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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 1, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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an alleged shooter are in the hospital.whooshonly on four ... an east bay teenager tells kron four she was physically assaulted by other students after complaining about racially derisive language, whooshmore bay area schools finding high levels of lead in their drinking water,we have he latest results from one of the biggest local school districts,whooshand he opened the doors of his hotel to wine country fire the refugees are gone ... but where are the guests?you're watching kron four news in prime time.
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has been critically injured this time, an officer was shot in san francisco's castro district, while investigating a suspicious vehicle.(steve) kron 4's dan kerman is live in the castro tonight with more officer down officer hitit was shortly after midnight when this officer down call came in to dispatch from san francisco's castro district. --nats-i've been shot.. .stomach.. and shot in the hand for much of the day wednesday evidence markers littered the street on diamond near 18th, as crime scene investigators combed the scene for information. soti just heard pop pop pop, sounded like a bunch of fireworks going offsot there was maybe about 20 shot in 20 secondspolice say
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officers on foot patrol were flagged down by a citizen who pointed them to suspicious vehicle, this grey chrysler sedan sot officer grace gatpandan/san francisco police 40-48officers approached the vehicle to investigate further. at this time there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and one officerthe 41 year old officer who was hit, is a 9 year veteran of the department and typically works as a crime scene investigator. both he and the suspect underwent surgery for gunshot wounds. police are not saying who shot first or what prompted the shooting, but it turns out the suspicious vehicle was stolen. sotthis is the second time an officer has been critically injured within two weeks, it is a reminder to us that anytime a member of the sfpd or any law enforcement puts on the uniform their life is at riskpolice are also on the lookout for another person who stole a nearby taxicab shortly after the shooting to see if there's a connection.sot it is being investigated to see if its linked to the shooting
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(pam) breaking news we are tracking out of colorado.(steve) chaotic moments after someone opens fire at a walmart.tonight we have learned at least two people are happened just before 5-30 our time in the city of thornton.police say two men were killed..and a woman was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. witnesses say they hear a single gun shot..then several more bursts of gunfire.that's when we're told several people started running for the exits. no word at this point if a suspect was taken into custody. we will continue to stay on top of this story...stay with us for updates. (steve ) tonight - a major break in the homicide case that has rocked a neighborhood in the east bay. (pam) grant lodes is here with information on the man who is now in custody... after an apparent argument about speeding on a residential street. (grant) brad mac-hugh was
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a husband, a father, maybe the most well liked guy in his discovery bay neighborhood. he was killed early sunday morning... and police say 19-year-old brayan zavala ... shot and killed the 48- year-old...after an argument about how fast cars were going down his street. zavala...who's from antioch...was taken into custody late today... neighbors told us earlier this week...mac-hugh was the kind of guy who would mow his neighbors grass...for free. and now there's a fund- raising effort for the victim's family. this 'you caring' post says brad was a hard working says brad was a hard working father that was always willing to help those in need. if you'd like to help the family, we've included a link on our (pam) an east bay girl--
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the victim of a violent assault while on her high school campus in dublin. she suffered injuries to her head and face.(pam) the teen says, it was after she confronted several male students about using the n-word... and asked them to stop.(steve) the student and her parents tell kron-4's haaziqu madyun they want the attacker removed from campus... it's a story you will only see on kron4. d then this are looking at photos of a 14- year-old dublin high school student who says she was assaulted on campus by a white male student who objected to her asking one of his friends to not use the n-word. she asked not to reveal her identity
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but before she could do that... kenny grant/father of violent assault victim: "justice would be expelling that young man from campus">vivian grant/mother of violent assault victim: "justice would be having that you man removed from the school">the victims parents want the dublin unified school district to take make that happen because... officials here at the dublin unified school district say language that degrades racial identity is not tolerated while student privacy prevents officials here at the dublin unified school district from commenting on a student being involved in a fight or using
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the n-word on campus, officials here did say that it would take some prior history of doing either of those two things to be expelled from schoolin dublin haaziq madyun kron4news he is a depraved coward, that is what he is(steve) the new york terror suspect brought into court in pain and in a wheelchair to face federal terror charges.prosecutors call him a man consumed by hate ... and say he planned to target the brooklyn bridge as information on the suspect and the victims tonight,(pam) catherine heenan reports .... investigators believe he is a self= radicalized follower of isis. "we got multiple casualties. this is a mass casualty situation here."
