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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  April 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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including all the homes right out here in the east bay. >>as the weather heats up the threat of wildfires in california becoming the to the top of the mine on just about everybody, this is a look at the numbers showing our current many heat wave in temperatures are not expected to drop until later in the week because take a look out over san francisco from rc trip. sutro camera you can see the long dry season still a ways off but the time to prepare for wildfire season is right now thanks for joining us. i'm ken why and i pay a more today governor gavin newsome was in the east bay to talk about a multimillion dollar project to create fire breaks in 35 sections of the state it's designed to protect lives and property in areas at highest risk for wildfire. crawford's morning. kelly shows us where one of those race will be going in the next few weeks. >>25% of californians live in this wild land urban
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interface. >>here's an example of the wild land urban interface right here in the oakland berkeley hills where homes run up against nature which can be beautiful but also deadly as what happened during the devastating oakland hills fire in 1991 20. >>5 lives lost 30 500 structures, a devastated where this news conference was held is not far from where that fire started. >>and also not far from one of the 35 firebreaks going in around the state at a cost of $32 million in north orinda firebreak is going to start just outside of berkeley's tilden park and snake 14 miles along the backside of orinda all the way to lafayette the work which involves clearing brush by hand and heavy equipment and with controlled burns is set to begin here in the next few weeks and should be complete about 2 months after that the cal fire chief explains how they can help out
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firefighting efforts reduce the intensity of and allow for firefighters aircraft to be able to hold fire in the in the away from the communities before they spread into the community unit is not the silver bullet, they stress that homeowners should still be creating defensible space around their properties. >>and look at ways to harden their homes against the dangers of wildfires cal fire now has an app to help people prepare for the wildfire season you can find a link to it on kron four dot com maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and coming up at 6.15 we're going to talk live with a scientist whose work in mapping the genomes of coastal redwoods and giant sequoias could play a role in restoring forced and making them less prone to disasters wildfires. >>it is still spring, but it sure feels like summer out there now we want to know how long we can expect this warm weather to last our chief meteorologist laura carno is
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here and he has the answer loy yang guys feel good, although some messages from people say that's enough of the heat already, but boy it's been a while we've been so cold the better part of spring and very wet too. but now we get some of the heat. yeah didn't mess around almost some summer like temperatures these numbers running well above the average is 90 degrees today in redwood city 92 and lael 93 the hot spot. in santa rosa, 91 cochran 88 live more of that. well those 80's 90's and around the bay, those are impressive to see that along the coastline checking have move a 61 degrees much cooler outdoor the beach numbers running well above the average in fact some of these numbers over 20 degrees above normal for this time of year usually in the 60's and the 70's what we really got things cranked up with high pressure those offshore winds and i think we're not done yet we've got another day of some hot temperatures coming our way out the door right now we're still at 90 degrees in concord cooling off a little bit but still comfortable in the san francisco, 69 degrees 80 in oakland. it is now 85 degrees in san jose and 86 degrees in
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santa rosa. if you're headed out the door this evening, this could be one of those need evenings where the temperatures stay very mild. well into the evening hours as high pressure sits overhead. you see those very warm temperatures in the 70's 8 9 o'clock tonight probably only 60's for some overnight lows in some parts the bay area. but there's more heat to come tomorrow, but some places may begin to cool down a little bit. we'll show you where coming up in a few stay connected to the weather in your neighborhood with kron four mobile app you'll find full forecast and current temperatures as the weather is heating up all that was crowned for mobile app another big story tonight pressure is mounting on new meaning after several safety incidents involving his new light rail vehicles. >>a woman required hospitalization last week after her head became stuck in the doors of one of the new cars and as it turns out this was not the first incident dna is now acknowledging the doors are not as sensitive as they should forced anchorman live for us in the newsroom with details. dan that's right as you remember yesterday many
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set up no no problem with the doors whatsoever today they've changed their tune and they are making fixes. >>especially considering they are now admitting. there have been 4 incidents where people got her hand stuck in the door. >>we should known that some of these things i to him quite shocked that this has happened i think roads people's not only in our transportation says meeting was taken to task tuesday by the san francisco board of supervisors serving as the county transportation authority upon word that this video obtained by the san francisco examiner of a woman getting her hand stuck in one of the transit agency's new light rail vehicles and then dragged was not the first time it happened. it actually was the 4th timth was drug by the tr that instance. >>it wasn't his hand they got stuck in the door. he actually hadn't a plastic of doughnuts a knife guy got in the door in and instead of letting go that
