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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 31, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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say, the man rented a flat-bed pickup from home depot to carry out the attack....(steve) we have complete team coverage of the terror attack... ali reid reports on what people in the bay area can do to protect themselves from a terror attack. but first lets start with alison kosik who is live in new york with the very latest... alison? james p. o'neil/ nypd commissioner: "today, there was a loss of life in lower manhattan. the dead and injured were just going about their days.""after a truck mowed over people in a new york city bike path, killing at least eight, (steve)
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(steve) we are also learning that five of the people killed were from argentina...and one person from belgium was killed. and we are learning new information about the suspectedattacker... in the last 30 minutes...uber confirmed that the suspect was one of its drivers. his name is sayfullo saipov... and he is from uzbekistan...a country in central asia ... saipov came to the u-s back in 20-10. police say he has a tampa, florida address connected to him. investigators are also examining a possible connection to new jersey....
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again, police say he left a note at the scene claiming he carried ot the attack in the name of isis... ( pam ) back here in the bay area .... law enforcement is on high alert. kron 4's ali reid sat down with a retired f-b-i agent.. (steve) she joins us live from the newsroom. is there anything people can do to stay safe? it's important to always be aware of your surroundings ... but law enforcement officials tell me there isn't much anyone can do to stop someone from suddenly plowing into a crowd of people with a truck.. it's a very successful strategy that these people have.former f-b-i agent rick smith and he tells me . a suspected terrorist would need to be identified before an attack is set out. that would include intelligence agencies like the fbi and the c-i-a . which are always on alert.there are things you can do in terms of identifying these people beforehand. it's just that once they get a vehicle, once they begin to enter an urban area, it's
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difficult at that point to figure out what they're gonna do and where they're gonna go. here in san francisco there are a number of places where crowds of people gather like union square, the golden gate bridge, and coit tower, just to name a few. they can be easy targets at any time of day. when it comes to terrorism, what they want is for you to be in fear. i mean you can't live in fear. that's a motto for life even.public safety agencies here are working with federal and state law enforcement. former agent smith tells me with government intel cracking down on terrorism, suspects are finding different ways to hurt or kill others.rick smith / former fbi agentsot - there's been so much done to prevent terror attacks in planes, airports, train stations. now they've come up with this lone wolf thing where they're just running a vehicle and killing people. that's a whole new ballgame, making it more difficult.
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public safety agencies here in the bay area are monitoring the incident in new york.the san francisco department of emergency management says there's no credible threat to the city at this time. and with public safety being the number one priority, they're asking the public, if you see something suspicious, report it.reporting live from the newsroom, ali reid kron 4 news. (pam) our coverage of the terror attack in new york city continues online. on our'll find up-to-the minute information on the investigation.... and a photo gallery. there's also reaction from the president and bay area politicians on this latest terror attack on u-s soil. it's all just a click kron 4 dot com. (steve) in the south bay, a stabbing suspect and a police k-9 are both dead after an officer involved shooting in sunnyvale.(pam) it happened this afternoon at around 1:00 at a condominium complex near the corner of east weddell drive and jena terrace. that is where kron four's spencer blake joins us live. spencer,
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there's still a lot for police to figure out in this one. that's exactly what they're doing.(adlib current status of investigation)all of this started earlier this afternoon. around one o'clock halloween afternoon, sunnyvale police rushed to en casa, a condo complex on east weddell."i saw there was a police guarding and i asked him what's going on, and they're investigating. that's all i know."a 9-1-1 caller said a woman had been stabbed.first responders took that victim, who had non-life- threatening injuries, to a hospital."officers then went to the residence, made contact with the suspect. the suspect was uncooperative with officers. officers continued to work with the suspect. the
