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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 23, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>>and thanks for joining us on this thuday, i'm darya james, what you got today right. 23th as we're working our way towards friday which is what everybody alws has in fact the or double be there in a littleit but as for today, how the roads are ok. we do have one big problem and that's on the peninsula and this accident is lated to an ongoing police investigatio >>so 's impacting city streets and it's impacting highy one o one as well we have a special traffic alert in place for a deadly crash are looking at. >>a live piure right now of the tffic just ofof highway one o one. this is near the intersectionf peninsula avenue and airport. there is a accident here. we know that one person did not
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survive and its related to an attempted home invasion that took place early this morning. the crash ended near the intersection they blocked off the peninsula avenue off-ramp from northbound one on one in san mateo as they investigate ths crash we still have details coming into the newsroom. but for those of you traveling along e stretch, it's reallynot a good idea right now in fact if you have to use highway one oh one you want to tooff under a avenue instead of peninsula avenue because once again the offamp this close you see police you see the tape yo see the vehicle that crashed into the wallthere so we'll continue to update this story throughout the rning but expect delays on one oh one it is jammed all the way into belmont now leading up to the closur of this rap we'll check in on bay area bridges coming up in a bit rebecca all right. ank you robin starng off with a live picture. >>overlooking of the golden gate bridge right now visibity really nice. no fog in your way this is our camera at the tower and just a really
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nice shot. the golden gate and won a lot of folks are heading into san francisco. dry condions out there on the roadways and not tracking any rainfall for today and even into tomorrow but then things are definitelychanging as we get into the weekend. so just keep that in mind we're tracking a sto system a developing out of the pacific northwest it's going to be pushinghrough mainly saturday afternon into the evening hours and then carry over into sunday so make se the have those in umbrellas hay just in case you're gointo be outdoors this weekend for now though yes dry and cloudy conditions that were expecting a high of sam for a 59 degrees in san francisco's a matter of fact, 60 in oakland d a mild 65 in owntown san jose will have mo details on the rain in my full report coming up in just a t mes darya. >>thanks a lot of 7 oh 2 at our local first sto this morninto south bay schools are expected to close at the end ofe year the superintendent of the evergreen school district in san jose made that very difficult announcement last night. kron 4 sar stinson is
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following the story for us this morning, sah. >>yeah it was an emotional night last night for parents at that meeting share for parents who weren't there t heard the news on live here at deville own entry school just one of those 2 schools named that could be at sk of being shut down for good the other school is long one elementary school just a fe miles from here in san jose. now is decision haseen the on the w school uper it district in to superintendent and she talked with us just how difficult it ithis is l due to a budget deficit in declining enrollment and either way ough the district says students will be king carof no matter where they end up getting mod to their education will some first the nesuperintendent of evergreen school distict doctor y flores hasbeen tasked th this pfizer committee has also helped they
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recommend of hill immoral would elementary schools to be the ones to close the superintendent ss there's currely a million budget deficit in over the st 5 years the district has lost 2500 students and they expect to lose 150additional students within the next year and next coup years take a listen thsuperintendent explained why she thinks this is hapning. districts across same challenges and while dog the valley is very attractive to. >>the tech industry. it has really pushed prices of homes prices of rent way up and push many of our families out we will make sure at our students lanat a school where they can feelsafe that to feel welcome the cafe love this part of a fily. >>doctor for says this closure could of caused from the 10 shuttle the layoffs for teachers but that's all to be determined. they will make a
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final decisn about the closure next month,so i told you about 2 schools and the superintende says one additional school will still have to be chosen to close no the superintendent will be siting the 2 including dove hill elementary school or now to talk with students and staff and parents about this difficult situation and in schl drop-offs going to happen any minute now so pefully we can catch up with some parents and see how thy're feeling for now i'm live in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. >>all-girls school in san francisco is also shutting down mercy high school closes stores this amend last semester after being open for 68 years ound while kron four's well bellow has more now on what led to the osur that how the schools try to help everyone move forward. >>been summers ago always a mercy girl,a statemt that rings true for many at rcy high school whether you're a senior likemadeline burke or
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a freshman like theresa di was a little bit scared of coming in the school. friendyou and i felt reallmy confident coming every day a stab list by the sisters of mercy in 19 mercy high has been educating wom to not only have a voice insociety. >>but to have the confidence in rself as a leader when i was asked to come back to mercey. >>deiah immediately said yes at a school sister calyn high in 1965. d from mercy she says as the school mission still intact. i learned here. >>there are no limits for young woman in this age of the glass ceiling, then it's of a very much needed ministry sister carolyn says that d y coupled with lower enrollment numbers over the la several years. >>created a situation where the schl could no longer sustain itself where they we having to tap and what existed d that has continued.
