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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 28, 2019 8:00pm-8:59pm PDT

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>>if you can hear the roar of the wind and fire burning in contra costa county tonight this brush fire has burned a home and other structures as crews work they're trying to get it under control, thank you for joining us, i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne firefighters say live wires are also part of the problem are grant lotus is monitoring the developments in contra costa county and has the latest grant yeah that fire has burned the home it was a mobile home as well as a couple barn, so it has done damage. >>there is good news though tonight this is happening along byron highway and timber point road just north of highway 4 inches west of
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discovery bay. and you see here these tall flames just devoured the dry brush and grass also burning trees and the structures i mention the good news as of 00:15pm tonight, the fire is contained the forward progress has been contained. but 5 acres have burned and already burns live power lines which fell to the ground complicating matters. investigators are now looking into what caused this fire and this came on the day when temperatures were cooler than they had been in recent days, but we heard that wind in the video in our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. you see the wind speeds right here. good thing it wasn't as hot as it's been yeah but the damage already been done. we've had day after day of temperatures in the 90's even some triple digits, so that really got all the fuel source is primed for fire conditionsof the fire started any at the wind so boy the firefighters doing a heck of a job these winds really i'm not calling down much so far in fact most those winds over 20 miles per hour
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to 25 miles per hour that is tough to fight fires in conditions like that as that will push those flames long quickly law that smoke now you can see probably pouring into parts of discovery bay into the central valley, there anywhere around those areas into tracy probably seen some of that smoke as well too but that sea breeze you really get the idea that was winds moving wrong right through. the delta as it moves through the amount ranges tend to compress that air and that's why the winds really pick up right through that area we're seeing that now as it makes its way through oakley in the brentwood to see those winds coming on down working their way into the central valley of course it's a nice cool marine push and a very moist air that is moving through. but certainly if you get a fire going in those kind of conditions a dangerous to fight any fires at all but boy when those winds are over 20 miles per hour. very impressive. the firefighters really a handle on that fire today. we have been keeping you up to date on this fire was kron 4 news push alerts. download the app today to be the first to know when there's a fire in your area and get important information on evacuations in areas to avoid sent straight to your phone.
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>>the move to eliminate the park, you know the other seems like. >>a little bit of an overreaction. >>people living on a narrow street in the oakland hills may soon not be able to park along that road anymore the fire department says ridgeway is not wide enough for people to park their cars and safely get a fire truck through the street of the same time kron four's michelle kingston talk to the fire department as well as some residents about the dilemma. >>heather ridgeway is as one of the more narrow streets in oakland hills. >>it's less than 20 feet wide because of this the city of oakland says it can restrict parking on both sides of heather ridgeway to give emergency vehicles enough room to drive through right now parking is allowed on certain parts of the street but not for long in some residents are fighting back. >>i hate to argue to make the area less accessible for fire trucks because someday might
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need to. but and the other hand we live here. and we have to. maintain these houses we have to be like that people come over can't do that if there's no part. >>homes along the street are mostly upon hills with narrow steep driveways some people don't have a driveway or garage it all and have nowhere to park except for on the street to them in a parking. >>what are they going to. >>but fire crews say this road is insufficient and unacceptable with trucks unable to navigate appear safely during an emergency i hey we all want be fabulous if the street were clear all the time and fire trucks can go raci but. >>the problem is a little more complex than that. it's not it's we hear the message coming from them were to them. it's not it's a decision we make easily but we also realize that we
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have a duty and a responsibility to ensure public safety other neighbors know will do what they have to do in order to make sure emergency crews can access them should they need any help. >>and when the fire department says it's too small for the trucks to be a fight. and i think we need to come together and support the fire department in saying we will work with you and get what you need us to do >>city says the no parking signs for both sides of the street will likely be posted sooner rather than later, but no date has been set in oakland michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>cal fire has hundreds of extra firefighters stationed across northern california. the thing up staffing just in case as red flag warnings are popping up across the state and with forecasts calling for dry lightning at some inland parts of northern california. firefighters know they need to be prepared at a moment's notice. >>the winds temperatures in humidities and then when those come together along with lightn unfortunately recipe for the start of large higher.
