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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>now at 5 a new name on the grim list o coast of santa barbara. a woman who touched many lives here in the bay area and beyond thanks for joining us. everyone tonight at 5. i'm grant lotus i'm justine waltman vicki liviakis is off tonight her name is by day a williams and old friends remember her. >>by her maiden name by campbell kron four's rob plateau joins us live from with more on her story, rob. >>year-old by day he vi campbell williams by all accounts loved water. she was a competitive swimmer in high school study the ocean in college and had an 18 year
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career here at the so-called creek water district. >>we're going to miss her she was a life the big. dynamic person within our organization probably touch more people within our organization than anybody else. >>campbell williams was identified late thursday is one of the 34 people who perished in a fire aboard the dive boat conception in the channel islands early monday. she died as she lived on an adventure reids a family statement in part always full of energy and light a world traveler. her love of water, the ocean and sea life carried through all aspects of her life. she had a passion for everything she had a passion for life that was one of the beautiful things about her. >>i don't think i ever saw her in a bad mood that mood and she would just come in and light up wherever she was at the water district that schools and at the state capitol via was known as the water princess. >>often appearing in some kind of water related costume to dramatize her message her. the
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specialty was education, especially a k. >>up through high school and that's probably one of the hallmarks that will be remembered for is her efforts to educate thousands and thousands the young minds in and teaching them about water. >>the day. he campbell williams is survived by her husband of 25 years 2 children and an extended family who recalled her as a resoundingly echo of light and joy with an enthusiasm for life work adventure and water. >>she was a trusted colleague to many, but true friend a few people also within the organization, i mean a true friend and we're just going to mr. the dearly and our hearts go out to you know her family all her friends so many letters of gratitude are coming in expressions of her and and to the whole community because there were several people involved with this tragic accident. >>unfortunately one more flag
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at half-staff across santa cruz county here in honor of the victims who perished the family now is said donations and donations can be made in vies honor and care of california strong and that is donations would be shared among all of the victims of the tragedy live in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>extra police officers will be working this weekend in oakland to crack down on illegal side shows officers will be patrolling parts of the city with help from helicopters and outside agencies any sideshow activity could potentially be met with citations arrests and tow trucks, according to police. last weekend sideshow enforcement in oakland resulted in one arrest. 10 citations being issued and 4 vehicles being impounded. >>hercules police are sharing video and photos of this car and of at least one suspect connected to at least 3 home burglaries that happened this past week and is cont forcefully to call reports now
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one family plus $60,000 in cash. >>it happened to us and it is houses the neighbor in white seen talking with hercules police thursday morning just minutes after his neighbor across turquoise drive was burglarized by who police believe is the same trio responsible for another home burglary that day totaling 3 for the week. the neighbor yelled at the burglars when they were leaving the home initially he didn't know anything was wrong until his next door neighbor's called stating they believe something strange was happening at the house across the street to see had called the cops or south they've made cotton instead they got away driving a newer model gray or silver infiniti sedan the same car captured on surveillance video 2 days before parked up the street. 2 people jumped out of the car broke into a home through the back and rushed out with $60,000 in cash and 2 passports, a getaway driver was waiting. the victim's neighbor couldn't believe it i
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really sorry for them to go outside when i come back and there was just lend is i was really shocked. >>i was in this case, i looked around my house as a wall of police say the homeowner left the house at 11 30 that morning returning at 12 45 in the afternoon gone just 75 minutes when the burglary occurred it happened at around 1218. took just 20 minutes to carry out these burglaries are very brazen corporal greg sanchez was among the officers who responded to thursday's burglaries all us if they see anything out of the or also review your surveillance footage and share it with police if you live in the area. >>and may have captured the suspects passing by in hercules felipe took all kron 4 news. >>other news now the high-profile criminal cheil indigo ship warehouse case in oakland is over at least the first stage of it and now the judge who presided over that case is speaking publicly. >>kron four's haaziq minute sat down one on one with the honorable trina thompson to
