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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 22, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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following r you this morning day 2 of the senate impehment trial gets unrway today, the house impeachment managers and president ump's legal team they went head tohead for hours before the senate and finalize the rules of the impeachment trial yesterday karin caifa is live on capitol hill this morning with a recap of yesterday's velopments, karen. it was a lengthand contentious debate over those rules that stretched well past midnight here on capitol hill republicans. >>rejecting all of democrats
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proposals to guarantee specific witnesses and documents up front. now the focus turns to the openi arguments wi those house democratic impeachment managers up rst. >>a marathon in thsenate culminating in a party line signoff on majority leader mitch mcconnell's rules for president trump's impeachment trial the eyes are 53 the nays are 47 the solution is agreed to mccall's inial proposal prompted an outcry from democrats before floor debate even started mcconnell's resolution is nothingshort of a national disgrace. mcconnell revised hiplan after gop members expressed concernthat brush proceedings could play into democrats criticism othe trial is unfair. the final resolution stretching 24 hours of opening arguments for each side over 3 days of pee democratic leader chuck ate schumer push further inoducing 11 amendments calling for the subpoenas of key witnesses to ice and an amendment to the desk to iue a subpoena to john and michael mick mulvaney and documents
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these documets go directly to one of presidentrump's abuses of power. all the one defeated on party line votes. and the decision on witnesses d documents delayed until later in the trial thgh the evidence. and witnesses. our >>and the underlying resolution. >>president trump's legal team argued house democrats av taken enough time they have delayed. >>bringing this could impeachment to this house for 33 days. 33 days to this body. and it's timeto start with this trial. the stage now set or opening arguments from each side. >>and president trump is wrapping up his time at the world enomic forum in davos, switzerland with a press conference at is taking place right now. >>earlier this morning was asked by rerters about the job that his legal team is doing backere in washington. he id he thinks they're doing very good live on capitol hill this morning, i'm karen caifa now back to you all right, thank you. ren of
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course stay with kron on for the lest on the impeachment trial. >>we'll be carrying the trial live on our 24 7 commercial free streaming news service always available all the breang news, the traffic, the weather kron on make sure yodownload it toy and take with you as you e on the go. we're checking in on the forecast we have meteorologist john sure able joning us this morning because we had a little bit of rain yesterday well mae i should say a little bit because i don't know how much we have i woke up this morning think i slept through the storm en woke up this morning. it was soggy outside so much rain and gusts came and went. >>i pretty much let took my dog out what the right back but yes i think you could say a little bit ok because compared to last week it was little bit got her to that so we did ha some lighter showers yesterday a few moderate areas and eir 2 definitely nough to have kept inside probabla little bit more so thanyou usually do during your late afternoon hours and maybe even slowed you down a little bit on your drive home from work. you can see this morning. there is some low cloud cover sitting
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over san francisco. and it's a bit on the misty side for a few ars on the peninsula, nothing more than just a couple of spots amiss to some drzle in our mountainous areas of the east bay and then right along the coastline, you can see that oud cover that's hanginout right on top of the bay, this is actually helped to shelteus from so colder temperatures overnight so we're off to a pretty mild start to the rning for a lot of these areas futurecast shows you a dry morning ahead of us it will be a dry drive into work today it will be a dry much of the rest of the day 2 th some sunshine reappearing into the afternoon. tempertures even warmer than yesterday so all iall we've got to prove this wednesday ahead of us no looking at temperatures were in the 50'sright now for a cloudy areas, look at this cloud cover right here and see others 50's with it some of our clear sps in the north bay haven't and had an opportunity to see temperates falling into the 40's overnight cloud cover helping shield some of that temperature loss well clear ies up in the north bay have
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allowed mperaturesto get pretty chilly. one of those moments where you can actually see that difference here acrossthe bay area this morning as far as temperatures compared to yesterday north bay around the same to just a little cooler while much of the restof us are a little bit warmerlivermore in concord each 5 degrees up from where we were at the same 0.24 urs ago, 40's and 50's for your morning temperatures but by the afternoon we're talking upper 50's to low 60's, it'll be relly nice out there with some sunshine making its way back out. back to europe and all right. thank you sir, let's check in on the traffic just remember. >>you should be driving at reduced speed this morning news because the roads are soggy. as we take a live lok at the traffic heading into san francisco. we see the wet pavement here at the bay bridge toll plaza so that is what u're going to be dealing with anyou could easily spend out so please watch youspeed the traffic looks good though erall for your commute through thmaze across the upper deck through downtown. it's an easy 8 inutes after fremont street. t's check in on a little soggy here as well for that