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>>with lightning strikes and fires to come from lightning, we could get multiple starts across the area is more resources to respond. >>cal fire's reminding neighbors to have gos medicatio and important documents in need to leave in a hurry. the extra crews out plan to stay on at least through the night, but they'll be watching the weather patterns closely happening tonight a candlelight vigil in the east bay for 2 children who were killed in a rollover crash crash happened outside of bakersfield over the weekend kron four's gayle, ong live for us tonight in richmond where the vigil is still happening gayle. >>and i'm pam it's been a tough couple of days that you can imagine for the family and those who knew the 2 children. jesse and his sister see lolly contrary. both went to school here at richmond college craft individual is is ending as we speak, but you can see right behind me many people here in attendance. they're all here
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that rollover crash in bakersfield over the weekend. we did have we did think people pay respects with candles flowers and balloons and we're told us it believes we're traveling with family early saturday morning and there were 2 of 6 people inside the vehicle where authorities say the driver drifted into the center divider the driver overcorrected and the vehicle went on to the shoulder. if you're in your state. ivan rolled over multiple times tragically the 2 children were both ejected and died from their injuries tonight classmates, teachers and staff of richmond college craft have created a tribute here for both of the students. >>some people to leave a mark. and if a neatly suv it that put embrace the
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>>the cheetahs lawfully the 2 children were wearing seat belts at the time the crash is under investigation, we're told the other family members inside the vehicle that survived are they suffered non-life threatening injuries and are expected to be okay one of their survivors was a brother who is also a student here at richmond college craft the school has set up a go fund me page to help with funeral costs. we're live in richmond gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>and was at 3 new officers have been sworn in at bart police today's ceremony marks a big milestone in their hiring spree found force noel bellow was there she joins us live now with more on what this means for bart riders as well as for the department itself >>that's right ken and pam the 3 officers that were sworn in today make 40 officers that are p d has hired this year alone that number it's how many they hired in the last 2
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years come so there definitely on the right track here of course a part does receive a lot of criticism. writer safety and interim chief ed alvarez says that's exactly why they're going on this hiring spree. >>my main goal is to make sure visible >>help out as much as possible miguel yum us joseph alvarez and stephen say ciao the 3 new bar pd officers who say they're ready to serve the community. >>i've heard the concerns of people not feeling safe and i guess it all about the community with the committee did a service and they feel they deserve a service which they do enter and cheese and alvarez says they've heard the concerns from riders about theft. >>violence and fare evasion he says hg 40 new ofce at ease we need to have officers out there and be a deterrent because we know by having cops in the field and in our stations in our parking lot is
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going to turn cry all 3 officers transferred from other smaller agencies in the bay area and say the benefits of our pd offers was a big draw. >>for bigger opportunity to for into individual growth in experience and training the pay and benefits were definitely a plus retirement system and we know bart is the financially definitely keeps a growing and it's going to continue to grow bart's been on an aggressive hiring spree with the board recently approving the addition of 19 officer positions for the new fiscal year. >>because they know increased visibility alone makes a difference is something we take very serious and you know we have to be aggressive. hiring process is to try to ste it or department to help make >>they're looking to hire about 4 to 6 officers each month, the department is not that impasse atf. they have about 34 positions left to fill as for these 3 new
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officers you won't be seeing them on the platforms just yet they still have a couple of rounds of training to go through live in san fra you note. >>annual livermore wine harvest is under way we'll top of winemakers about whether or not the extra rain this year is good for the graves and even more important doesn't make better why a months after gunfire shattered lives in gilroy the police chief sits down one on one with kron 4 to talk about how at aetna, we find that inspiring.ot game. but to stay on top of your game takes a plan.
