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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  May 17, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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in between jobs and in between homes. i had no health insurance. staying on a friend's couch unemployed and facing an unplanned pregnancy was a vulnerable time in my life for many women this decision comes. the heartbreaking struggle. for many women, a different decision is made. but ultimately it is our decision to make california lawmakers vowed to protect a woman's right to choose the state sued the trump administration to block a move that would have stripped significant funding from abortion providers governor gavin newsome also budgeting to double state funds for health services in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>one day after canceling a nearly billion federal grant president trump is mocking california's high-speed rail project while talking with the national association of realtors in washington dc today, the president joked at california's expands and
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described the project as a failure. the trump administration moved to and money for the program after statements by california governor gavin newsom back in february at the time the governor said the state was scaled back the plan to $77 billion high speed rail
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project because of cost hikes delays and management concerns and instead suggested the california would finish a smaller sections. officials at california high school in san ramon will increase police security on campus through the end of the school year and this after students found yet another threatening graffiti was. >>racist remarks yesterday. it was the 4th threatening graffiti found on campus this month. parents and students say they're on edge. >>talked about my boys about and some of their friends and they're stressed out about it, you know could says what in there just a 50 almost like it's inevitable that one day it just going to happen every day on the news is he somewhere it did like you know they have so much to worry about grades. >>teams this is the last thing you need to worry about is there life on campus. >>school administrators say they've identified and disciplined for students for the graffiti that was found last week that was that threatened a school shooting on may 9th. they are now working to find those responsible for other graffiti
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messages. school officials plan to install more security cameras on campus. police will also be doing safety training this summer at california high school to prepare for a possible mass shooting. they're also be extra police at hercules high school that school received an unspecified threat on wednesday. police have not said if the threat is credible or not. >>shocking video from a youth basketball tournament near sacramento, the video shows apparent tripping a young player take a close look the woman sitting courtside sticks out her leg as a player from the competing team runs by her. the game was on mother's day. players, coaches and parents from the cornerstone basketball academy and the lay whoa travel to rockland for the hardwood palace tournament. games organizers asked the woman not to return. all right, let's get a check of the weather around the bay area crazy friday at crazy friday all right lawrence.
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>>friday though we're happy it's friday it's going to be a good weekend going to be a little wet though in spots out over san francisco right now use my clouds begin to move in overhead that a sign of things to come as a cold front and not that far away now and it will be pushing on shore for saturday. so with that in mind here it is you can see this cold front off the coastline. some of those high clouds beginning to spill into our sky still a ways to go here low pressure developing on the backside of the system so i think is going to slow down miles turner or and these a little too fast in that kind of scenario but it's going to a web that's just what we're going to dealing with specially by tomorrow afternoon temperatures going the wrong way cooler than normal in the 50's in the san francisco about 55 in daly city rain we have 8 times in the afternoon, 55 and as you get inside the bay, you'll find plenty of rain drops to in the afternoon, 55 in burlingame about 59 degrees in redwood city and 58 degrees in palo alto the south bay. it's going take a good part of the day for that rain to move into let's just call showers for now developing in the afternoon than rain becoming more steady. late in the day.
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temperatures are going stay cool in the east bay these numbers a near the upper 70's in spots tomorrow, your struggle to get in the 60's in the warmer spots about 50 degrees in danville about 58 in concord 57 in berkeley and in the north they unstable and up certainly there's a possibility of some thunderstorms erupting in the afternoon as the cold front moves through. so we're gonna keep things on settle the wet on and off throughout the weekend, drying up for the better part of monday the monday night into tuesday a chance of more rain. >>thank you lauren sommer in county teenager is not the center of the latest free speech versus hate speech battle, you know one of her a recent youtube videos has led to a police investigation and a protest at her high school. >>well for more in cali shows us what the girl is posting and the controversy her videos are creating. >>also i'm a my muslim brothers and sisters in this video entitled be not afraid the 14 year-old youtuber who goes by soph where's a good job in calls herself a devout follower of mohammed making
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offensive statements of course i 40 year-old husband every so often she also talks about going to san francisco to stone gays after the video went viral. it was pulled by u 2 for violating its policy against hate speech but more of what the marine county high school student calls comedy can still be found on her channel last year the singer got anything i just said the teens foul mouth outspokenness and rants against political correctness has made her a far right media darling garnered heard nearly a million subscribers. some of her comments have also made her the target of at least 2 police investigations, one concern an alleged threat made against the ceo of youtube of the allegation was you know. the subject at a a luger. she knew where to seal it and she she i called and over she out of 10 minutes. the drop of well. it was going to be true. >>the timber on police department determined that the threat was not credible says the 14 year-old does not have
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access to any firearms, central more in police also investigated concerns stemming from her high school. >>and what we determined is that her speech is not a necessarily of a threatening nature to any individual to school. that her speech is protected by the us constitution students at the school say a handful of sosa classmates walked out today protesting her videos. >>does it just disgusts me personally i can't believe she actually said that she's serious. she's being funny that it's not funny and she needs to learn that it's really not fun to around police say so as parents are aware of what their daughter was up to but we're not involved outside of buying her props and cameras. >>needed for her videos. >>but they were concerned about you know the things that she was state and were quite to the office to talk to her yet a review some of the case. before she the stuff out. >>i reached out to so far her social media channels but have so far not gotten a response. loring kelly kron 4 news. coming up.
