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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 5, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>>anger and sadness after 29 people were killed in 2 separate mass shootings over the weekend one in dayton, ohio. the other in el paso texas. thank you for joining us, i'm james fletcher and i'm darya folsom and we have much more on both of the shootings with 29 people. >>being killed this week in in those shootings in texas and ohio team coverage of what happened and remembering the victims this morning. we're also starting to learn more about the gunman in those 2 attacks more on this we want to go to our live reporter on the scene karen caifa joining us right now. >>in dayton ohio with the very latest on where the investigation stand in both of these shootings again both. >>within a span of 24 hours. >>yesterday afternoon police here said they were sorting through so much information that it would be premature to speculate on any kind of motive but while they go about that work. is morning there are scrawled in chalk on the thousa
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gathered in the oregon district of dayton ohio sunday to pray and remember the people who were killed during a mass shooting in the early hours of sunday morning. >>ending the lives of people like 25 year-old thomas mcnichols. >>he was a gentle giant. loved his kids. >>officials say the gunman started shooting around 01:00am near the net peppers bar. >>hey we have an active shooter on the street. >>everybody's just screaming. >>surveillance video shows police who are on patrol nearby responded to the scene in under a minute. police say the suspect was able to fire dozens of shots killing 9 and injuring 27 others before he was killed by police the officers immediately advapced. >>toward the gunfire within approximately 20 seconds being engaged the suspect it was actively firing attempting to enter a crowded liquor establishment. threat was neutralized at approximately 30 seconds. the suspect firing his first shot officials say
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that quick response saved lives. and dozens, more more people. >>and today we are learning more about 9 victims here sinclair community college here in dayton said 2 of the victims lowest ovals be 27 years old and logan turner 30 years old, the bulls former students at the school another victim, 25 year-old nicholas cooper had just finished up an internship here at the maple tree cancer alliance. he was due to receive. live and 8 this morning. i'm karin caifa now back to you. then there are the 20 people. >>who were killed and many more wounded at this walmart at a mall in el paso texas, the 21 year-old shooter is supposed to be facing state capital murder charges for that he could face hate crime in federal firearm charges as well among those killed at the walmart a couple who died shielding their 2 month-old son. from the crime scene with his
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mother on top of them and we got word. not andre head jumped in front of his. his wife to protect his wife and son. throughout the whole circumstance. >>so the little baby lived in the parents were killed 7 mexican nationals were among those who were gunned down. mexican authorities are looking into possibly requesting extradition of the gunman because of that the details about this shooting apparently he drove 10 hours specifically to this community because there is a high number of immigrants who live in el paso. coming up in the 5.30 half hour we're going to go live to el paso and hear more about those who were killed in this tragedy and then at 7 o'clock. we expect president trump to address the nation about the mass shootings. >>so more to come on that front in the meantime let's get you caught up on weather traffic and we'll get back to the headlines. so john what are looking at weather wise. well guys are as weather goes.