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suspect was eventually armed." captain jeffrey hunter with sunnyvale department of public safety is still piecing together what happened next, but whatever scuffle followedled to an officer shooting the suspect.he ended up dying in the hospital. though no human officers were hurt, they lost one of their own in the confrontation.the suspect, a man in his mid-20s, stabbed the police k-9 that made contact with himand that dog later died in a veterinary hospital."i'm surprised it happened to such a community. it's a good community. you can tell just by looking at it. this neighborhood is very safe."meanwhile, people who live in the complex were turned away from their garages as they arrived home in the evening.evidence markers and police tape were out as dusk settled in."we're trying to sort out the blood that's outside that you've seen. we're just trying to sort through everything and make sure that we have all the evidence necessary."police hope to have more information available on wednesday. though we don't know all the kinds of evidence police will
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be sorting through, we do know that officers in the sunnyvale d-p-s ádo wear body cameras. live in sunnyvale, spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) a safeway employee trying to stop an alleged shoplifter is stabbed and attacked by a dog early this morning. that worker is now in the hospital with life- threatening injuries. it happened at the safeway in san francisco's richmond district, at 7th avenue and cabrillo, not far from golden gate park. kron4's maureen kelly reports ... there is now a call for increased security at the store, in light of this incident. this is mug shot of the suspect.34 year old michael pardo.police say he sprayed the victim in the face with bug spray and stabbed the suspect in the upper torso, while his dog bite the clerk. this all happened after the victim tried to stop the
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suspect from walking away with a basket of alleged shoplifted items.this is a picture of the 2 year old border collie named magic, involved in the incident. magic was already deemed dangerous and vicious by the city after the dog bite two rec and park workers in golden gate's owner, pardo, also has a criminal history. he pleaded not guilty to a 2016 charge of possesing a switchblade knife, after several marijuana related charges were dismissed. police say he has a san francisco address, but he's known to hang out amoungst the homeless in the area.i think it's bad it makes all people on the street look badi saw several panhandlers around the store today. a few say there were told by other homeless in the park to come to this store.they just told us we come down here and maybe panhandle little bit make a little money get some food and stuffshoppers today were shocked by the early morning violence.yeah it's pretty dangerous have to be so careful nowpolice say they have been called to the grocery story before.we understand at the store does experience a number of shoplifting incident but it's rare they turn violent like thisone worker says because
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the store stays open until 2amthere should be more security here.we need more security from now on so be safe for the employees and the customers who shop in here too we need security at all times pardo was booked on charges of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon , robbery, and possession of a dangerous dog amoung other charges.maureen kelly kron4 news. (pam) taking a live look outside....(steve) now lets go to our chief meteorologist brittney shipp with the weather. mainly dry and seasonably weather conditions will persist today into thursday. rain chances will increase from north to south late thursday night into friday as a cold front passes through the region through saturday
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morning. a break in precipitation is then possible before another cold front pushes through on sunday. (pam) wet weather is heading our way.. now is the time to prepare in san francisco, the public utilities commission is spreading the word today ... about its new flood resiliance strategy the program is called - rain ready s-f. however one shop owner tells kron4's haaziq madyun, there's another issue.. the sewage backing up becomes more of a problem.. when it rains. what looks like a rather small puddle of water here on 17th street near folsom in san francisco is actually a symbol of a major problem during the rainy season says hans art who owns an auto shop nearby
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art/hans art automotive: "part of the problem is that the street has been repaved very badly and the street is supposed to be a secondary water course and basically folsom acts as a dam because it is higher than the street here and it should be flowing that way">he says when it rains it doesn't take long for the sewage to overflow san francisco public utilities general manager harlan kelly says improving the infrustucture in this area is part of a major storm prepareness intitiative called rain ready sfsf residents and shopowners can learn more about the rain ready sf at sfwater.orgin the mean time hans art remains cautiously optomistic about the puc's storm preparation plan
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in san francisco haaziq madyun kron4news (steve) coming up... it is cost bart millions of dollars.... we'll show you bart's new plan to stop the issue of fare evaders.(pam) plus... thousands of homes destroyed in the north bay fire storm... hear what one communited did to help kids go trick or treating. (steve) and after the break... we'll show you what police are doing to make sure convicted sex offenders stay away from your children during trick
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(steve)convicted sex offenders on parole are forced to stay indoors tonight and avoid any sign that they may be handing out candy on halloween.kron 4's ella sogomonian went along with officers for what is called operation boo checking in on the offenders. ella what are they looking for? they want to they want to make sure sex
