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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 14, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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coast, this is a live look at temperatures right now actually this these are highs earlier today, good evening, everybody thanks for being with us i'm grant lotus. >>and i'm vicki liviakis thanks for joining us tonight at 9 a heat advisory remains in effect for the interior valleys of the north bay and east bay now through 08:00pm. we have team coverage tonight as we continue to track this heat wave we've got chair stoney standing by live in danville where this extreme heat caused a widespread power outage. power has been restored in that area. we also have chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here in the studio. so let's turn it to him with a look at how temps are going to last. >>yeah scorching heat around the bay area say look at these highs outside just soaring into the afternoon the forecast for tomorrow. even a little bit hotter can you believe this maybe a 106 in live more a 104 in concord maybe a 107 degrees in antioch but even inside the bay we get that cool water out there.
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temperatures still up in the 80's and the 90's and maybe some more record breaking temperatures around the bay area even some 70's along the coastline, so yeah we had numerous records fall across the bay area today high pressure really said the heat soaring all this dry desert air being pumped up in the bay area, a record santa rosa 100 to one degrees napa tying a record at a 199 that was a record said a redwood city 90 degrees in downtown oakland also record 98 boy a hot day in san jose a record of 95 degrees. im often feel we don't stop there. there are more records to be had canfield a record of the 194 temp cisco airport that was a record 94 also the oakland airport. a record and a 100 to one degrees to our friends in the south. inslee missile all around the bay area very very hot temperatures outside tonight. it is staying very warm outside and that means the temperatures tomorrow morning probably not going to drop off all that much as we head toward early tomorrow morning. so and he was on the
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mound tops overnight lows probably can be in the 70's may be getting closer to 80 degrees to start the day so often running another hot one outside right now. it is still 89 degrees in concord it is 84 and blue 85. in antioch 76 in hayward 83 still in san jose and 72 degrees even in san francisco, so that hot air is already in place tonight, slow to cool off heat advisories up anywhere away from the water's edge along the coastline. you can see in the north bay and the east bay also in the santa clara valley in the south bay and excessive heat warnings into the central valley. that's where temperatures tomorrow afternoon could get near a 110 degrees so very hot temperatures, not only here but around much of the state. there's a hint that things are going to start to cool down in the not too distant future. we'll talk about that and let you how much cooler and again as we head toward the weekend guys coming up. our team coverage on this heat wave continues now with kron four's j r stone he is in danville. >>yeah where 3500 pg e
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customers lost power earlier tonight because of the heat. jr you've been talking to people how are they holding up tonight and how hot does it feel right now. well they're holding up. >>so many of the at the ice cream shop this evening, i'll talk about that power outage. momentarily grab but i do want to mention right now here. we are it's dark outside and we are in the mid 80's, so the temperatures have dropped here in danville but certainly that is still hot there is no breeze so this is not the type of weather were you just open your window and get a cool breeze because there is not a breeze to be had out here very hot temperatures still at this hour. now we talk about those 3500 people who lost electricity today that electricity was last around 4 30 this afternoon by 6.30 that have been restored. but we were up near the triple and in in some cases here in danville in the triple digits. so a very hot period of time some people went for early dinners
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at locations that did ever conditioning. other folks just kept their door shot in hopes that that air conditioning would be back on i've been talking with folks all night long here is what they had to say about these conditions. >>not to flee not fund just turn up their conditioning don't let your but you know it is what it is. >>well it's pretty uncomfortable little bit concerning because the more he ways we have you often wonder is there really global warming going on will this continue says anomaly a one off or is this a pattern that's developing. i mean i like the summer, but this is really high can even leave the house. >>can't even leave the house she said she had an appointment so she did have to leave the house at one point i also wanted to mention that that outage was near diablo road and camino tessa harra a good portion of the neighbors
