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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 2, 2019 1:30am-1:59am PDT

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♪ tonight the beebers break the bank to say i do again. the expensive special touches, the star-studded guest list and how far haley went to hide her dress. then angelina jolie shuts down hollywood. and pranksters gone wild. timberlake nearly tackled. and blake's voice fail. plus look who is here. ♪ i'm gonna host this show >> blalake bell is here. >> "e.t." behind the scenes -- did i nail it? ♪
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>> here she is everybody. >> i'm here. i did it. >> we welcome the incredibly talented lake bell. you got this. don't be nervous at all. >> okay. where's my prompter? justin and hailey bieber got married again and i'm a little excited about that. ♪ i'm the one i'm the one >> justin and hailey looked all loved up joking and packing on the pda after the ceremony. justin posted the pics and wrote my bride is fire. he shared the black and white images just after 5:00 a.m. in south carolina where the ceremony was held. speaking of south carolina -- it's also where the tells "e.t." the wedding guests attended an outdoor screening of the movie the night before the nuptials. >> forever, you and me every day. >> it gets even more romantic. haley and justin put their
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personal touch on everything from water bottles and check out this custom iced bottle of moet. it's made with 9,682 swarowski crystals and took 16 hours to make. justin bought her a rare watch that sells for over $50,000. what's it cost to pull off a bieber weddy? $150,000 wedding planning. custom made invitations. a wedding dinner at $400 per person. tiffany's earrings which cost $123,000 and you're talking $500,000. guests including kendall jenner, usher. the couple also went to extraordinary lents to keep the
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paparazzi from getting a look at haley's gown covering her with this giant moving tent. we saw the happy bride and groom outside the chapel surrounded by family. >> what i like is is it be groovy if they had a baby and it would be baby bieber. >> they could name it baby bieber. like the song, baby, baby. >> you just celebrated your sixth anniversary this summer with scott campbell and i love who you had in your wedding party. >> my dogs. my dogs are important. margaret and texas. >> they are family, righ and last night angelina jolie brought her family to the premiere of maleficent and our nischelle turner joined them. >> i saw that it's a family affair tonight. you brought all the kids. >> yeah. it's just so wonderful to have their -- they're my friends.
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>> you know moms everywhere are saying how the heck does she do that and make it look so easy. wrangling them all. >> they wrangled me honestly. they're more together. zahara is the most organized in the family. >> she looks gorgeous. that dress she had on was beautiful. >> she's growing up so beautifully. >> proud mama angie in chain mail and scorpion broach was practically twinning with 14-year-old daughter zahara in her maleficent-inspired gown. in fact, the whole jolie-pitt clan was fairytale ready for mom's big premiere that shut down hollywood boulevard. >> it's so exciting to see up i. i love that. >> i have blood dripping down my finger and on my dress. >> obviously sleeping beauty, she pricks her finger and there is blood involved. >> our favorite moment on the carpet, a gushing gushing be be
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meeting angelina for the first time. >> oh, my god, you're real. i can't believe you're real. >> "maleficent, mistress of evil" has angie playing the classic disney villain yet again, picking up six years after the first film. >> how do you feel when you're transformed into maleficent? >> it feels powerful. i encourage everyone to put on some horns and feel what it's like. >> so we shall. well movies was also the theme of last night's "dancing with the stars." >> yeah and so was another star sidelined. keltie knight with ray lewis and his partner cheryl burke. hey keltie. >> that's right ladies. it is hard to believe that in just our third week a second person has had to go home due to injuries, but that's what happens in the ballroom. here's what led to ray saying good night. >> ow! >> i dealt with the pain as long as i could. i kept looking at her like something's off, man. >> turns out that something was three torn tendons in his foot. the nfl hall of famer suffered a similar injury in 2010.
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this time the doctor's orders were clear, surgery and no more dancing. >> if you keep dancing on it, it would actually rupture. >> i really wanted to push through. it was just hard because i love freaking -- i finish things. >> because ray was forced to quit the competition no one was booted from the ballroom. ♪ nine to five, what a may to make a living ♪ >> "the office" star kate flannery tied for the night's top score. >> this is insane. like i really -- i'm not sure. is los angeles on fire? it's nuts. it's bonkers. >> but what really had kate freaking out -- >> "the property brothers" were here tonight. are you kidding me? are you kidding me? >> it was a double date night for "dancing" alum drew scott and wife linda with brother jonathan and his new girl zoey deschanel. >> zoey deschanel was there. i about freaked out.orgeous. >> the ballroom was the place to be. that's "queer eye's" bobby burke, mirror ball champ rumer willis and former bachelor nick viall.