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get her take on the case. >>absolutely every attorney in this case brought their a game i caught up with judge trina thompson here at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland to get some of her courtroom s of thth process behind the goal ship fire drought. it is the day after the jury acquitted, max harris and deadlocked on the charges against co-defendant derick of judge thompson says both the prosecution and the defense made stellar legal efforts in th case. mister mister kent consummate professionals, i mean they were calm. >>their demeanor was amazing. there was no stone unturned in terms of research. the district attorneys were. respectful there were times where you know some of the council have. a little push here in the air and even with me but i think everybody would reset the following day the jury deliberated on a four-day schedule with the judge deciding to give the fridays off. >>she explains why these are
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individuals who are not getting paid. who are away from their families who are away from their job. we tried to come up with a schedule that allow to have some time in me the morning. >>some time during the lunch hour. and some time in the evening to at least be able to remotely with their places of employment. they all have fridays so they could go back and at least work a full day and be able to maintain the continuity of their work. >>she talks about thedecision to have no cameras allowed in e courtroom during the trial to collective decision. >>we have to look at the configuration of the courtroom. we have to look to see whether there was any way to have a camera or cameras in the courtroom m m at would intrude on the process that would not compromise or jurors in their identity. what capture things that were private documents that were not going to be displayed to
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jurors judge trina thompson is the first african american woman elected to be a judge in alameda county where she has ruled on the bench for the past 16 years she is also a lecturer at u c berkeley is department of ethnic studies in the college of letters and science. >>in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>and we have continuing coverage of the go ship trial. we will hear from the district attorney's office and the defense lawyer who explains what is next. for derrick elmen a it's on our website kron 4 dot com. >>turning our attention now to the 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside on this friday, you see at least one tower of the golden gate bridge whole lot of fog that you see the blue skies down there at the bottom of the background painting for some people this weekend as the weekend right here we go i'm absolutely sure. >>and hey if you like those clouds guys guess what we've got some more for you this weekend we're going to be little fall feel to our weather i think over the
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weekend as a cold front dies in the bay area outside right now you've got a couple batches of fog and not bad at all turned out to be a very nice friday for most folks away from the coastline that patchy fog keep those temperatures cool up toward the beaches, the local dried off the coast. that's right we've got a weak storm system out there that is going to start to work its way in our direction in the next 24 hours and that is going to bring some cooler air and some pretty windy conditions. i think especially along the coastline over the mountain tops right now, there's a pretty breezy out there to 22 miles per hour at sfo 10 miles per hour benicia and 13 in the cocker right now but we're going to see those winds really within toward tomorrow afternoon temperatures outside right now pretty comfortable lot of 60's 70's inside the bay. yeah, we watch those numbers bounce back just a few degrees and some of the valley's 87 degrees right now in concord it is 74 degrees in the napa valley and 64 degrees with wind and some of that patchy fog into san francisco. tomorrow morning we get up to mostly cloudy skies even the valleys i think start out with clouds early on and then as
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the low clouds and fog begin to pull back well we've got some partly cloudy skies. we've got some mid to high level clouds that are going to be moving in from that week cold front that will keep those temperatures down in the 60's in the middle of the day and then in the afternoon i think those temperatures top out maybe the upper 70's in the warmer spots and i think overnight on saturday night into sunday morning. hey we could see some those temperatures down for overnight lows in the 40's, so definitely a little fall feel coming our way. all right we'll get ready for that thank you lawrence. >>homelessness is one of the biggest issues, no doubt facing the bay area and many critics say it is affecting the bay area's reputation as a good place to live work in maybe especially visit. >>catherine heenan the host of inside bay area politics sat down with oakland congresswoman barbara lee who says the cost of living is to blame. >>i have to say i believe that all of our local officials and state officials are working day and night to address this. but we have to look at the cost of living the bay area.
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and you look at have to look at the fact during the subprime crisis. so many people lost their homes when you look at the african-american and let next communities at the subprime mortgages were directly. targeted to these communities and people lost their homes that when you look at the fact that the rents are excessive you, you know the character of my district is changing very rapidly and so yes people are talking about what is taking place. but i think we have the wherewithal and the commitment and it's certainly with our nonprofits in our local housing organizations, they are determined and i'm determined with the federal government's help to address this crisis in a big way. >>you can watch catherine's full interview with congresswoman lee on inside bay area politics, it airs at 11 oh 5 on saturday and sunday mornings on our 24 7 streaming app.
