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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 6, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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first -- let's get the latest on the investigation... kron4's spencer blake is live outside olympic high school.. spencer --
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the shooting didn't happen at the shchool, but it was really quite close to 7 black car "i mean we just there will be grief (pam) here is a closer look at exactly where the shooting happened. the high school student was killed at the corner of beach street and salvio street. and you can see just how close that is to olympic high school. again - the shooting happened at 1:30 -this afternoon.. just minutes after school let out for the day. (steve) the principal of olympic high school releasing
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this message tonight for students... "the safety and security of our staff, students and visitors is a top priority for olympic high school. we encourage students to always be vigilant for their safety and that of others, and report any concerns. (pam) our team coverage continues tonight.. kron 4's j-r stone is also live in concord ... j-r you talked to the victim's friends.. what are they saying tonight? (steve) new tonight at ten:
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police are trying to trackdown the gunman who shot a man in santa rosa this afternoon... the victim was sitting in a car on corby avenue about four blocks north from hearn avenue when the gunfire all happened just after 3:00.. the victim is expected to survive. detectives believe the shooting was targeted - but no motive yet... (pam) also new at ten: police are asking for help finding a 13- year old and an 11- year old year old and finding a 13- year old and an 11- year old in the redwood city area... iyana harris and davonye cummings walked away from the "your house south facility" group home.. on sequoia avenue at around 1:00- in the morning. it is believed the two are headed to hayward. (steve) happening now:a
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manhunt underway for these two escaped inmates.. the managed to get away while in court in palo alto... and they had help. tonight - we are learning the suspects had a handcuff key.... kron4's ali reid joins us live tonight... ali - do investgators have any leads tonight? still no leads at this hour.. authorities call this a brazen escape that was well thought out. pkgwhile combing the area for clues, deputies didn't have to look very far to find this the key that unlocked the prisoners handcuffs. the question is how did they manage to get their hands on it?they are handcuffed, waist chained, shackled.the 2 inmates .. 47 year old john bivins, and 46 year old tramel mcclough were attending a hearing for armed robbery charges when they somehow got away from the deputy as he escorted them from the first
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floor courtroom, to the hallway. officials say they escaped through a side door, wearing prison issued orange and gray clothing.deputy reginald cooks/santa claracounty sheriff's dept. - we believe it was an orchestrated escape, where they had a car staged.the two men, who i'm told are friends and were both booked in february for robbery abandoned the first getaway car a few blocks away then took off in a u-haul woman i spoke to, who knew both bivins and mcclough, says they're from the east palo alto area with family and children living there. detectives have been on the hunt, but they are yet to be found.standupthe sheriff's office warns, these men should be considered dangerous.if you spot them, do not try to approach them.instead, call 9- 11.reporting live from palo alto ..ali reid . kron 4 news (steve) new tonight at ten: an escaped inmate from southern california has been arrested in petaluma. officers say they were patroling in the washington square shooping center around 9:00 this morning.. and
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they came into conact with humberto gastelum.a records check revealed he was wanted for escaping a jail work crew in imperial county. (grant) another big story we are tracking... a walnut creek teacher has been arrested..he's accused of sexual offenses against a child under ten years old .. and possessing child porn.. michael bartel was arrested friday.. he taught sixth and seventh grade science.... at walnut creek intermediate school. police say, the allegations in this case, do not involve students at the school. today kron-4 talked to a parent whose child knew the teacher.... the school district says the teacher underwent a
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background check before he was hired. he is now on administrative leave.... bartel is being held on 16- million dollars bail. (pam) developing tonight: the man behind the worst mass murder in texas history .... was shot twice by a civilian... before he discharged the fatal shot killing himself. investigators say, devin patrick kelley had wounds in his leg and torso...when he crashed his s=u=v ... ten- miles from the scene of the church massacre. he killed 26 people and injured 20 more ... (steve) in all, that's roughly ten percent of the population of sutherland springs. kron4's catherine heenan shows us the impact on a tiny town with deep reservoir of faith. whatever life brings to you, lean on the lord rather than your own understanding. i don't understand but i know my god does.pastor frank pomeroy and his wife were out of town when police say 26=year old devin patrick kelly opened fire from outside the church. among the victims, his 14 year old daughter, annabelle.we
