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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 9, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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when prime time. news stations. >>you're watching kron 4 news at 8. >>we're going in there as long as you can as long as we can stay open raise emotional roller coaster. >>uncertainty and frustration tonight for business owners in the north bay what they are doing to stay open if sonoma county ends up on the state's covid-19 watch list. >>we're very concerned to see such a dramatic increase in a short period of time. >>the covid-19 concern is growing in the east bay after dozens of u c berkeley students test positive for the virus. what this could mean for the fall semester plus 10's of thousands of international students left in
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limbo after a new trump administration rule that could force them out of the country how california's attorney general is trying to reverse that decision. >>good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, thank you for joining us for kron 4 news tonight at 8 our top story tonight, the state is monitoring sonoma county closely and may soon put it on their growing watch list of counties with elevated hospitalizations in a growing number of coronavirus cases kron four's michelle kingston talk to some businesses there was just reopened and now may have to close again. >>downtown healdsburg is open for business. there are many parking spots available down here, many people are out having dinner but that soon may change craze emotional roller coaster dust and the lettuce describing life is a business owner during the coronavirus pandemic he transformed his restaurant from an indoor dining establishment to a takeout concept in order to feed his customers and pay his employees 2 weeks ago they reopen their doors and while
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people were allowed inside the let pat to remove 60% of his tables, it was a pretty rough. i think technically 3 months but felt like i've but we're excited, you know to get out of it and. >>you know now we're kind of staying in the world to know she can't let may have to shut his doors to diners once again with the state monitoring sonoma county because of an increase in hospitalizations in coronavirus cases, these red flags may put them on the watch list meaning businesses like the let's will have to close down again is the roller coaster same goes for the let's neighbor, the car to graft tasting room the car to grab owners are planning to start outdoor seating on friday and will bring in food in order to stay open if we're going to hang in there as long as we can as long as we can stay open we'll we'll keep keep as many people as we can now if sonoma county is put on that watch list these restrictions will last for at least 3 weeks. >>in sonoma county, michelle kingston kron 4 news.
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>>that preparation in sonoma county comes as the county saw 32 new cases in the past day there have been more than 1500 cases there along with 14 deaths meantime alameda county continues to lead the bay area with more than 7400 cases and here in the bay area we are told lane or near a total of 31,000 cases, 629 people have died in the east bay a major street in downtown alameda is being restructured in order to help businesses increase space for social distancing the city of alameda hopes a new layout will encourage safe outdoor dining and retail last month, the city council approved launching the commercial streets program. >>the area of roadway being re striped will be reduced from 4 lanes to 2 lanes between tilden way and and said all avenues the existing parking lane is being transformed into space for outdoor dining retail and customer pick up the outer traffic lanes will be used for parking the 2 inside lanes will be for
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vehicle and by traffic. we think it's going to greatly help our business store park what will be in the parking space right here. >>there will be a wood plank in going out here. >>the city says similar work will be done later this month on webster street between taylor and lincoln avenues as for this project should be completed by tomorrow and will stay in place through the first week of november. >>napa county is once again starting to shut down some of its businesses that's because the county was added to the governor's covid-19 state watch list for the next 3 weeks indoor services at restaurants, bars wineries and entertainment centers will be closed as the county tries to bring the number of covid-19 cases below the acceptable level of 100 or fewer cases for every 100,000 residents that number is currently sitting at about 138 cases in a 2 week span. u c berkeley is reporting a spike in covid-19 cases among students many of which they have traced to
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recent parties connected to fraternity 47 students have tested positive in just one week which has officials sounding the alarm that. >>if this trend continues it could change the school's plans for the fall semester. kron four's maureen kelly has more. >>u c berkeley officials are not revealing which fraternities were linked to this spike in cases but they do want to get the message out there that young people need to take this virus seriously to about a week ago the total number of positive tests at university health services was 23. >>and over the last week and the folks who came in and got tested, we sign increase in 47, so now we're at 70. >>so it's very concerning health officials were able to trace the majority of these new cases to parties linked to the cal greek system, we know that they were connected to fraternities so not necessarily parties at a fraternity house but maybe activities with the putter need is going to another event at another location but that
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association was definitely there she says these were indoor gatherings where people were not wearing masks or social distancing and some of these infections lead to secondary spread within households. >>health officials with the campus and the city of berkeley have been using contact tracing to reach people exposed to those students who tested positive advising them of corn team requirements and arranging for testing but the fact that their case count tripled in just a week has campus officials concerned about their plans for the fall semester, currently large classes are expected to be held remotely was students also being given the option of attending some smaller classes in person so if we continue at this rate the concern is that we may have to re evaluate our for plants made a windy exactly what we invision we don't want to go down that road. so we hope that with knowledge and increased education that we can turn that tide and individuals are realize that maybe this a good cautionary tale and
