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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  October 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>and we begin with that breaking news tonight coming up of the east bay a search is on for suspect in a deadly shooting, thank you for joining us, i'm moore and i'm ken wayne. this is happening in richmond right here on 30th street and has been avenue right now we want to go live to kron four's dan thorn who arrived at scene a short time ago and has the very latest to what can you tell a stand. >>well ken and pam what i can tell you right now is that 3 people were shot here around 3 45 this afternoon and we are just learning. >>that 2 of those people were killed richmond police confirming that with us tonight. the area here along 31th street and 32th street of has been avenue here in richmond virtually closed off as you can see an investigation. still going on here heavy police presence on a number of people around here right now taking a look at
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this scene. visibly distraught family members also out here learning a couple of victims that were here. we have not learned any of the names of the people that that shot here how are we do know that one of those victims was transported to hospital their conditions are unknown at this time as for a suspect police are still scouring the area here and i'm interviewing witnesses and neighbors who may have seen something. they don't have a person in custody, right now on they also do not have a description of a vehicle that may have escaped the scene here. again this happening around 3 45 this afternoon. we're still some more words from a police excuse me russian police public information officer who was apparently on scene here to give us some more information and more details about what happened here. but again it's still a very active scene it's probably expected to be this way for the next couple of hours as police are still looking in this area just as
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much information as they to recount just a little bit from what do know 3 people were shot here this afternoon. 2 of those people on were pronounced dead at the scene and one person at the hospital again will be on getting as much information as we can and getting it to as quickly as possible. >>and i i know you're still trying to gather information but you did mention that there were distraught family members in that area do we know anything at all about the victims or the adults are the teenagers. anything at all. >>we we don't know that information right now, but the family members were out here, i'm gathering and racing one another just really a tragic. a scene here along has been avenue but if we do get that information we'll be sure to voted out on air and online. >>dan thank you for that report. >>we first told you about this story with a push alert. stay connected when breaking news happens by downloading the kron 4 app tonight. >>and other news tonight, 4
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people dead after a wrong-way driver slams into a taxi cam along northbound highway one oh one. >>now the highway patrol says it looks like alcohol was involved kron four's dan kerman live at the seized headquarters in san francisco with more dan. >>that's right chp says this is just the beginning of their investigation, but they say the driver of this vw that was going the wrong way possibly was under the influence of alcohol. the time of the crash. >>the chp says there are initial investigation into the deadly head-on crash on northbound one oh one near candlestick point suggests the woman driving the wrong way was possibly under the influence of alcohol. the incident began just before 12 30 thursday morning. >>at approximately 12 24 this morning. we received multiple cause of a possible wrong way driver. it appeared that wrong way driver was traveling southbound in the northbound lanes when the chp got to the
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scene 4 minutes later the wrong way driver in this p w. >>had already slammed head-on into this taxi cab. the chp does not know exactly where the vw driver entered the highway going the wrong direction. >>we did get multiple calls with multiple locations, one of the locations was northbound 1 one at the 2.80 split on so and it's very possible that they could have been troubling for quite some time. >>the driver of the vw has been identified as 34 year-old emily ross of hillsborough she was pronounced dead on the scene as were the 3 occupants of the taxicab the passengers and the taxi have been identified as 57 year-old mary miller of chicago and 62 year-old judson birdman the barrington illinois. authorities say there were suitcases in the cab which suggests they may have just arrived from sfo. driver of the taxi has been identified as 42 year-old for can amend of san mateo county officials at national cab did not wish to comment about the incident.
