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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 23, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 news at 10:00am. >>25 people confirmed dead more than 800 others, sick the deadly corona virus outbreak that began in china continues to spread around the world. thanks for joining us. attorney and i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, the jump in numbers comes as health officials in texas investigate a suspected case involving a college student health officials say a student at texas anm develop mild symptoms after a trip to china that patient is currently
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being kept in isolation at home. >>and earlier this week you'll probably recall a man in washington state was confirmed to have the virus following his trip to china. he is under observation in quarantine tonight health officials in the bay area are monitoring people for the mysterious illness in alameda county health officials report fewer than 10 people are being tested. >>in contra costa county one person is being investigated, but so far the results have come back negative as the fears of the deadly corona virus continue to grow the work to contain the global spread also continue dan thorn talked with an expert who studies these viral outbreak stands here in the studio now with more to help us understand this is moving pretty quickly. dan that's right well this expert does tell us that the potential for this corona could get much bigger and that we will likely see an increase in cases. >>however, the expert did tell us that the world appears to be a better prepared compared to previous final outbreaks.
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>>as global concerns continue to grow over the deadly corona virus from china outbreak experts in the bay area are now monitoring it spread since december, hundreds of cases have been confirmed and more than 2 dozen people have died. there are a lot of factors of in here with this particular virus you know. >>it can lead to concern and we found that there is a high degree of fear associated with it he to my heart is the ceo of metal bio to the san francisco based company specializes in risk assessments of outbreaks. mon hof says some concerns are warranted, but they're mostly limited to those who are near the chinese city of wuhan han or have been in direct contact with people who have been exposed for the general public at this point doesn't appear to be as much of a concern the world health organization on thursday declined to declare the new outbreak as a global emergency, on hof says that does not mean it will not become one so far experts say the virus appears to be not as
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dangerous and infectious as sars. >>that virus also started in china and killed about 800 people but viruses can mutate and become more dangerous and contagious. i think basin you're looking at previous a similar outbreaks to this could last for some time. >>well >>the sars outbreak of 2003 lasted about 6 months and spread throughout more than 2 dozen countries before it was stopped, experts anticipate this current outbreak to last a similar amount of time but there are still a lot of unknowns with this new virus. reporting live in studio dan thorn kron 4 news and thank you health screenings continue for passengers landing at san francisco airport because of this out brand right now all nonstop flights from wuhan on to sfo are canceled. but there were plenty of people coming off other international flights today who were wearing masks many of them arrive from beijing, some tell us they are worried about the virus but believe china learned a lot
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from the sars outbreak some years back. >>and not really worry apologies. you also may already have experience with yeah, so and now government pay it's throughout the better so i think will be contra the >>so those travelers may be confident but officials in china are not taking any chances and fact more cities have been shut down in china kron four's graham lotus joins us with latest on what's going on there will on 11 million people in our cities added to the list they keep coming and the chinese government is understandably i was a freaking out, but you know they are going to great lengths to try to contain this thing because globally in the whole world is concerned. >>and it is still a rather mysterious virus. the first case of corona was reported late last month in boeheim as we mentioned. now the number of cases though up to 830 26
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people have died. those numbers seem to keep going up then right now the city of lille han is building a hospital. it did that in just 6 days so this is a special 1000 bed hospital dedicated to treating patients who have this new corona virus and tonight. there's also first corona virus death confirmed outside for hot health officials say an 80 year-old man died after returning from a 2 month stay in will han to see relatives at least 8 cities have now been shut down in china. you see all of them here they're in central china's hubei province that is where the onus is really been concentrated the shutdowns mean 25 million people are now trapped in their cities here in chinese officials have not said how long they'll have to stay there how long will these shutdowns last at this point. it's not clear if going to this late will even work in
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containing the virus millions of people are traveling across china meanwhile for the lunar new year which is coming this weekend but in the capital beijing major public events have been canceled indefinitely including traditional temple fairs that are a staple of lunar new year celebrations and the forbidden city the palace complex in beijing announced it will close indefinitely this weekend outside china cases have also been confirmed in kang the cow japan, taiwan south korea thailand, singapore, and vietnam ken pam back to hugh grant. thank you's symptoms of the corona virus include a running nose, cough, sore throat. >>possibly maybe a fever which can last for a couple of days. the virus usually is a mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness similar to a common cold has stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage on the corona virus has the disease continues to spread and us authorities monitor developments across the us and
