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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 23, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>red flag warnings are popping up across bay area tonight we're taking a live look over downtown san francisco and even though the sun has set and it is dark you can see they're still temperatures in the mid 70's across the bay area good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore while these warmer nights might feel nice. it is dangerous right now during the height of fire season. we want to get right to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow for a look at how long these warnings are in a lab, yeah, probably for at least the next couple of days, but certainly looks beautiful got to be really careful though we've got. >>just the right combination
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of things going on right now we've got high pressure building over head. we're going to see some very strong gusty winds developing overnight. i may be some 3040 mile an hour gust. we've got some hot temperatures. it's a very low humidity. these conditions pretty typical for this time of year but very dangerous as you're going to see those strong gusty winds developing tonight, especially over the mountain tops in the north and the east bay so that being said red flag warnings that's where they've been posting you see all the areas shaded in red through part of the east bay hills the diablo range. you see going to see some very gusty winds here but i think the place of main concern is really over a parts napa and sonoma county. i guess we're going to see our strongest gust. but certainly should a fire start anywhere in these areas in these kind of conditions it can spread rapidly so something watch out for overnight tonight, we'll see the gust picking up you can see the models start to pick up on that as well more of a northerly component to the wind then watch the colors begin to show up we start to see some yellows even oranges here you see some of those guys like the callisto that 3rd 21 miles per hour. some stronger gusts over some amount probably over 30 and
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that is going to subside a little bit during the day on tuesday only to begin again as we get into wednesday night. we're into wednesday in fact looks like wednesday morning may actually be the peak of the gusts and that's what we're going to see some of those 30 maybe some 40 mile an hour gusts are certainly some dangerous fire conditions it looks pretty. but yeah, it's dangerous outside. >>thanks lawrence and we have team coverage tonight to try thousands of people up the sierra foothills are without power how are due to preventive measures taken by pg e our first stone following the story for us he joins us live. in santa rosa's coffey park, a j r you talk the fire victims tonight, how they feel about these measures. >>well vicki i talk with one man earlier this evening who tells me that if this saves one life then he is all for that victim lost his home. back in 2017 now right now the power is still on here and really there's no wind whatsoever but that could change in the next 2 days dies, they talk about this
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they do want to go to some of the video this is what the coffee park section of santa rosa looks like today and they have certainly come a long way since the tubbs fire in 2017. a fire that destroyed structures and killed 22 0 people i talked with one woman who said that she is all for preventive measures of turning off the electricity and monitoring as long as the monitoring is actually happening as long as it's not lip service from pg e that is what she said cal fire found the tubbs fire was caused by a private electrical system adjacent to a residential structure. but there is now a court battle over that i talk to the man who lost his home and said he is for power shut off. >>it helps one person to turn
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it off it's worth. monetary expense. losing a few dollars with the food. >>bennett fire was back in 2017. but there is still a lot of pain from that fire even today and i could sense that this afternoon everyone hopeful that they never have to see something like that again hopeful that there can be preventative measures going forward so that something like that does not get to that level it got in the past much more on reaction to pg e's decision on some of these power shut off. tonight at 9 o'clock reporting live in santa rosa j r stone kron 4 news there is a while p says it will keep the lights on. >>tonight's that could change in the days ahead as long as there's a red flag warning for parts of the bay area. >>our first dan kerman went to santa rosa tonight. without the genie is preparing.
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>>at pg center as a service center extra trucks extra power poles and extra equipment fill the yard in anticipation of the weather to come at this point though plans to shut off the power in sonoma and napa and lake counties monday night have been put on hold. >>so we're monitoring some adverse weather some hot. dry windy weather coming into the area and as that term and even other is a little bit of a fire is still there being a red flag warning day. it was not a heightened fire risk enough to warrant proactively shutting off the power not so lucky or 21,000 customers in the sierra foothills. >>they will see their power turned off monday night. but here in the bay area a power shut off watch remains in effect that means those 55,000 customers in the north bay could see their power shut off on tuesday night. >>takes to be safe and not have catastrophe like that in santa rosa's. >>i think that many who live or work in santa rosa are fine
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with that especially after experiencing 27 teens tubbs fire. in fact for many, the main concern is not the power shut off. but the red flag warning that goes into effect monday night. >>when i hear the winds with bob because i remember the sounds last time and when the winds whipped up. i am sleeping on the couch instead of in the bedroom, i have all my clothes on and i'm watching what's happening that i really do. >>both cal fire and fire agencies in sonoma county. we'll have additional resources ready to go. the sonoma county. >>strike team which is 5 fire engines and a leader. an additional water tender initial dispatcher dispatch center this funding through callow yes there's going to be a second strike team which is 5 engines and a leader this paid for through sonoma county. and so will be through just local government that's likely arc of our partners they'll be 11 extra pieces of equipment on the road extra dispatchers the dispatch center next rover had available.
