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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  February 6, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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darya folsom..(james) and i'm james fletcher. lets start the morning with a check of weather and traffic... an icy cold morning with an icy cold an icy cold morning with some slick spots on roads, especially those areas that saw snow yesterday. after lows fall below freezing for parts of the bay
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daytime highs will boost into the 40's and 50's, much like yesterday's with abundantly sunny skies to take us into the afternoon. major hot spots. orinda accident wb 24 at fish rancho. jammed from major hot spots. orinda
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accident wb 24 at fish rancho. jammed from 680 ( james ) our top story this morning. black ice may cause some problems today for drivers near the santa cruz
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mountains.( darya ) it was snowing all along highway 17 yesterday... kron 4's will tran is back out there live with a look at conditions. ( james ) thanks will.
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( darya ) bart is adjusting its
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schedule starting on crews begin make upgrades to the transbay tube. ( james ) the changes will last three years! kron 4's sara stinson is joining us now with what riders need to know before monday. sara. there are about three thousand bart riders who hop on a train from four to five in the morning and those passengers will be most impacted as starting monday they will have to take a bus to get to work. there will be an early bird bus schedule running from 12 different stations throughout the bay area and bring people
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to the transbay transit center in san francisco.crews will be working overnight and trains will start back up one hour later than normal at five in the morning.this project will last nearly three years to install steel lining in the transbay tube to prevent water from leaking in during a major seismic earthquake.crews will also be upgrading the electrical system and the tube's existing pumps.early riders i spoke with say they're glad bart is making these upgrades - but this is going to signifigantly impact their commute for the next three years.
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have to carpool with someone because i have to be at work at 5:30. i work in the financial district so we have to be there at east coast market hours.">there are dozens of bart stations that will not have the eary bird express bus schedule provided so bart riders will need to look that up ahead of time and plan accordingly.we put all the information you need to know on our website kron four dot com.bart officials are aware of the severe impact this will have on bart riders but say the extra hour of work will help crews get this project completed on in walnut creek, sara stinson, kron four news.###
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in pacifica are looking for the person who stabbed a 14-year-old boy. it happened at the fairmont shopping center. witnesses say that the victim was with a group of teenage boys when he was stabbed. the group then took off running. the victim was taken to the hospital where he is in serious but stable condition this morning. ( james ) happening today... civil rights attorney john burris will announce a lawsuit against four oakland police officers involved in a fatal police shooting last year. this is body cam footage of when officers fatally shot 32-year-old joshua pawlik last march. police say he had a semi- automatic gun and refused their commands to comply. but pawlik's family says he was unconsious and laying on the ground between two homes in oakland when police surrounded him. the video shows officers opening fire when pawlik appears to sit up. in the lawsuit, the family is accusing those officers of committing murder. ( james ) new this morning... a man is in critical condition after being shot in oakland. it happened around 10:00 last night near the intersection of
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54th avenue and holland street. police do not have a description of the shooter this morning. ( darya ) in the east bay... an oakley police officer is recovering after being injured in a car accident. it happened at the intersection of main street and empire avenue around 7:00 last night. the officer was responding to a call at a nearby bank when the accident happened. the police car was totaled. investigators have not said who struck whom. both drivers suffered minor injuries and are expected to be okay. ( darya ) a teacher convicted of committing sexual acts on two 15-year-old boys will remain in prison. a state appeals court upheld the conviction and five year sentence for 36-year-old danielle matko. she was an english teacher at aspire east palo alto phoenix academy. she committed the crime against her students back in the fall of 2015. matko claimed there were mistakes in the evidence allowed at trial...but a three-judge panel unanimously upheld the conviction. ( darya ) new this
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morning..police are looking for a woman who robbed another woman at an a-t-m near the downtown berkeley bart station. it happened monday morning outside the chase bank on shattuck avenue. the woman told police that the robber mentioned she had a gun and demanded the money. the thief got away with the cash. ( james ) happening today... police in san francisco will announce an update to a cold case involving a serial killer in the 19-70's. police believe the killer... who has been dubbed the "doodler"... is wanted for several assaults against gay men... which police say are connected to five murders... all in the 70's. this is a sketch of the killer from back in the 70's last year... police developed a sketch of the killer which shows his age progression but that sketch has not yet been released to the public. four of the killers victims were found on ocean beach... another was found at golden gate park. police have not said exactly what today's update will be about. ( james ) support continues to come in for the family of a father killed in a wrong-way crash. waheed
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etimad was killed by a wrong way driver as he drove northbound on highway 101 early sunday morning. the wrong way driver died as well. etimad had come to the united states just four- years ago..and was currently a full time student and uber driver. right now... the muslim community center is working to help the family.
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allow pot deliveries to your front door. but not everyone is happy about it. ( james ) plus... thieves target cars in hayward... and they're finding clever ways to do it. checking the markets this morning... winners and losers is next with our financial expert rob black.
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ames( darya ) welcome back. let's get a check of the weather this morning...
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orinda accident wb 24 at fish rancho. jammed from 680..bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101.
