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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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no problems.san francisco police were clearly prepared for the hundreds of people that showed up and escorted the peaceful procession for about 3.5 miles. (nats)hundreds of people turned out for a day of action demanding president donald trump and vice president mike pence to be removed from office.the rally was hosted by a group named refuse fascism that called on americans from 22 cities nationwide to protest on saturday. sot:michael atkins, protestor// "i'm upset the way america is going right now in rolling back the progress we've made in the last half a century growing up in new york being taught it was the melting pot." refuse fascism members say they are upset
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with trump and pence for xenophobic nationalism, compromising healthcare, alternative facts, and backing out of the climate change agreements among other concerns.sot: barbara schlitz, protestor// "trump has already acted more like a king than a president part of three equal branches of government. he seems to think and he's said that only his opinion counts." a berkeley college republican showed up to oppose the rally voicing her frustration with recent violent episodes at conservative gatherings in support of the administration. sot: ashton whitty, conservative// "it would be nice not to be called a fascist and white supremacist just because i voted for donald trump because i'm not. so i definitely support their freedom of speech i just ask that i have my freedom of speech."protestors walked for about 3 miles passing by this man who says he gets to watch the world go by from his store front on market street that serves as a platform for marches year round.sot: kash, warm planet bikes// "i love our tourists and i think seeing the protests enlivens it for a lot of our visitors." a sort oflesson on voicing discontent that visitors can take home with them. there was no violence at this protest that wrapped up around 7 tonight on this corner on mission and 24th. live in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4n ews. (spencer) the protests were nation wide.... this is
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video minneapolis and philadelphia.. protests were also planned several other cities including new york, los angeles and seattle... (spencer) also happening now:police are looking for a carjackers -- who targeted a woman at bart. it happened last night at the rockridge station in oakland.the woman was in her carwhen a man pointed a semi-automatic handgun at her in the west side parking lot. the woman got out of her carand the gunman and another man got in and drove one was hurt... the stolen car is a gray, 2017 honda accord. (spencer) and new at ten: police are looking for these three women in sonoma... they are accused of stealing ...22 bottles of high end alcohol totaling over 11 hundred bucks. police say it happened at the sonoma market store on napa street yesterday evening officers are currently checking surveillance videos in the areafor more clues. (spencer) the rain is gone... but get ready for a
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cold night. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge.... temperatures in the north bay expected to dip down into the thirties...s i'm here in the weather center with meteorologist lawrence karnow.. lawrence - what's ahead for tomorrow? lawrence karnow: a gentle rain across the bay area overnight and this morning. rain totals were generally light with this storm and now we're getting ready for a chilly night. it's still breezy in some areas but the winds will calm down overnight and the temperatures will drop. so if you're going out tonight plan for no rain but chilly temperatures. you can see the storm falling apart as it moved through the bay area. we had a few lingering showers into the afternoon but those have since ended. on the satellite image you can see the low pressure to our north. and notice the cool pocket of air coming out
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of the gulf of will settle in over the bay area. another weak system will move bringing a chance of a few showers in the north bay in the afternoon. highs around tomorrow will be cool in the 50s and low bigger storm headed our way but not until the middle of the week. it should be dry and a on monday and and windy conditions for a stormy day midweek. (spencer) happening now in berkeley...the city is once again at odds with homeless encampments there. a group was forced to move off bart property there.... and now some have moved to city hall. that's where we find kron 4's hermela aregawi. she joins us live with the details. hermela? (spencer) tonight -- more than tonight -- (spencer)
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(spencer) tonight -- more than three weeks after the north bay firestorm.. all the fires are contained. but -- with thousands of homes destroyed.. people are still in need. today kron4's philippe djegal visited the last shelter still open in sonoma county. (philippe)nats- she'd prefer to do the laundry on her own... but right now, jamie sutton doesn't have the means... fortunately, a service does it for her and the other evacuees living at the finley community center in santa rosa. jamie lost her home in the fountaingrove community during
