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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 2, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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grabbed her hand with one arm and beat her with the other. and after shayla, quote, begged for mercy, he beat her again. tyrese denies the allegation and i didn't do nothing. don't take my baby. please. don't take my baby. some y'all are like, you got the ugly cry face. i do have the ugly cry face, you right. >> unleashing a social media meltdowon on facebook yesterday morning, claiming he had not seen his daughter in two months. >> i just want my baby and no one is listening. >> "e.t.'s" learned that he has two monitored visits with his daughter, one of which that occurred last night. in a statement to "e.t." norma's attorney said quote, his emotional outburst yesterday was nothing more than a means of misleading and manipulating his friends and fans. he also attacked "fast & furious" co-star dwayne johnson
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for getting his own spin-off. on instagram, tyrese posted this threat, quote, if dwayne's in glsh i'm out. >> the threat is kind of moot. >> he's never been mad at the rock. he's mad at the rock's spin-off because it ee's delayed the nex "fast & furious" movie. he's 100% focused on his daughter now. let's move on the justin bieber and selena gomez. keltie knight here. we keep hearing, they're just friends. >> i'm not sure i'm buying that anymore. justin and selena have been spotted hanging out three times since her breakup with rap per weeknd. ♪ let me love you
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justin and selena had a blast biking around l.a. at 9:00 a.m. that's justin in red. next stop, a quick coffee break. ♪ i'm the one >> justin and selena were all smiles. even more adorable -- celiselen resting her head on justin's shoulder. after that, the singers went their separate ways after a few hours. justin had a business meeting and selena did a yoga class at 10:30. at this point, if you had any doubt these two are moving past the friend zone, check out selena after the hockey game wearing justin's jersey. oh, it's so on. their date night ended back at her place around 9:00 p.m. time to call them an official couple again? according to our source, they're
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not seeing anyone else and they're spending all their free time together. so, you do the math. justin and selena split in 2016 after an on again and off again relationship for about five years. one source says don't call this getting back together, quote, it's really a brand-new relationship. they are both different people and their relationship now is completely different. at one point the #julena is trending. well, more love to speak of at the world series last night. although i didn't love the end of the game. because i'm a huge dodgers fan. but i loved the double celebration for one houston astros player. as his engagement went viral. carlos k carlos. >> daniella rodriguez, you make
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the happiest person in the world. will you marry me? >> she never suspected that houston astros carlos correa would pop the question and check out that sparkler. >> he managed to keep his plans a secret even from justin verlander, kate upton's fiance. >> you got engaged, man? what? >> they celebrated the big win with a private walk in l.a. they're reportedly tying the knot in italy this month. no doubt they'll have plenty of advice for daniella and carlos. >> well, by the way, nearly 25
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million people tuned into game seven making it the most watched show of the night. tonight -- cbs has a stellar lineup. with the big bang theory and young she woulddown. >> and shemarch is bringing the heat in "s.w.a.t." aft >> this is the next chapter of shemar moore as an actor. >> it's wrong, taking the flight to south l.a. is just wrong, it won't work. >> and this is my team.ers. >> why did i leave tv and just go back? because this show, i call my dream job and i'm not just saying that to be cute. take care of business, fellows. >> shemar is taking care of business as hondo, a sergeant with the lapd. >> hondo is a bad man in a good way. i get to be a badass. i get to be charming. i get to be compassionate. and then we're going to give you a little sexy time. >> fans of the 47-year-old and his 47 abs won't did disappointed.
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shemar packed on ten pounds of muscle for the role and just nine minutes into the premiere, the shirt already comes off. he knows that he loves to turn on the charm. so, what do his new castmates think of his shemarrisms and shirtlessness? do you guys give him grief about it? >> i'd like to give him grief about it but, he knows what he's but i'm like, man, i'm 29 and he's 47. i'll just my mouth. >> shemar has the eight pack. >> baby girl nation. baby girls. >> is there a real-life baby girl? >> there are no ring. i'm excited when do i meet my partner in crime and we click and we make a little shemarski or whatever, yeah, i'm anxious for that next chapter in my life as well. >> all you boo the things and
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baby girls out there, shemar's still waiting for you out there. >> he's a smooth talker. >> that he is. up next, channing tatum's jimmy kimmel takeover. secrets behind his epic flash mob and what you didn't see backstage. then, wonder woman is back, only "e.t." can take you behind the scenes of gal ga yn dot and ben affleck and the stars of "justice league." then, beauty tips from christie brinkley. the p helped raise $4 million for puerto rico hurricane relief fund.