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an icy cold morning with some slick spots on roads, especially those areas that saw snow yesterday. after lows fall below freezing for parts of the bay daytime highs will boost into the 40's and 50's, much like yesterday's with abundantly sunny skies to take us into the afternoon. ( darya ) losers with our financial
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expert rob black winner: spotify ceo lays out his plan to become the netflix of audio as the stock drops on earnings . . .
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spotify announced it is buying privately-held podcast companies gimlet media and anchor. the company said it plans to spend $400 million to $500 million in podcast acquisitions in 2019. as of late last week, the deal with gimlet was expected to close north of $200 million.
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loser: couples going overboard on valentine's day spending . . . couples plan to spend an increasing amount of money, often a lot more than their significant others expect them to. men tend to be the biggest spenders at $95, typically shelling out almost two and a half times what their significant others expect on what was once a fairly minor holiday. young love spends the most.
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generation z is most in the valentine's spirit, with expectations to spend an average of $113. on the other hand, one out of three baby boomers said they would be upset if their partner spent too much money.
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winner: the box office needs 'the lego movie 2' to reignite ticket sales after a dismal january . . . .the u.s. box office hauled in about $815 million last month, its lowest january take since 2013. "the lego movie: the second part" is the first of many potential blockbusters coming down the pike. "the lego movie 2" is expected to earn around $55 million during its first weekend.
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how do i know if i am saving enough for retirement?hubert
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. thieves are targeting cars
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parked behind security gates, on properties with security cameras. in the latest incident, police say the thieves went after vehicles parked in the metro 655 apartment complex on tennyson road. a resident there says she found her 20-18 honda without tires. she says the theft happened while she was sleeping. these stolen wheels follow thefts last week from cars parked in another hayward apartment complex.
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security patrolling the property ... and surveillance cameras ... its still not enough to deter theives. ( james ) coming up next ... we continue our hidden history series with a look at john "big daddy" bishop and his famous dreamland barbecue.
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(darya)(james) welcome back to the kron four morning news... lets start the half hour with a check of weather and traffic...
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major hot spot in orinda accident wb 24 at fish rancho. jammed from 680 in walnut creek
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an icy cold morning with some slick spots on roads, especially those areas that saw snow yesterday. after lows fall below freezing for parts of the bay daytime highs will boost into the 40's and 50's, much like yesterday's with abundantly sunny skies to
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take us into the afternoon. ( darya ) ( darya ) a big story this morning. state officials are allowing door-to-door pot deliveries ... even in cities that have banned the commercial sale of marijuana.( james ) now some law enforcement and city officials are calling the move a threat to public safety. kron4's maureen kelly has more. kiva espresso beans gummy's this is what we're gonna be delivering todaythe ceo of
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cannabis express is packing up a delivery bag full of pot products headed out the door.....the order came in online.....and after it's checked and double checked....the package is popped in a lock box in the back of a company prius....and driven from their soma location across town to their waiting simmons how are you, very good here's your cannabisdavid simmons is given his pot purchases....and after his i-d is checked and his wad of cash taken.....have a nice day.....he is free to unpack his goodie bag in the privacy of his own home. simmons, who says he uses cannabis to help him sleep and to help ease his pain from an old injury. ...has been using this delivery service for about 6 months.i think it's a terrific service i don't always have time to make it to a dispensary or the store so that convenience is extraordinarycannabis express is one of many licensed delivery services happy about the bureau of cannabis
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control's new nce many cities and counties surrounding their hub have some sort of ban on commericial pot ban in place. we love being able to bring cannabis to everyone that needs it as well as people who are not able to come to a store front dispensary and we can actually facilitate a delivery to their house if they're not able for whatever reason, terminally ill no car, family usually gets it we can facilitate those deliveriesbut not everyone is happy with the state's position on free range pot delivery. the california police chief's association has come out against it and so has the league of california cities. in a statement their executive director said"this decision puts the public safety needs of communities across the state at risk." green rush...which provides the online sales platform for cannabis express and dozens of other weed delivery companies believes an increase more legit doorstep pot transactions....will actually make california communities
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safer....since complaint companies have to follow state rules....such as prohibiting deliveries after 10pm.suburbs by and large have banded cannabis retail and, meaning, those votes are still purchasing cannabis, they're not driving 50 miles there closest dispensary, they're looking on the directory they are finding an unlicensed delivery service, they're purchasing from that service and their ruling the dice the safety of the products themselves, their own safety in receiving a deliverygreen rush estimates there are several hundred thousand licensed cannabis delivery is happening every month in california i can but at the same time it's believed over 1 million cannabis deliveries are appening state widebut while cannabis express is expecting this ruling will mean more deliveries for them to pack and deliver.....i'm glad to have clarity to be honestit's still an open questiona cannabis business attorney says municipalities miffed about mobile marijuana sales....could end up taking the state or the cannabis delivery companies to court. it's an interesting legal question because of the state