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the bay area. you can follow the latest developments at kron 4 dot com all right time for a weather check as we take a look outside show you what's going on on this thursday night and show you the embarcadero bay bridge i know is here with a look at the weekend. yeah we're getting very close now on the weekend got another storm coming our way i think a more substantial storm than anything we've seen so far this week so out the door right now we've got a couple clouds up above likely going to see some patchy fog developing down below to some that patchy ground fog moving back in through the delta little bit of an offshore wind and that will bring some of that fall right back into the delta possibly back into the bay. >>and the northeast but temperatures today, not bad right about the average of 59 degrees in san francisco, 61 in oakland today was 63 for a high that was a warm spot in san jose's 57 in livermore 58 degrees in concord and 58 in santa rosa ayers or get away forecast and plan on traveling tomorrow you're going to find some clouds and a mix of sunshine into the monterey 59 degrees cooler monterey 62. in
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santa cruz 59 degrees in carmel a southern california looking like the place to be tomorrow mid 70's. downtown los angeles with some sunshine 72 in anaheim and 71 degrees in pasedena hey how about all that snow up in the high country want to do little skin. yeah should be a great time getting up to the roadways going to be open tomorrow both 8050 not expecting any problems there to watch out for some to fog a crossing. the sacramento valley as you head across there tomorrow morning but numbers really looking good but if you're sticking around for the weekend be prepared bring those chains up there with you we've got another storm system moving in likely to bring another round of fresh powder starting saturday night and continuing into sunday, i've got a weak cold front that is moving into the state bringing with it showers even some thunderstorms far northern california not much by the time it got here just a whole lot of cloud cover continuing throughout the day today we see that again all those clouds outside right now and that will stick around throughout the night tonight, not much in the way of wind but what we are seeing a
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little bit of offshore component you see some that napa valley start to see some of that in oakland and that's can allow some of the low clouds and fog thing to seep back into the bay tonight and will settle in their early tomorrow morning, some patchy dense fog late tonight tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies and then a chance of a few showers late most your day staying dry. i think after 7 o'clock or so by tomorrow evening. there's a chance we could see a few scattered light showers in the north bay if you have some plans there and then increasing clouds throughout the weekend another storm system rolls in and of course that will bring with it a chance of some rain temperatures out the door right now in the 40's and the 50's right now cooling off especially in the north bay, but the cloud cover kind act like a blanket tonight going to keep us from getting all that cold got a couple storm systems off the coastline, you see the one that just about push on shorts that next storm well off the coast that is going to be moving in for the weekend. i don't think it's going to be rain now for the weekend. but certainly it will be wet from time to time we'll take a look at that entertain a 10 forecast all the way until february come up a few minutes all right. thank you
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from president trump's impeachments to gun control to health care east bay residents are discussing. >>the big issues in washington d some i town hall to and kron four's gayle ong is live in dublin tonight to tell us all about it gayle. >>them and again this was representative eric swalwell is first town hall of the year it was held here at dublin high school his alma mater but not all we're here to support the congressman. some cheered him. and jeered as representative eric swalwell took the stage thursday night among them and those supporting second amendment right foot is an assault weapon should ask you. >>it might grant owns guns unlimited and a plan he does not agree with representative swallows plans on gun control that impacts all of the people have the guns legally when he wants to do a buyback program is gun safety is one of my top priorities and i have a 2 year-old the one year old and in my personal time line on
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this is to do something before. >>they go to high school and have to go through these duck and cover drill so he also discussed health care and what's next in 2020 what's going to happen, trump doesn't get in a set a precedent for. >>our government and the way future presidents will and are concerned about small boat called for impeachment inquiry into president donald trump in june, the congressman dropped out of the race for president in we're not powerless when it comes to impeachment are calling him. senators and demanding a fair trial insisting that all the documents and witnesses that we've asked for a come forward, you know the senators listen to what their constituents are saying. >>for but it represented of smallville says he wants to focus on the impeachment trial first before he considers indoor see a democratic
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presidential candidate, reporting live in dublin gayle ong kron 4 news they'll. thank you today was the second day of opening arguments in the impeachment trial against president trump in the us senate. >>the house impeachment managers laid out evidence said they believe supports air first article of impeachment abuse of power camila bernal is in washington with reaction to today's arguments plus what we can expect in the days ahead. >>will please most 3rd day of the impeachment trial and a 2 of opening arguments, let's begin today's presentation for some it was nothing new what we heard from the. >>the managers yesterday the day before it is the same thing day after day after day for others, was a summary it really is the reminder of us. >>the united states has the whip with a country like ukraine and donald trump was willing to exercise that on the on wednesday house democrats offered a detailed chronology with an intense