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lost more than belle yesterday, and one thing that gives me a sliver of encouragement is the fact that belle was surrounded yesterday by her church family that she loved fiercely, and vice- versa. "inside the church, the deceased actually ranged from 18 months to 77 years of age." haley kruegar was just 16- years-old. her mother says she was looking forward to becoming an intensive-care nurse for infants."you think you're safe in the house of the lord. but the devil never rests. he's everywhere destroying lives. who would have ever thought? lula white was among the victims.her daughter, kelly's mother in law, often attended the church, though she was not there yesterday.kelly reportedly sent her a threatening email before the attack. "we can tell you that there was a domestic situation going on within this family."fred curnow lives directly across the street.he saw the gunman pour rounds from a semiautomatic rifle into the side of the church, you're in pews, you're in lines. so going to the side, he's shooting right through there. he knows he's doing some harm.the shooter
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jumped in his car when another neighbor, fred willeford came out of his house barefoot, firing his own gun. "i am no hero. i am not . i think my god, my lord protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be the gunman drove away, willeford commandeered this man's car.""opened my door and said he shot up the church and we got to chase him and i said let's go."the chase reached speeds of up to 95 miles an hour and ended after ten miles in this ditch.john berman/ reporting:"did you have any second thoughts? what was your running through your head right then?" "nothing. get him."john berman/ reporting:"why?" johnnie langendorff / chased texas shooting suspect:"because that's what you do. you, you chase the bad guy. " (brittney).dry weather is forecast to continue into
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tuesday, along with near normal daytime temperatures and cool nights. the next front is forecast to bring rain and gusty winds to the region on wednesday into early thursday. showers will linger into thursday and friday, mainly across the north. (steve) coming up new at ten:the bay area trail where a local hiker had an uncomfortably close enounter with a mountain lion... (pam) also new tonight.. a reason to hold on tight to your new i-phone ten.. what the results of a "drop test" reveal about the new phone. (steve) and next - new at ten:drone's are causing some serious problems for jails... what the criminals are now using the hi-flying devices for...
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(steve) there's growing concern that drones could be used to smuggle contraband, including drugs, into jails. now, a santa clara county supervisor says the county needs to step up efforts to crack down on the problem. kron 4 charles clifford has details. standupright behind me here is the elmwood correctional facility in milptias. it covers 62 acres and there's mounting evidence that drones have been used to carry things over the fencesotwhat we are seeing is things like methamphetamines being smuggled into the jail so we want to make sure drones aren't being used for that. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez says that during a recent tour of elmwood she saw evidence of contraband being smuggled into the facility using drones. she
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says the santa clara county sheriff's office, which operates the jail, is also worried about the problem.sot they let us know that they were concerned about drones and as a matter of fact recovered a crashed drone inside the permiter.chavez now wants the county to implement drone-related air restrictions over detention facilities like elmwood and to then enforce those restrictions.sotto makes sure that punishment is pretty swift. that we are aggressive in pursuing people who are flying drones over our jail facilities.she also want to launch a public outreach campaign to help people understand where they can and can't fly a drone.sotthese are facilities that we have to make sure we are doing our very best both for public safety but also for the safety of the inmates and correctional officers.standup chavez plans to bring up her concerns about drones at tuesday board of superviors meeting. in milpitas, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) police in san francisco
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have arrested a man after they say they found 70 pounds of meth and two pounds of heroin in his noe valley home. the suspect is alejandro alvarez... police released a photo of what was seized... in addition to the drugs.. investigators also say they found 46-thousand dollars cash. (pam) new tonght at ten: san mateo police are looking for a man who robbed two people at gunpoint... this a new sketch released by police... the victims were just walking down the street... here is a look at where the robbery was on north san mateo drive on october 14th -- around 7:00- in the evening.. once the victims handed over their property... the criminal ran one was hurt. (pam) tonight there is a 25-thousand dollar reward .... for information about a series of robberies that have occurred in blackhawk. this is just east of danville. these pictures are of the suspect from the most recent break-in. it happened around 7-30- friday night.