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individuals will realize it's real it's in the community with that change our habits habits. they want these students to memorize. >>avoid crowds do not socialize indoors with people outside of your household wear a mask in public and maintain social distancing. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>the state of california is suing the trump administration this time over a new rule that could force 10's of thousands of international students to leave the united states, the rule only grant student visas to international students who are taking in person classes at their school does not offer those classes. they must transfer to another one that does or leave the u.s.. california attorney general javier becerra says forcing students into a classroom during the pandemic could put their health at risk, harvard mit and the u c system plan to file similar lawsuits to block that requirement. california had almost a 162,000 international students last year san francisco mayor
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london breed has tested negative for covid-19 the mayor was tested after finding out that she was at an event with somebody who had tested positive for the virus. mayor breed says she still plans to get tested again next week and we'll be working from home. >>a driver is now facing murder charges after a fatal hit and run in san leandro police say rick acosta intentionally crashed into bicyclists mark more on june 28th. near his spear ian boulevard and drew streets. moore died 2 days later acosta was arrested on july 2nd. >>the crews fire which has been burning in the rural hills east of gilroy since sunday is now 80% contained that is the latest information from cal fire. >>they added the wildfires burned about 5400 acres firefighters took advantage of some favorable conditions overnight to build additional fire line say expect to have the wildfire fully contained in about a week or so for more on the weather conditions in
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that area moving forward we want to check in now with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with details sort second remember earlier this week we're talking about some very gusty winds around the bay area well things have calmed down quite a bit and that's exactly what the firefighters need to really get a handle on this fire now we're looking some of the winds can 6 maybe 10 miles per hour. near gilroy blowing up toward the fire right now, but very gentle winds compared to what we had early on leak the same time the humidity has come up as well, so certainly that hopes to hold down the fire now going to see some of those winds we'll see more of those sea breeze, we're just at the very beginning of the fire season, but the winds coming mainly from the ocean toward land and that brings with it the higher humidity, the atmosphere that makes it harder for the fires to burn. now later in the fire season as we get into september and october we start to talk about those offshore winds and that's an entirely different experience. those are most dangerous fire winds. those are more of those northerly winds that will come down from the north and bring a very dry air that very dry hot air the bay area of course fires burn a lot faster those kind of
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conditions. overnight tonight, we'll see those winds calm down just a gentle breeze 2 miles per hour in a san jose by tomorrow afternoon then in the afternoon again you get that westerly wind but right now no major gusts in the forecast over the next few days guys back to you. thank you lawrence right now senator county sheriff's deputies are investigating human remains. they were found in a creek bed in unincorporated san jose they were found close to a tent or a homeless encampment near santa teresa boulevard and bailey avenues still too early to determine the identity of the remains but anyone with information is asked to contact the santa clara county sheriff's office in the east bay a black lives matter mural that was painted over on july 4th has now been repainted these are images of the freshly painted mural from this afternoon this afternoon in martinez to residents were charged with a hate crime for defacing the mural the black paint on the holiday another resident had received the appropriate permit to paint them year-old in front of the
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wakefield taylor courthouse. >>if those defendants are convicted they face up to a year in jail livermore police chief michael harris announced he's retiring after 7 years as the city's top police officer. >>harris started his law enforcement career 1990 in oakdale in stanislaus county and then he soon transferred to the modesto police department where he rose to the rank of captain before he was hired as livermore as police chief in 2013 the city has started the process to try to recruit a new police chief and says it will start accepting applications in the coming weeks harris's decision will be effective on august 14th. >>kron 4 is hosting a live town hall next week with police chiefs from across the bay area we will talk about the changes. police departments are making across the nation calls for police reforms and how officers are working to regain the trust of their communities. you can join the conversation by submitting a video question for the police chiefs on our website kron 4 dot com. the town hall will air next wednesday july the 15th at
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09:00pm. >>kron 4 news at 8 firefighting during a crisis the coronavirus is affecting california civility to prepare for more wildfires, how the governor plans to move forward. >>disasters do not stop during the pandemic tonight, the american red cross is calling for help in dealing with the fire season and strike teams are visiting bars and restaurants to make sure they're in forcing covid-19 guidelines.