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>>now if power shut off in the north bay on tuesday night turning it back on is not a matter of flipping a switch in fact pg must do an inspection of each power line that is turned off. the ford is turned back on that can be done in person it can also be done by the air. but that's why turning the power on could take 24 hours 48 hours or even possibly more than 72 hours. at the bee gees service center in santa rosa dan kerman kron 4 news. >>construction will continue for the homeless navigation center near the embarcadero in san francisco today, a superior court judge denied a community groups request to stop building the 200 bed shelter that group safe and barca daryl for all fears that crime will increase in the neighborhood kron four's kingston live for us tonight at the construction site on beale street michelle. >>well many neighbors are disappointed in the judge's decision today but their attorneys say they're just in the early stages of this lawsuit and are unsure what will happen next.
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>>court judge denied an injunction to stop the city of san francisco's plan to build a homeless navigation center just off the embarcadero this center which is already under construction will provide a bit a meal in and access to programs to transition homeless people into permit and housing in jobs neighbors who are poor a community group called safe the mark and errol for all. the building of the center in are disappointed in the judge's ruling. >>we'll see how it goes. but i think that looking at the way that the city is run other navigation we don't have any confidence that the city will be able to run this month. well without any negative consequences for the neighborhood. >>some neighbors like wallace, least fear the 200 dead homeless navigation center will increase crop the area. 2 attacks have already happened near the construction site both cars surveillance camera police say a homeless man brutally attacked a woman
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outside her condo building which is next to the navigation centers construction site about a week later in the same location. another victim says the man ran up and punched him. >>the these the areas where the city is keeping people safe. i can't do that and we saw that you know with the attacks captured on video. the residents who live around the senators feel it every day in their neighborhoods. >>the judge ruled on a lawsuit said crime statistics in this area fluctuates and says moving the homeless into the center could make the streets safer. the city said delaying the construction on the project could cost them a $100,000 or more the safe and barca daryl for all groups as their lawsuit is in its early stages, and they could possibly appeal this decision we we will see what. >>this homeless navigation center is expected to open by the end of the year live in san francisco tonight, michelle kingston kron 4 news michelle. thankou. >>2 women accused of stealing an elderly woman's wallet at a
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supermarket have been arrested, we showed you this surveillance video shows one of the suspects, reaching right into the elderly woman's purse while she was shopping in walnut creek back on september 9th there'd happens right there police say the suspects you see the look out on the left the suspects tried to make purchases on that woman's credit card. at a nearby store were told several people contacted police to identify the suspects in last thursday, stockton police arrested 22 year-old marquis should mangum and 22 year-old arcadia blount they face several charges, including financial elder abuse identity theft and conspiracy a driver's been arrested after driving the wrong way on the entire span of the bay bridge. >>officers received calls about a tesla model 3 sedan driving eastbound in the westbound lane shortly before 3 this morning. chp says the driver went through the toll plaza and onto northbound 8.80 a spike strip was used to stop the driver around 5th avenue in oakland, the driver is in
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custody. and chp is investigating why that driver was going the wrong way on the bridge. >>east bay city. >>en infected by a virus or the city hall, the city services being affected. now this computer must be shut down. if you're streaming us on kron on the news continues
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>>in union city are trying to find out the cause of a virus infecting the city's government computers for now the computer cityall of bin shut down which is affecting some city services. >>kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>a computer virus discovered over the weekend here at the administrative offices in union city probst the shutting down of the city's computer servers. >>they came in one way infected the system and then we shut everything down as a precautionary measure union city spokesperson lawrence a guy and says although the city's i t department has determined that the viruses. >>connected to any ransom where it still poses a significant threat we've contacted. >>federal and state cyber security officials 2 examine the data to understand the scope of the impact. so that's not something that we quite know yet in terms of whether people's. the personal information that's in our system is exposed or not. >>the possibility of personal