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offenders have their porch light off, that there are no decorations and that they are home so they don't come into contact with kids in the streets. (nats: knock. "state parole") the only person a convicted sex offender can open their door to on halloween is a parole officer checking in on them. operation boo has made sure of that for 24 years in california.they target parolees who've committed a crime against a child. so on this vulnerable holiday they look for the usual violations of their parol but also for decorations, candy, and any sign they may be inviting trick or treaters to their door.sot: onyanga dean, asst. unit parole supervisor san francisco// "mainly we want to make sure that he is at home. because he is required to be home in his residence between the hours of five and ten pm." supervisor dean estimates
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about 75 of these offenders live in san francisco and says they're all paid a visit to make sure they're complying with this special this case officers found several electronics and took with them a laptop that wouldn't turn on for further investigation.sot: eddy yee, parol agent san francisco// "the reason why we check electronic devices such as cell phone and laptops is because they could have access to internet or images with pornographic materials."if a sex offender is homeless it is mandatory that they check in at the transient center where they are monitored between the curfew of 5 and 10 at night once trick or treating is expected to be over. i'm told seven offenders checked in at this transient center tonight and should be on there way out by now.if they didn't parole officers use the tracking device to find and arrest in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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(pam) in the north bay... the recent wildfires destroyed thousands of homes and devastated entire neighborhoods . and on this halloween ... many kids and parents have been left without a neighborhood where they could go ... to trick or treat. kron 4's charles clifford reports from santa rosa, where neighbors stepped up to make sure that everyone has a fun start to the holiday season.
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(steve) kron four is once again teaming up with the salvation army.(pam) this time we want to help victims
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of the deadly north bay wildfires. we did it right after hurricane harvey... and we are doing it again this friday. the donation lines will be open during the kron four morning news from 6 until 10 on friday. they will open them up again in the evening... from 5 until 10. (steve) taking a live look outside at the bay bridge....(pam) chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us with the weather. mainly dry and seasonably weather conditions will persist today into thursday. rain chances will increase from north to south late thursday night into friday as a cold front passes through the region through saturday morning. a
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break in precipitation is then possible before another cold front pushes through on sunday.
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(pam) police are looking for an armed man ... accused of stealing medication from a walgreens in walnut creek. it happened yesterday at the walgreens on north main street and treat boulevard. police say, an armed man jumped over the pharmacy counter and threatened employees with a gun. they say he stole opiate- based medications, and ran off toward treat boulevard. no employees or customers were
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harmed during the robbery. police have not released any description or surveillance video. (steve) coming up... a deadly terror attack in new york...and the suspect is claiming ties to isis... the new information we are learning about the suspected attacker.(pam) and after the break... see what communities in the east bay are doing .... to help fight the opioid crisis.
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(pam) a woman is dead... after being thrown from a horse in a walnut creek park. police say, it happened yesterday afternoon, in the shell ridge open space... near the corner of castle rock road and elise court. a 64-year-old woman from benicia ... died at the scene... the horse also died after it fell off a trail into a ravine.
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police say, there was no sign of foul play. (steve) the contra costa county sheriff's office collected á503 pounds of unwanted drugs. the sheriff's office tweeted out this picture earlier today...thank people for participating in the "prescription drug take back" last saturday. the d-e-a sponsored the drug take back day over the weekend. it happened at police departments all around the east bay. president trump declared america's opiod crisis a public health emergency. (pam) coming up... a bicyclist is recovering after being shot in the face in the south bay... we'll show where it happened... and what witnesses are saying about the incident. (steve) plus... today is the last day of breast cancer awareness month. up ahead we'll show you a new type of treatment for patients.(pam) and... eight people are dead and nearly a dozen more are injured from a terror attack in new york city. the new information we are learning about the suspected attacker. about the suspected attacker.