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this gentleman was was the transportation authority chastise muni for not letting the board no or the public knows especially considering the first incident was back in october and deeply troubled by the fact that. >>grab the bull by the horns when we first in fact on monday meeting maintain the doors of the new trains are safe. they operate as designed. but tuesday muni changed its tune saying there is a problem specifically the single pane doors at the front and rear or not as sensitive as we believe they should be muni has now locked the back doors and will have train operators pay extra attention to the front door until they can figure out a fix if you just having that we needed to do something right away. but what the transportation earmarked more than $62 million to fast track. the purchase of a 151 more new vehicles that funding is now in limbo indefinitely at some
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point if we may to see. >>we have to be transparent about that we have to 6 at the state or we have to go different gender because i'm not going put student, you know good money after bad. >>and then he has also admitted in addition to the door problems these new cars also have repetitive flat tires and there's also a couple ing problem with the cars that is linking 2 together and as a result, these new cars are running only as single vehicles live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron 4 news dan thank you people who live in the open hills in one neighborhood there woke up to the sounds of the sheriff's bomb squad, searching for an explosive device in a neighbor's home today. the incident was part of an fbi investigation kron four says the menu has the story. >>tense moments for residents in the oakland hills, the fbi said they had information that a bomb may be inside a hold here old stockbridge drive officials with the alameda county sheriff's office bomb
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squad say they found something rigged to look like a bomb that turn out to be a fake convoys learned that this law enforcement activity is focused on an adult male wanted in connection to several bank robberies so we were on scene is on fbi. >>oakland police department and i mean a county sheriff's office. we were here conducting a court authorized search warrants that was one of the arrest that was conducted earlier today, not at the scene when walking i think all neighbors give a wide berth he had sunglasses on it looked like you didn't really belong in the neighborhood kept to himself and he but he was very. >>loud and the brother that neighbors in this quiet piedmont heights neighborhood described the man they believe was the target of the fbi in fact folks who say there's been nothing but rubble since the man recently moved back in with his parents in his home along with his girlfriend and their small children, yeah. >>and neighbors of call child protective services, we've been in touch with they come out occasionally, but you know, there's been no resolution until possibly
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today. >>the fbi would only confirm that an arrest was made at an undisclosed location in connection to a federal search warrant. the connection to a state warrant out of contra costa county it made you run for news. >>from across san francisco are gathering in the south of market neighborhood tonight, i'm on one of their own earlier today, a fellow skate boarder collided with a truck and was killed. the accident happened and how it in 7 states 7 cisco police say pablo ramirez was skateboarding down 7th about 12 15 this afternoon when he was struck and killed. the police say that the driver stopped as soon as he realized someone had been hit. officials are still looking at surveillance footage to determine exactly what happened. >>does have a mention. that's the skate boarder was in the street. we haven't confirmed whether and the skate boarder. >>was holding on to the truck at this point. we are that is
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being told that we have not confirmed that at this time >>police say no drugs no alcohol are suspected in any of this and the driver has been cooperative. coming up tonight on com for news we will hear from friends of the skateboarder about the life of this young man tonight in conquered the city council discuss plans to possibly bring a chick filet to town there are a few of them here in the bay area, the next closest one to conquer doesn't want a creek. >>but as kron four sludge all explain city staff members say they're hesitant to green light the project. >>chick filet wants to open up a new restaurant at the site of the now shuttered lynn's buffet on will pass road in concord among other types of businesses, the property is zoned for a restaurant even a fast food establishment like chick filet but the 4800 square foot project proposal also calls for a drive through which right now is not allowed in the area really organize. we work it out and traffic is among the reasons the concord
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city staff report recommends against the project. >>the city council will discuss the proposal during a study session tuesday i could see big difficulty, especially maybe look at this right here, it's pretty short. >>and if you're drive through rain is going back up really badly and the people who went through here way too tuesday study session is intended to get feedback from the city council on whether or not general plan amendment and rezoning is warranted in this area by the city would be a nightmare that would be an absolute nightmare, especially right here i mean look at it it's a. >>may be a fiasco in order for the project to move forward beyond ship delays preliminary application. the council would have to support a general plan amendment. >>and rezone the area for a drive through that the staff report recommends against that because some businesses may choose not to move in your by because of the traffic and older often associated with fast food restaurants staff is also concerned that if chick filet ever leads an inferior fast food chain could replace
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it in concord fleet recall kron 4 news. >>coming up 2 competing measures on reforming california's police use of force laws, how lawmakers are trying to satisfy officers as well as victims plus 2 parents are in custody after their children were found locked in these cages and police say that's not even what they were looking for we'll have details ahead a scientific breakthrough that could help save some of california's most precious trees, what has been learned about redwoods and sequoias.