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and neighborhoods in that region were without power for those 2 hours earlier today. i did also speak with doctors here in contra costa county over the contra costa health services to talk about some of these because there are major concerns when it comes to weather like this and being in the weather like this doctor i spoke with talk to me late this afternoon this is what he had to say. >>not exercising during the heat of the day exercise early early wants is a little cooler. and then of course i'm always worried about populations of elderly they on. people with chronic medical conditions. side like people to check on their neighbors that people, especially those who may not have air conditioning. >>and that was a big thing that the doctor reiterated over and over when i spoke with them for folks to check on their neighbors, especially neighbors who might be seniors
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and might not speak with a lot of other people but just to check on them make sure their air conditioning is working and make sure they are okay. the next couple of days out here expecting hot temperatures yet again. reporting live in danville j r stone kron 4 news we are thank you meantime the pittsburgh unified school district announced. >>highlands elementary is going to be closed for the rest of the week. because there is no air conditioning. we're told the schools, heating and cooling system is being replaced but the work is not yet complete. officials say that the contractor tried temporary air conditioners in the impacted the classrooms but decided that the classrooms would not be cool enough with the scorching temperatures. the school says it opens to reopen on monday. the da will be offering free rides to cooling centers along bta routes tomorrow the offer runs from 11:00am to 08:00pm on bt a bus and light rail beat a officials say that those needing access to cooling centers should simply tell the bus driver or fare
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inspectors that you're on your way to a cooling center and you will be able to ride for free. now to that chaotic ongoing scene in philadelphia at least 6 police officers. >>were shot after a suspect to ambush them this afternoon. authorities say that the officers were serving a drug warrant. but the situation took a violent turn whitney wild has more. >>a massive police presence in north philadelphia guns, drawn sirens wailing in the background. officials say gunshots rang out around 4 30 wednesday afternoon. and we said it began with the narcotics activity call officers were attempting to serve a warrant in the city's nice town tie open neighborhood. >>we had already entered the got towards the rear kitchen area. when gunfire erupted. the shooter. >>fire multiple rounds, several officers were shot and wounded in the shootout multiple victims receive treatment for non life threatening injuries at local
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hospitals. authorities urged residents to avoid the area as the situation continued there's no indication. >>that he's trying to surrender right now we do know he's still alive, he's no question about that because of the shots they keep bringing out. >>swat teams and armored vehicles swarmed the scene officers in tactical gear moved in to negotiate with the suspect i'm what you while reporting. >>we'll keep you posted on that development as that suspect is still holed up meanwhile democratic presidential candidate kamala harris reacted to initial reports of the police standoff. she spoke with our partners at cnn as the drama. i was just starting to unfold. >>when will it stop right, i mean part of of my focus on what we need to do around guns, smart gun safety laws is recognize we have to have more enforcement around gun dealers. >>harris has proposed to sign executive orders that mandate near universal background checks and she's also propose closing the so-called boyfriend loophole among
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others if congress does not act on gun legislation within 100 days of her inauguration should she become president california democrat is also called for a renewal of the assault weapons ban. the sonoma county sheriff's office released body camera footage from an officer involved shooting. >>from little earlier this month that we want to warn you though that some people may find the footage disturbing. it happened on august first on west 9th street, the deputy was responding to reports of a shoplifter at the nearby macy's the suspect allegedly tried to stab a security guard in the face with a knife. when the deputy arrived the suspect was taste. then he is seen running into the deputy's cruiser and closing the door that's when the officer opens fire hitting the suspect identified as 42 year-old brad
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boehm and of minnesota. now you survive the shooting that was charged with multiple felonies including robbery carjacking and assault with a deadly weapon. a san francisco. >>and the attacks by a homeless man believes she's being victimized again. the attack occurred early sunday morning. you see video of it here and now we're learning that the suspect is back on the streets. our first dan kerman has the latest. >>i completely feel alone. early sunday morning, the san francisco woman was attacked by a homeless man. >>that she attempted to enter her condominium complex on beale street. this is security video of the incident when this man 25 year-old austin vincent was arrested. the victim says she started to feel a bit more secure. that is until now because she just found out the suspect has been released pending his return to court. i am. >>imprisoned in my own house. >>wednesday, a spokesman for the san francisco district attorney's office tweeted they
