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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 12, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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cardenaz says the robbery is pretty atypical in pacifica. but with the demand for pot growing, she wonders if someone wanting árecreational pot was angry that her dispensary is still only licensed to carry medical marijuana."as grassroots as we are, we are trying to come up to code with all of our regulations."the new regulations she's referring to are not only the licensing process for a legal recreational pot shop...but also pacifica ordinances that call for new requirements for dispensaries.for example, they must have video surveillance, which this shop does, and they must turn that surveillance over to the police upon request, which they did in this robbery case."yes we are putting our security on top priority."cardenaz doesn't mind the regulations, because she says they ultimately protect her as a dispensary operator. that robber got away, and police are
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collecting tips on who he was and where he may have gone. live in pacifica, spencer blake, kron four news. (grant) happening now -- police are looking for a man who tried to sexually assault a woman in walnut creek. this happened around 5:30 last night on iron horse trail near newell avenue and south broadway. police say the woman was walking when a man came up behind and assaulted her. and this is who police are looking for. investigators say... based on the man's actions and comments... he áintended to sexually assault or physically harm the victim. but suddenly he ran away. the victim was treated for non-life threatening injuries. police say the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. (pam) san francisco police have a new lead in the killing of trangender activist anthony "bubbles" torres.
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an arrest warrant has been issued for this man -- hieu trung nguyen --- a san francisco resident. bail has already been set at 15-million dollars. the suspect is about 6-feet tall, 190 pounds. police consider him armed and dangerous. bubbles was well known in the san francisco l-g-b-t community...was an artist...d- j...and activist. he was killed on september 9th near larkin and myrtle streets. if you know where the suspect may be... or have any other info on the case, police would like to hear from you. (steve) the man charged with the vehicular homicide of a c-h-p officer on christmas eve has been booked into the santa rita jail in dublin. 22-year old hayward resident mohammed ali is being held without bail. ali's arraignment is scheduled for tuesday morning in alameda county superior court. he's charged with killing this man, 33-year old andrew camilleri -- after rear ending the officer's parked patrol car on interstate 8-80 around
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midnight. officer jonathan velasquez was also injured in the crash. authorities say ali was under the influnce of marijuana and alochol at the time. (pam) developing tonight.. flu deaths in california are surging. the state's death toll made a dramatic jump this week... from 27 to at least 42. in the bay area --- there have been at least twelve deaths... including five in santa clara county... at least four in contra costa county... and one marin county. the soaring flu season has health officials on alert. kron-4's gabe slate spoke with the marin county public health department about their urgent warning for people. sound from dr. matthew willis - marin - public health officer, department of health and human services "we are up 40%"doctor matthew willis, public health officer for the marin county department of health and human services says marin county has had one death from flu and based on how many cases are active right now they are concerened. sound from dr. matthew willis - marin - public health officer, department of health and human services "we have had 176 cases since oct. " doctor willis said a couple times this week emergency rooms at local hospitals flled up and had to devert incoming
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ambulances to different hospitals so his team is now getting daily reports from all their clinitions and e'r's to keep track of the flu surge. sound from dr. matthew willis - marin - public health officer, department of health and human services "we are seeing more earlier this year and young people. " doctor willis says if you start showing symptems to stay at home and not infect others. sound from dr. matthew willis - marin - public health officer, department of health and human services "take the sick day " if you have not gotten your flu shot yet public health officials say sound from dr. matthew willis - marin - public health officer, department of health and human services "get the shot " in marin gabe slate kron 4 news news
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(steve) tonight we are learning more about the petaluma man accused of helping his wife commit suicide. this is a photo of the suspect -- david clement... according to investigators he reported his wife áhanged herselfá from a tree wednesday morning -- near highway one in bodega bay. authorities say she attempted suicide multiple times over three days with her husband's help. clement has been charged with attempted murder. (pam) tonight, the mother of a murdered teen boy is speaking out.. hoping to help generate some new leads in the case. 16-year-old lamar murphy was shot nearly one year ago in hayward. kron4's haaziq madyun tells us... what is being done to find the killer.
