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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 22, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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ends saturday. >>watching kron 4 news at 10. and i see about a dozen
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coerned neighbors now at 10 in oakland gatng toight after violent armed robbery caught on a ring video surveillance systems thank you for joining us, i'm pamoore and i'm ken wayne, the person who poed the video says the armed robbery happen at an apartment complex on canning oaks drive that's off. >>highway 13 in the oakland hills early monday rning in response city council member lauren taylor in the oakland police department held a meeting tonight to address a video and crime in that area. perct of us actually was there she joins us now live with details owhat happened taylor. well very scary stuff can the oakland police are investigating this incident they s. >>it's an ongoing investigation. they do have an active lead. now i saw the video for myself and the poster who posted actually osted on a ring app and they quickly took it down probably out of fear beause of how much attention that it's kind but again i do and described what happened in the video you see a woman it seems like she's returning home to her apartment heading toward your door, she's a lot of thingin
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hand and all of a sudden a man comes running at her holding a silver gun she takes a turn towards her door a that's when the man quicklfalls or pues her that her to the ground grabs her things robs her and shstarts screaming, he takes a couple sps back and looks like he might leave, but again when she screams he lues at her again terrorizing her in this what could have been just quick 30 seconds she beginscreaming at the top ofher lungs and that's finally but probably chase the man ay because there's many apartments nearby and obviously others uld starto hear thse screams now that again th shocking videos what prompted dozens of neighbors to show up and a last mite crime meeting tonight at the scene and you can korean church again council member lauren taylor just recently saw the vio as well. he says he organized this eting with oakland police for people to voice their concerns detectives in the armed robbery division who are working this casshwed up as well and many neighbors say ey're seeing more of these armed robberies in their
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neighborhoods. just like the e seen inthis video that we describenow they're asking city and police department to do morepatrols and take preventative action to stop >>i can point being held up their held up front of her apartment door. so far doyou where i felt a lot empathy for her me news terrified for her aswell i mean it looked like the guy was just one of the shooter. >>the you know he left and ca back the gun at her head and i think her screaming probably the cars are going to run away but she was possly that cle to losing her over nothing. >>now neighbors again say that they wantmore patrols in of a police presence. uncil member taylor says that there will be public safety meetings thweek this upcoming week to discu these issues and see what they can do to
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hopefully. decliners stop these crimes from happening reporting live in oakland tailored to sack the kron 4 news taylor. thank you kland isnow the first city in background checks on potential renters. >>the city council unanimously ordinance last nighits housing supporters say the goal is to increa the access to housing for those who served time in jail and to reduce homelsness in the city in response east bay, congresswoman barbara lee tweeted housing is a human right. congratulations tocity of oakland for ensuring returning community members everyone deserve safe and affordable housing. >> is at a seattle one person is dead 7 others injured in a hooting downtown police say the suspect is still at large crop force grantlotus joins us in the studio now he has the latest grant said can'you minutes ago, seattle police tweeted out urgingthe public if
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anybhas surveillance video in that area to call them, they're looking for at least one perhaps several shooters now we just learned that a woman believed to be in her 40's is dead after the shooting and 7 people have en injured in the shting. so a total shot, one dead 7 injured a 9 year-old boy is among the injured. he is said to be in very serious condition tonig, a 50 year-old woman just got out of surgery. she is inritical coition. the remaining 5 people who were sh are said to be istble condition. the shooting happeneabout 5 o'clock tonight right outside a mcdonald's. just a w blocks from the city's well known pe place market this is the 3rd and pine area of seattle downtown police say the incident started with a dispute on a reet corner. no arresthave been made officers are reviewing surveillance video and again they're asking for more. >>what we've been able to determine isow is that this not a random incident there were multiple people involved there s a dispute that
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happened in front of the mcdonnellspeople pulled out guns shots ring out people ran ad to various directions and as you we it's multiple people that were injured. >>police say there were 2 otr shootings that happened in the same general area in the past 24 hours. so of course folks are on edge right now. they say they do not believe those 3 shootings ar related. and if you'd like to stay coected on breaking news anytime you can always download the kron 4 mobile app we sent out a push alert as soon as we learneabout this mass shooting in seattle said 00:48am tonight you can also check out kron 4 dot com for the late for now pam ken back to you thank you grant. we are also following breaking news out of australia australian officials confirming tonight a c one 30 hercules area water tanker has crashed while battling the
