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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 25, 2019 7:00pm-7:59pm PDT

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ben affleck's big mile stone. >> do our best. >> we learned about his say sobriety journey and miley's meltdown. >> pretty crazy. >> sounding off on liam, drugs and cheating. >> plus. >> someone you're dating, the worst thing you can do is let that touch it. >> the real reason behind jamie and katy's split. >> the new dancing cast already causing controversy. >> i'll district them with my face. >> why the host is knocking his own show. >> i'm throwing everybody under the bus. >> plus. >> we're doing this my way. >> jen and reese's new drama, which morning show scandal they are tackling head on and cell
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le -- celine is that you? we have her crazy photo shoot. >> get ready. >> this is "entertainment tonight". inside ben affleck's health today one year after jen garner drove him to treatment. >> "e.t." has the exclusive 12 months since entering rehab for alcohol abuse. >> all right. >> good to see you. >> that's the new ben. smiling, upbeat and signing autographs for a fan as he leaves lunch in l.a. a source says the 47-year-old quote finally turned a corner and working hard to stay dedicated to his sobriety. this is the day his ex jen garner went to ben's house to drive him to rehab. the oscar winner made a quick pit stop at jack in the box. jen had that look handing over the food and begged the p paparazzi to back off. >> can you do me a favor out of
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respect, can you give some space? >> how did ben get his groove back? hard work. he put the foe cus on family. he's a regular at sunday service with his ex jen and three kids. their relationship is doing amazingly well despite what happened. ben is hitting the gym and moving on in his career. ben wants to be the best he can be and ben's loved ones are proud of his progress. heather locklear is also looking strong and staying sober. e.t. learned heather checked into a court -ordered treatment facility monday. the 57-year-old pled no contest to battery and resisting officers. the acceptance stems from two incidents last year. the first occurred february 25th when she was arrested on charges of domestic violence and misdemeanor battery on a police officer. >> you got any comment on whatever happened last night? >> no comment. >> four months later the daily spotted her leaving
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jail in pajamas. she was arrested and accused of kicking a police officer and medic. what a difference a year makes, this is heather looking the picture of health this summer in l.a. one person that seen her remarkable transformation firsthand host and good friend of more than 20 years, julian. we spoke on the phone with her this week. >> on monday she went to the facility. for her, checking into the four seasons. a picture of the check in facility, whatever they call it. she's healthy and happy. sober and is just in a really good place. i'm so proud of her. >> all right. let's get to some big couple's news now. >> yeah, including the latest on miley and liam after hemsworth officially filed for divorce. it tops this weekend's know and tell. quote, i refuse to admit my marriage ended because of cheating. i lovely yum and always wi mile claims why hemsworth filed for divorce but confessed to
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everything from her past. ♪ let's party >> first, drug use. quote, i have not only smoked but advocated for weed and experimented with drugs, my biggest song to date is about dancing on molly and snorting lines in the bathroom. next, past infidelity. cyrus says i blanked up and cheated in relationships when i was young and finally, quote, you can say i'm a twerking pot smoking foul mouth hill billy but i'm not a liar. rumors she cheated on liam. cyrus got a new tat commemorating their trip and both gave a birthday gift. >> weed bouquet, look at this. slammed the rumors he's dating a 19-year-old. >> i'm escorting her to my car. >> the 51-year-old took to instagram live to explain why he was photographed holding hands with sala days before we
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confirmed he and katy called it quits. he said she's living with him while he helps her music career. >> i did the same thing with her. he took her under our wing. >> katy was spotted in manhattan walking her dog the same day the photo dropped. jamie and katy lived separately in different cities and saw each other occasionally. finally, on to happier couple's news. katy perry orlando bloom sharing a sweet red carpet kiss and inside joke. >> what did you whisper inside her ear? >> a secret is a secret. come on. >> the future mrs. bloom was radiant in a pinkish dress from tom ford's 2019 collection. the gown cost almost $6,000. >> did interview. you said it the lit'v done lately to show her your love. >> we have a blackboard and write messages of love on there.