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charge mister vincent with false imprisonment attempted robbery and 2 counts of battery. he was arraigned yesterday in entered a plea of not guilty. prosecutors expressed concern about his release. ultimately the court released him an assertive case management in other words he's free but must regularly check in with a caseworker before he returns to court next month. >>there is nothing to protect me right now aside from a court ruling that says he needs to stay away from me. what is preventing him from hurting others. i don't know. >>the da's office says they asked the court not to release vincent, but the judge did so anyway, and the victim says by doing so the court has put everyone in danger. >>what kind of a message does it send to others that are. thinking about doing something wrong if they can get away with it so easily ironically the attack occurred at the
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watermark condominium complex which sits adjacent. >>to the land where the city is building a new homeless navigation center. i think it was entirely predictable. wallace lee chairs the group opposed to building the navigation center at this location. he's not buying the city's claims that navigation centers don't lead to an increase in crime and in fact we told the say that. >>we believe that at that increase in crime when it occurred the only thing we're wrong about was how soon it would have been the navigation center not slated to open until late december of this year in the meantime the suspect due back in court on september 12. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and tonight that woman who was attacked is making a desperate plea for help from governor newsome that plea is coming from the victim herself who about an hour ago tweeted at the governor kron four's gayle ong live in the city tonight, gayle it's a powerful plea as some people are questioning the judge who made the decision to let the alleged attacker go.
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>>yet it has been the reaction we went back to the neighborhood spoke with the neighbors and a lot of them say that homelessness has been on the rise in recent weeks we even spoke to one neighbor who had an incident last month. >>so experience here some a victim in its billing adt as a homeless man threatened her with the knife back in july not a good some of us like we're not seeing that pays scott pace, good. we keep boston man like somebody called my mom says her incident took place just about 500 feet away from where this incident happened early sunday morning surveillance cameras were rolling when a woman was attacked by a homeless man. >>out front of her luxury high rise, 25 year-old austin vincent was arrested and now released by the court pending trial we spoke with the victim the san francisco woman tells us she feels like a prisoner in her own home and believes releasing vincent may put others in danger she tweeted governor gavin newsome wednesday night attached a video for attack for him to
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see then asked the governor to save san francisco. when it's shocking in like scary. the fact that someone could like get out so quickly after doing something but you know so horrific to someone they release is also not sitting well with neighbors and workers nearby >>like a little anxious. >>because of the need to i think that is. a little more homeless is not 9 what we've seen before, but i am concerned for my customers and the people that live in this neighborhood because i mean who would it be. >>you know, i'm really close with >>great people sunday's incident happened next door to the soon to be homeless navigation center where many to eye with the city we need to have. >>some kind of controls in place. so that does doesn't repeat otherwise it just becomes on safety eouven in li >>the watermark property management notify residents that the suspect in the attack has been released from
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custody. a patrol a guard will be patrolling the outside of the building for the next 2 weeks during the overnight hours live in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle oft are almost a week after a massive fire tore through in east oakland warehouse, some businesses and artists are just starting to cope with their losses since i'd there was our work to be showcased it burning man another big events that were coming up kron four's taylor bus aqi spoke with an artist's today she joins us. now from the newsroom with more on this case stellar. >>well that artists magnus schavan a says he lost the majority of his tools and also our work that would have been valued at 50 to $100,000. he says the biggest loss though is the atmosphere the space provided for the community. >>a collaborative space once full of bustling artists and new ideas is a place that was growing my business. >>and i also community of like minded artists people were and entrepreneurs doing their work
9:16 pm
now. >>a place of grief for artists like magnate my losses. >>one thing but the knife know all these people who like work so hard that is a nice pfizer them. great deal of grief that i feel just knowing what people are going to last week. >>a massive fire tore through this east oakland warehouse space nor oxi oxi was home to more than 30 different artist and businesses now inside they lost thousands of dollars in tools. our work and most importantly. >>afrin times definite setback in terms of having to deal with. finding a new studio replacing some light. 80% of my tools schavan a use those tools to create luxury lighting pieces like this while he and many others are left to find a new work space. >>schavan a says moxie was irreplaceable. >>it's a big deal to have a state like this is so the community oriented in my around people who understand why you believe do you know we all do this because >>the passion a lot of passion.