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>>in the north bay, the number of covid-19 cases at san quentin prison continues to climb. tonight, activists and local officials are calling for the state to take further action currently there are more than 1300 confirmed cases inside the prison at least 7 people have died. assemblyman marc levine called on governor newsome to begin removing inmates from the prison and getting them the help they need. >>unfortunately covid-19 is not going so we can't let our guard down and that is one of the reasons why reducing the prison population is so important. >>go to new some has said that the covid-19 outbreak is one of his priorities and that he doesn't tend to get the most vulnerable inmates out of san quentin and reduce the overall population that outbreak happened when prison officials allow the transfer of some inmates with the virus from a prison in chino to san quentin.
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>>earlier this month, the governor announced the formation of strike teams to make sure bars and restaurants across the state follow the guidelines to try to slow the spread of covid-19 recent visit to one bay area business has a restaurant owner up in arms kron four's dan kerman has the story. >>in addition to customers visiting the nation's loft wine bar and restaurant wednesday. we're to alcohol beverage control officers who are part of the governor's covid-19 strike team who quizzed employees about why they were not wearing masks. >>they were here to educate they were here just to write a citation that was pretty clear. >>the citation restaurant owner jason dvds was given simply says no masks david us admits at least 4 of his 5 staffers were wearing masks because of health issues. >>my understanding is that everyone needs to wear face covering unless they have a health issue that prevents them from wearing one. that's based right up information from the state of california. as an employer. i'm falling a guideline but in a statement alcohol beverage control says that's not how the policy
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reads. >>they say the guidelines states persons exempted from wearing a face covering due to a medical condition who are employed in a job involving regular contact with others should wear a non restrictive alternative such as a face shield with a trade on the bottom edge as long as their condition permits it. they say no employees or the owner were wearing face coverings. do you view this as he followed the policy as best he understood it. and head abc offered education it would be one thing. but he says their approach was heavy-handed and possibly illegal by staff was very intimidated. >>they said hey we'd like to record this interaction. they were told under color of authority absolutely not dvds will have his day in court but says the state has to do a better job, i don't feel singled out. but i do feel that these attacks so small businesses can't continue. we cannot withstand this pressure were too small. we can't fight the state. >>alcohol beverage control says they were called to that
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restaurant in the first place due to a community complaint about a lack of masks. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>presumptive democratic presidential nominee, joe biden taking his campaign to dunmore pennsylvania today in addition to touting his presidential plan biden accuse the current president of ignoring the coronavirus pandemic. >>and when it comes to covid-19 after months of doing nothing other predicting the virus would disappear and maybe to drag bleach. she may be ok. trump a separate given up. the wave, the white and walked away this fares come with the terrible human cost. and if economics. >>toll. >>biden introduced a new deal tied to economic agenda today claiming that his comprehensive agenda as the most aggressive government investment in the u.s. economy since world war 2. this came
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as the labor department reported another 1.3 million people filed for first time unemployment claims last week. >>more than 4,000 wildfires have burned so far this year despite the pandemic california is ramping up its firefighting efforts state emergency management leaders give an update on the state's prepared us for another intense wildfire season today. officials say a typical year average is about 2500 wildfires in california this year. there have already been more than 4100 governor newsom announced the state is bringing on more than 8,050 seasonal firefighters through at least october to help boost hand crews usually provided by the state's prison system. >>one of the things that has occurred with covid in that is we've now then impacted in terms of our conservation corps and in our partnerships with cdc are in terms of total number of hand crews that we have available because of quarantine because of people that have been exposed. >>the governor says the
