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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  February 20, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PST

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of weather and traffic... some showers drifting across the bay area today with late morning and early afternoon hours offering up the best chance of any precipitation. skies will be partly cloudy with breezy and cool conditions. this morning not as cold as the past few with lows only in the 40's before 50's later on today.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. golden gat bridge drive time less than 30 min from 37 to the toll plaza. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101 teachers,
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staff, students and parents are all preparing for the teacher's strike in the east bay.( james ) three thousand oakland teachers plan to strike tomorrow ... to push for a new deal with the district. they want increased pay, smaller class sizes and more specialized teachers like couselors and nurses. the oakland school district is offering a 5 percent increase over three years... but the teacher's union is seeking 12 percent over the same time period. today, oakland teachers say they're going to talk to their students about why their not going to be at school thursday. ( darya ) the district says they will have substitute
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teachers thursday but union instructors are hoping that parents keep their kids home in solidarity. ( james ) the oakland unified school district has released information that parents and students need to know about the strike. students should plan on attending school as normal because regular attendance policies will apply. school meals will still be provided by the district. that includes lunch and breakfast although breakfast choices will be simplified. all state and federally funded after school programs will still take place.(átake out sidebará) students will only be able to go to the programs if they attend the normal school day. we have all information and much more on our website at kron 4 dot com. ( james ) and happening today... with the teacher's strike looming... a group of principals from the oakland unified school district will be in sacramento asking for re they will meet with the education officials to discuss money for schools all across the state. they will also be asking fo forgiveness on a 36-milliontors
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for sacramento lobbying trip as teachers strike looms morning...a martinez junior high school student is facing charges after police say he threatened to shoot up the school. police went to the school yesterday and found threatening graffiti written on a bathroom mirror. officers say the student wrote in marker that he intended to commit the crime today. investigators says there's no evidence that the threat was credible...and there was no specific plan to harm any students or staff. the student was booked into the contra costa juvenile facility. (á2 shotá)( james ) in the north bay -- after days of work --- highway 37 is back open this morning.( darya ) lanes were closed on highway 3 of the water that had filled westbound highway 37 was gone yesterday... but pools of water still remained in some areas this morning. caltrans trucks tried to plow water out of the road and over newly installed concrete barriers. a new black top
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has been layed in lowlying stretches to raise the roadway anywhere from 6 to 10 inches... ( darya ) in one east bay city... car burglaries are onpace to reach an all time high. police in fremont say car burglaries went up 87% from 2014 to 2017. so far this year... there have been more than 300 burglaries. recently 11 burglars were arrested in eight days. most of the burglaries are happening in shopping centers and the thieves are targeting laptops and other small electronics. police are increasing patrols around shopping centers and advising people to never leave electronic devices in their cars. ( darya ) police in santa rosa have arrested a hit and run driver involved in hitting a 7-year-old girl on saturday. it's a scene that's sparked national coverage after the girl was seen being tossed into the air. police arrested 29-year-old dominick weaver yersterday afternoon. police say
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they received a number of tips regarding the investigation. one of those tips had surveillance video of weaver attempting to hide the vehicle after the collision happened. during his interview with investigators, weaver admitted to being involved in the collision and fleeing the scene. he was arrested for felony hit and run. ( james ) the city of san jose will soon be considering a proposal that would require the sale of guns to be recorded on video. that's among a sweeping proposal by the mayor to tighten the rules about how guns are bought and sold in the city. mayor sam liccardo said the best way to crackdown on the proliferation of illegal guns is to target so-called "straw purchases," where guns are bought by a third party for someone who cannot legally own a gun, like a convicted felon or a minor. in addition to requiring sales be recorded on video, the mayor's plan bars the transactions within a residence. requires a license for the sale of all "concealable" firearms and requires gun shops to display information about gun laws and suicide prevention.