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that's why aetna takes a total approach to health and wellness. with medicare solutions designed to help you age actively. aetna medicare solutions.
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>>i think good things can come out of tragedies and i think that that has happened here in the city ago right and i think you see our entire community coming together and bonding in trying to do good and help one another. >>optimistic words from the gilroy police chief one month after tragedy hit his city, 3 innocent young people were killed when gunfire erupted at the gilroy garlic festival
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sending hundreds of other people running fearing for their lives. today, she's custom if he sat down with kron four's rob fladeboe he shared how gilroy is recovering from the mass shooting that happened exactly a month ago. >>and a month after tragedy struck there are still signs like this one all over town. yes gilroy is strong stronger than ever says police chief scot smithee think it has changed us. >>but at the same token i also think that we're going to come out of this stronger in the communities going to come together and support each other more so than they ever have before. >>a gunman cut through a fence at the garlic festival and opened fire with an assault rifle, killing 3 people including 2 kids and wounding 12 others it's a horrific tragedy that occurred at the garlic festival. >>and i don't think we can never lose sight of the victims, you know the 3 people that died were the people that were we'r or frankly people that were there and
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witnessed that emotional trauma that memorials and vigils paid tribute to the victims. well fund raising for their families continues even now. >>christmas hill park remains closed amid a lengthy cleanup. but the investigation into the shooting is all but complete says the chief un you know where investigators have lots of leads and loose ends to follow up on years, lots and lots of witnesses. >>and lots of evidence that needs to be coming through so our investigators will be working on this for quite some time into the future but you know as far as activities at the park that's completely wrapped up. despite already tight security at the garlic festival there will be some changes next year says the chief. >>but he also expects that volunteer spirit for which the festival is known to be stronger than ever. >>you know we can't you think you know that terrorist act by one individual change our lives and the way we do things. and i look forward to
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working with all these volunteers today to make sure that our festival continues into the future. >>in gilroy rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>the man accused in a violent assault on a woman outside her condominium complex in san francisco will be back in court tomorrow. austin vincennes hearing today was postponed 25 year-old had face charges in an unrelated second incident that took place back in february those charges were dropped after the public defender was able to prove benson was miss identified as the suspects. >>going to our. and i think the really nothing to do it.
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>>and this and faces a judge tomorrow he could be released from jail the district attorney however says they plan to argue against his release about cyber i'm told it's dark out already or producer amy is not happy right now it's getting earlier and earlier words kirk that dark and cooler that's on thames always ask given all these heads of those but yes, that means way down today and then we should leave it is that sea breeze really kick in. >>and look at that look at all the fog out there the sun is said and there we go we are winding down in a hurry now in august and really winding down on some are now the unofficial end this weekend with labor day holiday the way inland. hey, a nosedive as today in concord an limb or 13 degrees cooler fairfield all around the bay area that sea breeze really kicking in to drop those numbers so yeah we were actually run a below average in the san francisco today at
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68 degrees 73 degrees and oakland 78 in san jose and look at the valleys yesterday you were in the 90's upper 90's in livermore today, 83 degrees running below the average 82 in concord and 75 degrees in santa rosa. all around the bay area finally getting that sea breeze kicking in that cool ocean air work its way all the way inland. it's going to be a place again for tomorrow's these numbers are going to stay down just a bit a kind of active out there we've got a little subtropical moisture remnants evo brings more thunderstorms across the sierra nevada and around the bay area, not of that we've just got the low clouds and fog already making its way inside the bay, the sea breeze has been long of course of the fire there byron that was a concern but all around the bay area that ocean air continues to move on shore to be in place tomorrow morning as we're going to see increasing low clouds and fog tonight, some patchy dense fog out toward the coast, becoming mostly sunny and cooler that looks like a this holiday weekend. we've got to make sure some sunshine and clouds snow heat wave temperatures right about average in looking good.