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>>from year to year to year. >>and so. we're kind of tapping the bottom of the quotes now fill thwallof the school. young woman whose futures feel a bit uncertn where trying to help our students see what the tions are the important thing is is that girl find a place that. >>fits her i st really want to finish high school and a school which i was really looking forward to finishing it here t i guess i'm not mewhere the building was built back in 1952, right now it's unclear what the campus will turn into san francco know well bellow kron 4 news. >>it's oh 7 and east, a man tried to run over to officers livermore matthew kelly was arrested yesterday after what happened yesterday morning on airway boulevard 2 police officers made a traffic stop and they were teting a driver
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of a white car for dui when a black car ca speeding towards them see th were standing there at the white car. officers opened fire. they hit the er of the black car in the leg. the 2 offirs involved have been placed on administrative leave. also in e east bay neighbors in oakland are on edge after a violent armed robbery in front of an apartment on canyon oaks drive. there was a meeting last night where the community talked about their worries to the lice deparent they saw the surveillance video what haened to their neighbor. it's been taken fline now, but it shows the woman being attacked and her own door as she was cming home to her apartment. by a gunm, he pointed the gun right at her head. and police say they can understand my neighbors are worried. i can point being ld up in apartment so far do you where
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i felt a lot of empathy for her me news terrified for her as well i mean it looked like the guy was just one of shooter. >>the you know he left and came back in e gun at her head and i think her screaming prably thcause wgot to run away but she was possibly that close to losinher over nothing. >>police say they are doing what they but they have seen a lot of our robberies in this particular neighborhood and that's what has residents so concerned. >>bart stions are known as hot spots for thieves are looking to grab cell phones out of the hands of people who are payig attenon one bart in particular in san francisco number of cell phone thefts. barr poce say there been a 118 efts involving electroc deces last year at the balboa park ba station. they say where you sit or where you stand on the train actually makes the target on u biggerr smaller. the pair. take a
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lien. >>the most vulnable spot. >>the thieves know that right when the train doors open at a platform, if they snatched the farm and off the train or close youstock and so they ed to be most on platforms and on trainswhen the doors are open. >>additional bart officers are going to be patrolling the trains and tn don't forget starting next month they've ambassadors it will also be walking up and down the trns looking for potential crimes. a report reased this month by the way shows that more than half a violent crimes reported on park i2019 involved the theft of electronic device. crime was up 11% last year with violent crime 4% compared to 2018. >>san francisco city leaders are being urged to tackle the opioid crisis after new information shows that overdose deaths doubled in the city the san francisco medical examiner's office says last year there were 290 deaths linked to hair or are fe tunneor a combination of the 2 opioids th's more th
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double the number of fatal overdoses in 2018 supervisor matt haney is calling r emergency action from the health department. >>can't waifor months and months r a year to know what's happening in the mos deadly epidemic that we've seen inour city since the ds hiv crisis whenthousands of people were this is like it. we should be acting >>now departnt pointed out they saved nearly 1700 lives in 2018 because of nar can be mae available to acts. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning nes. the feud continues between pgand governor gavin newsome over the utility's plan to get out of bankruptcy will explain what the problem is now. plus a deadlycorona virus continues tospread arou the world will tell you how local doctorsare preparing just in case the virus reaches thebay area. and the 49 ers on the practice field today as they get ready for the super bowl will have the latest.
