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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 4, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ jennifer lopez compares past loves. >> there's messy parts. >> why she says dating a-rod is easier than ben affleck. >> this is me, take it or leave it. >> then justin timberlake on britney breakup revenge. >> i snapped. >> tell-all of marriage struggles. a side we've never seen. >> don't call ourselves married anytime. >> not clooney's only costume. >> as guy cleaning crap out of
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baby's diaper. >> three exclusives. new mama eva longoria tells all about baby santiago. >> looks exactly like you. >> yeah. >> this is "entertainment tonight." j-lo and justin timberlake both getting real. >> this lady is talking a-rod and sexing it up like never before. j-lo's milestone birthday have anything to do with it? >> shouldn't apologize for wanting it all. no babies, when you feel good inside you start pimping yourself a little bit. >> almost 50 and pushing limits with photos. in new "instyle" cover article,
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learned a few things. one doesn't care about a-rod's doping scandal past. says quote everybody has flaws and people i want in my life recognize that and are willing to work on those flaws. two, advised not to make that video with ben affleck. j-lo's business partner said bennifer was quote asking for it. spending on yachts and bentleys. and three. a-rod. calls relationship more serene and mature. justin timberlake also tells all about relationship, especially how mickey mouse club cast mate britney spears ended. says quote i've been scorned,
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pissed off, inspired me to write "cry me a river." song released same year as split. doesn't mention britney but said the song about infidelity was written in two hours. feelings i had were so strong, i had to write it. now will and jada getting real this week about the devastation after they broke up. you heard me. they broke up, nobody knew. >> always gossip around them. never knew the real story but final word. >> just to have it on record. historical rumors. never been scientologyists or swingers. >> that's a specific lifestyle. >> never been swingers. >> shot down rumors on series, but some of the comments raised
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questions like do they have an open marriage? >> i told will from the gate, if you marry me know this, we're going to be together, under the same roof. you might be one end with somebody else. or we're going to be in this joker together. >> will and jada, married 20 years, revealed lowest point in marriage was jada's 40th birthday. >> mid-life crisis. >> will held over-the-top birthday weekend with short film he made about jada and performance by mary jo blythe. >> she told me the party was most ridiculous display of my ego. crushed right? to this day i know i was crushed because it was true. >> turned relationship around. >> essentially had to destroy
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our marriage. we broke up. uh-huh. >> within our marriage. and got back together again. we don't call ourselves married anymore. >> it's a life partnership. i'm not marriage material, what i am is ride or die chick. >> what you are is best friend i've ever had. >> and they're both my best friend. in my head. now to george and amal clooney. amal was taking care of the twins as george and randy gerber took control of halloween bash that was nonstop first class. >> really nice to have cindy as flight attendant. >> i do keep everybody under control. >> this helps. >> two nights of parties in two cities. two costumes for cindy and
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randy, one very jealous george. >> they were dressed up as rock stars and i was dressed as guy cleaning crap out of a baby's diaper. so much fun. >> fatherhood has changed things for clooney but didn't stop him partying in the resort and casino. >> go big or go home. >> the parties gave us plenty of halloween info. >> as actor, halloween is amateur right, you know what i'm saying? to chris pratt and anna faris' halloween. "modern family" moment. swear a kiss. that's a treat. trick, pda a few feet away. ninja in the middle is six-year-old jack. >> let's go. >> source tells "e.t." the exes
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are respectful. they want one another to be happy. halloween together was special but more holidays in future will be spent like this. can't wait for the christmas photos. can you guess this hollywood couple channelling shrek and foo fionna. >> i told you i was going to be sweet. >> heidi klum and her boyfriend. took them hours to transform. inside they posed with shrek himself, mike myers. >> special that i finally got my shrek. kind of always wanted to be fiona but never had the shrek to do it with. >> i've been to one of heidi's halloween parties. never disappoints. scary time in real life for
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house new jersey. dove in about teresa and the traumatizing moment. >> what was first thing that went through your mind when judge issued order of deportation? >> devastated. live in country of freedom, supposed to keep families together, not break them apart. >> did you ever think could be a possibility? >> slim chance because white-collar crime. >> he called you, did you cry? >> no, takes both of us a lot to cry. >> he seemed strong and tough. >> going to jail is easy part. want to get out as quickly as i can. >> is that just an act, trying to be that way? >> no. i'm sure he does, whole thing is