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bush fires there reports say 3 people died i'll show you s been dealing with the bushfire as you've likely heard those fires havburned millions of acres and destroyed more than 3,000 homes. so far more th 2 dozen people have died in fires. >>and now ck here in the bay area graham figures show a steep jump in the numbr of opioid deas in san francisco heroin anfentanyl overdose deaths more th doubled last year compared the year before. >>kron four's ray kelly explains the trend is now sparking callsfor an emergency response from city leaders. >>the last fatal actuly saw him was just over here to this opioid addict who did not want his face shown and asked only to be referred to as doc says he's been living on the streets 6 and a half years he also says he's seen many overdoses firsthand don't now about >>i mean there's be fatal. >>they got only about it's a >>precise now we're learning
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from new preliminary data coming from the san francisco medal examiner's office that last ar there were 290 deaths linkedther to heroin or fentanyl or a combination of the 2 opioids that's more than double the total number of fataoverdoses of both those drugs in 2018. when there are a 134 deaths recorded. >>this is not a time for business as usual. this is not a time f silence, this is a time for action supervisor, matt haney represents the tenderloin and south of market both areas hich are hot spots fofatal oldies he's caing for emergency action from th public health department recently introduced legislation that would require regular reporting a fatal overdoses your monthly or quarterly. >>so the city can better track and respond to what he's calling a deadly epidemic we can't wait for months and months or a year. >>to know what's happening in the most deadly epidemic that we've se in our city since the aids hiv crisis when
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thousands of people were this is an emergency we should be acting like it the city's public health department issued a stateme today saying. >>they too are tremely concerned about the rising rate of ovdoses and are taking aggressive acion to save lives. thepoint out nearly 17 lives were saved in 2018 because of nor can made available to addicks and prescription of a medicine commonly known bute which is an alternative to methadone to help eat opioid addiction. they say that has resulted in 2600 more addicks dergoing treatment. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>san francisco district torney's made some change tonight, one of them no more cash bail in san frcisco and the police officers association issuea very strong statement in opposition to this move the chairman of the republican party of san francisco also in heavy song opposition fce arizona's llowing all the details he joins us in the studio with more jr. >>well, pam and ken this is
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one of the most progressive measures that any city has in place, san francisco's new district attorneys sa this mov us from weth sed system to a ri they system and doesn't pick on or or minority families. >>today we moveaway from a wealth based system to a risked basis newly appointe san francisco district attorney's chase aboudi making more big changes. no more cash bail in the city of san francisco is going to make san francisco, a safer. error >>money undermines public safe by allowing wealthy people were dangerous to buy their freedomithout regard to rest. >>the opposition to the policy is strong though john dennis is the chairman ofthe republican party in san francisco. and says this progressive move is untested and puts public safety in jeopardy. >>any person who doesn't show up based on this new system in commits another crime at son justin bowden said the san
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francisco's reputations can get battered once again. what sorts already been battered and. you know we have a lot to lot of recovering to do in the international scene with a reputation and that that that in future incident which is bound to's not going help us the head of the san francisco police officers association. >>sued a statement saying regsolely on an bitrary ma equation regarding who remains incustody and who getsout early one danger residents and poli ficers. but it re will make career criminals and gang members happy beauty in the says those who pose a serious stay behind bars. he says the passes hem is one at targed minorities and poor communities. and that will no longer be the case, the was committed to public safety want to ensure that 4 people who do not present a public safety risk are lowed to continue working >>to rejoin their families to
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stay in school and to providing for their communities. well criminal charges are pending. >>i think it's safe to say that many people don't dagree disagree on this o see folks that i talk with believe that the money will now have to go towards finding many of these people if and when they don't show up court that is a lot of these folks who won be in jail and we won't be paying for them to be in jail. they think the money will have to go elsewhere to jr as you know the state has also been looking at this issue to affect you know all of california the what's the status with that yeah they actually signed a statewide law simila to what was an active here in san francisco. >>that was in 2018, but they garnered enough signatures. the other side to bring this back to the ters and that will happen in november a high thank you thank you. other news now one bart station in