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we are off to a cool and cloudy start this morning looking outside at the golden gate bridge. >>just one of our spots that are also dealing with a little bit of fog to kick off this morning visibility, falling below a mile and half moon bay in nevado and your going to be seeing fog stretching through much of the next few hours by 1145 before noon today you do have plenty more sunshine returning. 2 are in the inland areas across the bay but even as that sunshine returns are going to notice some cloud cover hanging out into the afternoon because this fog departs we're still going to hold on to these clouds, not just today but tomorrow and wednesday as well a cloudier and cooler start to the week than what we saw over the weekend. your daytime highs falling out of the 90's on average in london back into the 80's today. i have more on your forecast still to come. robin. >>thank you john we're taking a peek at the bay bridge traffic and we have some crowding often on in the cash lanes and the fast track lanes so it's getting busy out there, but it's not bad, it's still a very decent commute into san francisco. this is
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just a sign that your morning commute is picking up so we're at 12 minutes and growing. that's to make it from the bottom of the mace to fremont street that's a great average. i do have word of an overturned, but it's off the road on the shoulder east bound 5.80 ha yard. some other folks have pulled over to assist. there's a lot going on it's on the shoulder right now, but we do have crews heading out to the scene saw the monitoring the sensors so far it's not causing above much of a delay one oh one looks good san jose to menlo park at 27 minutes, we'll check more coming up darya james. >>so 5 the city of gilroy is still mourning the lives lost at the mass shooting there of the garlic festival we have one week ago the mass shootings from over that weekend as a reminder of the tragedy that happened of course here in the bay area's we've got. >>a number of these events now stacking up on each other kron four's will tran joining us live with the very latest again from gilroy well. >>jane story on their front of a coffee shop us i've got a chance to interview a couple of people this morning and
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they they're still reeling from what happened exactly one week ago at the gilroy garlic festival and then over the weekend they heard about the 2 mass shootings and they went from just numb to disgusted to out raise there's sentiment. this morning is we didn't not want another community to feel what we're feeling and unfortunately. 2 other communities have strong attached to their names. dayton strong and then and now el paso strong. let me show you video from over the weekend as far as the scene the fbi and local law enforcement agencies are still at the gilroy garlic festival they're still processing. the scene looking for evidence so it's still shut down over the weekend as they try to find out a motive behind this massacre that took place exactly one week ago and a few hours as exactly 5.41 on sunday evening just about 90 minutes before the festival was going to close for the
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year. a gunman burst onto the scene by passing the metal detectors cut through a fence and shot at people killing 3 people. 2 of them kids and injuring 16 others at this point they simply don't have a definitive motive behind the massacre. we will talk to people from gilroy and i can tell you they are just numb from what happened because let's face it they haven't even develop this gab yet that had vigils all week they have been in developed a scab yet over what happened and to hear what happened in the other 2 communities. the word heartbroken james darya. thank you very much well, 5 oh 7 right. >>now police in the east bay are looking for help to solve a pair of home invasions that happened within hours of each other. both of these break ins happened in albany and involved a person sneaking in through an unlocked door or open window. a man with a flashlight snuck into a house in the 500 block of cain's avenue about 11 30 friday night. and what the man didn't
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know is that somebody was in the home sleeping and when that person woke up the burglar ran off. officers responded then as well to another home, this well is on tap street. and the person living there was also in the home when the home invader came in. and neighbors say this is unusual for that community. >>by hearing about is just kind of like surprises me especially in albany, you know because it was just it's just so quite the there's nothing happening. this point you know. when you hear something like this everybody just kind of freaks out and you know like people like oh my god, what's next is going to come let you know. >>well the good news is that nobody was hurt they don't even know if anything was taken and either case 5 oh 08:00am right now marsh creek road remains closed in contra costa county crews are putting out. the marsh complex fire there which is burning just north of mount diablo in clayton. it's between morgan territory, roe deer valley road. that they are closing so the crews can mop up from that