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>>and you're ready for a chilly start in your morning we're tracking 40's a lot of 40's around the bay area but y conditions until we get into the weekend. m tracking the rain.i'll have all those details coming up justa bit that i'm acking your commute around the bay area this morningour bridges are very busy. they don't have any major problems for just. dealing with a lot of heavy traffic west, 5.82 the rihmond sandra ll already 13 minutes to the north bay will check more bridges after the break. >>watch the big game on a brand new 5 inch tv we're giving one away on the kron the winning word of the day on com brought toer on kron 4 dot
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>>did not practice wednesday, they'll be ba at it ursday but they're soon to be opponents did hit the practice ield the kansas city chiefs were in actiowednesday. they're also headed down to mia on sunday before the weeklong super bowl festivities begin and before they get on the plane. there' plenty to do to get ready for the red and gold head coach andy rd and quarterback patrick mames waiting on th 49 ers wednesday afternoon. >>i thi they're well coached and these are really good football they're solid both sides f all special ams so. the you know you that, but thas what you we're the last
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2 teams going do that so that's what you we're in fo the challenges is a great challenge they're very sound of what they do and e coverage is that they play and so for us it's about. >>just next to at a high level a notice to be a great allenge in every single but. >>now the 40 ninerwill be back at practice on thursday and friday are scheduled to get to miami at about 7 on sunday evening and of course we'll be eping you updated on all things 49 ers throughout this week and next so be sure to check out our reading gold zone big game preview specials airing this saturday and sunday at 9 will al have fresh content daily here on kron 4 news kron 4 dot com and the kron on app. >>says 16 right now and. >>all eyes are on the ather of the year. >>and in and keep india exactly right and we really cat complain 5th spots right and dry dry commute, nice e way to end the work we what i think the of want stop
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dropping in the temperatures freezing and falling so it's all about how we got the freezer the coleyeah exactly because i mean really felt a difference this morning, waking up you'll el it too is head out the door this morning then you're going to need to turn on the car heaters on because yep it's a much cooler a coor start to your day. >>but it's going to end up afternoon at least not too e much to complain about right visibility, pretty nice right now wee going to see a whole lot of cloud cover peaks of sunshine expected into the afternoon. but again those temperatures are going to be pretty nice. not to uh notoo hot not too cold if you like 60's right now thetar camera on topof a the berkeley hills right now overlooking a nice shot of the bane of the city right now. we are tracking that rainfall though much of itto the rth of us up fo the next few days so we're going to see manly maybe in yreka you kyra mighbe getting some rain drops and then parts of oregon and
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shington but we're not going to see it until is weekend we're tracking this system rightere that is on its way towards us and th's going to touch down saturday and into sunday so make sure that you do have umbrellas handy you're going to need th. this weekend if you hae some outdoor plans looking at upp 50's to low 60'across the entire bay area today you could see mostly 50's in san francisco, a couple of 60's at the coast low 60's. in half moon bay upper 50's in san brunoin millbrae 60 degrees in burlingame those low 60's continue through redwood city palo alto and untain view and then the low to mid 60's across the entire south bay continuing into your east bay zone 50's at the and summer spots inland we're looking at 60 deees in concord and in walnut creek wine country you're going to be at 61 in napa and sonoma. ere 70 around the bay forecast coming up in st a bit robin. l right thank you. rebecca, problem along the peninsula,