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instructions that isis has put out in its social media channels."last year the islamic state's online magazine rumiyah called on followers to carry out a truck attack and to leave behind a note pledging allegiance to the terrorist group.several such notes were found near saipov's rented pickup truck after the rampage.
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american victims were 32- year-old darren drake from new jersey, and 23-year old nicholas cleves from new york. "it was the definition of terrorism. ."president trump says he wants to end the visa program under which the suspect entered the united states seven years ago. we want a merit based program. where people come into this country based on merit. it turns out ... the suspect in yesterday's new york terror attack ... was in the united states... as part of the diversity - based ... visa lottery system. president trump's call today to end the program ... in favor of more extreme vetting of those who get visas... was met with a negative reaction from the bay area muslim community. zahra billoo, with the council on american islamic relations ... says if the program ended it would hurt families... and not just muslim families.(sot)
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billoo insists president trumps call to end the program... amounts to a muslim ban. (steve) you can track developments in the terror attack investigation at kron-4 dot com you'll find more details about the suspect from people who know him. as well as a gallery of pictures from the scene. and video of when the suspect was taken down all at kron-4 dot com (steve) in san mateo county three young men died in a crash down an embankment. police have identified the trio as 18-year-old matthew cruz...18-year-old andrew gonzales...and 19-year-old ricardo torres. the crash happened on skyline boulevard... highway 35 south of bear gulch road. police found a hyundai had crashed at
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some point overnight officers believe the car was traveling south of skyline andfor some reasonleft the west side of the roadstruck a tree and slid 50 feet down the embankment. they are identified as 18-year-old matthew cruz of redwood 18-year-old andrew gonzales of menlo park. and 19-year- old ricardo torres of redwood city. (steve) east bay parents of a young boy are taking legal action against a dublin water park. (pam) this, after their 10- year old was thrown from a slide at "the wave" water park ... during its grand opening. video captured the ten-year-old falling out of the 'emerald plunge slide' back on may 27th. the slide has been closed since the incident, but the park remained open... the boy suffered injuries to his back, shoulder, arm, legs and head... the family's attorney says, the parents will be hold a press conference later this month... to talk about the lawsuit against the city of dublin and the ride manufacturers. ahead at eight.. 12 years after an alleged home invasion and sex assault in the east bay... police arrest a suspect ... what
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helped investigators track him down. plus .. a place that opened its doors to those with no place to go during the north bay fires.. now desperate to get back on its feet. and levels of lead exceeding federal limits .. found at a number of bay area schools.. next - where the lead was found and what's being done about it..
