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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  September 4, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>more about the santa cruz dive instructor who was leading the southern california expedition 41 year-old christie fence that took over the company called worldwide diving adventure from her father she had been diving since childhood kron four's maureen kelly talked to another school instructor who taught alongside her. >>instructor, nice person is really nice person always got jackson the master instructor at the area scuba in burlingame says he and chris teeth, instead. >>the dive instructor presumed dead. after the tragic labor day fire. taught alongside
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each other as they brought groups out to explore under water the order to do this for a living you have to be really good. you have to be polished. >>and she was really good what she taught and how she the connected with their students. >>instead had been diving since childhood inherited her business and her passion for diving from her father that she lived to do it. she loved what she was doing just like we do to peaceful. >>there's no phones. no facts. no text you can actually go somewhere and relax without anybody, happening at all of you for anything that plus see the beauty of everything into the sea. >>jackson says in his 50 year career as a scuba dive instructor, he's been on the conception himself over 20 times he says he found the crew to be very confident and professional. >>extremely professional me. we do our boundaries when they lay down the rules there are there for everybody's safety. and they were very thorough with their briefings. jackson says they canceled their own
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classes for the last 3 days. >>because they too needed time to grieve, unfortunately she you know foster life in which this whole thing you know there needs to be some answers on what happened what caused the fire. question is the families of the 34 victims and scuba enthusiasts around the world. >>we're hoping will be answered soon maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>at this point we know that 17 of the victims are from northern california mostly the broader bay area these are their photographs they come from mill valley from freeman, san francisco santa cruz and beyond officials are still working to identify the remaining victims and only one person is still missing. we have all of their stories and tributes from their friends and family members on our website at kron 4 dot com. now the complicated next step for investigators is recovering evidence from the boat which sank. >>kron four's ellis of ammonium spoke with a former coast guard investigator about
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the painstaking process. >>how difficult is this job now for divers to collect evidence that might have either disintegrated or been swept away by waves. >>it's complicated but not impossible. the casualty borrow a couple years ago shows a meaningful recovery of love. critical evidence can be accomplished. this vessel allies in. reports indicate is in 60 feet of water so should be reasonably accessible for the investigators. >>divers are having to work with 60 feet deep 4th of water isn't dangerous for them and how did they make sure that they're going to be safe in the middle of all this process and recovering that evidence. >>dining at a time i think is he's a inherently risky. especially when you're dealing with a wreck. >>or situation. so they will
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need to be a careful in and monitor the condition of the hall. as a working around it. >>the fbi and the ntsb are also investigating what is different about the coast guard's role. >>well the coast guard is basically tasked with determining. >>what was the cause of the fire. >>the accident itself and what safety recommendations, a safety concerns i need to be addressed to ensure that this type of incident doesn't happen in the future. >>to get more exclusive interviews plus live local 24 7 news. you can download our kron on streaming app today for the 3rd time in less than a month in oakland unified school district campus was burglarized in this time a scrum forcefully to call tells us an elementary school last $10,000 worth of laptops. >>over labor day weekend 60
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chromebook laptops were stolen from markham elementary school in east oakland call of them with district labels and recorded serial numbers, oakland unified school district spokesperson johnson psaki says the thieves gained entry by breaking at least 7 classroom windows looking for stuff and eventually cracked open the lock boxes storing the computers says could be 15 $20,000 all told when it when you talk about damage and loss it's the 3rd burglary at a district school since classes resumed last month. >>skyli e high school and madison park academy have also suffered losses. this is also the second time in a year in east oakland was hit a point of frustration for students and teachers say it is really hard. >>i mean the here can you know keep up with resources and just the most part, you know for being in the bay area competition for as we do our best to work really hard every day so is just really unfortunate the school district's television station was also burglarized over the
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summer. >>10's of thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen, dating back to last year all of the burglary cases remain unsolved. no arrests have been made it's super frustrating to know that someone would think that doing the computers from children. it is a way to make money it's a saki says the district is in the process of replacing stolen laptops adding though it won't be easy or cheap in oakland sleep at all kron 4 news. >>people in the bahamas are just starting to get a grip on the destruction left behind by hurricane dorian but today there was a moment of joy when a 10 year-old boy was reunited with his family after being separated during the storm. how the boy got separated from his relatives is unclear, but the family cried some pretty happy tears when they're able to hug him again. the focus for emergency teams now is to search for those who may be trapped or injured. let's get