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here's a live look from the scene of a adly accident in san detail. >>this is right along peninsula avenueat airport. this is just off of highway one o one. we do know that one person has died a couple of oth folks were transported to the hospitaland police are saying that of a car that crashed here ju off the freeway was involved in an attempted home invasion that happened early this morning alg gerber to drive in san mateo yo can see that vehicle down there along with a police crews blocking the inersection so for those of you traveling through the area u need to know that the peninsula enue off-ramp from northbound one one is close bayshore boulevard peninsula avenue waclose and peninsula avenueat airport also shut down as you can see they have it all taped off so this is a deveping story make sure you stay with us on ir and online for more details on this as far those of you traveling through the area this is what it looks like on the freeway with the off from shut down you can see a traffic tracker picking up all the heavy
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traffic there leading up to the scene so it's going to be quite slow as i zoom t you casee that that back up its be on 92 on to the san mateo bridge but right aftethat as you continue north on one oh one to san francisco. it's going to be wide open so the that's the only stretch ofu slow traffic on the at the inteection and then also right at one oh one rolling through san mateo with the rest of the trip looks good it to san francisco, you're looking good. we're taking a live look athe bay bridge toll plaza. you're back appear spills through the maze so all of your connects are quite slow. you're averaging 13 minutes to make it off to fremont street, no problems golden gate. we're looking bit but not bad 27 minutes novato to the toll plaza del martin bridges fine at 22 minut crossing the bay and to 3711minutes milpitas to sonnbill darya. >>thanks all right. it's7.20 and buye are looking for homes at the fastest pace in nearly 2 years plus a dr
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maker says it's working on a corona virus vaccine. monica mouth. pass is live at the nasdaqwith those stories and more come august. good moning that's right shares of ovavax jump 60% this week after the drug maker said it working on a vaccine for thedeadly corona virus from china. novak says you y remember has created vaccines for similar viruses like sars and rs and other companies that develop vaccines, including athlon medical inovio pharmaceuticals and biocryst pharmaceuticals also saw their shares rise as the corona rus spreads. >>well supplies of homes for sale hit record lows and prices were suddenly jumping demand is surging because a mortgagerates are about a full percentage point lower than they were a year ago and the largest generation millennials is aging into their home buying years that the man pushed the supply of mes for sale down 8 and a half percent annually to the lowest level since realtors began tracking inventory in
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1982 well express is closing 100 stores the year 20 22 in cloning. 31 stores across 20 states by the end of january 2020. an additional 35 locions are expected to close by the end of january 2021. according to ceo tim baxter the downsizing all part of a larger st reduction strip. >>just last year at the d there, but thanks for the update from ll street. ok we'll take a quick break at 7.22 coming up we're of course folling the very latest with the nate impeachment trial against president trump. >>we're going to have a ok ahead at what we can expect as this continues to playout on capitolill. plus a hollywood actor stops by our state capitol in his fight against single use plastics. we're oing hear from him coming up. here's a quick live look tside we've got our camera the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic ceainly is backed up here as a commuters make their way from oakland and san francisco, robin west and we'll have the very latest on conditions out there for us anrebecca strong in
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news i'm rebecca strum in for john this morning and we're looking at pretty good conditions visibility, wise. it's a not too foggy out there not too cloudy yet. here's conditions at san francisco iernational airport nothing in your way ough delay free jose for those inbound n san temperatures in the low 60's for the afternoon and then
7:26 am