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the fires nearly a month ago... but she's tired of feeling like a victim.jamie sutton/evacuee- "i mean, it's time for all of us to try and get back to normal -- hopefully." that's the plan, says jennielynn holmes. she's the director of shelter and housing for catholic charities of the diocese of santa rosa. the non-profit organization that took over the operations of this evacuation shelter from the american red cross last week. it's the last one remaining in sonoma county. at one time, holmes says there were 43 shelters, serving more than four- thousand people.jennielynn holmes/catholic charities- "we already had a one-percent vacancy rate, and we already had a significant population who was experiencing homelessness on october 7th. and, now, post october 8th, we have less housing, more people in need. and, its just gonna be our, our biggest, you know, fight as a community, is you know, how do we build and how do we get creative and creating as many opportunities as possible for housing." catholic charities says, on friday, they helped nine people here transition into long-term housing. another five today... and, by next
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week, they hope to help the remaining 53 evacuees here find a place to stay... and, if that's the case, they'll be able to close this evacuation center down. jennielynn holmes/catholic charities- "and, we're preparing for the, what we're calling, the second wave of victims. people who will be pushed out of the rental market, because the higher income population is now in the rental market; lower income typically get pushed out."jamie sutton/evacuee- "right now, its very difficult, because there are so many thousands of people who are displaced. so, um, just trying to find temporary solutions." jamie sutton just wants to get back to work as a caregiver and reassume her independence that she cherished before losing her home.jamie sutton/evacuee- "the grand scheme of things, i don't think we're ruined -- you know, we're just starting over." and, she's ready for a fresh start. in santa rosa, philippe djegal, kron four news. (spencer) yesterday kron-4 teamed up with the salvation army to raise money for the north bay firestorm victims. we held a telethon -- and people from all over the bay area called in to pledge their support -- including bay area
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rapper e-40.
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accusations made against movie mogul harvey weinstein.. but tonight - there is one that could result in criminal charges. then -- an escalating feud between the president and his republican predecessors.. how the white house in now responding to the fact neither president bush voted trump. and next - new at ten: the impact the new republican tax plan could have on the new raider stadium in las vegas. stadium in las vegas. the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
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ten the republican tax plan introduced in congress would affect funding for the raiders' one-point-nine billion dollar stadium in nevada. according to the las vegas review journal -- the bill would end tax-exception on bonds used by pro teams to pay for stadiums. the raiders 65-thousand seat stadium includes 750- million dollars in public tax- except funding president trump is expected to approve the bill by thanskgiving. (spencer) another big story we are following:the san francisco police comission has approved a very controversial measure allowing officers to carry stun guns... this is an issue that's been debated for years... and there has been some pretty strong opposition. kron4's camila bernal explains both sides of the argument. camila:san francisco is one of the only major cities in the us where officers don't carry tasers... and implementing this is not going to be cheap. it's estimated that it would cost the city between 3 and 8 million dollars depending on
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the number of officers that are trained for this. take vo the police chief argues that tasers would be a good way to avoid deadly force.he says these weapons would also protect officers because there is a lower chance of the officer suffering an injury-- this would avoid workers comp and medical bills. but even though the union and the chief believe this is a less lethal option, opponents say this is a bad idea.their argument is that tasers can cause serious injury or even death. they also argue that the tasers could malfunction putting everyone at risk.take sot richard smith, opposed// "the better choice is to deescalate the situation which is one of the new use of force policies.,,,,camila:although the police commission voted to approve the use of tasers, this measure would not be implemented until december of in san francisco, camila bernal kron 4 news. (steve) san francisco
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police chief bill scott had this reaction to the tasers being approved. "ceds are a sound, less-lethal force option that complement the de- escalation principles and techniques our officers practice every day." the chief added the department will now work on developing a policy for officers. (spencer) the rain today across the bay area made for a dangerous situation on the roads. in antioch rescue crews showed up this morning to a two-car accident at kennedy and delta fair boulevard. look at the damage - one of the cars completely lost its top, and had a person trapped inside. a firefighter on scene says this kind of thing happens if you're not careful when the rainy season starts up again. rescuers pulled a person out of one of the cars using the jaws of life. that person is at john muir medical center with major injuries.