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recently passed state budget allows for equipment upgrades, including new black hawk helicopters to help fight fires at night. and $80 million to hire a 172 more full time firefighters as california braces for fire season. so is the american red cross there's a new call for volunteers to staff evacuation centers and other emergency response efforts kron four's rob fladeboe explains. >>disasters like wildfires and earthquakes don't stop because of the pandemic it's not a question of whether the red cross will be needed but rather where and lamb says the agency's cynthia shaw on this weekend's fires in gilroy morgan hill. >>or you know sort of those precursors that reminding us you know should we have a large evacuation we will need care for many people we want to be ready to do that and so the red cross has put out a call for volunteers to help set up an operating evacuation centers like those that provided food and shelter for thousands during the recent camp and wine country
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wildfires. >>the need maybe a bit greater right now because of the coronavirus pandemic we know that some of our workforce may become ill. >>or may have family members who are ill or maybe just in those vulnerable groups either do their health or age other the may not be in their best interest to go out and volunteer in person at this time straw says that he needs shoring up because volunteers themselves are often impacted by wildfires and other disasters. covid-19 as the red cross planning for alternatives to traditional shelter protocols. >>which means volunteers with special skills are also needed to maximize readiness is we're looking for anybody willing to be shelter workers to work in our shelters with their but we are looking for have a health professional so doctors nurses >>people with those licenses that can help us with screenings and monitoring people during this time in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news our 4 zone forecast as we give
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you a live look outside at kind of gleaning in the twilight as the sun starts to go down than our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by says things are going to warm up all this makes it look like this when across the so close but you get about right here in the next you know the courage to take your well into the bay, but. >>yeah it's a beautiful evening out there tonight certainly mostly cloud-free at this time the low clouds and fog will start to return and then we'll start talking about some hot temperatures around the bay area numbers outside right now you still got 74 degrees beautiful evening. >>in san jose 82 and warm and live more 58 degrees in pacifica much cooler there 71 in berkeley and 73 degrees right now in petaluma overnight tonight likely see some of that patchy fog high pressure building overheads that's going start to compress the submarine air so it's not going to shoot to the valleys but likely couple batches just inside the bay and by the afternoon of breaks up a little bit still couple batches lingering co side otherwise tomorrow morning waking up some patchy fog 50's 60's by the middle of the day we've got some 70's and 80's inland and then in the afternoon we're going to get
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hot mid-nineties the hottest valleys, lots of 70's navies around the bay and 60's at the coast. you are still had a date if you've never heard of mange get ready for an eye opening look at a disease that can cause some big problems for your dog. >>a disturbing dog story with a happy ending. >>and after the break from saliva to sneezes new guidelines from the world health organizati
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>>world health organization has released new guidelines on the transmission of covid-19 but the agency stopped short of confirming that the virus spreads through the air some health experts disagree with that though the w h o did acknowledge that some outbreak reports related to indoor crowded spaces have suggested the possibility of aerosol transmission. but the organization said more research is quote urgently needed to investigate such instances and assess their significance for transmission of covid-19. >>based on its review of the current evidence the w h o said the coronavirus spreads between people through direct or indirect contact with contaminated surfaces or close contact with infected people who spread the virus through saliva or droplets released when an infected person coughs sneezes speaks or sings. >>coming up on kron 4 news today tainting the jury pool minnesota judge took action against attorneys represent the officers and that george
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floyd murder trial and from coast to coast school districts are planning on how to safely return students to the classroom, but there are mixed messages coming out of the white house on plans for the fall so tonight, a member of the coronavirus task force is hoping to paint a clearer picture and after the break pandemic sending more milestones across the globe and tonight the
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coronavirus pandemic surpassed
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a couple of big milestone worldwide more than 12 million people have contracted the virus and more than half a million people have died. >>here in the united states we have eclipsed 3 million cases and more than 133,000 americans have died. the nation's top infectious disease doctors calling the current covid-19 situation, a perfect storm. speaking about the pandemic today doctor anthony fauci says the spike in cases across the country should have some states considering hitting the brakes when it comes to reopening. >>i would think we need to get the state's pausing in their opening process looking at what did not work well and try to mitigate that i don't think we need to go back to an extreme of shutting down. >>fauci says a range of people covid-19 effects from those with no symptoms to those ending up in intensive care or even dying. make the virus a very complex situation to get control of as cases of
