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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 13, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. ♪ news on matt lauer after the rape accusation. the tv host who helped the it alleged victim come forward as his accuser fights back. then kevin hart breaks his silence on his near fatal crash. new photos and the cause of the accident revealed. plus alex trebek talks leaving "jeopardy" among his cancer fight. >> i'm near the end of that fight. >> reporter: why nick jonas is in and gwen stefani is out and how wife, bewioncau is already getting in on the trash talk.
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hollywood's biggest stars turn out for a history-making moment. and "e.t.'s" "cheers" reunion features shocking set secrets. >> we were horrible. >> news on matt lauer after he fought back against a rape accusation. >> the allegations are disturbing. we have the latest as the former ca colleagues were left visibly shaken this week. pappalling.shocking and it's very, very difficult. >> i think we're going to just sort of of continue to process this part of this horrific story. >> i think i speak for all of us we're disturbed to our core. >> savannah and hoda were dealing with the new claim about their former cohost. this woman alleges that he raped her while they were in sochi, russia covering the olympics.
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she worked for meredith vieira. she claims that lauer invited her to his hotel room and then quote pushed her against the it door on to the bed, adding it was nonconsensual in the fact i was too drunk to consent and she claims it was excruciatingly painful. she says there were more sexual encounters when she and lauer returned to new york. after the #me too movement she repor reportedly told meredith who urged her to file a formal complaint. she fired back with quote i have never assaulted anyone or forced anyone to have sex, period. he says nevilles seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do. . matt does admit he quote ended the affair poorly and simply stopped communicating with her. >> brook, what do you think of
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matt's denial of your version of of the story? >> wednesday night brook in new york was startaled by the flashing cameras. she slammed lauer's letter calling it a case study in victim blaming. she has the support of anne curry who tweeted i believe she's telling the truth. >> quote matt lauer's conduct was appalling, horrific and reprehensible. that's why he was fired within 24 hours of us first learning of the complaint. now to kevin hart brock his silence after his crash. we have the chp's new report about what caused the horrific accident. >> the car is pretty totalled. >> the startling 35-page report includes photos of the it plymouth barracuda.
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according to the investigation his friend was driving when his quote reckless and sudden exceleration forced him to lose control of the vehicle. kevin was in the backing which had been quote converted to it a storage area and no longer actually had seats. the report says black was noted the influence of drugs or alcohol.. it also states no one was wearing seatbelts properly. and it mentions taafter the cra kevin, quote kpexited the vehic and left the scene. quote i have nothing but love for jared and wish him and rebecca a speedy recovery. next "the bachelor" injured. he says a freak accident happened with pilot pete in costa rica. so what led to getting a reported 22 stitches in his
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face? apparently he knocked himself in the glass while in a golf cart. he reported drove two hours to get to the hospital. and tells "e.t." he's 100%er okay and production issallred a back underway. up next miley released from the hospital. miley's back after getting her tonsils rehuved. her caption, my sick girl tinally free. and alex trebek is giving us details in a new interview. >> i've lived a good life a long life and i'm nearing the end of that. i know that. i'm not going to delude myself. >> you're not afraid of dying? >> no, not afraid of a dying. does concern me i'm going to die before getting a grandchild, hint, hint.
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>> the 79-year-old told ctb he's considering stepping down from the show he's host interested 35 years. >> i will keep doing it as long as my skills do not demunnish and they have started to diminish. i'm slurring my words. chemo has caused sores inside my mouth. it makes it it difficult to speak and anuenunsiate properly. i feel like she just got there and nk jonas is going to be in. we got details on why he's taking over. ♪ i'm a sucker for you >> and new congrats on dwhaet voice." >> they were mobbed leaving dinner in west hollywood just hours after the singer brock the news. >> i'm so excited. season 18 "the voice."
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>> you're going to get your bu kicked. >> and this happened. >> you should be nervous though. >> yeah, that's a blake look alike giving nick a good scare. >> i know he's super competitive and he likes to win. he's going to be sparing with blake? >> yeah, i think that's going to happen. >> so nick's in. but why is gwen leaving? >> "e.t.'s" learned her vegas residency kicks off just a few week busine weeks bebefore the start of the next season. he's mentored on "the voice" before four years ago. done "the x factor" and ""american idol."" he can be tough.
