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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 7, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ party tonight. >> oprah, beyonce, will, hallie, "e.t." is front and center as hollywood's biggest stars turn out for a history-making moment. plus, alex trebek talkslying pardy! >> i'vived a good life. then los of baby news, blake and ryan's. >> i'm super excited to unleash this on the world. >> jenna and steve. >> trying to stay calm. >> and adam levine's life after "the voice." plus miley's new man as taylor swift sparks engagement rumors. hello and welcome to "entertainment tonight." look there, yes, "dancing with the stars", it's our gang, my guest co-host, cheryl burke.
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are you ready to have fun? >> kevin, you don't got to ask. of course i am. but will it be as much fun add you had in atlanta over the weekend because i just -- it was star-studded >> it was unbelievable. listen to me. tyler perry threw the party to end all parties, oprah, will smith, it was like the oscars as the stars helped tyler usher in a new era. ♪ >> what a night, what a night, what a night. hey, hey. >> how are you? >> stay ready. i brought the dress i can dance in. i got the jimmy choos i can moon walk in. she ready. >> it's trail blazing is what it is. >> hey, look at you. >> oprah was fighting back tears all weekend, media mogul tyler perry honored her and 13 other trail blazing african-american stars who have inspired him. how? get this. he dedicated massive sound stages to each. >> the biggest stage, the number one stage here. >> yes. >> is for one person. >> that's what i hear.
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well, listen, i'm just honored to be a part of all of it. >> will smith. >> also honored, will smith, spike lee. >> the man. it's all love, baby. all love. >> denzel washington and hallie berry. >> what is special about tyler? >> he's just a good dude. i couldn't even get here tonight because i'm in the middle of working and he was like, you know what? i'm going to send my plane and pick you up and you can get there any time you want and leave whenever you need to. >> beyonce was overwhelmed by the history-making event and said she could not stop crying. ♪ i worked hard, i own it >> the singer glittered in a custom made yellow beaded gown which, by the way, kiki palmer also wore two months ago at the vmas. as for those sound stages they're part of tyler's 380-acre studio, bigger than disney, warner brothers studio lots gien combined. the 50-year-old also dedicated a
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stage to whoopi goldberg who recently battled pneumonia. >> when somebody says you about to die, it kind of wakes you up. we think maybe part of getting sick and also having an exacerbated it perhaps by vaping. so, you know, learning that, you know, we got to do things differently now. >> one celeb's honored with a sound stage by perry was will smith. >> i was wildly humbled to stand there with hallie and spike and whoopi and oprah. you know, it's a huge testament to what tyler stands for. >> hours after leavi atlanta, will, jada and sons trey and jaden hit the red carpet in l.a. for will's new movie, "gemini man." >> we're enjoying each other. it's a beautiful thing. like, what hollywood movies do. >> people trying to give you their babies. >> yeah, you know, i know, i took three of them.
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i got a couple of them and i'm going to raise them the best i can. >> will's not the only one with his hands full. charlize has two of her own and she told us halloween is the talk of the house. >> hi kids just love it so now i love it because they love it and we're still coming up with more outfits. that, you know, we're in the process of putting together. >> charlize's family and friends were in costume for their recent disneyland trip but up next is her incredible transformation as meagan kelly in bombshell. >> we tried to, i think, as actors and as creative storytellers, we try to do all of this with integrity and so that was always where it came from. >> cannot wait to see this movie. cheryl, let's get back into your personal life, that's what we got to do. you and matthew have been married for around four months. how often do you get the baby question from people? >> way too much. everyone needs to cool it. it will happen when it taps but for now, let me just flex to the other moms and dads part of the hollywood baby boom.
