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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  September 24, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>>or 4 zone forecast it is a top story tonight that red flag warning remains in place for parts of the bay area and temps right now are still in
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credibly hot 97 livermore 96 antioch and those are a spy look at the concord 100. yeah i really see that rarely better team arrows lawrence karnow is here. >>a lawrence what's the outlook for fire danger that's what we all wanted. yeah. fire danger again overnight and we see some strong gusty winds. i think especially in the north bay hills we're going to see those gusty winds developing again maybe some 3040 mile an hour gusts we're watching out for that tonight. >>otherwise beautiful down below there has not been much in the way of wind many urban areas and you can see out here right now clear skies. all the way the coastline air quality. yeah, it has suffered a bit and see a spare the air for tomorrow a lot of a building up in the atmosphere, poor air quality in the east bay and also the south bay city some that your skies but temperatures again will be the big story maker again 90 degrees expected downtown san francisco 84 gold make park about 78 the sunset 77 in daly
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city to get over the coastline beautiful out there, 79 in half moon bay 90 in millbrae about 86 in south san francisco, 90 in burlingame these places you usually don't see this kind of heat we're getting it right now 90's popping up in and around the bay, you'll still see some triple digit heat in some of the valleys but they see that from time to time of folks inside the bay don't see that heat that often so the good news is this is just one more day of heat. a big changes coming after that. >>announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment in court. i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. >>yes, she said it more now on our top story house speaker nancy pelosi announcing the congress is in fact launching a formal impeachment inquiry. this follows president trump's admission that he discussed former vice president joe biden and biden's son hunter in a phone call with the ukrainian president pelosi's announcement today marks the most direct step taken by the house democratic leader to embrace impeachment
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proceedings. >>joining us now katherine in host of inside bay area politics. she is with the panel of experts to talk about the impeachment inquiry. catherine. >>take it away q, thank you, vicki in grand and joining me is tom del beccaro thomas the former chairman of the state republican party and laura foot joins us again. hi laura laura is a and elected delegate to the state democratic party she's a housing advocate in san francisco, right, here's my big question. nancy pelosi has been fending off progressives for months. why now what is it about the ukraine business or the political timing that has changed us. >>i think you've got 3 key issues on the one hand you have moderate democrat that's who have particularly those that have military and national security experience finally coming on board and saying this makes sense. this is the right way forward. you've got a really clear whistleblower going through the propbr channels being blocked by the administration
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and you've got the 3rd really component that you need the most which is. relatively easy to understand for the american public. this is a story about and abuse of power that i think people are going to the track with a lot of clarity and so that argument to the general public is going to be a lot easier to make. >>i think 2, 3, might be a bit of a stretch but what is clear that it is no question that some of the 16 of the 31. democrats and trump districts in the house did didn't move. we still there still facts that people don't know and as an attorney of 32 years free judging facts before you even know what's in the transcript that always bothers me but there's look at the end of the day. it depends on how you look on a look at this you want to just look that the political lens. it's this was going to hurt biden at some point or another and now they get out in front of this. we know the so-called whistle blowers attorney worked for hillary he actually works for a group where they solicit.
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whistleblowers against the current administration and pay the money. so there's all kinds of intrigue here so but the question the proof will be in this putting they've cried wolf before. >>well pelosi part of what she was concerned about whether you know this could back fire whether it would affect independent voters or moderates should they have waited a day lord to see the transcript 4 star door doesn't matter. >>no i don't think it matters. i think there's clearly enough evidence to open an investigation which is what we're going to see now we're going to have an impeachment hearing we're going to discuss do the facts, it's lined up for a conviction under the articles of impeachment i think that thaes at kot of sense. i don't think anybody is rushing to any conclusions or saying there's a lot of smoke here and so we're going to go investigate if there's actually fire. i think that yes, it's true that the sir spin machine is going to go into overdrive we're going to see a lot random things said about how joe biden but i'm
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very excited to say that we're going to. where we will evaluate the facts and and see what the trump administration has been up to we're going to say one step after the other smoke smoke smoke and i believe there's fire. >>nobody knows because nobody actually knows what the transcript says that that is in the media or even most politicians right. but this doesn't actually change something legally within the house all she did was give a press conference and said ok keep going with your existing hearings and at the bottom of the news reports say impeachment. she's getting your cake and eating it too meaning she get some of this discussion about it. the only possible legal benefit to this and get attorney for 32 years is now in all their court fights to get to say quote impeachment inquiry and therefore that cast wider net. but they actually haven't done what a normal impeachment inquiry would do would be a