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focus on the july 25th phone call between president trump and ukraine's president zelinsky. >>on thursday they again cited some of those details the focused on the first article of impeachment this is corruption and abuse of power in its purest form managers spent hours laying out their arguments and yet the fight over witnesses and documents continues the other side were to get witnesses we would have a series of witnesses but we are nowhere near that process yet the white house signaling they would invoke executive privilege tying up the impeachment trial in the courts if the trial has to go on a little longer and it wouldn't be weeks and weeks and weeks. >>to have a fair trial to have witnesses and documents is of paramount importance and the senators can work a little longer. >>and there is an effort in the works to hold a morning only session on saturday all senators would have to be on board for this to happen. but so many of them are tired, you want to go back home to sleep and 4 of them in particular want to go back to the
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campaign trail reporting in washington. i'm camila bernal back to you. >>learning the names of the 3 americans killed in an air tanker crash yesterday it happened as they were helping to fight the massive bushfires in australia. the 3 victims are 44 year-old captain and macbeth of great falls, montana, 42 year-old first officer paul clyde has sent a buckeye arizona and 43 year-old flight engineer rick de morgan junior who lives in novi florida. they were flying on a c one 30 tanker chartered by the new south wales rural fire service. the cause of the crash is still not yet clear. governor gavin newsom issued a statement today about the loss of the 3 american firefighters it reads in part. quote this tragic accident reminds us all of the 2 high cost of the scourge of wildfires as well as the sacrifice of first responders from around the world, california and australia already united by the deadly threat of wildfires now grieve this tragic loss
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together. >>prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty for a man accused of killing police officer tara o'sullivan, the 26 year-old from the east bay was ambushed last june in davis. she was shot while answering domestic violence call at the suspect's home, the suspect adel ramos appeared in court for a brief hearing today. he is also charged with the attempted murder of 7 other officers and sheriff's deputies during an 8 hour standoff. fairfield police are asking for the public's help to identify these 2 people officers say the suspects stole purses from 2 women and used a stolen credit card police say the suspects drove away in a silver mercedes that turned out to be stolen the state senate will soon vote on a measure that would hold utilities accountable for shutting off power today, the senate appropriations committee approved the bill that sets a specific guidelines for companies like the gna. >>if the companies do not follow those guidelines they would have to compensate customers affected by the
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power outages, however, the utility companies have said that this measure would discourage them from using the shut offs to prevent major fires which they say likely avoid it more and more fires last fall. so senator scott wiener is the author of the bill he says he's not trying to and the plan to power shut off. >>and they play a role an important role in preventing wildfires. but we need to make sure that pg uses them a skillful and not as a and radio pg e has been using them as a sledgehammer and does not need to even consider the economic harm and the public see if you are. >>it's caused. >>the state senate plans to vote on this bill by the end of next week and state lawmakers are one step closer to shutting down a loophole in the law which benefits drivers who are under the influence but who leave the scene of an accident today, the assembly appropriations committee unanimously passed the bill also known as gavin's law currently dui drivers who get
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caught in a fatal crash at the scene of the crash. in face many more years in prison than those who flee the scene and sober up gavin's lions to close that gap boosting the maximum prison sentence for deadly hit and run drivers from 4 years to 6. back in 2018 gavin cladding was hit and killed by suspected drunk driver that driver spent about a year in prison after being sentenced to 3 years. lawmakers credit gavin's wife susan cladding as a force behind getting the new bill passed. >>back so many other people and so many other families and if there is something that we can do to try to prevent this from happening in the future that that that they understand that maybe they want to work with us to have it's very exciting. >>the bill now heads to the assembly floor where it must be voted on by the end of the month in the east bay, the city of alameda highlighting dangerous roads for pedestrians and bicyclists, the city has identified more than 2 dozen locations so far and has improved about half of
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them as kron four's haaziq madyun reports input from neighbors played a big role. this alameda active transportation plan map allows the city to receive online input from the community about hot spot intersections for bicyclists and pedestrians, there's 2 different kinds of hot spots alameda assistant city manager jerry bodene says since the interactive website back in december 2019 the transportation planning department has received around 1600 comments he says that it but is playing a key role in identifying hot spot areas and then there's the. >>the there's the data-driven collision reports police simply he says the information is being combined so far 25 locations have been slated for improvements, 16 of those are locations of collisions involving children, it's not just the speed limits. the way that the roads are kind of structured this family moved alameda 6 months ago and say they've already had a close call though this drive near broadway.
