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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 23, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>>thanks for joining us. i' darya folsom and i'm james fletcher 8 o'clock is the time let's find out hothe roads and how the weather is looking for you this moning rst the roads robin busy out there check in on 5.80 the bay bridge, the drive times are only rising at this point so i don't see a huge provement ok how about the weather but is surely itis going to rise because we're going to get out of the 40 which is nice 're going to get into the upper 50's to low 60's around the bay area t a lot of gray skies we're going to be seeing. >>for much of the day today here and there but for the e mostpart we're goin to see a whole lot of cloud cover conditions at n francisc international airport right now we're seeing a vibility pretty good delay free so far we've seen all morning long, here's how you can plan your day yes cool to start and then we're going tofinish out on a more mild side so starting off in the 40's for the most part getting into the 50's by noon
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time for coastal ban inland spots and then into those low 60's as we get into the afternoon. rain in the fecast on the way for the weeknd, i'll have more of those details coming up a little bit later rahman so tracking that big backup nto safrancisco. we have a full house ca lanes fast track lanes to just geout there early i'm not tracking any problems but your connectors 5.80 shore than them it's thr all slow you're averaging 12 minutes to ke it into fremont street and that average is from the very bottom of the oakland maze to fremont street. so you sll have to work your way through the heavy traffic on all your major freays, here's a look at the dublin interchange because we had a major crash right here in fact it's still wrapping up, but it's out 6.80 just before the 5.80 split starteoff as a stall and then th stalled vehicle led to a crews are still wrapping it up they've managed to move most of this activity off to the side so you're getting through without any blockage but look at the line it is backed up beyond al if you are
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continuing beyond that point you have to work your way through mo heavy traffic south of the devon interchange in little pockets to send also 21 minutes now dublin to fremont area. >>thanks a lot of dado won and our local fit story to south bay schools are expected to close at the end of the year up the supentendent of the san jose. school district in >>mae that very typical announcement last night and following up on the story this morning as kron fous sarah stinson sarah. >>live here at dove hill elementary one of 2 schls that were brought up that a they're at risk of beg shut down for good the other school is laurelwood elementary school ju a couple miles emotional last night woied for with what will happen to their chd's school. but the supertendent told everyone knew the reason for thisis a deficit the budget as well as declining enrollnt something they've seen a end over the last couple years eitheway the district says students will be taking care
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of no matter what and where they end up moving to a education will come first the new superintendent of the evergreen school strict to doctor annie flores has been tasked with the difficult decision of what schools will close by the end of the year an advisory committee recommended dove hill and laura od elementary schools to be the ones to close but the finadecision won't happen ill next month and the superintendent says an additional sool also have to be tentially on the chopping block now the superintendent says there is rrently a million budget deficit in last 5 yethe distri has lost 00 students they expect to over the next couple years, let's take a listen to docto flores the supertendent has she explains why she thinks these trends and why this is happening. districts across the bay ar are facing the same chalnges and while dog the vley is very attractive to. >>the tech industry. it has really pushed prices of homes
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prices of rent way up and push many of ourfamilies t we will make sure at our students land at a hool where th can feel fe that to feel welcome love thisart of a family. >>in live here gain a dove hill elementary schooparents and just started dropping off lot of students and parents and teachers so hopefully i can get yono comment from someone here who cares about this issue and know that parents were emotional last night that we love to chat with him this morning see they're feeling again that nextonth. for now i'm live san jose sarah stinson kron 4 thank you sarah. ose aren't the only schools closing after 68 years of ucating young women in san francisco mercy high school. semester. he announment his brings a lot of uncertainty and sadnes for both current and former sudents of the all-girls catholic school. >>the school has been around since 1952 about 60% of the
