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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  October 3, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>we're continuing to follow breaking news in these pants where a shooting has left 2 people dead and another person injured right now. >>a hunt is on for suspect responsible for this shooting, here's what we do know at this hour richmond police say just before 4 o'clock this afternoon. there was a shooting that happened in the area of 30th street and esmond avenue 2 people are dead one hurt. all 3 shooting victims are men. >>but at this point there's no word on a motive for the shooting nor have police release a description of the suspect they're looking for. we do have a reporter at the scene and we will continue to follow this story throughout the night tonight, a park in foster city is being set up with tents to house and help homeless veterans. >>or those at risk for homeless is for the next 3 days, it's called stand down and kron four's maureen kelly reports it's meant to help the vets connect with services and each other. >>boothbay park has been set up like a mash unit. they're
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expecting somewhere between 80 and a 150 veterans to bunk here for the next 3 days and get help those who ride get tree arzt for medical care have their eyes checked. i can even take showers and get their hair cut. help with things like benefits. >>i had a stroke as why can't walk it's saying is that. i can't concentrate so my paperwork has not gone because i haven't filled out. >>ernestine leathers is an army veteran camping out here, she's homeless is hoping to get help out of her situation homeless veteran. >>she may even be in spain students. and unfortunately a lot of cuts. this is situation even worse. >>this is all being put on by the peninsula special interest lions club they call it a stand down. >>which is a military term for where soldiers coming back from the front lines. >>can regroup the club's president has lived through 3 wars as a child in england
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during world war 2 and later serving as a doctor during the korean and vietnam wars, she says the stand downs also help the veterans connect with each other veterans need to come rodriguez. they need to be with their own. they suffer differences from the war. they come back different. we need to get them together so that they can share so that they can begin to come back into society slowly to more stand downs are being planned for this region next year one in monterey, the other in pleasanton reporting from foster city i morning kelly kron 4 news. the hotel. >>where america's worst mass shooting happened has reached a landmark settlement with the shooting victims today, lawyer said that victims collectively agreed to settle for between 735 million 800 $1 million dollars with mgm resorts international. the final amount will vary depending on how how many plaintiffs take part in the suit in gm said
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the settlement does not mean it is admitting liability in the october first 2017 shooting. that incident left 58 people dead, and it injured as many as 700 others, the gunman fired on to a crowd of 22,000 a country music festival concert goers from the 32th floor of the mandalay bay resort and casino that casino is owned by mgm resorts. the shooter fired for between 1015 minutes before taking his own life. investigators have not been able to identify a motive in orlando, a nonprofit foundation is looking for public input for a memorial and museum to honor the. >>49 victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. one polls unveiled the final design proposals to the public today in florida you can see them here people can offer their thoughts until october tense. then a design jury will make a final selection at the end of the month. the june 20 16 shooting marks the deadliest mass shooting in the us until the las vegas massacre. the
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national polls memorial and museum is expected to open in 2022 about a 3rd of a mile from the pulse nightclub. >>the federal government's highway safety agency is now gathering information on reports of some problems with a new feature on tesla vehicles that feature allows drivers to summon their cars in parking lots, the national highway traffic safety administration says that it is aware of reports about the so-called smart summon feature and is in contact with tesla last week tesla sent out and over the internet software update that allows some owners to let their cars travel through parking lots without a driver behind the wheel. but videos and pictures which has surfaced on social media, reporting problems including a crash and some near collisions tesla has yet to comment publicly. >>let's get another check of the weather as we start to ready for nice weekend ahead of us and lawrence was the
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weekend forecast looking fantastic around the bay area can ask for much better fall weekend coming our way as high pressure taken over go into these temperatures soaring again. see the records would we could easily see some 70's and 80's along the coast just to an idea out there right now you can see just a little haze out there on the horizon beautiful sunset developing now here in the bay area's we had a great day, but the winds have been kicking up outside we've got an area low pressure that trough just kind of linger along the california coastline helping to whip up the winds a bit we'll see more of that wind throughout the evening but more rain continue to make its way toward portland up in the seattle can see some of the snow flurries across parts of the cascades and we'll continue see that throughout the evening tonight before things begin to settle down. outside right now we've got 60 degrees in san francisco to 63 in oakland 66 in san jose and live more 71 still uncomfortable in concord and 70 degrees in santa rosa tomorrow should be kind of a transitional day it's going to be a nice day we're not going to see as much wind about 67 just an afternoon breeze into san francisco, 75 degrees in oakland, those temperatures a very comfortable throughout much of the bay area. alright
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long-range forecast this work. it's interesting he still continue to see some of energy running up in the pacific northwest bringing them some showers but a big dome of high pressure builds right over california. then we get into those offshore winds on saturday and in the sunday looking good in fact we're going make it a three-peat is we're going to head into monday. i think another fantastic day and then things change will see the storm system beginning to work its way in the pacific northwest again they'll get some rain we won't see that but we'll see a return of the sea breeze and some cooler temperatures as we head in toward the middle week, not bad, then late the week again another storm system gets a little bit close going watch out. lay the week to see if could bring some showers temperatures for tomorrow should be nice 60's 70's in the san francisco, little cool out toward the beaches in the 60's but lots of sunshine, 64 millbrae 65 in brisbane it's about 60 degrees in foster city mild as you make your way to say calls and 69 and a lot of 70's in the south they should be gorgeous afternoon, sneaking up and low 80's in the tri valley tomorrow about 82 in pleasanton already won a pleasant 82 in livermore 80 in dublin, 73 degrees and hayward
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70 castro valley, a beautiful sunshine and rain tomorrow 76 degrees a pleasant temperature 80 in concord 78 benicia 74 degrees in pittsburgh and 70 degrees in the napa valley, plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline tomorrow will be a little breezy but not windy like today and then as we get the weekend, those winds switched directions become a more of an offshore wind that is going to crank up the temperatures will notice some 70's out toward the coastline. maybe some mid 70's and maybe a lucky 80 or 2 by sunday, so stay warm in the monday. >>that's coming up tonight a possible clue in the baby related health issues why researchers say certain chemicals and a liquid may be causing the lung damage and coming up next a florida bar makes a big donation for hurricane dorian released.