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. >>visiting dog at her elementary school second grader has been at home from school for the past week while dealing with her stitches as
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karen while reports her family is now taking legal action against the school district. >>it was supposed to be a fun experience for a second grade class that we side elementary volunteer reader an r gel brought in her 2 large dogs, invited students to pet them and i fire. >>it hit me on my face. >>8 year-old li liar rivera's lip was split open down to her 10 the gash on her cheek cut through the muscle her scars are ones her family worries will last a life time she still drinks and eats out of friends. so now legal action attorneys with chain cone styles say the filed a lawsuit against the bakersfield city school district kern county superintendent of schools clearly both organizations failed to supervise the dogs in a safe manner you never >>attorney matthew clark to
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the dogs are believed to be either cows or a key does both breeds are blacklisted from homeowners insurance policies in california due to the reputation for aggression and her. >>the last call on if you own a dog and it bites somebody you are strictly liable period. there's not a question of did you act reasonably or wasn't negligent the law doesn't even consider that. >>clark says the family wants a policy for dogs are banned from classrooms. i just want to see a change that's why we're on you know on here and make sure that this doesn't happen to any other child. >>that was can while reporting the school district released a statement saying that it cannot comment on the pending iestigation but that school officials did seek medical attention for the child immediately after that incident. coming up next. rebuilding after the campfire the deadliest wildfire in california history destroyed thousands of homes 6 months ago. >>one family's quest to reclaim the spot where their home once stood and if you're streaming us on kron on and
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the news continues during the
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>>it has been 6 months now since this devastating of parad killing 85 people destroying thousands of homes and while the devastation is still visible throughout the town families affected by the fire are of course hoping to rebuild and family. >>working to reclaim the spot where their home once stood.
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by shovel the bizarre does did not give up hope after the camp fire destroyed their home. >>there was never a question that we're going to come back and it's just that's has to happen what needs to happen they had only been living in the home for 2 years and that's simply grace own front yard. >>when we first caught up with the bizarre adds a few months ago, we looked back at old photos including this one their neighbor shot of their house the day the fire erupted, we look at the 30 he stay. >>and that's the so that's why some things we have of her house in march the bizarre it's got the very first 3 bill permit in paradise. >>2 months later. >>when i saw where breaking ground i teared up a little bit but it's just it's exciting. it's exciting removing long so this area was the master bedroom. >>it'll be nice to be what's the house's bill to be sleeping back in our own house in this area. over here was we
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had an office. this is where my wife worked out of. my daughter did our homework. >>john horn that coverage construction is the bizarre its contractors people want to move back and we want move back. that's part of the rebuilding, no feeling of paradise. he has about a dozen other housing projects in the works they're just going to keep coming and you know at us you know probably more than we'd like say more than we can probably handle more than anybody is going to be handle here limited resources, you know a lot of people that we work with and left town. >>as of april 30th the town of paradise has received about 60 applications to rebuild so far the town has given out about 12 legal permits. >>we took a drive with jason bizarre around his decimated neighborhood due to how many homes were destroyed. you know what there are going to be pockets of paradise that are going to psogress probably as fast as some people want war. >>as fast some people think it should but it's all going to clean up eventually so i'm not worried about it. it will get
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done when it gets >>and he says paradise is making great strides. >>this is a house that's really taken off. i think they're foundation was ok so they were able to put up there was birds. and that's exactly what we want to see throughout town. like a scene rubble turn into a standing home is an attitude adjuster he says that when you see rebel like this on the side of the road and all these trees that. >>the king got up i think the press people still. but house on bill is just a huge positive step in the right direction and just a little over 6 months into the future the bizarre family hopes that they can call this home sweet home again reporting in paradise law rang. >>cal fire announced this week that electrical lines owned and operated by pg any started that fire. >>this is going to be the scene in san francisco this weekend for the annual bay to
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breakers race is one of the largest foot races in the world with 20,000 people participating in more than 100,000 spectators. runners will take off a pier, 35 starting at 8 o'clock sunday morning that means a number of the streets will be closed out the city, here's a map of the race, the race and that the ocean beach parking lot near jfk drive in lincoln way if you have not yet registered you still can at the health and wellness expo appear 35 you have until 7 o'clock tonight or until 5 o'clock tomorrow. there is an 80% chance of rain on race day though, nonetheless bay to breakers will go on rain or shine. and the contra costa county fair will open tomorrow it started today and it will run through sunday and anti force will tran was at the fairgrounds this morning for the opening. >>it is open for business as you can come down here right now and hop on the rides but everybody who is showing up if they want to see the star attraction you can see the kids the parents here. i mean