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>>oakland fire says the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but they should be releasing a new information soon. now this is family and friends just set up a go fund me if you'd like to help him or any of the artist affected. you can find those links on our web site reporting live from the newsroom. taylor sackey kron 4 news. thank you taylor when you hear about more car break in's happening. >>you might just think it's a problem specific to san francisco, but the crime is now moved to other parts of the bay. yes, sadly it is there's now warning of from an east bay police department about an increase in car burglaries kron four's justine waltman. >>has the top 3 spots for cars are being targeted and walnut creek. >>with back to school shopping in full swing people are purchasing of all sorts of new stuff the downtown walnut creek. and like this mom there leaving the goods side of their cars. >>i just put my bag that i bought down the street in the trunk. >>looking garage is warning drivers to take it for hide
9:18 pm
it. while the creek police put out a notice that in july. 106 car burglaries. >>come because you can park there easily use plenty of. when shopping and one of the things. >>police warned the top 3 spots for car burglaries are the olympia place parking garage on locust street an apartment complex on creekside drive and plus a swell a parking garage, a locust street on the crease wealthy and people are a little bit care the list who are like you could leave here. now to prevent more car break in's people shopping downtown we'll try to hide their bags a lot better. >>we do anything differently withou >>well you officers are doing patrols around the hot spots and police want to remind everyone to always lock their doors and never leave valuables in plain sight in walnut creek justine waltman.
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>>and this just in to the kron 4 news and police say that gunman who shot and injured 6 philadelphia police officers today is now in custody after an hour's long standoff. he surrendered to swat officers just a few minutes ago. all 6 officers who were shot this is during a time where they were trying to serve a drug warrant have been released from the hospital so that is the good news and the suspect is in custody. we'll keep you posted on this breaking story, but an hour's long standoff in philadelphia is now over tonight. meanwhile take a look at this. campbell police tweeted out this video of a suspected package thief taking a few items that were outside a home. as you can see middle of the day here police say the suspect took off in that black volkswagen jetta and they wrote about it. campbell police department said if you have any info about the suspect who please give them a
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call. the investigation into shamed financier jeffrey epstein is continuing after his death federal officials were seen here on this private caribbean island yesterday. the us attorney's office has suggested it will pursue conspiracy charges against epstein that would allow them to charge anyone else involved in the scheme. some of his accusers say the ring involved high profile political figures the accused sec's trafficker died saturday in a new york jail cell in an apparent suicide. and the new york child victims act went into effect today as part of that new laws victims of child-sex abuse have a one year window to sue and abuse are no matter how long ago that abuse occurred lawsuits are expected to be filed against a number of large organizations, including churches and universities when the wild reports. >>it's another turnpoint in a new approach justice for child-sex abuse victims. there is a place for you to have. in the state. new york o ne,
9:21 pm
longer starting wednesday in new york adult victims of child-sex abuse can file civil cases against their assailants. victims will have one year to sue regardless of when the abuse happened. new york governor andrew cuomo signed the law in february welcome ending survivors for persevering even when the system rebuff to them you have put the world notice you expose this silent secret scandal. >>officials with the new york court system expect a flood of cases prompting them to set aside 45 judges to work only on these lawsuits take wednesday in manhattan victim james krajina years of pain are finally ending i've suffered. >>many many years. and this last year has been. tremendously up and down i've just joyful for the day today. >>one high-profile case a lawsuit from jennifer a rose
9:22 pm
against the state of now deceased finance year and alleged pedophile jeffrey epstein, his associate guillen maxwell and 3 women known publicly only as jane doe in washington whitney wild kron 4 news. coming up a shot. >>asked in the southibay and neighbors say they are fed up how the city is responding to the problem when we come back and the dow takes a major dive sparking talks of a recession. for the president tonight is calling clueless. and temps will pay up for this week in the bay area take a look at the current temperatures we're going to show you that when we come back. for your money
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tonight, the stock market sure took a nosedive today following a red flag about a possible recession. now the dow lost more than 800 points. >>as a key market indicators suggested an economic contraction could be in the pipeline. president trump.