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particular in san francisco is recording the ghest a number ofell phone thats bar police say the were 118 thefts involving electronic devices last year at the bell boa pa bart station. >>a lot of students going t the statn a lot you know how their cell phoneout look at the cell phone but then there's also a lot of people ound the stations, if your suspect that lost in the crowd aftesnatched from. >>additional bart officers are now patrolling on the trains and starting nexmonth unarmed ambassadors wilalso be on the lookout for potential crimes on the system as well police inpacifica arrested 2 teenagers who were rertedly trying to steal a car it happened arnd 11 30 last night on southmore drive near och a gift even drive police say the car's owner woke p to the car alarm and found 2 people driving the car down thstreet officers caug up to them identified and arrested th suspects, 18 year-old craig wilson and a 17 year-old female. >>let' take a live look outside on this wednesy
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night and see how things are haping up this is looking out along san francisco's embarcadero not too busy and seng the clouds or anything t a lawrence a little break in the weather yet when e rain i see that sunshine out there little bit today right the skies loong blue in t afternoon, but they were see a little more fog developing out there again tonigh at some of that will be some thick fog oking from the east bay hills you see couple clouds lingering right now over n francisco right here you can just see the cloud deck boy ju not much, but i'm going to be watching for some fog making its way back in thrgh the delta pushing back into the bay overnight tonight, we'lsee. >>a little bit of offshore wind and that will likely bring some of that fog our direction kind of a nice break is see the arch of that ridge of high pressure building in acroscalifornia sending the jet stream well tothe north rainy heart of the city northwest and then you see the ront trailing off the coastli eventually we're going to pick up a few more clouds from that system as early as tomorrow arod the bay area so the winds not that big of a deal is afternoon in fact that's one of the reasons whwe're going to start to see some of that fog
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forming calm conditions u've got some moisture on the ground already om the storm that moved through yesterday bring some raindrops will now that moisture still lingering in the atmosphere and that's going to be just enough to see some of that fog form, right now we're looking a lot ofemperatures in the 40's in the 50's but the hovering right near the dew point and that's the temperature that we need to the form so we're about a g in degree away from that right now so likely start to see a couple of patches of fog in the form in some of the north bay valleys maybe to the delta as well 45 degrees get a little chilly into faireld now 44 inthe napa valley, 44 also the san anselmo 54in the san francisco tonight, partly cloudy skies. we'll e some of the dense valley fog forming overnight tonight and then tomorrow should be an interesting day it hould stay mostly dry. although there's a slight chance of a few showers north of the golden gat bridge. we'rgoing to see a whole lot of cloud cover around the bay area and fairly mild temperatures maactually be a little bit warmer than it was today now this weekd everything changes we're going to see more significant storm system rolling that will bring
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wih them or clouds and a chancmore rain in fact it could get heavy at times overnight on saturday night into nday morning tomorrow morning here we are looking at some of visibilities around the bay ar as we take you to deny you notice the wind direction switching more toward a easterly direction that is going to bring with it. some of that dense to lee foright ba into the delta says speciallyif you're traveling near early tomorrow morning watch out fothat likely to see me very dense fog and parts of north they too could see that as well high pressure though brought us lots of sunshine today that ridge is going to begin to slidea little further to the east and as it begins to move out of town that means we're going to start to see some of those high clouds begin to roll in on the backside and just kind of over e top of this ridge see some mid to high level clouds around the bay area for tomorrow but the temperatures are going to read it be remaining mild outside of facts maybe some mid 60's. as you head toward partof the santa clara valley. this weekend goa chance of rain cong we're going to do a tentative very special
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forecast not only were forecasting r the next 10 days butill the end of the month and the begning of february. if yocan believe it or it rolling right along 2020 already all right. thank you ours, and we want to update the australia bufire story we mentioned this a ew moments ago the c one 30. >>area water tank or crash trying to fight the wildfires in australia, we're learning now that 3 americans were on board that plane. we don't ow which cities of those americans are from but we do know that strike teams and whatnot from all overthe us have been going to show you over the last few months to help fight those fires. yeah this is breaking news in australia and so we're looking at some the informaon coming across on the internet >>it happened in new south wales are about 70 aircft ying today. so a good day to fly, but itdangerous conditions very hot. there are a lot of smoke and a c one 30 is a big all military a trsport plane. so 3 people onboard all of them killed in all of them are from the