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(spencer) as the rain hit the bay area..the sierra was getting a dusting of snow.. take a look -- drivers heading to the mountains for the weekend were advised to bring chains. meteorologist lawrence karnow is here... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: a gentle rain across the bay area overnight and this morning. rain totals were generally light with this storm and now we're getting ready for a chilly night. it's still breezy in some areas but the winds will calm down
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overnight and the temperatures will drop. so if you're going out tonight plan for no rain but chilly temperatures. you can see the storm falling apart as it moved through the bay area. we had a few lingering showers into the afternoon but those have since ended. on the satellite image you can see the low pressure to our north. and notice the cool pocket of air coming out of the gulf of alaska that will settle in over the bay area. another weak system will move through bringing a chance of a few showers in the north bay in the afternoon. highs around the bay tomorrow will be cool in the 50s and low 60s. we have a bigger storm headed our way but not until the middle of the week. it should be dry and a little warmer on monday and tuesday.
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rain and windy conditions could make for a stormy day midweek. (spencer) hollywood producer harvey wine-steen may be facing criminal charges. new york authorities believe the story told by one actress in particular may be strong enough for prosecution. brynn gingras with our partners at c-n-n has details. a new york police department source says this is the strongest chance of bringing criminal charges against hollywood producer harvey weinstein.robert boyce/chief of detectives, nypd: "we have an actual case here."33 year old actress paz de la huerta-
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best known for her role in "boardwalk empire" (nats) says weinstein raped her on two separate occasions in late 2010.detectives say she's credible - becauserobert boyce/chief of detectives, nypd: "the ability to articulate each and every movement of the crime- where she was, where they met, where this happened and what he did." de la huerta tells cnn she first met weinstein when she was 14, acting in "cider house rules" ... a movie he produced. so 12 years later, when weinstein offered to give her a ride home from a club, she says she didn't feel uncomfortable... until they were in her new york city apartment.she told cnn her story on the phone. voice of paz de la huerta/actress: "he pulled up my dress and unzipped my pants and ... yeah ... he raped me"de la huerta says it happened again.. nearly two months later.voice of paz de la huerta/actress: "the first time i was in complete shock and it happened so quickly. the second time, i was terrified of him. in a million ways that i knew how to say no, i said no."
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weinstein's representative did not respond to cnn's request for comment regarding de la huerta's allegations. but through a spokeswoman, he has repeatedly denied "any allegations of non-consensual sex."more than 60 women have accused the movie mogul of sexual harassment or assault. an nypd source says the department's rape hotline has fielded dozens of calls, about weinstein.but de la huerta's case stands out because it fits within the statute of limitations.robert boyce/chief of detectives, nypd: "if this person was still in new york, and it was recent, we would go right away and make the arrest, no doubt. but we're talking about a 7 year old case and we have to move forward gathering evidence."de la huerta says she's been working with police and the manhattan district attorney's office on gathering evidence, including accounts from her friend and a therapist- who she confided in after the alleged attacks.the d-a's office would only say - "a senior sex crimes prosecutor is assigned to this investigation"robert boyce/chief of detectives, nypd: "i would like to see him go to jail. he's a rapist// he's gotten away with
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it for too many years, it would be nice to imagine that justice exists.brynn gingras/cnn national correspondent: "earlier this week, i reported the source said they have one other open case against weinstein here in new york. brynn gingras, cnn, new york. (spencer) netflix is cutting ties with "house of cards" actor kevin spacey. the streaming service said it will not be involved with any further production of "house of cards." it will also not release a film spacey produced and stars in called "gore." the decision comes following allegations of sexual misconduct. according to eight of his coworkers -- spacey made the set of "house of cards" a "toxic" work environment through a pattern of sexual harassment. (spencer) coming up: arrested for a tweet.. what an american abroad posted that landed her in jail.... and next:president trump responding to some serious criticism from his republican predecessors...