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>> i s excited to unleash this on the world. >> just three days ago, ryan reynolds was talking up his other baby, new movie, "free guy" but reports now say his wife, blake, gave birth to their third child in august, the same month he trolled her with these unflattering pregnancy pics. the parents last appeared together in may. >> i haven't seen a carpet this chaotic in a long time. >> next, jenna shows off her bump. >> how about a kiss, guys. >> baby's first carpet, i guess. >> proud first-time dad to be, boyfriend steve gushed to "e.t." after clutching his lady's tummy at the smackdown premier. >> it's mind blowing, the whole thing, watching a chigrow insidf a human has been the most amazing experience so far. i'm trying to stay calm and not panic. >> how does jenna's daughter feel about becoming a big sis? >> heshe's so excited.
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show couldn't be happier. >> and adam levine's talking dad life. >> i just stay home and do very little. >> today on "ellen," the father of 19-month-old geo and 3-year-old dusty rose says he's having the greatest time ever after stepping away from eight years in that red chair. >> i do miss it but i also don't miss how much i had to work. i'm obsessed with them. that's why i don't do much. >> meanwhile, adam's buddy, the other adam, that would be adam sandler, shared the stage with his daughters, 10-year-old sunny and 13-year-old saiddy at a benefit in l.a. yesterday. ♪ you're mine, mine, mine >> we were on saturday night love and they saw taylor swift so that was a big night, man. ♪ my, my, my lover >> we caught taylor doing something we hardly ever see, holding hands with long-time boyfriend joe allen as they headed to the "snl" afterparty by check out the sparkler on her right hand that has some wondering if the couple's secretly engaged.
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relax, we can tell you the ring was just a fashion statement. from a couple who keeps things very private to this new romance, miley cyrus and cody simpson. a source tells "e.t." they've hooked up in the past and have no plans to start dating each other exclusively. we're told the australian singer's friends would describe him as a player and the two just wants to have fun. as for miley's ex, liam, he's back at work on the toronto set of his new movie. and finally, brittaney's man tes us he's ready for the holidays. >> we're going to be spending a lot of time with my ly. >> he's super supportive of britney's recent post telling fans she's taking a break. >> you got to do that stuff in order to stay on top of your career, stay on top of your life. we also have health news on alex trebek, the "jeopardy!" host who suffered a setback appears to be coming to terms now with his diagnosis approxima diagnosis in a new tv interview.
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>> i've "liv on"lived a good li full life. >> you're not afraid of dying? >> no. no. not afraid of dying. does bother me that i might pass on before i get to have a grandchild. hint, hint. >> putting on a brave face, alex is enduring another round of chemo, following a setback in his cancer battle. the 79-year-old told c tv he's considering stepping down from the show he's hosted for 35 years. >> i will keep doing it as long as my skills do not diminish and they have started to diminish. i'm slurring my records. the chemo has caused sores inside my mouth. it makes it difficult for me to speak. and enunciate properly. >> another star battling cancer, singer olivia newton-john. he stepped out in melbourne with husband, john, and daughter chloe by her side. cutting the ribbon at her annual wellness walk and research run for cancer, olivia spoke out
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about the benefits of cannabis in her healing process. >> it's helped incredibly with pain, with sleep and anxiety and particularly when i was on morphine and i use cannabis which is not going to kill you. so, i feel it's wonderful. >> listen, whatever it takes for her to feel better, our thoughts and prayers are always with olivia. now let's move on to reese witherspoon who is facing her fears head on, why she's supposing with a python and covered in creepy crawlers. then -- >> "e.t.'s" behind the scenes of our rehearsal. >> before tonight's dancing, we're with the team making some major changes. >> this might be the end of our "dancing with the stars" partnership right here. >> and we put the good doctor's surgery skills to the test. with a game of "operation." >> this is what they use in medical school?
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al talk! my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. how about reese witherspoon facing her fears, posing with a python and also a mouse for harper's bazaar, i guess you got to do what you got to do. >> she doesn't look scared at all. >> reese is geerg up to star in the morning show on apple tv plus. that premiers november 1st. meanwhile, tonight is an all-new episode of one of the best shows
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on tv, abc's "the good doctor." >> has freddie picked up any real-life doctor skills? not exactly. >> actual surgical skill, i think i'm very useless. stop. posterior cul-de-sac. it's not real surgery. if it goes wrong, we can always do another take. it's not the worst tas scenario. >> london-born freddie plays an autistic doctor but he's also a coexecutive producer on the show and that means h gets to give himself a love interest. >> what are those scenes like for you? how romantic or sexy will things get for him? >> given that the first episode is called "disaster," there's a slight hint as to how things go. >> can we test your surgical skills in a very real way? >> please do. >> this is the classic game, operation. >> i've never played operation. >> you never have? >> this should have been part of my training for the show. oh, i see, there we go.