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unitedstates but again we don't know where the plane was from and we don't know where he americans were from we're looking to get that information asoon as we have it we'll pass it along all ght, thank you lawrence and we'll move on to some other news now national news senate democrats will resume their arguments tomorrow to impeach prident trump the ongoing statements r the opening statements started today today trump's impeachment trial. it didn't go asnearly as long as day one did camille a burnout brings us the highlights from the capital a long day of opening arguments here on capitolhill and we only got to hear from one side that's because thdemocrats get to go first the managers laying out their case with adam schiff,the lead manager beinning and ending the day. >>trying to exain why he believes the president abused s power and obstructed congress. prove our case. the senate should convict and remove the president from office democrats beginning to lay out their case against president trump on t 2 of the
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impeachmentrial. >>it was a lot like day 1, 1, of the hottest topics continue to be witnesses wiesses nd documents as i have my own witness list, the importance of the witness. >testimony can have a trial without witnesses when it comes to witnesses democrats say there's no way they're trading the gop for witnesses like hunter biden. material that trade is it's not onhe table this isn't like some fantasy football trade ouon the campaign trail former vice presiden joe biden told iowa voters he constitutional ise. this is a >>we're not going to turn into a farce. and the some kind of litical theater president trump while traveling overseas and switzerland, said he'd love to be at the trial but sort olost cigarette the front row and stare their corrupt faces but democrats argwith president trump isn't held accountable. it will set a dangerous precedent
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for future presidents there is but removal from office ofthe president of the united states. if impeachment and removal cannot hold him accountable then he truly above the law. >>and the president's defense team has not clarified whether or not they will e the full 24 hours. they're allowed or their ening arguments we do expect to begin hearing from them on saturd and th early next week and then with the question as to whether the president should come to the trial as he suggested would like to do in an interview his attorneys saying he would vise against it reporting on pitol hill, i'm coming over now and continuing our coverage president trump who was at the world economic forum in switzerland continues to slam the impeachment proceedingon the ongoing in washington, he held a news conference toy before leaving dollars nd once again he defended that phon call with ukraine's leader at the heart ofthe rial as perfect. >>to wear a look and it a hoax it's a disgrace. they talked
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about their tremendous case. and it's all done the trmendous had no case it's all a hoax to conjure. >>the president went on to attack congssman adam schiff california calling him, a rrupt politician. congressn schiff is one of the 7 democrats serving as impeachment managers or prosecutors in the trial. you can also follow the will be carryg the event on live on our 24 7 commercl free streaming news service. >>the uture pg and e and governor gavi newsome over the utility's plan to get out of bankruptcy what's in the company's revised plan and why the governor's opposing it plus he deadly corona virus continu to spread around the world, how health officials in the bay area are prepang just in case the virus which is here and wecontinue our cotdown to the super bowl for the 49 ers todawe ch in with their opponentsin here with t
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the nber 1 priority. congress has never passed an important imate bill, ever. i would cla state of emergency day 1. this is a problem that continues toet worse. i've spent a decade fighti and beating oil companies... opping pelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy acss thec. how are going to pull thists, country together? we take on the biggest challge in history, we save the wod and do ittoge.
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>>we continue our countdown to the big game in miami. the 49 ers apparently still recien up. >>day of them not practicing mark carpeer joins us now with the latest on what's going on with the niners, i mean just becau they were on the field that doesn't mean that there was somea lot a lot of classroom and field work going on in this is such and important a week you know for both teams just cause when to get to miami. it's going to be all the uper bowl
10:25 pm
anything and everying press conferences every da10 here u go get a lot of the work done over here exactly now for the second day in a row, the however, the team sent ut an practice see if they did work out and the ly player who would be held back is tevin colem was dealing with a shoulder injury. theon fild work has already begun for th kansas city chiefs, however, in any sort of chiefs prepped begins and ends with patrick mahomes the reigning vp quarterck who's led the franchise to its first super bowl since 1970. the chiefs path this game is looked relatively easy as they won combined 31 points. they know it's going to be a fight against the nfc chips. >>and they're well coached and these are really good football team, they're solid both sides of on special teams so. you kn you thatbut that's what you we're the st 2 teams going and that's and that's what you we're in for the challenge and there's a great challenge.hey're very sound