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when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ (pam) our top story tonight... eight people are dead and another 11 are injured after a terror attack in new york city...(steve) this is a look at the suspect the moment after a truck drove
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through a popular bicycle lane. police say the suspect claims he did the attack in the name of isis. welcome aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore. this is what we know at this hour....(steve) the suspect is 29-year-old sayfullo saipov... he was shot by police officers... and is out of surgery... he is expected to survive. we are told he came to the united states from uzbekistan in 2010. new york city police say, he had a fake gun in each hand at the time he got out of the truck. saipov has a florida license but investigators say, he may have been staying in new jersey. as of right now we know of the people killed five of them were argentines... and one belgian... the five argentines were among a group of friends who traveled to new york from rosario. police say, they were celebrating the 30th anniversary of graduating from college.... (pam) bart says, people riding trains without
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paying... is costing the agency millions of dollars, so now, it is spending money to crack down on fare evaders. in response...bart will hire six community service officers next year. station improvements across the bay area are already underway. at san francisco's embarcadero station, swinging gates have been closed shut and new gates have been installed with a word of warning that those who exit... when it's not an emergency are fare evading... and will be caught on camera. (sot) the fine for the fine for bart fare evaders is costly.... 75 dolalrs for adults...and 55 dollars for minors. (steve) happening tonight... it is the deadline for a berkeley
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homeless camp to clear out. this notice went up over the weekend... telling people who live there they need to get out. the camp sits on martin luther king junior way and adeline street... right near bart. it has been at the location for quite some time... but it is not clear who the property belonged to. bart officials say that the people living there are trespassing and they have received complaints from neighbors and parents at a nearby school. people living there claim their evacuation violates their constitutional rights of due profess. (pam) in san jose, paramedics responded to a call that was first reported ... as a man with a facial injury. ( steve ) the call came in early this morning from a pay phone at a light rail station on west capitol avenue, near highway 87. but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, that man was seriously injured after being shot in the face. wearing protective masks and gloves, sheriff's deputies on tuesday could be seen taking into evidence a bicycle and
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other items found on the street level of the capitol avenue light rail station. the unidentified adult male victim was apparently riding that bicycle here along capitol avenue at or near the station when he was shot. moments later, in a call to 911 placed from a pay phone at the station, the man reported that he had been struck by some sort of projectile. the call came in as a man with a facial injury later, at the hospital, a cat scan reportedly determined that he had been struck in the face by a small caliber bullet. deputies said there were no reports of gunfire in the area. light rail trains by- passed the capitol station for several hours as vta provided a bus bridge for passengers. this man said he knows the victim but did not speak with reporters. several people were questioned but deputies offered no information about any possible suspects. rob fladeboe/san jose".....there are several surveillance cameras over looking that pay phone and the area where the
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man's bicycle was found. deputies are now reviewing that video for a clue that might lead them to a possible suspect. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (steve) take a look at this! witnesses say a dump truck slammed into several cars in san francisco. we're told the truck, which was unmanned, slid down the hill on broadway and divisadero. the truck mostly slammed into parked cars...but three cars were actually driving when they were hit. 12 cars were damaged. at least three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police say the driver of the truck will be cited. (steve) police are on the hunt for two people they say stole a pair of shoes from a 12-year-old boy earlier this month. it happened on ashby drive off dana avenue in palo alto. police say the boy was walking with two friends... when they noticed a car following them. the boys ran to a nearby home and knocked on the door... but nobody answered. authorities say when they
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turned around... the two teenage boys from the car were behind them... and demanded their valuables. when the boys said they didn't have anything... the teens stole the shoes... and took off. police say the three boys ran to another home... that resident drove them home. authorities say the two teens are hispanic boys between 16 and 18 years old, between five- six and five-ten. (steve) in national news... special prosecutor robert mueller is showing that he's willing to play hardball in his investigation of russian ties to the trump campaign. (pam) former campaign manager paul manafort and his one time deputy rick gates spent their first full day under house arrest, after pleading 'not guilty' to money laundering and conspiracy. tonight... the details behind the guilty plea of president trump's former foreign policy advisory to his campaign ... george papadopoulos. "i don't
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think it's at all affecting his ability to get his job done..."not according to the washington post.its sources describe the president as privately fuming ... and increasingly agitated by the former adviser he once called an excellent man.this photo shows george papadopoulos in a small meeting of the campaign's national security president trump went on twitter to denounce man, now calling him a lying, low=level volunteer. he was the coffee boy. special prosecutor robert muller calls him something else.court papers identify papadopoulos as a "proactive cooperator," which some analysts say is legalese for "wearing a wire."the washington post quotes a veteran public defender saying papadopoulos may have been making secret recordings since his arrest last july. "you know i think director mueller is putting a big squeeze on some people and he's probably doing it through mr. papadopoulos." this is just the beginning (pam) also today... the