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>>thank you lawrence well it is that time of year again wine grapes are ready to harvest to livermore and today the grapes we're blessed to be for the crew started to pick them and turn them into why. >>kron four's teresa stasio talks with the president of the livermore valley winegrowers association find out if this is going to be a good year. >>i am here and livermore unlucky me i get to come out here and cover the blessing of the grapes because this is all that harvest because it's that time of year. i'm joined by alex hinkle men and so kind of set the scene for us words, you're never more yet and your official title with the fabulous growers association and our board president with the livermore valley wonders association and yes we are here in livermore we're the beautiful don t rivera vineyards and winery. >>and this and a dea can and the local catholic church and have the opportunity to bless our vineyards bless the great sin
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really i start of the season while for harvest so not only are we here at this winery, but however alex you are also a wind maker so i know what everybody wants to know during swine which is kind of like everybody kind of sort of but anyway. >>i want to look 8 it's going to be great and this with a little bit more of a mild summer store we're seeing a little bit of a later harvest. things are it's just a matter of patients to be honest. but things are looking really good we actually have the opportunity to get our first grapes this morning which oh my goodness let the season the game ball and so we got some saudi on loan from a vineyard off of tesla road. and they are looking beautiful. all of the chemistry looks fantastic the greater tasting fantastic work said it's going to get far here live more trees to stasio kron 4 news. >>still ahead dorian now a hurricane barreling towards the us how puerto rico is preparing. well still recovering from hurricane maria and a rather rare sight
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in the east bay where a woman saw a usually very this will
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catch your attention take a look at this it's a bobcat. >>that's romaine the grass in an urban area, if you ever see one count yourself lucky, because they're usually pretty shy a woman in want to create took the pictures on a walk this morning there from red deer road near cardigan court a woman who took the pictures says the animals about 20 feet away from her and her little yorkshire terrier and the molinari with the lindsay wildlife experience as we should expect to see more animals like bobcats and mountain lines. the more we build homes into the areas where they live. >>but human expansion, especially here in the bay area we're moving into their natural spaces and when we take their homes they will lose some space until they also might venture into our yards. on ari says bobcats will rarely show aggression
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towards humans much like other cast, but she says it's still important to keep your distance. >>on average bobcats are about 15 pounds for the maximum weight of about 35 pounds and they're about 4 feet in lakes. the journey out to the desert is already beginning for some were heading to this year's burning man festival were topless of the local artists about what they bring when they're out there. >>the fires in the amazon rain forest called a global crisis. now that country of brazil has finally agreed to accept a but with conditions and at this moment, hurricane dorian is dropping heavy rain and strong winds on the us virgin islands, but the big question is. >>where will the storm headed next and how intense this
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>>hurricane dorian is picking up strength time warner not romero is in ponce puerto rico us what's expected to now residents are getting ready.
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>>huriarain flooding and widespread power outages just some of the dangers dorian is expected to unleash on puerto rico this storm could dump up to 10 inches of rain likely to impact many of the areas hardest hit by hurricane maria 2 years ago. officials and residents are hoping they're more prepared this time as many areas are still vulnerable it cities kind of a ghost town right now because everyone is really taking this seriously. >>a lot can happen. i think flooding is going to be our biggest problem emergency crews are on standby in officials say the thousands of residents still using blue the priority. shelters inch and one that we are much better prepared. >>then 2 years ago our area we have a now. >>shelter said we are open e for the people of san juan del shelters are better. points. >>another major concern what dorian does next forecasters
8:31 pm
say the storm is likely to strengthen as it moves over the warm caribbean waters and slam into the southern us coast over labor day weekend. possibly as a category 3 hurricane in ponce puerto rico, i'm romero reporting. >>yes, so that does remain the big question tonight to it just passed puerto rico where will dory and go after that ground force grant lotus has details on how southern florida is getting ready for a potential hurricane over the labor day weekend. >>and really the whole east coast is uncertain of where exactly this big storm will go so florida is used to hurricanes and they may have to indoor one in the coming days right now dorian has moved past the us virgin islands after dumping a lot of rain and a a whole lot of wind there but for the first time this season, floridians mostly are bracing for a major storm. >>regardless of dorian's path we are now entering the busiest part of the hurricane season, so everyone should