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information being compromised by the virus is a major concern for this union city businesswoman i'm i'm i'm little scared, you know. see what happens. she is among those who came here seeking a business permit and was turned away after learning that is one of the services impacted by the computer virus which also includes so thin if anybody communicate with city through their work emails. that's impacted. we can't permits and licenses at this time we're doing the forensics examination of our information because. >>technically this is still a threat. it is important to note that union city emergency services, including police and fire dispatch are not impacted by the computer virus. >>in union city has a kron 4 news. cleanup work is finally starting in sausalito are a big mudslide slammed into a neighborhood last february today, a contractor hired by the city. >>again some prep work to start removing debris from some of the homes. crews plan to start to remove all next week they say they hope to
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finish the work before rain arrives this winter. forecast as we take a look live outside at the embarcadero joining chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence. the embarcadero yeah, it's just like being in a resort kennedy's last throes right of the summer like heat myrna fall now it's already begun, but it won't be long we talk about much cooler weather but. >>yeah we've got the heat advisories going up around the bay area starting tomorrow and again on wednesday as we're going to see some hot temperatures in places. well i just don't see it that often in those hot temperatures continuing right in the san francisco along the coastline, san mateo san carlos, all the way down the santa clara valley continuing in the north bay parts of the east bay as well these temperatures. scorchers by the afternoon even tomorrow these numbers way up by tomorrow afternoon. talk about 93 degrees. redwood city 91 in a word about 93 amount due 84 degrees downtown san francisco 88 in oakland, triple digit heat inland. that's for tomorrow. then we get into wednesday. i think
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that will be the peak of the heat. these temperatures still topping out in the 90's in and around the bay so we've got a couple of days of significant heat and even temperatures maybe sneak up low 80's along the coastline and then things are going to begin to change high pressure overhead kind of building in you've got low pressure all the way down by vegas right now so the difference between these pressures system's going to whip up to temperatures in the as they can mention, look at the numbers outside walking around san francisco, 70 degrees right now 72 in oakland 74 in 70 or 75 steel and timber a beautiful there 71 the napa valley and 70 degrees in petaluma looks like we're going to see these temperatures for overnight lows, fairly mild 50's and 60's and then we're off and running with warm temperatures going to be hot spots, 80's 90's around the bay triple digits, inland. even some 70's right along the coastline. next couple days. we on the hot side then the cooling begins and it's a big time cool down. i think those temperatures running below the average slight chance of rain next weekend.
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>>i shouldn't pm. i should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. you'll come to us young people. >>a 16 year-old activist from sweden gave an emotional speech at the un climate summit today credit to nunberg scolded world leaders accusing them of not doing enough to save the planet. speech came just minutes before she in 15 other children filed a complaint against the u n they claim 5 world powers violated human rights by not taking action to stop climate change. >>we are beginning of in mass extinctions and boy you can talk about it's a money.
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>>timberg recently spent 2 weeks traveling to the us on a 0 emissions sailboat. she's known for staging weekly sit-ins outside parliament in sweden. those lead to more than 100 similar protest all across the globe. >>as the world's leaders gather in new york city for the annual united nations general assembly, the climate crisis took center stage. dozens of heads of states made their pledges and gave their ideas to try to help the environment. meanwhile in the nation's capital protesters voice, their concerns karen caifa has details now from washington. >>president trump was expected to skip the un summit on climate change entirely but decided to make a brief appearance. >>reliever. >>a session on religious freedom scheduled to overlap unattended for about 15 minutes. the climate summit speakers invited to come with from proposals for change. >>from the beginning i said that he could do nt is not the
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beautiful speech, but complete action. >>and for example pledged to double germany's climate protection funding internationally. >>we increase funding for global climate protection from 2 to 4 million here is that. >>summit comes on the heels of friday's youth climate strike killed worldwide 16 year-old activist berg told leaders monday to take the crisis more seriously. >>the ice of all future generations are upon you. and if you choose to famous. i say we will never if you french president emmanuel mccollum said young voices like schoenberg. >>should be encouraged we need young people in our countries to tell us to work for us to we need the young people. the help has to change things. >>elsewhere in the nation's capital monday morning climate activists brought rush hour traffic to a standstill to bring attention to the climate com us in washington, i'm karen caifa it.