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>>the day a few months ago we were walking when i was still pregnant with family with my 2 year-old and a car almost had teens as receiving this kind of input from residents will help the city meet its goal. >>through traffic safety and pedestrian bicyclist and other people rolling around the island to improve safety in the closing date to submit the alameda active transportation plan web site this sunday, january 26 in alameda haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>and again, here's a look at alameda is transportation plan map the city is asking for public feedback on where people like to walk drive and bike and which should be turned into shared lanes you can also pinpoint areas where you have felt unsafe or spots you think should have better conditions for pedestrians to share your thoughts you can head to kron 4 dot com. we have a link to this map on our website. >>coming up the highway patrol makes an arrest in a string of projectile attacks it injured motorists and damaged dozens
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of vehicles along highway, one o one. how officers say they finally tracks down a suspect after a year-long search plus a big game coming up in miami going to be a historic one for one 49 ers coach in particular how katie's hours is about to set the stage for women across the country and the world and speed or the niners how can jimmy g lead the team tom steyer: no child should have to worry about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>super bowl. the 49 ers flame that you saw super bowl sunday in miami and today the niners for the first time hit the practice field this week mark carpenter joins us now with what they got 2 days 3 days off. >>3 days awful this is the first time there on the field but i like to think that there was a lot of you know the film study right there in this is such an important week for the 49 ers get the install before you go to miami because it really is going to ramp up now the niners practicing for the first time since winning the nfc championship and for the most part the rosters in good shape but running back tevin coleman did not suit up because of a shoulder injury and as we get closer to super bowl 54. south florida. one of the top story lines as jimmy garoppolo's ability to handle the big game. today relatively uneventful postseason for him he only threw threw the ball 8 times in the nfc championship against the vikings. the niners ran on 47 place that's the game plan against kansas city calls for a ton of grobler reps the veterans on
10:24 pm
the team are confident he can handle the moment because they've already see him step up when it mattered. >>they're most confidence in him. to do whatever is needed to be done you have a game this season. we've really had we not for us to come through every single time is a ball and i spent to do what you gotta see it. >>threw the boy times last week but at the same time goes on to say oh you got us out the its monthly out there and the next thing you know you open up the passing game. >>coming up later in sports with the franchise quarterback himself has to say about handling the super bowl stage plus 40 niners defense according to robert sala offers his scouting report on the high octane kansas city offense and throughout their practices press conferences and journey to south florida. we've got your 40 niners coverage of the red and gold on specials both saturday and sunday night at 9 and check in with us throughout the week for the latest story lines on kron 4 news and kron on another property salezar marks up we're going to happen the sports cast a lot of insight on what the chiefs are able to
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present outside of patrick mahomes ii or week to hear that thanks evie coming up a man. in amador county, not knowing who he is what we know about the john doe who was traveling from the bay area. >>plus an emergency shelter is soon opening in the north bay to house the homeless will get a tour of the new site along the hiking trails. >>and we've got cloudy skies around the bay area now and some rain on the way possibly for the r when that is
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absolutely not true. >>and struggle to find answers to the homeless crisis a new emergency shelter side is opening in just 2 days in sonoma county mostly coastal village will soon be home to 60 people those 60 people currently live in a lot of tense along the popular joe to trail kron four's michelle kingston got a tour of that news site in santa rosa. our ultimate goal is to make sure that they're provided with the resources to be successful. >>to celebrate themselves and get to the next chapter in their lives more than 100 people live in tents along the job or go to trail in sonoma county. there is a a health and safety on the trail for those individuals that are in having the trail as well as those that utilize the trail and the community just days ago officials got to work constructing a temporary emergency shelter site. 60 of
10:29 pm
those people living along the trail will soon be moving here just simply relocating individuals. >>from our joe ridout a trailing candidate we're really trying to provide a a beautiful but also safe and secure place for folks can take time to engage with the services they need to have your life 64 square foot shed slime this parking lot near the sonoma county probation department off of route, 12 units all have offered windows on both sides there he did have windows doors that lock in a bed inside their also showers toilets laundry in a dog run on site people living here will get 3 meals a day and case management services with the goal to move everyone into permanent housing will say that there's actually already level of excitement among the camp residents. >>the people who are actually really excited to say goodbye to that end and be able to go inside someplace that is warm and dry and has electricity construction started here just 2 weeks ago, but they plan to
10:30 pm
have people living here by this weekend. >>in sonoma county, michelle gavin newsome is getting a or better idea just how many homeless people live in the state and san diego this morning that he took part in the city's annual. >>homeless count. the governor joined volunteers as they met with homeless people downtown and he asked him a series of questions from where they slept the night before and what led to their current situation. the survey is part of the nationwide point in time count conducted in late january every year. the count help cities secure federal and state funding for resources for the homeless. right now the governor is seeking million to address affordable housing and the homeless crisis. >>with respect to the state of california. it's not an indictment. and it's not about pointing fingers, but we haven't been in this focus we have been in this game. state of california is now homeless policy. city california has been supporting cities and counties on this issue over the course of last few decades, there's been plenty of else other things to do.