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killing him inside and he feels, you know, guilty about everything. >> do you think the judge was too harsh? >> the judge went by the law. and you know, so now we have the right to appeal. and that's what we're going to do. >> teresa tells me the hardest part is watching the toll taken on four daughters, age 9 to 17. >> how did you tell them what's going on? >> my brother called jaya, he heard it on the news. that's how oldest found out. i was upset. got them together, teared up, a mess. >> youngest is nine, does she comprehend what's happening? >> only one i didn't tell. joe has been gone since she's six and it's sad. needs her daddy home. >> many people are curious. would you ever divorce joe? >> no. we're going to be a family and going to fight this and get
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through this. >> on the flip side, if things don't go your way in appeals process, is there a scenario where you move out of the country with joe? >> we're not thinking about that right now. >> is it more important to keep whole family together in your mind or preserve the girls' lives here? >> what comes first is our daughters. we're going to fight this. >> one thing that teresa will say definitively, her "real housewives" thing has not helped the case. >> i don't think family would be going through it if i was not in the spotlight. >> feel like legalities wouldn't have played out same way? >> all of it. >> life would have been different? >> not the show, the spotlight. public eye. coming up, three big "e.t." exclusives. >> plus --
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limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. prevention begins with prevnar 13®. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. welcome back, time for the hip hollywood block. collaboration between my website, and "e.t.." start with big question. in world full of wayans, can you tell the difference between them? star to the test. plus, carmelo anthony. anthony and houston rockets may be struggling but off the court he's winning. he and his wife lala looked in love when i saw them. fundraiser. teammates like james harden and
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carmelo waited tables and raised money for foundation for underserved individuals. couldn't keep eyes off his wife. shooting season six in new york. damon wayans and junior. guest starred this week. how many wayans work in hollywood. put their "happy together" costar to the test. can you name that wayans? >> that's keenan. >> yep. >> yes, okay i know keenan. this is a scary game. that is your aunty's cousin. >> my aunt but do you know the name. >> i don't know her name but i know she was on the show.
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>> kim. >> kim wayans. sorry. >> shades on? >> dad? >> no. >> other uncle? >> yep. >> from "the wayans brothers " s show. marlon and sean. that's marlon. >> i didn't know there were this many people. look at papers. bible. >> your dad looks like you. >> all these people are related to me? >> that's your brother michael. >> dang. you're good. i think that's it. >> not as bad at this as i thought i would be. >> catch "happy together" on cbs and on own, "ready to love." >> like oprah. >> 20 singles want to find
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perfect match but drama along the way. >> married twice. >> did you cheat? >> wow. >> season 11 of "the real housewives of atlanta" premiers on bravo and talked about what's on the way. >> this season was different than most but i feel like it's going to be great. >> two new cast members, eva's wedding. >> three months away. >> and over-the-top tokyo trip. there's no shortage of season 11 drama, but things get crazy when candy drops a bombshell about portia's new man. >> he's a [ bleep ] all right. >> i already knew things about her boyfriend before she introduced him to all of us. you have to see the roller coaster ride we have going on. in better place now. >> candy's big disappointment, her bff is not back this season. >> not happy about her not being
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here. with that said, feel like everything happens for a reason. and i feel like more than anything she really needs to focus on having a healthy pregnancy. this is something she's wanted forever, due any day now. so yeah, i think she'll probably come back next year. >> celebrates another pregnancy. portia's. reveals baby bump and raises question. >> are you pregnant too? >> weird to talk about it. >> in doctor's office but tells reality show will follow their struggles with fertility issues. >> trying to figure out how to make it happen, obviously had a challenge in making a baby department. so yeah, looking at options. >> it is going to be a wild and crazy season for the ladies.
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this week hiphollywood block is sponsored by golf -- challenging me to a round. >> supposed to be working out, can't help but play the same game. fitness may not be on point but golf will be. >> we play remotely because we don't want to be in same room playing. but for efforts, donating $1,000 to columbia african-american scholarship foundation. download for a tournament or play against a friend. it's addicting. coming up, exclusive. >> he looks exactly like you. >> how the new mom went overboard for halloween. >> dying to dress him up. secret nicole kidman is keeping from husband keith urban. >> i have not told him. and getting in middle of new
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i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate.