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covid-19 rise school districts are working on how to get children back in the classroom safely. >>doctor deborah birx of the white house coronavirus task force as it is important for districts to make decisions based on where the virus is spreading she hopes new guidelines from the cdc will combat some of the mixed messages about returning to class which had been coming from the white house. >>it is confusing for parents and school administrators i think the cdc guidance is very clear what we're trying to really now that wind is is understanding and my and showing where the public health trip wires are to really provide a roadmap both her parents, educators and school administrators. >>the president has threatened to cut off money for schools which do not allow students to return, but the white house has not said what specific money that would involve. >>california and florida broke their own covid-19 records over the past 24 hours as erica hill reports they are not the only states moving in
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the wrong direction. >>florida continuing to break records. >>the people who expected to see a shot decline in the number of cases as the weather became warm and moist. i think we see that that's absolutely not the case. >>exhibit a the sunshine state which just recorded nearly 9,000 new cases and 120 covid-19 related deaths a single day high we all hoped rough landing in a stabilization we haven't seen it yet. arizona one of nearly a dozen states seeing an uptick in hospitalizations any state. >>that is having a serious problem that state should seriously look at shutting down. >>in kentucky. a new cases jumped 40% in the last week in oklahoma they're up 45% across the country 33 states moving in the wrong direction, there's no immediate fix to this we're going to have to really put you to work to get ahead of this epidemic, the new york times reporting ppe could soon become a concern.
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again noting doctors in houston have been told to reuse n 95 masks echoing the vice president's request on wednesday. we're encouraging. >>health care workers to begin now to use some of the best practices that we learned in other parts of the country to love to preserve and to reuse the ppe supplies even in states holding steady maryland. >>officials remain cautious. look we're very concerned about what's happening around the country and i don't want to take any kind of a victory lap the state seeing a spike in cases among those under 35 michigan reporting one in 5 covid patients is between 2534 years old meantime in new york state the early epicenter, less than one percent of tests are now positive for the virus. a sliver of hope they grim numbers in the new hot spots. positivity rates skyrocketing in arizona, texas and florida. this is an that's
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on contained in free fall. >>that was erica hill reporting at least a dozen states are seeing their highest number of hospitalized coronavirus patients since the pan get the pandemic started. >>in some places intensive care units are filling up. >>in national news california news actually glee actress naya rivera is presumed dead after disappearing at a lake in ventura county. the 33 year-old actress spanish last night the ventura county sheriff's department says she went to lake pyro yesterday afternoon that's near fillmore rented a boat with her 4 year-old son and then about 3 hours later another boat or discovered the child aboard the boat asleep and alone. authorities say the child did have on a life vest and an adult life vest was found on the boat the child is healthy and with family. search and rescue efforts for the actress have now shifted to a recovery operation rivera is the sister of former oakland raiders tight end. michael rivera. >>the man accused of killing
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nearly 2 dozen people at a walmart store in texas last summer is facing new federal hate crime charges another victim has passed away. the grand jury returned a new indictment against 21 year-old patrick crusius today he was already charged with 19 counts under hate crime and firearms laws for the shooting in el paso authorities say he came to scare hispanics into leaving the u.s. one of the victims in the shooting 36 year-old guillermo garcia died 9 months after the august 3rd massacre making him the 23rd fatality who she's had pleaded not guilty to the state capital murder charges and federal prosecutors could also pursue capital punishment as well. he faces the death penalty if he is convicted. >>a minnesota judge has imposed a gag order on attorneys in the george floyd case for former minneapolis police officers are charged in the death of floyd the judge issued the order a day after he says 2 or more lawyers granted interviews or talked with reporters in his order.