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>>all right, it is brand spanking new there's chase center. the warriors new home and its first big public event is tonight this is a video here from a ribbon cutting ceremony that happened earlier this week. there's the inside. tonight's event is a concert featuring metallica with the san francisco symphony. elton john and janet jackson will perform it later this month as well a host of other big acts. the one billion arena seats some 18,000 people. officials plan on holding 200 events per year that includes warriors home games, what 41 of those the dubs said of their first pre season game against the lakers at the chase center that is october 5th. now to talk graders and it's just a full blown soap opera with those guys and there are a star wide receiver antonio brown that has captivated the
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sports world a day after it seemed that brown's career in oakland will be cut short after an altercation with the team's general manager. >>the star receiver has avoided any punishments kron four's mark carpenter joins us now with the very latest what about monday. this is a while. >>this is wild and i guess we're not allowed to be surprised anymore given how this entire offseason has played out and when we're thinking about how this would be shaping up the monster was always there. just win baby her 8 either he's going to be back there now you would think that if a player got into a screaming match with a front office executive and it's supposedly escalated to the point where teammates had to hold you back there would be disciplined. but that is not the case in this story surrounding antonio brown to the raiders white out not only avoid suspension, but he will be playing in the teams season opener. just a remarkable turn of events brown back with the raiders this morning as far as we know won't be fined or suspended reports say he offered an emotional apology to the team this morning with the rate or captains by his side. it was thought he would
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miss time after he got into a heated argument with general manager mike mayock earlier this week when mayock find him for missing part of training camp, this back and forth got so tense that brown is said to have threatened to hit me in the face this offseason the raiders made brown the highest paid receiver in the league with $30 million in guaranteed money and a suspension would have avoided a significant amount of that money but brown gets to keep his cash and for now all is back to normal seemingly. the receiver offered of this brief statement after today's practice. my side of the eye here today. >>one of largest of my teammates. another time and the side of the aisle here with my teammates all of this idea the apart of raisins you've got
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>>that's the plan raiders broncos monday night at the coliseum and we want to mention that kron four's kicking off another season of football shows this weekend, starting at 09:00pm tomorrow night a full hour of nfl coverage. kate rooney has all your 40 niners news on the red and gold zone. well jason dumas springs, everything raiders on the sword and shield so back to you just eating right. >>upstate lawmakers are working around the clock to pass last minute bills, one of them impacting rideshare drivers and affordable housing. >>plus the cdc is warning the public not to use the cigarette says it scrambles to figure out the cause of a dangerous disease linked to a popular activity and san francisco international airport is about to begin some
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>>welcome back as we take a live look here at san francisco international airport were starting tomorrow a key runway will be closed for almost a month to fix up some wear and tear the closure is expected to impact travelers can force charles clifford has details. >>number 7 that's a whole is going to shut down one of its key runways use or landings. now the runway in question is 28 left pilots refer to it as to 8 left and they're going to shut down this runway for 20 days. so they can get in there and put in a new base layer. they're going to be working along a stretch of about 1900 feet of the runway specifically where it crosses
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runways one left and one right airport did some similar work back in 2017 that they discover that the problem it was a little more extensive and so they need to go in there and a really put a new service on to this runway. what it will mean for travelers is that there may be some disruption. 2 flights over the next month. the airport says they have worked with the airline to try to minimize any sort of problems and they picked the month of september because summer vacations are over fewer people are flying right now and also the weather is still dry. they need that a warm dry weather to finish the work out on the runway now this entire project cost $60 million that my money is from and provided to federal funding and again this work should wrap up my friday september 27 at sfo charles clifford kron 4 news. >>let's take a live look outside right now in doubt and san francisco hard to see it there through all that. we want to check in now about the weekend weather forecast with our chief meteorologist lawrence car. >>now they see the fog right
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there. we have a pretty easy but a hurricane dorian this still hurricane. >>one bit it's still rip along a lot of yeah and some of the outer banks there some of the barrier islands. they got smacked by dorian today and now they're having to be rescued look at this. right up along the coastline go over cape hatteras there and then sweeping right off the coastline and open waters, but what a storm. it has been what a story will be written about this hurricane as it is caused a numerous damage all along that path. now it's not done we've got off the coastline right now as a category one sustained winds of 90 miles per hour but look at the speed now remember was just stationary a few days back down move in very fast to 24 miles per hour. but watch what happens is going have that wrap around moisture it certainly could possibly get in new york, boston plymouth, and then all the way up in a nova scotia finally making landfall as a category one hurricane. well to the north and then it looks like it will come to an end outside right now we do have some patchy fog building along the coastline we're going to see a little more fog overnight tonight.