rain expected for this weekend of all those details my ll forecast coming up in just a bit robin all right thank your back over to the bay bridge. the line is growing on 80 into san francisco not geing better only getting heavier, so you ed to get out there early if you have to sit in this back . >>13 minutes and growing into san francisco over to the dublin interchange just getting word of a multi vehicle accident in may ve started as a stall and looks like sever lanes are blocked us-south 6 ad of 5.80 right at the split. 3 lanes shut down traffic backing up atthe scene there and th if you plan on continuing south there's more crowding off and on into sigl to about 84 split. so youe looking at a 25 minute trip from the dubl that crash at the double d interchange blocking 3 lanes james. thanyou very much. robin after jeff ldblum is urging lawmakers to cut down on single use plastics i california, he s at the state capitol yesterday advocat for 2 bills. >>both would require california to duce its use
7:27 am
of single use plastics 75% within the next decade. e bills are currently being considered by lawmakers and could beclaw if they vote on it. >>my concern is that it won't be addressed then attended to and before we know it. more and more words plastic is going to show up it's you know it's your body's to the food we need and we don'teven know thill effects of it. as much as we already do it's going to be bad and that my children will live reduced life with reduced to be you hear around >>was goldbloom's first visit sacramento, he also got to spend some time with his fans as you can see. china are now on lockdown no mass transit because the deadly corona virus. what they are doing to
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♪ what yodidn't knowthing was you were surprising ♪ ♪ your father-in-law steve ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cu♪
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it relates to the consur. >>on thursday morning, d commute. so let's see how it's going robin prettyslow only going to get heavier from this point we'll check in on a strain and the bay bridge ok to and fr this point on n only get warmer. is right, i mean we start off in the low 40's. so let's chile versus what we saw yesterday e day before then we're going to see a big changes for the weekend ahead because it's going to be w saturday and sunday but for now we are seeing dry conditions. >>and hey we're even getting a little bit of sunshine through
7:31 am
the clouds here the star is right now, and you could see a little bit of blue sky there the middle of yo screen. but yes, a lot of cloud cover that we're expecting today and then the rain yes on the way as we get closer to the weekend future cast r showing us this is the system thatwe are tracking out of the civic northwest it going to be bringing us that rainfall expected on saturday and sunday so just be aware of that today though mild conditions under mostly cloudy skies, 59 san francisco, 60 degrees in oakland. and m acking 65 in downtown san jose will have more on the rain coming up in my full weather check in just a bit robin all right. thank u. rebecca, a stray number one still one hour late, it's just now making into the south bay. itstarted off with a problem way out in later this morning was taking off and here was an obstruction on the tracks. >>they had a swan on old r quite some time they release a train of course now it's in the south bay but still an hour late and then right
7:32 am
behind it is number 3 which is not too bad ace 3 just 10 minutes behind schedule. we're checking the bay bridge commute it is packed so be prepared for this backed up allthe way through the maze but still a very quiet commute to downtown san francisco, he's a peek at highway 17 as you leave the santa cruz mountains most super heavy traffic is up ahead in 3 los gatos 28 minutes now from santa cruz to los gatos starting thanks a lot rob and 7.32. and our top story another day of the nate impeachment trial against president trump ets underway in just a couple hours. yeah, this comes of course after opening arguments in e trial wrapped up in the nate ber we have rael martin now with the latest from washington. wednesday democrats ban their arguments against the president but wiout any of the new evidence they wted there's no agreement to have witnesses to have documentary evidence from the white house democratic senator tammy baldwin says she's disappointed. >>after republicans rejected all democric a tense to include new witnesses and evidence on tuesday my senate
7:33 am
republican friends. our focus more on supporting and defending the president not supporting and defending the constitution president ump hano interest in ghting corruption. when they democratspoint to already admitted documentsand witnesses testimonies they say prove the predent abused his power d violated the law. >>as inrest wain furthering corruption. by the announcement of investigations that we completely. >>witht merit. still the white house and many republicans sathe evidence is by uand doesn't show the preside did anything wort of impeachment. there's no proof that there'been wrongdoing senator mike braun says he's unconvinced i'm not sayinit's a program saying that it di't happen there on a crusade to destroy this man and theydon't care what they senator lindsey graham punch back democrats accusing republicans of a coverup that covering up nothing. exposed. your hatred of this president
