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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 9, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>by a vote of 7 of to the court rejected the president's arguments that he cannot be forced to give up his financial information. whether that is to the new york state prosecutors or to congress he can't do it simply because he's the president however the court did send both cases back to the lower courts and that will allow the president's way to come up with a different defense as to why the tax return should not be released. our washington correspondent morgan wright reports now if the tax returns do get released. it will not be until after the november election. >>in their last decision of the term the u.s. supreme court said congress needs to find better reasons for looking into president trump's tax returns a path that the supreme court has laid out is one that clearly achievable by us after the ruling house speaker nancy pelosi said democrats will keep working to gain access to the president's finances. plus he says the
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ruling upholds congress's authority to conduct oversight of the president is not above the law so i think one is with the center for american progress. he says the ruling is a mixed bag congress can subpoena. >>these type of records. but ultimately they remanded the case and told the lower courts to apply a four-part test and was says that decision is a blow to presidential accountability but in a related case, the court ruled in new york state prosecutor has a right to see the president's finances criminal investigation against him. >>can proceed. and the new york grand jury just like in any case involving any citizen. can subpoena evidence and a statement manhattan's district attorney's praised the ruling saying this is a tremendous victory for our nation system of justice president trump said. >>this is all a political prosecution political witch
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>>reporting in washington, i'm morgan wright. >>president trump's former lawyer michael cohen is back in prison after violating the terms of his covid-19 furlough he reportedly refused to the agreements that required him to be confined inside of his home and this comes less than a week after photographers for the new york post caught him dining out in manhattan last week. he was furloughed from federal prison in may to serve the rest of his 3 year prison sentence at home because of coronavirus concerns. >>california texas, florida arizona. now experiencing surges of infections. we need to get our arms around that stephen we need to do something about it quickly because if we don't is a possibility. we may be seeing surgeons and other area. >>as the rapid spread of covid-19 around the country is testing the limits of healthcare facilities. the
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country's top infectious disease experts are warning if states can not get a handle on the situation. they may need to shut down a gap, this comes as the latest jobs report shows another week or more of more than a million jobless claims camilla bernal explains why another shutdown could be more complicated the second time around. >>more than 3 million confirmed covid-19 cases in the u.s. alone and some hospitals running out of icu capacities. >>so this is an that's on contained in free fall the rate of new cases is increasing at least 35 states including some that have already had weeks of shutdowns doctor anthony fauci highlighting the gravity of the issue when speaking to the wall street journal's any state. >>that is having a serious problem that state should seriously look at shutting down but in doing so could add to the nearly 20 million people currently receiving
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assistance through unemployment, including 1.3 million people who filed just last week because even as millions return to work, many others still can't close schools and childcare facilities, a huge contributing factor i want to get our kids back in in person instruction but we can't do it if it's not safe to it and despite pushback from president trump. the cdc director says the agency is holding firm to critical guidelines, it's set to safely return students to the classroom, us our guidelines are guidelines concern over the well-being of students and overall health weighing heavily on the next steps, the public health. >>of the students of this nation is best served by getting the schools reopened camila bernal kron 4 news. >>while new infections in the u.s. are turning upward in 35 states across the globe more than 12 million people have contracted the coronavirus since the pandemic began and more than a half a million people have died. as the cases of covid-19 rise school
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districts are working on how to get kids back into the classroom safely. doctor deborah birx of the white house coronavirus task force says it's important for districts to make decisions based on where the virus is spreading and hopes the new guidelines from the cdc will combat some of the mixed messages coming from the white house. >>it is confusing for parents and school administrators i think the cdc guidance is very clear what we're trying to really now that wind is is understanding and my and showing where the public health trip wires are to really provide a roadmap both her parents, educators and school administrators. >>the president has threatened to cut off money for schools that do not open up. but the white house has not said what specific funding that would be. california is one of many states taking legal action against the trump administration over a new order that would require international students to leave the country. if their universities transition to
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online only learning. state attorney general have ever sarah said the new policy threatens to exile, hundreds of thousands of students in the exchange. and visitor program. this is california's 86 lawsuit against the administration. the edd says it's working through a backlog of unprocessed unemployment claims dating back to when covid-19 layoffs began in march. since then the agency has processed millions of claims. but a recent analysis suggests as many as 2 million claims have yet to be paid. bdd has come under fire during this pandemic for not having the resources to handle such a large volume of claims. governor gavin, newsome has promised reforms and increased staffing at the agency and toen a tv spokesperson says they're taking action to try and meet the demand. starbucks will soon require all customers to wear masks when inside its stores. the rule goes into effect next wednesday july 15th for anyone
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who doesn't want to wear a mask while they can go through the drive-thru get curbside pickup or delivery. let's talk about our weather forecast now as we take a live look outside again at out the trash showing us that nice spot little too cold and probably a little bit too far to swim from san francisco to the rock but you know never say never right lawrence some people do that right they have alcatraz they do that that's usually once a year of that, but people get in the way let's talk about an escape your getaway forecast and the monterey bay you'll find some patchy fog there tomorrow morning temperatures a cool 60's right along the coastline of the warming up in the valley, the 75 come about 67 degrees in salinas southern california they're heating up 84 degrees, los angeles 88 pasedena 90. >>in pomona and 77 degrees in san diego. and in tahoe, beautiful weather up there right now mid-eighties at south lake tahoe 79 in truckee about 88 heat up in reno.
