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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  August 1, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>it didn't take long for senator kamala harris and all of the democratic rivals on stage to pounce on former vice president joe biden mister vice president you want to present united states. you need to be able to answer the tough questions mister vice president are argument with is not with me is with science. >>and unfortunately your plan is just too late. if you want to compare records and frankly, i'm shocked that you do i have. >>vice president you didn't answer my question. but biden came swinging too. >>to say his plan doesn't make sense. you can't the president trump. >>we don't talk to former vice president slamming harris's health care plan bringing back one of his old catch phrases so this idea is a bunch of malarkey what we're talking about here. harris hitting back your plan by contrast leaves out almost 10 million americans. so i think that you should really think about what
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you're saying after senator cory booker brought up biden's support of the controversial crime bill in the 90's biden lashing out. >>the bill he talks about is a bili that in my art ministrations we passed we passed that bill that you had that's the bill back to pass and the fact of the matter is secondly, but there was nothing done for the entire 8 years he air. there's nothing done to deal with the police department that was trump vice president there is a saying in my community, your defended the coup lay didn't you don't even know the flavor. >>and the reforms that we put in place this isn't about the pastor. this is about the president right now former housing secretary julian castro also sparring with biden on decriminalizing border crossings if you cross t the past and one of us hasn't. let mbeng. >>biden wasn't the only one
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taking jobs from the n tulsi gathered slam senator harris has record as a prosecutor she put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations in the last about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana and she fought. system in place that impact for people in the worst kind of way i did the work of significantly reforming the criminal justice system of the state of 40 million people. >>which became a national model for the work that needs to be done and i am proud of that work and i am proud of making a decision to not just get fancy speeches or be in a legislative body and give speeches on the floor but actually doing the work. >>some 2020 hopefuls wvre tired of talking about the past this is the 4th debate that we have had and that was second time that we've been debating what people did 50 years ago with busing. >>when our schools are as segregated today as they work 50 years ago.
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>>political outsider andrew young implored his rivals to stop attacking each other. and instead take aim at president trump. >>we're up here with makeup on our faces and arwa hearst attack lines playing roles in this reality tv show. it's one reason why we elected a reality tv star as our president. is on solving the real challenges of today. the senate voted today to pass a two-year budget deal worth one 0.3 trillion in year one that package helps a looming threat of default on us debt. >>and prevents military funding cuts by suspending the debt limit through july of 2021. republicans worry the billion it allocates to non-defense spending for fiscal year 2020 is too high. and could hurt election campaigns based on spending cuts the budget puts money in the hands of congress for the
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next 2 years, but it's still members who have to determine how to allocate those funds. i i get a check of the weather around the bay area as we show you our studio again. >>you know pam figured that the 4 zone forecast but also flores is keeping a close eye on those 2 big storms in the pacific yet not as powerful they were 24 hours ago still these are significant storms and if you're headed out to hawaii certainly going to want to watch this. we've got flossie out there we've also got eric. >>eric briefly, a category 4 hurricane watch what happens last 24 hours, eric begins to weaken some of getting very close now you see that near the big island there and why and flossing not that far behind sustained winds of 80 miles per hour making it a category one that is now just south and to the east of the hawaiian island chain was on the west northwest are moving west northwest at 14 miles per hours the track likely going to keep it just to the south of the big island are still going to feel the impact in fact they could easily see
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some flash flooding specially on the big island. some big time waves moving along the coastline, but the brunt of that system looks like it will stay south of hawaii continue to weaken. now the same time flossie approaches the coastline looks like it'll also weakened a look at the trajectory here. you can see this could be a real issue as we get the beginning of this next week's loss to getting close maybe losing hurricane strength, but still potentially a lot of flooding with that storm system approaching a the big island, the rest of why the beginning of this next week. you see on the doppler radar right now we're just beginning to pick up some of the rain showing up along the coastline will see more of that as we head toward tomorrow as that storm system passes a little bit further to the south a flash flood watches have been issued for the entire island of the big island is we're going to see that heavy rainfall moving him not only that some very strong winds of at least tropical storm force winds on the part of that island as the storms has system passing to the south. we're still seeing some patchy fog moving on shore right now so that getting a little thick in spots like a little drizzle out there today
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and the temperatures cooling way down number yesterday with some 90's in livermore concord long gone much cooler today, 77 live morse 81 in concord 64 degrees in san francisco. much warmer weather though is on the way guys back to you. thank you lawrence. >>and a navy fighter jet went down wednesday in california's death valley and rescue crews are still trying to find out what happened to the pilot. the f a 18 e super hornet crash near naval air weapons station china lake. the spokesperson for the joint strike fighter wing says that the cause of the crashes still under investigation. the inyo county sheriff's office help contain the scene until the military rescue crews could arrive. the naval station is about 125 miles north of los angeles, 7 tourists from france were on the ground they suffered minor injuries after getting hit with shrapnel from the crash. >>we >>in front of about a and the