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accomplish some of these things but if they do not pass we need a local ordinance that will take this on....">( james ) it's still not clear if or when such an ordiance would take affect in san jose. but the mayor says he'll have something ready for the city council at the beginning of next month. ( james ) the federal government is pulling a significant amount of money from california's high speed rail project. this comes on the same day that the high speed rail authority met for the first time since governor gavin newsom's announcment to downsize the project. the f-r-a intends to pull 929-million dollars from the project... and make california pay s its already spent. that decision comes after california decidto pursue a lawsuit against the president over his national emergency declaration for a border wall. the state has less than a month left to prove its complying and making progress with the project.... before it goes into effect march 5th. ( james ) the city of san
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francisco and the hertz rental car company reached a settlement over hidden fees for crossing the golden gate bridge. the lawsuit alleged hertz violated state laws by failing to clearly explain its fees for bridge tolls ... and failing to offer rental car customers an opt-out. under the former policy in the "platepass" program, car renters paid an extra fee in addition to the actual toll of the bridge. the city reached a $3-point-65 million settlement with hertz. a hertz spokesperson was not immediately available for comment. ( darya ) on the heels of a recent survey showing bart's approval rating has dropped dramatically.... we're taking a look at one of the biggest complaints... people do not feel safe. kron 4's dan thorn talked with bart riders and the bart chief of police. of course, all of us can complain about one thing in terms of our commute but this isn't about traffic or's about safety. and much of the finger pointing is directed at the transit system's police department.
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most notably, where are the off largest commuter rail line in the state of california... ábartá serves as the backbone of the bay area's public transportation.hundreds of thousands of commuters depend on these train and day -out. however, just recently a survey showed many of those commuters are not happy..sot: i think there's a lot of sketchy activity on bart including drugs alcohol and sometimes homeless people who use the system to sleep..a little less than half of the top complaints for bart riders like kim vawter fall at the feet of bart police.the common theme? a lack of police presence inside the stations, on-board the trains..sot: i think just coming on the platforms and staring peopleon
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not sufficient they need to be walking on agree..sot: it would probably be better if they were around more often..would f were police officers, august, bart received an almost $7 million dollar federal grant to keep a special police patrol on the trains through the busiest stations..the grant followed the high profile murder of nia wilson.the 18 year old was stabbed to death exiting a bart train at the mcarthur station in july.wilson's killing marked the 3rd murder on the transit system in just a 5 day span..amid the summer's spike in violent crime, bart vowed an increase in public safety by putting more officers on the
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trains...these emergency patrols required the police force to work 10 hour shifts--6 days a lasted less than a month..sot: you can't arrest yourself out of problems you can't police yourself out of problems..bart police chief carlos rojas says displeasure with the lack of bart police presence can be linked to lack of staffing . however, the chief maintains his officers are out and effectively working to curb crime..sot: our officers on a daily basis are riding trains they're in stations but it's just not about having enough staff.. chief rojas says there have been significant improvements in recruiting new bart december, the bart board approved a 16 percent pay increase under a new 4 year contract. the chief called this agreement crucial to attracting and retaining
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officers. right now there are 28 vacancies in the department. sot: there is a serious perception by certain people that bart is not safe so we ( john ) and i am tracking your bay area forecast. ( james ) kron 4 is making a major chan you the news. we have bay a commercial-free 24-hour streaming news service. it's called kron on --- and here is ryan o'donnell to show you how it works.trt: 29
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" it today."
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yes! for presidents day you get that and 10% with your sears card plus $100 cashback in points! we can come back and get new shoes for the kids! what about free delivery? the answer is, yes! yes! yes! we're here for you. our products and services bring moments like this to every family. ♪ shop sears where we love to say yes to you! ( darya ) a near-death
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experience caught on camera. an avalanche buried a skier -- - but thankfully his friends were there to rescue him... and it was all captured on his head-mounted camera. ( james ) it started when the skier fell on a jump --- triggering the avalanche - -- and was then carried by tons of snow sliding down the mountain. it carried him 200 feet, through trees and rocks --- before completely burying him. his two friends then sprung into action to try and dig him out --- knowing every second mattered.
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the first time he started screaming. it was very frantic we were just going to dig until his head was free and he could breathe." john brown/rescuer"i remember hitting his helmet with my shovel. that's my head. we dug his head out and i'm like i'm sorry i hit you in the head and he's like that was the best feeling in my life is just getting hit in the head with a shovel."> ( darya ) the skier was underneath the show for a minute-and-15-seconds. the utah avalanche center says he was lucky that the people with him were experienced and had the gear needed to dig him out. (james)( darya ) welcome let's get a check of the
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weather this morning... morning... some showers drifting across the bay area today with late morning and early afternoon hours offering up the best chance of any precipitation. skies will be partly cloudy with breezy and cool conditions. this morning not as cold as the past few with lows only in the 40's before 50's later on today.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. golden gat bridge drive time less than 30 min from 37 to the toll plaza. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101
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the kron 4 morning news... how one east bay city is trying to fix the housing crisis, and make living in the bay area more affordable. ( darya ) and then...a look at the plans for this weekend's big lunar new year parade.