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of what they doand the coverage is that they play and so for us it's abou high level a notice to be a great challenge in every single but. >> ers will be a practice tomorr and friday they're scheduled to nd in miami at about 7 sunday evening will be keeping you updated on all things 49 ers throughout this week and next be sure to check out our readi goals on big game preview specials airing this saturday and sunday at 9 also have fresh content daily here kron 4 news kr 4 dot com and the kron on app so executing at all levels pefully not at a high level if they execute at like a medium level than the nine got a better shot right exactly it's i don't know if the possibilities of that are in the game plan, you know what you want to be disciplined n all 3 phases very thank you mark serve animals on airline flights proposal nounced day by the us to our transportation to restri. >>animals in rplane cabins, this is the last school year anone school for dozens of young women in san francisco, one of the city's last l-girls catholic schools is closing students and teachers
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reflect on the lessons they've learned and look ahead. >>and we've got some clouds begin to develop around the bay area more dense fog al i am runng to defeat donald tru. donald trump was2016 i t a dangerous magogue, and when the republican congress wouldn hold him accountable, went to work helping run winng campaigns in twenty-one house sts. it's time for the senate to act and move trump fm office, and if they won't do their jobs, this november you and i will. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>we've had lots of calls are ready to really coordinate at the multiple different levels. >>a health officials are on alert tonight as the deadly corona virus spreads the virus sickened out 600 people and killed 17 so far in china and
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tonight, hong kong reported its first case of the krona by and here in the bay area health officials are preparing for whatto do if and when that deadly virus should come he. kron four's justine waltman reports. >>containment of the corona rus now a toconcern as the city of will hunt china is on a travel lockdown notrains or planes can go in or out the cdc ys it has received several ite for testing from people in e us who may have coronairus. the cus here is form a proactive response there's very low in thbay area and again we're monitoring closely of doctor ica pad with e alameda county health department tells me all bay area health departments were on a confence call wednesday to prepare for what to do when a person with corona virus comes to the b area, including how to screen possibly quarantine and get testing done quickly i'm i live in one place workg another my child might
10:31 pm
be in day care or school in another jurisdtion. >>of coursthese as don't know those borders, so we really try to be as consistent as possible the last time there was a major court a nation like this here. >>was when the measles outbreak took center stage as are all screening passengers and now atlants hartsfield-jackson international and chicago's o'hare airpor will join the list. scntists are trying to create a vacne to stop this virus from spreading you traveled on our that in close coact with someone from la torre has been suspected to have this fires that and you have sympms to. >>seemedical care and also care is courtney with the local health department. >>now local health departments will reach out to communities directly to spread the message about the corona virus in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>after 68 years of educating young women in san francisco mercy high school close its stores this semester. the nouncement brings a lot of
10:32 pm
the current and former for students of the all-girls catholic schoolcalled for snow bello has more on at led tthe closure and how the school is trying to help everybody move forward. one summer sea girl always a mercy girl, a statement that ris true for many at mercy high school whether you're a senior >>or a freshman liketheresa diaz, i was a little bit scared of coming into the school. >>but then i like wish my frnd you and i felt really confident coming every day stab lish by the sisters of mercy in 1952 mercy high has been educating men to not only have a voice in society. >>but to have the confidence in herself as leader when i was asked to come back to mercey. >>i'm deiah immediately said yes head of school sister carolyn crone graduated from mercy high in 1965. >>shsays as the school mission still intact. i mercy learned here. >>there are no limits for young woman in this agof the
10:33 pm
very ch needed ministry of a about 60% of students at mercy coupled with lower enrollment numbers er the st several years. >>created a situation where the school could no loer sustain itself where they were having to tap and what existed and that has continue >>from year to year to yr. >>and so. we're kind of tapping the ttom of the barrel. now inspirational quotes nofill the walls of the school. >>hoping to encourage the young woman whose futur feel a bit uncertain where trying to help our students see what the options are the important thing is is an girl find a ple that. >>fits her i just eally want to finish high school and a school which i was really looking forward to finishing it here, but i guess i n somewhere the building was built back in 1952, ght now it's unclear what the campus will turn into in san
10:34 pm