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sotas the one year mark of his murder approaches richardson says she is still seeking answers to who killed her sonsot
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sheriff's office: "this is a time for us to renew our pledge to solve this murder and to bring public attention to the fact that we just need to step forward and do the right thing and point us in a direction so that we can begin to solve this case">on saturday january 20th at 5pm a peace rally will be held at this location in memory of lamar murphy. richards says she will never give up trying to her the killed her sonsot richards/lamar mother: "i will not stop.">dollar reward offered for leading to an arrest and this haaziq madyun kron4news (steve) the foggy weather today being blamed for the death of a pedesrian this morning.. this is video showing what it looked like around the bay area.. in san leandro this morning -- a woman at a bust stop was hit and killed. tonight - the victim has been identified
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82-year-old liang you-jon (youjian). it happened around 7 a-m near fairmont drive and east 14th street. police say the elderly woman stepped onto the road for a moment...when she was hit by a car. the driver immediately stopped...police say the driver was going less than the speed limit posted. police urge people walking around to be aware when it's foggy...and for those on the road to have their lights on and drive slow. . . (steve) new at ten: the weather also causing problems at san francsico international airport... a lufthansa flight from frankfurt germany had to be diverted to oakland... after circling sfo for about thirty minutes. it was apparently too foggy for the plane to land...the plane refueled in oakland.. then headed back to sfo.. where it landed about 3:30 his afternoon. lawrence karnow: we had areas of thick fog today that were slow to burn off in some parts
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of the bay area. that kept their rather cool. while thoses places that had the sun like santa rosa temperatures soar in the mid partly cloudy tonight with stars and fog. the fog will be very some of the valleys. (pam) (pam) coming up:four
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swimmers have now been attacked by sea lions in san francisco bay. tonight - we are hearing from of the victims.. the advice he has before you get in the water. (steve) then - an unsolicited murder confession....what a man says drove him to admit his guilt to a tv reporter.... (pam) and next:mail trucks targeted in the east bay.. dozens have been vandalized.. tonight how the post office is hoping to make the problem stop.
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(steve) in the east bay tonight... the u-s postal service says someone has been vandalizing their delivery trucks. dozens of them. over the past few months, 40 red, white and blue trucks have been tagged with graffiti. now post office is now hoping to stop the vandalism by offering a reward...(pam) kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in oakland with details. well, the postal service says that most of the vandalism has been to trucks parked overnight outside the postal facility here on 13th street. they are now hoping that someone will come forward with information about who is gleaming white delivery trucks tagged with covering the entire sides of trucks. . . new and old. postal fitch says it's not an image the post office approves of. talented the appear it's still it's vandalizing postal property.vandalism has occurred late at night to trucks the post office facility here along oakland. the post office used trucks in a nearby lot behind locked gate but the postal service property. last fall, they lost and had to start parking the trucks on the when the problems the trucks that have been need to be taken out of service for repairs, an expensive means that for a short time those on the streets making hoping to limit the damage, the post office has few trucks at other locations limited in oakalnd and most of the will still be parked here at inspector office is handling the this
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vandalism and they are sizeable reward for information results.we are actually of up to 10,000 dollars for information arrest or individual or individuals responsible for these are crimes and if someone knows something us. it is something we take seriously.fitch also points out the vandalizing a mail truck is a carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.finally, the fitch today tha they want to put an end to the graffiti because the vandalism has moral for post office oakland, kron 4 news. (pam) on the (pam)
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kron 4 news. (pam) (pam) on the peninsula... san mateo police are thanking an alert father, who they say, helped catch a man accused of stealing packages from porches. this is the video of the suspect ... taking a package from that father's home. police say, one week after this video was taken... the same dad recognized the man walking down his street. so he called police.when officers arrived ... they