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a check of the weather here around the bay area now 4 zone forecast but also lawrence, you said you saw some lightning today, yeah about that a couple lightning strikes popping up in the bay area part of that. >>monsoonal moisture that we've been tracking for you and here it is you see all the lightning strikes up over this year that uh that's pretty common for this time of year, but some of that monsoonal moisture started track up in the bay area there you go you see it popping off in the north bay, one little didn't last long with a few scattered showers actually make their way all the way to the ground we have reports in petaluma nevado some the showers moving through there. you see the thunderstorm and then it kind of moved on out now the month so moisture remains in place for tonight you can see some of those clouds up above you see low clouds and fog really begin to sweep on shore down below so couple things going on almost looks like a castle in the sky out there tonight with some of those clouds out there but temperatures was still hot inland. you had a lot of 90's in little more also to concord mid-nineties there 90 degrees in santa rosa, 69. in san francisco5 degrees in oakland and 85 degrees. in san jose
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temperatures around the bay area begin to cool down 50's now into san francisco. you still have 90 in concord 84 now and warm in livermore 76 degrees in san jose and 67 in oakland. that fog is going to thicken up overnight tonight, there's still a slight chance of some thunderstorms with that monsoonal moisture tomorrow morning though i think most that begins to move eastward. the fog is going to clear out we'll see some sunshine but some cooler temperatures noticeably cooler by the afternoon in fact we got this low kind of spin around in the air that's going to kind of weaken that ridge of high pressure sending further to the east. that's going to camp out over the bay area's was he said to the coming days and that is going to drop your temperatures outside numbers tomorrow afternoon plus made is the warmer spots in the lots of 70's inside the bay and 60's along the coastline, another cold front coming through on saturday not going to bring us any rain but some much cooler temperatures for the weekend. thanks lawrence. >>oprah winfrey is coming to san francisco today. she announce, she's hitting the road for her 2020 vision, your life and focus national tour. the tour is in collaboration with weight watchers or w w s is now known. winfrey says the
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goal of the tour is to motivate others to lead 20 20 be the year of transformation and triumph the tour will include high-profile guests at each stop he kicks off january the 4th in fort lauderdale florida tickets will go on sale september, the 13th winfrey will be at the chase center on february 22th. >>the tiny is warriors fighting the most complex medical conditions how a bay area organization is trying to ease the pain and stress for their family. and if you are saving less money for your retirement chances are you are not alone details on a new survey ahead
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>>are you saving money for your retirement if you're saving a lot less this year not alone according to a new survey fewer than one 3rd of working americans about 29% increased their contributions while 16% of those surveyed lower their contributions compared to last year income level was the biggest factor in determining determining whether someone increased or lowered their contributions. >>coming up next a controversial vaccine. bill is on the governor's details on what people have to say on what people have to say on both sides of this debate. the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now.
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>>gavin newsome now has to decide whether to sign or veto. a controversial vaccine bill our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the message supporters and opponents are trying to send to him. >>locking the front doors to the governor's office protesters urge governor newsome to reject s p to 76 wherh there is risk there must choice. the senate sent the bill to his desk after approving it 48 to 17 wednesday. the measure gives the department of public health the power to investigate doctors who grant more than 5 childhood vaccine exemptions in a year and a
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schools with vaccination rates of less than 95% bill, the key the people. the protesters say the choice to vaccinate should be between patients and doctors, a group of them interrupted the floor session several times forcing lawmakers to go into a short recess, you hear that they feel. the governor signaling he wants to make small and technical changes to the bill to clarify some rules, those changes could come in the form of a separate bill the governor staff met with several opponents wednesday, including karen kain night. >>i think they're probably rain to come and talk with protesters say they plan to demonstrate outside the governor's office for the rest of this week. reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>it's not in the scheme of life little children are not supposed to die, but it is a cruel reality that some families have to face tonight
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kron four's vicki liviakis takes us inside george mark children's house in san leandro where they try to make the short time left as good as it can be. >>jabari thin cooks was the apple of his parents i know this precious little boy was held. he was 17 months old when he passed. this was 7 years ago his mom and dad were able to spend the last few precious moments with their sick baby boy suffering from a terminal illness. >>that being with was those last those last being able to have his last moments the with a smile. i think those are good for people of war and be able get through life. as you lose a child. hard enough was a child who i think which you know is that hair is you want to be protective. you have all these hope to have all these dreams and when you get that news that your child is going to pass away. all those hopes and dreams kind of fade with
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that news. >>doctor joan fisher is there to help parents to deal with the pain of losing child i often say to a family doesn't matter whether you have. >>10 minutes 10 days 10 years a 100 years it's always not enough they're here children. >>this is the wall in the garden each tile represents little ones who have passed on like jabari george mark children's house is not the home really but for many of these families. it's the closest they can come to it. >>if not to die others come to live their best life. >>there are racked with kids who might otherwise be stuck in a cold hospital room and in the doctor kathy hole is the founder of george mark children's house and we start really can't we get these kids out of the hospital and summer that shiels more healings. new friend. there are visiting therapy dogs to provide a sense of calm and brighton a