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(spencer) tonight we are tracking an intesifying fued between president donald trump and the bush family. according to media reports -- in an upcoming book -- both president george h.w bush and president george w bush criticize president trump. the book is called "the last republicans" it the author recounts a conversation where the elder bush calls president trump a "blowhard"... and reveals concerns from the younger bush that he will be quote "the last republican president". also in the book - neither bush voted for president trump. the white already firing back... this is a statement obtained by c-n-n. it says in part.. "if one presidential candidate can disassemble a political party, it speaks volumes about how strong a legacy its past two presidents really had." the statement also goes on to call the iraq war one of the greatest foreign policy mistakes in american history. (spencer) tonight - president trump has arrived in
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japan... the0 first stop on his first official visit to asia. this is new video... of the president stepping off air force one at a u-s military base... kim hutcherson with our partners at c-n-n takes a look at what is at the top of this trip. --reporter pkg-as follows-- president trump and the first lady leave hawaii saturday as they head to japanto begin a 12-day, five country tour in asia. the trip will start in tokyo where trump will sit down with the japanese prime minister before heading to south korea, china, vietnam and the of the most anticipated stops will be in beijing, where trump will meet with the chinese president to discuss security issues relatedto north korea along with u.s. trade. sot elisa labott cnn global affairs correspondent"not only north korea obviously, which is the key issue on this trip but also as president trump has said, trade. president trump has said that he doesn't feel like the u.s. has gotten a good dealon trade with other countries."another topic of possible discussion is china's role in the south china sea and the increased presence of its military.sot elisa labott
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cnn global affairs correspondent"while everyone is talking about the threat posed by north korea and that's certainly the most imminent threat. china's military rise, its aggressiveness is certainly something that these other countries are concerned about." meanwhile hundreds gathered to protest in seoul, south korea saturday ahead of trump's visit there tuesday.friday he and the first lady observed a moment of silence at pearl harbor after placing a wreath inside the u-s-s arizona memorial.i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (spencer) still ahead: we are tracking some bombshell revelations made by former chair of the democratic national committee. she was ready to replace hillary clinton with someone else as the party's nominee for president. and next:what a new white-house approved global warming study says about the cause of climate change..
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governor jerry brown was at the vatican today talking about the environment.
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brown believes a religious approach needs to be taken in order to avoid climate change. the california governor is in europe for eleven days.... starting monday he's attending a u-n climate change conference in germany as a special adviser. this all comes after a remarkable new study on climate change... remarkable not only because of its grim prediction ... but also because it was endorsed by the white house. but as kron4"s catherine heenan reports.. the white house is downplaying the signifigance. . monstrous wildfires ... raging flash floods ... destructive superstorms.once they were rare enough to be called 100=year events.the report says they are the new normal ... because the balance of nature has shifted, perhaps permanently.based on all the evidence, it says it is extremely likely that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases,
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are the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century."from 1901 to last year, the average temperature rise in california was one point eight degrees. it's expected to rise another two and a half degrees by 2050, and nine degrees or more by 2099.sfxthe report details how that change will impact california and the west, predicting that extended droughts will become chronic. likewise the sierra snowpack is getting smaller.we are likely to see more scenes like this one when state snow surveyors found nothing to measure.the study says the water in the sierra snowpack could drop 89 percent by the end of the century.then there is the wildifre danger.the report cites what it calls a profound increase in recent years as warm, dry summer weather made more fuel available ... climate change could bring more huge fires like the one in the north bay,
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each covering 50=thousand acres or the same time we could see more flooding ... global warming seems to be increasing the frequency and intensity of the el niqo -la nina cycle.coyote creek flooding may be a sign of what lies ahead. (spencer) there was a convergence of hot button political issues today in the east bay. protesters are trying to call attention to the conditions at a county jail... as well as the plight of undocumented immigrants. kron 4's jeff pierce has the story. this is the west county detention facility in richmond where contra costa county houses inmates accused of a variety of criminal offenses. it also holds dozens of undocumented immigrants through a contract with the federal immigration and customs enforcement agency.nat sound for the past six years members of the east bay faith community have held vigils for those detainees as they await some sort of determination of their status. but on saturday morning's gathering their concerns were about what they described as the deployable conditions those detained were experiencing.jail cells with no toilets, the humiliation of female inmates forced to
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relieve themselves in their clothes or plastic bags, being locked up for twenty three hours a day, frequent cancelation of the one hour outside their cells, intolerable food, lack of basic healthcare services and a terrifying environment with distressed inmates.nat sound prayers prayers where offered to those incarcerated.nat sound singingand songs delivered from those gathered from churches in richmond and neighboring cities.but they were determined in their commitment to go forward with more substantive action to alleviate the plight of the detainees. specifically that the sheriff's department comply with the recently signed california values act that limits local law enforcement agencies involvement in deportations.we do expect that he will comply with that and we are going to the public protection committee on monday. we need to have the sheriff break his contract with ice and stop collaborating.we expect the immigration detentions to end. there is no reason for people here under ice need to be detained, there are forms where ice can keep track of people without keeping them in jail like conditions.the sheriff's department did not make anyone available for comment. at the west county detention facility in richmond jeff pierce kron four news.