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found the suspect had several stolen packages on him. police posted photos of some of the allegedly stolen items online... many have been returned to the owners. (steve) signs have been posted at two dog parks in the east bay warning that some cases of a bacterial infection have been reported. union city's drigon dog park and fremont's central park dog park have been linked to leptospirosis. the owners of this 7 month old mcnab mix named shay say their dog was diagnosed and believe she picked it up while playing in drigon."we had to keep her inside for three weeks which was tough. she lost weight in the process but we just took her back today and she gained 9 pounds so she's good to go." known commonly as lepto, the disease can spread through infected animal urine found in stagnant water or soil. it can also be transferred to
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people and cause flu like symtpons, sometimes resulting in kidney or liver diease. officials at both parks say they've closed and disinfected the two parks twice since the cases were first reported to them,. although they say they have not confirmed any of the dogs were actually sickened at these locations. locations.these sickened at were actually of the dogs were actually sickened at these locations. these locations. (pam) four sea near san aquatic park have many swimmers to stay closer to the shoreline .... and swim in groups. today - kron4's camila bernal talked with one of the people bitten last month ... he is still recovering but says, he will ánotá stop swimming. super:christian einfeldt // was bit by a sea lion nat: pointing at where he got bitit was christian einfeldt's normal afternoon swim but it turned into a day he will never forget1:11:47 i turned around and the sea lion surfaced, i was facing him 5 feet away, i went into a ball
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right away as i usually do because they usually bite the legs so i went into a ball and i backed up and he kept coming at methe animal moved side to side and although einfeldt tried to get away the encounter was inevitable 1:12:24 we were body to body he ran into my arms and my arms ran into him and i pushed off and that pushed me away from him and as i pushed his head went down and bit my arm after the initial shock, einfeldt spotted a boat and they quickly helped him get back to shore1:13:53:23 he ripped a piece of skin off of my arm this size so i could see and touch my muscle on my armhe was taken to the hospital and needed surgery so far his doctor hasn't cleared him to return to the water1:16:10 i am concerned about going back in the water and i think you'll notice that people are swimming much much closer to shore now people are no longer doing the loop.and that's exactly what he will do if the doctor allows it, he will go out for a swim on tuesday but he will definitely be a little extra cautious 1:19:16 swimming at aquatic park is the fountain of youth i would really recommend, don't stop swimming just be smart about how you're swimming you're swimmingsmart about how swimming just be don't stop swimming just be smart about how you're swimming you're swimmingsmart about how you're swimmingsmart about how swimming just be smart about how you're swimming
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( steve )a live look outside (pam)lawrence has the forecast lawrence karnow: we had areas of thick fog today that were slow to burn off in some parts of the bay area. that kept their temperatures rather cool. while thoses places that had the sun like santa rosa saw their temperatures soar in the mid 60s. it will be partly cloudy tonight with stars and areas of dense fog. the fog will be very thick again in some of the valleys. on the satellite image you can see the storms off the coast but high pressure will send them well to the north for the weekend. we will see an offshore wind which should help bring warmer temperatures to parts of the bay area especially near the coast and south bay. it should be a good weekend to travel around the state. there will likely be tule fog in the central valley again so be careful. highs around the bay area will be in the 50s to upper 60s. there will be a few more clouds on sunday but plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. on
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monday the clouds will with a chance of showers. showers are on tuesday and later next week.
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(pam) still ahead tonight: rising from the ashes..we'll show you the rebuilding effort now starting to take shape in santa rosa's coffey park. (steve) and next:some of the best surfers in the world are standing by tonight for the maverick's challenge. just how soon it could be surf's up.. surf's up.. it all started when sophia stopped into marshalls and found a mug for surprisingly little green. she paired that with some succulents. and suddenly something clicked. that surprise led to a stylish wood mirror,
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soothing lavender oils, a party llama... or is that an alpaca? super soft towels, and an enchanting vase that magically tied it all together. she arranged it all into the greatest guest bathroom ever. did sophia expect to get so much bang for so few bucks? no. but great things happen when you choose surprise. marshalls. your surprise is waiting.