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there you go. that's the secret. i shared that with you. >> the two were celebrating at the premiere of the first american tv series carnival row. he's a cop in the amazon prime fantasy show picked up for season two. >> it's exciting to be part of something that feels like it's a story that people hopefully will enjoy, you know, that's what we're doing it for. >> there is also big-time drama behind the scenes of dancing with the stars. the host wasn't exactly thrilled with the cast announcement. >> he's such a happy guy but called out his own show, the same day the contestants were revealed and despite that, all smiles with e.t.'s correspondent rachel that hard to believe. uptown girls. >> yeah, i forget that dance. i know four girl an chicag chicago.
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>> 65-year-old super model christie brinkley is a favorite. she has a strategy. >> if i can't do it with my feet, i'll distract them with my face. >> i love it. >> from christie to dawson, queue the music. ♪ ♪ >> you planted a seed a long time ago. >> i 100% did. >> valintina are going to win. >> they went after the stars. >> but within minutes of wednesday morning's casting announcement, there was backlash and controversy. in a ainst the former presidential press secretary sean spicer. he said was hoping the show would be a joy for our political climate and free of divisive bookings from any party affiliation. can we look forward to perhaps a podium being rolled out on the dance floor? maybe melissa mccarthy? >> that's probably past.
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>> explain this to you dumb babies can understand it. >> and with dancing's ratings down, expect format and voting changes. >> we needed to take a look at things and maybe tweak things a bit. >> is there secret ratings weapon hanna b? this bachelorette always speaks her mind. >> are you tired of hearing the story? >> clogging up my dating life. >> good luck escaping this. tuesday night in new york the guy hanna tried to reconnect with had another dinner date that ended inside her apartment. >> do you think tyler and gigi are a fling, hann >> i want to move past talking about my exes. i wish everyone well from my season in whenever they do but this sablt about me. for monday's big event, the vmas. the wild award show has given so many iconic moments including
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taylor getting kanye and now swift back ten years later to perform live. ♪ ♪ >> taylor took the gma stage by storm and on friday dropped her full album "lover" and her old pal kanye got a shoutout. >> i'm happy for you. i'm going to let you finish. ♪ ♪ >> monday marks the tenth anniversary of kanye stealing her vma moment while now she has a new show roasting the rapper. swift swears there is no hate, just indifference. she's revealing over 100 pages of her journal. >> i went through my old journal, which say wild trip down memory lane. >> she shares surprising stuff. she was apparently so upset in the wake of her feud with kim and kanye, in august of 2016 she
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said this summer is the apocalypse. in 2013 after her breakup with harry styles, she said the focus on her was so intense, she felt she was being hunted. in 2010 she wrote about suffering from stage fright. i wish it wasn't so but i can't blame my mind for freaking out. criticism of performances is the biggest source of pain in my life. on the way, patrick dempsey exclusive, he's just getting better with age. >> thank god i'm getting older. >> the 90210 fashion flash back. >> the co-star that has jenny's 12-year-old daughter swooning n in. >> she's so in love. spandex on spandex. >> celine shakes up her stylement tstyle. >> celine shakes up her stylement tstyle. the daring new look you jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill
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hey, guys. tori said you might need my help. >> brenda met up with her 90210 cast mates on hthis week's episode of the reboot. >> e.t. was back with jason redirecting on the set of the original. i had to surprise with an epic throw back. >> he still does that. >> looking good. >> that's so fun to see. >> my 12-year-old is watching the original series and she's so in love with brandon, it's weird. >> that makes me happy. >> jittery around jason. >> while jason is calling the shots ons set, tory and jeni ar about the wardrobe with costume designer. >> there is a dress i guess you actually wear in a flash back that a fan lent to you?