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you can go to disneyland and you know rides ray but you can't see livestock so this is the star attraction. let's go through here and they're coming fast and furious because it's a petting zoo, you get to see the pigs the coast, the sheep this year. it's a real far out here look at this. these pigs. there are about 3 months old about 250 pounds and all the kids instead of being on the run guys are getting the food. they're here because they want to see it up close and personal. let's see if we could talk to some of the kids here what do you think about this money. and she likes the animals i do to this evening to talk to some more people. let's go through here and you can see these are some of the future farmers or lease their aspirations in the future. let's see talk to the kids because. well who does like to talk to kids. hi guys. what do you like about this. what do
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you think about the pigs in the goats. well you know has a lot to take in had there this evening to talk to more people you brought your child right so what's that what did you tell your child about the contra costa county fair. we come every year the school. our schools around the campus. what does your child think when they get so when he gets so close to the animals. they didn't want to touch everything. light your hand, i've no no we won't let that happen. okay, let's go through the air and then all options at all they'll have prizes. we'll have a contest as well. it is off fast and furious of course if you want to just throw your diet out the window, they have all kinds of county fair food. look at this. learn something new every day they even shave the sheep twice a year i think goes a lot faster, but twice pu
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service 90's i don't know what you call him that that's pretty cool to see as well come on down here. it is open and they will be open all the way through sunday, rain or shine they hope people show up it closes at 10 o'clock every night they have plenty of performances. nothing beats livestock by the way. thank goodness for no smell edition and taki just when you thought you were done painting...
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outside now chief meteorologist or as karl joins us with 4 fun things to do this weekend this weekend. yeah, i mean it's going to be a little bit wet. k plan on that is going want to bring your umbrella if you're headed out the door but. >>yeah, they're still a lot going on rain or shine in the bay area years want to right here. you want to head to santa rosa. we are looking at a 125th annual rose parade, they're supposed to have 3500 participants lot of beautiful costumes if you are headed their plan on those temperatures in the 60's. cloudy skies, a chance some showers in the morning that picking up as we head toward the middle a day so plan on some raindrops there. how about this in oakland, you go the oakland greek festival all it's going to be a good time out there lot of dancing lot of fun lot of song and old up awful of uh oh that is so delicious. >>hey if you're headed out should be a a nice start to the day but some showers moving in a little bit later on and the showers picking up in the afternoon plan on temperatures in the upper 50's of course the bay to breakers everybody knows about that is
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going to be a wild scene in a great place just a get out there and people watch as you're going to see perfect kind of costume and every kind of person you could possibly imagine clothe and well some on clothes out there even in the cold temperatures it's going to be chilly numbers in the mid-fifties starting at 08:00am how about this one too in campbell they're going to be bogey on the avenue they can have all kinds of great music. 4 different stages with all bands playing all day long you're going rmb you're going to have rock music you have every kind of music you can imagine out there. a lot of food a lot of festivities to enjoy mostly cloudy skies. the rain possibly moving in late in the day. all right we are looking at some changes coming our way of course they had a ton of snow over the past couple of days. and there's more to come that snow is going to be a moving in later on saturday afternoon sunday, winter weather advisory going up again maybe upwards of a foot of snowfall across some of the peak so if you are headed up to to hold warm storm starting out rain to begin with turning some snow over the peaks and then a mix of rain and so right down lake
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level and toll on sunday. still seeing some scattered snow showers out there this evening in well the bay area with dried up pretty nicely but things are going to change the winds are picking up just a bit along the coastline. those winds going to get a little wild. i think as we head into the next couple days is well we're going to see that front move in any app there comes the rain again look at all the color into the afternoon temperatures going to be only in the 50's and the 60's and your next few days planning for the weekend. hey don't let that rain slow you down get out there and enjoy there's lot of fun things to do outside just grab an umbrella go. >>thank you thank you for being with tonight. o'clock.
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>> self-help titan toby robins. a shocking secret recording. >> what role did you play? has he loved you? >> where is camille? more from our bill cosby prison world exclusive. two inmates that served time with him. >> have either one of you seen his wife visit? and womb raiders. >> pregnant moms, their babies stolen from the womb. it just happened to her. >> the caller gave birth ten minutes ago. 46 years of age. the baby isn't breathing. >> plus, why are so many people going bonkers over crab legs. >> crab leg chaos at the


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