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fire. only residents who live along marsh creek road are allowed to use the roadway that fire burned about 655 acres. it is 85% contained right now. there was a shelter in place for the residents that area but that has since been lifted. >>2 people were displaced after fire destroyed their home overnight in flail and this is video from the fire department showing the scene it broke out around 11 o'clock last night on survivor severus drive just west of highway 29. >>it took firefighters about 30 minutes to put it out nobody was hurt. >>the family of finnegan elder one of the bay area teens accused of murder in italy is now fighting to bring their son home. last week the 19 year-old father had their attorney visited elder in prison. elder in his 18 year-old friend gabriel natale your says were arrested last month after police say they killed. police officer mario regev during an undercover drug deal. one of the teens can be seen carrying a backpack that was allegedly stolen during the encounter
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the time police say both teams confessed to taking part in the assault but elders father says there's more to the story. the truth. >>will set you free. we look forward to the truth coming out. and to our sun coming out. >>well, neither elder nor your son has been indicted italian authorities can hold suspects for up to a year before charges are actually filed. >>5 10 on the peninsula. a man is in jail after a standoff that lasted more than 24 hours in palo alto police arrested 29 year-old adam alan smith after they got him out of a home where he was held up with a gun. officers responded to the 300 block of tennessee lane near robles park on friday because of the report of a domestic incident. a woman was being held in that home and was unable to get out and and the after a 29 hour standoff, the police arrested smith. now he faces domestic violence and felony charges happening today, the 19th street bart station in oakland
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is only going to be accepting clipper cards. >>bart is phasing out paper tickets at certain stations. so you get ahead. a clipper card reusable reloadable plastic clipper card in 2 weeks the embarcadero station we'll go clipper only if you still have a paper ticket you can still eat a use it to enter and exit the stations for as long as there is money on that paper. >>still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news governor newsome is calling on federal lawmakers to take action on gun control after the dendly shooting in gilroy. and smashing again smash-and-grab robbery in the plus after the break, the trade war with china is heating up how it could end up costing you money. this morning shows your temperatures in the 50's and 60's which is a familiar territory for your morning hours. >>i'm talking where we're head next into the afternoon still have your forecast and we
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take it i love it i think looking good too let's look outside this morning and you can conditions definitely on the fog year side of things right now foggy conditions stretching all the way into the east bay visibility quite low for a lot of us so do slow down a bit as you are getting onto roadways. this morning, skies are dry despite that thick fog that is skewed on inland during your overnight hours and once we get rid of the fog this morning you're still going look at some cloudy skies overhead. this is the remnants of a tropical system that is actually making its way around right up into california and in the process of doing so is helping to cool off temperatures but is also going to be resulting in this cloudy or start to the week that is ahead of us so 60's and 70's can be expected yet again today for areas like san francisco and other areas right along the coastline, not a whole lot different from where we were this weekend. it's our inland spots that are actually going to be looking at a cool down compared to where we were this weekend. high temperatures fall into the 80's for our a south bay
5:16 am
area, some of which were in the 90's over the weekend and same for those of you in our inland, the east bay with 70's 80's now for your daytime highs that least for most spots in the bay area. concord won the creek and danville still pretty warm just shy of the 90 degree mark but officially falling into the upper 80's. oakland berkeley and richmond. each in the low 70's while pittsburgh in vacaville are 2 spots holding on to the 90's not for long though temperatures are expected to continually fall as we make our way on into tomorrow as temperatures fall in average into the mid-eighties skies will remain mostly cloudy today tomorrow on into wednesday before out thursday and friday skies clear out and temperatures remain in the low 80's for this trend. temperatures will begin to rise after this taking us back to the low 90's eventually by the start of next week on sunday. robert thank you john that morning commute really starting up we have some heavier traffic now.
5:17 am
>>rolling into san francisco check out the cast lanes and the fast track lanes there's definitely a weight we consider this a pretty minor but things are changing quickly here so be prepared for a lot of stopping the traffic at least from the 80 over crossing right through the tolls heading up the incline but after that you get a break and then it's a good drive in a 12 minutes off to fremont street, here's 92 that trip across the 70 oh bridge of we see the brake light streaming west and it's going to get busier and busier the longer you wait to get out there early if you can 12 minutes off to one oh one and it is checking in hot spot free now here we have traffic tracker and some drive times are looking good right highway 4 at the limit any on to concord 6.80 wide open put a call to danville no problems for the nimitz no problems or one oh one easy at just under 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park will check more drive times and freeways coming up back to you thanks a lot rob insight. >>teen in the east bay man is accused of a spray painting racial slurs and shattering windows in his neighborhood.