7:14 pm
how did that happen? >> he had the dress like from back in the day. >> he had the dress in a baggie. >> yeah, he's our biggest fan and friend and i -- he gave it to me and i wore it in a flash back. >> i hate she can still fit these -- it just makes me -- >> i was thinking i can't fit into this and it worked and i was like yes, so good. >> gabrielle stopped by and gave us her reaction to brian austin green. >> tori said you guys hooked up. >> we hooked up. [ laughter ] >> we did. but it was -- we were young and it was so -- that's what young people do. >> i remember many things on the show and many different hookups that took place. no flings surprise me. i was part of it for a very long time. >> this week's episode got a lot of buzz after gabrielle's character was in the swing both
7:15 pm
ways. >> when she kissed me, it was electric. >> it's interesting the response. for some people i wanted you to be with brandon. i was like okay, all right. >> you know, the other girls said gabrielle's line is gabby is hot. i love it. >> well, let's get back to the subject of fashion. you know celine deon is a boss. at 51 the singer and mom to three is continuing to prove she can still slay any day. ♪ ♪ >> wearing a spiked dog collar, riding a scooter through paris at the top of the eiffel tower. the 51-year-old is shot with a camera lens that makes her look distorted and edgy.prd is coutu it's a lwork. >> looking 100% in sandals with
7:16 pm
ribbed tights, walking a pair, celine is goingdj;h for the dramatic. >> she's black, she's white, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> her $11,000 gown for the magazine cover was shot from below to take a bold look. ♪ ♪ >> celine says quote five years ago i would never left a photograph up past my kneecap. who would go under my tutu? nobody. nobody. my husband, that was it. >> i feel like singing. ♪ because you loved me >> celine's rehearsing for her courage world tour town time when says hey, she's just like us. i will wear my p.j.s all day, i'm with my kids and it will be
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breakfast all day. up next. angelina in tears. why she got so emotional in front of her son. then, "saved by the bell" turns 30. >> thanks for making us feel old. >> why mark is a hippie as we flash back to bay side. >> you poor thing. plus, "my so-called life" is 25 and the cast is celebrating on e.t. >> coming up on
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tonight. right now it's angelina jolie nearly a wreck. >> i leave today. trying not to cry. >> wednesday the mom of six got a little emotional in south korea. >> seems like a great school. >> she was there to drop off her 18-year-old son. >> maybe easier if you do a little groove. >> our source says maddox is t
7:20 pm
chemistchemis chemistry but many are wonder wrg w ing where was his dad? they have been estranged. maddox is very attached to his mom, she's always been by him. >> please promise me you will never fall. >> but he's so cute. >> did you catch that little "my so-called life" reference. jared leto and claire's '90s teen drama has a lasting impact. >> this may make you feel old. "my so-called life" is 25 this weekend. >> that's crazy. you know who else can't believe it? claire's co-star. ou understand what that character meant to so many teenage girls like me? >> i can see it in your eyes. >> jordan having a conversation with me like on purpose.
7:21 pm
>> it's radical to be inside a teenage girl's brain like that. >> only 19 episodes of the abc coming of age drama ever aired. but that was enough to cement it in pop culture history. >> can we go somewhere? >> sure. >> a.j. plays the lovable but troubled best friend but here is something you may not have known. she first auditioned for claire's role of angela. >> i read for angela and then on my way out, i asked if i could steal to have so much fun and then she just became a part of me. >> the show also broke boundaries. it cast the first openly guy actor to play an openly gay actor on tv played by wilson cruz. >> yeah, i'm gay. i just don't usually say it like that, actually never said it out
7:22 pm
loud. >> he still gets emotional reflecting on the life-changing role. >> when i look at the photo, i think about the fact that there is no reason for that boy to believe that he would ever have gotten that opportunity. he blazed his own trail, and he took an opportunity and made the most of it and i'm proud of him for that. >> wilson is now on cbs all access "star trek discovery." it wouldn't be e.t. if we didn't transport him. >> young you on e.t. set visit the your show. >> a.j. come on down. >> this is langer. she's also a very, very good friend. i love all of these people very, very much. >> so emotional. >> i'm so easy. it brings you back. >> we had so much fun. we went through so much together. >> we showed wilson his
7:23 pm
prediction that pretty much came through. >> the last 40 years from now i'll come back and go to the car lives like look, look, good. you know, then it will be age. >> do they really dress like that? >> did they really dress like that? the answer is yes, they really did. i don't know about the hair. i apologize. we were figuring it out. >> when it comes to the actor whose life changed the most, it'sthree-time emmy winner claire, it's a.j. who is a count that lives in a chast castle. >> your job is interesting. actress to countus. >> next thing you know. >> we met in vegas and he's just gorgeous and most amazing smile. we just laughed and had such a great time and we're like okay, this sis a romantic fling.