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senate judiciary committee began two days of hearings on russian manipulation of social media ... to influence american voters . top lawyers from facebook, twitter, and google are among those testifying. (steve) in southern california...a parent who held a teacher hostage in a classroom...has died after being shot by police. it started around 11:30 am at an elementary school in riverside. authorities say the parent of a first-grade student punched someone in the face when he was asked to sign in. he then barricaded himself in a classroom with teacher. police say there were no students were in the classroom. staff and students were safely evacuated to a park nearby where parents picked up their children. "i was just very scared... was very, very concerning." around six pm... police entered the classroom and opened fire on the suspect.he died at the hospital. the teacher was taken to the
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hospital with minor injuries. (steve) happening tomorrow... gas prices are set to go up... state gasoline taxes will rise by 12 cents per gallon to raise money for fixing roads and highways. doug johnson has the details. as expensive as filling up your own carús tank at the gas station may be, it pales in comparison to eric spauldingús big rig truck.eric spaulding, truck driver from wisconsin rapids'this truck holds 300 gallons and my refer holds 50 gallons, so 350 gallons thatús a lot of money.'those hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel are about to get more expensive. tomorrow across california diesel will go up 20 cents per gallon.regular unleaded will go up 12 cents per gallon. itús all part of the stateús new gas tax passed by democratic lawmakers earlier this year... to pay for road
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repairs.jon coupal, howard travis taxpayers association 'we already had one of the gas taxes and this is going to be on top of that so our argument is not that californiaús roads need fixing of course they do, we need maintenance and we need more lane capacity, however this isnút the answer.' jon coupal is the president of the howard travis taxpayers association... a political watchdog group that advocates for efficient use of taxpayer dollars.jon coupal, howard travis taxpayers association 'the legislative analyst themselves said that caltrans is over staffed costing california tax payers half a billion dollars a year so weúre wasting so much money right now.'coupal points out with this increase, the price of many other goods will likely also go up.jon coupal, howard travis taxpayers association'theyúre going to have to be paying more for energy costs fuel costs, retail, you know the agricultural industry is looking at a real heavy hit because they use so much fuel. so yes this particular tax is going to be a real drain to the california economy.'some who drive across californiaús highways may not even pay the tax.already truckers like spaulding are doing all they can to avoid visiting california pumps.eric spaulding, truck driver from wisconsin rapids'i just donút buy fuel in california usually. i usually buy it
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before i come in and buy it when i leave, once i get back out.' (steve) that was doug johnson reporting. this is the first of several tax and fee hikes that take effect after democratic lawmakers approved them earlier this year. (pam) we are wrapping up breast cancer awareness month today.. with a look at advances in radiation therapy. with a simple change in position, many doctors are now minimizing the risk of damage to major internal organs during treatment. heather wright reports on this latest technique. (heather wright, reporting) texarkana resident jane clemens was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer earlier this year..(jane clemens, breast cancer patient) the doctor did tell me that my cancer has a 40-percent chance of coming back(heather wright, reporting)she says that's why her doctor prescribed radiation after her surgery. but jane is not lying in the traditional position.(omar ishaq, md/christus st. michael hospital, texarkana)we treat them on their stomachs, it's called prone, it's a fancy word for instead of you lying on your back you lie on your stomach. and then we treat
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the breast and we can avoid the heart and lung (heather wright, reporting)dr. omar ishaq says after decades of study -- research shows it's safer for most patients(omar ishaq, md/christus st. michael hospital, texarkana)what they found after following those women for 30 plus years was sure, we've done a great job and they're not dying of breast cancer. but what we found was.. sure, they're not dying of breast cancer but the ones that got radiation are more likely to die from something else(heather wright, reporting)like heart disease.. and lung cancer.dr. ishaq adds.. this simple change just makes sense.(omar ishaq, md/christus st. michael hospital, texarkana)when you lie flat what happens to your breast, it just flattens out right there, right over your heart and lung, when you're on your stomach it falls away from them (heather wright, reporting)he encourages patients to ask their doctor if they're a candidate for prone breast radiation therapy. (omar ishaq, md/christus st. michael hospital, texarkana) people are afraid to ask doctors questions.. when it comes to cancer care, you should, you should. (heather wright, reporting)as for jane, her faith keeps her going.. and she looks forward the end of her treatments (jane clemens, breast cancer patient) november 30th! that's when i get to ring the bell out front!" coming up i think it's awful but they are throwing it out there and i don't understand why they don't go to the dumps
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are you missing a piston, what about a door or even a cam shaft? don't worry i got this i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly just ahead, he's only just ahead, just ahead, he's only started two nfl games, but many think he's franchise quarterback material. we'll hear from new niners qb and former tom brady backup jimmmy garoppolo. plus, we got a game 7. see how the dodgers forced this series to go the distance. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. (steve) illegal dumping has been a problem in the bay area for a very long time, (pam) but what makes it worse is when our scenic roads and open spaces .... fall victim to people behaving badly... are you missing a camshaft?