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(pam) in the east bay we are learning new tests have revealed high levels of lead in the water at several schools. this time - 7 schools have tested higher than federal regulations allow. (steve) kron four's terisa estacio tells us what a local organization is calling for to deal with this serious situation. (estacio pkg )i am here in the east bay and this school behind me, crocker highlands was one of 50 schools recently tested in the oakland unified school district.. (estacio
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pkg ) jason pfeifle, calprig. this must end. calling on the oakland unified school district to step in and immediately take action..including removing lead bearing pipes, plumbing and installing and maintain filters to remove lead - this group of activisits, parents, doctors and a school board member addressed the recent test results revealing 7 schools in the district showed higher levels then allowed by federal standards. dr. noemi spinazzi. lead goes into the brain, it can cause seizures. there are 86 schools in oakland unified - this recent test involved 50 schools. this past august high lead levels were discovered at mcclymonds high school - in the shower, and facets for drinking. a district spokesprson tells kron four news all of the contaimination was elminated and now a recent test shows mcclymonds is safe according to federal standards. vien truong. i am a mother, my kids go to frutivale where levels high. this east bay mom was at the news conference supporting a call for a more strict policy for the district. fruitvale elementary had a higher level at one source - and this school thornhill had a higher level then allwoed by federal standards. (steve) el cerrito police
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have arrested a suspect in a violent sexual assault that happened twelve years ago. investigators (steve) el cerrito police have arrested a suspect in a violent sexual assault that happened twelve years ago. investigators say keith asberry is suspected in a home invasion and sex assault back. police were able to identify asberry using a new
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d-n-a test. the suspect was already in jail for separate sexual assault charges. police say back in 20-05 asberry knocked on the door of an apartment shared by two women. when one woman opened they door--- police say he forced his way inside. then asberry is accused of threatening the women with a gun and sexually assaulted one of them. (steve) new at eight... within 24 hours after the north bay fires sparked in sonoma and napa county's... a hotel in napa opened up its doors to those displaced, offering free rooms to help out.(pam ) but now, as the napa valley tries to recover... kron four's philippe djegal reports, so are businesses like the senza hotel. (philippe) the smoke that for weeks blocked the balcony views here at the senza hotel in napa, has cleared up, making a visit to this boutique establishment all the more inviting. workers are back tending to the hotel's plush vinyeyards. but general manager graham yallop says getting the word out, and convincing visitors to re-book and come back, like for more many other businesses, has
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been a challenge.graham yallop/general manager- "we're looking around about a 50- percent reduction year-over-year in loss of business due to the fires." and, at's in part he says, because immediately after the fires broke out... during napa's busiest month of the year... the owners of the senza hotel, craig and kathryn hall gave rooms away.graham yallop/general manager- "since october 8th, we've then gone on to offer over 260 room nights for those that were displaced. as well as a place for fire fighters and first responders to lay their head to get back to the action of trying to qualify and get it under control." the hall's, who also own the hall and walt wineries in napa and sonoma, are donating their tasting fees from october to the fire relief effort. but graham says his hardworking employees need help as well. not donations -- just your business. typically, the rooms right now would be filled. the pool areas would be packed and getting a reservation would be tough. right now, that's not the case.graham yallop/general manager- "we have people here who are purely, um, able to get more hours when we have more rooms sold. so, when you think of napa, think of the grassroots. think of those who serve the napa valley. those who take care of people who come here and look beyond the
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doors, and look into the business and realize that there are people that, at this time of year, whether it's the holiday season or not, they have bills to pay as well as everybody else does." so even a day trip to the napa valley and a few bucks spent here or there, will keep businesses alive and able to thrive.graham yallop/general manager- "we will recover. we are napa strong -- we are sonoma strong and we look forward to taking care of everybody as soon as you find the chance to return." hopefully sooner -- rather than later. in napa, philippe djegal, kron four news. (steve) and kron four is teaming up once again with the salvation army to raise money, this time, for the north bay fire victims. the donation lines will be open during the kron four morning news on áfridayá from 6 a-m until 10
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a-m. they will open up again in the evening... from 5 p-m until 10 p-m. and as always, if you cannot call in to donate... you can also make contributions online. (pam) and a fire in the south bay ... spreads to a cal- train bridge near the guadalupe parkway. take a look at the video of fire engulfing a wooden train trestle in san jose. it started around three- thrity this morning. the train trestle the train trestle crosses willow creek... the trestle is damaged and out of service now. fire crews believe the fire started in a homeless encampment underneath the trestle. but investigators say, they do not know if it was intentionally set or not. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.(steve) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the forecast
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mainly dry and seasonable weather conditions are forecast to persist today through thursday. rain chances will then increase over the north bay and along the coastal ranges from late thursday night into friday with more widespread rainfall possible friday night into saturday as a cold front pushes through the region. a break in precipitation is possible saturday night into sunday before another frontal boundary pushes through sunday into sunday night.