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but great things happen when you choose surprise. window is open -- and the anticipation is building for the maverick's surf challenge... the green light could come as soon as next week... for the big wave surf contest. kron four's rob fladeboe is tracking the big wave watch ... north of half moon bay. the surf was pretty tame friday here at pillar point but a couple of days from now it could look more like this, like the contest that was held a couple of years ago. theres a storm headed this way and by monday waves with faces of 20 feet or more are possible. no one knows mavericks better than contest founder jeff clark who puts the odds of a green light at about 70 percentjeff clark/maverick's contest founder"...the storm is still 2-3 days out, we cant go monday so we will take another look tomorrow and maybe we'll be a go for tuesday..."now run by the world surf league, the newly minted mavericks challengeevent will for the first time welcome six women competitors, who willjoin 24 men from around the world. they are anxiously and eagerly awaiting the challenge that clark says only mavericks can provide.jeff clarkrob fladeboe/pillar point "....don't even think of trying to watch the contest in person. the bluffs and beaches areoff limits. there will also be no formal viewing
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area this year but you can watch thr show on line or you can see it on tv and many of the local bars and restaurants. in pillar point rob fladeboe kron 4 newss (steve) also (steve) newssfladeboe kron 4 newss
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(steve) also happening now: the highly-anticipated more "affordable" tesla model three is on display to the public for the first time... there are only two places to see it in person in is right here in the bay area at the stanford shopping center. with a 30 thousand dollar base price.... the new car drew in a crowd of curious admirers...many of whom already placed a reservation to buy one as early as two years ago. more than half a million customers have reservations for the new tesla...but it will take a couple years to fufill orders at the current assembly line pace. there is also a model three on display in los angeles. (pam) coming up:the effort
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to free a cal student in ice custody... only on kron4 -- we are hearing from the student who was detained by border patrol agents. (steve) then - we now know who won the big mega millions jackpot..we'll tell you what the 20-year-old plans to do with all that money.... (pam) and next:we talk to the south bay man who saved a woman's life..... pulling her from a car, moments before a train hit . it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1199. plus 36 month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you. tonight - we are hearing
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a man who risked his own life to save a driver in sunnyvale. (pam) as kron 4's dan kerman reports, the man pulled a woman out of her car -- literally seconds before a train hit. speeding trains rocketing across south sunnyvale avenue are a common occurrence but what happened thursday evening about 6 was not sot i stopped and saw a prius about 50 feet down the trackwalter wilson was driving east across the railroad tracks, when he noticed a car had turned right onto the tracks and had stopped. the 63 year old wilson stopped his car, ran down the tracks and told the elderly woman behind the wheel to back up she tried, but got stuck.sot walter wilson/good samaritan 30-38i looked up and saw lights from a train coming directly at us.wilson says he reached into the vehicle and took off the woman's seatbelt and lifted her out of the car and took her to safetysot between the time i grabbed her and the time we got to safety, i couldn't tell you how i got there, i just looked up and we were there, probably because of the adrenaline, and we were there maybe 5-6 seconds before the train hit her car.though wilson says the train did slow down, this is what the woman's car looked like after it was hit by the train. sot it sounded like an explosion; the train hit it and kind of crumpled it.thanks to wilson's fast action the driver of the car was nothurt nor was anyone on the train wilson says he was later approached by the train's engineersothe came over and said he was so appreciative i got the woman
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out of the car, because you made my daywilson says the woman spoke little english but he sensed she was grateful now some are calling this great grandfather a hero but wilson says that should be reserved for those who put their lives on the line every daysotmy act may be perceived as heroic but at the end of the day i did what a humane person would do and that is to save someone else's family. if it were my mother or my sister or a loved one i would hope another american or human would reach out to help that person as well.standup dan kerman/sunnyvale 151-201while caltrain is calling wilsons actions heroic, the sunnyvale dept of public safety is going one step further. they plan to honor him. in sunnyvale, dan kerman kron 4 news.203/std 203/stdnews.203/std
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(pam) only on kron4.. the u-c berkeley spring semester starts this tuesday .... but luis mora will not be making it. the pre- law student is still in ice custody near the mexican border... after he was stopped by agents following his visit with family over winter break. tonight - we talked with him exclusively... kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the cal campus.... with the latest on the effort to bring him back. ella mora's supporters are not giving up weeks later - he 's still in jail which his attorney says is unusual for someone without a criminal history so they hope to have