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police say, three people entered the home ... snatching property and valuables... before taking off. the description of the suspects matches those who have committed previous burglaries. (steve) tonight san francisco police have released new details on the murder of an 83-year-old man... they're hoping it will help lead to an arrest in the case... the man was vicously attacked at muni station back in 2010 by a group of teens.. kron4's justine waldman is tacking the new developments.. justine: huan chen's son says that there is not a day that goes by that he doesn't think about his father.they used to talk every he along with police... hope that a 100- dollar reward will help find his 83-years old. huan chen regularly took muni to get around san francisco.on january 24th 20-10 he got off the t-line at 3rd and oakdale, to head to his assisted living community.that is when police say a group 6 black male juveniles beat him up and he bashed his head on the ground.he died from his injures two months later.sot we can't keep on hurting each other at the time, his death marked the 3rd attack in the bayview district against asians.the community came then came together to stop the police stepped up
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patrols in the along 3rd street.police only have limited description of the attackers - who were wearing dark colored clothing.the attackers did not steal anything from chen, and the motive for hitting him on the head remains unclear.with no new leads, investigators want to put the call out again now for witnesses to share what they remember.or someone with a guilty conscience to come clean.sot with dramatic or traumatic incidences like this it is possible that someone may have not forgotten anything time could be the difference in solving this cold case. because even 7 years later, chen's family still grieves. sot they are constantly thinking about him and they want us to bring some closure by arresting the people responsiblein san francisco justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(pam )a live look outside (steve)brittney has the forecast .dry weather is forecast to continue into tuesday, along with near normal daytime temperatures and cool nights. the next front is forecast to bring rain and gusty winds to the region on wednesday into early thursday. showers will linger into thursday and friday, mainly across the north.
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(steve) still ahead:how
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the north bay firestorm has brought the homeless problem front and center for santa rosa... (pam) but video of a dramatic rescue at a popular penninsula spot for hiking.. hiking.. ♪ it's time for the sleep number semi-annual sale on the only bed hiking.. that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during our semi-annual sale, our queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides is only $1499. save $300. ends soon. visit for a store near you.
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the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. (pam) take a look at this
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-- we have new, up- close video of an mountain lion sighting in almaden valley.. this was on the quicksilver trail -- and you can see a mountain lion right in the distance... the person who took the video says, they were hiking alone when it happened.. if you come into contact with a mountain lion... wildlife experts say, make yourself look big by waving your arms... throwing rocks and making loud noises. (pam) also - new video tonight of a rescue near muscle rock in daly city.. take a look.... it was reported .... that a man from san francisco slipped from a
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cliff, while hiking. the 34-year-old man injured his leg. the c-h-p had to rescue the man because noone had access to the beach. the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. what is even more amazing... is c-h-p was able to rescue the man, while it was completely dark. (steve) happening now... pacifica police are looking for the person responsible for keying at least 20 cars. it happened some time between 10 pm friday and 10-30 am saturday... the cars were on everglades drive and lerida way. neighbors say this is a quiet and safe neighborhood.. . many are upset that something like this would happen where they live. (resident): "i was really surprised. it's a really safe neighborhood. this stuff really doesn't happen around here." police in are asking resident in the area to double- check their car for any damage. they area also asking people with security cameras to look at the video... and report anything suspicious.
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(pam) coming up:bay area are elections tomorrow... tonight - we look at some of the biggest issues on the ballot.. (steve) then new at ten: it's the most expensive iphone ever.. and if you paid for one -- you're going to want to see the results of the latest iphone ten drop test... (pam) and next:a new threat at a north bay high school... the disturbing message found on a boy's restroom stall...
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right.