10:31 pm
though we need to recognize our responsibility. >>the results of this year's point in time count will not be known for several months the us department of housing and urban development calculates that california's homey homeless population increased 16% last year to about 151,000 people a big story we have been following here on kron 4 there is an arrest tonight in a series of projectile attacks along highways, those attacks have forced terrorizing drivers from a one such attack on highway one o one target is a school bus full of teenage athletes heading to san jose kron 4 grant lodes joins us in the studio with a big announcement from the highway patrol and they arrest that's been made they believe they have their man and this is a group of kids who were you know terrorizing drivers according to the chp. >>this is the guy responsible 52 year-old charles lafferty of monterey county he's been charged in connection with 69
10:32 pm
reported projectile attacks along highways, one oh one and one 56 in monterey and san benito counties there's been so much damage done to the targeted cars, you saw the bus the states back to february of last year when all this started 5 people including a child suffered minor injuries during the attacks. investigators believe lafferty used a slingshot and glass marbles housing carrying out this tax or how do we believe is carrying out these tax. >>so during the execution of multiple search warrants we discovered that mister lafferty had the means in the manner to carry out these attacks. >>which means he was in possessions of items that would allow him to be linked to the cases that we are currently charging with them. >>investigators say lafferty was linked following the latest case just a few weeks ago when a victim they say identified a vehicle. he is facing 10 charges including possession of a silencer throwing a substance in a vehicle with the intention of causing great bodily injury and assault with a deadly
10:33 pm
weapon that was not a firearm the chp says they could be filing additional charges. they're looking for more potential victims ken pam back to you all right grant, thank you bart making some changes it will install canopies over the entrances of stations along market street in san francisco, this is what the candidates will look like the bart board of directors approved the canopy project today for the embarcadero montgomery powell and civic center stations. >>those canopies will go up while the crews are installing new escalators at the same stations, the canopies will have security cameras in la the lights and include a real-time digital board with train arrival times. construction set to begin in the spring all right well, let's see if you have to stand underneath anything to stay dry in the next little bit with our chief meteorologist. >>yeah guys i tomorrow we're looking okay by the evening starts get a little bit iffy in parts of the north bay but otherwise tonight, mostly cloudy skies out there right now staying dry at this hour
10:34 pm
beautiful look up toward the golden gate bridge is still beautiful colors even the red out there on the water tonight, but we are going to see some changes this weekend as we've got a storm system that will likely a factor into our weather over the weekend you can already see the showers moving in the far northern california just kind of skirting the bay area for the most part a lot of cloud cover out there but we've got more to come in fact lawrence forecasts she couple swirls the atmosphere won just come onshore, then another one off the coastline, this was going to the one that will affect your weekend plans so be prepared for that still tomorrow in the afternoon, a whole lot of clouds moving through overhead and then we'll begin to see some of this moisture may begin to move in your skies by tomorrow evening around 7 o'clock 8 o'clock or so maybe some light showers showing up in the north bay and then we started that rain moving in by saturday afternoon across the bay area then get little heavy overnight on saturday night into early on sunday morning, but you know as the 06:00am so i think the brunt of the storm system actually the come overnight on saturday night into sunday morning, some not going to wash out on sunday, although we may wake up to 2
10:35 pm
showers early on drying up behind that kind of a brisk and cool day and then kind of a quick hitter moving in on monday to bring at least a slight chance some showers mainly to the north as we head into monday that high pressure starts takeover little bit as we head through the week before starts talk about the chance of some rain in the following week so here's your tent and a chance some scattered showers on and off this weekend. best in the afternoon on saturday that heavy rainfall overnight saturday night into sunday morning chance of a shower on monday then we dry things out and hey maybe some 70's by next friday. thank you lawrence happening now seattle police looking for these 2 men in connection to yesterday's mass shooting that killed one person and injured 7 others police identified them as my case tolbert and will you're today, both. >>24 years old the shooting happened about 5 o'clock yesterday evening in downtown seattle a woman believed to be in her 40's or 50's was killed. the injured include a 9 year-old boy police say they arrested a 3rd suspect as a
