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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 27, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>good morning. everybody, thank you for joining us on this wednesday may 27th, i'm james fletcher today is going to be another hot one have to get that right out of the way a first off because we do have another. well another day today, we're looking at triple digit temperatures so it's going to be uncomfortable to dangerous depending on where you are in what age range are in want to get a check of the forecast we have john trouble standing by and judge on it's going to be another tough day because typically when we have hot weather like this. well as encourage people to check on you know elderly relatives and things like that but with social distancing gets come tough to do that. but today is going to be other day to be concerned.
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>>yet still another day to be concerned james and you're exactly right it does make it just that much more typical it's a big way today normally get to a cooling center which means you have back open in some counties across the bay area. so there is good news in that regard and i'm sure we'll be talking about that this morning. so we do have 2 more days of heat ahead of us and another once a day that is james also mention or bring some more triple digits for us looking at the golden gate bridge, no fog out there right now we are seeing some coastal fog though right along the peninsula and that sea breeze is just enough to keep you advised worries away from the shoreline it so peach areas still under those heat advisories. well pink areas under excessive heat warnings for yet another day and packed into tomorrow evening. as that's when this heat wave officially, c will notice if you're on highway one at times south of half moon bay, especially that there will be a touch of fog something you
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didn't see yesterday and a sign of increased seabreeze that is actually going to result in a touch of cooler temperatures, especially closer to the coast. temperatures up the coast right now are in the 50's well, elsewhere, 60's and 70's conquered berkeley pittsburgh, fairfield still warm. it's berg especially look at that 79 degrees for the current temperature hardly even helps to open up the window when you're a current temperature as this warm is that it's later on today antioch still at one o to livermore concord at 99 degrees each san jose santa rosa and napa also solidly in the 90's but look at where if you are based citing serious will be oakland a noticeable cool down from the 90's to 84 degrees today were to 87 wall san francisco. it's a mission and financial district right there. 77 degrees. that's also a cool down and you can think that cool ocean breeze for that. so not as hot for some of our bigger cities false and it was a still just as hot at 96 degrees today. so bit of a
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mixed bag, many of us still holding on to the core that people some of us backing off of it how much i'm talking to details about what you'll see in your neighborhood as well as what to expect this weekend with our cool down still to come. james back to you all right john thank you very much for 3 is the time let's get to our coronavirus coverage. >>the u.s. is nearing 100,000 deaths and now a key model by the university washington is predicting 32,000. >>more deaths by august that reflects the fear of a second surge in coronavirus cases this fall proper taylor sackey spoke to u c berkeley professor about these new projections. >>possible that over the summer we're going to see things are going us it may be gradually increased its interim an attorney. then. schools get a start in the end of august. not just kids for 12 universities. >>after months of that. >>things will explode john swartzberg is an infectious
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disease professor at u c berkeley. well, he says there are several scenarios of what could happen seen a fall surge of coronavirus cases in october is very likely. >>as the economy opens up restrictions loosen and students return to school worst case is that we're going to see what happened in the region intervention richie. >>there is urgency. a problem with the summer heat get complacent slow starts here. it explodes and really talk to him or that's if they're still no vaccine and people continue to ignore social distancing mornings. it's something we saw over the holiday weekend more so in places with looser restrictions like alabama and missouri that they had been told. it's been told many times it's because they haven't had good leadership. >>and because pretty they're being selfish sports berg says what happens this fall is less about the virus in more about how we behave how well we respond to the starters. will the country responds as a
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whole. good the direction is from the leadership in this country. all the way again to help ensure this ca case where we recognize we don't want to get infected. but we also recognize that we get it checked and we can attract others if we continue to see more cases in the fall swartzberg says that he could be a very dark winter as flu season also kicks into gear. >>how we behave and what we do over the next few months will be crucial and how all this plays out until the second reporting kron 4 news. >>and here's a closer look at the numbers across the bay area we have 12,860 confirmed cases who are nearing the 13,000 mark we have 432 deaths across the bay area counties statewide 99,000 cases and growing with 3800 deaths. the u.s. numbers, even larger course, one 0.6 million cases confirmed with 98,929 deaths reported so far the worldwide
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breakdown by country is available on our website as is the local breakdown city by city as well so check up kron 4 dot com for the latest there. some parts of the bay area are offering haircuts again governor newsome announcing the state is moving into phase 3 of reopening meaning that hair salons and barbershops can reopen immediately. however face 3 only applies to counties that are proven to the state the covid-19 is under control locally here in the bay area that applies to hair salons and barbershops in sonoma solano and napa counties after being given the green light to reopen the owner of shine hair salon in napa county is getting ready to welcome customers back. >>i think we're going to have to do no double booking for a while and i think this has been kind of play out in other states right now. because normally we would set our guest the site in year one of the waiting areas and so that probably is not going to be a