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wanted to the news in a tweet blaming federal reserve chairman jerome powell today calling him clueless as us stocks plummeted, amid a looming sig%s that a recession could be on the horizon. trump tweeted spread is way too much as other countries say thank you to clue, listen. jay powell and the federal reserve. a security threat has hit the world's most popular desktop operating system. today, microsoft warned that windows 10 users need to update their operating systems right now it's is too critical while her abilities have been discovered the issues make the system vulnerable to nasty worms, viruses and malware microsoft warns hundreds of millions of computers are potentially vulnerable to an attack the company says a fix is already available for download in its security update guide. if you update manually. search windows update on your computer to access that tool windows 10 users who have automatic updates should already be protected. lawmakers held a
9:27 pm
hearing on public safety pow where what's being done to make sure that there being done safely during wildfire threats and everybody talk about that. whether this is what temperatures are like right now 85 in antioch 89 in concord. >>and it's almost 9 30 at night chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lets us know when we'll get a little bit of a break. when we come back. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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>>case is one of those nights if you live in the city or somewhere. >>right near the bay and you don't have air conditioning you are suffering, we got the fans cranking and you're waiting for the heat wave to end a live look here but the city. she was a beautiful scene but rest assured it is uncomfortable tonight. yeah >>yeah, you know usually the waves in the bay area usually last about 3 days sexually this one won't looks like it
9:31 pm
is going to come to an end so we are going to see some cooling but tomorrow maybe the hottest of the heat wave as high pressure well, it's it right overhead right not budging too fast and only slowly budge in the way out a way as we head in toward friday but the air quality certainly going to suffer another spare the air for tomorrow the east and the south they will be the worst poor quality expected there hazy as you make your way inside the bay and parts of the north a good air quality though, right out along the immediate coast. those temperatures that's something for this time of night almost 90 degrees right now in kakadu got 70's names even inside the bay. alright, los not going get all that cold overnight tonight that means of temperatures going to soar under this a huge dome of high pressure the only place you'll feel the cool spot is right out of the water's edge along the coastline, otherwise. yeah it's going to be hot. here's some the forecast overnight lows mainly in the 60's almost 70 degrees in fremont but you get of 70 degrees by tomorrow morning. that's where we start out tomorrow starting to be on the warm side by the middle the day mid 90's inland. 80's inside the bay by
9:32 pm
the afternoon as hot as a 106 degrees in parts of the east bay. 106. >>i will our coverage on this heat wave continues was quite forcefully go he's at lake delve at well just south of livermore on the east bank to get in the water cool off a bit. it was a scorcher there today to but people certainly did not stay inside. >>with a little time off and the kids a few days away from returning to school one of the things he get out also from the forgot to hot today a short trip to the fountains in downtown livermore was an easy choice for clay's home berg and his son and daughter for a reason that when i was a kid just a clean. >>that's for others opting for the beach and they didn't have to go far either it seems like a really great time to come swimming glare dawkins and her 2 year-old daughter josephine didn't have to leave town lake del val at del val regional park is essentially in their backyard teachers.