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plane scratch around the 50 minute rows in front of us. >>the crash happened near an area known as star wars kenyan people there and joy watching the military clients make their way through the narrow canyon in the new verse which evoked imagery from the star wars films. >>troubling trend among seniors involving alcohol. news of americans were affected by the capital one breach this week coming up a look at what you can do to protect yourself. ♪ ♪
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week, millions of capital one customers were alerted to the news that their private information may have been exposed. >>because of another data breach its what explains what you should do to protect yourself in today's consumer watch. >>safely securing your data online. it's a problem that's getting worse. according to the federal trade commission. the latest data breach targeted around 100 million capital one customers in the us and 6 million in canada. a 33 year-old female hacker from seattle is now in custody. the company says it's unlikely the information was used for fraud. they also say that no credit card numbers or log-in were compromised. but if you're a capital one customer concerned that you may have been affected. here's what you should do. first check your e-mail the company notified its customers of the data
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breach they won for free credit monitoring services to those who are affected. check your accounts look at your statements for suspicious activity. if you find something odd you should freeze your card if they've been impacted by the data breach. >>if they had their information stolen and they lost dollars in some way official in my office know that helps us look at whatever potential next steps are most appropriate trial state. >>and if you find suspicious activity you can also freeze your credit. this ensures that no one will try to take a loan in your name. it also means that no one can access your credit report. so if you apply for a loan you'll have to unfreeze your credit and once you get credit monitoring you should turn the notifications so that all activity under your i d will be sent to an sen peril, abusing alcohol. a new study by and why use school of medicine and the center for drug use and hiv hcv research
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found that one in 10 older adults report binge drinking. researchers say because the population is prone to other age related issues binge drinking is particularly dangerous. things such as an increased risk of falling or alcohol interacting with medication are possible side effects binge drinking is defined as 5 drinks or more on the same occasion for men and 4 drinks or more for women. coming up saving lives is hard work we take you on a flying tales mission to save some dogs from being put down. i find them from the central valley to the bay area. the story straight ahead. >>and if you are streaming us on kron on the news continues during the commercial break go
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>>a troubling new report by zillow is predicting billions of dollars in real estate could be lost due to rising sea level we talked with an economist about the report who told us this affects the bay area and beyond. >>obviously we've got issues on both coasts here what can you tell us about california. >>yes so in a report we did focus on the nation and we focused on here areas where sea-level rise would give rise to greater risk in flood zones and so in the bay area for example, we notice that by 2050 which probably is in within the course of a mortgage if you buy a home in the next year or so. over 33,000 homes. lynn be at risk of a major flooding. by 2050.
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so that is equivalent to nearly $50 billion of damage. and so you know clearly visit is a growing concern and especially here the area. i'm sure you know if we've talked about this before where even areas that have been built up with the land to we've talked about just how old that that isn't in the fact that it just doesn't last for forever and you know nothing dies. >>and there are other risks that are prone to flooding as well yet you're right we continue to build on these areas you know i wonder is it are people hearing it are obviously hearing it because we've talked about so much. but they're not caring much about it because. well you can get insurance and insurers is just going to cover it what do you think. >>i think extremely valid points. i think we do you know there are a lot of risks to buying homes that are out of our control so obviously we've seen a greater of things like wildfires, you know obviously you're in that area. there's
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always that risk of an earthquake happening. but i think it is always in the back of people's minds, they don't realize as that does it is really concern that is growing over time and i think this is what we re to try to bring to light through this project in you can see that map you can interact with a map and say well this islactually something i should think about as i looked for a place to lives and hopefully you know people that are building homes are more cognizant of of the reality. the situation now with you know this greater incidence of climate really related incident, a incidences. hey cheryl looking at the map right now what is the green versus the blue mean. both areas are under the flood zone, the blue areas are where you would see damage to properties and land. the green areas are ones that are a little bit more protected so there may be a levee exposed fl they tend to be a little bit more protected so the blue
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areas are we should be more concerned. but first try of the story on kron on. >>on for more exclusive content and 24 7 live local news. download the kron on app or visit kron on dot tv to start watching now. >>well you may want to potatoes served with bacon but the tsa is skeptical about kevin bacon's potato, the actor shared a photograph of a sweet potato that the officers flat and in his carry on bags to in a recent trip. he told the tonight show's jimmy fallon that he just grabbed this but without thinking so he could enjoy it after his 5 hour flight. well according to the tsa is perfectly fine to pack fruits and vegetables in your luggage, but officers still have the authority to inspect anything that appears suspicious. there's been a surge in pet adoptions it animal shelters in recent years as good news for those pets. >>with the bay area at the forefront. but other sections of california are lagging far behind in the central valley. there's a greater chance of an animal being put down that being saved at a shelter in this episode of flying tales.