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next ahead at 8. the rough arrest of a utah nurse went viral. now she's reached a settlement in the case===what she says she'll do with some of that
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money. and next. a growing list of men in hollywood accused of sexual harrassment or assault. the new accusations leveled against two big names. ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast, oh boy... the big story, can the dodgers recover from an early momentous deficit? we'll have the highlights coming, world series game seven. a little bit later in this broadcast." ((steve))here's what we ((steve))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine.. scary moments for customers at a northern california halloween store.robbers stormed the place and doused at least one person with pepper spray...but it ended up getting several people sick. now police are using surveillance video to try and track the suspects down.we'll hear from a witness...tonight on kron 4 news at nine. ♪ what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working,
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was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪
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the holidays begin here aty disneyland park. of misconduct against two more
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hollywood heavyweights. director and producer brett ratner is being accused by women of sexual harassment. and now warner brothers is severing ties with ratner over the claims. this after a l-a times report cited six women== including actress olivia munn. the women say ratner aggressively pursued actresses == sometimes following them into a bathroom. one actress claims ratner suggested he would give her a line in a film if she slept with him. the director's attorney is denying the allegations...which he calls "outrageous" oscar winning actor dustin hoffman is also apologizing for alleged sexual harassment of a 17 year old intern in 19-85. the woman alleges the now 80 year old actor groped her. in a statement hoffman wrote he feels "terrible that anything i might have done could have put her in an uncomfortable situation" (pam) a utah nurse has
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reached a 500- thousand dollar settlement ... after a controversial arrest at a hospital in salt lake city. on july 26th ... video shows, detective jeff payne aggressively arresting nurse alex wubbels after she refused to let the officer draw blood from an unconscious patient. she told payne, the man was not under arrest and he needed a warrant. wubbels says, she plans to use some of the settlement money to fund legal help for others trying to get footage from police. she will also give money to a nurse's union. and help lead a campaign to stop physical and verbal abuse of nurses on the job. ahead at eight.. a health warning tonight... over a salad that was sold at trader joe's plus. covered california enrollment is open ==what officials want you to know this year...and how you might save money. and next. calls for increased security at a safeway store... after a clerk is stabbed. city
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officials say, the location has a history of crime .
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(pam) now at 8-30.. there is a new push for added security around the safeway store in san francisco's richmond district. (steve) that's where an employee was stabbed allegedly by a shoplifter.(cam3) kron4's maureen kelly talked with the district supervisor... who says yesterday's attack wasn't the
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only recent act of violence at that store. the man in picture allegedly tried to walk out of the safeway on cabrillo and 7th ave with a basketful of stolen goods.then got into a fight with the employee who tried to stop him. police say michael pardo sprayed the 39 year old clerk in the face with bug spray, and stabbed him in the back, while his dog bite the worker multiple times. pardo also allegedly tried to stab the other employees who came to their co-workers aide. the act of violence was a shock to shoppers.natsaccording to the richmond district supervisor there was another attack here a few weeks prior involving the husband of an employee who tried to help stop an act of shoplifting in progress.he was hit multiple times i think he's having a dog bites he was sent to the hospitalsupervisor sandra lee fewer says there was also a report of a security guard being injured in an incident at the safeway on la playa. she and the