8:32 pm
prepare now. >>and most people are listening you see this costco here in west miami dade. it temporarily ran out of water, everybody loading up managers say more water is in stock they're putting it out on the shelves. seasoned residents say they're not too worried yet, but they're definitely watching the forecast closely. >>when been through a bunch of we've been down here 55 years so we know they do expect. andrew was a wake-up call. >>that's a lot of years and while we're nowhere close to knowing where dorian is likely to make landfall if it makes landfall at all much of florida is in what's known as the cone of uncertainty this area right here. it could go anywhere from georgia down to south florida and it might veer off to the right we just don't know by the way we're going to more on president trump's response to hurricane durian during kron 4 news at night, right now they want to send it over to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who's been tracking this storm all week. lawrence, a lot of
8:33 pm
questions here. yeah, a lot of questions and not many answers just yet we just no words at right now. >>it's really changed pattern here just in the last 24 hours we've seen it to really move further to the north and all the models are projecting and puerto rico watching happened right here, it just dodged the bullet right there's a kind of shoots the gap in the british virgin islands there now moving out into open water. good and bad. it's good that the miss puerto rico is bad because it didn't weaken it all the core of the system really developing faster now and now it's expected to be a much stronger storm sysrem watch the latest track year we've got sustained winds of 85 miles per hour as it started strengthen now and moving a pretty good clip northwest at 13 miles per hour. it is moving into open waters now and as we get into thursday that becomes a category 2 with sustained winds of a 100 miles per hour. and then it gets dangerous becoming a major hurricane just off the coastline. there north. the bahamas as we get into saturday afternoon with
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sustained winds of a 115 miles per hour. and that's where it could be as it approaches the coastal areas along the florida area as we're going to see those winds of a 115 miles per hour that could be a major hurricane. comes on shore with winds that strong we're talking about the possibility of a storm surge, maybe between about 9.12 feet right in this area of course there's a long way to go. graham was talking about is a consensus models want to bring right through in the central florida. but some of the models the still want to track a well to the north one of the wants to keep it all the way off the coastline. so there's a lot of uncertainty in the forecast we're going to tracking it. all week long right here on kron 4. >>thanks lawrence another day more flip-flopping from brazil on a donations that nation now says that it will take international aid after a, but with conditions and none of those conditions have anything to do with the actual crisis in the amazon coming over now. >>is in brazil with the latest. >>brazilian president jair
8:35 pm
bolsonaro has accepted a donation from great britain in the amount of 10 million pounds what is still not clear however is whether or not they will take the million donation announced by french president emmanuel and during the g 7 summit the offer was originally declined during personal jabs between the 2 in the latest back and forth within their own government, brazilian president jair bolsonaro spokesman announced tuesday night that they will take the funds but only if they can be the ones to an industry that employs just hours earlier bolsonaro said in a crime would have to apologize for accusing him of lying about climate change policy before taking the million mosul mr. mccrone shifting to sue 3 times before he attempts to get out of the complicated situation. he is a leak that while the politics continue the amazon is still burning. >>over 80,000 separate fires are ravaging the earth's lungs, and though there are large tanker planes fighting it from the sky. the real battle can be seen on the
8:36 pm
ground. the local fire brigade to russia to stop the latest flare up it i can see him and the terrain she says in the things we found that it was someone from the scene of that back yard to set the 5 political >>the panicked and called us it's always this way announce brazil. i'm camila bernal reporting. information tonight on ads and naked man accused of killing 3 people he disrupted a news conference while police. >>we're warning residents to be on the lookout for him we also talked to that man the victim, a church ground keeper who was attacked. and up next some good news for san francisco's sinking millennium tower the tentative deal in so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack.