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>>we take a ride with the san francisco spca on a mission to rescue some dogs from >>if you're looking for a rescue dog. you'll find them in fresno that's where we're headed with grace ready from the san francisco spca. >>they don't have access to veterinary care they may not have access to those education programs. so we know that the next step is actually to reach those people in those areas. >>while almost every animal available for adoption at the san francisco spca will find a home animals in fresco have a far greater chance of being euthanized and released in fact as recently as 2012, 7 out of every 10 dogs and 8 out of every 10 cats were put down the highest kill rate of any county in california. it's low income. >>and if you're choosing between putting food on the table for your family or for your pet. often it's the pet
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to go. >>we landed downtown fresno chandler airports just a few minutes away from the fresno humane animal services shelter waiting for us in an air conditions fan are 15 dogs ready for a life saving right. it's in the high 90's and it's not even noon yet as we get to work loading them into the plane as fast as possible. >>in short order we're at a higher and much cooler altitude and heading back to the bay area. the san francisco spca has joined with silicon valley and are in shelters to help shelters in fresno to larry and kings county. >>by taking on some of the dogs and cats that otherwise would be put down. >>it's transfer. your ship that its animals from. where there's too many to an area where there's definite we homes waiting for. >>we're all learning from one another we thought we be teaching we're learning too. only able to fit 9 of the dogs in my plane, including these 2 beagles some of the dogs had microchips but their owners couldn't be found within 3 or 4 days these dogs will get
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checkups be neutered or spayed and be ready for adoption. fewer dogs and cats are being euthanized and more are being adopted an education on how to stem the tide of unwanted pets is spreading. >>saving lives. it is a city. every single day you get out and you make the decision to save the lives and if you stop. >>sometimes the only thanks these workers get this from the faces of the animals, a safe. >>those faces are of a genetic you know alteration that companion animals have learned to use for their survival by giving us those faces we >>a look at those you know, i know right so there are 15 could only kerry ady to come night and the plane so the other 6 they drove up here the next morning early in the morning and took him to her and san francisco teand rs and
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people dropped him off when they are driving to san francisco this topic crissy field and saw the dogs playing out there they just felt so happy knowing that those dogs from the central valley soon will be in an environment here was they're going to be saved how how are the numbers changing in the fresno is whether it can harm. >>teaming up with san francisco spca and others to kind of get this pipeline going where they're they're be able to save more animals so 7 of 10 dogs that were put down. >>now they've got it down to about half of the dogs. so they still have work to do in the cats about a 3rd of the cats are still being put down so there they're making progress it's slow. but a good time getting some help from flying tales all right. >>coming up the giants and the a. action this afternoon jason and kate will set you up for bay area sports night with some baseball has
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>>31 games slump in which he had to be 31 at-bats of only have one hit so run to win the game today. a huge one but he's always of will do for this team on defense a big reason why they've. >>right now we're going to go more into that game as well as the giants game and all your other bay area sports right here on bay area sports night but for now back to you guys. all right, thank you very much, we'll see then her. let's take a live. >>look outside as we wrap up on this thursday and still looks really lovely out there. lawrence yeah, the fog started move in just a little bit but otherwise we're looking good looking or timber on evening there you see the fog move over the river headlines now the fog is thick enough, they're seeing some drizzle continuing along the coastline. so tomorrow morning. we're waking up some patchy drizzle early on 50's and 60's start out your friday, but it sold going to get better from there. high pressure starts to build in tomorrow, the temratures ound the oon getting near 80 bay and well as temperatures stay cool up toward the coastline
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but getting hot in sum the valley some low 90's by tomorrow afternoon. and then guess what we get ready for the weekend tomorrow should be a nice win though transitional day as the temperatures going to start to warm up. the boy saturday is looking good temperatures warm up in the 70's and 80's inside the bay, sunny and bright still some mid-nineties that get little toasty inland but cooling down slightly into sunday and i think more cooling as we head into next week. all of you for being with us we'll see a coming up tonight at 8 o'clock and get
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heroes to the rescue. >> come on, people. come on, hurry! >> strangers banding together to save a passenger inside a smoldering suv. >> it got me. we didn't know if they were alive or not. and baby can't wait exclusive. >> he's okay. >> the bachelor paradise star who gave birth in her plaza. hostages caught back, turning the a convenience store killer. plus, biden back lash. >> go easy on me, kid. >> a lot


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