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reality for a while but we will be able to keep them in our tears are tears for all this in part in >>so we will be able to robably be able to your caller as far as i know there's nothing to be restrictions on that we just will be able to be doing 2 people saying was i start someone out. >>well in order to reopen all stylists and customers have to wear face masks, high-tech amenities like magazines and coffee makers they'll all be removed from the lobbies booth's stations and tools have to be frequently disinfected and customers have to be checked before point is to make sure that they're not sick and appointments have to be staggered to reduce crowding and physical distancing to from customers has to be observed while haircuts and hair coloring can resume services like waxing and shaving and facials are off limits. the governor also added the state is working with nail salons to open up those businesses as well we should probably add a caviar that there is some word this morning that perhaps maybe send a napa and sonoma county local officials may not open hair salons as a allowed by
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the state. so we'll have to wait and see on that we've got rain harvey on that story for us this morning. so she'll give us the very latest. as we wake up here on this wednesday. in the east bay salons in contra costa county will have to wait a little bit longer to reopen, but as kron four's michelle kingston reports some salon owners already starting to make changes to meet state guidelines. >>it's been a little nerve unknowns of everything and really kind of crazy secret garden hair salon and oakley has been closed since the middle of march because of coronavirus but salon owners are ready to reopen safely when the county gives them the go ahead but contra costa county health officers say they're not ready to look at opening salons just yet is a concern because you look at the statewide numbers case daily cases are still going up. >>the hospital the nations are still going up. so that bay area as a whole is doing well but we're not an island and they're still that virus is still out there. >>i miss my clients, i love my job i love has in it, but i
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also am very aware of what it means to combat and you have to wear gloves and a shelton based coverings and take those kind of options. it tells me that it's worth the wait until the government or the state or tells us we're ok our counties i'm okay we want to meet service. i will i have plan to younger clients have clients that are high risk and i want to make sure that i can say to them i'm doing my best to protect you. >>the salon is moving to 7 days a week in order to have less staff working at a time in to stagger appointments they've removed. they're waiting area and breaker i'm just follow along with the state's guidelines which also include keeping staff home if they're sick washing hands and surfaces frequently temperature checks for staff wearing face coverings and stylists not seeing multiple customers at one time i take this very seriously, i'm nervous about what this is going to take on staying on my
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a game to complete each task or client after not taking this my family in contra costa county michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>well, there is some relief for bay area residents who weren't able to pay rent next week due to the pandemic the san mateo county board of supervisors voted to extend the temporary moratorium on evictions for residential tenants and small business commercial tenants as well all the way through the end of june. so that's there for you contra costa leaders also voted to extend the eviction moratorium until july 15th. santa clara county voted to extend its moratorium through the end of august and with more businesses reopening san francisco is looking at starting a shared spaces program it would allow restaurants to businesses to sidewalks and streets for outdoor seating proportion. well bellow has details now on that plan. >>i think i think it's a great beginning francesco cappuccio owns 3 restaurants in north beach normally tending to
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customers all day long. >>but now there's are probably the worst that we could ever done much of what she says delivery and takeout over the last couple of months and garner just 30 to 40%. >>what their normal operations would take hearing about the san francisco shared spaces programs though gives him a little hope i think is there is a great florida on the rush around and to be able to use of there. the parking space that to recall but lost sight of the the seat to that ultimately weaken a with limited capacity inside there it will give businesses access to use the sidewalks partial streets parks and plazas to conduct their business over on fillmore street news mediterranean restaurant is ahead of the curve. >>it just opened a new to go window allowing the business to sell right on the street. >>we're fortunate that we have street side windows so those windows open up their large windows so i have a deli
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counters directly in the front. i'm so warm as you can simply walk up we have some sir he asked so so it's completely touch list ceo john letts says when it comes to survival of his restaurant, the shared space program makes a lot of sense any just where we're looking for to generating revenue again as i'm sure every restaurant is. will get through it since it is stephon extreme challenge but you have to be agile you have to moves in and change risks what the new world looks like i'm noelle bellow back to you. >>coming up here on the kron 00:04am morning news for minneapolis police officers fired for their involvement in the death of a black man we'll have the very latest on that. and santa clara county reporting a major shortage in contact tracers will tell you how many people they still need in order to track down those who have been exposed to covid-19 and dry conditions posing a fire risk here in the bay area as we enter another day of extremely hot temperatures and speaking of which here's a look at what
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we're expecting this afternoon with triple digit heat a potential once again for a deeper inland valleys with upper 80's to low 90's for the bay shoreline if you missed john's forecast stick around we'll be chatting with him once again in just we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99.