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>>the chp telling us that this is the 25th wrong-way driver collision just this year on bay area roads. they tell us that 18 of those involved dui drivers live at chp headquarters in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>new tonight, san francisco district attorney george gascon on as a result and gasco made the announcement this afternoon and mayor london breed just released a statement it says in part quote people depend on the district attorney to keep our residents and community safe each and every day we can't afford to have an absence of leadership in the da's office. there is no word yet on exactly when he will leave office or who will fill his spot. the los angeles times is reporting tonight that gascom plans to move back to los angeles and quote explore a run for district attorney there. if so he will be challenging jackie lacey for
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the spot as the top prosecutor in los angeles. >>we're monitoring developments in the south bay, a woman who crashed into 2 people killing one of them was in court today you see her mug shot here that is 50 year-old my real or test she is now been charged with murder. using a deadly weapon attempted murder and resisting arrest police say she took off after hitting 2 people with her car rancho san antonio, county park on tuesday. authorities tonight are still working to find a potential connection between or to and the victims did she just randomly do this crashing into anyone where did she know the people that she hit we'll keep you posted there for now pam ken back to you all right grant vacaville police have arrested a woman who they say. >>tried to kidnap a 4 year-old boy while his father was dropping the older sister off at school this morning. police say eileen karen gall approach the 4 year-old and asked if he was ready for school. she then took the boys had and let him away from the campus. the
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boy's father caught up to going all in question her she told him she was a teacher and that the boy was in her class even though she identified him by the wrong name. another adult nearby took the boy and his sister into the school while the father waited for police to arrive. karen gall was booked into the solano county jail, her bail set at $250,000. >>the new movie joker hits theaters and it's stirring up a lot of controversy. early reviews are in and some but not all critics are praising the film kron forcefully to call tells us are concerns the film and spy or violence. >>the dark theme of the film joker has law enforcement agencies across the country on high alert and on edge in turn theaters are too landmark theaters which owns the albany twin and more than 50 other theaters nationwide is not allowing masks painted faces or costumes in fact they're not even showing the film here in albany or any other
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landmark theaters. throughout the east bay and that's going a step further then amc theaters which is allowing customers to wear costumes but not cover up their faces the theater companies want people to feel safe. you have to keep in mind where theaters are coming from back in 20 to engulf people in wood 70 during a screening of the dark knight rises in colorado. the shooter who is currently serving a life sentence in prison. changedohis appearance to look like the joker a failed clown and goes on a killing spree. despite the safety concerns though tickets for this movie across the country are selling fast with many theaters reporting that they've already sold out albany felecia all kron 4 news. >>in santa clara county, hundreds of workers walked off the job today to join other county workers who started striking earlier this week. union workers with the service employees international union local 5 to one have been
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asking the county to address alleged unfair labor practices and under staffing health care workers including administrative staff mental health providers homeless program specialist and other staff, join employees and other county departments who had already started striking on wednesday. county officials have said most of that still a tease will remain open during the strike, although some services may be delayed postponed or consolidated. >>in san francisco. there are several big events planned during the month of october including play week which actually kicks off on sunday and today city officials announced they're stepping up efforts to keep everybody safe. >>kron four's charles clifford has the details. >>well here in san francisco, the next couple of weeks are going to be very busy with several large events including the hardly strictly bluegrass festival and fleet week attracting hundreds of thousands of people to the city over san francisco's emergency operation center on thursday, the police department the fire department the coast guard. and the
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sheriff's department held a media briefing to talk about how they plan on handling the influx of people and also what they're doing to keep everyone safe. >>the fire department will be putting extra resources on duty. during fleet week to ensure that we're able to take care of everyone. >>we've been planning for this for months along with our city and our federal partners that you see up here in the many others. so we want everyone to have a great fleet week. >>now the hardly strictly bluegrass festival has this weekend there is also a warriors pre season game against the lakers over at the chase center on saturday. kicks off on sunday, the 6th and runs until the 16th city officials are saying that traffic will be very bad during all of these events they're asking folks take public transportation. if at all possible. in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>and you can catch the high-flying aerobatics of the navy's blue angels right here on kron 4 don't need to fight the traffic we're hosting a 2 hour special on saturday october 12th, catch all the