5:18 am
investigators are not calling it a hate crime crump was believed to call has more. >>63 year-old alvin brown was arrested friday morning in bay point by the contra costa county office of the sheriff, he was booked at the martinez jail on 3 felony counts of vandalism he is accused of throwing rocks through his neighbors, homes and windows and spray painting graffiti on their cars and other property in total 3 homes and cars were vandalized all of the victims are african americans the graffiti included racial slurs. >>we had million reaction to him for him to do this to us. he knows exactly who's in the house, he injure anybody could injure our children in the household the vandalism was reported early wednesday morning on el rincon road in bay point. >>initially neighbors thought they were the victims of a hate crime but the sheriff's office says that's not the case a motive is unclear but neighbors confirm brown lives here with his girlfriend and investigators believe that relationship may have played a
5:19 am
role in the crimes because mr. brown has a personal relationship with one of the victims. >>and we are investigating some conspiracy. components to that case that is giving us the confidence that this is not a hate crime. the conspiracy being a similar incident reported on the same street back in 2015 where rocks were thrown through 3 home windows. >>brown wasmany addison is amon the recent ood friend, >>i don't know i don't ail is set at $80,000 felipe shut all kron 4 news. >>california beach is going to remain closed after a bluff collapse. killing 3 people and happened friday at grandview surf beach in san diego, 5 people were trapped under the pen pile of dirt and rubble. one person died at the scene and then 2 other people died at hospital. the beach is closed because more of that
5:20 am
cliff could give way this. >>stretch of coastline and pretty much all the and in san diego counties naturally. that's why we're very excessive warning folks in those designs. >>engineer has been brought in to inspect the area to make sure that it doesn't fall on anybody else. in national news the chinese government is ing o strike after president trump announced the us was going to hit china with another billion in tariffs. this move will essentially tax all chinese exports to the united states. experts say with fewer american goods left to tax china's remaining targets are going to be tech favorites like iphones cameras and tv's and that's one of the biggest dangers. >>we know that us companies and the us economy rely heavily on technology. >>the next round of tariffs are supposed to begin
5:21 am
september 1st trade talks are starting next month in washington. >>round at a water park in florida over the weekend that happened at the date that dayton lagoon lifeguard spotted child floating in the park's way pool saturday afternoon. lifeguards as well as a guest who happen to be a doctor tried their best to save the child. he was taken to the hospital was. but was later pronounced dead. >>our hearts go out to the family in child. employees really do care. its eruption. call it. >>the water park will conduct a thorough review of exactly what happened. time now is 5.21 coming up on the kron 4 morning news we're going to morning news we're going to take you to the memorial
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>>welcome back 5.24 this is your look outside this morning at sfo skies definitely on the cloudier side out there and that's the way they're going to stay through the day, we'll say goodbye to the fog don't worry too much about that that's a temporary thing. but we will remain mostly cloudy in the afternoon. now as of right now we don't have any delays out there going to be keeping a close eye on this through the day. delays are possible on such a foggy morning us this is now good news for the hawaiian islands to our west flossie has significantly weakened over the weekend. it is just brushing the islands on the northern side of the island chain now it will make its way especially close come tonight,
5:25 am
high surf enhanced rainfall and gusty winds are your possible impacts here. the flash flooding in a few landslides may occur, especially on those heavy rain in northern slopes of these islands but for the most part. the storm is weakening and expecting a minimal impact out to our west. robin. >>thank you john all of a sudden i have 3 major hot spots and they all happened just within minutes of each other all back to back all overturn accident. i'll take you out to the san leandro castro valley border, we're just got word that all lanes are closed. this is eastbound 5 80 at 2.38. excuse me this crash involves a semi truck that has flipped over and it is blocking all lanes here right at that split so as you leavway into castro valley that's going to be a major issue to the oakland side i'm getting word of another overturn accident. this one is east of 5.80 after seminary car flipped over on its side near the in bank that several lanes blocked here as
5:26 am
well and then problems in the south bay, the oakland road on ramp to northbound want to one a car just flipped over getting on to the freeway there so that ramp this block an emergency crews are rolling out so 3 major issues all hot spots, i'll keep my eyes on it have another check coming up in a bit james. >>very much robin for your health this morning, a popular brand of soft bake cookies is now being recalled because of a choking hazard. bimbo bakeries is recalling the mini chocolate chip cookies from an amends little bites. the company says that there could be plastic pieces inside that packaging. these pieces are not baked into the cookies but they're in the packaging and that could pose a risk. the products are being removed from store shelves. you can return the cookies if you have them for a full refund. >>5.26 and still ahead we're following the latest on the 2 deadly mass shootings 2 more shootings that happened over the weekend 29 people are dead scores are in the hospital.