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(ápause for opená) 2 in san 2 in san francisco á 270
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masonic at turk á downtown s.f. at 250 bush street san mateo at 48 2nd avenue - this is a new location in downtown san mateo. it will have just opened on february 7fairfield - 1325 gateway boulevard napa - 3230 beard road santa rosa - 3505 industrial drive
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(ácommercialá)(áábreakáá) (darya)(james) welcome back to the kron four morning news... lets start the half hour with a check of weather and traffic...
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some showers drifting across the bay area today with late morning and early afternoon hours offering up the best chance of any precipitation. skies will be partly cloudy with breezy and cool conditions. this morning not as cold as the past few with lows only in the 40's before 50's later on today. min from the maze to sf. accident in
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fremont nb 680 at mission north. left lane closed slow from scott creek road. amjor delays sb as well. ( darya ) a south bay soccer coach is now facing sexual assault charges. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say 24 year old jansen estrada -- was involved in a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old player on the team. the child's mother told deputies she believed her daughter may be a victim of sexual assault. estrada was the child's soccer coach at prospect high school.
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this case, a oait's quite distu have these types of allegations against him and we just ask parents to stay vigilant and be aware of what their teenagers and their children are doig and try to keep track o who they are associating themselves with."> ( darya ) deputies say estrada also worked as a tutor at moreland middle school and easterbrook discovery school in san jose. no other victims have come forward. ( james ) in the east bay...the hayward city council is trying to get a handle on the housing crisis ... leaders are considering changes to its 'rent stabilization' ordinance. a city report is recommending a legal process between a tenant and a landlord cases where the annual rent is increased above five-percent. their idea is to creat legislation that is fair to both tenants and landlords. < "we want to make sure that process, so that, um, you al know, rents can increase, but
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without putting families out." "we want to make sure that we're adopting best practices in both landlords and of course, best practices with tenants.">( james )( james ) the council is also looking into expanding "evictions for cause" to all rental units in the city, including single-family homes. right now, evictions for cause applies only to units constructed before 1979. a decision on all of these proposals is still months away from becoming law. ( james ) governor gavin newsom says he is making more affordable housing in california .. one of his administration's top goals. last month, governor newsom announced, the state was suing huntington beach for failing to meet its obligations on providing enough affordable housing. during his state of the state address, he also called out other cities, including the city of wheatland in yuba county. but wheatland city manager jim goodwin says, the state's requirements are unfair for smaller, more rural communities.
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director bob dickerson reflecting on days gone by at the a.g. gaston motel. dr. gaston hired dickerson to work at his bank, citizens federal, in 1984.bob dickerson/hired by a.g. gaston: i wasn't an important part of his life and his business but he was such a vital part of mineit was a time, of deep segregation in the south.when gaston opened the motel in 1954, it was the only place black entertainers and black visitors could stay in birmingham.bob: this was the place you think about history, world history was made here.nat sound: art franklin. when you look inside of here you've got to think abou the conversations that were held. bob dickerson. yeah, you've got to think you've got to think about the courage folks had when they were in these rooms and knowing folks that day didn't have a problem setting off a few of dynamitenat sounda pair of bombs exploded here on may 11th, 1963, destroying part of the happened just two days after the big three, dr.