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trip from the east bay over to the peninsul but no big problems that you need to worry about it's a nice smooth transition into foster city and send the tail was 5.82 the richmond sandra fe bridge looking good 8 minutes that's a quick trip to make it into the north bay and traffic tracker showing somdrive times and some freeways for you anthey all look great if you take the e sure 80 west, it's only 14 minutesight now frocrockett down to the maze maybe youtake 24. orinda lafayette over to the oakland side it's going to be wide open with no big trouble spots that u need to worry about 5.80 west is smooth and the limit and so is the nimit it's going to be a quick 11 minute trip from to 38 to downtown oakland will check more coming up a little bit later. whole house released surveillance videos of officer-involved shooting that hpened back in november. this is one of clips really so take a look at the right corner of your screen you see the activity the man walking. you n see in off to the richmond police officer, virgil thomas anthen also
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eric reason of delay whoa. so the tomb and they t into some sort of confrontation right there at the as station. moments later the off-du officegoes after reason with a gun drawn and then he opens fireeventually killing him. investigators said that thomas shot reason because he believed that reason pose an immediate threat and attorneys representing reasons family says the officer initiated the confrontaion. well there's now a $20,000 reward foany arrest of a palo altoin a palo alto homide case. the shooting hapened early tuesday morning this is right along san antonio road near west middlefull road in palo alto that's where police say they found a man lying right there in the parking lot with a gunshot wound the man underwent surgery, buthe died police say that they do not have any information about any suspects ormotive at this time. we'll take a look at this these 2 men riht here in those for me outfit. they're
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being credited for stopping an alleged domestic violence incident, so this happened in n josthis is st friday. police say that demetri rdnett he was hitting his girlfriend nside of the car when the 2 men decided totep in to help out ey pull the guy out the car, topping the attack. ha and has been booked into the santa clar county jail for domestic violence. well, a man waed for 10 auto burglaries and milpitas has be arrested in san francico officers with the milpitas police partment say that chuck will do it he's one of the suspects in the burglaries this happened back on july 13th and the parking lots of 3 different shopping centers. police putout a $50,000 arrest warrant for doumit san ancisco polic arrested him in the city mondy. well a new report shows a major reduction in violent crime san francisco. the city's police chief credits taking illegaguns off the stets for the drop in the crime rate kron four's hasn't been you has more
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>>there were41 homicides last year the city of san francio, but the fact is this is the lowest number of homicid. >>that we've seen since 1961 and what you see from r statistics is that we're making stady progress to reduce violent crimein r city san francisco's 2019 year in public safety crime statistics are is the numbers reveal decreases in violent crime, including homicide rape robbery and aggravad assault. >>how did they do it. in addition to touting increased lice presenceand foot patls deterring crime in hot spot areas, san francisco police chief william scott crits the partment's crime good investigation center th playing a key role in reducing gun violence last year our crime gun investigation center that led to the seizure of 96 far ms andgenerated over 300 leads to multiple firearms incidents, this has been a game changer. and so i'm proud of the work that theyhave
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done and will continue to do for the residents of this city, however, san francisco mayor lond breed says she recognizes that cme stats do not remove the personal anguish of being a vitim of criminals inner city, i know that these statistics don't matter when sadly your your family are victim of a violent or any other kind of crime. >>as it relates to ality of life crimes such as auto burglaries a lingering problem or the police department, however there has be a decrease of 2% from last year. in san francisco has it made on 4 news. >>well the countdowncontinues to super bowl 50 for a week from sunday, the san francisco 49 ers will be on the field in miami. after a fedays of celebrati their nfc championship en the 49 ers will focus on winning anher lombardi the game planning in the bay area all week before hea o and leaving for miami sunday minutes anher week of practice and
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then they have to the press conferences with the players before the big game. >>the chiefs will also be landing in miami sunday and for thisfranchise, it's been 50years since they've been back to thsuper chiefs head coh andy reid is seeking his first championship here are his thoughts on playg the niners. >>a good solid football they play hard and ggressive. they do a variety of thingon both sides of the ball they it they can pass it on e offensive side and if as friday things thaty throw at you from a defensive standpointolid on special teams so. good footll too. >>all right we're ad the big game wll take plce at hard rock stadium in miami florida. theiners are the away am and will be wearing their white roadjerseyover the goal pants and took office sunday february second 3.30 our time course be tuned in ri hn for has all of your
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40 ninrs coverage with our random goals own special, so both saturday at 09:00pm and sunday at 09:00pm make sure you check in with us throughout the week for the latest story lines both with the kron on news from for news an online to our kron app miss anything. coming up next on the kron 4 morning new2 bay area hlth cae giants make a big commitment to help battle the homeless crisis what's being what's behind the donations coming u and then also after the brea an emergency meeting will be hel today totalk about the virus that's spreading around details on the first confirmed
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tom steyer: no child should have to worry about finding good food in school so, when my wife kat and i learned califoia about finding good food in school public school childr couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we ptnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves over00 million healthy meals every year. the difference bween wds and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. i'm tom steyer and i appro this message.