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students receivfinancial aid and that coupled with lower and all the numbers eated a situation where mercy high uld just no longer sustain itself. >>they were having to tap and what existeand that has continued from year to year to year. and so. we're kind of tapping the bottom of the barrel. now trying to help our are the important thing is i that girl fi a place that fits her i just really want to finish high school and a school. >>which i was really looking forward to finishing it here but i guess i'm not somewhere elseso yeah, the kids have to figure out what they're going to do once the campus >>o the east bay now man is in custody accused oftrying to run over to police officers in livermore matthew kelly has been identified now as the person who was arrested yesterday, th is all a what unfolded yterday morning right along airway boulevard are on sarah stinson was out there live bringing us the
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ory as breaking news and now we know who the person was the police. had an encounter with 2 officers actually made a affic stop and ey were testing the driver of that white car f dui on a private access road but police say that's when a black cacame speeding towards them. offirs opened fire hitting the driver in the leg. the 2 officers involved havenow been placed on administrative leave while this instigation unfolds. neighborsin oakland are on ed now after a violent armed bbery at an apartment complex on kenyan oaksrive a community meeting s held last night to talk about the surveillance video that neighbor saw online in that video. has been taken being attacked and robbed by man with a gun while she was in front of her own door. during the robbery that man pointed the gun at the victim's headand concerned neighbors are now asking the city and the police department to do more to make it fer. >>i can poi being held up in their held up in front so r
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do yowhere i felt a lot of empathy for her me news terrified for her as well i mean it looked like the guy was just one of the shooter. >>the you know he left and came back in the gun at her head ani think her screaming probably t cause we got to run away but she was possibly that close to losi her over >>a neighbor say that armed robberies e happening during the day or when victims e returning home from work. >>on the police in pacific arrested 2teenagers trying to steal a car. happened on south more drive near lock haven drive. tuesday night. the car's owner woke up to hear the sound of their car alarm and saw 2 people actually driving their car down the street officers identified and arrested. a couple of people, craig wilson and a 17 year-old woman. >>governo for more than 20 states were in san francisco
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for the national governors association summit and their focus is on rebuilding america's infrastructure. governor gavin newsome is hoping the california can lead that movement and set an example, the chair and former chair of the national governors association joined governor newsom yesterday for transit center. our cameras were there obviously you can see that an infrastructure project that newsome helped champion while he was mayor san francisco in the governor callethis transit center a 20 year dream. he talked out how the transit center has helped create jobs ana new neighborhood and yet ere is still a lot more tt needs to be done. >>well we should be doing in this country. th is what we used to do a lot of they have wanted do well in the future you got invest in the future where. >>we'rell in agreement tha we need to focus on infrastructure and that washington is that states have stepped up and. and get all the best ieas on solving the infrastructure crisis. >>and the gornor say that
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they are able to rk in a bipartisan fashion and get the job de. t distst an divisions is preventing that from happening in wasngton. >>8 oh 8 our top story is morning, anotheday of the senate impeachment trial against president trump gets underway in just 2 hours and this comes after opening statements were made in the trial in the senate chber camila bernal has the latest. >>da one of opening arguments is now in the books and democrats have just 2 days to continue laying out their case and they will also keep pushing for those witnesses and documents it's recent. >>an outburst shaking up day 2 of the senate impeament trial. police arrested a man who they say lawfully tered the chamber interrting the proceedings as democrats begi to lay out their case against esident trump. this was no. >>a perfect call. it is direct evidence.that president
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donald john trump. corruptly abused his power day 2 was remincent of day one a hot topic continue to be witnesses witnesses witness witness witnesses and when it comes to witnesses demoats say there's no way they're trading the gop for testimony from people like hunter biden. >>he is relevant he is material that tre is is not on the tablthis isn't like some fantasy football trade after a day of sitting back while democrats laid out their ca. president trump's lawyers weighing in after the proceedings ended i want to let them try their case and we nt to try our case because we believe without question the president wi be cquitted. >>so what can we expect on day 3 we will go through the law the constitution. and the facts as they apply to article one we will apply the facts to