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>> you pull something out without making that noise happen. >> it's a little frog. i don't know why this person has a frog in there. >> you know, these are real medical problems, you may -- yes, freddie. >> perfect. >> yes. >> such an aggressive sound. it's really traumatizing. >> there we go. that was pretty good. >> that was excellent. >> i'm getting better at this. this is what they use in medical school? >> i don't want that doctor to practices on operation. >> let's take it back to "dancing with the stars," then, because "e.t." makes dreams come true. just ask karamo brown. >> our surprise for the dancing star that might just take him to the top of the leaderboard. >> james van der beak, look out. >> we like peace and quiet. >> bethenny frankel leaving new york city in her new life and love after house wives. and we're hanging in the neighborhood, getting set secrets like the other show stealing cedric's snacks. >> certainly know when we have a
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food truck. closed captioning
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next "e.t." our new interview with priyanka chopra jonas, her big plans. plus, "breaking bad" movie news, we're at the epic cast reunion. then. >> what's up, "e.t.." >> adam devine takes over. >> i'm guest hosting the show. you're in for a treat. >> actually co-hosting. >> actually co-hosting. make that the introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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welcome back, everybody, look who i have with me, jenna and karamo, we are inside their dancing rehearsal.
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>> what are you doing this week to make sure it's your koorm week? >> not giving a flying freaking butt about what the judges have to say. >> that was not the greatest. >> i realized that when you do that, you start to get in the mode of, like, doubting yourself. that's why this shirt says doing, not doubting. >> okay. >> because i'm not about doubting myself anymore. >> if anyone on this season should be made over, who is it? >> we did a little thing where i helped queer eye with their relationship. >> i grew up in a dance studio staring at myself in a mirror with a waistband and leotard and i was never told i was good enough. i have a hard time taking a compliment, a really hard time. >> we've worked that out. >> when we're on the press line last week, you said that you were thinking that a costume change you could make to get higher points would be the james van der beek bang. >> yes.
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>> where's the van der beek bang? i need that at all points. >> we have actually brought you something. >> if you have -- please let this be me in a bang. yes. >> let me tell you something, james van der beek, look out because this, america needs this, seriously. the james van der bang is thing. i don't know why this hasn't happened yet. >> they can do a lot of things with men's hair now. >> i can see. i likekaramo's look. i think you need to stick with it. >> the bald head is great. >> right? duh. >> work the bald healed. we're back with cheryl burke hanging with us and last week, her partner, ray lewis, had to drop out of the competition due to an injury. how is ray doing? it's weird that one of the toughest guys in nfl history gets hurt dancing. >> he must have been in a lot of pain. dancing is a sport. this is why there's so many injuries. >> ray lewis hit people for a living. >> listen. >> he brought the pain.