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level regulation that seems to conflict with a local level law so the issue a preemption in which one trumps the other is not 100% clear in this situation, especially since they're so seemingly on their faces contradictoryso while companies like cannabis express feel like the state has given them a roadmap to success's possible a future legal challenge could jam them up. maureen kelly kron4 news. ( darya )(ááá2 shotááá) in this morning's hidden history, we introduce you to john "big daddy" bishop and his world famous bbq in birmingham, alabama. ( james ) here's leigh garner with the story. (nats of grilling ribs)"and it was just scrumptous." it's hard to stay hidden -- when your ribs are the stuff of legend.(nat) "this is mister bishop, and this is my father." but the history behind
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dreamland barbeque is a little more mysterious --"now i can't tell you all of our tricks!" just like some of their recipes."you know legend has it there's a little moonshine in it, i can neither confirm or deny!" but just like the restaurant's famous motto goes...(nat from commercial) "ain't nothin' like um nowhere." there almost really áwasn'tá anything like them...anywhere. because former brick mason and founder 'big daddy' john bishop was contemplating opening a mortuary instead. but as the story goes -- his decision was made thanks to a dream. "better than a mortuary, and we are so thankful that he made that decision." so in 19-58, the same year the bear started coaching at bama, bishop opened his hillside cafe in the jerusalem heights community in tuscaloosa. at that time - they served all kinds of things - and even sold postage."but at the end of the day, he always ran out of ribs, and he had these other items leftover, so like a true entrepreneur, he skinned his menu down to just be ribs and that was how it all began." in the 19-70-s sports announcers would talk
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up dreamland, and word traveled. mcatee's family helped open a second location on birmimgham's southside in 1993 --"we had lines at the door on opening day, it far exceeded our expectations." now presidents, athletes, actors, and musicians have all downed the iconic slabs. mcatee's favorite?(nat - pavarotti singing)"luchiano pavarotti, an opera singer came into town, this is many years ago, he's since passed away, but he ordered dreamland to be delivered to his hotel room, and one of the serves took the delivery to his hotel." for the celebs so inclined, they sign a slab box for display."we feel like we're very good ambassadors, you know? food is the great equalizer. food and sports sometimes, and if we can just be a part of that and be a part of people's memories, their fun memories, their family members, their sports memories..that means a lot to us." ( darya ) coming up on the kron 4
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morning buzz... trouble in paradise? i'll tell you what the curry brothers are fighting over.. plus steph joins a brotherhood with president obama.. how a mom delivered a baby without anybody lending a hand.. and how a man fought off a mountain lion with his bare hands..
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in orinda accident wb 24 at
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fish rancho. jammed from 680 an icy cold morning with some slick spots on roads, especially those areas that saw snow yesterday. after lows fall below freezing for parts of the bay daytime highs will boost into the 40's and 50's, much like yesterday's with abundantly sunny skies to take us into the afternoon.
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(james)( darya ) welcome back. let's get a check of the weather this morning... major hot spot in orinda accident wb 24 at fish rancho. jammed from 680. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min
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from the toll to 101
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an icy cold morning with some slick spots on roads, especially those areas that saw snow yesterday. after lows fall below freezing for parts of the bay daytime highs will boost into the 40's and 50's, much like yesterday's with abundantly sunny skies to take us into the afternoon.
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( darya ) in the buzz.. it doesn't get bigger than this, barak obama and steph curry teaming up for an event in oakland.. the warriors visited him at the white house and now obama's coming to our house. and it's much more important than a basketball game. it's a convention to talk about how to improve life for young men of color. if that's not enough.. john legend will also be there..february 18th to 20th at the scottish rite center. put on by "my brother's keeper alliance" what about the brothers
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rivalry? the curry brothers will face off all star weekend to see who can shoot more 3 pointers.. the last time they faced off was last december and it was a draw: the trailblazers won one.. the warriors won the other.. and steph talked about how surreal the whole thing is:
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called her husband and said get your butt back here... but the baby got there before he did..( darya ) i don't know what would be worse.. having to deliver your own baby.. or fight off a mountain lion by yourself. a guy was out running on this trail in fort collins colorado.. and if you've ever been hiking you've probably thought.. what would
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i do if i saw a mountain lion? but he didnt' even see it comimng: the big cat jumped on his back and started biting his face and body... and he managed to fight back and get away... ( darya ) they say you're supposed to look big, make noise and look big, make noise and don't turn your back.. but omg he killed the mountain lion! it was only a year old.. but i don't think i could kill a squirrel if it were on my back biting me. this guy must have been an mma fighter or
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something. or a bodybuilder.. i couldn't find out anything about him or a picture of him .. but he did have pucture wounds all over him when he drove himself to the hospital.
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you're looking at the moment firefighters successfully rescued a horse from any icy pond. this is happening in loveland, colorado. first responders say the 25 year old painted horse wandered from home, lost her footing, and fell over into the pond. she couldn't stand and rescuers couldn't get the sled under her so they had to improvise. the resuers used a widland hose to drag the horse to shore. the horse, named patches, was able to stand and move on her own. her owner says she is sore but doing okay.
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seven day (darya) that's it for us this morning... our next newscast is at 5 o clock tonight. (james)don't forget, you can stay connected on our mobile app, kron four dot com and on our facebook and twitter feeds. (ácommercialá)
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