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california values senator dianne feinstein ♪ freddy mercury imitators from halloween step aside, rami malek is the real deal. >> signed, sealed and delivered. movie is out this weekend and i was with rami at new york premier. >> it's ornate, decadent, exactly how freddy would want it. >> luckily made it through this premier without a hitch, unlike in london. >> came to the premier in rolls royce? >> we did. >> that broke down. >> yeah. it's the same rolls that appears in the film and just gave out on us. always testing our patience. wants to throw everything at us, mr. mercury does. >> is there something that
7:22 pm
stands out with this motley crew more than others you take with us? >> growing up in toronto, never think you're going to meet queen. it's amazing. >> this queen biopic has been a labor of love for remaining band members. >> you really could be kin. >> kid thought his voice was my voice. >> you know you're good when you fool white people. another movie, hardworking mama nicole kidman, "boy erased" they spoke at big premier. almost didn't make. >> hit a pothole. drove on the flat tire to get here. >> love the dedication. >> rim is done. it's over. but you're here. have you told him yet? >> i have not told him. i will be telling him.
7:23 pm
>> keith is easy going guy, pretty sure okay with it. in spite of the misadventures, looked amazing at premier. based on true story. mom whose son is forced into gay conversion program. >> say sometimes you have to hurt a child to help them but mother knows when something isn't right. >> god will not love you the way you are. >> it's still relevant. i don't know who this is by the way. >> in real life nicole is all about family time with daughters faith and sunday. >> halloween middle october. >> how many costumes? >> just one, wearing over and over again. dropped news in "ellen." >> in extras in "big little
7:24 pm
lies" which i never told anyone. >> this season or coming up? >> m could coming up. >> nicole is also playing alongside hart and cranston. >> as far as mr. cranston is concerned, mr. hart is completely out of control. >> come in, brian, what up, day one, what do you hear baby? live and vibrant and this is what i get in return. >> don't your arms work? >> they don't. >> you can move your mouth. >> as can you. >> was there a time you wanted to break character and grab him? >> absolutely. oh, man. >> what are you talking about? >> don't fall for squabbling act. they're in bromance, think. >> great talent, funny as hell. >> thank you. >> very handsome.
7:25 pm
>> thank you. >> these are the thoughts i know he's thinking of me. because of that i grew to tolerate and accept his presence. >> i don't understand what you mean when you say tolerate. >> brian is paralyzed billionaire and kevin is ex-convict who becomes caretaker. >> you're not qualified. >> nicole kidman sent this message. >> hi kevin, sending love. >> didn't say brian. >> did you stop it short? >> that was -- i don't know what happened. >> so cold. >> i don't think she's that great in the movie. >> awkwardly awesome. >> and bryan cranston is a great guy, going to roll with it. tiffany haddish is guaranteed to make you love in every movie. >> howl. >> talking about "nobody's
7:26 pm
fool". >> she's a lot to handle but working with whoopi goldberg, got emotional. >> it's tanya. >> who? >> tanya. >> tanya no here. >> did you lose it? >> dreamed of you being my mother, when called me and told me, oh, that's great. get off the phone, crying my ass off. so hard. so grateful and thankful for all these opportunities. and to be able to -- when i talked on the phone -- always taking away something amazing. always learning from her and so -- i've been learning from you for years. to learn in person is like oh, wow. i'm crying. >> asked me to come get her in my car but my car is not doing so well. >> tiffany and onscreen sister
7:27 pm
adored whoopi who probably won't see the movie. >> i don't watch movies, i critique myself. >> you don't watch movies you're in? "color purple". >> most of it. not whole thing. >> i didn't know this about you. >> where you been? >> watching your movies. >> at new york premier, clear she's at top of her game. >> how many movies is this for you? >> i think total of eight this year. maybe seven. >> she working. >> she working. ooh, this is nice. >> "nobody's fool" written and directed by tyler perry, soon celebrating a milestone. >> 50. almost lauhalf my life in this business. >> whoopi directed the cast
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photos. ahead, behind the scenes with christina aguilera, reuniting with cast members. priyanka chopra romance. >> i didn't make first move. >> announcer: closed captioning provided by -- with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you never know how your skin will look. and it can feel like no matter what you do, you're itching all the time. but even though you see and feel your eczema
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. if you're just joining us, top five stories. number five, heidi klum's ogre the top halloween. heidi and boyfriend channelling shrek and fiona. >> i told you i was going to be sweet. >> took them ten hours to transform for the whoin party. number four. george clooney and pal took control of a halloween bash. >> have cindy as flight
7:32 pm
attendant. >> i do keep everyone under control. >> two nights of parties in two cities. two costumes for cindy and randy, very jealous george. >> they were dressed up as rock stars and i was dressed up as guy cleaning crap out of baby's diaper. >> three, justin bieber's haircut. has a big grin. seems he likes new look better. two. barbara streisand's "carpool karaoke," turns out barbara was not driving. >> had to renew license. >> are you good driver? >> car was towed by another vehicle, probably to focus on the music. sang six songs and she had a great time.