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"bachelor in paradise"'s demi burnett and demi lovato. they were there to support their week. she was like if you need to come over and hang out and watch a movie, that's what i need right now. >> meanwhile tyler c. wasn't there for gigi hadid's scary encounter. today after the super model walked in the chanel spring/summer 2020 show an imposter ran up from the audience and crashed the catwalk. that's marie "the infiltrator," a french youtube comedian. and while she kind of dressed the part of a model, hadid wasn't having it. watch as the intruder tries to escape. gigi darts over and blocks the still smiling and posing invade like time pouncing on a prankster. >> let go of her. >> italy 2016.another fashion
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show, a male youtube jokester confronts gigi and grabs her. the 24-year-old chases after him chewing him out. >> [ bleep ]. >> cardi b was front row for this thank you blue up twitter. >> later today justin timberlake nearly tackled at a louis vuitton show. both him and his wife jessica biel are okay. the attacker? the same one that attacked gigi hadid in the past. gigi wasn't the only one getting pranked. >> it's real and raw -- ♪ don't speak ♪ don't speak >> on "the voice" kelly clarkson found herself cut off by gwen's voice a la no doubt's "don't speak" when she tried to fight for her contestant. >> you just listed my favorite people. like what? ♪ don't speak ♪ don't speak >> no one was fessing up until
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blake accidentally gave himself away. >> when we can hear there's the potential there and the artistry that's where we give the -- ♪ don't speak >> wait a minute. so when you press the button, don't speak comes out? >> did you accidentally do it? >> no, i didn't. >> you did it to me. >> don't touch my button. >> the singer kelly was after, mary beth byrd ended up picking -- >> john. >> coming after you blake. >> tonight's bless this mess, i hear it's nutty crazy racy. >> dax does like a strip tease for me. >> i love that. >> when "e.t." visited the set, it was daddy duty. >> my wife is in europe rightn
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elmo's fire scoop. then florida georgia line
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♪ baby you're a song >> minutes away on "e.t." >> what up, gu
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♪ welcome back to "e.t." with our special guest co-host, lake bell star of "bless this mess" airing tonight on abc.
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you wrote it, directed it, co-created. >> i co-created it with liz merry weather. >> well, you guys have way too much fun on the set. we know this because our lauren zima stopped by. >> we're gonna wanna get her good side. she has a side she likes. >> lake sure likes to blow off steam on the set. >> hi, mr. repairman. >> they call me the hammer. >> it's season two of lake and dax shepard living on a farm in the country after leaving new york. sound familiar? ♪ green acres is the place to be ♪ >> will there ever be a "bless this mess" theme song? >> going country kind of appeals to lake in real life. >> my husband and i do daily dream about sort of upping and going into -- you know, buying a lot of dirt somewhere and calling it our own.
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>> we left l.a. to head out into nature for the show and i wore the wrong shoes. >> gosh, honey, i just stepped in a cow patty. maybe it was a horse patty. >> a lot of animal work. cows -- >> too much animal work. >> they're attacking me. >> they don't care about television. they don't care if they're good or bad on a show. >> what's harder, wrangling your own kids or wrangling these animals on set? >> well, there's staff here. then at home, my wife's in europe right now. so it's just me. >> well, we just saw her at the emmys and i think she told us that he's at home with the kids. >> that's right. >> where dax? >> baby-sitting my children. >> yep, that's how ya do it when you're a two tv show household. here's kristen in europe shooting a scene. >> would you rather be at an award show or at home with the kids? >> at home with the kids. yeah, yeah. >> it's cool you get to hang with dax. >> yeah. >> another cool de we were hanging with, rob lowe. from his dates with chris
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pratt to getting trolled by his sons. >> i've raised two internet trolls. >> how he's living his best life at 55? >> do you moisturize regularly? >> i have a skincare line. >> then we're on tour with florida georgia line and shocking them with a big surprise. >> mind blowing. >> closed captioning provided by --
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. next "e.t." lori loughlin's next step in her college fight. plus katy perry's wedding must have. we're in georgia with the "american idol" judges. then robert thicke is guest co-host. >> i called my mom. plus our masked singer surprise. >> now it's just a free for all. >> next "e.t." forget injections and look up to 5 years younger in 12 weeks, with the #1 anti-wrinkle product of 2019. no7 laboratories line correcting booster serum.