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>>with the california dry season right around the corner wildfires remain a major concern in this state a major topic of conversation in the state is how best to prevent fires from spreading out of control. today a group of scientists announced that they have mapped the complete genomes of the coast redwood and the giant sequoia in an attempt to better understand and preserve these magnificent trees and this could help prevent future catastrophic wildfires armed with these genome or genetic maps, scientists can get a clearer picture of how to keep cheese healthier and make them less likely to bar. we're joined now by someone who helps sequin sees massive trees doctor david neal environmental science professor at. >>u c davis doctor neal thanks for being with us if you could kind of describe how you go about doing this project and the significance of it. >>well sequencing a genome
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bomb is rather straightforward now says this technology offers came available that sequencing the human genome. quite quickly, we isolate dna from our target tree. that we take that dna we put it in machine and out the dna sequence. the big challenge for us is to order all these random pieces of sequence into. complete sequence of the genome which by colleagues johns hopkins. this is the first fundamental resource toward having a genetic tools for understanding how trees are adapted to their environment that we have to do very broadly are in california. >>so doctor how might this information be used in a very practical sense as we look at all of the issues su preservation of these nd that i might give would the california forest ecosystem is very unhealthy. trees are sick and dying. oh there's too many trees. oh
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this is a result of fire suppression for a ver outright drought. and what we need to do is be able to. reforest to might thinning the existing force or replanting it with trees that are adapted and healthy. in this is a technology that we can use to help do that correctly o so this really gone should be broadly applied across the state. but we're just on the verge thinking about being able to do that. so how do we need for with what you've learned and do what you're talking about and and you have the state federal government. >>behind you on this because most of the forest land in california. my understanding is privately owned and then you have the national force of the state doesn't have a whole lot of land where these trees are do that. >>no that's there's a small amount of statement most of the land is in federal under the management of the us forest we'd like to see get behind this effort but and so far that's not really the case. a lot can be done by the university of california system frankly, and supporting do the kind of work that i do.
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too develop these technologies for application by people in the forest service for example and we're pretty much behind the curve on that one as well. >>so today, the governor announced a program to you know bring in more to create more fire breaks throughout california but if you take the science that you're talking about how do apply practically just give me a sense of exactly what might be done on that would make things better in terms of preserving these trees and preventing wildfires. >>example that i use over and over again is is 23 and me for trees saying. as forest manager might collect samples from their forest and sent them to a place and get them. gtna type guy information collected on that and that with that and give them a certain environmental stresses to their populations of treason wish gina types should favored into the future in which was not. david neal. thank
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you so much for your time we appreciate it. californians love the general sherman tree in sequoia and. >>national park in the redwoods another just such a symbol of our state certainly we want to preserve them, so we that your efforts and trying to learn more about them can help protect them for future generations, thanks again for you. okay that, let's take a look outside now talking about a boy summer like weather out there as we look at the embarcadero in the bay you know seen as a coy is what you see a couple palm out there and the sunshine how are you to pull out there today with the sequoia something sukhoi is your list in all know that how large they are so we want to keep them around you have been around over 1000 lot of that i have so that's quite a while. >>hey we've got we've got a lot of sunshine around the bay area today temperatures heating up very nicely outside today. if you've been looking forward to some heat. >>yeah we had a today indeed little haze out there inside the bay now looking rd a san francisco. we've got some sunny skies and a beautiful
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evening out there were those gorgeous evening just to get out there and hang out grab some ice t or a cold drink and just enjoy the beautiful almost summer like conditions outside right now. it is still 85 degrees in san jose 86 a little more 88 in double of 81 in hayward along the coastline started cooler temperatures off now but not a bad day so 79 degrees in downtown san francisco, 80 in oakland 81 degrees in berkeley 90 still in concord 87 degrees of little 91 say leanna an 86 degrees in santa rosa. so yet we're sees a very very nice temperatures outside right now courtesy. offshore winds high pressure up above and that keeping our skies, nice and clear is that there seems to ap only today but tomorrow again we're going to see those offshore winds kicking in that said a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in late today and that's pretty commonly when you get winds offshore flow patterns. the little sea breeze after those very hot temperatures we're seeing that just a gentle