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(spencer) happening tomorrow morning-- new york city is stepping up security ahead of its marathon that gets under way sunday. it was just tuesday that a terror attack killed eight people. investigators believe sayfullo saipov, who is reponsible for the deaths... planned the halloween day attack for nearly a year. thousands of extra police officers will
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be on the streets. the governor of new york says the added security measures are only precautionary. kentucky police say a man attacked senator rand paul inside his home. paul wasn't hurt badly. police say the republican senator suffered a "minor rib injury"...and had injuries to his face...including cuts to his nose and mouth area. officers arrested rene albert boucher... they say he entered paul's home and tackled him to the ground. senator paul...says the 59-year-old actually his neighbor. boucher is charged with one count of fourth-degree assault. paul's communications director released a statement tonight... saying the senator "is fine". (spencer) tonight we are tracking the bombshell allegations made by the former d-n-c chairwoman. donna brazile's recent claim about last year's democratic presidential race... brings up the question... could bernie sanders have beaten hillary clinton? reporter, brianna keilar has the latest explosive charges coming from the former acting head of the democratic national committee
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have president trump smelling blood.president trump: "you ought to look at hillary clinton and you ought to look at the new book that was just put out by donna brazile where she basically bought the dnc and she stole the election from bernie so that's what you ought to take a look at."in excerpts of her new book published by politico donna brazile alleges that hillary clinton's primary campaign signed with the democratic national committee that gave her control over who the party hired and how they spent money, even before winning the nomination."if the fight had been fair" - she writes - "one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead. this was not a criminal act, but as i saw it, it compromised the party's integrity." a former clinton campaign official says clinton's priority was to raise money for the party. adrienne elrod/former director of strategic communications, clinton campaign: "the party was in shambles, it needed to be rebuilt. secretary clinton raised a lot of money to make sure that happened and the money that she raised would go on to help whomever the nominee was for president."
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the claim has reopened a deep rift in the democratic party. nats of jake tapper/cnn: "senator, do you believe with the notion that it was rigged?" nats of sen. elizabeth warren: "yes." president trump seized on that comment by liberal senator elizabeth warren -- who trump calls by a racist term in reference to her claimed native american heritage. "pocahontas just stated that the democrats, lead by the legendary crooked hillary clinton, rigged the primaries! lets go fbi & justice dept," he tweeted... "urging "bernie sanders supporters have every right to be apoplectic." brazile fired back against trump saying "today's lesson being quoted by donald trump means being misquoted by donald trump. stop trolling me. hash tag never said hillary rigged election."but brazile new revelations certainly feed into this long held claim trump has made about the primary system. this was trump two weeks before election day ... as even from accounts from within his campaign, he was expecting to lose to clinton.president
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trump: "it's rigged, its broken, its corrupt. they want me to take that back. let me tell you folks, its a rigged system." (spencer) and if that doesn't raise any eyebrows brazile considered replacing clinton as the party's presidential nominee... with former vice president, joe biden. according to the washington post -- brazile revelaed the information in an upcoming memoir... set to be released on tuesday. the former party leader was seriously thinking of making the change... after she fainted during a nine-eleven memorial service in new york city... and admitted she was suffering from pneumonia. brazile decided not to do it -- after realzing how excited some women in the u-s were about clinton being a candidate. back to our coverage the north bay firestorm... there are a series of concerts set to help out the victims of the north bay wildfires. the initial response was overwhelming... crashing the website when tickets for one of the events went on sale.