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the law as it pertains the president's >>abuse of power and president trump's defense team will gin laying out the case and their opening arguments on saturday and then continue on monday and tuesday they continue to say the president did nothing wrong and that is why senators they say should with the president reportinon capiol hill, i'm camila bernal back to you. >>and stay tuned to kron a for the latest of both here on air and on app its 24 7 commercial free as are streaming service. >>kron 4 morning news, we have one person dead and at least 7 others hu after a shooting in downtown seattle will have the very latest on that story coming up and there's be a rise in cell phonethefts on bark, but there's one station in particular that's ee more of then the others will tell you which one and the niners on the practice field today for the first timas they get ready for the super bowl will beright
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>>did not practice wednesday, th'll be back at it thsday but they're soon to be opponents did hit the pctice field the kaas city chiefs were in action wednesday. they're also headed down to
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miami on sunday before the weeklong super bowl festivities begin and before they get on the plane. there's plenty to do to get ready r the red and gold head coach andy reid and quarterck patrick mahomes waiting on the 49 ers wednesday afternoon. >>i think they're well coached and these are really good football they're solid we'll size of all special teams so. the you know you that, but that's what you 're the last 2 teams going to do thaso that's what you we're in for the challenge anthere's a grt challenge. they're very sound of what th do and the coverage is that they play and so for us it's about. >>just next to the high level a notice to be a great challenge in every single play. >>now the 40 niners will be ack at practice on thursday and friday are scheduled to get miami at about 7 on sundayevening and of course we'll be keeping you updated on all ings 49 ers throughout thisweek and next so be sure to check out our reading gold zone big game preview specials airing this saturday and sunday at 9 will
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also have fresh content daily here on kron 4 ne kron 4 dot com and the kron on app. >>in 15 right now and we're checking out the forecast and we're tching those temperatures to raise because it's chilly out there. and yeah it really is chilly out there guys we start off in the 40's but we're going to see mild conditions 60 suspected that amount is going to take a lot it's going to kind of come on and some some time that i going to s peaks of sunshine through all the gray clou cover that's where i just che to work rate national weather but you could see nra south of a camera overlooking downtown san jose all the overcast skies and yes we're going to see a whole lot of we will get. entire day, but >>a little bit of sunshine here and there to look forward to but at least the temperatures are going to be pretty nice and comfortable, mostly in the upper 50's to low 60's. but right n this is what we have been there were still pretty much on the chilly side and dry as well so that is the good news into tomorrow we are tracking a storm system that's set to the
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far north of us through tomoow and en we're tracking other system that's going to be the bay area for this weekend bringing us me wet weher on saturday and sunday so keep that in mind if you are going tbe out and about definily want to have those umbrellas handy, here's the breakdown for today upper 50's and san francisco downtown ou're topping out at 59 today 60 degrees in daly city 61 in al granada and half moon bay upper 50's to low 60's along the peninsula from san brno and some millbrae and burlingame low 60's from san carlos in redwood city 63 for the high in mountain view your south is own here, you go low to mid 60's there. 64 in campbe 63 expected in los gatos and those low 60's continue through dublin into pleasanton and we're looking at some upper 50's though as we get closer to the water to the bay side counities of course 59 for chmond and to berkeley very evenly spread temperatures from yon bill into vacaville in the low 60's and then we're looking at the
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noh bay in the upper 50's to low 60's there as well santa rosa you're going to top out at 61 degrees 70 around the bay forecast. yes, drivehru where the rest your workweek and then we're going tosee the wet weather saturday and sund and even kicking off. we could see some the morning commute be a little bit wet until thingfinally dry out in the middle of the week for wednesday. that's a look at e weather, hit the roads now with rob and all righ thank you. rebecca, so busy out there checking in. >>on wantto want to cross the golden gate and the traffic on the brid is looking good right so no big problems here francisco, but north one oh one greatest parkway we do have an accident here involving a big rig, your 2 right lanes are blocked so you're backed up in both directions this is going to impact you heading to the north bay and from the north bay northbound you're backed up through sandra fel southbound it's still solid from highway 37 so fr novato