10:45 pm
how about a car door, or even pistons well look no more. nats: ambiance i got just want you need, well it's not really me but if you hurry uo and rush over to cummings skyway in crockett and take your pick because someone dumped car parts all over the place, i mean it looks like a car crashed and all the parts simply fell out onto the roadway i think it's awful but they are throwing it out there and i don't understand why they don't go to the dumps this is pam and dennis zampa, if that name sounds familiar dennis is the grandson of al zampa .you can see the al zampa bridge from cummings skyway just don't look down nats: ambiance because if you do, you will be disgusted ... this is the what appears to the skeletal remains of a rather large dogwhen i first arrived, this van was parked there so i sat back and watched for a while it tues
10:46 pm
out they were just there to walk their dog they quickly pointed out they didn't dump this nats: ambiance whoever did this rather its on person of a group of people, this is bad this open space borders with east bay regional parks property this is a know hot spot for illegal dumping, but it happens up and down cummings skyway whether it's auto parts or just trash its an eyesorecummins skyway is a busy road, i know, yea i think they got a guts doing it but they must do it rather quickly .. i assume i not know. illegal dumping is and had been a problem in the bay area for a very long time but how do we prevent it? in crockett stanley roberts kron 4 news before game 6, clayton kershaw reportedly texted manager dave roberts to say he could pitch tonight. roberts told him don't worry, and be ready to get the last out in game 7. well
10:47 pm
it looks like he'll get that chance because this series is going to a winner-take-all. --let's head to down to l-a. for a showdown at chavez ravine. --top 3rd-- astros trying to make it another home run party. george springer..dials up rich hill...for a shot to right. his 4th-homer of the series. houston up 1-nothing --dodgers wouldn't strike until the 6th- wear down justin verlander... and chris taylor...double down the right field line. tying run comes in. dodgers would take the lead on a sac fly. --then, in the 7th, l-a up 2-1. tack on one more... joc pederson...the pride of palo alto...with a jack....opposite field that carries. dodgers win 3-1... a champion will be crowned tmrw night. to the 49ers-- they haven't won a game all year, but they are now an intriguing story because no other team has felt that its found a franchise qb in the middle of the season. former
10:48 pm
patriots quarterback jimmy garoppolo....rolled into santa clara this afternoon..and was introduced at team headquarters. the 49ers acquired him in exchange for a 2nd round pick. this is his 4th nfl season... and within that, he's only started two games, which came last year during tom brady's suspension. however, the patriots thought highly of him and planned for the eastern illinois alum to eventually replace brady. but now, just two days out from his 26th birthday, he can start his own legacy in the bay area. "it's been a bit of a whirlwind for sure, no doubt about it. just when i first found out, i can't even describe how excited i was. just, i mean, my time in new england was great, you know, i thank them for everything. but, to come in here, coming to such a great organization, it really is a privilege. i'm excited about it. it's going to be a good thing." in the meantime, cj beathard will start sunday against the cardinals.. and garoppolo will play later
10:49 pm
this season. and on the topic of niner quarterbacks, colin kaepernick is apparently close to finding a job. in a radio interview, kaepernick's attorney, mark geragos..said he expects kaep to land on a team within the next 10-days. kaepernick has filed a collusion suit against the nfl...accusing owners of purposely going out of their way to not sign him. geragos says that the longer he goes unsigned..the more it proves collusion and he thinks the league will come to its senses. the raiders...didn't make any moves at the trade deadline. however, their next opponent gave away a starting running back. the miami dolphins traded jay the eagles for a 4th rounder. with the league's best record at 7-and-1, philly is hoping he's a bruising weapon that makes them a legitimate championship contender. last season-- he ran for more than 12- hundred yards, but his proudction has dropped big time... just 460 yards through seven games. while the raiders won't be seeing ajayi this sunday, they will be facing some key players on the miami defense. the league announced today linebacker kiko alonso...will ánot be suspended for his hit