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kron four's terisa estacio is at one concert location where one group with bay area ties... the counting crows will perform. i am here at the green music center at sonoma state university this is where bay area favorite counting crows will play as part of a series of benefit concerts to help those effected by the wildfires. (video - counting crows) tickets went on sale early thursday morning. a representative with bottlerock presents - the group that puts on the napa annual concert says - the site crashed because so many people wanted to help out and buy a ticket. jacob yarrow is with the green music center. jacob yarrow, executive director green music center. we are more than happy to help out and work together to be a part of this benefit. here's what you need to know the concert
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is called for the love of sonoma it takes place on november 18th at weill hall. and that is just one concert also on november 18 - entitled for the love of napa - michael franti and spearhead will perform at robert mondavi winery . then -another bay area native group - train will take the stage to help raise money to help victims that concert, details here on your screen train is performing at the napa opera house on december 1. and lastly, coming up next thursday - band together bay area benefit concert startting metallica, dave matthews with tim reyolds and dead and company with john mayer that massive concert, has already raised 9 million dollars - for those devastated by the fires details on that mega concert, thursday nov the executive director says working on some other concerts that they will be announcing soon - all to try and lend a big hand to so many hit hard by the fires. in rohnert park, terisa estacio, kron four news
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(spencer) coming up:the tweet that landed an american abroad behind bars.... and next:before you set the time back tonight.. some expert advice on how to keep your "body-clock" in-sync with standard time.
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(spencer) it's time to set your clocks back... as daylight saving time comes to an end. some welcome the time change hour... and enjoy that extra hour of sleep... others hate to see the daylight slip away. here's kim hutcherson with today's health minute. the extra hour of sleep you'll get this weekend will only last so long -- you'll have to give it back in the spring.and that extra hour of morning daylight comes at a cost -- extra hours of darkness in the evenings.some studies have linked the lack of light to depression or seasonal affective are some things you can do to make the most of your daylight.some
10:42 pm
psychiatrists recommend taking a morning walk right after sunrise.bring more light into your home by keeping the blinds and shades open.coming home to a dark house can cause a person to feel sleepy, so invest in lamps for the evening and set them up on timers so they are on before you get home.keep an active social life and plan a winter vacation somewhere nice and sunny. don't oversleep or stay in bed all day.and probably most importantly, maintain a routine sleep schedule so you can keep your body clock on time and get the most out of your day.for today's health minute, i'm kim hutcherson. coming up in sports -- the warriors stay golden in denver... we'll show you their highlights from their blowout win against the nuggets.