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to sandra fell you're dealing with traffic but on the golden gate here looking good here's 92 very busy trip from the east bay to the peninsula, not really letting up yet it is jammed westbound it starts back near the nimitz it contues all the way ver to one oh one in san the tail and then one oh one a mess because the ninsula avenue off-ramp for north one on one is still closely see how the traffic backup on one oh one and 92, it's just one long stretch of heavy traffic. this is all related to police activity that started early deadly crash on city streets so he peninsula avenue off ramp is closed peninsula avenue between bayshore and airport also shut down because of all of that police activity and the ongoing investigation so definitelyimpacting you on what i want to off before you get to peninsula avenue. >>busy on both the limits and 5.80 heading toward downtown oakland and then 2.80 pretty paed to just under 30
8:20 am
minutes from san jo to cupertino darya. thanks a lot of a 19 and veloping news in seattle where one person was shot and killed and several others are the hospital police this morning ill looking for the gunma >>who opened fire the 3rd shooting in that ara since tuesday john lawrence has more. >>knew it wasn't feworks. >>shots fired in seatt central business district wednesday night will there was nic everyone new to r, i mean everyone was just running in l directions are running inside the macy's they were running in every buildig that they can get in to authorities say tempers flared after a streetcorner argument there was a disruption in some sort of dispute. >>the shots ringut this is not a random incent there were. >>multiple people involved one woman was pronounced dead at the scene at least 7 others including a 9 year-old boy were innured and taken to a hospital, i'm sick of you know. >>have is going on in my
8:21 am
neighborhood make seattle's downtown area has seen a rash of violence this week a few hours before wednesday night's incident a 28 ar-old mawas shot by police suffering non li threatening injuries. >>and on tuesy, another shooting wherea 55 year-old man was killedthe suspect in that shooting is still at large i've be here all my life for years i ever seen anything like this before i see al just get just don't know whas going on here, i'm john lawrence reporting. >>we have some developing news out of australia where 3 americans now are dead after an air nker crashed in the mountains ofnew south wales, australia. the plane's crew had been fighting the wildfires there. in thealpine region it and in rent days the us has sent additional wildfire personnel to assist in the ongoing brush fire crisis and straits. some those personnel are from california. but we haven't confirmed yet whe these americans were from what you know might find out. a 21 on
8:22 am
the clock happeng today police have issued an arrest warrant now for nfl wide receiver antonio brown. he was involved in an altercation at his home in florida on tuesday. so here's what happened. accoing to olice a moving truck driver says that hwas attacked by brown and his trainer, the trainer was arrested, but police wer unable to make contact with brown so he still out thre. brown faces charges now including criminal mischief and burglary with battery. brown last played for the raiders and then he wentto new england but was cut i september amid allegations of rape and assault which still nies but now you've added another charge to the others alredy face. >>a 22 and coming up on the kron4 morning news next not be able to take that i'm emotional support animal on a flight anymore we'll tell you what the us department of transportation is proposg. and let's take a livelook here if you're traveling by car over the ay bridge that's the see if you took a flight er cracks.
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>>and this is just cong in and it'going to cause a lot of people to do a lot of talking there's 60 days that you can tell the department transportation what you think of this new band that that they want to institute on airplanes, yes on emotional support animals so that an outright ban on that and then harder restrictions on what classifies as a seice animal yeh, it can fly with you and they're changing it they're saying a service animal if
8:26 am
they gethis new proposal would just be a dog and the specific least trained dog show of a certain breed of a certa breeyeah so the ck about people e taken all kinds of emotional support animals this is fine li and peacocks on a ace itt like 3,000 accounts complaints of you know people being bitten or you know the msage that there's a whole bunch of just said you have to have a service animal so tht we could cover you know that's people with physical injuries or psychiatric don't need assistance om their service that means everything else james like what if you ha an emotional suprt animal. and now that's a pet so then they lit the size let's say let's say years is a blab right it's it's too big that it can fly and cargwhich means you'll have to pay then you have to pay it opens a whole can of and but a lot of people,
8:27 am
especially the on disability groups have said we like this idea because there's been this trouble for them, youknow because there's so many different animals and there's people that have been abusing the system let's be honest ying to bring on their personal pet as an emotnal support animal becau if you want to pay the fee to have them stowed in the yearto write so they're trying to cut down on that while reserving that qualification for the who really need it right, it's going to e a big get a saying in a big discussion period, the 60 days we'll tell you more about how you can weigh in on it. >>as it develops all right coming up next on the kron 4 morni news, a call for emergency action on a health crisis fentanyl and heroin deaths have doubled in san ancisco will ll youit's beindone to try to combat the epidec.