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my new bite-sized, crispy popcorn chicken is so irresistible you'll want them whenever, so don't resist! pop 'em while you game, hang, or do your thing. pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. 4.15 and firefighters of course want to remind you that hot temperatures will make it. well all too easy for accidental fires to start outside so they want you to be
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real careful when you're out now the livermore pleasanton fire department says a lot of the bay area's. >>awfully dry right now of course low humidity. the winds pick up from time to time and of course the temperatures skyrocketing and they shared some tips on how to reduce the risk. a fire take a look. >>if people are planning on doing any kind the yard worker and operating in a kind of lawnmowers or other kind of a yard equipment. do that in the morning instead of the afternoon when the temperatures are cooler things as simple as mowing your lawn. ignite a fire just buy a lot more played in iraq in creating a spark and then as far as the barbecues again be responsible with your barbecues. again don't put the calls anywhere that's going to ignite anything. vegetation in your backyard, you may not think that it's a it's dry enough to catch fire but most of that stuff is. >>a reminder. the picnic barbecues are off limits in the east bay regional park district during this covid-19 shelter-in-place order so don't go lighting up a fire
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there at a local park. and we want to get a check of the weather was just right because we're talking about hot temperatures, let's again remind you exactly how hot it's going to be he's standing by with a closer look at our what near triple digit temperatures for a lot of folks still john. >>yeah still looking at those numbers james, even though a few degrees cooler for some and a boost of us the hottest day was yesterday. we still don't have a future that sits on the map and that is just not fun to be talking about for a mother's day. and tomorrow we're going to see temperatures hot it gets or still the midst of this. if you are a susceptible to the heat and a baby know somebody that is just keep a close eye on a good again so they know you hopefully to just the same yesterday you look across the bay from the north bay in san francisco shows some pretty clear conditions a touch of fog right along the coastline which spearing some areas. yesterday was a another record breaker for areas like santa rosa concord napa san jose while richmond and as a vote
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against hi records in the upper 80's you see caulker there yesterday 102 degrees something that conquer won't get up to today, but we still do have a couple of triple digits on the map are minor about heat advisories and peach and also excessive heat warnings in pink still in effect through tomorrow for most areas of the day now high pressure still sits in place like it to our west you see that low spinning off short this guy right here is going to save us got the weekend. helping to no joke that eye pressure and actually results again not just a big cool down. but also the potential a few showers come saturday, so nice pattern change just around the corner, 60's and 70's for san francisco today and what as well as along the coastline. a noticeable cool down for coastal areas that yesterday early game in 86 that's a touch cooler saying carlos you are mid 90 just or day today 92 about and you also falling to 93 degrees. not as much of a difference with south but temperatures one to 2 degrees cooler so a
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touch of a cool down, but it's still going to feel pretty much the same livermore from triple digits to 99 again not much of a cool down but it's working in the right direction, i guess concord also come triple digits tonight united a more noticeable for bridge but down through oakland's to castro valley or highs fall in some cases from the lower 90's yesterday, the 80's today which is a nice cool down. vacaville fairfield pittsburgh in antioch still holding on to triple digits. our hottest spots in the bates day with santa rosa, not as close to a 100 degrees today down to 93 novato still holding on to 90 degrees as well. tomorrow's temperatures, a touch cooler even yet which is definitely a nice but still hearts and still not very pleasant. real really comes friday saturday and sunday with some of our triple digits cities will be in the 70's and we are going to see that chance of showers on saturday as well so talk about a one 80 big changes. here just a couple of days and