9:33 pm
>>and i stay at home during the summer and being inside all the time would be and a little presses said being outside as much better plus a lifeguard is keeping an eye on everybody as long as the park is open and the beach is less busy since it's the middle of the workweek as long as i'm in the water and it cool on good with that, but it's i'm outside in our backyard was no water than i do mind that he will have the sunscreen on and then they have to let it dry before they can get and so does all this wash off and then we did bring a fun little tent. >>and we're all season lifeguards umbrella so lots of shade lots of sunscreen and stay hydrated at all times in livermore fleet of all kron 4 news. >>today state lawmakers grilled pga me about how the utility plans to handle public safety power shut off when there's serious wildfire risk. >>a senate committee today held a hearing with concerns about howdy energizing electric lines during fire threats could impact first responders and other people who need a constant power source, san jose mayor sam liccardo told the senators he
9:34 pm
is worried about the influx of 911 calls and some lawmakers say they have trouble trusting pg is the utility goes through bankruptcy for its role in several devastating fires. pg officials say safety is the company's priority and that it's working to improve transparency issues. lawmakers hope the power shut off star just a temporary measure. >>shopping carts blocking a sidewalk in san jose and people in the neighborhood they want it cleared up. we first told about the story back in march about 2 dozen shopping carts as you saw there were lined up in front of homes on kiley boulevard the woman pushing those carts and has removed them all around the area today. kron four's michelle kingston she found him in front of the 7.11 up the street she spoke to neighbors who feel unsafe. >>just littering is is just you know your name in pub where people have to walk into the street. >>to get around tammy briscoe says she's been living on the streets for years her shopping
9:35 pm
carts are full of her belongings in march, they were lined up all along a sidewalk in front of homes on kiley boulevard. today there in front of 7.11 just up the street. >>you pull around and there's 10 to 20 shopping carts with all kind to step in and just wonder what is going on. >>neighbors say over the past 5 months, it's only gotten worse. they say briscoe now has more shopping carts and has threatened some of the people living along the street, they say they're concerned for their safety. one man who lived here for 10 years sold his house and moved to los gatos after multiple attempts to work with the city to clean up this street. >>felt imprisoned in our own home. was it fair for for my children and my wife and myself. to be in an environment. that's not safe. >>the city says they're aware briscoe shopping carts and that she's declined multiple offers to be moved to a shelter, they say she is serious mental health and medical needs. >>have been working with her.
9:36 pm
shoes meet those needs. at same time are also trying to ensure. neighborhood and community safety. the city says they're working with briscoe to not block the sidewalks but when we were here in march and again on wednesday, the sidewalk was full of briscoe's belongings. >>the police in city do not team. in san jose michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>we are looking at clear skies very warm temperatures around the bay area get ready for a hot one tomorrow, we'll talk about that 4 zone forecast is coming up plus fears and frustration in new jersey continue to grow as that lead in the water crisis worsens the message. the residents have for the mayor. that's when we come back and and it's 4 days back come alive as they split their series with the giants mark as
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now for >>well the giant today's will have to wait a bit before determining the true winner of this year's bay bridge series while san francisco held on last night the a's offense swinging out of the gates this aftlrnoon here we go. bruce bocce and bob melvin catching a pre game top first. matt chapman one afternoon graham takes tyler beating deep to center gone. solo homer one nothing 8. top the 3rd oakland now up 2 zip. another man as this time met all sit trolls one off eating into the right-field corner chapman and robbie grossman score short day for bt gave up 4 runs through 4 francs to the 6 still for nail gross minute at the dish term on this travis bergen pitch that one is going to end up kathleen the bleachers in left 2 rug, jack is firing on all cylinders
9:41 pm
with a six-run lead grossman with 3 hits to the 8th here come the giants down 7, 1, might just rimsky but the charge into this joachim soria pitched straightaway center on to the garden three-run homer 7, 4, a's and the giants would make it a 2 run game. but top of the night. chapman does it again another soul obama this time left center off trevor gott chappie 27 overs on the season now final is 9, 5, 8, for the 2 games with both teams will meet at coliseum for 2 more 2 week from saturday, oakland now 2 games back for the second wild-card spot, the giants. back in the nl wildcard let's go to matt chapman and at today and his suggestions for the bay area parks. >>yeah i think there's has so if you're home runs in the bay area and the the heck out of the both pitchers ballparks by far.