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him released at his bond hearing next week. (nat:"luis?")20 year old luis mora makes his daily phone call to his immigration attorney with the east bay community law center. after 2 weeks he remains in custody in a prison near san diego.sot: luis angel mora villota, speaking from otay mesa prison// "the yard is bigger and there are more showers but in my opinion they're less private"his attorney says mora was detained by customs and border protection officers near a checkpoint 30 miles from the border when he made a wrong turn after visiting family in mexico with his girlfriend.the uc berkeley pre- law student was arrested for overstaying a visa he got when he was about 12 years old. his parents have since moved back to mexico while mora continued his education. mora's it's unusual undocumented no criminal history to be long and more aggressive immigration the trump sot: prerna lal, immigration "there's been enforcement against regardless of regardless of flight risk, a criminal or a threat. i think everyone is treated similarly meanwhile fellow cal launched an online campaign using hashtag #free luis have more than $12 thousand dollars for his bail.sot: ella sogomonian, berkeley// "how has it been to see all the support coming in from the uc berkeley students as well as this law center?"sot: luis angel mora villota, speaking from otay mesa prison// "of course it's a little because as an undocumented wouldn't expect supportnonethelme in a way some sort of mora now awaits a bond hearing next he, his lawyer supporters remain hopeful that mora will be set free to continue the fight in court but from outside prison walls with backing from politicians. in the meantime because mora is expected to miss class his attorney makes light of the situation saying as a pre law student himself this is a first hand lesson that may earn him extra credit lal says he's been asked by agents to help translate for other detainees during his stay at the prison. live at uc berkeley ella sogomonian kron
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4 news. kron 4 news.sogomonian berkeley ella sogomonian kron 4 news.sogomonian berkeley ella live at uc berkeley ella sogomonian kron
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4 news. will you give an will will you give an apology for the statement yesterday? mr. president, are you a racist? another big story tonight: president trump literally turned his back on reporters questioning him about the vulgar comments he reportedly made.. on immigrants haiti and africa. just about everyone else is weighing in ... and no one is defending the president's language. the language was first reported in the washington post and confirmed by one senator who was there.
10:35 pm
. "he said these hateful things. and he said them repeatedly."a person familiar with the meeting says a frustrated mr. trump then went further -- saying "why do we need more haitians? take them out."and asked why we coulnd't have more people from places like norway." "we have gotten zero indication from the white house that they disagree with our reporting here."today the president took to twitter saying, "the language used by me at the daca meeting was tough, but this was not the language used."but reaction was bipartisan unacceptable "completely "disappointed obviously." "very unfortunate, unhelpful." haiti's government condemned the president's comments. africans and even norwegians reacted with sadness, outrage and derision.we expect more of him i think i find him quite offensiveterrible. terrible's stupid. (steve)(steve) (steve) one casualty of the uproar may be any chance
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of agreement on the dreamers ... immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. unless congress acts, hundreds of thousands could be deported this year.democrats say they will support a government shutdown if republicans don't extended the daca protections. (pam) the north bay wildfires destroyed more than 46-hundred homes in october. now -- three- months after the devastation, there is a sign of hope for the future of santa rosa.. one home is rising from the ashes, one nail and wood beam at a time. kron 4's justine waldman has this story for us tonight. natsthe clang of construction thuds loudly in one corner of coffey park.this is 1613 kerry lane.a phoenix rising from the ashes of the tubbs firesot driving out i knew it was bad with the propane tanks exploding coming back that monday it was just devastation dan bradford escaped inferno with just his two dogs.
10:37 pm
determined to rebuild, he started construction of his new home ..on his old lot this week.natsthe wooden beams of the roof are now up.of the hammer.natsnatsgun.this comes back to natsjeff sot there is progress being made and hope that this is not just a giant of hazardous material and the home is hundreds of vacant lots won't have while. said yeah you are going to have a borrowing a cup nats this is a 2nd bedroomlucked out that was solid enough bedroom 2 bath and found lake county capable of taking sot i know there are people who and i feel really they will go more than i have had to go nats pounding away the home should spring.sot i hope it gives hope that they can rebuild that it years that it can this maybe the first home under here but it in santa rosa kron 4 news.kron 4 news. kron 4 news.