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captain of richmond station are planning a meeting with safeway corporate in the coming days.i think they could be more proactivethe supervisor said she believes they have security guards at certain hours at this cabrillo avenue store, although i didn't see any when i went inside this afternoon. what the supervisor would like to see at the safeway stores in her district are off duty san francisco police officers get paid overtime by the grocery chain. it's a strategy employed at a few safeway stores in the city, like here at the potrero center on 16th and byrant.instead of a security guard that also has more experience more training knows how to handle the situations much better supervisor fewer says the recent acts of violence here are only minsicule to what's been happening in other districts, but it's something the city officials and police are working to tackle head on. maureen kelly kron4 news (pam) safeway officials have so far not responded to our repeated requests for comment. (steve) a public health alert tonight over salads shipped to some trader joe's in californa. the warning tonight....those
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salads could be contaminated with bacteria that causes listeria... and should be thrown away. the "broccoli slaw and kale salad with white chicken meat" are the salads affected. they are not being recalled because they're probably not being sold any longer or are past their "use by" dates. food inspectors say anyone who has the salads should throw them out or return them to the store where they were bought. listeriosis is a serious infection that can cause symptoms including fever, muscle aches andeven convulsions. teve) happening today --- open enrollment begins for covered california and there are some changes this year... you should know about. officials want californians to know, they have until january 31st to enroll. that is despite the open enrollment period being cut off mid - december for 42 other states. however, officials do encourage people to finish enrolling by december 15th anyway .. to get the coverage starting january 1-st. covered california officials
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say, new analysis shows .. costs could actually drop for most who enroll. for more than one million people who receive financial assistance, the average price for coverage will drop about 9-dollars per month. that's despite president trump's decision to cancel subsidies to insurers that had lowered consumer costs. (steve)a live look outside.. (pam)brittney has the forecast brittney has (pam)brittney has the forecast mainly dry and seasonable weather conditions are forecast to persist today through thursday. rain chances will then increase over the north bay and along the coastal ranges from late thursday night into friday with more widespread rainfall possible friday night into saturday as a cold front pushes through the region. a precipitation is possible saturday night into sunday before another frontal boundary pushes through sunday into sunday night.
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(steve) illegal dumping has been a problem in the bay area for a very long time, (pam) but what makes it worse, is when our scenic roads and open spaces.. fall victim to people behaving badly... are you missing a camshaft? how about a car door, or even pistons well look no more. nats: ambiance i got just want you need, well it's not really me but if you hurry uo
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and rush over to cummings skyway in crockett and take your pick because someone dumped car parts all over the place, i mean it looks like a car crashed and all the parts simply fell out onto the roadway i think it's awful but they are throwing it out there and i don't understand why they don't go to the dumps this is pam and dennis zampa, if that name sounds familiar dennis is the grandson of al zampa .you can see the al zampa bridge from cummings skyway just don't look down nats: ambiance because if you do, you will be disgusted ... this is the what appears to the skeletal remains of a rather large dogwhen i first arrived, this van was parked there so i sat back and watched for a while it tues out they were just there to walk their dog they quickly pointed out they didn't dump this nats: ambiance whoever did this rather its on person of a group of people, this is bad this open space borders with east bay regional parks property this is a know hot spot for illegal dumping, but it happens up and down cummings skyway whether it's auto parts or just trash its an eyesorecummins skyway is a busy road, i know, yea i think they got a guts doing it but they must do it rather quickly .. i assume i not know. illegal dumping is and had been a problem in the bay area for a very long time but how do we prevent it? in
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crockett stanley roberts kron 4 news still ahead at 8. amazon's jump start on black friday ... how you can score and next... if you ever have trouble getting your baby to eat... we might have a new food source for you... and we get the verdict on the product.. straight from a tiny tot food critic.