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this targeted treatment works so well 76% of women said injections can wait. apply it to your most stubborn lines and wrinkles and get ready to see results. you may not remember what you looked like 5 years ago, but you're about to. line correcting booster serum from no7. exclusively at walgreens, target and ulta. ♪ ♪ ♪ let's hear it for the boy
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>> rob lowe having his own carpool karaoke session with a little "let's hear it for the boy." what's your go-to song, lake? >> i can't right now. i'm listening to a song in my head. my song would probably be like white shake. >> we knew this. ♪ here i go again on my own >> back to rob though. we are living another life here. "st. elmo's fire" turns 35 next year. rob is feeling nostalgic too, >> everybody's talking about demi's book. >> i hear she has a book. >> a beautiful thing that she said was that "st. elmo's fire" saved her life in many ways. >> "st. elmo's" will always be the movie that changed my life. >> that's nice to hear. we were all really good friends. hey, wait a minute, we were friends before "friends." >> hello, everyone. >> "e.t." saw the brat pack's lightning in a bottle chemistry firsthand in 1984. >> look ahead. >> if we're not working, we go
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out to all the great bars. we've been doing a lot of exercising the old elbow. >> the '80s were fun. what i can remember of them. i look back on it and laugh at the hair mousse and the styles. >> nbc is developing a "st. elmo's" reboot for tv. we're just gonna throw it out there. rob's 23-year-old look a like son johnny should play billy. >> my son johnny would draw the line at playing me. >> he roasts you so hard. >> oh, my sons -- i've raised two internet trolls. i don't know how this has happened to me. >> like when rob titled this photo with johnny and chris pratt threesome. his son replied, quote, i don't condone this caption. >> they love giving it to me. >> well, i know you play golf a lot with your pal chris pratt. katherine has played with him. so are you third wheeling with them? >> i'm always third wheeling with everyone. i'm a professional third wheeler. >> so come for the trolling, but stay for the shirtless selfies because rob is not shy to show off his incredible shape.
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>> 55 and fit. how do you do it? what do you do? >> well, you're very sweet to say that. first of all, i've been sober for 28 years. that helps. i've been living the atkins lifestyle and i'm a work-out maniac. you don't want to talk to me in the morning before i've worked out or had my coffee. >> listen, i hear you, brother. we're going to throw to these very gorgeous gentlemen of florida georgia line. the guys have 16 number one singles and their song "meant to be" with bebe rexha surpassed 2.4 billion total global streams. >> only "e.t." joined fgl on tour to celebrate even more music milestones and for daddy tyler hubbard, a new little man in the house. ♪ baby you a song you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise ♪ >> tyler, congratulations. baby number is little l? >> luka's doing great. he has kind of started to side
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smile. so he'll give you a little smile. his personality is starting to come in. >> how is liv embracing the big sister role? >> she's doing great. she wakes up talking about baby luka and wanting to give him kisses and everything. >> can you give him a kiss? >> knock on wood there's been no jealousy and stuff like that yet. she's really adjusting well and loves him a lot. ♪ i'm high on loving you, high on loving you ♪ >> only "e.t." was behind the scene s with fgl for the 36th and final stop on their sold-out "can't say i ain't country" tour in california where they got a big surprised received three acm decade awardartist of the d. got one more. for vocal event of the decade
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with bebe for "meant to be." ♪ baby it was meant to be >> if there was any question if i'm playing beer pong after the show, i am now. ♪ i got friends in colorado ♪ i got friends from tennessee >> this is the duo's fifth headlining tour. they wrote 96 new songs while on the road. so, yes, their fifth album is in the works. up next for the guys -- in november they'll head back to vegas for their second limited residency. ♪ good lord almighty >> what is something that you guys learned the first time in sin city to kind of prep you for round two? >> i'm gonna need to bring more cash for black jack. i've got some making up to do. >> a gambler over here. >> i've got some making up to do. i >> next year the guys will hit the rode with kenny chesney for his chillax-ification tour. i love that name. >> it's great.
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>> you know what time it is? >> i don't. >> "e.t." birthdays. >> here's a question. which star of the hangover was a writer at "snl" for two weeks. is it ed helms, zach galifianakis if i in a kiss or ken jung. the answer is next.
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♪ travel consideration provided by --
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in our "e.t." birthdays which stars of the hangover was a write at saturday night live for two weeks? zach galifianakis. he turns 50 today. >> quick side bar. he was at "snl" for a trial period. it didn't work out, but he's been back to host three times. i think we know who has won. >> we surprised zach with a birthday cake. >> thanks for pointing out i'm almost 50. is there any meat in this? sausage. >> he's so much fun. >> you're so much fun. will you come back. >> thank you. >> we've got bloopers, everybody. we've got bloopers. >> what? >> i got one of these special cards. >> behind the scenes. did i nail it? >> you'll get it.
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>> should i cry? ♪ da da da da >> only "e.t." is behind the scenes. only "e.t.." wait. >> stay a l little closer. >> i'm co-hosting "e.t." tomorrow. only "e.t." is behind the scenes. >> nice. unstoppable. >> thank you. i appreciate you. >> thank you. i appreciate you. ♪ la la la la la ♪ charmin ultra soft! it's softer than ever. charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent
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so you can use less. and it's softer than ever... so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird. we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin?
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>> you're watching "the wellness hour," the leader in medical news and information. i'm randy alvarez. today's topic, replacing missing teeth with dental implants. according to my first guest, no more dentures. and with us we have an expert on the topic. he is a prosthodontist -- dr. mark adams. dr. adams, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me, randy. >> now, before we get into today's topic -- and i know you brought a lot of photos, and we'll get to as many as we can -- tell us a little bit about clearchoice. i guess you're kind of unique. you focus on just about one


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