10:36 pm
felon for possessing a gun a us postal service contractor faces federal charges accused of stealing cash from mail bags. investigators say. >>50 year-old christopher rocha from fresno worked for a company that moves us mail money, another usps property from post offices in sonoma county to a distribution center in san francisco. surveillance video from tuesday showed rocha taking a male bog mailbag rather from the healdsburg post office and throwing it away at a post office in santa rosa. investigators say they found his truck in a stack of more than $5,000 in cash. investigators believe rocha stole cash from mail bags on a number of other locations milpitas police arrested a driver for dui after finding his porsche rolled over an up against a tree. these are photographs of the scene where police responded to piedmont road. this was earlier this month. police say the alleged drunk driver was danny zuniga his passenger and another driver were hurt in this incident this passenger was
10:37 pm
ejected from the car and found nearby. >>the driver of the car that was hit was trapped inside and treated and released at the scene. >>san francisco, bay's jewel labs faces more lawsuits from school districts. the campbell union high school district in the south bay became the latest bay area school district to sue the e cigarette maker. the lawsuit accuses juul of intentionally targeting young people one selling his products last month's school district in san francisco livermore and sam, a tail filed a similar lawsuit. >>the sierra foothills tonight, a us airman with ties to the bay area somehow woke up in a ditch not knowing how or who he is police say the man had $30 in cash and no id rowena has the story. >>when jackson police put out this picture of a man found in a ditch on wednesday with a head injury and no clue about who he was or how he got there he suspected he was the victim
10:38 pm
of a violent crime this morning while still in the hospital the man's memory started to kick in and woke up this morning. >>in apparently was able to remember his name date of birth social security number turns out he's 32 year-old keith kiefer of west virginia and airman from travis air force base in fairfield he was in the process of moving from travis to my yacht air force base in north dakota. he apparently rented a u haul in sacramento to move his his wife and 2 kids belongings to their new home in north dakota, his family left ahead of him but while in sacramento during that time it sounds like he may be a victim of a crime the chief said next thing the airman knows he's in a ditch and left for dead investigators from travis air force base in sacramento. police were in route to talk to the airman at the hospital in jackson piece together. >>what all happened in how he got to be in our county. the
10:39 pm
chief says this ordeal illustrates the evil in this world devastating when you see this happen to an individual who is just going about his life serving our country and all of a sudden his life was turned upside down is very scary and we're just happy that he is alive. >>that was well reno shadow supporting travis air force base confirms kiefer was recently transferred to mine on, but could not release the exact date. nfl wide receiver and former raider antonio brown is in a florida jail tonight, this is new video of brown turning himself in to authorities police issued an arrest warrant for brown after he was reportedly involved in an altercation at his home in hollywood florida tuesday, the 31 year-old free agent is facing charges including criminal mischief and burglary with battery police say his trainer was also a part of the altercation and was arrested brown last played for the new england patriots. he was cut in september amid allegations
10:40 pm
of rape and assault which he denies in other national news tonight, the trump administration taking on a practice commonly known as birth tourism that's when a pregnant for national. >>travels to the us to try to ensure that their children are born in america that would automatically make their children american citizens starting tomorrow, the state department will deny visas to foreigners if they find out the primary reason the applicant wants to come to the u s as for birth tourism. president trump is expected to sign the new us mexico, canada trade deal next week. this has been one of his foremost legislative priorities. senators passed the agreement last week just days before the impeachment trial began hit includes new provisions for digital commerce more stringent rules of origin for auto parts and new minimum wage requirements for certain auto workers. >>and 49 ers coach case hours will make history a super bowl 54 our former colleagues say
10:41 pm
she has been inspiring women since day one and after a couple of days off the niners at the practice field again mark as their defensive coordinators take on how they're going to try to handle i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together. you know, the happiest place on earth, but... have you flown the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy? or channeled your inner jedi? you gotta love that... have you raced through radiator springs? or struck a power pose with them? now is the perfect time to feel like this...