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>>welcome back happening toda, the united nations world health organization will be holdg an emergency meeting on the coronvirus, we'll be determining of public health a public heth emergency will be needed. at least 9 people have died and more an 400 are infected with the illnes john lawrence reports. >>conce at the centers for disease control and prevention has the will haunt coron virus spreads to the uswe have to be prepared. the worst, i mean i don't think this cause the pac on the anyone's part, but we certainly need to be following it and watching this very carefully. this corona virus fit identified and move on china is a cousin of the sars virus causing pneumonia like symptoms. it's been reported in at least 5 countries
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including the us when an unnamed male returto washington state after a trip to china. he was hospitalized and we're very hpy to say that he is in satisfactory condition. health ficials worry air travel may help advance the disease. >>the cdc is sendg dozens of staffers to some usairports to inspect peoplewho are coming from is a focused you know proactive response to make surthat. >>these particul are getting appropriatecreening before ey're able to move on to whatever their ultite destination as health officials say viruses don't respond to antibiotics and this one can be spread from pson to person, this is fl season. >>so we wash our hands. we cover our mouths when we seize and when we're you know we we we stay homefrom work. so we don't expose other people. >>to infection. i'm john lawrence reporting. well you can fd more details on the corona virus on our website at kron 4 dot com. we posted an article on the symptoms. >>the corona virus, including
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details on how it's similar to ebola and sars and you can al read up on how the virus spreads in ways that you can avoid it so ke sure you eck that out welcome back to the time now 4.17 we're checking in on our forecast we have some rain within the last 24 hkurs. but let's see what hump day has in store more rain are we done with the system dog looks likewe're done with this system least for the most part asi from some misty conditions here and there but what we're are going to be seeing to the afternoon it's actually return of a lot of sunsne hard to believe we're looking at a view like this berkeley which just looks cloudy at this pot can see much of anything out from berkeley this morning as far as skies are oncerned you can see those ttle bits of green, these are your misty areas hanging out across the bay area alg with those low clouds little bit clr this morning for the north bay while cloud ver is hanging out right on top of the bay rainll does persist in the central valley on up into the sierra foothills and then a little bit of snowfall still lingering up in the sierra itself. >>today we see the stm
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system moving out what we do have building back in is some high pressure is is going to result in the most mild weather that we fell so far this week with temperatures only growing more and more comfortable ahd of us rainfall clearing out sunshine peing back out just a few clouds out there from time to time overall a really st of the week ahead of us wednesday thursday and friday. we're all going to be nice and dry with times of sunshine little bit of cloud cover to look at financial and mission th districts right below 60 degrees today. dalyn terror at 59 elgar not in half moon bay. each right at 60 lookin at 60's as well for some portions of the peninsula such as from burlin-ame down through mountain ew and then down into the soh bay, san jose you'll be at 64 for the high temperature. the warmest spot in the bay area today pleasanton and livermore each at 60 for today's daytime highs with uppe50's in berkeley oakland and richmond ile low 60's from san ramon on up concord low 60's for
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most of the north bay that includessonoma napa on over to santa rosa and down to petaluma here's a look at your next 7 days so tomorrow, temperatures right around the same as thewill be as well on friday saturday, one of your warmer days of he forecast but also coming along with thechance of showers later in the day. after that chance of rainfall widespread cross the day sunday probably e day to avoid as far as planning any outdoor activities. >>robin all right, thank you john now, let's check in on traffic. remember to be careful and cautious driving around the bay area this morning because the roads are so pretty soggy out there fro the rain and you could easily spin out and always happens so checking in westbound 80 heading into san francisco lookingood. we don't ve any big problems we have about to cash lanes open on the left d right side there's a minor weighed on the ght side only you're looking at about an nute trip over to fremont street, here's one oh one across the golden gate and so far trouble free with no, but
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problems leaving the north bay rollg south into san francisco's are putting at 20 minutes from highway 37 to the toll plaza that's a good average you can see the puddles here at the richmond center fe bridge, but no problems 8 minutes from the pay gates to one on one and the traffic tracker showing some drive times foryou, accident on eastbound 5 80 at hop yard. so if you're traveling maybe out of dublin toward livermore you're ssing hop ya heads up for that accident. that's just popping up highway looks good westbound through contra costa county, it's only 13 mit for your connection from one 60 out to 2 42 6.80, it's looking good for the southbound drive the nimitz i far fr 2.38 to 37 and then so aving the south bay ading to the peninsula, your drive time pretty quick 26 minutes from san jose to menlo park. well should california lawmakers hold pgd accountable state senate could decide on e question and other related matters. this week. capitol