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i'm pretty sure does a better you're going to talk to everyone is going to be looking for tes that cooler weather baby even though showers as well as we could certainly use. back to you james all right, thank you john. >>the national headlines now for minneapolis police officers are fired after video shows one of them kneeling on the neck of a black man who later died. the video and the deaths of that man has sparked outrage and protests with reid binion now with the latest on the story. >>protesters in minneapolis clashing with police after the death of a black man following an arrest in which a white officer held him down with a knee press to the back of the man's neck. part of the incident was caught on camera. >>george floyd 46 is heard pleading with police saying he couldn't breathe. floyd continued to plead with officers for several minutes
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before becoming silent later dying at the hospital, the video didn't capture. the incident leading up to the arrest or parts of the arrest police described as the victim resisting. for minneapolis police officers were fired for their involvement in floyd's death. the city's police chief announcing their terminations tuesday. i've made that decision this afternoon. >>this is still an ongoing. criminal matter that the bureau of criminal apprehension is investigating. is well as our. >>the fbi the city's mayor backing up the chief i support your decision. 100% it is the right decision for our city. >>the right decision for our community is the right decision for minneapolis police department i'm reid binion reporting. >>a homeless man faces a murder charge in connection with the death of a san francisco man we have pictures of the victim has been hanzal you see him there. leo
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police say he was attacked on monday while walking his dog in san francisco's glen park neighborhood. neighbors say that lived in his house on sussex street for almost 50 years. >>it's extremely sad situation has it was just a hardworking tough fall guy. worked around his house he always had a dog and he would walk that dog all around park. >>hanzal was walking his dog on elk street when he got into an altercation monday morning 53 year-old peter roadshow is accused of fatally attacking hansel supervisor a film adelman says that neighbors have been complaining about russia for some time now. >>police have been out to talk to him so many times. clearly suffering from mental illness is clearly not getting the treatment they needed. and he was harassing passers by threatening and this really feels like a failure. the city's failed. is not alive
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and the skies might rest of his life ruined. >>roaches in jail right now being held without bail. he faces charges of homicide assault. and elder abuse. >>humanitarian groups say the thing again trying to separate migrant children from
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>>national headlines this morning, humanitarian groups say the trump administration is trying to separate immigrant children from their families. this time using the covid-19 pandemic as its reason washington correspondent alexandra le mon reports on what's happening with those migrant families. >>because of the pandemic a federal judge ruled last month that immigrant children detained in us custody should be released without unnecessary delay any humane eesponse would be to release them with their parents did he spell with amnesty international says instead the trump administration is again trying to separate migrant families the administration is once again recognizing its response to the pandemic to achieve policies that could be achieved otherwise. they'll says in an attempt to discourage asylum. seekers they gave him an option. they could. be separated from their children be detained indefinitely by themselves or be detained with their children. allen shapiro is a pediatrician and co-founder of
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terra firma, a group which works with migrant children. shapiro says neither option is good. >>an inspector general report found that the trump administration failed to properly keep track of children it previously separated from their families and shapiro says staying in detention puts everyone at greater risk from tracking the virus and other psychological harm so children with self injurious injurious behavior chewing one child who kept cheering on his arm another child that kept trying to choke himself in the nation and customs enforcement said in a statement that the agency has not changed procedures and that the choice of releasing children to a sponsor is not new. >>reporting in washington, alexandra le now. >>time now for 26 as we head to break, here's another reminder of how hot it will be this afternoon one o 2 in antioch 99 in livermore and concord it's going to be another scorcher of a day we'll have another complete look at the forecast with john triple in just a bit. and we
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are back at 4.30 on this wednesday morning want to visit once again with john travel and get an update on that all important forecast. >>as it's been awfully hot here around the bay, good morning. john there is relief on the way they were all good morning. graham. >>graham is running for the early just as much as i think the rest of us are james. he did not want to go outside yesterday. >>add


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