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>>a vaping-related death springs, a toll nationwide to nine's the governor of kansas as a man over the age of 50 died recently after an illness linked to vaping governor laura kelly says the man also had underlying conditions. several others have fallen ill from vaping in kansas. the cdc says there have been 530 confirmed and probable cases of lung injury related to the cigarette sense as of september 17th. >>increased risk of fire danger, what you need to know about red flag warnings popping up in the bay area allegations against the bay uh-oh, looks like someone's
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>>state of california is taking a used car dealership to court for alleged unlawful business practices paul blanco's good car company has locations in oakland, sacramento, stockton, and fairfield attorney general javier announced his office was filing a lawsuit against the dealership claiming the business purposely misled customers to buy cars. they couldn't afford, falsely advertised and light on credit applications. so customers can get loans. johnson report. it for many families the most expensive one-time purchase that they will make. >>it is not a home for many. it is their vehicle attorney general javier becerra says his office is taking paul bakos good car company to court alleging that they misled. >>friday consumers and lenders
8:25 pm
what the results be next schumer's ended up with auto loans that they could not afford to repay was 7 locations across california, including in sacramento, stockton in fairfield the company says it has 480 employees helping thousands of low income people afford vehicles, the a g office says the company falsely advertise on tv and radio credit and discount programs which don't exist that the eu or ship even promoted a program for senior citizens. that supposedly offered reduced prices and interest rates. any easier approval process when in reality. no such program ever blago is also accused of lying to customers claiming their customers legally had to buy out on services which add an extra costs of as much as $4,000 and often it required the buyer to take out an expensive loan perhaps the most shocking accusation by the department of justice. his they claim paul blago employees would physically cover parts of disclosure paperwork with their hands customers signed them that
8:26 pm
tells you how much your vehicle costs how much interest are going to pay overtime and we slammed down in front of you on the table with our open hand to covering up the disclosure, the department of justice says it is not looking to shut the business down. >>the lawsuit is seeking to hit the company with a $2500 civil penalty for each violation and the a g believes there are more victims out there we certainly have had information from customers who. >>have had it's fair to say life altering experience with this a dealership network and your to california department of justice we won't stand for that. >>paul responded to the allegations saying quote that it was vowing to fight the allegations made against the company in the suit. the attorney general's office demands penalties for alleged practices that are widespread and common place in the auto industry. the complaint largely focuses on technicalities. >>time for fire season we talk with cal fire about what you
8:27 pm
can do to prevent another wildfire from sparking up and how people are preparing for when the genie might turn off the power and high fire danger conditions. >>and fire danger running high the next 2 days but sure looking ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>4 zone forecast for the live view of the golden gate bridge on a very nice but warm monday night toy that is iconic what
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a stunning evening cropper sheep are all just lawrence karnow joins us now to look ahead to see that fog roll to the golden gate, the next couple days to get those offshore winds blowing so going to be very nice but again the fire danger running high the next few days specially anywhere above a 1000 feet a local bayer mounds that's where we're going to see those very strong gusty winds. all those are shaded in red. that's where we have a red flag warnings posted now through looks least wednesday morning and then things are going to change but for now parts of the east bay, the north bay you're going to see some strong gusty winds moran, sonoma and napa counties and certainly the diablo watch out for those strong gusty winds developing tonight and that will continue on and off right through wednesday morning. right now just a breeze developing this start to see the components more of a northerly a compose the when you see that in snow me see that now stinson beach and around the rest the bay area. that's beginning to shift a bit now as we get ready for this. the goal of high pressure settling in a lot of sunshine is a very nice weather 80's in the san francisco tomorrow beautiful day to get out there and enjoy
8:31 pm
some lunch for the outside if you can 76 degrees daly city 78 overnight with some downslope winds there 85 degrees in millbrae 80 in south san francisco 87, foster city 88 and sam, a tail turning in the 90's and much of the south bay going to be a hot one by tomorrow afternoon. and speaking of hot you've got some triple digit heat showing up in the interior valleys, the east bay, 91 in a word 86 in san leandro 87 in berkeley, you're looking at 90's into 95 in pittsburgh, 101 in fairfield 86 in san anselmo in about 98. in santa rosa, so the next couple days going to stay on the hot side then the cooling really kicking in the sea breeze returns on thursday below average over the weekend with a slight chance of showers. thank you darren from pg e decided not to turn off the power here in the bay area. >>customers elsewhere in nevada you but give counties are all set to lose their power because power lines have sparked wildfires in the past. we're still really big concern now homeowners are trying to prepare to deal with the inconvenience of living without power. but they're not sure for how long just minute
