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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  April 30, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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the deadline in a post me too era and with a record breaking number of women now in congress. >>lawmakers say it's time to pass the amendment just as congress. >>and you've put the has the absolute right to change deadline. >>and the first hearing on the issue in almost 4 decades, witnesses and activists urge congress to act some republican lawmakers didn't attend those who did argued if ratified the e r a would strengthen abortion rights up in the would mean the end of laws that protect the sanctity of every human life even republican supporters say those concerns are invalid people's >>has got people talking working together. >>democratic congresswoman debbie dingell think the house will support the e r a will have a tougher fight in the senate in washington, i'm recall martin. >>more than 40 priests in the catholic diocese of sacramento have been named as having been credibly accused of sexually abuse today, the list containing the names of 40
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feet 44 priests and to permanent deacons was published by the sacramento bee newspaper. approximately 130 victims were listed over the past 70 years. the church gather the records after bishop, jaime soto ordered staff to compile the list last year. a spokesman for the diocese of says that revealing the names of accused abusers is important. >>we want people to see this because we need to be held accountable and the only way you can be held accountable, this to own it and the tone for. >>the sacramento diocese runs from the oregon border down to the lake. >>firefighters battled a massive fire as the fire tore through southern california recycling center today, huge plume of thick black smoke billowed and of the sky at the site of the fire just west of the ontario international airport. officials took to twitter at about one 30 local time identifying the location of the blaze more than 2 hours later. the fire was still
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active authorities shut down roads in the area as crews pop the flames at also impacted a commuter rail travel with cancellations in line changes. >>all right, let's get a check on the weather around the bay area's time for the 4 zone forecast. >>know where you're at we are going to see some big difference is the weather you maybe need a jacket one part maybe or just hanging out in shorts another we've got mostly clear skies out there right now little hazy and a couple of patches of fog trying to form along the coastline. overnight tonight, we'll see more of that fog along the coast. and maybe just inside the bay to not as extensive the was last night, but we'll still see some of that and that will continue to be the cfse over the next couple of days and that will see a lot of sunshine in the afternoon as a very nice weather temperatures going to start to warm up all around the bay starting tomorrow also in san francisco tomorrow will see some 60's begin to pop up in the san francisco, 65 in the mission 63 downtown 63 also the marina 59 degrees and daly city it will be cooler along the coastline at sea breeze will once again kick up in the afternoon will seek some sunshine in there and
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then just inside of a mid 60's and the bilbray 67 in burlingame 70 of foster city 74 amount to 73 degrees in santa clara, 75 degrees in cupertino getting closer 80 degrees in livermore by tomorrow afternoon 69 in union city about 78 degrees in concord and in the north they should see warm sunshine. the better part of the day and little cool on the coastline, but you get just over the hills there you'll see about 73 degrees in santa rosa. >>game 2 tonight here we go. joins us in the studio lot to talk about after all the articles and analysis we read it feels like we've already played 5 kids in this series right only been one. >>what we are witnessing a round 2 series that has finals were the drama, let's see what the second installment of this back and forth as in-store warriors rockets one game down. and the dominant headline isn't about golden state winning its revolved around houston's critiques of
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the officiating down the stretch and apparently the rockets think a constant issue. no report has come out that the team conducted its own internal audit of last year's western conference finals to show what calls were made or not made regardless no results will be changed in either situation, the warriors will have a chance to let their play do the talking tonight, game 2 tips off in about 45 minutes, kate rooney standing by live courtside at oracle kate, only one game in. and we already have a time to talk about. >>we have so much to talk about mark before the final was even dry on sunday afternoon. started talking about the officiating in game one houston players. james harden chris paul wasted no time saying that they thought the game had been unfairly officiated and that and she report yesterday saying that there were a couple missed calls in the final minutes of that game. and even more fuel to the fire. could be a
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referee for tonight's game, he's a 25 y ar that that he's become a notorious for not getting along so well with the players and in particular. the rockets houston is going 6 in the postseason month officers working game when early this season, hard and call them rude and arrogant now as for golden state. the chance and try not to let others officiating get in the way of their game plan and today. he just wants to play. so we're years and hope that what happens tonight as they come in there and have another
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insane performances. crazy numbers 5 straight games and more than 30 points. thanks a 45 point performance and a night. look out there k now one of the highlights when the game goes final in our other playoff action tonight, sharks. >>taking their second-round series to colorado sharkey's an avalanche tied at a game apiece the ad victorious at the tank on sunday with a 4, 3 win after striking talked twice in the 3rd stanza still no joe pavelski in the lineup, he is still recovering from that hit to the head in that last series against vegas cain to get back home ice advantage. lot awesome. and the park for that series drops in about 20 minutes lot to keep a track on tonight. >>i'm a firm you 8 o'clock thanks. thank you very much for coming on. investigation
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california what's being revealed now. another one san francisco says the final
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>>yet another san francisco institution is closing up shop lucas ravioli company which has been selling its handmade stuffed pasta sauces that
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italian delicacies is shutting down after more than 90 years. >>for more in county was among a long time customers lining up to grab a night and to say goodbye. >>here's video that shows what look like around lunchtime when the charming mission corner delicatessen was filled with mostly longtime customers who came to be waited on by workers wearing old fashioned white smocks and paper. they left carrying out their favorites mostly the handmade ravioli and song. that lucas was famous for some left with boxes stacked with food others with those i talk to say they were shocked at the news when the owners announced they were selling the building at 22th in valencia and closing up shop and they're hot broken that that day is finally here. >>this is an institution will it mean here these are member at came in 1972. they were here. also the visit close and now it's so sad. i come here all the time i get my.