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we've got gorgeous guys around here right now they are going to stick around, although we may see just a couple of batches of fog inside the bay not going to be much day temperatures running above the average san francisco checked in very nice 72 degrees 77 in oakland 87 degrees in san jose hot in livermore 9597 in concord and 95 degrees in santa rosa. that's kind of a sign of things to come. we'll see the cooler 60's as you approach the coastline right up to the water's edge got that patchy fog enough of the sea breeze keep those temperatures down to get inside the bay we start to warm things up 70's in millbrae 72. in the burlingame then we start to see a few 80's begin this spring up woodside 81 degrees 82 palo up to 80 in mount view 80's maybe some low 90's in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. and then the east bay going to get hotter there mid 90's in the little more into pleasanton about 93 in dublin, 75 degrees in oakland 94 in danville about 90 in pittsburgh 96 in fairfield back toward the coastline keeping the cooler numbers they're very
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comfortably in the 60's. >>thank you more, it's much more ahead tonight here on kron 4 news at 6 learn about the latest safety measures being put in place to protect guests at disney parks as they get ready for a phased reopening. plus you've probably heard the saying every year for a dog is 7 in human years and now researchers are saying that's not true. and our dogs might even be older than we realize, and max volunteers looking to sign up for a covid-19 vaccine now have a new resource find out how you can sign
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>>a new web site has launched for volunteers looking to take the covid-19 vaccine. the site is called coronavirus prevention network dot org. it provides information on all the clinical trials in the u.s.. researchers are looking to recruit 10's of thousands of volunteers. if you're interested you can fill out a questionnaire the site will handle registration for the 4 large vaccine studies expected to start later this summer and into the fall. after being closed for nearly 4 months while disney world theme parks in orlando are preparing for a phased reopening this weekend. the magic kingdom and disney's animal kingdom theme park will reopen saturday with capacity that has some restrictions on it. guests will have their temperatures taken upon entry and be required to wear a mask and practice physical
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distancing. while parades are canceled for the time being disney is promising a lot of surprises to make up for the loss of some of the traditional activities at caught and disney's hollywood studios plan to reopen on july 15th. still ahead tonight, a devastating turn in the search for missing glee actress naya rivera as the search and rescue operations become there's a
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tragic story tonight out of southern california glee actress naya rivera is presumed dead after disappearing at a lake in ventura county. the 33 year-old vanished last night the ventura county sheriff's office says she went to the lake on wednesday afternoon and rented a boat with her 4 year-old son about 3 hours later another boat discovered the child on board asleep. and alone. authorities say the child had on a life vest and an adult life vest was found on the boat. the child is healthy and with family. search and rescue efforts for the actress have now shifted to a recovery operation. >>signs of foul play no signs of anything that that went wrong inside the tragic accident. so a switch in that mode to a search and recovery mode like i said does not change the efforts and does not change the the the gusto but we push forward with the search operation. the goal is bring mister baer home to her family so they can have some closure. >>rivera played santana lopez on glee for 6 years and
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appeared in nearly every episode of the musical comedy drama. she's also the sister of former oakland raiders tight end. michael rivera. federal authorities are concerned that dylan maxwell the former girlfriend and longtime associate of accused trafficker jeffrey epstein, may attempt suicide in prison. maxwell was charged last week with participating in the abuse of underage girls. officials have taken away her sheets and given her paper close while she's in custody. the justice department is also making sure she has a roommate in her cell and is never alone while behind bars. these concerns come after the apparent suicide of epstein while he was awaiting trial. the coroner's report said that he used the bed sheets in his prison cell to hang himself. but there are also reports that the cameras were not working in the guards were asleep during his death and that has sparked some concerns about foul play. let's talk about our weather forecast now as we take a live look outside
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here in san francisco along the embarcadero beautiful summer day and hotter weather is ahead. meteorologist lawrence karnow here now tracking the temps yeah i think just some of the temperatures as we head toward the weekend least in the valleys. >>may get closer to a 100 degrees. so certainly some hotter weather settling in as high pressure builds in the desert southwest that is going to compress the marine air bring a blue skies and sunshine just some patchy fog so sea breeze out toward the coast like scenes out there toward the golden gate bridge that breeze is blowing right now but overnight tonight, some fog likely to filter back in along the coastline, you see some of just off the coast right now but more that come throughout the night maybe just inside the bay too. the breeze picking up around the bay area in spots, 25 miles per hour mill valley 18 of the west of the dish a 13 miles per hour out of the west in oakland right now temperature wise we've got a wide variety of got cool 50's with the patchy fog out toward the coast over the hill 75 degrees very nice and 70 of the 90 not still in livermore so that's how it's going to play out as we look for the next few days