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he says that continuing pretrial publicity in the case would increase the risk of tainting the potential jury pool and quote will impair all parties right to a fair trial. the same judge previously warned he would likely move the ex officers trials out of minneapolis. if public officials attorneys and family members didn't stop speaking about the case. >>in new york, the black lives matter mural was painted along 5th avenue right in front of trump tower mayor bill de blasio selected the location himself reverend al sharpton helped a pink that mural on twitter the mayor said black people built 5th avenue and much of the nation and that the mural is to honor them. earlier this month president trump and called that mural is quote symbol of hate. >>now our 4 zone forecast want to show you a live picture at that all us natural point in
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san francisco, 928 feet mount davidson plunges love these little lessons that come along with his ride lawrence yeah gor just 2 days out there too i mean just a really a gentle sea breeze blowing around the bay area now and we'll see things change in fact they were getting close the weekend is a getaway for cash into the montegey bay looking at 73 degrees in santa cruz for tomorrow 60 some patchy fog in the carmel 62 degrees couple patches of fog there in the moderate to southern california 84 degrees, some sunshine 90 in pasedena about 87 in anaheim, 70 degrees in san diego and the high country of got a lot of sunshine coming your way 84 degrees in south lake tahoe 80 in truckee and 87 degrees in reno that high pressure going to start to build in now the 4 corner states here comes slowly going to build and compressing that marine there that means more sunshine is a very hot temperatures in some of the eyes. i think we're getting close to triple digits over the weekend in some spots inland for tomorrow will be warm enough there you're talking mid 90's in the
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concord and learn more about 86 degrees in san jose, 91 in morgan hill 81 in mount view about 69 degrees downtown san francisco, 93 in hot in santa rosa, those temperatures heating up especially on sunday then cooling down slightly by monday. >>thank you lauren still ahead a day in their last decision of the term justices on the highest court in the land weighed in on who will have access to president trump's financial information back behind bars us in 2 months after getting released from prison over coronavirus concerns, the president's former attorneys been sent back by michael cohen is locked up again. the race to the rescue a texas officer caught on camera rushing into a burning home where a family was stuck inside. tonight that a texas
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police officers being called a hero that's after running into a burning mobile home to save a family trapped inside it happened near el paso on to say nearby witness caught the brave act on camera. >>what caught my attention and joleen i'm getting this on film as there's a police officer that came out. >>right behind the flames it was well within my heart muscle to run in a try trying to get these people off when i went to the door i it was really hot and was a bit in trying to find that there was some of those incidents health. >>officer joshua gonzalez
8:42 pm
found those 2 adults and young boy inside he grabbed the child got him out first while an off-duty firefighter helped both the adults escape as well good for them. >>coming up in a the nfl has banned jersey swapping for the 2020 season, our kate rooney joins us with what the players had to say about that decision. a rescue flight safety dogs from a devastating condition how a bay area rescue organization. >>turned what
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>>in tonight's flying tails can takes us on a rescue mission to save 2 dogs which were suffering from mange change is not that common here in the bay area, but it is found in the central valley. there is a happy ending to the story but we have to warn you some of the pictures are kind of hard to watch. >>you never really know what you're going to get when you fly off on a rescue mission. i was told there would be 2 dogs suffering from mange something i knew very little about on the ground in porterville was quickly apparent that this nasty skin disease can cause great suffering a pit bull named wally had a red rash showing through is white coat. >>and little terrier named jr was still in his crate and his injuries weren't as clear. we loaded them up and took off naming the plane back to the
8:46 pm
bay area where they would get treatment an hour or so later we were on the ground in petaluma where i was met by shirley zindler from dogwood animal rescue project. we tried to coax jr out of his crate is. even as moneys wall seem to want to help. we got our first good look at j r's condition. they looked awful. >>the 2 dogs came to us just our coptic change that's the contagious types that other animals can get and it can actually because the russian people so we have to be very careful about handling in treating initially. >>mites burrow into the skin leading to incessant in chief. his skin was too raw to even
8:47 pm