7:34 am
wednesday arks the first of 3 days of arguments for democrats before the senate hears from the president's defense in washington recall martin journalist firstand of course stay tuned to kron 4 especially our kron on app will have the very latest on the impeachment trial the as >>on that 24 7 commerial free streaming news service so if you haven't already download kron on and continue watching thacoverage throughout the day today. >>ty're urging a federal judge to reject pg e's bankrucy plan. he ysthe nion's largest utility company still has to step up on severalkefactors. pg e is trying to dig itlf out of a fincial hole by more than billion. it owes in claims from e devastating wildfires that have been blamed on pg and e the ily issued a statement saying their latest plan what tract low cost capital in support of the wildfire mitigation plan and help to meet clean energy goals but governor newsome says the plan ill does not
7:35 am
p pg e in a oper financial position to prvide safe affordable and reliable power. in 2020. bankruptcy by june. is year. the straty. pg e says they believe their plan is in line with the law but they will work on any necessry changes. the governor is prising to release his own report in the next days laying out his vision for a 21th century utility. andhousing and urban development secretary for help with the homelessnescrisis in our state. the governor wrote a lesaying he wants to ntinue conversations about various iniatives in
7:36 am
ways to soe the probl. he recently released his budget plan r the upcoming year and it calls for earmarking billion to combat homelessness the governor's plan focuses on offering tense and traers as short-term immediate solutions. >>well right now at least 8 million californians have their real id ught thdmv is encouraging others get theirs early before the octobe2020 deadline, starting october first the department of holand security will require evryone to have at least a valid passport or other federal within the united stats if you still don'have your real idet yocan complete an application before going to the dmv to speed up the process to apply. you have to have proof of identity, a social security card and 2 proofs of residency. for your health this morning. we have hundreds of people in china now affecteby the deadly corona virus over a dozen peope have died 5 countries now have confirmed ses of the disease, including right re in the us darr forges
7:37 am
shows us what officials are doing to try to stop that disease frm spreading. >>a few days before the lunar ew year a virusturns deadly it will hunt china the dea toll now and uble dits, a virus that can cause lower respiratory tract disease and severe pneumonia with some associated death health ofcials say the virus came froma seafood andwildlife market will the cona virus which affected thousands and killed hundreds in asia back in 2002 2003, we know the have a screening that's been put into place so as opposed to wherewe were 15 years were very much more ahead of the me now than we were then with one confirmed case in washington state health officials fear air trel wil help spread the disease we've recently updated our travel health notice from a level one enhanced ecautions to tice
7:38 am
individuals that may be traveling to just d little sign that if you're comi from move let us know the fure let us now several airports, including chicago o'hare and hartsfieljackson international airport are screening passengers coming from china they should. >>especially leaving from where it happened in china. the screen in china for early atlanta. i'm darryl forges reporting. 7.38 and ill ahead on the could be coming for service animals on flights details on a plan announced y the department of transportation. and it east bay teenager parayzed while wrestling returns to the gym where he got injured, wel hear from him. >>it's cold now, but mild temperatures are the way we just have to get through a lot of these chilly 40's on the board but at least it's dry. but then into the weekend, i'm tracking so rain. i'll have more details coming up. and u have to get through the slow traffic as weland
7:39 am
here's a lot of it 92 west the trip from the east bay to the peninsula. it's ing to take your roughly 30 mites still long way.