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breeze along the coastline and upset gun 10 miles per hour in a san francisco right now 8 in oakland this time in 10 miles per hour to the nation. but tonight starry skies will continue some very mild temperatures throughout the middle and i in fact overnight lows not until the cold only in the 50's and low 60's for overnight lows that on the hot one on the way for tomorrow, especially in the valley sun. it's going to be sunny all the way to the coastline. but we will see some changes coming up over the next 2 days a hazy conditions in the north bay and the east bay and also to the south bay looking good along the coastline, but as high pressure overhead that is a cap, the atmosphere not been able to make cell of the plude so you start to see some of that he's building up we have a big dome of high pressure overhead like this. this is going to stick around for at least another day but after that would begin notice some changes impact the clouds likely want to be in the role in on the coastline with some patchy fog moving into tomorrow, looking sunny and bright look at that offshore wind again kicking in keeping our skies, nice and clear some fog will likely return on thursday that means some much cooler temperatures after that
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case, coming up tonight at 6.45 east bay congressman mark this on speaks out about the mueller report. >>what he has to say about how congress should deal with president trump and the woman who says she was sexually assaulted by the former lawyers coach luke walton wrapped up a news conference a short time ago we'll have the latest on her allegations and reaction from walton. as we told you last
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night luke walton, the new head coach of the sacramento, kings and former assistant coach with the warriors has been accused of sexual-assault a sports reporter is filed a lawsuit claim the assault happened while walton was with the warriors kelli tennant claims walton forced himself on her at a hotel in santa monica. she alleges the attack happened in may of 2017 tennis as well to impinge or on a bed and began kissing her according to the lawsuit tenants the same physical injuries and suffered mental and emotional distress today, she spoke out about why she's coming forward now. >>to the first part of your question about why waited to come out. i understand that many of you probably are wondering the same thing and i was scared. when someone assaults you and you think you're going to the race. is a scary things and i had spent years now dealing th s
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trying to forget about it hoping that i could push it to the side and various and hoping that time would heal. and i was not the case so i never i never talk to lose about it what i said earlier i was scared and when someone that you trust so much that you've known for so long that you truly believe would never do anything like this you pins you down to a cold you down with his whole body weight and makes you think that he's going to rape you. so lasting that i was thinking about was how to come forward i was scared for my job, my safety and what my livelihood with the lights. >>was attorney released a statement saying these are baseless allegations and quote the accuser is and opportunists not a victim and her claim is not credible and we intend to prove this in the courtroom and we will have more reaction from orders players, a little bit later on tonight in sports. >>coming up next a 6.30 a vote under way right now over a
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proposed homeless navigation center on san francisco's embarcadero we'll have the latest. >>the us supreme court is going to decide if the census count should have a question about citizenship what's at stake and how it could cost california some political power. >>and still ahead in sports, the sharks getting ready for game 7 showdown against the vegas golden knights tonight. we'll have a live report from jason do loss in san jose. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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>>us supreme court will decide whether or not the trump administration can add a question about citizenship to the 2020 senses. critics say 6 states are at risk of losing seats in congress if there is a population undercounts one of those could be california washington correspondent alexandra moen tells us the supreme court or. >>arguments in the department of commerce versus new york case today. >>at the heart of the debate on whether the trump administration can add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census is why secretary of commerce wilbur ross decided to do it. he acted arbitrarily because all of the data all of the evidence all of the reports even his own staff indicated that this a citizenship question would undermine the cow supreme court justice sonia sotomayor said secretary ross seaich of status were previously on the senses but were dropped decades ago this question on


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