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helped raise $4 million for puerto rico hurricane relief it all started when sophia stopped into marshalls and found a mug for surprisingly little green. she paired that with some succulents. and suddenly something clicked. that surprise led to a stylish wood mirror, soothing lavender oils, a party llama... or is that an alpaca? super soft towels, and an enchanting vase that magically tied it all together. she arranged it all into the greatest guest bathroom ever. did sophia expect to get so much bang for so few bucks? no. but great things happen when you choose surprise. marshalls. your surprise is waiting.
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♪ ♪ ♪ stay with me >> oh, okay. harmonizing going on right there.
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i mean, you have sam smith right there and james corden they went for a carpool karaoke ride last night. >> my favorite part was, watch sam totally fan boy out when james surprised him with the ladies of fifth harmony i love it. sam wants them to sing at his wedding. it was not the only magic on late-night tv. >> oh, no, magic mike himself, channing tatum he stepped in for jimmy kimmel or should i say he danced in. yeah, go nancy, go nancy. we have the secrets of how this all came together. >> with nine pro dancers including a breakdancing guillermo's stand-in, busted out his best moves for the over three-minute
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choreographed opener. some was taped yesterday, four hours before the show aired. wife jenna dewan tatum was there, snapchatting backstage. ellen gave fans a wave. ar rooifing around the same time as musical guest pink, 3:00. >> you worked with my wife jenna 16 years ago. >> i know i did. >> that's jenna as pink's backup dancer. between commercial breaks, the mom flashed a peace sign. ellen got down and there was some drinking. channing sipped on his own brand of vodka before dropping some truth about his 2010 striptease he did on "ellen". >> that was the very first time that my dad actually found out i was a stripper for a short time. >> how did he take it? >> not well. >> channing left, tie undone, at about 6:00 p.m. last night, but not before showing a little video kimmel sent in. >> where's the swedish fish? mommy ate them. oh. >> 3-year-old daughter jane took jimmy's "i ate all your halloween candy" skit pretty well. >> i still have one, don't
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worry. >> but channing's daughter everly? not so much. okay, still ahead -- christie brinkley's go-to beauty treatments. we all want to know this. her beauty tips to look like this at the age of 63. >> who wants a frown line? good-bye. plus, oprah revealed her favorite things to "e.t." but what nearly spoiled her holiday plans. >> i'm thinking, whoa, we are now in trouble. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ the king i know he is the king i see inside ♪ some of the best music ever from an animated movie.
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get ready to hear beyonce as nala in the lion king. it was announced yesterday that she'll join the lion pride if live-action film that comes out in 2019. meanwhile, this year lady o is marking 20 years of her signature favorite things and a sneak peek of that as well as the shooting of holiday magazine plan. >> this is happiness for real. oprah snuggling adorable husky puppies was her idea for her alaskan fantasy over. >> i had this vision of saying, mush, mush, mush and it's just been a dream. >> on the december cover of "o," oprah is driving a team of sleigh dogs, but the photo is digital magic. bad weather on an alaskan glacier caused oprah to change her shoot location to a choose cruise ship docked in juneau.
