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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 29, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. ♪ tonight massive wildfires threatening stars home and canceling a hollywood premier. then ben affleck speaks out after his weekend relapse. >> it happens. >> his visit with ex jen. plus j.lo talking the super bowl. kerry washington revealing her halloween surprise. it's halloween week on "e.t." >> we've got david arquette to give us a scream. [ screaming ] welcome to universal studios hollywood. we're here with our special
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guest co-host, david arquette. >> i'm a scream veteran. >> we'll hear that scream later. first the big story out of california are the wildfires. >> my daughter's school got canceled. friends got evacuated. we pray for you. >> here is tonight's top story. this is the devastating getty wildfire that has shut down tonight's massive "terminator, dark fate" hollywood premiere. the studio made the announcement earlier today. the film's star arnold schwarzenegger was one of the thousands of l.a. residents forced to flee their home within the mandatory evacuation zone. arnold evacuated in the middle of the night at 3:30 a.m. he called the firefighters, quote, the true action heros. flames could be seen approaching josh duhamel's hillside home in the brentwood neighborhood of l.a. "e.t." has confirmed he was on location in toronto when the fire broke out just around 1:30 a.m. kate hudson, bruce willis,
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maria shriver, ryan phillippe and lebron james were also forced to evacuate. lebron tweeted at 3:53 a.m. he was, quote, driving around with my family trying to get rooms. around 20 minutes later he says they, quote, finally found a place to accommodate us. bruce willis' wife emma posted this photo of their young daughters saying they, quote, grabbed a chance of clothes and our passports and left earlier this morning. moving on now to new video of ben affleck after his relapse. >> hey, ben, how's it going man? >> how are you? >> how was the party last night, bro? everybody's worried about you, but i see you're fine, man. >> oh, you know, it happens. it was a slip, but i'm not gonna let it derail me. >> that's right, man. >> are you going to check yourself into rehab? >> thank you very much guys. >> ben took full responsibility for his slip as he arrived to the home of his ex jen garner and he looked pretty good considering this was him just 13 hours earlier. the 47-year-old was wearing a mask as he left a halloween party saturday night. the oscar winner appeared
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intoxicated and had a lot of fans worried about his sobriety. then sunday morning around noon this man who is believed to be ben's sober coach stopped by his house. ironically earlier on saturday ben seemed kind of proud of his sobriety, instagramming that he had, quote, been in recovery for over a year. it was just last august that jen drove ben to rehab, stopping at jack in the box on the way. a source tells "e.t." ben, quote, has been honest about his recovery and takes it day by day. >> i think ben like anybody can recover from any setback. >> dr. phil's coach mike who specializes in addiction an recovery is the author of "best self." he has this advice. >> it's about how does he get back up. he's shown he's able to stay sober for a while. look at what was working and get back on track. >> i feel for him. i've had my ups and downs. i support you, buddy. >> i love how open you guys are about it. let's switch gears now to jennifer lopez. yes, she's got super bowl on the brain. >> but there's another big event at her house first -- that's
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halloween. >> i don't know if we're even going to have time unfortunately to dress up. i leave here and go right back to work. >> we're excited for the super bowl. >> thank you. thank you. also that. >> my goal is to make a beautiful show, to get everybody up there singing and dancing and to unite everybody in that one moment. >> yup, jlo's so busy, even performing for the big game takes a back seat to getting dressed up. >> i was just like on the phone with my daughter in the car on the way here and she was like i'm so excited for halloween and i was like, yay, and she said i'm a little scared and i said don't be scared. you're going to be a care bear. there's nothing to be scared of. >> looking loving in yellow j.lo joined stars including charlize, scarjo and rene at the governor's awards. "hustlers" is already getting oscar buzz. >> it was all women producers. all women cast. that was the first time that happened. so it was a pretty special kind of unicorn event. another kind of unicorn event, bradley cooper bringing his adorable daughter lea to her first public appearance. the 2-year-old was bradley's
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date for the mark twain awards which honored his "star is born" co-star dave chapelle. >> i love and trust bradley cooper so much. he actually is a good friend of mine and i love the experience of working with him. now, david, halloween might be hollywood's favorite holiday. do you have your costume picked out? >> i always have five or six options. i love options. >> anything can happen at universal studios. maybe borrow his costume. the stars got it going early this year. >> are you on the keto diet? ♪ it's like your my mirror >> jessica biel definitely justin's mirror as the curly haired '90's version of timberlake. remember? >> don't show that clip to anybody. >> sorry, but posing with this nsync entourage was kind of a perfect way for jess to troll her man. he's the microphone. a source says they were very affectionate all night. maybe 'cause jess told us they'd be apart for october 31st. >> this may be a disappointing year for us. we may have a bad showing. ♪ yo i'll tell you i want >> jt was the mic drop for these