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[cheering sounds] ♪ bring back the tigers. across the country, schools are having to cut sports. i'm tony the tiger and i'm on a mission to fix that. buy a box and help all kids be tigers. >>top story which are the mass shootings that over 13 hours this weekend. claimed 30 actually 29 lives are lost over i n both of those one was in dayton, ohio, the other in el paso texas. that when the deadlier of the 2 when a gunman opened fire on back to school shoppers in a walmart killing 20 and injuring more than a dozen others steffi lee is live this morning.
5:30 am
>>at the walmart shooting in el paso with the very latest. and good morning from el paso you can see behind me this memorial has grown significantly outside this walmart where the shooting happened people have been stopping by to pay their respects. often on this morning be the kindest they'll pass a strong that is the theme within this community and this memorial is one of several ways people have shown their support to the community as law enforcement continue investigate the crime scene and try to piece together what exactly happened in this deadly attack. now over the weekend to be held 2 vigils on sunday evening, one of the las americas immigrant advocacy center in an interfaith vigil at a local park not far from this walmart el paso wins with candles over there and stood together also highlighting and continuously pressing backe again on the team about being el paso strong one local nurse we spoke to says she witnessed that type of strength among
5:31 am
her hospital staff working families over the weekend. we'll the blood donations have played an important role to help the people who were injured in this shooting law enforcement agencies are also asking people to set up appointments to make donations and we are expected to get an update at some point later today from el paso police as well as the fbi. bring those updates to you once we get more information no to 40 on for news. >>thank you very much stephanie. another big story that we're following this morning at 9 people were killed when a gunman opened fire in dayton, ohio. it was a vigil last night in the district where those were killed. it was a nightlife area. the gunman just opened
5:32 am
fire outside of a bar. there's surveillance video and it shows that uh there were people on the being gunned down by the cops got there within 30 seconds because they were nearby. still the gunman was able to kill 9 and injure many more as he got dozens of shots off before the police got there. >>the officers immediately advanced toward the gunfire within approximately 20 seconds being to suspect it was actively firing attempting to enter a crowded liquor establishment. threat was neutralized at approximately 30 seconds. the suspect firing his first shot. >>roadblocks as you can see are still up in front of the home where the shooter lived in ohio and included in those that he killed his own sister megan was shot and killed. coming up at the 7 o'clock hour. we're expecting the president to address the nation about these mass shootings and will carry that address live right here on
5:33 am
kron 4 will also have it streaming. if you have our kron on app that's a great way to get the news on the go so stay tuned for that. >>our time now is 5.33. let's get a check of weather and traffic and we need to begin in the traffic center with rob and i guess we have a hot spot this morning robin yes, we have 3 hot spots all are overturned crashes and they just happened back to back. >>right at castor valley, san leandro split major accident here involving a semi truck that flipped over on its side. this is eastbound 5.80 right after 2.38 split crews are still responding to the scene this is pretty fresh and at last check all lanes are blocked so your backup spilling on to to 38 and it's almost backed up to the nimitz freeway. so that's something you want to keep in mind and consider getting on the freeway if you want to take 5.80 get on after to 38 if you can on the oakland side have a major trouble spot. this is also an overturn accident. now this is eastbound 5.80 this happened right around
5:34 am
seminary. it also involves 2 cars and a truck one of those vehicles house flipped over i believe it's an rv with a camper that may be across all lanes of traffic but it's unclear if that's the vehicle that flipped over or something else flipped over but all lanes are blocked so we have a big mess here in oakland east 5.80 after seminary and chp just issued a special traffic alert for that one too and then i'll take you down to the south bay where the oakland road on ramp to northbound one on one which is the commute direction there in san jose. another overturn a car just flipped over. it's blocking the rap so far not the freeway just the rap. the traffic is stacking up from the 2 8680 split, so a 3rd major problem of your morning commute all stay on top of all 3. and i'll give you an update coming up another update coming up in just a bit john scott. >>robin the last thing we need on a monday morning is a slowdown on the roads at least weather is cooperating this morning we do have some fog out there which is causing you some visibility issues a