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>> and i'm taking woah, we are now in trouble. so, i never got to the mountain. but on the cover it looks like i did. >> inside the magazine, it is the biggest collection in the list's 17 years. 102 gift items ranging in price from $38 for gold-plated earrings to $2,000 flat-screen tv. gayle king said the process takes a whole year. >> that's beautiful. >> what everybody has to remember, for oprah favorite things she has to approve it. it's something that she absolutely has to like. >> the items are both indulgent and practical. from julep lip gloss, to farm fresh blueberries, to these printed fabric boots. >> in addition to covert you also have cute, so we like those going gingham boots. >> sometimes when you receive
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it's not your favorite thing. >> and oprah's book, so amazing for soany reasons. well, christie brinkley has something to offer the world, how to look like her. >> can we put that on our christmas list this year? >> all about sharing the beauty. christie even admitting to me she's not afraid to get a little help. >> you know what, like, who couldn't use a little tightening, you know, i'm going to give it a go. >> she's fabulous 63 years old. and not shy about sharing her high-tech beauty tips. >> i just think it's so crazy that women feel like they have to feel guilty of taking good care of themselves, you know, and if they want to go to the dermatologist and get a little fluff and buff, you know, why should they feel like i have to sneak in the back door, there's something. no.
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>> christie's had "ultherapy" on her neck, decolletage the noninvasive ultra sound treatment claims to tighten and lift the skin. kim and kourtney kardashian have also had it done. you only have to do this treatment once a year. once every 18 months. >> this woman is getting xeomin the same injectable christie got to soften wrinkles. >> tell me about trying the injectab injectables? no one wants to frown lines. it gets rid of your frown lines. so, that's one line i say good riddance. in literally two minutes. done. >> the beauty mogul has her own skin care line, but also credits her vegetarian diet and daily exercise as her keys to good health. >> i can run and bike all day, dancing. >> i'm exhausted.
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mentally i'm so tired she's so beautiful and so wonderful in real life. meanwhile, christie's ex billy joel just welcomed his third daughter at the age of 68. christie is so excited to meet the latest addition to her extended family. a family you don't want to mess with. the crew of the d.c. comic justice league and only we can take you behind the scenes. >> it was really important that she would be the glue of the team. joining gal gadot's "wonder woman" in this superhuman team of five, "game of thrones" alum jason momoa as aquaman. ezra miller as the flash. ray fisher is cyborg. and of course, ben affleck is batman. >> actively recruiting and researching and try to find these superhumans that he believes that are out there. >> how many of you are there? >> not enough. >> not met with enthusiasm by everybody he encounters.
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some people are more reluctant to join up and be a part of the team. >> for jason, playing a superhero was a total bucket list moment. >> actually trying to geek out, when you get to see everybody they look unbelievable. it's truly a fan boy moment. it's cool. >> the 38-year-old trained hard for the role which requires shirtless scenes like this. he even snuck in workouts on set. >> you're right in the character. on set, when we're together it's like a big family. we didn't have one problem. no egos. no drama. this is crazy. think we're all going to die. equate the moments with superaction adventure all over the place. it's a whole world you haven't kron-4 news at eight:
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disturbing body cam video just released... of a deadly officer- involved shooting in santa claratonight... reaction from the family's rainy season is here.find out which parts of the bay area will get wet.we've got your four zone forecasti'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. it all started when sophia found the perfect little mug at marshalls. then piece by piece, surprise by surprise,
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reese witherspoon and ava phillippe looked more like sisters than mother/daughter duo last night. they attend wall street journal magazine innovator awards where rece was honored. reese is happy that she's not heading off to college just yet. >> she's my best friend. we do everything together. i have another year.
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closed captioning provided by -- before we go, angelina jolie will receive the hollywood foreign language film award at the 24th annual hollywood awards on sunday. >> james corden will host the event because he hosts everything now. james has it now. some of the presenters exclusively, amy adams, melissa mccarthy. >> jessica chastain. >> we're a little ahead. that's with who's coming. meanwhile, make sure to catch thursday night football tonight. it continues this week on the nfl network. the bills take on the new york jets. enjoy. >> bye, everybody. now at eight ... the bodycam
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video that south bay police say cleared an officer of murder charges in the shooting death of a mentally ill man. whooshthey failed to maintain their equipment.victims of the north bay firestorm blame one company for the death and destruction ... and they want compensation, whooshrain is coming ... and with it, new concerns about the impact on the fire=ravaged wine country whooshwomen flock their for beauty products ... one customer says she went home with something very different; an're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) disturbing body cam video released in the deadly march shooting of a south bay man. now, the santa clara


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