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(spencer) an american woman is in a zimbabwe prison after calling the country's president a selfish and sick man on twitter. martha o'donovan was arrested yesterday for posting that tweet about president robert mugabe. the 25-year-old american is now facing subversion charges. o'donovan made her first court appearance today. she called the allegations against her baseless and malicious. her attorneys tried to challenge her subversion charge, saying it only came as an afterthought. sloat boulevard in san francisco has become known for dangerous speeders... so we went out to see just how fast drivers are actually going... the average the average speed on sloat
10:46 pm
blvd near 41st ave is somewhere around 40 miles per hour i know this beccause i used my radar gun to determine the speed the posted speed limit on sloat heading towards ocean beach is 35 the opposite direction is 40 that being saidnats: ambiance when checking speeds i found numbers like 46 miles per hour for the first car and 40 miles
10:47 pm
per hour for the car following nats: ambiance but almost consistantly the speed is in the 40 range . neighbors say that its often difficult to cross the street because deivers simply don't stop. (describe crossing the street to me) yellingand i guess we can add don't care to that list well what happens we try to wiit for the cars to pass/ and when your on the sidewalk they still try to go by so basically the drivers are not paying attention an are not yielding to pedestrians in the marked crosswalks nats: ambiance and they are ignoring the caution signs advising there is a crosswalk, but what people don't realize, sloat blvd is actyally highway 35 so it falls under the jurisdiction of caltransnow before i use the radar gun i visually estimate the drivers speed then i see what the radar gun gives me ans some times, i don't really have to use the radar, for instance this street sweeper was going a whooping 19 miles hournats: ambiance the speed in sloat was actually reduced from 40 to 35 because according to vision zero sf is a high injury corridor vision zero sf has a goal to make reduce fatal crashes to zero by 20 year 2024there are changes being made to sloat as we speak the bottom line is even with the reduction is speeds drivers are still going to fast .. i guess sfpd solos might have to deploy an attention grabber .. and you know that that means many cars they still see you just passing by passing by in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (specner) an injured bobcat found on the side of the road earlier this year in
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contra costa county has been released back into the wild. the bobcat was found on cummings skyway in august. he had a broken pelvis and was barely alive. thanks to the lindsay wildlife experience museum and the wildlife center of silicon valley...he made a full recovery. on wednesday... rescuers released the bobcat near where he was found. (spencer) tonight the warriors were in denver taking on the nuggets. golden state were wrapping up their three game road trip. denver pulled away early in the game, but late in the second half the warriors woke up. they started the third on a 24 to four run... they finished the quarter with 43 points steph curry finished with a plus-minus of plus-44, the highest of his career including playoffs golden state went on to win 127 to 108. (spencer) during morning shootaround -- warriors forward, draymond green didn't want to respond to dallas mavericks owner, mark cuban's criticism. cuban told
10:49 pm
e-s-p-n -- he wants people to stop using the word "owner" to describe the people that own sports franchises. last week, green went on instagram to express his anger against texans owner, bob mcnair. the owner was calling n-f-l players inmates. draymond says he won't apologize to the league for his actions quote "nobody can prep me. i'm going to always say what i want". (spencer) finally, the sharks were looking for their fourth straight win. they were taking on the anaheim ducks in san jose. the sharks trialed through the first two periods. in the third -- joel ward tied it up at one. this game had to go to a shootout -- joonas donskoi breaks the deadlock marty jones gets the save sharks win 2-1 get out the blankets its going to be a chilly night. i'll have the forecast next.
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(spencer) we have a warning for bmw owners tonight>.b-m-w is recalling over a million cars and s-u-v's due to the risk of fires under the hood. there are two recalls....inclu ding the three and five series cars...the x-five, x-three and the z-four....mainly from 2007 to 2011. federal investigators say a part of the engine can short circuit and melt -- increasing the chances of a fire, even if the vehicle isn't in use. b-m-w says it doesn't know of any accidents or injuries related to the issue. the second recall covers an overheating risk due to faulty wiring in the heating and air conditioning system. there were three injuries related to this issue. dealers will replace necessary parts starting december 18th. (spencer) the great pyramid of giza has another
10:54 pm
secret waiting for archaeologists. it turns out there's a mysterious empty space in the tomb. the mission "scan pyramids" picked up a void nearly 100 feet long using a new particle-tracking technique. the great pyramid contains three previously discovered rooms-- the king's chamber... a smaller queen's chamber... and a passageway called the grand gallery. this is the first major discovery inside the pyramid since the 19th century. because any kind of drilling is banned -- the secrets in the room will stay sealed in stone for a while. for a while.sealed in stone
10:55 pm
room will stay sealed in stone for a while.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together
10:58 pm
and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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♪ >> we're responding code 3 to a call in gold beach for assault involving a bat in which amador county was driving through the area and was flagged down and notified of. are you the only one that was hit?


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