5:35 am
little closer to the coast but from the lick observatory things are looking nice up there, there's your first dose of sunshine across the bay as of right now now as for oakland and nevado and half moon bay. we do have some issues as far as visibility goes due to that fog so watch out for these spots napa and santa rosa will be seeing also some lower visibility at times this morning. so give yourself that extra time to get to work maybe seeing a slowdown in traffic not just because of other people on the roads but also because of that fog this morning, even as we move into the afternoon and fog does eventually clear out we're still going to be holding on to partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies now thanks to all these clouds temperatures are going to start the process of cooling down for the week ahead of us. that means daytime highs today back into the 60's 70's and 80's saying goodbye to most of our we saw over the weekend and even cooler weather just around the corner which i'll talk more about still to count. james. much john time now 5.36. the city of gilroy is in mourning
5:36 am
for last week's deadly shooting at the garlic festival christmas hill park as we know still. >>being treated as a crime scene it is still closed off to the public. investigators are continuing to sift through about 50 acres of land searching for evidence 3 people were killed in that shooting more than a dozen others were injured. the city is sharing the pain with texas and ohio as they still try and work through their own pain themselves. >>they're frightened and afraid certainly i'm upset about what happened in particular those that were. that family members that perished in that event so we're very now from unfortunate we're very familiar with what they're going through a really really deep tragedy in a very very deep sadness, but. >>and it's and it's incredible struggle for everybody, but it's also giving us an opportunity to be thankful. >>the festival grounds will remain a crime scene for at least the next few days. a fundraiser by the way was held for the youngest victim killed in the shooting at the gilro, d people showed up to a car wash saturday in sunnyvale for 6 year-old stephen romero.
5:37 am
romero is mother and grandmother were also shot at that festival, but they are expected to survive. many drivers waited patiently for the opportunity to support the children's family for the child's family during this event first responders also work with friends of the family to organize that car wash. >>i have a 7 year-old boy 10 month-old daughter so could have been it just really hits home when it's when it's somebody that age i just honestly doesn't deserve that. i just felt like we had we had to do enough. >>friends and family have already raised more than $67,000 online for the rim arrows. >>in the wake of the garlic festival shooting governor newsom is calling on the federal government to take action since the shooter managed to bypass california's gun laws purchasing that assault weapon in nevada. and bringing it back into our state federal data shows in recent years, more than half of the guns recovered from crime scenes in california came from another state, so
5:38 am
now the governor says it is up to the federal government to take control. >>any the national background check system we need to close the gun show loopholes we needed just the of certainty that you can't even rent a car at 19 little drink. but you can buy a weapon of war and gunned down 1215 people. it's absurd. i mean that's extremism and the current the debate in this country. >>nevada is the second biggest supplier of guns recovered at crime scenes in california. the number one is arizona. 4 morning news, a smash-and-grab robbery in the east bay, it's caught on camera and we're going to
5:39 am
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, several major problems to talk about and still have a big backup heading out of san leandro to castro valley. thanks to this new overturned crash east bound 5.80 right at the to 38 split. we know that a vehicle spun out flipped over and at last check cruz said it was blocking all lanes so you're back up spills on to to 38. and it is backed up the on east 14th. our second major problem and overturned crash in oakland. this is eastbound side 80 after seminary, we have crews on scene with this one as well chp just issued a traffic alert and this one involves a couple of vehicles and a truck with a trailer, maybe like an rv with the
5:42 am
camper that vehicle, the one with the camper, it's blocking all lanes of traffic so you are not getting through on east bound 5 80 at seminary and then we have one for san jose, but this is at the oakland road on-ramp at the bottom of the rap to north one o one it's an overturned crash as well and one oh one is getting heavy from 6.80 so keep your eyes open for these can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save up to $600 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus no interest until january 2022 on all smart beds.