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action of fleet week again right here on kron 4 starting at 02:00pm saturday can you're happy to host an event. let's take a live look outside right now and see how things are shaping up. >>this is a lovely shot. i think this is looking from the rain headlines right looks like it's just pass on to a looking up towards stinson beach up are end up the top of the screen, a good day go flying a turbulent seconds our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow a they're coming to town just to the right time free weekend you're going to see a lot of sunshine, the temperatures heating up fleet week beginning on sunday in the numbers, yeah we could be in the low 80's in the san francisco, plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures too just an afternoon breeze. otherwise some great weather ahead and that is going to last well into next week. all right looking at sfo right now no delays no fog just a little wind out there and that will be the story overnight tonight. >>as those winds will be kicking up temperatures running in the 60's a few 70's in 50's out toward the coastline right now, but yeah that's been picking up now, especially near the coastline, we've got 23 at stinson beach
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23 in mill valley, a 18 out sfo 20's carlos and 20 miles per hour. byron. but tonight, those winds will likely continue to intensify along the coastline and you can see the yellows and some orange beginning to show those winds gusting of 2030 plus miles per hour. out toward the beaches then overnight those winds begin to calm down. we get ready for a great friday had in fact tomorrow morning clear skies when you get up numbers going to be the 40's the 50's little chilly to start out your day but not bad middle day, lots of sunshine, not as much wind tomorrow, sunny skies out there as well and by the afternoon some these temperatures sneaking up in the 80's lots of 70's inside the bay 60's along the coastline. the weekend's going to be even nicer we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >>coming up tonight at 6 a local event to benefit veterans why this park in foster city is set up like a mash unit this week. >>plus president trump visits one of the country's largest retirement communities. why he says his new executive order will benefit millions of seniors of next governor gavin
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newsom signed new law said the overhaul california's charter sc
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>>governor gavin newsom signed a new law to overhaul a california star. >>their school our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the effect it will have on our education system. >>governor newsome signature stamp what's now being
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considered a compromise between supporters of charter schools and traditional public schools in california, the group's stood together behind the governor thursday there were moments where we honestly thought this things death. the ament that's now long give school districts more power to decide which charter schools are approved within the district's boundaries the bill also requires districts to close charter schools of their educational financial or other concerns and how the schools operate working together. we made monumental changes to improve outdated and broken charter school lost for far too long. students and taxpayers have paid the price. california has more than 1300 charter schools that serve about 10% of the state's public school student population enrollment has doubled within the last decade charter schools are publicly funded and privately run critics say their growing popularity has strained a local public school budgets. california ranks 39th in k through 12 ecation funding that we need better more robust investment in our schools, we also need to take
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get sober. look at how far we are yet from reaching that. >>serving all students well. >>the governor and state education leaders expressed support for a bond measure to help boost that public education funding that could wind up on the 2020 ballot, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>a device designed to clean up plastic floating in the ocean is finally doing its job that's according to the netherlands nonprofit the ocean cleanup. the group says its latest prototype was able to capture and hold debris ranging in size from abandoned fishing gear to tiny microplastics a small as one millimeter the news comes after some issues with the device previously in december the ocean cleanup said the system wasn't picking up trash. now that is working the system has been deployed to the great pacific garbage patch that's a concentration of trash located between hawaii and california. it's about double the size of texas. you see berkeley is now be friendly today students announced at the school be doing its part to try to protect the bee population.
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the california student public interest research group says u c berkeley is the 80th be campus usa affiliate in the country. the effort is meant to reduce the risk that native bees will become extinct because these are fundamental to the production of the world's food supply. >>after more than 1200 measles cases this year the united states was at risk of losing its elimination status on this disease. but today, the cdc said it does expect the nation will keep that distinction after all the world health organization grand of the uss status back in the year 2000 but the w h o can remove it if the us to seize a measles outbreak that last at least a year, public health experts have said that losing their status will be a black eye for the u s new york has been dealing with the measles outbreak since october of 2018 but today that state's health department declared it no longer has any active cases of measles connected to the outbreak. >>step outside see things are looking on and not by friday
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but getting close thursday night or friday eve of downtown our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the long weekend ahead. >>they want ridge of high pressure that's building and we couldn't time a much better for really nice. we can say we're going to see some spectacular weather around the bay area looks like a nice evening out there little blustery in spots as we've got we system this kind of sliding through to the north of us and that will help to kick up the winds to about midnight to about 2 o'clock in the morning, then those will start to diminish somewhat the beautiful alcatraz right now nice and clear skies you can see sunshine everywhere you go. and that's why it's going to stay temperatures today kind of cool down just a little bit as we had that weak system kind of slide through 63 degrees in san francisco after set high of 69 yesterday 68 in oakland today was 74 degrees comfortable and sunny in san jose little more checking in 7570 degrees in concord and 78 degrees santa rosa all these numbers pretty much running below the average all around the bay area but not bad and we'll go the other way. but first we go see this