7:33 pm
♪ it's enough, it's enough! ♪ >> and justin timberlake tells all about the end of relationship with britney spears. >> not going to see us complaining, having great time. ♪ you were my sun, my earth >> said i was scorned, pissed, inspired "cry me a river." released same year as the split. doesn't mention britney in the book but said the song was written in two hours. didn't plan on writing it, feelings so strong, had to write it. for the latest. future mrs. jonas is dishing. >> romance caught everyone by surprise. we found out how it came to be.
7:34 pm
♪ keep on coming up >> been a whirlwind. haven't seen myself happier. whole situation of finding somebody who can be a partner to you in so many ways is amazing. >> have you said yes to the dress yet? >> i have. >> they were together about eight weeks before nick put a ring on it. how did he score first date? >> didn't make the first move. he did. texted me. first was a text. just saying i think we should connect and whatever. that's how we started talking. ♪ love with you baby >> they have date in mind. 36-year-old just had bridal shower last sunday night. >> so special. wouldn't have been able to do it any other way.
7:35 pm
so appropriate to do it over there. >> all white to stunning in silver, exclusively with priyanka at dinner. she's investor and adviser on global strategy. >> cool thing, if you don't want to be on the dating site, you can delete that from the app. just be on the biz and app. >> ever used a dating app? >> i was on one for a little while. was entertaining. then it wasn't. >> i got you. >> no pressure priyanka but first comes marriage, then comes -- just ask eva longoria. >> wasn't sure where you were going. we were with the working mom, gearing up for halloween debut. >> first halloween is important. >> about ten outfits. >> where are you going.
7:36 pm
anywhere, not leaving the house. >> laughing a lot now. was a beautiful blob, now grabbing, reacting, touching my face. every stage is my favorite. >> making sure she raises santiago right, working mom brings him to set, teaches him it's important to read and you have to pay it forward. there as eva visited school. >> helps young latinas reach full potential in life. visiting diy girls, electronics and robotics. teaches leadership and mentorship. you want to be engineer? >> yes. >> so great. >> what are you most proud of since starting the foundation? >> days like today. so proud to see the programs working and actually changing their lives.
7:37 pm
>> so far raised more than $3 million for latina education. every move matters because this little guy is watching. >> no better way to teach him than to show him. that's what he's doing now. his stage, just sticking out tongue and laughing. >> exactly like you. on the way -- >> just got emotional now and teared up. >> christina aguilera is choked up. backstage for big comeback. voice coaches before they were famous. and -- >> still sexy. and -- >> still sexy. >> exclusi four years ago, we rejected marshall tuck and his billionaire backers for superintendent of public instruction. but they're back. the corporate billionaires and their handpicked candidate, former wall street banker marshall tuck. tuck's billionaires have spent over $25 million distorting tony thurmond's outstanding record on education. all because they know tuck shares their agenda:
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diverting funds from our public schools into their corporate charter schools. the same agenda as trump and betsy devos. protect our public schools. say no, again, to marshall tuck.