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7:41 am
we're ck at 7.41 a teenager who was palyzed uring a wrestling match 2 years ago. >>came back to the very gym where it happened year-old ryan joseph address, the crowd their college park high school during a wrestling meet la night. he broke his neck in
7:42 am
that school gym and was left paralyzed, but since that injury. the community came together they supported him in the race thousandsof dollars for hirecovery. her road to recovery habeen a long one 22 months ofeh and ryan can now finally move his arms and he is learning how to walk again. >>ming up on the buzz, the per bowl bound 49 ers are the only game left in town, but the raiders try to ste lead line from vegas. why this year'
7:43 am
i am runng to defeat donald trump. in 2016 i warned that donald trumpas a dangerous demagogue, in 2016 i warned that and en the republican congress uldn't hold him accountable, went to work helping run winning campaigns in twenty-one house seats. it time for the senate to act and if they won't do their jobs,
7:44 am
this novembeyou and i will. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. welcome back to the kron 4
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morning news on r back a straw man for john sure able on this thursday morning we're seeing a lot of oud cover around the bay area this our camera overlooking dotown sanose right now. and you can see all the gray skies are going to be sticking ound for the entire datoday with mild temperares on tap r you in fact, san francisco. topping out at59 today 57 for the sunset district looking at the upper 50's to low 60's along the coast, half moon bay you'll at a high of 61 severed a 5960 degrees in burlingame and we're loing at a low 60's across a foster city in the same carlos and into mountain view at 63 low to mid 60's across the entir soh bay 65 in downtown san
7:46 am
jose, 64 milpitas today low 60's through dublin pleasanton and livermore little bit cooler of coursalong the bay side communities like enrichment at 59 60 in concord those low 60's continue through vacalle into fairfield d into wine your north is own looks like this upper 50's through nevado and sander fallon into the mill valley area and then a 56 degrees at stinson beach. we're looking at a dry conditins into tomorrow before a stormapproaches breeze, sowhat weather for sarday and sunday and even into monday d tuesday during the early morning hours. your commute should be wet for monday and tuesday until finally drying out on wednesday. well that's a look at weather ts us see how the roads are doing and eck in th rob and how busy busy busy we're checking out one on one leavg the north bay and there's a long line as usual novato to n rafale that southbound trip is going to be pretty owded until just after central sandra fell and then when you make it to the
7:47 am
golden gate bridge itself looks really good so no problems on the span but heavy in the north bay that's why you're at36 nutes nevado to the toll plaza the bay bridge affic, it's pretty pick right back through the ze 5.80 from 24 the east shore freeway out of hercules that is the norm, but noproblems in downtown san francisco, an accidt here at the dublin interchange blocking veral lanes south 6.80 befoe you reach 5.80 the 2 right lanes still blocked it started off as a stall resulted in a crash cost to the northbound side slowing a little bit too and even after that leaving dublin to gnal their some more slow commute trafic up ahead so 6.80 outh will stay heavy at 23 minutes out of fremont. >>when it comes to buzz, it's hard to compete with the n francisco 49 ers because th super bowl is kind of a big deabut what about the other none but the raiders are e is
7:48 am
trying to st relevant and grab a few headlines. so i'll >>we are now the las vegas raiders. las vegas officially becomes our nation's capital. >>shocker what a ring to it. >>never saw that coming las vega raiders and then they showed off their new billion stadium again. yes we get it. it'sancy you're excited. call me when you get to the super bowl. the nfl also wants to make a big splash in vegas. they're going to have the 2020 traffic. >>in the middle of the giant fountain and something like this mock-up they will ferry the prospects to the red carpet platform by boat before they announce the pick i think it would have been more fun and funnier if they acally had the players swimming up to the stage. >>but that would take a lot longer and noeverybody ows how to swim short time rate or
7:49 am
antonio brown who left oaklan after burning his feet in a cryo chamber. >>that never gets old. he keeps shooting himself in the foot. the move or that he hired to take hisstuff from california to his new home in florid i guess he had nothing to new england says he'll play e game there. what the truck driver says thatbrown assaulted him and ied to grab the keys because of a disagreement over how much he owed. there isnow an arrest warrant out. it's a ttery and that is a felony h to add that to a assault allegations and it does look like the free agent is going to be playing for another team, any time soon. >>eli manning's ship has sailed he will and his 16 year career with the new york giants. >>tomorrow, the 39 year-old is one of just 5 quarterbacks in nfl history with at least 2 super bowl anthe peas he says he was tired of sitting on the bench and he'd rather spend more time with his family. they go somewhere else
7:50 am
steph curry habeen spent a lot more time with the fam in matching jammies but as soon as he is healthy he'll be back at e chase center with the warriors and that commute from his new atherton mansion might be a real drag so he got himself a new city pat that would bhandy for game days steph just paid $8 million for a custom. >>condo that is still der construction right now in the 4 seasons private residences of course it has to be on the 30th floor for number 30 and is just 2 miles away from the chase center. so i'm thinking you can write a bird scooter over there number some of the giants players line th's used to scoot around yeah or or somhing just you know you could just walk right over one of the fun of on the map and it is st right up the street. >>you know underneath 80 and you're that yeah so where you he'll be walking. don't think >>we'll begin to get mobbed if he was he canwin the yeah, th hard to move around. but.