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our country depends on it. (steve) tonight: another violent threat has redwood high in larkspur preparing for heavy police presence tomorrow. (pam) for a third week in a row .... the school found grafitti scribbled on a wall. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at redwood high in larkspur. ella how are safe are students feeling? something violent were to truly happen they won't be prepared for it. real or not the school district is not taking chances so expect to see police on campus tomorrow. redwood high can expect to see a heavy police presence at school all day tuesday after an obscure message scribbled on a boy's bathroom stall was
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found that read 11/7/17 parking lot r-i-p.sot: abby onel, student//"it makes me feel safer."sot: izzy skov, student// "i just don't like how many cops there are and it just freaks me out a little bit it doesn't make it feel like school."this is a third week of this kind of disruption at the school.the day before halloween some writing also in a bathroom warned of a school shooting. the week before that a bomb threat. although students tell kron 4 they're not taking the matter as seriously anymore the school district is siding with caution.sot: david yoshihara, superintendent tamalpais union high school district// "i'm a father of young children as well .and so from a parent safety is important, from a student i think what they're looking at is there have been a number of these and if anything it validates how important school is for them and wanting to be at school."and students agree saying they just want to focus on their studies.sot: selena marmolejo, student// "they're just ruining our learning environment and it's just not okay because i'm trying to get my education."although most parents are pleased with the action taken by the district, one father cautions the attention may spur further copy cats.sot: hugh stevenson, parent// "it is kids
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misbehaving and i don't think we should reinforce it by paying too much attention to it. i'm glad that we are responsive and that the administration takes it seriously but i'm afraid that you encourage it, you reward it." tag the superintendent credits students for coming forward after finding these messages because it is hard to monitor a bathroom due to privacy concerns where most of them have been found. live in larkspur ella sogomonian kron 4n ews. (steve) happening now:berkeley police have released new photos of suspected violent protesters.. and they're hoping it will lead some arrests...take a look... the protest was back in august in civic center park.... fights broke out.... 13 people have been arrested so far.. and police are still looking for others. (steve) also today: lawyers defending the undocumented immigrant accused of killing kate steinle began laying out their case. as kron4's maureen kelly reports.. the defense brought in an expert.. to bolster its claim that the shooting on pier 14 was accidental.
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.james norris..the former director of foresnic services division of the sfpd crime lab first took questions from the defense dealing with the model of the gun used in the killingthat gun was stolen from the car belonging to a federal park ranger just days before the fatal killing of the 32 year old pleasanton native.the forensic expert said the sig sauer p239 has no external safetyand when in what's called single action mode, has a trigger pull equivlant to a child's water pistol.if someone were to try and grab it or if it caught on an article of clothing and we are talking about an extremely light trigger pull of 4 lbs or less, this is commonly understood by law enforcement as a light trigger pull.he told the jury that when testing guns with trigger pulls of 4 pounds or less, he always takes more safety precautions because there's always the possibility of accidental discharge.he also testified that because the bullet ricocheted off the concrete of the pier, it was flattened on one side which causes a bullet to travel irradically and lose it's
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accuracy.the assistant district attorney tried to discredit norris by getting him to admit he's being paid for his testimonyit's the prosecution's stance that garcia zarate pointed the gun at kate steinle's direction and pulled the triggermaureen kelly kron4 news. (pam) in the wake of the devastating north bay fires.. homeless advocates are warning that if something is not done quickly, there could be a new wave of homelessness in santa rosa. kron 4's gabe slate met with a woman who was homeless before the fires... she says it is even more difficult to survive, now that shelters
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and resources have been going to evacuees.
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(pam) happening tomorrow... five bay area counties are holding local elections.(steve) kron-4 is your local election headquarters.... and tonight we are tracking some of the key races. (steve) at least two cities are voting on measures to tax marijuana. in the sonoma county city of cotati... measure g is a tax on marijuana businesses. a yes vote would tax up to 25 dollars per square foot of a business' cultivation area.... or up to eight percent of gross receipts. it is estimated to generate 3- hundred thousand dollars in tax revenue annually.. and would be used to help pay for city services impacted by the pot business. (steve) also measure g in the san mateo county city of pacifica. a yes vote would create a six percent tax on marijuana operations gross receipts. after two years that tax could be decreased or increased up to 10 percent.