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faux spice girls at rande gerber's star-studded casamigos party in l.a. across town kylie jenner made sure little stormi twinned with mom's met gala look while gabrielle union and kaavia were ready to bring it on. ♪ oh we, oh, we oh >> meanwhile kerry washington asked fans to predict what she would be. >> this is an "e.t." exclusive. kerry washington is about to talk about her halloween costume. >> well the voting did come in for "how to get away with murder" but i have to say and i hope china is watching, china the actress, that i am gonna be uma from "descendants 3." >> yes. >> i have a 4 and a half-year-old. >> so you know uma is everything. >> but my costume is going to out do yours a little bit. >> i'm sorry. >> he goes i love will smith as genie, dad. i'm gonna be the will smith version of genie. you're gonna be the rug dad. >> parenthood will always humble you. >> we talked at an event promoting "american son," the real life mother plays a parent of a missing teen. >> to be able to kind of explore how vulnerable parents makes you
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is a privilege for me at this point in my career. >> so great to have a part you feel connected to. >> yes. well tonight "dancing with the stars" will get into the halloween spirit. david you did that show. >> i still get nervous when the music comes on. >> for country star lauren alaina the whole ballroom experience has been one emotional roller coaster. >> the scariest part of this whole show for me was wardrobe because i had an eating disorder for six years. so getting ready for this show i was a little worried about the being on tv part in costumes and feeling comfortable. with my "american idol" background i was 15 on the show and it just destroyed my, like, security in myself. but i've worked really hard over the last few years to, like, change that and i'm really excited 'cause so far i have felteautiful every monday and i felt super confident. >> lauren beat her battle with bulimia six years ago. now the 24-year-old is all about
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getting fit the healthy way. >> i've lost 25 pounds since july. i literally had to go buy all new clothes. this is new. >> it's just constant moving, you know. and i'm eating whatever i want. i'm not on a diet at all. i'm just like i'm on the "dancing with the stars" work-out plan and it's working out. that's for sure. >> tonight on "dancing" the theme's halloween. only we were there as lauren got wardrobe ready. >> whoo hoo. am i tutu much for you? i will dress up for any holiday. i'm in my element this week. i love to dress up. >> lauren alaina! do you have a spooky laugh? [ laughter ] >> that's how the pros do it. >> now to a different pro, kevin frazier is on location. >> i promised a certain star for
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their birthday i would jump out of a cake. lo and behold, the cake is here. i guess i got to get in. oh, yeah. also on the way -- ♪ >> at home with the legends. why john just flew over 5,000 miles to be by his wife's side. plus -- >> it was a year of healing. >> olivia newton john gives us an update on her third cancer battle. >> and john cena goes public with a new romance. >> i got a beautiful date.
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♪ i can't keep running back to you ♪ ♪ keep running back to you ♪ i can't keep running back to you ♪ >> talk about a moment. lady gaga and ashanti with an impromptu performance of ashanti's hit "foolish" at nomad restaurant inside park mgm las vegas saturday night. >> now initially i heard ashanti was just in the audience for
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jazz trumpeter brian newman's "after dark" lounge show while gaga came off her jazz and piano residency at park theater. >> are you a gaga fan? >> i love gaga. >> me too. meanwhile chrissy teigen and john legend have us feeling things too. that's up first in tonight's know and tell -- the legends in love. ♪ everything's gonna be all right ♪ >> a legend family photo shoot in the backyard. luna doing back flips. john at the piano with miles. and a glimpse inside the kids' play room with chrissy's mom. john and chrissy are couples goals for the new cover of "vanity fair." ♪ >> chrissy's confessing to the magazine that her anxiety prevents her from holding on to memories, good and bad. just this weekend she tweeted she was struggling and, quote, i haven't been feeling like myself lately. so john flew from london to l.a. to have dinner with her and watch "love island." too sweet. from one john to another. john cena has a new lady in his life and they just made their red carpet debut. >> you look very happy. >> well, it's a wonderful day for a movie premiere and i got a beautiful date. >> his beautiful date, 30-year-old engineer shay
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shariatzadeh. >> okay. so you know i have to ask you how'd you meet? >> this movie. >> you met filming this movie? >> yeah. so that's what's really special matter what projec eyes off. someone else we could never take our eyes off -- >> miss dolly parton. >> we're getting secrets on dodoe dolly's new show. then olivia newton john after her cancersetback. and -- >> we're taking the "e.t." birthdays next level. i'm inside the cake still waiting to surprise a big hoywood star. >> closed captioning provided by --
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tylenol®. ♪ kevin, you okay? >> do i look okay?