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it relas to the consumer. we're looking at weather and traffic miay through the commute how are we sow chaos not great s impact on the bridge is packed along e peninsula. >>and i have a crash on one one in the north bay that slowing downtraffic you story just commute he snored you're not going to want to know because north because g or get involved tostage for that on the weather front nothing big or small is dry conditions would help the morning because us is not the se today, but it is a little bit cold cold guys see that crank p the heaters. >>in the carson from the long sleeves because so bundle up. it is going to be a little bit
8:31 am
chilly out there over the next couple of hours til we get into the mild temperatures later on this afternoon right now it's a really pretty shot of the san ancisco city city skyline. we're seeing some cloud cover across it peaks of sunshine that we're expecting. but yeah a lot of overcast skies for the entire day todaybut yes, at least it is dry. we're tracking a system to the far north of us through tomorrow bere a system coming towards the bay area. >>expected to a touchdown saturday and into sunday bringing us a definitely a wet weekend. ahead so ke that in mind if you are going to be a heading outdoors later on this weekend. today though mild cloudy skies in san francisco 60 in oakland. topping out at in san jose will have more details on the rain in the complete check and just a couplef minutes from an all right, thank you check in our bridges, yes, they are packed. we have 92 which is still olding.
8:32 am
>>at 30 minutes tomake it from the east bay to the peninsula, it's just going to stay like this into foster city into nd, the tail and one on e as tough as well from 92 all the way into burlingamthe bay bridge traffic not really improving on the oakland side, it looks better on the suspension so 10 minutes here for your average and yes, it's still backed up through the maze and daria here's your crash. this is one oh one north at freight parkway we have an injury accident here there's a big break involved here 2 ght lanes are blked so it's going to be crawling out of sandra fell all theway up to the scene. it looks like they're trying to move it, but it's not happening tofast even southbound traffic is impacted the northbound crash so crawling nevado to the scenon the southbound side northbound you're jammed up all the way through sandra back to daryn all right thanks for that personal look traffic in the north bay. >>32 the problem with bar wh you're writing is sees you
8:33 am
know, especially distracted people wi their cell phone and boom they just take it and we should do story after story about that they happening. well, there's one bart station particularit seems to be happening more. >>then the others in fact it's recording the highest number of cellphone deaths right ow a 118. but police say this is hapning at balboa park station that's where the highest numb of steps are occurring and when talk to officers, they say really does make a difference where you sit where you stand how close short of the doors whether or not you're going to be a target tese thieves. >>doors open at a platform, if they snatched the farm and off the traior close your stock. >>and they need to be most on platforms and on trains when the doors are open. >>yeah ditional bar police of course are going to be patrolling the trains wve done stories about that don't forget next monththey have their bassador program with more unarmed ambassars that are going to be walking t trains as well keeping an eye out for crime. and speaking of crime we did a story about a report that was released th month which found that more than half of violent crimes reported in barton 2019
8:34 am
involved theft of an electronic device so it is the most type of crimbeing seen on bart crime in fact jumped 11% last year with violent crime up 4% compared to 2018. >>san francisco ty leaders are being urged to tack the opioid crisis after new information has come ut about the overdose deaths in san francisco. ast year there were 290 deaths linked heroin fentanyl or a whichis more than double the number offatal overdoses in 2018. supervisor matt haney is calling for ergency action from the health department. >>can't wait for months and months or ar to know what's happeningin the most deadly epidemic that we'v seen in our city since the aids hiv crisis when thousands of people were this isan emergency we should be ting like it. >>t health department ints out that th sav nearly 1700 lives in 2018 because of
8:35 am