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7:44 pm still to come, christina aguilera on the tour after baby. >> extra work. >> flashing back to genie in a bottle phase. >> plus, 98 degrees turns up holiday heat. >> slower we learn. first in "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which oscar winner was considered for lead role in "titanic," matt damon, brad pitt or matthew mcconaughey? >> you're lucky to be alive. >> from "the nutcracker and the four realms." >> where does it rank? >> number one. who doesn't want to play the
7:45 pm
sugar plum fairy. >> favorite costume? did you get to keep the jacket? >> no. >> you should have. >> welcome to our world. >> who was most excited you were in "the nutcracker". >> probably my ♪ find a world of inspiration unique selection. unbelievable prices. homegoods. go finding. if these packs have the same number of bladder leak pads, i bet you think bigger is better. actually, it's bulkier. always discreet quickly turns liquid to gel, for drier protection that's a lot less bulky. always discreet. i'm at this wing joint telling people that geico has been offering savings for over 75 years. that's longer than the buffalo wing's been around. dozen wings. and did you know that geico... (lips smacking) offers mo... (coughing)
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that's kristina kchristina agui album "liberation," raising two kids and on the road. >> hang with her on the stop on tour. things are different this time around. >> miss thing is red. tell me what you want your fans to take away. oh, my god, we're in l.a. and i just got emotional just now. because it's been a long time in the making. fans have been so patient while i took time out to be with my family, be a mom. truly am just so grateful. >> "e.t." was given exclusive all access pass behind the scenes of the liberation tour, first in more than ten years. >> love you all. have an amazing show. >> one, two, three, liberation! >> also marks first time hit the
7:49 pm
road as mom. son is ten and daughter is four. >> it's a lot of extra work. but it's amazing. not all about me, it's different from touring at 21 years old. all you have to think about is yourself. no, no, no, thinking about blankies and favorite stuffies and all the mom stuff. >> it's a far cry from strip days which just celebrated a big milestone. >> i mean it's a thing. i just celebrated 16th, week 16 of the "stripped" record. you'll see some of that, the show is a great celebration of the old and classic material. ♪ baby >> "e.t."'s first interview with kristina on the video set of "genie in a bottle".
7:50 pm
>> now i'm really doing it. first music video. >> then 18-year-old was following in footsteps of fellow mickey mouse club alum britney spears. >> do you feel you're next one to break out? >> i do. i know my time will come and i will be joining britney soon. >> should we have reboot? you you be involved? >> i love those guys. are you kidding me? ryan gosling, britney me, we need reunion at some point. >>. another diva began stint with contestant. but how did the coaches become so scary good? reliving road to the top.
7:51 pm
>> first show in hollywood, natural fudge company. not a joke. name of what it was. >> four boys' coaches top of their game but wasn't always sold-out stadiums. >> one of the first shows was talent show at shopping mall. so became famous and first christmas special, went back to that mall. that's how important it was. >> first show i ever played was country concert called the country music express. old building in aida, oklahoma. >> talent shows have been a theme. >> struggling to make ends meet before "idol" kelly remembers. >> i knew i made it when i could pay bills. heard song on the radio. >> given first gold album. >> i always feel like i just made it.
7:52 pm
even the video out doing well. made it. >> you made it to number one and made my favorite song this year. >> indeed. >> keeping with music, 98 degrees is on tour with greatest hits album. >> we were behind the scenes as they rehearsed before hitting the road. ♪ baby it's you and me >> rehearsal. >> you know 98 degrees, you know the cohoreography is grueling. >> older we go, slower it is. rehearsing longer than ever. >> christmas presents given out in the tour? >> besides the gift of music? it's the gift that keeps on giving. >> will be giving that gift to fans. 36 shows across the country. on the set list, '90s songs that
7:53 pm
made us swoon ♪ you're my sunshine after the rain ♪ >> and christmas classics from "let it snow". >> this is second album. first in the '90s. >> this album cover so much better. >> don't we all look jaundiced and sickly? now healthy. >> still sexy, still 98 degrees. >> christmas night on the town. >> what is the song on tour that fans go craziest for? >> "i do" long lasting effects. got married to it. >> made out with their boyfriends. >> how do you keep the '90s girls at bay? >> we've found as we've all gotten older, now our fans are
7:54 pm
just trying to find the bar. interesting, usually where we are. we found them! >> i resemble that remark, looking for bar. >> you and
7:55 pm
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(justine) kron 4 is your local election headquarters. early voters have been out in full force across the nation.. and in the bay area... ahead of the midterm
8:00 pm
elections... on tuesday. thanks for joining us tonight at 8. i'm justine waldman (jrs) and i am jr stone. the numbers already surpassing those that we saw in 2014 in several states. reporter melisa raney tells us... one likely reason for the climbing numbers -- first-time voters are heading to the polls. long lines --- stretching down city blocks ---people around the country waiting hours to cast their ballot in the 2018 midterm election."every vote counts. if i didn't vote, it would be on my conscious." based on information provided by data company, catalist --- at least 12 states have already surpassed early voting numbers seen in kansas and west virginia --- early voting has outpaced the 2016 presidential election.natsin georgia --- the race for governor has brought major star power to the peach state...and a record number of voters to the polls.more than double the amount - at the same point - in the last midterm possible reason for the boost?first time voters...ryan balez, voter:"i think it's a time for us to really get our voice out there. something i don't think we did very effective in 2016." catalist found that of the states it analyzed ---


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