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he belted out one of nick's songs. >> this is jonas jealous. ♪ >> you literally have no rhythm at all. >> how is that high note? >> but your teeth look great. i see every single one of them. >> nick had one big suggestion. >> auto tune. >> i say you're so pretty, cameron. >> that's what you'd say when you don't like something. bless your heart. >> i just want to jump and morph myself into that. kevin frazierer was in atlanta as the stars all helped tyler perry usher in a new era. >> what a night, what a night.
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♪ >> oh, yeah, i brought the dress i can dance in t the jimmy choos i can moon walk in. >> it's trailblazing is what it is. >> oprah fighting tears. tyler perry honored her and other trail blazing african-american stars that inspired him. he donated massive sound stages to each. the number one stage is for one person. >> that's what i hear. listen, i'm just honorered to be ea part of of all of it. >> also honored. will smith, spike lee. >> the man did it. all love, baby. >> denzel wasngton and halle berry. >> what is the special sauce about tyler? >> he's just a good dude. i couldn't even get here tonight because i'm in the midolof working and he's like i'll send my plane and get you anytime you
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want. >> the singer glitered in a custom made gown . last saturday's dedication were rounded up by a church service. as for the sound stages, they're part of his 330 acre studio. bigger than warner, paramount and disnestios combuned. he also donated one to whoopee goldberg. >> if someone says you're about to die, it wakes you up. we think part of getting sick and having an exacer baited perhaps by vaping. so learning that we've got to do things differently now. >> one celeb honored was will smith. >> i was wildly humbled to stand
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there with halle and spike and whoopee. it's a huge testament to what tyler stands for. >> hours after leaving atlanta, will, jada and sons tray trey and jaden hit the red carpet for will's's nmovie. >> it's such a beautiful thing. what hollywood movies do. >> give you their babies? >> i know i took like three of them. i'm going to raise them the best i can. >> charlize theron has two of her own. >> my kids love it and now i love the it because they love it. we're still coming up with more outfits that year in the process of putting together. >> charlize's family and friends were in costume for the recent disneyland trip. but up next is her amazing
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transformation into megyn kelly. >> i think we try to do all of this with inreg rety. >> and j-lo spilling her super bowl secrets. and is cardi b. hitting the stage? we've got major halftime show hit. >> plus "e.t." in i've always been excited for what's next. i'm still going for my best... even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'll go for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? sharing my roots. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke.
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♪ 'cos i know what it means ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪ ♪ here i go again on my--- you realize your vows are a whitesnake song? i do. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. "cheers" reunion. ♪ welcome back everybody. so is cardi b. super bowl bound? we're huped we're hyped up for the halftime show with shakira headlining. >> well, the people want to see you and j-lo hook up again. so maybe you show up that super bowl on stage with her.
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what do you think about that? >> he he. >> car cdi could teach a master class on the art of the silence treatment. besides collaborating, she has a deal with halftime sponsor, pepsi. and we got even more super bowl scoop at dancing with t"dancing stars" from j-lo's close friend and guest judge. >> cardi b. and j-lo. >> to me and shakira. like anybody else is just added. >> hustler, super bowl, marriage. are we going to see you be the maid of honor? >> she has sisters. i would just happy to be there. >> leah will be at the wedding. she may not be the maid of honor but she will be in the wedding because that's her besty.
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>> the new trend is to not have any bridesmaids. >> and our rachel smith talked to them about hearing the new voices hopefully better than what katy perry has been hearing at home with her dog. ♪ is it weird that you see me naked ♪ >> she's a terrible yaper because she's so tiny andeels she has nothing to protect her besides her bark and she's becoming worse with time. >> lionel's two favorite artists, billy eilish and the amauj to the music video. >> i would have thought that was so cool and i put out next generation on the ceiling. when she took that left step to the wall, i said oh, my god and then of course the wall came down. you know how hard that is?