francisco know well bellow kron 4 ne. and to south bay schools will close at the end of this year, the superintendent of the evergreen school district in san jose made the difficult anouncement at a public meeting tonight kron four's mhelle kingston was therto hear rom concerned parents and teachers. >>many parents upselearning that the evergreen school district in san jose is closing of its schools at the end of the ar which isn't a very difficult siation. this is omething that needs to happen. an visory committee reomnded to schools close on wednesy night laurelwood and dove hill elementary schools, a final vote will take place next month will theybe and feel safe devastating doctor flor says an additional scol will need to ut down at the end of xt year, but a vote on that will take place mh later all of this is because of a ilon budget deficit shortfall and because over the past 5 years the district has lost 2500
10:35 pm
other 1500 over the next few years in san jose michelle kiston kron 4 news rabbit turtles and birds cod soon not to cou aseservice animals on airplanes. the us department of transportation oposed today that only specially trained dogs qualify. >>as service anims nd should be allowed in the cabin fofree >>other animals would still be allowed. but at a price airlines say the number of support animals has been growing ramatically in recent years and they've lobbied to tighten the rules. he also impo theirn restrictions in sponse to passengers who showed up with pigs turkeys snes and other unusual pet amtrak is ditching a policy for some passengers with harge disabilities in illinois. it group ofwheelchair, bound o a passengers $25,000 for a group trip. >>from chicago to bloomington well today a group of wheelchairs held a rally in
10:36 pm
linois against amtrak amtrak said to propose a surcharge because it would have had to remove some regular seats to accommodate 2 of the passengers who d disabilities but after public outcry amtrak now says itis scrapping at plan. >>elmore is colonel see how the weather is shaping up out there. lawrence yeah guys you know thistime of year we can get some really interesting weather around the bay area, sometimes you get the rain but every once while see week of almost a fake sping like pattern today.we saw that sun come through today ter low clouds and the fog that ridge setting itself up now but not a real strong ridge, so that's the allow ormy weather to make return you can see are already up 7northwest rit now and more that on the way in fact a computer model see a few more clouds you beginning to move into our kies out ahead of this cold frt fact maybe even a couple light sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge as a front ross just a little bit closer and en as we get into the weekend things begin to change again the skin little more seris we got on the storm
10:37 pm
system developing off the coastline. this will make it a little subtropical tap that is going to be pushing on shore by the afternoon on saturday certainly chance some showers developing but the main event coming overnight. i believe saturday night into earl on sunday morning. i don't think is going to wash out peent of us certainly stormy in the morning on sunday with a potential r some heavy rain rain and some gusty winds as that front comes throgh behind that maybe just quick hit of some showers to on monday and then that ridge starts to build in agn and ever so slowly start to build the west coast and say the jet stream well to the rth so that being said let's take a look at the forecast all the way in the beginning of february as we've got your 10 10 for you toght, slight chance of a few showers north of the golden gate bridge for tomorrow, partly cloudy on friday saturday, a chance of rain returning late in the day expect a stormy start the y on sunday slight chce showers again on monday then we dry out on tuesday and wednesday right now itlooks next month. e dry into the >>thanks lara said developing story now governor newsom
10:38 pm
expressing isapproval over pg e's lest reorganization plan which was submitted in bankruptcy court today, the governor said the plan still doesn't meet the standards outlined in a public utilities bill th was passed last year crford's grant lodes joins us in the studio witwhat the governor's worried about well the govnor said no thank you late last year when pg put forth a proposahe's essentially saying the same governor newsome once the federal judge now to reject this latest pg proposal. he says thnation's largest utility company. still has to step up on several key factors, includi safety investments. pg e is trying to dig itelf out of a nancial hole created by more than billion in claims emng from a series of deadly and destructive wildfires. that havebe blamed on the company and its faulty equipment. the company issued a statement saying the latest plan would help me clean energgoals and compensate wildre victims among other
10:39 pm
things but newson says the pl stildoesn't put pg knee in a proper finaial position to provide safe affordab reliable power. >>the 2 planned last year 1054. in 2020. bankruptcy by june. this year. we'll sort it out. it's not an idle threat, it's not the preferred the strategy. >>pg e executes say they believe their plan is in line with the law ab 1054 which would allow pg e use money to pay off. claims if it was responsible for fires, but it says it will wo on any necessary changes adding quote the genie is aware ofthe governor's conrned that our plan of reorganization needs additional changes meet the
10:40 pm