9:42 pm
>>the a's will now host the astros for 4 games will the giants head to arizona to visit the diamondbacks and
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
>>city at a ballpark last night after a man here who participated in it even contest. medical examiners will do an autopsy and a touching for toxicology reports could take a month or more hutchings was 41 years old and leaves behind 2 teenage a children corin hoggard has more. >>the main drew hutchings came that you can see park with an appetite tuesday he told a fellow grizzlies fannie's starved himself all day so we can win an amateur taco eating contest between innings and he may hae c. he'd
9:46 pm
had some beer and it was hot outside eric schmidt says he offered touching some food but he was saving himself for and then he popped up on the jumbotron video screen winning the competition committee aide about half a she tacos. >>and then he stopped because you could tell he was there was too much food in him and i think he kind of shooting a bit more in and started another one in the screen blacked out. >>investigators say hutchings choked during the contest. emergency medical personnel to stadium rushed in to help and got him to a nearby hospital and once he got to the emergency room staff was having to clear food out of his airway complications continued and a little less than 30 minutes later he ended up passing away say hutchings had some other medical issues and will conduct an autopsy thursday to see if anything decides joking contributed to his death. very sad and the grizzlies now say their professional kako eating championship that was scheduled for this saturday.
9:47 pm
>>has been canceled. >>as we switch gears said check on the 4 zone forecast taking a live peek outside right now this is the embarcadero in san francisco where all appears call. joining us now chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >>who spent a most the day by the water. yeah. >>nice smart weatherman right right on the water's edge taking out the cool spot, but was beautiful right along the coast. enough of the sea breeze that kept temperatures down a bit the boy. it soared in a hurry anywhere in london. those temperatures just a running well above the average for this time of year many records coming down outside we've got clear skies all the way to the coastline right now and that's what's going to stay for most tonight, we may see a hand the patch or 2 of fog, the temperatures begin to cool down out toward the beaches but very comfortable 59 degrees now in half moon bay, 59 also in pacifica inside the main look how warm it is in redwood city right now 80 degrees. there 83 in san jose still 82 in livermore
9:48 pm
cities temperatures and the cool down all that much overnight lows going to be the 60's maybe some 70's across some of the higher mountain so these temperatures staying very warm and early tomorrow morning and then we're off and running again that dome of high pressure sits overhead these temperatures are going to soar. it is 80 degrees right now in the napa valley hanging out enjoying the beautiful starlight in petaluma at 70 degrees 72. in about a 79 in san anselmo and 69 degrees in san francisco. the sea breeze just a gentle on right now in the san francisco, 11 miles per hour 6 in the pacific and see more of a northerly component the when we had a little area of low pressure developing off the coastline. give us more of a northerly component the wind and that's just been enough to crank up the temperatures all around the bay area otherwise just a gentle breeze outside and a nice night now air quality is going to suffer again for tomorrow, we're for tomorrow east bay in the south they are going to be the worst you'll see the worst the pair or equality with the a very hazy conditions. they're developing especially into the afternoon tomorrow. yeah, those temperatures going to be run
9:49 pm
away up again some 90's in the hot spots in the interior valleys and then maybe some triple digits. well inland. high pressure building in though, and that ridge going to strengthen as we head in toward tomorrow, then things begin to change on friday, the clouds begin to gather there you go for your weekend started together once again we see that low spinning off the coastline. that eventually may factor in or whether or not this week but next weekend and that could bring a little fall feel to the bay area temperatures. temperatures in the central valley to as high as a 106 degrees in the sacramento valley, one oh 6 in fresno one oh 5 in bakersfield 85 degrees in los angeles much cooler along the coastline overnight lows are going to be a really pretty warm out there about 60 degrees for low in fremont 67 in antioch about 61 degrees in oakland but over the hilltops you see those temperatures running up in the 70's so that being said we're off and running on another hot day tomorrow that will be the peak of the heat. we start cooling down so slightly as we get into friday the system upper 90's inland. much cooler maybe 20 plus was cooler on