7:24 pm
he said do you want to stop by and meet my family? okay. there is a big castle and it was like you got the right girl because i don't know what to do with that information. >> little did a.j. know her new love charles courtney was lord courtney, son of the 18th early of devin. the two got married in 2004 and in 2015 the 19th early of devin, a.j. assumed the title countis of devin. >> so weird. >> such an adventure. life is always that for me. >> she was just so friendly and so sweet and the crying, i was like you are nothing like ray ann. >> ray ann was friendly. that was the problem. too friendly. >> two-sided. >> morris, aka mark paul. >> the star is m ccoming back tv in the "blackish" prequel. >> i want to be an idiot.
7:25 pm
>> they were literally on a show so is it bringing you back, you got a saved by the bell vibe? >> my character is stuck in the 70s. i'm a full hippy on the show. the hair and all this stuff. got more compliments about my shirt. what do they call that? >> a captain. >> is that what that's call snd. >> i guess so. >> you've done all the decades now. >> yeah, thanks for making me feel. >> this prequel is set in the '80s. we'll see how rainbow grew up in a mixed family. mark paul is the throwback version of tracy's dad played by beau bridges on "blackish" and became available when the fox series was axed. >> i found myself unemployed and i -- my reps were thinking outside the box andd do a comed. i said of course.
7:26 pm
i never saw "blackish" but having read the script, i was like wow, this is amazing. >> i was 12 years old and i was living with my family on a commune. >> you grew up, it's amazing i ever met you. >> also another big star on board. >> mariah carey wrote and performed the theme song? >> who? >> mariah carey? >> how do you react? >> i was told today literally i was like who is doing it? mariah carey? are you kidding me. >> straight ahead. >> your show sucks. >> jennifer sustained reese. >> i don't want your job. >> the first scenes from their new show ripped from real life drama. >> plus. >> let it all hang out battling cancer. >> heartbreaking scenes from "dog the bounty hunter". >> reuniting with the famous co-star. >> i'm waiting for the script. >> closed captioning provided
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if you're just joining us, the top five stories. the new cast of "dancing with the stars." >> i know four dances, uptown girls and my dance from chicago. ♪ ♪ >> 65-year-old super model christie brinkley is an early favorite and so is dawson. >> you planted the seed a long time ago. >> 100% did. >> valintina are going to win. >> other cast membersnry from t drops her stoday. today is the day. >> awe. >> i know. trying not to cry. >> angie was in south korea dropping maddox off to college.