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system come through tonight, you can see is bringing some showers up in the pacific northwest that trough kind of sad lingering down into california that's going to wrap up some of the winds as high pressure starts to build in behind it so you're going to be little blustery at times to the evening temperatures coast side in the 50's we've got 60's inside the bay 71 degrees in concord 66. in livermore 68 degrees right now in tehran 66 in nevada 64 in petaluma 70 degrees in santa rosa, but we have some big changes coming our way as high pressure going to take over tonight, mostly clear skies will be a little bit cool 40's and 50's for lows a little windy specially co side and then tomorrow, mostly sunny and nice just a gentle afternoon breeze. now we get ready for the weekend of the weekend. just look spectacular. this the reason why i pressure going start to slide toward the coastline off the pacific. and that means well we'll see that ridge setting itself up and then we'll start to crank up those offshore winds those was traveling from land to the sea as that air sinks it tends to warm up dry out brings lots of sunshine even along the coastline, maybe some 70's, we're lucky maybe the couple
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80's. overnight tonight. we'll see those nice clear skies you can see that ridge of high pressure trying to sneak in here now well settle in as we get into friday, but not seen the to offer winds just yet they will see that developing as we get into saturday, see that big clear spot. a big dome of high pressure starting to settle in to get that offshore wind developing saturday is going to be fantastic sunday's going to be even better monday the nice weather will continue. overnight lows will be a little bit chilly in the north they plan on some 40's there put some 50's into the south bay and then all around the bay area tomorrow we're joined some gorgeous sunshine on a friday about 75 degrees in oakland 78 degrees in napa 67 degrees in mill valley and san francisco 76 in san jose and 75 degrees. in redwood city, the next couple days going to bring more sunshine. we've got some 80's and 90's in the forecast over the weekend. maybe the nicest weekend. we'll have till the end of the year 70's out along the coastline, maybe even some mid 70's if we get lucky, couple 80's along the coast on sunday. >>coming up tonight at 6 45 1 san francisco school is
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celebrating hispanic heritage month a little differently why teachers are adjusting spanish pronouns all around the campus up next presi trump visits one of the country's largest retirement communities. >>we'll tell you about his new executive order which he says will help older americans.
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>>president trump signed an executive order which he says will expand and medicare
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benefits for millions of seniors who are enrolled in the private medicare advantage program the president says the order will protect seniors from democrats pushing medicare for all reporter kyle martin reports from washington dc with more on today's announcement and with the added benefits could mean for seniors. >>on a trip to the country's largest retirement community in florida president donald trump vows to protect millions of seniors, medicare benefits from democrats pushing medicare for all we are making your medicare even better. >>and we're not letting anyone it will never be taken away from you. >>the president signed an executive order to expand services under the medicare advantage plan. the program's private option. he says the plan will give seniors access to new technology. i tell a health and lower costs. >>and we're going give you options and control that you want and we will provide the quality you deserve. >>back at the white house medicare administrator seema verma says the changes will be a big help putting money back
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into the pockets of america's seniors, the president says the expansion is important to protect the medicare benefits. he says are under attack by democrats but some policy experts disagree that's crazy political talk that's coming om the white house health care policy expert doctor who says the white house claims against medicare for all are unfounded we don't really know. >>whether there will be a medicare for all plan. what it will look like a political shot. the coup says the trump administration can't deliver on its promises. seniors will benefit you know expanding options is always good. will it bring down prices that's a little harder know right now about a 3rd of medicare recipients are enrolled in a medicare advantage option. administration says with added benefits they expect that number to rise in washington recall martin. >>today's announcement likely previews the debate that we will see on the campaign trail as health care continues to be a top issue among voters ahead of 2020.
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>>city of stockton is experimenting with universal income and new data from an experiment giving a 125 needy people $500 a month shows that they spent more than 70% of that money on items such as food clothing and utility bills. the program is funded by private donations and is one of the few experiments testing this practice. the stockton mayor michael tubbs sayse hopes the data will win over skeptics but some critics say the experiment likely won't provide useful information because of its limited size and duration. >>senator bernie sanders plans to attend the next democratic presidential debate. that's despite his emergency heart surgery this week on tuesday night sanders experience chest pain and was taken to the hospital. doctors treated a blockage in a heart artery inserting 2 stents to treat the problem. it was announced then that sanders would suspend campaigning until further notice but today his campaign says that he will be at the next debate which is scheduled for october the 15th.
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>>makes a big donation for hurricane dorian relief why it had no trouble. >>finding the cash and the hotel where america's worst mass shooting a car reaches a landmark settlement, how much the shooting victims from the las vegas massacre agreed to in that settlement. >>and next a 6.30 local event to benefit veterans how long the park and foster city will be full of tents. the housing help homeless vets sunshine around the bay area little windy in spots now those winds are going to
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