nar can mae available to attics. >>all right now to the 40 niners, the nfc champs will be lding their first practice on the field today up until now theve been studying the chiefs a tidy ong up game ans take a look let's loo at let's study that she right, let's just see what they look like they want to ay a practice fielyesterday if they're laying down like tht they're going to be easy to be just well they'rpracticing how they're going to be on the field but we >>so they they're geing that right that's not good see you got to stay liver because the defense is going afr him big time so he knows he's going to have to run i have a lot of fun but we did hear from a holmes talked about how good we are les take a listen. >>obiously th have a ton of playmakers on the if it's a lot of linebackerand secondary they have guys that have had experience in ung guys that are super talented and so you can see that they can that the young guys have really grown as the yes went on as they've learned from other guys around an uh i mean they're very sound of
8:36 am
whathey do and the coverage is that they play. >>so we haven't faced them yet this year, but we did back in in fact that was the game or jimmy g tore his acl that was outfor the rest of the season we finally got it back this year it is don't worry the ocean just don't jason was righshould show it now take a look but so anyway we'll see how ey do fresh of the 49 ers fan cb is really excited about the yes, shsays that she's confident the ninersre course here she's the of coounder of the santa clara gold rushers booster club her name is lisa sentelle and and she and the other boosters here say their longtime members of the 49 er faithful in fact that e's taking out a lot ofthe memorabilia she's collected over thyears the us auto graft phos and she says she is super pumped up about e niners this year. >>all this is so incredible i can't beeve it. it's it's insane. faith has never
8:37 am
wavered in th team might we've been seas ticket holders for 25 years. will be able to make it out to miami ke mo of but she ys that she and the other gold rushers are going to have their own par and are going to make it a whole lot of noise t enough that they'll probably hear it in miami well leing up to the super bowl course we've got you covered the red and gold zone don't forget we've got special psentations of that program first saturd night at 9 right before the super bowl of people preview the game and then after the game wil have a post game recap on sunday at 09:00pm going over all the highlights and all the talk about the parade that i'm sure we're going to have a san francisco when the niners come home like we don't any there talk about the put it out of the ruining everything 30's have it's still 00:04am morning news. >>corona virucontinues to spread around the world will show you what they're doing the source in china drastic actions. as it spread here and
8:38 am
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becomes r nation'scapital. >>a grant you know lost a great like bad and his big thing to announce it surprises our names on better, i have a little >>there's derek carr, the cheerleaders and other players all for of billion stium. coine all that great the state it looks amang don't get wrong, but look how far you've got to go to get thei true would be nice if you can just drive over oakland. it does look pretty cool dn on that the better if you're closer to the place ship ease te is speakg of which steph curry wants to get closure is a place inlace for now they're just pretty close to real drag dending on rush hour he wants be a real like like mile away like just want opt to check out the new pad. it'sot a bachelor plant because player refer i shld the kids in this 20 under square feet. and
8:42 am
basically living in the 4 seons because it's the private sidence literally the 4 seasons property all of thamenities, i'm sure just like a mile up the road from of the arena, the new chasea renderings becae still under construction stuff lead. and i'm sure he's got up for that mea use of the rendergs of artists and the architects of it's done is shots on the en
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news i'm rebecca strum in for hn trouble on this thursday morning we're seeing a little bit a peek of sunshine here and there through the clouds in the east bay right now the star camera on top of the berkeley hills here and we' going to be seeing a mostly overcast gray conditions, but mild temperatures on tap. that's where we're expecting we just have to get through some of ese chilly ones as temperatures still the 40's in some spots, 59 for the high in downtown san francisco later on this afternoon, 57 in the sunset district are looking at upper50's to low 60's along our coastal spots, half moon y you'll be at a high of 61 today, 59 in san bruno 60 degrees in burlingame and then those low 's continue throughout the peninsula and then even gting into here's south a zone even into the mid 60's later on today, 65 wh downtown san jose morgan hill yoll be at 62. low 60's through dublin in pleasanton and then some upper 50's so baysde communities like