7:31 pm
he's planning on studying bio chemistry. number three, katy orlando's hollywood date night. they shared a sweet kiss at the carnival premiere. she looked radiant in a pinkish dress from tom ford's collection and cost almost $6,000. >> say something really sweet in an interview. you said it's the little things that matter. what is one little thing you've done? >> we have a blackboard and write messages of love. >> number two, jamie foxx slams rumors she's dating a 19-year-old singer. >> i'm escorting her to my car. >> he took to instagram live explaining why he's holding hands days before his split. jamie says sala is only living with him while he helps with her music career. like ed sharon, nick cannon did. and number one, miley's marriage
7:32 pm
rant after liam filed for divorce this week. in 11 tweets she refuted claims she cheated on liam. she said i refuse to admit my marriage ended because of cheating adding you can say i'm a twerking pot smoking foul mouth hill billy but i'm not a liar. go to for the latest. jennifer aniston and reese wither spspoon witherspoon's series. >> i love working with you so much. girls supporting girls. >> you'll see it, it's totally art inma tamitating life. >> queue her. >> i love doing what you do. >> yes, it was really fun. >> how about ripped from real life drama. >> good morning. i'm bringing you some sad and upsetting news. >> this is a sad morning here at "today" and nbc news. >> while i don't know the details of the allegations. >> she's throwing me under the
7:33 pm
bus. >> my co-host and partner of 15 years was fired today. >> my dear, dear friend and my partner. we have decided to terminate his employment. >> steve carell's first tv role since "the office" and since "friends". >> this is about you being a brat wanting what you can't have. >> remember how reese played jen's little sister? now she's after something else. >> i don't want your job. >> very surprising and jen is wonderful. >> your words spoke to america. >> the character is talent. it's fun. >> your show sucks. >> i play the producer of the show and he's sort of stressed out and trying to keep it together. >> most people want to trust at the person that is telling them about the world is an honest person like you. >> yes, the morning show has a guaranteed two-season reason on
7:34 pm
apple tv. look for jen's character to make boss moves. >> i let you bozos handle this long enough. >> it was too real, everyone. too real. this show will be amazing. to another show, dog's most wanted with dwayne dog chapman is little over eight weeks since he lost his wife beth and we have a look at the last passion life together. >> 50/50 chance of surviving it with the chemo. >> there is nothing we want to hide from anybody. let it all hang out and battling cancer on the show. >> beth looks death right in the eye and doesn't blink. >> if i'm going to die, i'm going to die in my boots. >> they are all running. >> so are we. >> beth was hunting down bad guys with dog up until the end battling cancer at the same time. >> how much of beth's final days in her battle will you show? >> i've already looked at some of them, okay? i see her, and i hear her and i
7:35 pm
freaking start bawling because it happened. i think it's also therapy. >> i don't want my kids all surrounding my bed. i want to have them in my car. i want out in the streets, booting indoors, taking names. >> before her death beth lost nearly 50 pounds and wore a wig for this promo? >> you're looking for a for the near. for two or three years, you knew this would happen. she would say who is going to sit next to you? i would say no one. this one is for beth. she's my everything. >> coming up, olivia newton john stage four cancer battle. what john travolta is telling us. >> she looks incredible. >> and patrick dempsey to his
7:36 pm
lover boy days. >> i need to understand a woman's needs. that was a long time ago. every day,
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the movie continued to live on more than 40 years later and danny and sandy are still all about each other. >> that warms my heart. we got john travolta talking about olivia newton john. >> we're happy. >> john is like family to olivia as she battles stage four breast cancer, she's looking great and staying positive. >> she looks incredible. she doesn't look any different than years ago, you know. >> the two different even know each other before "greece" and john suggested her for the role of sandy. >> i really wanted olivia in the film. i had done the show on broad way and the road and i said the perfect sandy of the world would be olivia newton john and she wasn't sure if she wanted to do it. ♪ ♪ >> from the first like screen test, indeed, it worked. >> the thread that binds them together, love, trust and strength. >> we're kind of tougher than we
7:48 pm
look, you know. >> don't you think? >> we're survivors. we weather the storms. >> john is good friends with kirstie alley. >> are you tired? >> no, man, i'm not tired at all. >> how about a reunion? >> i would love to do anything. >> he would definitely want to do it, i know. >> she joined john at the premiere of "the fanatic". >> i'm a fan. i'm a number one fan. >> he played a deranged fan on ses on s obsessed with an action star. >> found a guy on the internet and super imposed it on a photograph and added the shirt and shorts and it came together. >> such an iconic couple. this blast from the past couple patrick dempsey and kirstie alley because of course, e.t. was on the set.
7:49 pm
can i take you back 30 years? >> okay. >> okay. we were on the set of lover boy. >> that was a long time ago. >> a long time ago. i want to take you back. >> oh my gosh. >> a little struggle in life is to understand a woman's needs. >> thank god i'm getting holder. yes, you can make everyone happy, whoever your partner is, you want to make them happy. >> mcelderhe's been making us hr a long time and the sequel to the 2007 film enhanchanted, we' ecstatic. >> look at the size of this kitchen in manhattan. >> are you ready? >> that's the best part. you really do the rehearsal process and take a lot of time. it's fun to do that. >> you want it to happen. >> i'm waiting. i think a lot of people do. >> do your kids get to see you now? >> they make fun of me, yeah. they don't let me take me selys too seriously.