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announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul.
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no on big tobacco. no on prop c >>is donating thousands of dollars to the bahama for hurricane dorian relief and the company didn't have to go too far to collect the money for years customers have been leaving dollar bills on the walls of siestkey oyster bar. the british tradition includes leaving a note on the bill but once employee saw the damage left behind in the nearby bahamas by hurricane dorian they decided to take down all that money and use it to do some good. people were excited people were like oh my gosh i hung up a dollar bill in the last 35 years it's on its way the bahamas. >>it's really cool. >>after month to get all those
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bills off the walls and ceiling but in the end they had almost $14,000 to donate to hurricane relief. still to come a new way to celebrate hispanic heritage month san francisco. why teachers are adjusting spanish pronoun around the campus. >>and if you are streaming us on kron on on the news
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francisco's mission district one 4th grade teacher is
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celebrating hispanic heritage month, a little differently kron four's ray kelly tells what's going on. >>said me ticks instead of seeing me goes when talking about friends or 4th grade class here to spanish immersion school in san francisco's mission district. >>teacher ana sanchez eeg x instead she's not mispronouncing the word axis can be seen at the end of several words around campus. for instance, it reads laws rt sticks instead of laws rt starts on the bulletin board filled with student drawings here. the school celebrates both hispanic heritage and let next history during this time of year. the principal at one of this to horace mann community school says that it's part of their mission to be more inclusive to everyone and that by being gender neutral in a language traditionally gendered it helps make those who don't identify as male or female, feel more accepted that a source that that is also it was 6. >>while also making the language less mail centric for instance will 2 girls are at a
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table. our mean yes just add one boy and they would traditionally be referred to as ninos we make sure that instead of hall. it says hicks nino becomes next because that we were offering up the possibility for you know for people to identify as they choose, he's ex seem to have no problem with the concept. >>in spanish, she's the ax peak head. we chained to. and include again days are people that. >>i think if you're a verizon my everyone the community. >>but it's not a requirement for everyone to use gender-neutral terms to describe themselves. this 4th grade teacher goes by my yesterday on a well other staffers use my estimates those behind this movement say using words like lot next are not meant to dishonor the spanish language. >>but rather are part of its evolution. spanish is my mother time like my grandmother is saying a lot eyes in spanish and so there
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is no way that we are going to you know put the spanish language down reject. you know people's relationship to their mother tongue into their identity. by making this shift towards a more equitable intersection all inclusive stance. we take the good with us and we leave the part that doesn't serve us behind at san francisco state student tomorrow lopez. >>self identifies as latin next. >>as someone who doesn't identify as a man or woman identify as non-binary annex is really kind of. >>kind of like the only term that i can really fairly and truthfully raise the other times and and just inaccurate. term lot next is part of a more gender neutral world. they envision we are all headed towards maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>for your health possible
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lead in vaping-related health issues new research says certain chemicals in vape liquid may be causing lung damage. the letter was published in the new england journal of medicine, according to the mayo clinic, the lung damage in several cases looked like chemical burns. those involved in the data investigated lung tissue in 17 people who had vaped in most of those sampled use cannabis oils or marijuana. the path allah just involved in the study says more investigation into the matter is needed. >>a food recall to tell you about tonight live perry foods has issued a voluntary recall of its chicken salad. the company says several types of his chicken salad products contain listeria listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young people elderly people and others with weakened immune systems. the recall includes 5 different live pirie products which were sold in 15 states. and if you want to have a healthy baby, new parents need to watch their alcohol intake before that baby is even born. that's according to a new
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study. the study published in the european journal of preventive cardiology shows a link between drinking alcohol before conception and babies born with heart disease. researchers found correlation and both parents but say it's much stronger and fathers men who drank during the 3 month period before conception, a 44% more likely to have babies born with congenital heart disease women who drank before conception saw a 16% risk increase. these researchers say men stop drinking 6 months before fertilization and women should cut back a full year before. >>well most people know a full night's sleep is essential to maintain good. well, but the experts say it's even more important if you suffer from certain medical conditions meredith wood has more in today's health minute. >>getting at least 8 hours of sleep. each night is this. and a new study published in the journal of the american heart association down the getting less than 6 hours of sleep