legal requirents for participation in the state say be 1054 bill going forward that's the wildfire fund while p g has made substantial claims and restructuring our finances. addnal changes the governor promises to ng. release his own report and the next 10 days laying out his vision for what he calls a 21th century utili company in california, pam and ken keep you posted all right grant thank you will governors for more than 20 states are in san francisco fo the national governors association summit and their focus is rebuildin america's infrastructu governor newsom is hoping california n leave that moment kron four's dan kerman was there's the governor's toward the sale force transit center. >>the chair and former chair of the national governors association join governo newsome wednesday for a tour of the saleforce transit center in frastructure projeche helped champion as mar of san francisco it's is what we should be doing in
10:41 pm
this country. >>this is what we usedto do a lot of it. now we talk a lot about this ison-partisan things these are things that transcend litics. wanted do well in thfuture you got invest in the futurthe governor called the transit center a 20 yr dream realized as hehowed off the 5.4 acre park. talked about how the trsit center is helped create jobs and a new nehborhood and yet was clear there still mo to do. >>the vision years coming into this facility right now that is nothe case. eventuall will make their way here next the ansit issues the high speed rail. we think is also part that. >>but thata other money t just from the state butfrom te federal government which has been a sore spot for governors. >>that we need to focus on infrastructure and that washington is that states have stepped up and governors
10:42 pm
across ameri but democrats republicans have believed to have to take action. it kind oget all the best ideas on solving the infrastrucre crisis. and thetry to go to shington and see if we can get some action. sides of the aisle. the governor y they are able to work in a bipartisan fashion to get the job done something they say is not happening in washington. >>because of distrust and divisiveness something they sathey hoped will eventually change in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>coming up young inspiration and a teen paralyzed during a wrestling match tonight for the first time he addressed a crowd at another match. >>in sports, the nba world turns its eyes to new orans tonig zion williams says finally de hi
10:43 pm
tom steyer: no child should have to worry about finding go food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california puic school children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, weook action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that pgr now serves over 300 million healthy mealevery year. the difference between wds and actions matters. healthy mealevery year. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. i'm tom eyer and i approve this message.
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>>this bay area teenager's year-old ryan joseph with paralyzed during a wrestling match it happened it, college park high school in pleasant hill we've been following this ory ever sense tonight his school hosted a estling match in kron four's gayle ong was there. >>where the teen addressed the crowd. >>after 22 months in rehab a ryan joe separate turned to school here at collegpar earlier this month. and tonig he faced the crowd at the same event where he wa
10:46 pm
>>the 18 year-old is addressing the crowd for the experience in this same wing gymnasium 2 years ago, but all ryan joph can think of today. >>though so stupid. so i think it is that okay. >>college parkhigh school student think the ground fore the wrestling dual meet wednesday night many inthe of 1/10/2018 when ryan got ht hurt during a match. heoke his neck that left him tionless from the neck down after 22 months of rehab in colorado, ryan return to school earliethis month. we were there on his first day the community raise thousands of dollars fothstudent he can move his arms and is learning how to walk again what he's grateful ry can now walk th crutches in sunni may be le to drive. his ster has since joined the wrestling team in honor of her brother. ryan plans to graduate th smer with the
10:47 pm
rest of the class reporti in pleasant hi gayle g kron 4 news. >>the currys are oving to the city accordg to reports closely warriors all-star guard steph currand his family bought economy name in scored a 2800 square foot le condo the 4 seasons private residences for nearly $8 million the builng is across the street from the year, but when a centefothe arts and about 2 miles from the chase make a lot of sense of course a condo is on the 30th floor, matching curry's jersey number good luck. >>time now >>it'seea making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>about the lawyers tonight, warrio with curry was back ust out on the oor in his au. it's been difficult this season now the warriors with
10:48 pm
only a single win in 2020 and tonight hosting a jazz team that's right behind the lakers for second place out west draymond green returns to action after missing the last 2 games of 1st quarter d'angelo russellbeyer some options here floater golden state's only office tonight with 26 point for from that point on alutah as the first jazz of novan mitchell jumper 23 point tonight, 2nd half surge as leading big willie cauy-stei it really go bare on the other and sls it home, 22 poits for the big man utah of 3129 the final tab for city services frid you but this was the center of the nba tonight the league debut of zion wiiason after missing the first 44 games this season, second quarters eye on. >>on the follow his first ever nba pockets after only scoring 3 ponts early in the 4th williamson went off 3 pointer scores onhe alley you. the
10:49 pm