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>> meanwhile, live shared a major life moment revealing an epicing ge epicing -- epic gender are eveal . >> congratulations you're having an alien. >> they handed me the packt, i guess from the doctor's office. i saw the chart, the health of of the baby. i'm like this is way too much information. i saw a video of the conception. >> from milwaukee to europe. only we're unlondon with angelina jolie with her kids ready to step into the spotlight. >> it's nice for me as a mom >> and ripped straight from lori laughlin and felicity huffman's reality. >> we thought we were helping you. >> and
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♪ is that it? ♪ can't stop the feeling >> how does it feel to be home? >> great. >> the musical mission in memphis. talking family life. >> i'm still trying to figure out how to man ag4-year-old. what am i wearing? i got to live out my awkward years in front of all of you. it's haunting. you got a couple ideas? >> they're pretty good good. >> welcome back. we're jetting across europe with a angelina jolie. as we got news of her newest development with her divorce from brad. >> she looked like a million bucks. making it family night wednesday she was surrounded by kids.
7:21 pm
>> it's so funb when you're taking care of of each other and mocking a game out of it. it's moments and watching my kids grow up. watching my daughter put on a beautiful dress and figure out the right heels and all that mom stuff is just -- it means a lot. >> dressed in a simmering gown she appeared regal and upbeat despite new apers being filed in her divorce with brad asking for more time figure out the tine angsal settlement. they were estimated to be worth $400 million. part of their wealth, five homes including a chateau in france. in april a judge declared they were officially single but divying up the fortune is taking longer than expected. she went full steam on what we're calling her reinvention tour. check her out in not her usual not black, not white but
7:22 pm
radiant in a lavender top at this "maleficent" photo call. and then sequence. >> and then she gave us a glimpse at her behind-the-scenes video. the 44-year-old is clearly having fun as she travels the world doing press for her disney film. >> don't ruin my morning. >> now let's talk about another movie. this is a hilarious comedy stars adam divine. he co hosted with me. so we let him put together his own story about the film. >> hello, "e.t." welcome to set. >> there's an amazing tiki bar at our hotel and i'm spending a
7:23 pm
lot of time there. i'm a real tiki boy in san fran. have you seen the trolley cars? >> i have been. i want to ride them. they're kind of expensive. >> $7. it's worth it. >> money bags over here. >> i got to deal with this guy, justin hartly and his abs. >> there will be not as much dancing, not as much stripping. there's still a fireman element which is interest. he's a true real-life hunky beef cake and i'm a little intimidated by him. as an actor i'm right there. i'm in the pket with him. >> would you like the read it first? >> nah, i'm good. >> stupid. >> the virtual assistant on my phone designed to make my life better. she ends up taking over. >> your boss is a moron. >> my voice would be very sexual. like hello.
7:24 pm
that's british, isn't it? >> i felt it. >> now to will smith talking all about his new movie "gemini man". >> 51-year-old will is all the way here, my feet hurting, my back hurting. >> will's character is pitted against a 23-year-old version of hum sflt. which begs the question what would you tell will in his 20s to prepare him for where you are today? >> first all of will in his 20s wasn't listening to nothing nobody had to say. that's first. so i wouldn't tell his dumb as nothing. young will was a wildly curages. like curages to the level of foolishness. >> curages and maybe add confident. >> i'm kind of fly. you know, i'm a little smooth.
7:25 pm
>> "e.t." spents a lot of time with will dur his "fresh prince" days. >> in a mall these ears cause hysteria. >> he says he does have one big career regret. >> i would go back and say hey, man, don't do "wild wild west". i would say dude, do "neo." because i got offered "the matrix." i know. relax. relax. how do you think i feel? >> from the film drama to the real-life drama of the it college emissions scandal. why officials plan to go hard on aunt becky as we go inside the tv movie. >> then mariah carey on the rumors she hated whitney houston. plus jen aniston nearly an "snl" star.
7:26 pm
the audition story never told until now and only "e.t." is on the set of the cheers reunion. >> do the can kids get how iconic of a moment this is? >> no, they just think we're old people. >> but first you know him from the wanted and now after a five-year break he's back with his debut solo single "breathe in." ♪ breathe in >> now was the right time to release it because i'm unthat state where i can fully express myself. >> the singer told us he's lanning to tour in support of his music and the wanted fans who might play some of your favorites. >> i think i'd like to pay homage to some songs and i'd love to see what that looks luke on my set. so yeah, it looks like that. >> closed captioning provided by. "i'm fine."
