen." she is good at "let it go." she's got a good ear. >> she sings along with you? >> yeah. i just absolutely in my mind, i am edina. just, especially in the shower, i sound exactly like her. not at all. >> have you a good holiday with rose? she takes it all in? she is getting it? >> yeah. she is two. so you could literally give letter like a box of tic tacs and it will blow her mind. you know what i mean?
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>> it gets harder. >> next time you can he does zien me better. >> next up for this working mom is ghost in the shout. a cyber terrorist commander. >> doesn't seem like it was that long ago ways onset with you. >> not long ago. >> this is a quick turn around. >> it is. now you're making me nervous. >> i'm going in. >> a lot of scarlett's screen time is spent in skin-tight latex unitard. >> it is flesh colored. real flattering. >> wow, you, all out there. >> not me, man. bring it, chris evans. bring it. >> so you just stay in incredible shape. what is your secret to na? >> hard work and discipline. as i'm sure you know. you are in good shape. it is a lifestyle. start at the gym in the morning and you know, fight my way through the day. >> whatever you're doing,
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scarlett, it is working. i also asked scarlett if she watched golden globes but she told me she was busy. making mac n cheese and wondering whether to watch tinker bell or strawberry short cake. that's her life now and she loves it. >> does toby die? we will find out tonight. i was all over the cast at the golden globes searching for answers. >> can i live without cookie answers potato chips. but one thing i cannot live without is you. >> lines like this that made toby's shocking heart attack so tough to take. tonight we finally find out if he survives. >> could be alive. but i could also be dead. these the two options. >> you found out in the first five minutes. >> they tell right away. from there, you're like, okay you move on. >> the show is nearly 10 million fans may be surprised to know that chris wears a fat suit to play the selfless sweet
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boyfriend of chrissy metz. >> can you imagine tuesday if toby dies around the world? >> there will be an uproar. i know that. i know. i didn't write it. >> in the beginning, triplets. >> i will figure something out. right? >> this could work. >> those heart-tugging moments continue tonight and even though the cast didn't win a golden globe, they say there's big things to come. >> i understand this show prepared you for father hood. >> that and my nieces and nephews absolutely have. all i'm trying to accomplish with the character, with jack, is to be a good father and good husband. >> everybody cries. everybody cries. >> we cry too. >> do you? >> we cry reading the script. we cry in table read and while we're shooting. yeah. not lost on us either. i cry when i watch the episodes. there is so much i don't see. >> it is okay to feel your feelings. it is okay to cry. >> there's a tear in your eye. >> well listen -- >> are you tearing up right now?
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>> i hope toby makes it. we had a blast on the red carpet. starl carly, you add lot of fun, didn't you? >> champagne wassflowing. next year we should consider a bigg bigger platform. >> and justin? >> get him off. he doesn't need the stage any more. >> we have known jessica was a take-charge kind of gal but how does justin feel about that. >>. >> that's all right. i'm staying. like man who's -- >> been pushed ff a stage. >> been pushed off a stage. that's happened before. >> now that is a man with his ego in check. we love seeing justin and jessica out on date night at the globes, where the platform was the place to be. >> what is the greatest thing tonight? >> being invited. >> something we are proud to be a part of. moet's toast for a cause. official champagne of the golden
1:10 am
globes donate $1,000 to each celebrity's charity of choice. >> which charity would you like to toast to? >> the kind fund. kids in need. >> the organization that supports equality and passion and love for everybody. >> thank you. and to the evening. >> may we not remember it. >> i'm giving a toast tonight for dominiking a u lair special needs truck. >> they work with conflict in africa. >> music heads. >> i have a dream foundation. >> yeah. cheers regina king. >> how many steps have you taken? >> toasted for a cause. >> thankful for a lot of good causes. >> we toasted with 23 stars. >> a great night. >> the next awards show, by the way, is people's choice awards, wednesday the 18th on cbs. we can now tell that you jennifer lopez, kerry
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washington, matt leblanc and tom hanks will be there. >> a few big names there. >> just a few. we live in a pick and choose world.
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>> all on tomorrow on "e.t.." with jessica biel revealing romance confessiones. >> that's like a great date, right? >> jessica and justin's tip for hollywood marriage. >> "moonlight" star ben affleck. or "toddlers." tomorrow on et. >> so football game last night, national championship game.
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>> did you root for clemson? >> yes. we finally won. finally someone beat bama. >> good the insider, tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, brad and angelina form a united front. >> this joint statement is huge for the kids. >> why they're finally working together after months of bitter feuding. >> to remain a family even though you're not a couple. >> inside hollywood's biggest divorce duos coming together for the children. >> jamie foxx sets the record straight on his alleged bar brawl. >> i want to address what happened on saturday, man. >> jamie, did you get in a fight? "this is us" returns tonight. will we finally find out toby's fate? >> you're going to be really surprised. and who's the golden globe


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