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each night could be deadly for some middle aged adults. to the study those with high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes doubled their chances of dying from heart disease or stroke. the study also found that people with a history of heart disease or stroke were 3 times more likely to die from cancer. according to experts that's because a deep full sleep is critical for the body to release hormones that repair cells and bill tissues if you've honored these categories now is as good a time as ever to change your sleep. trouble getting a good night's rest. see a sleep specialist to find out why for today's health minute. i'm meredith wood. >>be a season and disappointment in last night's wild-card playoff game but the future still looks bright mark and kate will set you up for bay area sports night with a saw coming up. >>we're working gorgeous sunset outside right now, but the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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want to check in on sports world tonight talking cater on the set of bay area sports night guys. >>area sports night 7 o'clock on kron and we still have completely gotten over half now the a's this season came to an end a team with so much promise so much potential it all fell apart in the wild-card game against the rays now okay this is an
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oakland team that has lost 9 straight winner, take all games at a the major league what's going to take to make a deep playoff run in the future. >>can't help feel that they are so close can you there might be some sort of curse going on in oakland, but. a lot of pieces in place that are going to able to help them. next season to a healthy season. schoeman i a that consistency, especially in the kitchen department can make a big difference next year you'll hear from a's manager bob melvin breaking down last night and looking ahead to the future also be here from dan risen key the radio voice, the sharks. >>said it was a season is underway bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on so back to you can have. >>all right mark a thank you very much well we talked a lot about this the college admissions scandal is among the 2019 and now it's trending for a new reason fear ago, it's been
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turned into a halloween costume and here's what looks like costume features an orange crop top and pants said complete with an inmate number it's likely a jab at actress felicity huffman too we'll have to report to jail this month for 2 weeks at your sentence for paying $15,000 to after daughter's has a t score raised costume cost about 70 bucks and you can find it on various websites online. another check on the weather before we head out lawrence is standing by. but that was kind of cool. that that halloween 70 bucks panel just new as we get a nice evening out there a little windy in spots tonight. you can see those winds kicking up along the coastline, but nice and clear out there right now that's way. >>it's going to stay is we're going to see high pressure building overhead looking like some great weather headed tell you what this weekend is going to be spectacular. you see warm offshore winds and warm temperatures all the way the coastline tomorrow kind of a transitional day it's a cool start to the morning but clear
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he 40's 50's by emperatures 08:00am if you're headed out to work by noontime nice day to get out there and enjoy that sunshine. you see a lot of 60's outside getting near 70 degrees in the valleys by the afternoon. start cranking a couple 80's. inland, lots of 70's inside the bay and then 60's little breeze along the coastline but not as windy by tomorrow afternoon. and then that's going set the stage for what looks like some spectacular weather ahead. temperatures around the bay area tomorrow should be a beautiful friday enjoyed 75 degrees and sunny in oakland 73 degrees in hayward 75 in redwood city 76 downtown san jose 80 in concord 80 degrees in antioch 77 degrees and lael 78 in the napa valley, plenty of sunshine after a cool start of the morning in santa rosa, 77 degrees, a warm in the afternoon about 67 degrees in mill valley also in san francisco at about 64 degrees in half moon bay. as we look toward the next few days we get ready for that weekend and it's going to be a great one weather wise. temperatures going to soar get out there and enjoy don't know we'll see another weekend like this.
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maybe next year 80's and 90's inland 70's along the coastline. i think that will continue into monday and then teat sea breeze starts creep mperatures start to drop next week. but this weekend offshore winds beautiful fall weather, everyone, a look great i thank you lord, thank you for being with 6 see tonight at 8 o'clock.
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sentence blow-back. and why are so many people upset with this extraordinary gesture of compassion? what his parents are saying today. >> what he did was remarkable. then, heightened security as joker sweeps into theaters. and he just pulled over a car he says was speeding. >> i know this looks really bad. >> now he's under arrest a for impersonating a cop. plus -- >> cory, did you have a little merlot with dinner? >> great to have you. maybe a cup of coffee. the math teacher and her dog kidnapped by her former student. how their story is


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