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child today. >>other children with severe physical limitations can experience hydrotherapy and there are bound bodies are buoyant. >>and then there's charlie i do his mustache trimming and his sister cuts his hair. >>we've got to keep up the look we're the ambassador and there is a whiz at playing video games with his feet. >>he came here is a small child who wasn't expected to live long do his. >>physical and medical challenges kind of like this place. do it somehow. >>charlie has been coming here for more than 15 years hard to the staff. for another 15 e u >>unfortunately we are said to have to tell you tonight one of the children and vicki story laughing in the art room passed away just today. the family expresses gratitude for the george mark children's house. >>the association is a domestic terrorist organization at least that's
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according to a new resolution passed by san francisco supervisors. now those city leaders are asking other cities states and the federal government to follow suit kron 4 sanaz to hernia spoke with the author of that resolution find out what she hopes it will accomplish. >>they don't want us to study gun violence because gun prophecy more in america mice. >>san francisco supervisor catherine stefani is talking about the nra she wrote the resolution that declares the nra a domestic terrorist organization, i wrote. >>after the garlic festival shooting just absolutely fed up with the fact that the entering continues to stand in the way common sense gun violence prevention legislation and tired of it. >>the resolution passed in san francisco and in addition to citing gun violence statistics, it also claims that the nra spreads propaganda and promote extremist positions if i'm not back down on us. >>that they incite violence with their videos in their nra tv programming and the city continue. every step of the way to block when the american
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people want which is universal background checks on all gun sales and they blocked research into gun violence tied that we want to feel safe again in this nation and the nra standing in the way of that and we're not going to let them anymore and to those who may think the resolution is an attack on the second amendment this isn't that. >>the second amendment and this is the second amendment is something that i support but at the same time i don't support dangerous people getting access to dangerous weapons all we want to do is keep you and your family from getting shot. frank from tiny and i want to take your guns away i want to encourage people to have guns that may do harm the nra doesn't care about that. >>supervisor stephanie says she ultimately hopes the old nra comes back the nra that uses support background checks, gun education and safety. in san francisco said austin hernia kron 4 news. >>in response to that resolution just passed the nra put out this tweet saying quote this stunt is an effort
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to distract from the problems facing san francisco. such as rampant homelessness drug abuse and petty crime to name a few. they're wasting taxpayer dollars to declare 5 million law abiding americans domestic terrorists, and it's shameful. >>just when you thought it was safe to think antonio brown was all in as part of the raiders family more drama breaks out today. marc and j r will set you up for bay area sports night with the latest on a be coming >>and we talk about some thunderstorms a few showers now a thick fog beginning to move into the bay. what does that mean for days ahead, we'll talk about th
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>>well guess who's back in the sports i wonder who mark harper j r stone joins us now from the set of bay area sports night. we'll talk about the raiders. >>we are talking about the raiders are getting ready for bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on him or talk about the raiders that means we're talking about antonio brown more headlines. i thought we were done with this spot. he's been assessed more than $50,000 in fines by the team for missing time during training camp he issued a response on social media today, this was something else says when your own team want to hate but there's no stopping me. now devil is a lie, everyone got to pay this year. so we clear your thoughts on his reaction to this because seeing more cheddar from brown i can't wait to talk about this for the next hour because. >>we know antonio brown as mister prime time wide
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receiver, the primetime wide receiver in the nfl. but now he is the prime time story maker in the nfl and we are seeing that every week. >>from rader k really is nonstop. all right so we're going to be diving into all of that analyzing the raiders analyzing the 40 niners will be bringing on jason cole editor-in-chief of fansided dot com to look ahead to all the great nfl storylines as we get ready for week one of the regular season. bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. let's go back to you can have it all wrong fellas thank you lawrence, guys we've got some fog moving inside the bay right now a little thick out there in spots look at that. >>up toward the golden gate bridge you can see it there that fog going to settle in tonight going to be dense in spots around the bay area so the chance we could see an isolated thunderstorm. we've got the monsoonal clouds moving over having to see the top of the sales force believe they're just about a 1000 piece a given the idea the deck pretty low for tonight, a wake up tomorrow morning some patchy fog early on temperatures in the 60's by noontime noticeably cooler
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outside i think that sea breeze going to be a little bit stronger. the the 90's for now we'll see those temperatures topping out probably in the 80's and that's about it so non 80's in the interior valleys lot of 70's inside the bay should be gorgeous and 60's along the coastline and looking out over the next few days high pressure kind of scoot now the way we've got a trough of low pressure moving through another one to bring some cooler air on saturday. i think by saturday i think most places in the struggle to get maybe low 80's. the warmer spots so as maybe a little hint. some fall-like weather coming our way alright thank you lawrence, thank you for being with us tonight, we'll see a tonight at 8 o'clock. come try my really big chicken two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening?
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no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. cheerleader on trial. >> the shocking aczaz. >> just two days after her high school prom photo was taken, did she do the unthinkable? then, he's alive. the missing storm chaser known as hurricane man. and diane mcinerney's harrowing night. plus, for the first time, the young woman sexually assaulted by the disfwrafd stanford university student comes forward. >> i'm not just a drunk victim at a frat party found behd a dumpster. then, neighborhood hoarder war, imagine living next to this dump. >> this looks like a big mess here. >> we're there


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