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>> you don't. i'm so excited because i'm in dollywood. i came to speak with the icon herself, dolly parton. she has a new netflix seri "heart strings." and there was one person dolly told me she wished was part of it, her god daughter miley >> i had hoped at one point in i ever do "jolene" miley would have been great. ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene >> miley was doing other things. >> the role of jolene went to julianne hough. >> why was she the perfect jolene? >> we went through a lot of people. we wanted someone who was described in the song. ♪ with ivory skin and eyes emerald green ♪ >> she all that.
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all she had to do is put on that beautiful red ir. she was the most beautiful jolene. >> dolly is in the very select group that jennifer aniston follows on instagram. >> she's so smart. she's so fun and talented. >> tomorrow night is dolly parton's "heart strings" premier. now to matt cohen who's with another music and movie agenda. hey, matt. >> keltie i am with the one an only olivia newton john who's putting some of her most prized possessions up for auction. ♪ you better shape up 'cause i need a man ♪ >> this is the big item. i want all the museums to be bidding against each other. >> olivia is hoping to raise millions when her iconic black leather jacket and pants
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go to the best leather. >> it was incredibly hot and we shot this in 102 zprdegrees. they were having a heat wave. ♪ the one that i need ♪ oh yes indeed >> the 71-year-old looked amazing. how you doing? >> i'm doing great. it's been an interesting year. it was a year of healing. >> last year olivia was diagnosed with a tumor in her lower back. even underwent treatment at the cancer and wellness center that bears her name. >> was in a lot of pain. i was a patient on my 70th birthday in my hospital. it was amazing. id got to experience what i helped create. >> the wellness center will benefit from the auction. i've had an incredible
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career. 40 years ago and people still love the movie. i feel very grateful. >> now tell us where the auciton takes place. >> live november 2nd in beverly hills and online at start bidding guys. it's going to be so much fun. >> you heard it. back to you lauren and david at universal. >> thanks, matt. yes, david and i have moved locations for a very special reason. we're about to go through the walking dead maze. first we're joined by david's good friend danny. >> hey! >> you did not do that! >> david, you were in the "scream" movies.
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you're a horror icon. no better guide to this haunted maze than the original "scream" king. david starred in all four fright-fest films as deputy dewey. in "mob town" david plays an officer again. >> get out of here zombie. >> get out of here. >> i have a problem with you. >> that zbie is gonna be sleeping with the fishes. >> you're making a big mistake, pal. >> how so? >> get us out of here. >> whoa! >> david spade, i haven't seen you in years. selfie! >> we made it out alive. what was it like in there? >> my nightclub when the lights come on.
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♪ > travel consideration provided by -- ♪ omorrow on "e.t." -- we're in new york with jennifer aniston d reese witherspoon, their new instagram goals. >> we'll find out. plus, our heidi klum halloween exclusive. secrets behind her siest and scarst costumes. >> i couldn't go to the bathroom. then "e.t." is on the set of
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"charlie's angels" in istanbul. >> next "e.t." we are almost out of time. david, thanks for screaming with me today. >> it was a blast. >> now go see mob town everybody. it hits theaters friday december 13th. let's reveal today's birthday star next. >> finally. who got kevin frazier to jump out of a cake? >> it's a previous guest host and all because of this. >> kevin you better be jumping out of a cake on my birthday on the 28th. >> i'm doing that. i'm coming out. >> our birthday girl is cheryl underwood. she's 56 today. >> happy birthday cheryl. >> your kevin cake. >> he should have taken off his >> why not? he's been working out. >> uh-oh. something is about to happen. what is happening? i know it's my birthday.
1:58 am
what is happening here? >> surprise. be careful what you ask for. you just may get it. >> that's what i'm talking about. a black man in a tux see do coming out a cake. ♪ happy birthday to me >> this is the best day ever. nobody ever got this. a ride in their own birthday cake. nobody got this. thank you cbs. thank you "entertainment tonight." next time send me a manic date. deal talk! my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink l for just the change in your couch. i found the rete! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. so you have ten years experience... i do. but no phd? first kid. here's all the numbers, food's in the fridge, oh and lucas likes to pull on jewelry so you might want to lose the nose ring. by their second kid, parents are more likely to choose luvs.
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