7:51 am
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ask your doctor about boto® for chronic migraine. you got this. >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news i'm rebecca straw
7:54 am
man for john straight on early ursday morning here we are seeig gray skies around the bay area. >>this ability not to not sockedin by the faa this our sutro tower camera. >>overlooking the golden gate bridge, san francisco's folks are headed. our direction we are seeing dry conditions that through tomorr as a matter of fact althe activity saying to the far north of us for the next couple of days untiwe're tracking the system coming to us on saturday and sunday going to be bringing the bay area. widespread rainfalso just keep that in mind if you do have outdoor plans this weekend and keep it to kron 4 day, here's how you can plan your day, yes, lots of cloud cover and cool conditions. we started in the 40's send some spots still there by a noontime are going to see 50's and then low60 along our coast bay and inland areas so mild tempature we are expecting around the bay area today, we'll have more on the rainfall that you can expect for your week ahead coming up little bit later robin a long
7:55 am
line heading into san francisco are checking out the backup at the bay bridge tol plaza and its bills through. >>the maze so this is what you have to deal with 5 80's solid from 24 shortage and out of hercules but still no problems you're roughly a 15 minutes for now but keep in mind that that number just goes up and down throughout your mornin drive here's 92 another busy bridge with the normal 30 minute average to the ninsula. >>we're checking the return center fell bridge and we don't have any problems or 5 in the west. but this line starts at rihmond parkway continues right through the pay gates, the bridge itself looks pretty od could pick a traffic tracker showing in some numbers out the east bay livermore to dublin at 17 minutes and the nimitz a normal 40 minute drive from to 38 to 2.37 james all right ron, thank you 7 55 is the time the ader of the 49 ers fan club is cited for the big game. she says she's conference the ners are going to come home victorious. >>co-founderf the santa
7:56 am
clara gold rushers boter club lisa sent to land says that she and the others in the boosters are long mount ngtime members of the 49 er faithful actuallyshowed u some of the memorabilia and the autographed photos that she'collected to over e years. she says she is pumped about her team. althis is so incredible i can't believe it. it's it's inane. my faith has never wavere in this team >>we've been season ticket holders for 25 years. yeah lease and fortune make it to the super bowl herself but she says she and other gold rushes are going to be making their voices heard. >>all the way to miami. that's going to be a party in that all right coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning to sou bay schools are becoming are bei recommended for shutdown will have a live report from one of those schools plus there's been a rise inell phone thefts on the bar for one station in san francisco particular seeing more of that crime will tell you whic one and we're also llowing the senate impeachment trial
7:57 am
against esident trump's we're going to look ahead at what we'll expect on capitol hill today. there a quick live look outside as we check the view here at san mateo san mateo bridge trapped actually moving alg fairly well. spots out there that are ot getting yourway as for the weather. yes, it is a cloudy start a little chillyoo 'll get the full forecast from thback of strong in
7:58 am
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>>thanks for joining us. i' darya folsom and i'm james fletcher 8 o'clock is the time let's find out hothe roads and how the weather is looking for you this moning rst the roads robin busy out there check in on 5.80 the bay bridge, the drive times are only rising at this point so i don't see a huge provement ok how about the weather but is surely itis going to rise because we're going to get out of the 40 which is nice 're going to get into the upper 50's to low 60's around the bay area t a lot of gray skies we're going to be seeing. >>for much of the day today here and there but for the e mostpart we're goin to see a whole lot of cloud cover conditions at n francisc international airport right now we're seeing a vibility pretty good delay free so far we've seen all morning long, here's how you can plan your day yes cool to start and then we're going tofinish out on a more mild side so starting off in the 40's for the most part getting into the 50's by noon


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