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>> he didn't cha cha on them. >> tonight, your best friend, leah remini is going to be a guest judge. >> i think she's going to be the people's voice. >> she's very honest. >> we talk about this show all the time. >> did you give her any advice? >> i said, listen, be honest and be nice. >> nice? get ready, y'all. meanwhile, let's talk about married life. how is married? you married matthew lawrence now, four months, right? >> who's counting? >> clearly me. how's it been? >> amazing because i don't think a lot of my friends ever thought i was going to get married. >> just saying. >> but i am -- i'm happily married and there's a sense of calmness, you know, people are just noticing how happy i am and i just feel like i'm at peace. >> you know you guys first dated back in 2007. >> oh my gosh, yes. that crazy haircut of mine. >> oh. >> clearly i had no friends because honestly, someone could have told me that my bangs were a little too short. >> let's show everybody, go back to the "e.t." vault and show
7:52 pm
everyone. >> i had way too much spray tan. it's a new hair style. i've had my short hair for the last three seasons and i thought why not change it up and have long hair. >> i love it. i thought it was awesome. >> incredibly real. i don't like it when you can really, really tell because then -- but this is really cool. >> guys get freaked out. it keeps our relationship exciting. >> oh my gosh, how embarrassing. >> incredibly interesting. >> right? that was the interview, about my hair. crazy. headlines. breaking news. >> boy, look, all that matters is what your husband likes and he loves this version of you. by the way, happily married tv couples make up the cbs comedy, the neighborhood, which, by the way, shoots right by us so i had to drop by the set and being the good neighbor that i am, i didn't show up empty handed. >> yo, mac, what's up. >> where in the world are we right now? i don't know where to put these. this is the executive suite. >> this is where the execs come? >> this is what i have been told. i've never been allowed in here. >> look, i was really excited to visit the neighborhood set
7:53 pm
because they have the best food on the lot. which has its downside. >> you get some of these "brooklyn nine-nine" -- >> those guys come over? >> they don't have the neighborhood. i don't even know that they watch the show but they certainly know when we have a food truck. >> is cedric -- >> he's right back here. >> yeah, who's there? >> it'kevin frazier. >> what? oh, this is your spot. >> i try to chill, come in here, take care of some business, check some emails. >> close this game off. >> cedric's man cave is in the costume department which is fitting because he takes up half the wardrobe room. >> this is a very small section here and some over there. but that's it. other than that -- >> this wardrobe is crazy. >> it looks so good too. but i'm actually gluten free right now. >> welcome to my home away from home. my cute green carpet that i tried to cover with paint.
7:54 pm
>> tell me about your room. >> well, i really overdid it on the crystals. this is my dolly parton shrine. she's my hero. and i feel like having her in my dressing room gives me good performing juju. >> her room was completely done up but i wanted to talk about her car. >> you can hear me from about a mile away if i turn the system up loud. >> sometimes i sit in my office and i hear music bumping and i'm like, who is that? oh. oh, yeah. >> what do you give that dance? >> a 10. >> of course. let's get to tonight's "e.t." birthdays. >> which former "american idol" judge dropped out of school at age 16? is it simon cowell, paula abdul or jennifer lopez? the answer when we come back. el it. left-hand side cohen against look conger henninger
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. tomorrow, adam devine takes over. >> i'm guest hosting the show. oh. you're in for a treat. >> you're actually co-hosting. i want to make that clear. >> that's debatable. >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> in our "e.t." birthdays,
7:58 pm
which former "american idol" judge dropped out of school at the age of 16? is it simon cowell, paula abdul or jennifer lopez? >> the answer is simon cowell, who turned 60 today. >> it's a great milestone. i'm going to get you a t-shirt. by the way, thank you for hanging with us. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. i had the best time. >> before we go, we now know what life is like for benicio del toro . >> it's drama free like me and you. >> never any drama. >> good night, everybody, before the drama starts. >> those days are over. bethenny is enjoying a more quiet life with her real estate developer boyfriend. >> we're just very simple. we don't go out a lot. we're home bodies. >> we caught up with bethenny along with her rescue pups, biggie and smalls, at the aspca where she's partnering with them. so does her new chapter mean she's done living in new york city? maybe.
7:59 pm
>> the city doesn't have a place but i would like to sleep a little more.
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>>a fire weather watch is in effect for parts of the bay area tonight powers expected to be shot off to thousands in the state as early as tomorrow. good evening, i'm ken white and i'm pam moore, the shut offs are not just in the familiar spots, this time. >>of california's 58 counties could be affected. kron four's dan kerman went to the oakland hills also talk with neighbors who could potentially be among those facing a power shut off. pacific gas and electric may be shutting off the lights again this time to power lines and portions of 30 counties across california, including alameda contra costa lake napa


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