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when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ (pam) new at 8 the latest trend in dining out - dining in. meal delivery
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offer a holistic approach to baby's health and wellness. just launched, yumi delivers fresh, organic baby food to your doorstep for about 45 to 85 dollars a week. like blueberry chia seed pudding. pureed squash and kale with flax. to create the menus, yumi works with registered physicians and nutrician experts. sure, it's healthier, but. the true test... how does our dine and dish baby like it? the blueberry chia - a palette pleaser. beets with hummus not bad. pear puree - a hands down favorite. in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. kron 4 news.vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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right back.up... we'll be sports is coming page.facebook and dish' our new 'dine "nintendo is headed towards $1
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billion dollars in profit." thanks to strong sales of the popular switch console. nintendo just upped its earnings forecast for the fiscal year, nearly doubling expected profits from its previous estimate issued just a few months ago. when the switch first launched, high demand and supply shortages handicapped sales -- but those problems seem to be easing. nintendo now saying it expects to sell millions more switch consoles in the coming months. part of what makes the console a must have for gamers? nintendo's massive library. super mario game odyssey is the latest installment of the gaming industry's best-selling franchise. it released for nintendo switch just last week. the company also released a new legend of zelda game for the switch console earlier this year. sherisse pham, hong kong: "all that has driven the company's stock to a massive high. gains in nintendo shares have reached a whopping 75% for the year.
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(gary) the deciding world series game 7 world series game 7 dodgers- astros in los angeles right now
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the 49ers are a 2 =-point underdog at home sunday to an arizona cardinals team starting a backup quarterback but all eyes were on the 49ers new quarterback jimmy garoppolo today the niners acquired him monday from the patriots for a 2nd round draft pickgaroppalo is not expected to start rght away as he learns the offense conventional wisdom is that his first start will come in week 12 against seattle after their byemeanwhile still starter c.j. beathard is pretty much a lame duck at this pointbeathard said today the first people he called when he learned the 49ers had traded for garoppolo his parents(sot: beathard & kyle shanahan)
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former 49ers quarterback brian hoyer has found a new homeas expected the man who started the first 6 games of the season r thniners but benched for c.j. beathard d released after the garoppolo trade was picked up by the new england patriots today hoyer had 4 touchdown passes and 4 interceptions in those 6 games for the 49ers the offense did not score a td in 3 of those gameshoyer started his nfl career england playing in 13 games over 3 brady's backup from 2009-2011
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warriors rookie jordan bell who drew attention for this off-the-backboard slam dunk against the mavericks two mondays ago and threw down a nice one-hander against the clippers last monday says he is definitely "in" if asked to participate in the slam dunk contest during the nba's all- star wekend"i'm all able and willing. it's just if my name gets called for it," bell said yesterday during a radio interview "i've got some stuff. i got some dunks." all-star weekend is in los angeles this february 1: duke2: michigan state3: arizona4: kansas5: kentucky amazon getting a head start on black friday.. and a new hi-tech way to shop online
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know
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that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. amazon is offering an
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alternate reality for holiday shoppers this year. the company has rolled out its black friday deals store, with bargains offered through the day after thanksgiving. and for the first time, shoppers can see things using augmented reality. amazon says iphone customers can shop for home office products, decor and electronics -- and get a look at how those products would look in their own homes. here's how it works: customers with i-o-s 11 installed on their iphone 6s or later can choose to shop in a-r through the
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amazon app. there, they can pick a product -- including furniture, appliances, toys and electronics -- and overlay it onto their living spaces to see how it fits. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))that's right pam and is a crime that has rocked a small bay area community.a husband..and father shot and killed after a dispute over reckless driving. now police have a suspect in custody.standby for a live the top of the we're learning more about the suspect in the deadly new york terror attack. the charges he now faces what police are saying about his months of preparation.((grant)) plus...chilly temperatures this evening, and rain on the way.meteorologist brittney shipp has your four zone forecast.((vicki))keep it right here...kron 4 newst nine starts after the break.
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(grant) a major break in a homicide case that rocked an east bay neighborhood. and tonight police now have the suspect in custody...(grant) thanks for joining us, i'm grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis... the shooting happened on sunday morning near the corner of wilde and cullen drives....just a half-mile away from timber point school. police say a man was shot and killed after he got into an argument about cars driving too fast in a residential neighborhood.(grant) kron4's ali reid is live in martinez tonight with details on the suspect in custody..... ali?
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