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>>when the 49 ers play in the super bowl in 10 days, one of the team's coaches is going to be making history right offensive assistant coach katie sours will become the
10:44 pm
first woman and the first openly coast too go to the big game but here's the fun part or part of the fun part sours is originally from kansas city missouri the home of the cheese reporter to marco talk to her former colleagues in kc. make this practice, your best already a top athlete on the football field as a quarterback kirk and cities pride and the titans. >>katie sours was can city's parks and recs athletic director for a number of years he was always pushing. >>trying to get more young ladies involved in 2016 she told her supervisor she had a shot at the nfl not as a player, a coach we talk a lot about. >>and this is going to be her dream job at the time was an internship i mean it was a real big gamble. >>that only been one female coach in nfl history, but former teammate kiki blackman said for those who knew or it was no gambling all just the way she carried herself. >>i knew she would be great and it had no problems and believe in her in her skill
10:45 pm
level and when she will be able to communicate with anyone and get that message across the players, the players sowers earned a full time job as an assistant offensive coach with the san francisco 49 ers former teammate black men went into coaching as well. >>it is now head coach of can city's new women's tackle football team, the can city glory we've always head coach in ann yes and loved it. >>what a passion and now to be able to get back to what we >>it's amazing life and says she'd love to coach in the nfl likes ours, but she's just as happy coaching women with sours on the super bowl sidelines haiti's definitely paving the way. and for women's football everyone involved with the women's game hoax hours can accomplish the goal she first set out to accomplish in casey's directly getting more female players hand fans attracted the very exciting stuff there. it ours is now in her 4th season in the nfl her second year with the 49 ers she first joined the san francisco team to work
10:46 pm
with the wide receivers. >>there are a couple is heading to miami. this couple right here us missing her husband eric are season ticket holders lifelong 49 er fan smith says she bought tickets to the big game after learning she was not selected to buy a ticket to the 49 ers season ticket holder lottery. >>my husband and i are flying out 07:00am from sfo friday morning. coming back on monday. it's going to be a quick trip. we're probably going to be a little jet lagged but i don't anticipate sleeping very much. >>and i don't catches all the home games with the smiths she didn't buy any tickets yet but she is also flying to miami. she says this will be her first super bowl experience ever. >>i definitely want to be there go visit fine in miami and have a good time and partake in everything else if if i can't get in but i'm hoping that i can it. >>and duck in a part of the all-women nonprofit ladies of the empire, it's a group of
10:47 pm
passionate 49 er fans, it initially started as a booster club, no fingers crossed they can get in to fans plan to share moments from miami with the rest of the ladies of the empire. a military family from elk grove just outside sacramento are also heading to the game in miami 49 ers george kittle present a super bowl tickets to the family of sergeant martin lamar odom are served in the marine corps and the army. he died on duty in iraq in 2011 will kittle teamed up with 3 different organizations to invite lamar's wife and 5 children to the super bowl. hill says he's excited and humbled to give back to france. >>the other team in the big game. the kansas city chiefs of course one big fan is showing his love for his team with do he got the same haircut as the quarterback patrick mahomes and to get the look just right he says he had to give up he's. im from this is grandchildren that if the chiefs have made it to the
10:48 pm
super bowl this year he would get a haircut the haircut is also known as the mahomes cut or the show me cut and that's because of his ear missouri's call the show me state you know he says attacks to my kids safe and that i. >>when done it because i threatened to do christmas time and meyer one long enough so. the reaction was very good now it cool. >>all right well can only hope he's happy with the cut and if you sit right next to mahomes you couldn't has a different side like looking in a mirror >>time now it's been a making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>so their fans excited just like wealth and 50 years for them not quite so long for us, but we want to i want to ask you what do you think about getting some jimmy garoppolo
10:49 pm
>>can make your own unusual there can try which i work this out year ago get ready for super bowl week that jimmy garoppolo's big-game experience has come up all year long. you know once they land in miami. that's a topic that will emerge even more but let's not forget. he's already a 2 time super bowl champion. jimmy g 2 rings from his days as tom brady's backup in new england. so he is well versed on the entire super bowl itinerary from ramped up media obligations extra activities, a longer halftime and filtering through the hype of the game also this season, he stepped up when his team is needed him. the saints came immediately comes to mind is an example, so even when he's heard the criticism of only 3, 8, passes last week in the nfc title game is not shaken outside norris. >>they >>have to do with that you take away
10:50 pm