8:46 am
richmond anin berkeley are in the you'll be at a high of 58. very evenly spread temperatus through vacaville in fairfield and then those low 60's continue through wine country getting into napa and sonoma both at 61 upper 50's novato and center fell and then stinson beach you'll be to chillier. 56 degrees right there along the coast point rae 16. well we're going to see a dry conditions as we wrap up the workweek into tomorrow before the wet weather returns to us for the weekend ahead so keep that in mind and make re they have the umbrella ready to go as we're going to continue into next wek monday and tuesday. we could the morning commute be a little bit damp for the first 2 days of the week and then before finally drying out with some sunshine on wednesday. that's a look at the weather, let's check the roads now with robin. than you rebecca, a late unexpected slowdown for highway one oh one in both directions so if you're traving between the north bay. >>and san francisco traffic is
8:47 am
extra slow an accident here just cleared. northbound want to want to parkway we have the 2 rightlanes blocked. there was a big rig involved in the crash. so there's a lo line back out of sandra fell to the scene and a long line southbound leaving nevado from to the scene but at least 's out of the way so because of that crash which was on the northbound side, your drive time wt back up it increase for the southbound side so 41 mites nevado to e toll plaza, the bay bridge traffic looks pretty busy to not bad butbacked up all the way deal with this for a couple o more hours beforewe see traffic that out into san francisco. uh gi you one more south 6.80 before 84 and son all here's a new accident just coming in making traffic slow all over again just en things are looking better now you're solid from the dublin interchange so that's not good. >>40 minutes from dublin to fremont because of that new accident near the sun all boevard exit so be early get out there early so u won't
8:48 am
be lateone oh one still busy from brisbane to san fransco. that's pretty tigh and then 2 8018 minutes from daly city to downtown san francisco. darya thanks a san francisco district attorney's has made big changes >>no more cash bail. the police officers association has issued a strong statement in opposition to that complex share stone has more. >>today wemove away from a wealth based systeto a risked basis newly appointed san francisco district attorney's chase aboudi maki more big changes. no more ash bail in the city of san francisco is going to make san francisco, a safer. error city. >>money undermines public fety by allowing wealthy people were dangerous to buy theifreedom without regard to rest the opposition to the policy is strong though. >>john dennis is the chaian of e republican party in san francisco. a says this progressive ve is uested
8:49 am
and puts public safety in jeopardy. >>y person who does't show up based on this new system in commits another crime that son justibowden said the san francisco's reputations can get battered once again. what sorts alrea been battered and. you know we have a lot to t of recovering to do in the international scene with a reputation and that tht that in future incident which is bound to happen. it's not going help us the head of the san francisco police ofcers association. >>issued a statement saying relying soly on an arbitry math equation regarding who reins in custody andwho gets out early one danger residents and police officers. but it sure wi make career criminals and gang membs happy beauty in those says those who pose a serious threat to public safety will stay behind bars. he says the passes them is one that targeted minorities and poor communities. and that wi no longer be the case, those was
8:50 am
committed to public safety want to ensure that 4 people who do not present a public safety risk are allowed to continue working. >>to rejoin their famies to stay in schooand to providing forheir communities. well criminal charges are pending j r stone kron 4 news. >>actor jeff goldblum is on single use plastics in wn california in ct it was at the state capitol yeerday advocating for 2 bills both would requi california to reduce its use ofsingleuse plastics by 75% within the next decade.the bills have cleared committees and house committeboth are still considered active. d they are in their finafloor process take a listen to what he hado say. >>my concern isthat it won't be addressed en attended to and before we know it. more and more words plastic is going to show up and judge is going to show up t's you know it's in our bodies to the food we ne and we don't even know the ill effects of it. as much as we already do it's going to
8:51 am