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bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>the cafornia senate appropriations committee tuesday moved to put some wildfire related billson the suense file meaning the proposals will either be quickly killed or pass by the end of the week one of those bills is senator scott wiener's proposal to make sure utilities are held accountable when ty intentionally cut off pow in soe cases the prosed system requires customers to compensated for resources lost in the blackout so it's a little wild west. when it comes to pg e is a block out some we w them a half residents of northern california opponents argue this would discourage utilities from usinpublic safety power shutoffs some awmakers have set a policy like this mightbe better left up to the governor and the cifornia public utilities commission the governor has a bully et a lot of power but he cou not a not a legally enforceable law and the cpc
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and i ink it's important to have some basic gal what i spk for certn it t's oes anher wildfire related mee.the committee will consider a billion bond to fund wildfire prevention drough flood and safe drinking water projects, the pricey proposal would allow he state to borw money to prepare r fure natural disasters that have agued calirniain the past if the be up to voters to make the final decision in november the senate appropriations committee will deci the fate these bills thursd in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. and on the kron 00:04am morning news cars will no longer be allowed along a particular area on mark street in san francis.
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i am runng to defeat donald trump. in016 i warned that donald trump was a dangerous demagogue, and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i nt to work helping run winning caaigns in twty-one house seats. it's time for the senate to act and move trump from office, and if they won't do their jobs, this november you and i will. i'm ke bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for staying with us let's check in on the entertainment headlines.we're talking abt a famous singer and television personality who's goi public with his health and we're getting a first look at a new film david dani has that and more in this morning's hollywood minute. >>if you're going want to get through and your survive on a osborne has gone public th his diagnosis of parkinson's disease 71 year-old music legend and his wife sharon went on good morning america to talk about his condition was born postponeconcert dates last year leading
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speculatio he was in failing alth but on gma osborne said i n't done yet i going to go anywhere yet. >>just walk away r 29 years you have to try. >>here's ur first look at pope g starring aette be bill nye anjosh connor from the crowd. p reaces theatermarch 6. it's been 15 yrs since the nickel back out of allthe right asons hit nuer one d landed 5 top 20 sines on the billboard hot 100 so the band is tting the ro this ummer performing the entire bum on its all the right reasons tour. >>stone temple pilots join nickel back on the tour which launhes june 19thn raleigh north carolina in hollywood, i'm davidaniel. >>and before we go a little
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peek outside we're checking in on the bay bridge commute into san fraisco, a bit of a back up and it's gring in the cash lanes wrote a very slog be a and slippery as well so make sure you watch your speed and they're ao getting word of a majoaccident that may involve some police activity inthe east bay on 5. will have an update on th i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority i would decle a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passean importanimate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighti and beating oil companies... opping pipelines... stopping fossil fu plas, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history we save the world and do itto.
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>>welce back to the kron 4 morning news a time for 29
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thanks for waking up with us we have a lot to talk about e're checking inon the forecast because we have rain the traffic problem on 5.80 but first let's get look the forecast for hump day and see is a more rain on the way are we done with the system, don looks like it's out of t of the way out of the waywe have swept the rain on out w it's time to usher some sunshine back nd yes re sunshine sanction bring today for sure you calook outside here at san fransco from across the bay and see we're not so sunny just yet first of all because it starts second of all because there is somecloud cover that is hanging out right over the bay itself you can actually see that here in stormtracker. >>some of these low clouds ar resulting in misty conditions from time to time so do watch out for a few spots remain to be turned onhe windshield wiper time or 2. but overall we've cleared up pretty good definitely just holding got to excuse me think that all they got to some cloud cover i've just been so sneezy this past couple of days, cloud cover


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