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kron 4 news. (steve)developing tonight... rescue crews are racing to find people who vanished... after a massive mudslide hit southern california. digging through knee- deep mud with cadaver dogs... crews are still looking for at least five people. and today the death toll climbed to 18. highway 101 in santa barbara county ... is currently covered with debris following will remain closed until further notice. (steve) we are now learning ... the fire that helped cause the deadly mudslides in southern california ... has áfinallyá been fully contained. the u.s. forest service made the announcement today, after surveying the 440-square mile
10:39 pm
area of devastation.... caused by the "thomas fire". the fire broke out on december 4th in ventura county -- spreading to santa barbara county... destroying thousands of structures on its way to becoming the largest wildfire in california history. (pam) after nearly 25 years.... a long cold northern california murder case... may have been solved... a redding man has confessed -- in an emotional t-v interview.the man turned himself into police.. but not before talking to reporter courtney kreider. brian keith hawkins, confessed to murder: "praying, praying. i wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for god. i wouldn't be here at all. i'd be out drinking a beer or something like that with somebody here." brian hawkins says god gets all the credit for his decision to turn himself in and come clean after 25 years for the murder of 19-year-old frank wesley mcalister.hawkins told us that he was looking for forgiveness and peace. peace is something that has long eluded the family of the
10:40 pm
young man who died - hawkins' confession may have changed that. police captain eric wallace says as soon as all three had been arrested, he called the only immediate family of the victim they could find -- mcalister's mother. capt. eric wallace, redding police dept.: "we spoke with her last night on the phone, she lives out of state. she was relieved to have someone in custody for her son's murder. she has struggled her whole life, it was her only son, and she believes that this gives her some type of peace."we asked hawkins if he was ready to face his potential punishment. reporter question: "are you afraid of prison?"brian keith hawkins, confessed to murder: "i'm afraid of everything. i can't even begin to tell you, things in my life that man cannot fabricate. i think that's all the further that i should go. i don't want to give any glory to anything bad."over and over hawkins pointed to his faith and his reason for doing this. brian keith hawkins, confessed to murder: "just because he's forgiven me doesn't mean that i can just go on about my life and forget about what's happened. just because i'm forgiven doesn't mean that i can not pay for the penalty for it. whatever that has to be."captain wallace agrees. he says while he commends hawkins for coming forward , it doesn't change the fact that a young man's life was cut short. he says his department won't recommend áany leniency for
10:41 pm
hawkins. capt. eric wallace, redding police dept.: "it won't affect the charges. ultimately he conspired, murdered and robbed someone. his reasons for coming forward i believe appear genuine in his remorse but it's not going to affect what he's ultimately charged with at this particular time." (pam) time." this particular charged with at this particular time." time." this particular time." time." (pam) investigators say, the suspects were with the victim the day he went missing. it was nearly a year later... mcalister's remains were found. police are asking the public for any information they may have in his case.
10:42 pm
letter i'm at tanforan mall in san bruno where the parking lot fills up early in the morning .long before the mall even opens and it's not the specials i'll explain in edition of people behaving badly> coming up a little bit later in this broadcast, the warriors in milwaukee tonight playing jason kidd's bucks we got some highlights. and also a popular giant... might've been going to miami, but no his sticking around we'll tell you who it is... a little bit later in this broadcast
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someone has claimed last week's mega millions jackpot... but you might be surprised by how young he is.. 20-year-old shane missler of port richey, florida, won the 451- million dollar prize. he first told his brother about his lucky draw.... then
10:45 pm
waited to tell his dad the next day. missler is going to take the money in a single lump- sum payment of about 282- million dollars. it sounds like he is planning to have a good time..... he says, he will use the money to pursue a variety of passions ... and also do some good for humanity. (steve) normally when we get viewer tips for the people behaving badly segment... people just flood our email inbox.... (pam) but one tipster chose an old fashioned method to capture our attention ... and we sent our very own stanley roberts to the city of san bruno... it's 7 am in the morning in san bruno and i'm at the shops at tanforan. where the target parking lot is already starting to fill up nats: ambiance you see carnats: ambiance after car nats: ambiance after car rolling in looking for a parking spot! is it because of a huge sale at target . nope , if that were the case there would be hordes of people outside the door waiting to get in .but there must be some kind of special going on.. so i asked someone and her response cause it's freeoh because it free and who doesn't like free ninty nine . but the reason why i'm here is because a viewer sent me a letter not an email an actual letter if
10:46 pm
you still remember those the viewer was upset because when he needed to shop at target the parking lot was always full. hours before target even opened and he was forced to park way in the backnats: ambiancethe reason . well let's watch this guy with tie purple tie he just parked and now he is off . no, not to go shopping in fact here he is heading in the opposite direction of the mall so where is he going? he is heading to bart .. in fact there was a steady stream people leaving the parking lot and heading to san bruno bart station nats: ambiance so what probably started off as two or people people parking in the target parking structure grew to well over two or three dozen people.and get this everyone who drove in and parked passed signs like these which read no bart parking ..i get it . bart charges 3 dollars a day during the weekdays free parking makes this lot and this lot more desirable until the property owners start towing then it will be a different san bruno stanley roberts kron 4 news news roberts kron 4 stanley roberts kron 4 news
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49ers linebacker, reuben foster... who was named defensive rookie in november... was arrested tonight in alabama. police say he was taken into custody on suspicion of second-degree of possession of marijuana. foster was released on a 25-hundred dollar bond. the misdemeanor could cost him up to six-thousand dollars the alabama native played three years for nick saban.