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>>still year i get my of my black allow here you might recognize that last shot for san francisco celebrity danny glover he was wearing a shirt made by another customer reading look around the only will be truly missed lucas is closing because the current owner who's had this business in his family for 3 generations is ready to retire. tions, e a lot mixed e lot of people coming by saying thank you saying goodbye. a 100 year-old lady on my. >>you remember the you would use a little girl. people are bringing in their babies for the only chance to see the store. people i've waited on for decades and decades. it is time for me to retire, but you know it's difficult. >>a party message on the final boxes around the only sold offered their deepest appreciation to all the customers who walk through their doors. maureen kelly warnings. well coming up a disturbing. >>detailing an increase in anti semitic incidents, we'll talk with an expert why
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californians in particular should be concerned. and if you're streaming a son crown on the news continues during the commercial break go
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>>and there is some corruption to talk to you about tonight fraud and corruption tours as some state lawmakers are now associating with a high speed rail capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains was leading one lawmaker to call for an investigation into that
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project. >>billions over budget and more than a decade behind schedule assemblyman jim patterson is calling for an investigation into the high speed rails private consultants making it up as you go along. >>handing over the decisions to handle billions of dollars of public money by private consultants who had everything to gain by telling us that they were doing just fine. >>the central valley, lawmakers concerned about corruption and fraud after recent reports revealed the bullet train tracks are being built on regular speed rail for now paterson pointing to concerns of consultants covering up the facts and inflating estimated ridership numbers so the legislature would keep writing checks that's why i investigation that it is required and quite frankly if the. >>political party in charge of california. does not open an investigation on this and they will be complicit. in a cover
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up. >>paterson calling on the governor and attorney general to take action in response to high speed rail authority ceos said in a statement he welcomed last year state audit and welcomes the audit's results now he said they're working closely with the auditor to implement all recommendations related to their partnership with the rtp he says he's committed to ensuring the state workers are doing state work. well consultants provide the expertise needed from the private sector, he says back in march he ordered an office by office reviews positions to ensure our form is tied to proper function. he says that review will be done by the end of the fiscal year high speed rail authority is expected to give lawmakers a full project update wednesday, the sacramento actually develop kron 4 news. >>bay area congresswoman ellen tauscher has died. she served an east bay just heard from 1997 to 2009 and tosh are has a long list of achievements, including being the youngest in one of the first women to hold a seat on the new york stock exchange. she resigned from congress in 2009 when president obama appointed her
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to the state department's natasha died yesterday at stanford medical center after experiencing some complications from pneumonia. she was only 67 years old. >>home state of california just on saturday night made clear what was clear in charlottesville, was clear the tree of life synagogue. these are born out of hey which has received new fuel in these last 2 years. >>california senator kamala harris addressing the tragedy in power way that took place over the weekend. a gunman opened fire at a son of a synagogue service during the last day of passover killing one person injuring 3 others. according to a newly released report from the anti-defamation league. it is just another example of the rising number of anti semitic incidents in the state and the nation as you see on the graph on your screen. >>now joining us right now is flooded. i can and you were
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looking at this report that just came out and it shows a disturbing trend 2018. we've got an increase of anti semitic attack next what is going on here. >>that's right teresa. it's quite disturbing over the last number of years anti semitic incidents across the country have doubled since 2015. one of the things that certainly contributing we feel to this trend is the way that rhetoric from our elected officials has emboldened some of the worst elements in our society. >>so we have a map that shows all of the nation that should give an idea of where these incidents are happening the most california leading the number of incidents across the country. this is a state where we've talked about and feel like well we're tolerant in california. what are you seeing in terms of these 300 some incidents in california despite what happened and how it right right. >>well first of all california is the most populous state and so part of that that is a reflection of just how large we are. but also we have one of the largest jewish communities in the united
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states. you cannot attack that which isn't present so the the jewish community the more likely that there will be anti semitic attacks and what kinds of things are you saying. well, as simply a reflection of the number of a jewish people that are president. but we also have a number of white supremacists and other anti semitic organizations that are quite active in the state and we're seeing everything from a fly ring and propaganda events that are happening college campuses in our communities. we're seeing of graffiti and we're seeing actually a drastic increase in anti-semitic assaults from 0 last year to 9 anti-semitic assaults this year now the president recently weighed in on this entire thing saying that he has not seen an increase his words. >>a white supremacy and anti semitic attacks. what are you saying. >>well we disagree with the president we do think there's an increase in extremism and we're disappointed that the president isn't taking. the issue of white supremacy and