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5:45 am
with temperatures as promised got us into the 90's for a lot of folks, yeah warm weekend yet again seconds in a row. >>over the weekend just kicked into gear on the hotter side of things so we get relief this week think down oh yeah, a lot of relief ahead of us today we're starting to trend of cooler weather starts to kick back into gear little bit more so even into tomorrow and then the rest of the week ahead after that is looking really good now today, we're still going to be warm in a few spots inland, not as warm though you can see it as a foggy start for san francisco this morning and a foggy start for many parts of the bay area to kick things off san jose not so much on the foggy side you just dark this morning, not seen a whole lot of sunshine just yet and also looking at some dark skies and also some foggy skies over the east bay right now your view from the berkeley hills down into is not much of a view at all at this point as for our conditions we are nice and dry were foggy and into the afternoon today, even as the fog clears we're still going to hold on to partly to mostly
5:46 am
cloudy skies. now the reason behind this is actually the remnants of a tropical system making its way from the areas for the south in the pacific are right up here to california now in the process of doing so is it going to result in really any chance of rainfall for us, but what it is going to do this helped keep high pressure out of the region and also keep things a little bit on the cloudier side at least to start this week now those clouds today are going to help to keep temperatures down just a little bit as compared to where we were this weekend. later in your forecast we're just going to see temperatures down with some sunshine. so that's what we're really looking forward to but we are working our way in the right direction today, not quite as hot as over the weekend for areas like the south bay and then especially areas further inland the lake livermore pleasanton in dublin which fall well out of the 90's back as danville still just below 90 degrees but at least into the 80's today, oakland berkeley and richmond in the low 70's
5:47 am
largest to 90's remain in your 4 zone forecast those will be in pittsburgh in vacaville in the meantime fairfield in youngsville dropping into the upper 80's 60's out of the coast that's no big surprise. that's where you are all weekend of mill valley and center fell staying with those 70's which you are also used to this weekend. so today tomorrow and wednesday, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. the times temperatures falling below normal come wednesday, and that's where we'll stay into thursday and friday as sunshine returns of these days are looking, especially nice. saturday and sunday we reverse the cooling trend start to see some warmer temperatures and by sunday of next week we do see a few more 90's popping up in your forecast. that's a look at your forecast robin we have a few hot spots out there how they look at we do indeed not so good so we have this one in oakland, and i just spoke with chp they told me that. >>we had a couple of accidents reported one of the castro valley side of 5 81 of the oakland side. they're saying that the castro valley crash was misreported and that happens a lot you'll get one
5:48 am
accident reported in 2 completely different area because folks sometimes they just don't know where they are so they've canceled the castro valley crash. it's the same as the oakland accident east bound 5.80 after seminary, we have crews on scene dealing with this overturned there's an overturned rv it's blocking all lanes of traffic so you might not be able to squeeze through you can see a little purple here which usually means a freeway is closed. that's just letting you know that traffic is at a standstill in oakland east bound 5.80 after seminary westbound it's fine we still have this one and san jose the open road on-ramp to north one on one, a little bit closer to city streets with this one also involves an overturned you can see some slow traffic. this is mostly commute traffic from the 2 8680 split up to oakland road and then after that you're fine and that the limits all be watching this one for you too we do have crews on scene and they are working on getting that out of your way your drive time 31 minutes that's normal from san jose making it to menlo park were checking the bridges and
5:49 am
they are quiet so 5 80 to the richmond sandra fell delay free 7 minutes off to one o one and the bay bridge traffic lots of it it's going to be busy cash lanes fast track lanes all stacked up from the 80 over crossing where it's 60 minutes and growing to make it off to fremont street james art thank you robin. >>take a look at this smash and grab that was caught on camera in oakland watch closely at the center of the screen. 2 men drive into a lot near lake merritt and then look one of them sneaks to the passenger side of a parked car. the other person takes a look inside and then smashes the window and then they grabbed the backpack that they see inside what you don't see is the backpacks owner who was sitting in the car at the time. 2 people live who live and work in the area say the burglaries are an ongoing problem so the people we spoke with asked us not to reveal their identities, but they did share their thoughts take a listen. >>belongings in there they're getting out of the car and the road with me. >>that's another level it's scary but it's normal. i feel