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martin luther king jr, fred shuttlesworth and ralph abernathy announced a truce with white city leaders and the business community to end a violent showdown between demonstrators and police.sot bob dickerson: they bombed the motel as they bombed a lot of stuff but you know that didn't stop anything when you really think about it now, some people, the four little girls lost their lives and other people lost their lives but the movement didn't stand-up: the ag gaston motel was ground zero for civil rights protests and demonstrations. inside room 30, that was the war room for the movement, it was also king's headquarters when he was here in birminghambob: the courageous acts that took place in that room, you know strategizing on how to fight bull connor and fight white supremacy and bigotry and
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hatred, you know it all took place right heregaston's role in the movement can't be minimalized, blacks enjoyed plush immenities at his motel, he provided jobs and changed lives with the a.g. gaston boys and girls club.bob: not only is the shining example of philanthropy is the ag gaston boys and girls club, he sent a lot of kids to college and paid tuition and granted scholarships out of his own fundsgaston's fingerprints and footprints are throughout birmingham, especially the civil rights district, where his bank stood, and booker t. washington insurance company and still standing his business college.the motel is crumbling, shattered and in disrepair but finally it's slated for renovations as part of the birmingham civil rights national monument.bob: i'm really encouraged about what's going to happen, its sad to see it in disrepair but it's still standing and i think we have to take some solace and happiness in that.
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( john ) and i am tracking your bay area forecast. ( darya ) the kentucky high
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school student at the center of this viral video is taking legal action against the washington post. a law firm representing nicholas sandmann is seeking 250 million dollars in damages. the suit says the post "wrongfully targeted and bullied nicholas vecause he was the white catholic student wearing a red make america great again souvenir cap." a spokesperson for the post says they are reviewing the matter and will mount a "vigorous defense." ( darya ) coming up on the kron 4 morning buzz... steph curry and barak obama team up to tell kids how to compete .. not on the court, but in a world that can be difficult for young men of a test every man can do at home right now.. to see if they're headed for a heart attack. it only takes two minutes, i'll time you.
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(ácommercialá)(áábreakáá) (james)( darya ) welcome back. let's get a check of the weather this morning...
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the bay area today with late morning and early afternoon hours offering up the best chance of any precipitation. skies will be partly cloudy with breezy and cool conditions. this morning not as cold as the past few with lows only in the 40's before 50's later on today.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge
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wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. accident in fremont cleared nb 680 at mission north. slow from mission south ( darya )get ready to do some push ups.. seriously right now.. this could save your
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life.. the number of push-ups a man can do is a good predictor of his risk of having a heart attack in the future.if you can do 40 push-ups in two minutes, you don't have to worry at all.if you can barely make it to 10 you're in big trouble. this comes from a harvard researcher so you know it's legit.. he says the push up test is as accurate as all the fancy expensive long draw-out stuff doctors do.. so give it a shot right now.. go on.. get down on the ground and i'll time you.. john.. you don't have to do the weather... you can do your's right here. ready, set.. go! james you want join him? i didn't thinkonna co buzz until the timer goes off.
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( darya )while we wait to see if you have what it takes to be a healthy man.. president obama and steph curry are talking what it takes to be a good man.. they kicked off the "my brother's keeper alliance" convention in oakland last night..
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worked out so he can talk about it now... he won two mvp's after that."> yes but do you know what it took? team work. steph told the kids "nothing great is done by yourself" in fact obama and curry joked about helping each other out when they did that public service announcement a few years ago. the conference wraps up today in oakland and then i think these two should take their show on the road. they are good together. how are we on time? two minutes? how many
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pushups john. ( darya ) they should call him money-they should call him money- machado.. i know mayweather owns the nickname.. but owns the nickname.. but manny has a money.. 300 millio dollars guaranteed to play for the padres for 10 years. wow.
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biggest free-agent contract in i sports. and just like he left baltimore for l-a and then dumped the dodgers after only a year.. if he doesn't like san diego.. he can opt out after the 5th year and go somehwere else. what a life, right? manny's sittin on a pile of money, while you're down on the floor struggling to do 40 pushups.. maybe you'll find a couple penny's down there.
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preparations are underway for the big lunar new year parade happening in san francisco saturday.( james ) the finishing touches are being put on the nearly 20 floats on pier 54. at a news conference at the chinese chamber of commerce....public safety officials urged those people who plan on coming down to the parade to sign up for city text alerts specific to the event.... police say they will also be watching for unauthorized fireworks ( darya ) the san francisco police department says you can also stay safe by keeping an eye on your belongings and being aware of your surroundings. they are urging people to take public transportation. seven day
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if you are watching us on the "kron-on app - our live news coverage continues next. kron on is the bay area's only commercial- free 24-hour streaming news service. it's available for iphones, ipads, apple tv, android devices, and on amazon fi
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