8:32 pm
reports. but i have actually kind of pretty good set up titus davis prepares for the worst. handle i think 3 days of if that's what it turns out to be with 2 generators and plenty of fuel. he's ready to powers, nevada county home when pg any turns office lines that obviously inconvenient but that meant a lot to lose here. >>you comparing the differences, hey maybe few days an inconvenience of not having power. versus not having anything. >>electric company is shutting off power to more than 21,000 customers in nevada yuba and butte county starting around 05:00pm monday. all to prevent electric lines for sparking wildfires like they have in the past were looking for gusty wind, dry conditions and that titan fire threat to really determine whether or not we're going to shut off the car. they expect the outage lasted anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. once all clear comes wilson crews out to patrol all of the lines make any repairs and most are restarting customers about losing food everything else,
8:33 pm
i'm referring to as homeowner gary schultz he braces for this outage. he's wondering whether it's necessary saying pgd could have prevented this with proper maintenance. the infrastructure pretty old. >>and that's something that they should have been spending money improving over the years of just letting go to save money and make profits. >>the red 5 morning in place across the area. the vehicles are field our field ready to go you've got a few extra supplies and most importantly get the evacuation order comes get out early. >>advice homeowners like davis take to heart really about here in the outdoors we enjoy that a lot with the outdoors comes were some responsibility to to know what to do things like this happen.
8:34 pm
>>was jessica mensch reporting for us tonight as cal fire braces for the peak of fire season here in california. they are. also remind you to be aware of just how easy fires get started kron on's l a ceremony and spoke with cal fire scott mclean earlier today about how the agency is getting ready. >>and so what are local fire departments doing along with cal fire in order to prepare for the worst case scenario. >>then the units of cal fire was definitely is other units and other department probably are doing the same are staffing up getting our reserves fully staffed getting logistical support in their lot of behind the activities actually taking place on cal fire jurisdiction. we actually brought up 25 i've more additional engine is from the south. other ride the last night as well as into this morning that come with that about 90 firefighters on that. plus of 14 different to inmate hand crews. should be a pure preposition as well that's over 200 inmates plus 21 captains overseeing them. >>where the position where
8:35 pm
they stay in the meantime. >>they're going to be spread out in various areas here lake county butte county. up north a little bit so they're all spread out so we can make sure we add to that response. >>she said you guys are also calling on a couple of more fire engines what other tools and resources are you leaning on. >>well in addition to the 25 engines that are rather have been pre-positioned are we order more aircraft when the time is needed very easily. we can bring other resources in like bulldozers things of that nature. so we have that flexibility that capability to bring in more resources very quickly. >>so people might hear red flag warning i might be the first time they don't really know what that term means if you can explain it terms for people who her for that need to understand that they need to do their part to prevent a fire from sparking up because it can spread very fast and these coming days. >>you've got it, thank you very much red flag warnings. it's a weather condition you're going to have predominant winds which are making humidity is low, your
8:36 pm
temperatures are usually elevated. vegetation even though we had rain recently, it's still very dry. so it does not take anything to start a fire. so the public needs to be aware that they cannot be complacent at this time. september and october historically in the state california are the worst 2 f months for wildfires. >>good reminder. this full interview ran on kron on our 24 hour streaming service to hear cal fire talk more about what you can do to prevent firefighters and other exclusive content just download kron on from the app store kron on the bay area's only 24 hour commercial free. local news source. >>but what we'd like to do is to expand the program to rescue more cuts to serve eric morita systems. >>so cute. how program for surrogate sea otters in the north bay is helping restore ecosystems all across the state president trump still facing heat after admits he discussed former vice
8:37 pm
president biden and his the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine.
8:38 pm
five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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>>in national news tonight. there are a number of reports that indicate a whistleblower from the intelligence community prompted an investigation into whether or not president trump asked the ukrainian president to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son. washington correspondent alexander le mde reports this is now fueling talks of impeachment. >>house democrats are closer to an impeachment attempt.