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if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. peter weber, the star of the next edition of "the bachelor" had to have 22 stitches in his face and knocked his head with a glass while driving in a golf cart. miley's back after getting her tonsils removed. cody was caption, my sick girl finally free. she's not the ownbly one into his impressive bod. he suggested double date. cody replied text me. and kevin hart, a post accident update. the actor is doing well and making progress daily. he's anxious to fully recover. in fact a source says they have to remind him to take it slow. his speedy recovery is crucial
7:31 pm
for the busy movie star that hath has at least nine projects in the works. plus alex trebek's cancer setback. >> i have had a long life a full life and i'm nearing the end of that life. >> you're not afraid of dying? >> no. it does bother me i might pass on before i get a grandchild. hint, hint. >> he's considering stepping down from "jeopardy" the show he's hosted for 35 years. >> i will keep doing it as long as my skills do not diminish and they have started to. i'm slurring my words. the chemo has caused sores inside my mouth. it makes it difficult to speak and enunsiate properly. >> and matt lauer face as troubling new claim. >> what do you think of matt's
7:32 pm
denial of your story? >> the former sh"today" show anchor fired back. i have never forced anyone to have sex period. he says he had consensual sex and she seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do. she slammed lauer's response, calling it a case study in victim blaming and an attempt to blame him into silence. go to "e.t." online for the latests. also in the news the college admissions scandal. >> this marks one month since felicity huffman got her 14-day sentence. >> what i value in the felicity huffman sentence is i think it sent a clear message that there is a good chance if it you're convicted you're go it doing go to prison for some period of time.
7:33 pm
>> he seemed to be sending a message to lori laughlin. settle. she's pled not guilty to claims she bribed officials a half million dollars to get heir daughters into it usc. while she's headed to trial and felicity to prison, the story is coming to lifetime. >> we did this because we thought we were helping you. >> there's the bigger story than just two celebrities. >> penelope ann miller plays a mom it desperate to get her son in college. >> you studied darwin. some species survive and some don't. >> hopefully they realize we're the composite of all the families. >> felicity admitted to paying a test praukter to boost her daughter's sat scores.
7:34 pm
another angle, faking sports to get into elite schools. >> sort of a side door if you will. >> for lori's daughters it was faking being part of the crew team. >> and what would you call your character? >> i think naive. are they bribes? >> yeah, they're kind of brubs. no, they're actually bribes. >> lori's defense strategy? a source says she's expected to argue she thought she was making a legitimate donation to the university. >> the hardest thing for me is how it effected the kids because in a way they are the victims in all of this. >> am i going to be arrested too? >> well, now to a few female stars speaking out.
7:35 pm
jennifer aniston, mariah carey and more. and we're front and center. >> you're blinding us with your power, jen. what would you tell your younger self about anything you wish you had known? >> how important your voice is and your confidence. wer ofwomanen luncheon ce at presented by lifetime. and we cannot wait for her return to tv in the "morning show." she plays an anchor whose co host is fired over sexual conduct allegations. >> i'm bringing you sad and upsetting news. >> some crazy headlines. >> i know it almost couldn't write itself.. it's sort of bizarre. >> we love that the cast got together "friends." how was it seeing and talking to everybody? >> just like going home. we have the best time together. we always are trying to think of
7:36 pm
something to do. we just center to think about what the right thing is. >> before "friends" came about lauren michaels wanted you to be part of the "saturday night live" cast. >> me? shandler was there and s pade was there. i was such a young twit this is such a boys' club. you're not brightest when you're in your early 20s. >> mariah carey. >> i was very honored. >> she's gearing up to release an upcoming memoir of her life. she said to buckle up. >> darling, you're not ready. no, i really mean it. >> she just told all about another singer, whitney houston.
7:37 pm
>> we didn't know each other and she was one of the greatest of all time. and then we finally did a duet together that won an oscar. we both got it. we're like she doesn't hate me. we're having this great time together and laughing. >> and remember these movie stars first film together. >> oh, my gosh. >> 30 years after "look who's talking" we're talking to kirstie alley and john travolta. >> we're always dealing with this discomfort with kiss and everything. >> how she reunited with the gang from "cheers". >> we used to take nudies of each other. >> even more beyonce with the "lion king" on blue ray october 22nd. >> i grew up loving the "lion king." it's the first disney movie that
7:38 pm
brought me tto tears. >> donald glover admits it was intimidatingin attempting to care can carry a tune with queen b. >> i guess the only thing really scary is ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss.