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>>the big development in the saga involving san francisco's troubled millennium tower, a tentative in place that will compensate a condo owners and pay for repairs. the towers been sinking and leaning for some
8:40 pm
time which led to a series of lawsuits against project developer and the government agency that oversaw construction of the adjacent transit center. the first part of the new agreement will pay for repairs to the building. the other provides compensation for condo owners his property values took a hit people who bought there were denied. >>the investment they should have gotten other words that property is not worth as much as the surrounding neighborhood and it should be. >>repairs to the tower expected to take 18 months, it's hoped that the work gets underway next february. >>this in a video of this officer went viral for his interaction with a naked triple homicide suspect now the sheriff's department in virginia is responding about why he was running away from naked man. >>and sports yeas try to maintain their slim lead it just was shocked
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our community. the anybody's community something like this
8:44 pm
happens. is just a reminder of how fragile life is. >>the wife and child of a minor league baseball player are reportedly among the dead in in virginia we first brought you the story last night on kron 4 news at a son now grant lotus joins us with more on the suspect was captured while running around naked, it was a confusing story and at first seem slightly humorous in a way just because is it was so bizarre but. >>not at all. >>not at the part that had people on the going crazy that has gone viral is the part where the police officers almost running away from the naked suspect a lot of realize he had killed 3 people according to authorities so it's a complicated story certainly. a tragic story 4. the victims here. the suspect says 18 year-old matthew bernard he's been arrested on 3 counts of first-degree murder. bernard accused of killing. his sister his nephew and his mother yesterday in pennsylvania county. that's
8:45 pm
near roanoke bernard was seen as we mentioned on video choking a groundskeeper at this is at a baptist church. he was naked in on the run. a deputy comes in the one who had sort of been running circles uses a bat t try to gain control here is that groundskeeper. >>never bring not like to see that happen to me and wish to have >>it was strangled a bit but is okay, this is a video that went viral. the police officer, you know kind of chasing slash running away from the make it burn are pepper spraying him bernard a appeared at a media staging area where police had just had a press conference saying they were looking for an armed suspect connected to a triple homicide. and then he just appear there that's when he was taken into custody, many people on social media are asking why this deputy retreated knowing that the suspect was wanted on 3 counts of murder tuesday. it's a venue county's sheriff.
8:46 pm
released a statement saying that this is why. deputy did what he did quote the murder suspect was not in possession of a weapon and was in obvious mental distress. state police are trained to first attempt to de escalate a situation with an individual who is displaying an obvious mental, distress, the trooper use the equipment at his disposal which included pepper spray and a baton only state police tactical teams, the equivalent of a swat team are equipped with tasers troopers are also trained to maintain a safe tactical distance from the suspect in order to prevent an individual from gaining access to the troopers weapons. >>what's most of the norm was taken into custody. and he was placed into the the police vehicle. they need his cage which caused caught cuts on the side of his seat. >>bernard was taken to the hospital after being arrested
8:47 pm
because officers you heard said he was banging his head against the cage in the police vehicle once he was taken into custody. that is why he was wearing that bandage authorities have not released word about a possible motive in this case, ken pam back to you. all right grant, thank you. >>new high-tech gadgets have been added to the san joaquin county sheriff's department tool chest reporter k received explains how these new machines will assist deputies and now deputies are addressing some of the privacy concerns of citizens have. >>stoner newer better deputy say it is dior explosive ordinance disposal robot is exactly what a little better su ward says the robot did not cost the awfully dime was actually purchased on grants which in tough financial times has helped the office stretch their budget earlier this month sheriff patrick with announce temporary cuts to an
8:48 pm
already understaffed department was no money actually up from the county which was nice but the robot isn't alone. the office also showcases unmanned aircraft system also known as a trial. we use them all everywhere from a search and rescue. we've been we've were able to find a lost kayaker at mckinley wright deputy say in the last 2 months this show has been used at least 50 times however, some families have concerns it's all about your party see if if the the take away your privacy than they were related step in on the next. >>like most law enforcement departments, urgent ward says there are policies in place to ensure privacy. >>we're going to do our due diligence to make sure that they are used appropriathey're >>that was kay received reporting the sheriff's department says the officers knew us drone was purchased with with money from that is se the unmanned aircraft system program.