8:40 pm
california congressman and chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff says that may be necessary. if the president asked ukraine to investigate his political opponent, joe biden. >>then that may be the only remedy that is co equal to that that conduct represents house. speaker nancy pelosi wants the whistleblower who prompted an inspector general investigation into the president. >>to testify before congress and senate democratic leader chuck schumer called on majority leader mitch mcconnell to authorize hearings and subpoenas to investigate utah, a republican senator mitt romney said in a tweet if the president asked or pressured ukraine's president to investigate his political rival, either directly or through his personal attorney, it would be troubling in the extreme critical for the facts to come out. on sunday president trump admitted he spoke to ukraine's president about the bidens.
8:41 pm
then on monday, he said nothing about the conversation was out of line. >>phone call with the president. everybody knows just a democrat >>in washington. alexandra leigh mt. >>off-duty unfair i thought it would in my apartment and i saw i think in that he you know in my apartment. >>the trial of a former dallas police officer who shot and killed a man who was in his own home, the shooting victim's sister says there is only one outcome. she's hoping for. >>coming up in sports for 49 ers are undefeated as they head in
8:42 pm
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>>day one of the trial of a former dallas police officer who shot and killed a man in his own home. amber guyger says she accidentally entered the wrong apartment and killed 26 year-old both jean on september 6 2018. the delay in bringing charges a year ago sparked ongoing protest on how the case was handled by dallas police genes older sister says she's hoping only one outcome of this long-awaited trial. >>i think justice let fly for his killer to be found guilty of murder. so that we can move in washington. >>amber guyger pleaded not
8:45 pm
guilty if convicted she faces up to life in prison. you may not have known it because they do i did and it is sea otter awareness week and we're kicking off the week with some really great news from the monterey bay aquarium. they have what is called a sea otter surrogacy program yeah, look at these little critters they're so adorable according to a new study that program has helped restore the population sea otters and coastal estuaries a conference has more on the service the program. >>can you first tell me how the program got started and why we needed it in the first place. >>sure thing thanks for having me today. the program started when we we operate allied strandings programs to see i was in california and so if they're started at second shows up on a beach our team. he goes out rescues that otter preserve actually for help check out and and back around the year 2000 we had this incident where we had a mom show up pregnant and gave a still born up and then we had a show up at the same time and so our caregivers at the time
8:46 pm
said well since his mother just lost a mom what if we paired her with a source and that just showed up. and that's how it begins. >>i mean so sweet that you guys thought to do that you are you guys are the only facility with this type of a surrogacy program can we talk a little bit about numbers because they're pretty impressive what you guys have done over the last several years. >>sure well in this study just came out today at the journal oryx. >>we chronicle about 40 otters that we have this urgency program trained up into how does the allowed out and then released until the accordance lou. just down in mice landing. but we've are up to about 60 right now it's been it's been joyce to see this program developed cars, what started as just an idea now are seeing the impact on the water we're seeing how very nice animals in captivity in releasing their is having a big impact so both kelp forests in the ocean and then
8:47 pm
estuaries along the coast. >>ok well aside from restoring the threatened population the increase in sea otters also help the ecosystem to right. >>correct east a sea otter and sea otters have like this srperpower and they can transform for the better, the ecosystems where release them shoes or whether it's in the ocean or whether cities estuaries along the coast. they maintain and sort engineer these ecosystems and make them more despicable for fish or crab odds. obviously for themselves that make the water clear. take a lot of the nutrients out of the water. and really allow these marine plants which are that say says these ecosystems to thrive. >>well we're just i'm at how we can wash all night long this full interview ran on our 24 hour streaming service kron on to hear more about this and other exclusive content download kron on from the app store kron on the bay area's only 24 hour commercial free
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local news source. >>as the monday scary is when you can just back in the glow of nfl football all day and after yesterday that's especially true for 40 niners fans, san francisco fight we return to levi stadium yesterday taking on the steelers. things got to a sloppy start the 49 ers turned the ball. times for the 1st quarter alone, but the deep end, it's really stepped up to keep san francisco in the game offense got going down the stretch the niners won 24 to 20. they're now 3 know to start the season for the first time since 1998 as they head into an early bye week. >>that that is good but that doesn't mean anything. than 5 uh no not made the playoffs before so. you know it doesn't mean much but especially we got here. and i know by we start off and after loss to win one that way. get 2 good days here the practice away