10:50 pm
on ravens quarterback joe flacco that forced him to leave the game. another player that won't be banned is defensive tackle ndamukong suh....for grabbing backup qb ryan mallett by the throat. suh said he was protecting himself after mallett hit him first. both players are still subject to fines. raiders and dolphins square off in south florida on sunday night. savings rate hits lowest savings rate hits lowest point since financial crisis as americans take on more risk . americans are saving at the lowest pace in nearly 10 years, a sign of growing confidence as money pours into risk. the savings rate in september fell to 3.1%, according to commerce department data released
10:51 pm
monday. that's the weakest level since december 2007, just as the u.s. economy was entering the worst of the financial crisis amid the great recession. the august savings rate was the downturn's effects back then ate into economic activity, consumers pushed their money into mattresses and reduced debt, which hit a historic peak of 13.2% of disposable income in the fourth quarter of 2007, the same time savings had bottomed. over the years, savings hit its peak of 11% in december 2012 and has been tailing lower since. google's waymo is on the cusp of putting self-driving cars on the road for the public . . . . a recent ride in a self-driving van from google sister company waymo shows they're almost ready for prime
10:52 pm
time. waymo ceo john krafcik says we could see vehicles without drivers on streets and highways sooner than expected. waymo is already giving a select number of residents in chandler, arizona, rides in self-driving chrysler pacifica minivans. optimism comes as automakers like tesla market features like autopilot, which allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel for short periods of time. general motors' super cruise allows hands-free driving on the highway. steyer: he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war,
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
accused of obstructing justice at the fbi and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right.
10:55 pm
our country depends on it. (pam) people in tennessee are still talking about the bear that went inside of a candy shop.(steve) not only that, the bear caused quite a stir...when he decided to leave the store...and started walking the streets. a shop employee...heard a loud commotion..and expected to see a robber. instead of a crook...she spotted a large black bear. the bear grabbed a few items....and hit the streets...scaring residents in the area. no one was hurt. wildlife biologists say bears in tennessee will start hibernating in the next few weeks. and the large bear wanted to grab a few snacks...before his long rest. (pam) lots of bay area residents are celebrating halloween tonight.. look at these great pictures.... these are from our viewers. some fun costumes out there... and not just kids == but pets too.
10:56 pm
everybody is enjoying halloween night.. mainly dry and seasonably weather conditions will persist today into thursday. rain chances will increase from north to south late thursday night into friday as a cold front passes through a cold front passes through through sa
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it all started when sophia stopped into marshalls and found a mug for surprisingly little green. she paired that with some succulents. and suddenly something clicked. that surprise led to a stylish wood mirror, soothing lavender oils, a party llama... or is that an alpaca? super soft towels, and an enchanting vase that magically tied it all together. she arranged it all into the greatest guest bathroom ever. did sophia expect to get so much bang for so few bucks? no. but great things happen when you choose surprise. marshalls. your surprise is waiting.
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( siren blaring ) ( train whistle blows ) dispatcher: ...request for assistance, 50, what is your present location? unit 50, go ahead. suspect now westbound. has entered the shipworks off april street. unit 50 still in pursuit. over. copy. keep me advised. ( continue, indistinct ) ( man shouts ) ( tires squealing ) loudspeaker: this is the police! pull your vehicle over and stop! stop your vehicle!


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