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it is estimated to create three hundred and sixty thousand dollars annually in tax revenue. (pam) also on the ballot tomorrow in pacifica: a rent control measure. and as kron4's terisa estacio reports... the issue is igniting some very heated debate.
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besides san mateo county... here are all the bay area counties holding elections tomorrow.. marin... santa clara.. sonoma... and solano. be sure to join us tomorrow night as we cover the key races... kron four is your local election headquaters. (steve) a warning if you have netflix... millions of users are now being targeted by an email scam. the scam tells users that their netflix account needs to be updated. it then takes them to a fake website where they are asked to log in and put in their credit card information. netflix says if users are un- sure about a website you can hover your cursor over the link to see where it takes you. on most browsers...the
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link to the real website will be at the bottom of the screen.
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oooooooo... awwwwww... yummmm... denny's new holiday pancakes are delicious. you guys can have some if you want. order now at denny' new tonight at ten: be extra careful with your new iphone ten.electronic insurance company "square-trade" claims the iphone ten is the most
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breakable i-phone ever. to prove its point the insurance company posted this video on youtube.. in the video - the company does a variety of "drop tests".. according to "square trade" the iphone ten's glass shatters when dropped from a height of six feet. (pam) lots of drivers speed a little... maybe five miles over the limit... and they think they probably won't get pulled over...(steve) but good luck talking youself out of a ticket when you're going nearly 30 over the speed limit. so at what point did you see the officer? right before i passed him the fact is by the time you see the traffic officer he already had you on lidar this driver is getting a warning he's the slowest one i've had this morning but driving 15 miles over the speed limit in conta costa county can result in having your license suspended . but in the case of the next three drivers it's a moot point!
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whooo 83 83and yes 83 is 28 miles over the posted speed limit which equals a suspended license unlessyou don't have your license on you are you a licensed driver how old are you? how come you're 19 and you don't have a driver's license then there was this driver in the black audi (cue the audi driver jokes here) let's just say he was going a wee bit faster 85 to be exact it's your car but you don't have a license is he your chuffer . apparently, the passenger was too tired to driver so his buddy too over . even though it was the buddy's car . are you still following me here? but now listen to this so it's a california card with a pennsylvania address how does that work out it. the first time i think i ever seen that (that's what they gave me) where do you actually live sir then there was this driver in the pickup truck, now i know you think he was going faster actually he wasn't but .. according to the dmv, your license is suspended, however according to dmv you need to be served so therefore your gonna sign the citation you have to sign the notification
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that you've been suspended im gonna retain your drivers license .but even if his license wasn't suspended he still had another issue plus your license is expired by the way it could be a double fine but were not doing that right now so lets recap the first speeder at 83 ok so you're an unlicensed driver you have no identification you're gonna have to call the registered owner of the vehicle to come pick you up the driver doing 85 it's rea simple you driver about two blocks down the road and there's a dmv you go in there you fill out the paperwork take the test alright so switch up.and the driver with a suspended and expired license i'm not going to tow your car because you wernt notified of it properly the moral of this story if your going to ride dirty make sure your paper work is in order . but look at the bright side the courts can't suspend a license if you don't actually have one in pittsburg stanley roberts kron 4 news
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warriors back at home taking on the miami heatkevin durant having some fun before the game2nd quarterdurant with the nice catch on the break and slams it home warriors up 13 at the half (durant: 21 points, but only 1-6 on threes)4th quarter draymond green 3-pointer and gives the tongue back dowen the court 78-57 warriors (green: 18 points, 4 threes, 9 rebounds)andre iguodala finishing on the fastbreak with the dunk 87-70 warriors stph curry. only 2-of-9 from thre but made this one 90-70 warriors(curry: 16 points) final: 97-80 warriorsdubs 4th straight win warriors shoot only 37% but still win big