>>switching the conversation to the 40 niners defense preparing for the high-powered chiefs attacked an offense that's top 5 in passing yards and points per game. it's not just patrick mahomes need to worry about their mvp quarterback is teamed up with big play weapons like tyreek hill, the cold hard hit travis kelcy guys that know how to stretch the field the niners defense according to robert solow breaking it all down. >>there are there some very says gotten better. >>every possession or every every >>and almost looks like they got rosser from pick of relay team. on the football field of the city can run routes and get you there because they can do that so they are they're a special group you can see whether there. >>oh it's going to be fun throughout the practices press conferences and journey to florida. we've got your 40 niners coverage with our red and gold on specials both saturday and sunday night at 9 check in with us throughout the week for the latest story
10:51 pm
lines on kron 4 news and kron on now to some college hoops and all bay area matchup in moraga ta golden the usf don facing his former head coach randy bennett and the gaels first tablet dogs with an early 11 point lead jamari to sink or 19 point from a to lead put the gaels would go on a run here is really fits. >>the on the arson a scene from the saint mary star, the gaels defend home court 5848 usf. >>17 straight finally a huge upset at the australian open seven-time aussie champion serena williams shocked the 27 seed long in the 3rd round the earliest exit for serena from the tournament since 2006 in the 3rd and deciding set williams was broken in the final game to lose at 75. she had 27 unforced errors along the way the 23 time major tourney champion remains one behind the record of 24, set up a market as look at sports
10:52 pm
i am running to defeat donald trump. in 2016 i warned that donald trump was a dangerous demagogue, and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i went to work helping run winning campaigns in twenty-one house seats. it's time for the senate to act and remove trump from office, and if they won't do their jobs, this november you and i will.
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i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>that's the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on it is commercial free know so the money and standing by in our newsroom with what we're working on now. >>coming can now that san francisco mayor london breed has come out to officially indoors michael bloomberg for the democratic presidential nomination, we'll revisit a recent interview with the candidate when he met with our very own inside bay area
10:55 pm
politics host. catherine heenan so that you can hear what the new yorker believes are key concerns for california voters so get to know bloomberg tonight on kron on at 11 all right. thank you allan make sure to download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage take a look at this a bald eagle spotted in manhattan for the first time in years how beautiful. >>this is at riverside park in new york city right along the hudson river there the park conservancy says it has seen the eagle 3 times in the last 3 weeks twice. >>in the last 3 days or a 170 known pairs of eagles in the state of new york, but not necessarily in manhattan at least one that mass just a few miles from the park up the hudson river so looking for critters are. new york city, lawrence hey guys we've got a pretty big changes for the weekend ahead a lot of clouds moving overhead right now we're not seeing much in the way of rain looking out toward the golden gate bridge. it is
10:56 pm
dry out there right now so. >>yeah planning your travel this weekend. i think a little tough especially saturday night into early on sunday morning for traveling to the day not bad you go weak cold front coming through right now leave behind a whole lot of clouds not much in the way of rain just some scattered showers moving to the state otherwise number start to cool off and got 45 degrees in santa rosa, 43 in the napa valley, it is 53 degrees 10 degrees warmer in the san jose 48. in half moon bay 49 in conquer right now, and 54 degrees in oakland and san francisco. all right, here's a little long range forecast we're going to see the clouds gathering tonight continue to push on through paula some patchy fog to and in the central valley watch out for some deaths patchy fog early tomorrow morning. and then by the afternoon the not bad, but then we start to see this next wave of moisture moving onshore so-called warm front likely to move in bring with at least a slight chance of some light showers to the north of the golden gate bridge by tomorrow evening that we get ready for the weekend and there you go you can see that next storm system off the coastline this going to slam the bay area overnight on saturday night into early
10:57 pm
on sunday. but really i think most that rain comes overnight and then we clear things out for the better part of sunday, so you're going look at some chilly temperatures overnight around the bay area really cold 40's and 50's by day tomorrow we've got you up in the 50's in the 60's but mostly cloudy skies and mostly dry until the evening when a chance showers moves into the north bay. your tenant on and off showers this weekend starting saturday afternoon continuing into sunday morning more showers possibly on monday, but look like the forecast got some temperatures possibly up in the 70's maybe a little taste of spring by next friday, sounds good thanks for showing good night everybody tonight. m steyer: no child should have to worry
10:58 pm
about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now.
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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