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vote of the house. so this is incrementalism in the next 3 days 2 people are going to testify about this you're going to have the transcript this could all blow up in their face in the next 3 days or just be more of the same on betting it's in between. but i do know list trump was hit 53 in rasmussen his highs the presidency and it came at the exact same moment is that fairly confident i don't think so. >>nancy on both side has been getting a lot of haters saying that she's not a brilliant strategic thinker and i think actually that she is going to come out on top of this one she played slow and stea and she knew that the trump administration would not be able to avoid another clear cut scandal and here we have it we have a whistleblower going through the proper channels it's the perfect opportunity to say, let's have all this come to a head in a public forum and we're bringing the moderate democrats along with it at the correct pacing i don't think
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anybody can say oh we've seen this before. i actually think her steadiness and her resistance to moving too fast. it's going to be very much in her favor now now we get to say we're doing this the right way you know i think that this november 1st with that we would get to this moment that they would do 3 things shut down the government they did. >>and less in curry's an investigation they did and now this and very close to him because there's so much on foot and was inevitable there's so much competition on the left to please the base the 2020's are gone far left and now in this divided here the criminalization of talk more about this on on the podcast politics in perspective okay and they're wrapping me but we'll also have a special edition of inside bay area politics tonight because i have a lot more questions about this including what does it accomplish. the senate very unlikely to convict will will get to that vicki and graft. back to you thank you catherine as you know we have a special impeachment special. >>this evening catherine will
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be back with tom in juarez they'll continue to disagree civilly, it'll air on our streaming digital channel that's kron on at 7 o'clock tonight, got to disagree civilly some more may as well be here. >>still ahead. they're speaking out saying over and. i'm doing enough to prevent a certain type of passenger from requesting right it's why they're calling for stricter regulations when it comes to young passengers disney becoming even more welcoming when it comes to other food options, the special being added to parks.
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disney is hopping on the plant based food craze. >>the company says its us theme parks are going begun. yeah, every menu including those at disney branded hotel restaurants are going to feature meatless options. more than 400 be conditions will be added at disney world in florida by early october followed by california's disneyland in spring of 2020 to help people spot those new additions disney says it's going to be adding a green leaf logo. the menus. the real estate agent is attack during an open
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>>terrifying attack caught on camera a realtor in southern california says this happened during an open house in la on sunday and now she's trying to help prevent another attack from happening. the woman says this guy told her his name was tom she says she move the conversation outside of the home because she felt uncomfortable hoped he would leave. instead she says he kept asking her questions. >>he's an will initiate a closet. i a moment. i want to stand out here so can have water. i said the preacher's
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wife in the kitchen, you can walk. the me he said i'm you can use the bathroom. i said not on a dozen, i mean he's about to him. >>the woman says she thinks screaming loudly is what saved her life so far. police have not made any arrests. >>talk about 4 zone forecast right now taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero little wind kicking up there evidently, you hope that doesn't become the trend and become widespread, especially in the higher elevations, north bay east bay. >>red flag warning in effect says we speak. no is back in. we know exactly how hot it got today, yeah finally the numbers are and so we officially and one record around the bay area highs. >>well, yeah they were scorching out there 90 degrees in san francisco don't see that very often 92 in oakland 95 degrees in san jose 98 in live more a 100 to one in concord a 103 in santa rosa, and these temperatures running 20 degrees above the average
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for this time of year all around on 91 in fremont 96 in redwood city 92 amount you 91 in so that's where the heat advisories are up today. tomorrow we're going to see very similar temperatures all around the bay area even 84 degrees in half moon bay, one record that was found today at the temperatures go international airport to 94 degrees. breaking the record of 93 setback in 1978. all right out there right now it is nice and clear and that is the way it's going to stay all night long the winds. they will be picking up the temperatures still hot out there, we're still looking at 80 degrees in pacifica now down to 73 so sea breeze kicking in in half moon bay to 6 still in san francisco 90 in san mateo 87 in tehran, still 90 degrees and hot in san and some on 91 in petaluma so still working on some toasty temperatures and we'll have another day of the to the offshore winds will continue for at least one more day then after that the big it that sea breeze begins and we're going to see some major drop in the temperatures as those numbers going to come out a good 20 maybe 30 degrees as we head in
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toward the weekend alright lows are going to be very very mild tonight for some it will be a little uncomfortable. those numbers are dropping off into the 60's and then you see some orange in some of the north bay area's and that is temperatures over some of the mounds probably down only in the 70's for overnight lows are often running with another hot day ahead tomorrow, temperatures popping up to a 102 in concord about a 100 to one in santa rosa 90 degrees downtown san francisco. almost 80 there in half moon bay about 95 degrees in san jose. cooler weather is on the way in fact a big cool down beginning on thursday temperatures going to drop least 20 degrees in some spots and then much cooler as we head toward the weekend with a slight chance of showers as we head toward friday. thank you art said. report dot com is traveling the entire length of the u s mexico border, we brought you a story last night going to be doing this as they travel along on this 10 day journey very informative tonight there in arizona just a show us some construction taking place. >>in oregon pipe actis