be bad and that my children will live or reduced life with reduced to be here around the >>we, this was goldbloom's first visit to sacramento and as you can see the video here also had some fans at wanted to get pictures taken with them as well. >>your heal this morning local doctors are preparing f what to do in the case of the deadly corona virus if it spreads to the bay area. the virus has already made about 600 people ck and killed 17 people in china kron four's justine waldan has more contnment of the corona virus is ow a top concern as thcity of will hunt china is on a travel lockdown. no trains or plnes can go in or out the cdc says it has receed several items for testing from pele in the us who may have corona virus. the proactive response there's very low in the bay area and
8:52 am
again we're monitoring closely of doctor eric upon with the alama county health department tells me all bay to prepare for what to do when a person with corona virus comes to thebay area, including how to screen possibly quarantine and get testing done quickly i'm i live in one place working another mychild might be in day care or school in another jurisdiction. >>ristie's is don't know those borders, so we really y to be as consistent as possible the last ti there was a jor court a nation like thihere. >>was when the asles outbreak took center stage as a foe l a x and jfk airports are all screening passengers and now atlanta's hartsfield-jackso internationaand chicago's o'hare airport will join the list. scientists are trying to create vaccine to stop this virus from spreading u traveled on our that close contact with someone from a lot or has been suspected to have this fires th and you have symptoms to. >>seek medical care and also make su that the medical
8:53 am
care is courtney with the local alth department. >>now local health dertments will reach out to communities directly to spread the message about the corona virus in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman on 4 news. >>time now has a 52. here's a quick live look outside at the golden gate bridge few caldwell not more than a few clouds it's pretty cloudy out there this morning a little windy as well as you can see the flag flapping in the wind rebeca strong we'll have more on e forecast for today, she's omising as a mild afternoon with temperares in the 60's we'r going to get the full. the tale from her in justa tom steyer: no child should have worry
8:54 am
about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves over 3 million healthy meals every year. the difference between wds and actions matters. that's a lesson washington d could use, rightow. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. the difference between wds and actions matters.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>we're bk in a 55 a teenager who s paralyzed dung a wrestling match 2 years ago came back to the vergym where it happened 18 year-old ryan joseph talk t the crowd that came to see him at college park highschool. >>during a wrestling me last night. nd he would happen as he broke s neck in the school gym and was left paralyzed. busince the injury. the community came together raised thousands of dollars to help with his recovery. you kn i wasn'i like i remember that you can ner have too never have too my friends in 22 months of rehab the embryos through yeah, but now he can mo his arms and he's learning now to walk again you need some braces for his links to do it but he's getting up and moving around which is something doctors thought. >>he would never be able do again so he's proven them wrong. i will take auick
8:57 am
break coming up in the next morning news to south bay schools are being ated for shut down have a live report from one of those schools and we're also following the senate impeachment trial against president trump will ke a lok at what's expected tohaen on catol l
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>we've made it to the finest hour, a variable sand on james,let your 09:00am is the time the final hour of this broadcast. we'll see what's doing outside for you. >>on the road travels yes there we had some major crashes most of them are out of the y, especially the one on won the little crash but traffic is already improving nogreat but improving you know hey is what betteand better as we go through the day weatr wise to to yet we're going to get out of the cold temperatures and into more mild conditions because we're ing to see some 60's on the ard around the bay area. but a lot f gray skies that's what's going to be sticking with us. throughout the entire day today conditions here at sa francisco international airport. >>a little bit fog still little bit of fog little bit visibility not too bad in this picture we've seen a worse right. so it definitely looking good here and delay free for inbound flights and that is e good news but cloudy and cool that's the start of the day and then as we get into the afternoon we're going to staro


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