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the temperatures very comfortable toward the coastline but giving very hot in some of the interior valleys tonight, mostly clear skies with just a couple batches dakota fog tomorrow patchy morning fog and sunny and even warmer temperatures by the afternoon then getting hot as high pressure builds in right on the desert southwest of here comes building into the bay area settling in that is going to really crank up the temperatures least away from the coastline going to get very hot. the cooler numbers expected up toward the coast. so here's how we'll break it down for tomorrow afternoon parlance of 90's in some spots, inland 95 degrees in concord 95. in little more about 93 in santa rosa 92 nevado a lot of 70's 80's around the bay and those 60's along the coastline. the next few days to watch those temperatures march up as we head into sunday and how about that near a 100 degrees we may break that as we head towards sunday cooling off just a little bit on monday. >>thank you lawrence in the east bay major street in downtown alameda is being restructured to help businesses increased space for physical distancing. the
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project should be done tomorrow kron 4 soaked it all shows us now how the city hopes that this new layout will encourage safe outdoor dining and retail. >>at least through the first week of november park street a major thoroughfare in the city of alameda is going to look a bit different to change business owners asked for and received a break ron moody appreciates him this one day you get up and you're like very excited. we can do this we're going. >>in the next day you see the news and you go. oh my goodness cases are going up or we're going to have to close again. so cautiously optimistic i would say mooney is treasurer of the downtown alameda business association and coowner of daisies mercantile on park street is one of several merchants that have applied for a permit to build a parklet outside of the shop a benefit of the city's new commercial streets program he received approval wednesday to be able to come and sit and enjoy. >>the just we think is a great amenity the city is re
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striping about 4 blocks of park street between tilden way and in seville avenues. >>the area of roadway being re striped will be reduced from 4 lanes to 2 lanes the existing parking lanes are being transformed into space for park, let's outdoor dining retail and customer pick up. >>the outer traffic lanes will be used for parking the 2 inside lanes will accommodate vehicle and bike traffic. >>the city's department of public works knows the new configuration will be an adjustment for the public. >>the one that will help ensure sidewalks to get crowded and allow the public to socially distance themselves safely. this project came. >>together pretty quickly in response of keeping our economy and our restaurants alive during this time and the city says similar work will be done later this month on webster street. >>between taylor and lincoln avenues in alameda you've
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probably heard of the rule every year dog lives is actually 7 in human years, but a new study says that's not true. researchers say dogs and humans just don't age at the same rate the study tracked the changes in the dna of labrador retrievers and came up with a new formula for us to use they say a one year-old dog actually compares to a 30 year-old human and a 4 year-old dog this more like a
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52 year-old. then when dogs turled 7. the rate they age starts decreasing. researchers say the long-term goal of the study is to help vets make more informed decisions in terms of diagnosing and treating man and woman's best friend. a tennessee mother is warning others about the impact of covid-19 following the death of her daughter. the 24 year-old develop symptoms during a trip to atlanta. dominique dylan has their story. has a new >>a family is shattered as they grapple with the untimely death of 24 year-old le me show missy poll to covid-19 has last thing keep pope's family says she traveled to atlanta to celebrate a friend's birthday when she arrived she got sick when to the hospital and was diagnosed
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with covid-19 what you do run she will be doing a shape just as within a matter of days of being diagnosed pope's heart stopped beating for 4 minutes and she was pronounced brain dead. after weeks on life support she was moved to hospice and her family could visit. >>it was free to >>the day poll died her mother called her brother on facetime to let him say goodbye her. >>and she was of google >>that would have tied the she was going to go polk is gone, but her family wants people to remember her. >>for the caring generous fun person. she was we're like a family get together to take >>the economy is i turned
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around and they beg young people to take the virus seriously please not in believe it is is fair is real estate. that is true. >>and that was dominique dylan reporting for us tonight, the family plans on holding a candlelight memorial for polk tomorrow night. and that wraps up kron 4 news for us tonight at 6 i'm justine waldman and on that note don't forget to wash your hands wear a mask and try to stay home if you can we'll see you again tonight at 8 on your bay area's local news station and you can always get the latest updates on our website kron 4 dot com have a good well many people have such a misunderstanding
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three star death investigation. >> her 3-year-old son found alone. >> the life preserver left behind and the haunting video she posted. ♪ >> and the doctor shot to death by a madman in a national forest. >> his brave son's epic escape. >> he did the best thing possible. he fled into the forest. >> the waitress hailed a hero. she pitched this knucklehead out of the restaurant after a racist rant. >> we should have


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