8:49 pm
for a little bit bring the guys and get a couple extra practices that are going on monday night gets a chance to heal of >>no rest for the raiders who kicked off the first of 5 5 straight games on the road yesterday oakland quickly fell into a 21 nothing hole at minnesota. and the raiders weren't ever able to get back in the game oakland's defense just had no answer for dalvin cook arrest for overall 100 yards. a 3rd straight game. the raiders loss 34 to 14 and now look to regroup as they continue one of the top stretches on any the nfl schedule this season. >>we're doing everything we can in our team acclimated to the time zone change these fresh as possible yet be as prepared as possible and will continue to do that. we're young team. and i'm i'm not going to sugar coat, it where young team that a lot of critical positions we're building our football team we play to the best teams in the league. the last 2 weeks
8:50 pm
everybody goes to minnesota this year's and other hands why can promise you that. outstanding outstanding football team. >>football game tonight just wrapped up. one to redskins hosting the one in one bears in chicago wasted no time, i'm disappointed home crowd, not 42 to go in the first time clinton dix makes 3 intercepts case keenum taking it 37 yards to the house pick 6 for him that was just the beginning we know about the defense bup how. often 7 minutes left in the second much to this key. fines taylor gabriel. 14 nothing chicago checks to drugs for washington resulted in a fumble and interception and then this. and nothing bears final seconds of the half it's too risky give real again, 3rd time money for a touchdown in the half. redskins win recover final score 3115, chicago and the raiders have to face those bears in 2 weeks time. looking like that's going to be a fearsome opponent overseas.
8:51 pm
>>and we came back after the car race and i opened up my my motel door and my dog was gone. i was devastated. >>a washington state woman is dog goes missing while she's on vacation in montana, so what she do. she quit her job
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
>>a washington state woman went to very great links to try to find her lost dog during a trip to montana carole king left or dog katie in a motel room when she
8:54 pm
returned katie was gone a 57 days search ensued starting with carol posting. hundreds of fires and culminating with her quitting her job back home in spokane to stay and look for beloved katie. do you love your dogs so much and you just have hope and you know she's out there searching for you you just can't give up. the sacrifice paid off the whole town got involved in a tip from a resident lead to katie being found in a kalispell montana neighborhood, reunited the pair headed back home to spokane together. >>if you're a cat person you probably already know this cats really do bond with their people that they don't always show it. researchers at oregon state university studied human attachment behavior between babies and parents then translated that to study dogs primates and now at some kittens they found in each case, the secure care bond, look to similar in the case. a study did cats and kittens with individually spend 2 minutes in a room with her owner or a caregiver and then
8:55 pm
the person would leave the room for 2 minutes followed by a 2 minute reunion. this is called secure base test about 65% of the cats and kittens were found to be securely bonded to their owners. they're finding shows that the cat bond with people were stable in adulthood and not just president in will kittens the study hopes to discover different aspects of cat attachment behavior to help shelter cat feel. we're secure. they just don't want it no they don't want you know they're about that that wraps up kron 4 news at 5, 8 but are and time coverage getting started on this monday night. >>grant lotus is here as kron 4 news at 9 vicki ken thanks very much next said 9 that red muag warning is in effect for of the bay area tonight as hot that are that include east bay hills which of course as folks on edge, there will hear from the oakland fire department who have crews on hand just in case extra crews that's next in a live report. our chief meteorologist says keeping an eye on the hot fall conditions so tell us which
8:56 pm
areas could hit triple digits, keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
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8:59 pm
>>9 a red flag warning is in effect tonight, thanks to hot dry. windy conditions tonight, thousands of people in the sierra foothills are without power due to pg knees
9:00 pm
preemptive shutdown good evening, everybody thanks for being with us i'm grant lotus. >>onof the key would kiss thanks for joining us tonight at 9 crawford. sharon stone following the story for us he joins us live in santa rosa's coffey park jerry you talk the fire victims tonight. how they feel about these measures. >>well vicki i did not get to that what they had to say momentarily i think it is important to note off the bat here that electricity is still on here in the north bay there's barely a breeze out here tonight. but they are closely monitoring that situation over the next 24 to 48 hours. >>whatever they do. half the people are not going to like it. >>but don t j d o is one of the people who is okay with it. he lost his coffee park santa rosa home in the 2017 tubbs fire. but survived his neighbor who lived next door did not that's why he is for any measure that could sava


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