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and it looks like those temperatures see if they are going to be coming down as we've got a weak cold front making its way into california that will bring with it. some cooler air and well we've been to see the winds kicking up along the coastline. let's see breeze bringing with it some low clouds and fog along the immediate coastline right now temperatures outside not bad 74 degrees nice evening in the san jose 75 in fremont the 70 a spy vin down the 7 tail 75 redwood city, 64 and san francisco, 69 degrees in oakland and 73 degrees in berkeley. overnight tonight we are going to see some increasing low clouds likely going to see some coastal drizzle andom bit cooler think sunshine more so for tomorrow but look at the winds as we take you through the night tonight, not bad you just have that sea breeze and then you start to see all those colors start to ramp up we'll see some very gusty winds maybe 2030 plus mile per hour gusts along the coastal sections by tomorrow evening. and overnight tomorrow night so a big change coming away going to feel like fall over the weekend guys. escalators
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at bay area of our stations are being fixed. >>but these are not quick fixes how long the repairs are expected to last and state lawmakers are working around the clock to pass
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decisions made next week at the state capital could have a significant impact and industries across california. >>the legislature has 5 i've
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worked days left to get proposed laws on the governor's desk. some of which could change the landscape of a number of businesses. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has a preview of what we can expect. >>the clock is winding down on california's legislative session next week lawmakers will make their final decision on a b 5 a measure that would reclassify a number of workers in several industries as employees instead of independent contractors. this week, dozens of truckers blared their big records outside the capitol in protest gig economy companies like uber lyft and doordash threatening to put an initiative on the 2020 ballot to let voters decide if the bill passes. another measure being considered that could shake u 2, 0, 6, the bill would allow college athletes in california to be compensated for the use of their likeness and image, a proposal that flies in the face of nc double a star lebron support for the measure this week if passed california could find itself in a court
5:26 pm
battle with the organization that governs college athletics. another bill close to the finish line renters protection, bill ab, 1482. the measure would cap annual rent increases at 5% plus inflation. governor newsome already indicating he'll sign the bill but opponents say the measure does nothing to address california's housing shortage that's driving up prices. these are just a few of the hundreds of bills that must be approved by midnight friday to land on the governor's desk in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. up next one person is dead. after a mobile home caught on fire in the south bay we'll hear from fire officials about their investigation. >>i recall martin in washington, the centers for disease control is warning the public not to use the cigarettes as they scramble to figure out the cause of the lung disease that's sweeping lung disease that's sweeping the nation. the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices.
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>welcome back to cdc is warning the public not to use the cigarettes at least for now as it scrambles to figure out the cause of a chronic lung disease that spin linked to vaping so far. >>3 people have died and hundreds more but hospitalized after health officials say they used east cigarettes recall martin has the latest. >>new reports show as many as 450 people across the country have contracted a chronic lung disease after vaping at least 3 have died so far this year the cigarettes are not safe erika sward with the american
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lung association says federal health officials should have taken vaping products off of shelves long ago the american lung association has been warning about there with the dangers of e cigarettes for more than a decade friday, the food and drug administration and the centers for disease control and prevention did take action the agencies warned the public against using e cigarette products, the cdc says right now it's working with researchers in illinois and wisconsin to try to figure out what's making the purse and separately new unconfirmed research points to a chemical derived from vitamin e that he used in some paving liquids in michigan governor gretchen whitmer took matters into her own hand temporarily banning flavored nicotine vaping products in that state this is a health crisis that we're confronting. >>on the would never be permitted to phyllis cigarettes. >>but the vaping industry says that's an overreaction it's like finding contaminated lettuce and banning peanut butter. mike hogan is what smoke-free alternatives. a beeping lobby firm. >>the cigarettes are safe have be


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