7:50 pm
>> the dad of three was honored. the non-profit cancer support foundation he helped establish in honor of his mom amanda. >> my mother was diagnosed in august '97. finally losing her battle march 2014. >> patrick's mission is setting a good example for his 17-year-old daughter and 12-year-old twins cdarby and sullivan. >> you bring them along to witness the work and do it by example. that's the best and strongest way. >> thank you very much. i dig that fella. you can help support the american cancer society by making a donation texting cal o to. julie i talked to her at an emmy event which julia credits with getting her through her cancer battle. >> it gave me something to laser focus on during my illness and i
7:51 pm
needed to laser focus. >> julia could win her ninth emmy next month. >> she will win it. >> she will break the record for most emmy wins by a performer ever. >> i'm not bias. >> you're definitely bias. >> i am. >> breaking records to breaking the bank, forbes dropped its list of the highest paid actors. >> right now my dream is about deals and dollars. >> in a shock to absolutely no one, the rock is hollywood's top earning actor. >> it doesn't fall out of the sky. you got to work. >> rakes in $84.9 million thanks to a 15% take as well as his e. grounding out the top three are a couple of injured. chris hemsworth and robert downy junior. there are surprises in the top ten so we're handing out a couple awards.
7:52 pm
our do it yourself award winner goes to bradley cooper. he didn't win as much playing rocket raccoon but die recking, mr. deucing, writing and starring in "a star is born" he got the set earning him $57 million. >> like. >> the final award, the way to go award goes to paul rudd. >> that was crazy. >> the guy who doesn't age is a surprise inclusion at number nine on the list with 41 million in earnings thanks to end game. the tiny super hero earned a giant paycheck. way to go paul rudd. >> i mean, okay. go paul rudd. >> i need to get in that. >> did paul rudd get more hand some? i think he did. we'll be right back. first, movie news. >> i want you to try losing;,d? pounds. >> that's the weight of a husky. >> she takes the weight off the hard way in brittany runs a marathon but learns what really matters in life. >> it can be so difficult to
7:53 pm
make the first step but it's beautiful if you choose yourself. >> what's chris hemsworth and tessa thompson's hysterical on the movie. it's on the upcoming digital and blu-ray releases. >> probably the hardest six, seven months i think i've experienced in my professional life. >> check out the intense training halle berry endured. reeves was surprised. >> halle said thank you, sir, h theaters in september. >> manny will take care of marigold and anna can look after you. >> real did? can she? >> of course. >> like the old days. >> head over to
7:54 pm
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travel considerations star's birthdays celebrating turning 32, billy ray cyrus 58 and blare under wood is 55. take a final look at the choices, which true blood star appeared in lady gaga's
7:57 pm
paparazzi music video? alexander turning 43 this weekend. happy birthday. >> monday on e.t. hustling with j.lo. >> these were a special group of women. >> monday on e.t. >> well, we are almost out of time this weekend but for the latest, go to our website at et online dot coal. >> before we go, check out a video from meghan trainor for her collaboration called "with you." this song is about her not wanting to waste time with anyone that's not worth it. yea >> i hope he's worth it. put a ring on it. >> enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye, bye. ♪ ♪
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>>a child and a teenager from the east bay are dead after this rollover crash in kern county. thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'm justine waldman and i'm j r stone it happened outside of bakersfield on southbound interstate 5 just north of stockdale highway in button kern county sheriff's office says early saturday morning. the driver drifted into the center divider when she tried to correct herself. the vehicle went on to the shoulder and rolled over multiple times there were 6 people inside 13 year-old son tally contrary us and 10 year-old jessie country are us were both ejected and died from


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