8:49 pm
>>and starting tonight with the a's facing one of the worst teams in baseball, which means an opportunity to stack up some winds and remain in the wild card race stays looking to complete the sweep against the royals bob melvin and his team a game up for the second wild-card spot could they stay there top for scary moment, a's all star matt chapman hit in the head by this jacob june us another look chafee actually started moving to first base before that rain or stopped him chapman did stay in the game for another inning before leaving for good. no word yet on his condition. top of the 5th to all market cannot 2 outs takes one deep to center of his contract to run jack his 23th of the season. for 3 a's, ryan o her kansas city. drives one off tanner roark the 2 rivals solo homer. >>a long ball. runs over 6 innings told in the 7th still for 4. dozier it went to the left side base hits
8:50 pm
nicky lopez scores, what was the eventual game winning run. casey wins 6 for 2, however, tampa bay lost so the a's. the meeting came up. >>the giants have the night off open a three-game swing with the pod race tomorrow also happening tomorrow, the nfl preseason slate finally comes to an end but unfortunately, one 49 or may be in danger of missing significant time throughout the regular season, running back jerick mckinnon who sat out all of last year because of a torn acl may be forced to delay his return to football after a setback in his recovery. general manager john lynch told can be are this morning that jet had issues moving around at full speed in practice yesterday. if he's fully not ready to go. there's a possibility he could end up on injured reserve which means he'd miss his second season in a row, 49 ers host the chargers tomorrow while the raiders wrap the exhibition in seattle. finally today's headline from the us open top seed novak joe commission the second round against juan ignacio londero despite dealing with multiple shoulder
8:51 pm
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>>burning man the annual event to its part party part social experiment a lot of art it's all in full swing in nevada's black rock desert north of reno. this is a live web cam showing the playa their black rock city where participants are building camps and art installations. this year, it's estimated 75,000 people will celebrate their and kron four's maureen kelly caught up with some of those folks as they were heading out for the desert. >>dazzles goggles a hat that could double as a disco ball and lots of fake fur were on display as those making their exodus to burning man lined up for one of the many buses leaving san francisco's civic center. it's a 9 day long event described by organizers
8:55 pm
as a vibrant participatory metropolis built by the burners who come to experience those who have been through it before say they're very excited to go back to what's referred to as black rock city right. >>really been on as i mean that's not. amazing community people you go for a week and it feels like you're cut. >>many came with bikes to travel to train others came loaded down with multiple packs so what do you need to bring to a really long party located in the harsh desert environment, fabulous outfit.
8:56 pm
>>and that wraps up kron 4 news at a time prime time coverage just getting started on this wednesday night grant lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at night ken pam, thanks very much coming up next tonight, hurricane doreen is on the move tonight after. >>just passing by puerto rico. they dodged a bullet. it pounded the us virgin islands, the british virgin islands is now picking up steam in the atlantic with the us mainland still in its sights. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking dorian's pass. >>plus new tonight at 9 a big scare a to g m in the south bay after police say a man sexually assaulted a woman. early this morning at a locker room and detectives believe there are more victims a live report coming up and a very community is mourning the tragic loss of 2 young siblings tonight. >>they were killed in the crash over the weekend how they are being remembered keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
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>>now when i live radar tonight over the atlantic ocean showing hurricane durian spat after it pounded the us and the british virgin islands, just passing by puerto rico. they got lucky, torrential rain ferocious winds on the islands. it's expected to strengthen over the next few days and may still hit. the us mainland people in florida. concern tonight good evening, everybody thanks for joining us tonight, i'm grant lotus and on vicki people in puerto rico. >>they're breathing a sigh of


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