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national monument there she is our reporter and here to tell us what that border fence looks like down there, hi anna. >>hey guys we're actually in the are now we're on the road we left here event. >>yeah we passed through tucson coming up on some mountains actually and about 50 miles from the guileless that's where we're staying tonight that border town in arizona. the agency was right there with their risk. >>out 60 miles north of the border before we will to head east to know gallus because of how rough that rain is here in arizona but earlier today like you just said the 4 at organ pipe cactus national park were construction for the border wall expansion project started in august. >>for acres in organ pipe cactus national park there's nothing but kept diet. >>but as you drive closer to the the port of entry the road
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signs turned into caution signs. >>morning visitors of smuggling and illegal immigration and then right before you can feed them. construction for the border wall actually begins right behind me essentially it's going to be an extension of what we're seeing right now the world about to get this close to make room for the construction vehicles. but the construction doesn't bother the few locals who live in the area most of the people's concern about the wall. of nature hector molina said he frequently crosses the loop, port of entry because it's easy there's not a lot of people who live nearby it is the closest border does it closes and the fastest. >>on these $100 on border galena says the wall doesn't really bother him, but it does bother the wildlife you know, but along i mean animals won't be able to. >>i want to show you guys something really quickly when
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we were leaving the park earlier today we did come across this city can kind of see it it's a black water jet that we ask border patrol. it's typically use a people were trying to cross over into the us to say it a black and sturdy, but you can see. so won't melt in the sign any say the people who use as they typically bring 2 of them just because of that. how rough the terrain is here in arizona, a live report report dot com tour in a war nikki. >>on the kron 4 news at 5 and issue for rideshare drivers and and they don't know. minor minor requ at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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>>problem for rideshare drivers kids are trying toget into their cars when they don't belong there is becoming increasingly common. now a school back in session. >>but according to terms and conditions for both lyft and uber you cannot get a ride if you're under the age of 18 police haas report. >>now you buckled up we'll get to your destination safely. thanks for writing with tesla him lose ea is a driver for uber and lyft with nearly 6,000 right, in 4 years under his belt. he seen it all. >>trying to make a living are trying to help people safely get around town during the drawn carriage during their work hours for the airport rips a new press. >>problem. miners are using the apps creating accounts inhaling right. >>all over and left for have a credit card, a name that require background check
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require a driver's license that require any form of id both uber and lyft terms of service state that unaccompanied minors are not allowed in ride sharing cars. >>lyft told us children are welcome to join adult passengers in a ride but can not ride alone. we send periodic reminders to drivers about this and other policies. drivers may be aware but our parents and kids you know it is a little bit on the parents after some soul for other kids are doing especially yes if they do credit card drivers feel that uber and lyft should fix this flaw in the system and prevent minors from creating illegitimate accounts. hiring age identification for choice on that. >>to screen their passengers and making sure that they're actually about age. >>it's causing drivers time and money leaving them feeling used and abused it is really tops 8 if you use it. >>you do see things and you say that's worth it. >>if drivers walk to says ride sharing won't work. >>so as i can as want to be a
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babysitter it stop you know as a writer you need to do your due diligence and make sure you're getting into the right cars, a driver you have to make sure that people getting into are the right people and we're still it's are like the wild wild west with the right shade right it is and lease her by the way reporting there over says they strongly encourage drivers to id the riders if they look young again 18 is the benchmark yes, there are some right here apps made specifically for which is interesting those companies ers king go. >>and another one called zoo, we just learned that funniest. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 thanks for being with us tonight we'll see you back here for kron 4 news at 9 in prime time right now it's time for kron 4 news at 6 with ken wayne and theresa stasi, vicki and grant thank you very much which while national new sending shock waves across the country. speaker pelosi. >>announcing that house is moving forward with an impeachment inquiry into president trump. we have a live report riyadh action from the so heat wave scorching the
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bay area some areas seeing triple digit temperatures are tracking the fire danger that's tied to the hot dry and windy conditions. >>and one point we're expecting a big cool down the news at 6 is next. cooper! did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
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>>actions of the trump presidency reveals fat and the president's betrayal of his of office, kumail of our national security and the trial of the integrity of our elections. president must be held accountable. no one is the law. >>house speaker nancy pelosi says the house is launching an official impeachment inquiry into president trump and the president is firing back calling the move a total witch hunt. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne theresa stasi in for pam moore is speaker pelosi announced a formal inquiry after whistleblower report. >>claim that the president pressured a foreign government into looking into a political rival joining


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