next possession another 3 next time down shot blocked gets the board and the follow and tn another trait not is 15 straight points and finally a 4th 3 pointer. it gives eye on 18 points. the little more than 4 minut pelicans took the lead he had a free throw before it will be cold with 5.23 to play zion finishes with 22 points in18 minutes for the spurs. took williamson one 21 1, 7, teams now to the 40 niners, the nfc chance will hold their first practice of the week tomorrow, but in the meantime, kansas city hitting the field, the chiefs in the super bowl. for the first time since super bowl for and what a matchup have in store here in e 40 niners top ring defense against a chiefs offenve engine that ftentimes looks unstoppable with patrick mahomes the reigning mvp has beenlaess this postseason 8 touchdowns without a single interception but when he pops in the tape he immediately talent in the niners are and all of us. >>they obviously have a ton of
10:50 pm
playmakers on the if it's a lot of linebackers and secondary they haveguys that have had experience in young gs that are super talented and so you casee that they can that the young guys have really grown as the years went on as they've learned from other guys around and uh i mean they're very sound of what they do in the coverage is that they play. >>throughout the practices in journey to florida, we've got your 40 niners covered with our red and gold on specials both saturday and sunday night at 9 and check in with us throughout the week for the latest orleans on kron 4 news and the kron on. for today. >>january 22th, 2020. we are now the las vegas raiders. las vegas officially becomes our nation's pital. >>the grand celebration. the raiders are done with oakland andnow officially the las
10:51 pm
vegas raiders team ner mark davis. some players at a ceremony today in front of the new $2 billion home ithe las on track and i expect to be completed and readto go for the art of next season. >>nothing is less important in life than the score at hatime th we've got to finish this stadium safe and then the raider way and i know you guys are going toget that bott of our arch and here we are baby. >>the ken and arity it's the end of an era right there the start osomething else moderators fans around here at the bit in their stomach watchg anything difficult to yes, it started in world. and lawrence he's a big raiders fans. >>i hate to see him leave hope thin go well though in vegas a outside tonight. we are looking at the clock couple
10:52 pm
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>>and next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called caught on this commercial for a lso monae and standing by in the newsroom was while working on a. >>th again when people talk about the environmt they might not consider heher close play a role coming up on kron on we've got an interview with a local company. it's teaching us about her fashion footprint will seyou then.
10:55 pm
all right, thanks a. make sure and download the kron on free local news coverage. lawrence. >>the airport in canada is back open is it friday it's open toght for the first time in a week it's been closed as a powerful winter storm th dumped up to 15 feet of ow and the storm shut down businesses and roads as you might well imagine crows restore until yesterday, doctors offices and areas wi reopen on tomorrow but the ate of emergency there call be lifteduntil sarday rning lawrence i'm talking about snow i've always thought to be nice live in place where there's snow and probably be fun for about a day or 2 and then after shoveling. >>all that out the policy that was enou, yeah well so san francisco, not a bad place to be a you've got some great conditions t there right now mostly clear skies in the san >>there are a couple of patches of fog that will be forming here overnight tonight
10:56 pm
as high pressure sitting over head. but yeahwe're going to see a change in the weather pattern hours a few more clouds going to egin to drift in or skies and then here we go. talk out chance of rain as we get the weekend. temperatures out t door right now it's getting a little chiy spots 41 degrees in the napa valley, 48 to ncaa 47 in liverre and 45 degrees in santrosa. clouds throughout the day tomorrow little plume of moisture moves through slightchance of a few light showers mainly north of the lden gate bridge. as starts to fall apart as it t moves into california, but still a lot of clouds going to move our skieand that's something we're see over the next couple of days here is quite a bit of cloud cover en though we're not gointo see a whole lot in the way of rain so with that being said the temperature overnight lows expected to be in the 40's and the 50's by day should be a ad day mild temperatures, especially in the south ba mid 60's and the s jose and you're looking at the temperatures up to 59 degrees in concordabout 58 and flail
10:57 pm
61 in oaklan 59 degrees in the napa valley an57 in sepsis to watch out for some that patchy dense fog some of that to fog in the morning hours into the delta. >>and parts of the noh and the east bay rit check it out you're 10 attempts showers mainly the north for tomorrow, partly cloudy on friday this weekend a bigger storm moves in. but the heavy rain moves in the late saturday night into early sunday morning. the good news is i think that comes through early enough on sunday that if you sleep inyou might miss most of the most your sunday looking like etty nice day >>thank you thank you everydy for being with us tonight we'll see you tomorrw. m tom steyer and i appe climate is the number 1 priority.
10:58 pm
i would decle a ste of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important imate bill, ever. this is a problem at continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and being oil mpanies... stping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants,
10:59 pm
ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we gng to pull thists, country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and itgeth.
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