9:50 pm
saturday and sunday that start to heat back up a little bit toward the middle of next week. few large for your help tonight long-term exposure to air pollution has. >>health effects similar to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for many years that's according to new research just published. >>the study span 10 years it is considered one of the largest of its kind. researchers they looked at more than 7,000 adults and 6 metropolitan areas all across the u s they linked to several pollutants in the air including ozone and black carbon to the development of emphysema. the chronic lung disease shrink the amount oxygen that reaches your bloodstream and this team is usually associated with cigarette smoking. >>how many prescription drugs you take if it's a lot you're not alone. a new cdc study shows most adults age 40 to 79 took at least one prescription drug in the past month. and one in 5 took at least 5 prescription drugs so. what
9:51 pm
are the pills most people are popping for the younger half of that group it's mostly antidepressants ace inhibitors which are used to lower blood pressure and treat migraines. and cholesterol lowering drugs for the older set of folks cholesterol lowering drugs continue to be a favorite, but also anti-diabetic medications and beta blockers another class of drugs used to lower blood pressure. the study shows women take more prescription drugs than met. newark official stop handing out bottled water to people in the city's lead crisis. >>that's because the bottles were passed the best by date. authorities suspended the handouts for several hours upon discovering that the water provided had a used by date of may 20 19 but the state health department says it there's really no shelf life for bottled water just long as it's unopened a nonprofit advocacy group has filed. a lawsuit against the city it's a federal lawsuit over the contamination problems. the city is claiming that the water that leaves this treatment plant is lead free and becomes contaminated.
9:52 pm
once it travels through service pipes. >>all always comes from the plumbing. but nonetheless we have a lot to protect people to message to the mayor. >>get it together. experts say water filters are supposed to be the short term facts but the only long-term solution is replacing the service lines. the epa estimates it would cost more than $740 billion to fix america's water system and investment that advocates and experts say is essential. roc nation. jay z's company and the national football league are teaming up to take. entertainment and social justice issues to the super bowl. >>details on the new partnersh
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>>its first billionaires teaming up with the nfl and
9:56 pm
its controversial jay z was seen leaving a meeting with the national football league today, a partnership between the league and jay z's roc nation company. >>was announced the day before according to the nfl roc nation will advise the league on performances like the super bowl halftime show a lot of acts of refuse to perform based on the color kaepernick protests and the like in the nfl says this new deal with jay z will also seek to quote nurture and strengthen community through football and music. jay z told reporters that he also spoke to former san francisco 49 ers quarterback colin kaepernick. >>after the deal resigned. >>i would never tell you what. ian katz private conversation was about who we spoke to. i would never tell you about a thomas e. >>wake of backlash over miami
9:57 pm
dolphins owner stephen ross hosting a fundraiser for president trump, the nfl has also struggled with criticism over its treatment of kapur nick and pro football talk tonight is reporting. patriots owner. bob crash. helped to broker the deal with the nfl commissioner, and jay z and that has a lot of other people. concern today are against this deal in general because bob kraft is unknown trump supporters well complicated. up about 4 news at night. >>our primetime coverage continues at the top there. pam moore in cannes winner here. for news at 10 i'm making a grant and thank you both very much next uh 10 outrage tonight by the san francisco woman attacked by a homeless man in front of her building today, a judge release suspect from jail just days after the incident occurred. >>tonight, the victim is calling on the governor to take action we'll have reaction from neighbors next in a live report plus breaking
9:58 pm
news, a gunman who shot 6 philadelphia. police officers is now in custody after an hour's long standoff. >>all 6 officers are expected to survive will have the very latest coming up and get ready for another scorcher tomorrow is the bay area heat wave rolls on on our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tells us when things will finally cooled down but way our 3 kron 4 news in
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