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other domestic extremism as seriously as we it ought to be taken. and that's indicated by the fact that under the trump administration. the budget that is allocated for fighting this type of violent extremism has been cut from over 21 million to under 3 million. that's really disturbing. >>so what can be done to fight this and you know that all of their many communities under attack right now feeling that they are under attack right now. so you talked about the the liberation of this kind of language hateful language online right what can be done look at individual 2 working groups to what can governments that's right. >>well unfortunately, there's no single panacea. the can address this adequately. this is going to require our public officials. the tech sector certainly. and our civil society, organizations and leaders coming together to address this we need to make sure that our law enforcemlnt agencies are equipped to combat this kind of violent extremism we need to make sure that our public officials are calling out and denouncing bigotry at every opportunity
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and we also need to make sure that we as individuals are calling it out whenever we hear from our family for my friends from public officials on the media and foreseeing radicalization our community that we contact authorities we might just save lives doing that i was going to mention what about grassroots what about what can we do better in. >>let's talk about online issues only so many teams are on on computers and so forth what can we do as a community. that's the we feel that the social media and other internet tools are very much contributing to these trends that we're seeing. >>these communities of provide tools to white supremacists and other extremists radicalize to spread bigoted ideas and indeed too i'm incite people to violence so we need the the tech sector to step up and take really bold action on making sure that their tools are not being used to incite hate violence. we also need to be monitoring are our kids to make sure the online activity that they're engaged in is safe. so these
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are just some of the things that that people can do but there's many different things that need to be done. one of the things that we're stressing is that people need to call on officials in other representatives in congress to pass legislation such as the domestic extremism domestic terrorism prevention act which would ensure that our law enforcement agencies are properly equipped to deal with this all right, thank you so much from the adl suffer central pacific officer, there's decorative direct associate director there thank you both for being with us thank you. >>right now let's go over to lawrence for the latest on that. >>uh yeah we've got some pretty severe weather now developing in the country's midsection tornadoes are on the ground a closer look when we come back. >>and khan on is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing.
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>>county oakland, san francisco menlo park.
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>>take nice look outside of the toll plaza smooth sailing and that smooth sailing outside. >>are you know, but another part of the country this that time of year we're really the
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at mister kind of wants to turn upside down we start to see all that crazy weather we've got tornadoes on the ground right now through the country's midsection. those storms rolling on through that fear school alive that is making its way right through oklahoma on up through missouri. is a very scary storm of fact you can see numerous tornadoes that touched down now get reports some due to some of those tornadoes touching right to parts of oklahoma and then stretching to the north you can see those as are on the ground right now here red bull just numerous ones all along squall line a very scary evening ahead for them in this whole system we want to be pushing eastward. we're only worried about some low clouds and fog and you see that hugging the coastline right now right out or pacific capital male granada more that feeling in overnight tonight. it's a nice weather out there little hazy. you can see the patchy fog there the distance just past the golden gate bridge. we see more that overnight tonight. temperatures a kind of coming down a bit as we have that stronger sea breeze outside today, so down a good 4 degrees and hayward and oakland, 70 the score today in live morsel all these numbers running below the average but we're about to head the other direction i think as we look
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toward the next few days actually see these temperatures going above average by tomorrow and continuing into thursday and friday out the door right now got 50's and 60's across most of the bay are still hold on to 70 degrees in there you got very low pressure off the coast land last could be a factor as we get into the weekend. but over the next couple of days, we're going to see some breezy conditions, plenty of sunshine. some low clouds and fog in the morning and really some nice temperatures mainly in the 60's and 70's 50's out along the coastline. chance of showers though on sunday. >>i >>thank you for being with us we'll see at 8, 00:10pm, tonight have a nice evening. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce
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vampire facial warning. celebrities do it. >> that hurts so much. >> can it give you hiv or hepatitis? >> and a medical first. the drone delivering a life saving kidney. >> we are ready to receive the organ. >> then, who did it? the epic prank that transformed mit's great dome into captain america's shield. >> plus, moment of crisis. >> this school teacher thinks she is in trouble with the government. >> she is being scammed. >> i have never seen her that upset. >> the


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