10:48 pm
foster finished the season with 72 tackles in ten games this season no word from the 49ers on foster's arrest. the warriors began a five game road trip tonight steph curry is out after re- injuring his sprained ankle --the other splash brother, klay thompson back in the lineup after resting against the clippers --nick young... gets the night started hits a 45-footer to end the first quarter young... 8 points off the bench --kevin durant putting the moves on giannis antekounmpo cross over and to the rack for the jam warriors up 63-49 at the break -- but jason kidd's squad is pretty good they comeback late in the third tony snell hits a wide open
10:49 pm
three bucks take the lead 82-80 --in the fourth... klay thompson takes a hard foul a milwaukee fan yelled a bad word to him he would get ejected from the game -- durant closes it out...pull up three. warriors up by nine warriors up by nine durant... 26 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists golden state wins 108-94 klay thompson... 12 points in 35 minutes since the cavs played the warriors on christmas day they have been struggling tonight they were in indiana. --cleveland was rolling in the first quarter lebron james caps off a 22-0 run lebron... 27 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds --indiana comes back five seconds left... lebron steps
10:50 pm
out of bounds pacers get the ball back -- cavs have one more shot heaves it up to lebron... can't make it pacers win 97-96 cavs drop three straight áisaiah thomas didn't play tonight kobe bryant and espn are partnering up to bring a new show called detail kobe, who kobe, who became the
10:51 pm
first player to have to jerseys retired for the same team... will write, produce, and host the 15- episode basketball series starting in march. granity studios, founded by the lakers legend, will collaborate with the show. the show will allow bryant to break down an share his point of view. kobe and espn want to help young coaches see the game in a different way the giants are still looking to add a power bat this offseason but today they were able to solidy the infield and add some depth in the bullpen by signing five players . joe panik, players offered for then-marlins outfielder, giancarlo stanton... signs a 3-point-45 million dollar deal for 2018 arbitration the second baseman got a huge raise after only making 600- thousand last season. the other four player that received one year deals were hunter strickland, will smith, cory gearrin and sam dyson áthe a's also signed four players, including san francisco native marcus semien to deal worth just semien to deal native marcus semien to deal worth just over 3-million
10:52 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast. ♪ it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort
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your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400. plus, 36 month financing available. ends monday. visit for a store near you. karnow: we had areas of thick
10:54 pm
fog today that were slow to burn off in some parts of the bay area. that kept their
10:55 pm
temperatures rather cool. while thoses places that had the sun like santa rosa saw their temperatures soar in the mid 60s. it will be partly cloudy tonight with stars and areas of dense fog. the fog will be very thick again in some of the valleys. on the satellite image you can see the storms off the coast but high pressure will send them well to the north for the weekend. we will see an offshore wind which should help bring warmer temperatures to parts of the bay area especially near the coast and south bay. it should be a good weekend to travel around the state. there will likely be tule fog in the central valley again so be careful. highs around the bay area will be in the 50s to upper 60s. there will be a few more clouds on sunday but plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. on monday the clouds will move back in with a chance of showers. showers are also possible on tuesday and later next week.
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narrator: they're everyday people performing everyday tasks... say, "crack." crack. narrator: trying their best to pay the bills. man: the best way to sum up where i was at for the last couple of years would be, i made too much money for any help but not enough money to live. narrator: fighting through yet another day. i've pretty much done concrete and construction my whole life. narrator: but when the work is done, the fun begins, and they allow themselves to dream. woman: we used to watch american ninja warrior together, and i told him, "dad, one day, i'm gonna be on the show." narrator: this is where heroes are born. this is american ninja warrior. pittsburgh in the house! [ echoing ]


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