5:50 am
like we see or hear something about this every couple of days. >>neighbors are asking for more police presence on their property they we actually reached out to local police department but haven't received response yet. outline was spotted twice near the napa county airport over the weekend someone saw the big cat at fagan creek and the railroad tracks right near the intersection of airport boulevard the boulevard and north airport road. the sheriff's office is asking residents not to be aware of their surroundings, especially when they're out near the airport. >>take a look at this dramatic video from a police car. and it shows a police officer in atlanta this happened. on 2 major interstates look at that. >>flying and only on the side of a car like in a movie. >>and his partner jumps in the who saw the beginning ite s of it, okay, yeah, and it's so the officers holding on for dear
5:51 am
life and life the other officers now here you see approaching the car looking to go. did you see how close to just pack minivan or less of it. mr. yeah and then he fell off. yeah and then the car kept going and so the partner kept chasing him. he can get hit several cars and everything just kept going a high speed. ended up arresting that guy and the officer who fell. >>is believe it or not recovering at home. >>an yeah, it's good that they caught him that's that's on. >>all right, it's 5.51 right now as we head to the break, let's take a live look here at the airport. gray but it's early so i. later flights but for now. me to come with you?
5:52 am
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. dwayne johnson and jason state them hitting theaters this past weekend in a fast and furious franchise spinoff we've got rick damigella now telling us how hobbs and shaw did at the box office. >>you did it put him in the wardrobe all right what's it going to hurt and if you you got the more i went and tear and he knows once upon a time in hollywood dropped to 3rd place this weekend on ticket sales of just over million. >>that is not is not a line at
5:55 am
the fiery baria the lion king abdicated its throne falling into second place with million bringing its three-week reign at the domestic box office to over 430 million. >>worldwide the lion king has grossed one billion. >>tell me just what the fresh turkey, how we're dealing with here. >>blobs in show race to a first-place finish the spinoff of the fast and furious franchise scored a million domestic debut. the movie pulled in an additional 120 million at the international box office giving hobbs and shaw a global bow of over million in hollywood. i'm rick damigella. >>the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news, new information about the 2 gunmen who opened fire killing 29 people in 2 separate shootings. we'll have the latest from both ohio and texas coming up. plus 2 home invasions in a matter of hours has one east bay community on edge this morning, we'll
5:56 am
explain and the family of the bay area teenager being held in italy for murder is vowing to bring it back home. here's a live look outside of the san mateo bridge back with more in mateo bridge back with more in just a minute. mateo bridge back with more in just a minute. hey mom... can i have a snack? here you go. finally, a snack i want her to eat. finally, a yummy snack. my parenting is so on point. i own you kathy. with jif power ups chewy granola bars, everyone's in power.
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>>my cousins did not deserve to lose their life to have children. hard working people. all he was doing was in joining night on the town in the day. never come home again there to see their family again. the goal. >>anger and sadness after 29 people were killed in 2 separate mass shootings over the weekend one in dayton, ohio, the other in el paso texas. >>thank you for joining us, i'm james fletcher and i'm darya folsom and we have team coverage and thorough coverage of these 2 mass shootings that happened over the span of 13 hours over the weekend. 29 people dead scores of people in the hospital. vigils from texas to ohio this morning just like we saw in gilroy after are shooting that happened at the garlic festival and we've had a lot of reaction coming in from political leaders both locally and on the national level attack were expecting and we'll talk more about this in a minute. >>the president himself donald
6:00 am
trump to address the nation in our 7 o'clock hour. in the wake of the shootings over the weekend he tweeted that he's looking for a strong background checks. he says he wants that sean background checks of gun users he's made promises like that in the past and has come through we'll see what happens the first of these 2 shootings over the weekend. >>happened in el paso and that's where we go live to whitney wild for the latest. >>at 21 year-old suspect is sitting in a local jail this morning facing state capital murder charges. now we're learning more about the lives that lost and the and measurable difficulty will be to try to. >>i lah


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