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hello, sir, hi, miami. >> this week the "cheers" gang reuniting. >> kirstie alea said she was actually terrified to guest star. >> i was freak out last night. horrible when you're on somebody else's show and you screw up and you see the people in the thebackground like [ bleep] if you saw the "cheers" bar i used to carry a cigar box with me and my lines were always in my cigar box. >> it went 11 seasons after 275 episodes and 28 emmy wins. now kirstie is dropping secrets from the show wherebody knows your nom. >> we never paid attention, we were always in trouble, we never showed up on time. >> we didn't want to work
7:49 pm
because we didn't want to work ethough, you know. >> if #me too had been around, we'd all be in prison. we used to take nudiesf of each other. we'd kick open backroom doors. we were horrible. before we'd shoot we'd stick tongue its down each other's throats. nobody was saying though, don't t. i but i'm saying we would boo in sing sing. >> now on the set of the goldbergs things are very different. it took a while to get rhia pearlman and kirstie alley and everybody together for the throwback episode. >> everybody is so revrerant in anything. >> is there anything from the '80s -- >> don't try to make out with me. >> i just wanted to confirm your
7:50 pm
order is up to our standards? >> yeah, but my standards are really low. >> we're oldepal and old people sit at bars. >> that's right. >> i could watch him sit at the barer all day. and while kirsties back nearly 30 years ever "cheers." her rom kom is back in the headlines. "look who's talking". >> we had a blast. i mean honestly. we love working together. >> whoa, baby. hot hommau. >> you know the 30th anniversary of "look who's talking" is can coming out? >> i heard that. you know how? because "entertainment tonight" called me and wanted to interview me.. 30th anniversary though, that's redick. >> 30 years since they steamed
7:51 pm
things up on the big screen. they've been good friends ever since but if kirstie had her way, she's do a whole lot more. >> i mean i'm married. dpr i can't dough out of control. >> she went hard for john. calling him the love of her life. >> she did have a crush on me before she got married. therefore we always dealt with discomfort when the kissing stuff. i would say listen you're kissing like my neighbor. you've got to loosen up. >> the hardest thing about acting with the babies is they hae a very short attention span. >> it it's the bear show. >> mcdonald's. mcnuggets. it's more difficult acting with these children. i'll tell you that. >> put me back in, please.
7:52 pm
>> of course bruce willis was the voice of mikey. he was dad to 1-year-old rumor at the time. watching the movie growing up. >> it's daddy's voice. where's daddy? >> no, don't give in. >> it's a deal. >> sucker. >> now there's talk of a remake. but we'd settle for a cast reunion. >> we'd love that. i'd love to do anything with kirstie. >> he responds to money and threats. >> now to another big star sequel. emma stone in the hilarious "zombieland" follow up. called "zombieland double tap." you look like no time has passed honestly. >> i mean time has definitely pazzed. i think it's clearest on abigail. the greatest advertisement for a
7:53 pm
veg vegan healthy lifestyle you've ever seen. >> she was just eight years old when the life action 101 dalmations hit theaters in 1996. now she's a young cruella. >> it's wild. i mean right now i'm tired all the time. this is bananas. >> are you obsessed with the glen close one? >> obviously the it goat but this comes before her story. this leads the her where she becomes true greatness. >> and how about a new spin on this blast from the past after they re-created angelina and billy bob's iconic red carpet from 2000, right down the it tattoo. >>
7:54 pm
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travel considerations provided by. hugh jackman is 51 and kelly preston is 57. now which danszing -- "dancing
7:57 pm
with the stars" alum earn itted down the lead role in "greece"? that's marie osmond. >> i think we lucked out. >> she channelled her iconic "pretty woman" polka dot moment at the polo classic. and kirsten dunst and "this is us" stars. s >> we're out of time. >> but before we go i know you're going to love this. justin bieber getting romantic for his new music video with special wedding guests dan and sha dee. well over 50 million streams. >> and every single one of of those boys sing. ♪ rest of my life i'm going to
7:58 pm
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try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. >>our newsroom tonight here on kron 4 a northern california newer surgeon awaiting trial on charges of sexually abusing children has found dead in his jail cell thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'm justine waltman and i'm j r stone the santa cruz county sheriff's office says james cohan. >>was found alone in his jail cell this morning. this is video from 17 1ohan was last in court medical examiners are investigating the cause cause and manner of death. but authorities say preliminary autopsy indic


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