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the cal bears warming up for their season with an exhibition game against providence (montana)new cal head coach wyking jonesdon colemanwith then ice left- handed take for the score (coleman: 20 points)marcus lee the kentucky transfer and antioch native scores inside (lee: 17 points, 12 rebounds) jones not his first official win but a solid startfinal: 81-52 calbears open season friday at home against u.c. riverside jimmy garoppolo watched from
10:47 pm
the sidelines as the 49ers dropped to 0-and-9 c.j. beathard the official stats were he was hit 10 times but it seemed like 20 and when former 49er antoine bethea nailed him late on the slide here it touched off a brawl carlos hyde getting into it the most but mainly pushing and shovingwith 2 = minutes left and the niners looking to cut the cardinals lead to 3beathard throws one off the helmet of 6-8 trent brown it's picked off to end any 49ers hopes beathard beathard did throw for 294 yards but surely the clamor for garoppolo to play will just get louder49ers lose 20- 10 they host the 1-7 new york giants this sunday likely their best chance for a win here's kyle shanahan being peppered about when garoppolo will play(sot: shanahan) hopefully we can get healthier i know we have a bye week the next week so hopefully that'll add up too. we got two quarterbacks on our roster i'd love to give both of them a chance to play this year and i would love to get jimmy in eventually but there's a lot of steps that are going to go into that factor so hopefully we can get healthy and hopefully we can give jimmy a chance to pick this stuff up as he goes.
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the raiders had to come though with their season on the brink last nighthaving to win in miami to keep any realistic hopes of a playoff berth alive derek carr played well throwing for 300 yards and this touchdown to johnny holton to put the raiders up early but for goodmarshawn lynch back from his 1-game suspension didn't have big numbers 57 yards on 14 carries but he scored twice this one from 22 yards outa late dophins comeback was thwarted when amari cooper recovered this onside kick with 1:31 leftraiders win 27- 24 they now have a week off before traveling to mexico city to play the super bowl champion patriotshere's jack del rio on getting back on track(sot: del rio) i feel like we had a couple really good practices during the week.
10:49 pm
there are still things we need to clean up and be better at. and it's really in all three phases but i think what i saw was glimpses of what i know we can be as a football team when we put all three phases together and that's really what we're looking for. pablo sandoval he will be back at least for spring trainingt the giants decided to pick up his option for next seasonafter they pciked him up after he was let go by the red sox sandoval hit only .225 with 5 home runs in 160 at bats for the giants but with his salary at the league minimum it is a low-risk move until either ryder jones or christian arroyo is ready to take over at 3rd basethe giants also picked up the options of madison bumgarner and matt moore and johnny cueto decided $21 million per- season for the next 4 years was good enough to not contract
10:50 pm
gas prices rise for most americans . . . here's why. gasoline prices have spiked for most of the u.s. - and especially the midwest - during a period in which motorists are usually experiencing relief at the pump. amid rising oil prices and ongoing refinery maintenance due to the lingering effects of hurricane harvey, fuel prices have
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jumped over the last week in 43 states and the district of columbia. the average national price of $2.52 per gallon on friday morning was up 30 cents from a year ago and up 5 cents from a week ago. a 12-cent gas tax increase in california that took effect wednesday is contributing to the spike.some theaters may not show 'the last jedi' due to disney's demands . . . later this year, some movie theaters will be one with the force - but other theaters are reportedly refusing to show the latest "star wars" film. the reason? the cost. disney reportedly required every theater to agree to handing over 65 percent of ticket sales to the studio. additionally, the outlet says theaters had to show "episode viii" in their largest auditoriums for at least four weeks. what's more, the contracts reportedly say that disney gets an additional 5 percent of the theater breaks any part of the agreement.
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.dry weather is forecast to continue into tuesday, along with near normal daytime temperatures and cool nights. the next front is forecast to bring rain and gusty winds to the region on wednesday into early thursday. showers will linger into thursday and friday, mainly across the north. this is the new comfort food.
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