bays initially so we just you know started immediately the treatment to kill the and we also some anti it's medication just. >>first comfort and pain meds and wants the pain and itching is ease they began to show their true personalities. >>while the people is always you know he loves everybody and feels you know the you think the world to beautiful places just pretty edgy for a wild in the yards of fabulous dog, you just need a little time to to let you know overcome the worst of his of his skin and mains. >>they're now both with new families sue adopted them and pamper and care for them the way they deserve to be. and despite the rough start. shirley says the previous owners did the right thing. >>there's no deliberate car meant to these dogs their owners actually cared for them very much but they had no money i to seek even veterinary treatment so they reached out for rescue. >>now in some cases means can even be fatal. so if you have
8:48 pm
a pet who is inching a lot take it in to be checked out because mange can be treated as you just saw so are they doing anything in the central valley to try and help dogs in this condition, you know it is a tough situation central valley, pam because there's a whole different attitude among some toward pets, there's a lot of blues pets that are just not cared for very well and as you heard some people they're just don't have the money to take a dog or a pet to the vet. so these rescue groups here in the bay area dogwood animal sanctuaries a basketball is one of many here in the bay area that is trying to get these dogs out of the central valley to the bay area where they can be adopted in treated in and have happy lives you see the turn around and astoria sprint cell all right, nice. >>well the u.s. supreme court has rejected president trump's efforts to block turning over his financial records to federal prosecutors in new york today, the high court ruled in favor of the prosecutors demands for the president's tax records but do not expect those documents to be seen publicly anytime soon
8:49 pm
the president's taxes and other financial records which he has fought hard to keep private. almost certainly will be kept out of the public eye at least until after the november election in a separate case today, the justices kept a hold on banking and other documents about the president his family members and his businesses which congress has been seeking for more than a year. the high court said while congress does have significant power to demand the president's personal information that power is not limitless congress can try again with a more narrow case president trump's former lawyer michael cohen is back in prison after violating the terms of his covid-19 furlough. >>he reportedly refused to agree to the requirements of his home confinement. this comes less than a week after photographers for the new york post scott cohen dining out in manhattan last week. he was furloughed from federal prison in may to serve the rest of his 3 year prison sentence at home because of coronavirus concerns.
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>>time now for schools. >>with nfl training camp reportedly slated to start on july 28th. we are learning more about precautions. the league is taking to prevent the spread of covid-19 and today a bit of a curious one jersey exchanges between players will be banned this season, the practice of jersey swapping has become pretty popular in the last few years players from posing teams coming together after the game to exchange, they're worn jersey is usually with a signature a photo op and so far the athletes don't seem thrilled about the new rule deshaun watson called that silly randall cobb said this has to be a joke and of course 49 ers cornerback richard sherman had some thoughts, here's what sherman tweeted today. this is a perfect example of nfl thinking in a nutshell players can go engage in a full contact game and do it safely, however, it's deemed unsafe for them to exchange jerseys after said game, yeah, but some food for thought indeed now in college news yesterday, the ivy league
8:51 pm
conference announced the cancellation of all fall sports today, the big 10 conference became the first power 5 organization to make a big move. the league said it won't allow any out of conference games. this season that's any sport, including football. in a statement big 10 officials said that limiting opponents to other teams. in the conference would give them greater institutional control to make quick decisions and be flexible during the pandemic. mlb rolls on with no covid testing issues today, the giants and a's both free to focus on baseball gabe kaplan called out slugger daryn roof and catcher tyler heineman for outstanding performance as it today's session and as for the a's bob melvin said the team is hoping to pull some more pictures into the mix for longer simulated games. but overall the team is grateful. they haven't had many health issues, meanwhile 3rd baseman matt chapman expressing frustration that the team won't have more time to prepare for the regular season. >>we're just disappointed you organization just you know.
8:52 pm
took those extra few days and it ended up costing us even more today's from we're all you know ready to go on july first, but you know we're we're on the field now and that's all that matters and you know that's all we can control so you know we want to we want to just you know move forward. >>and finally since the warriors will be one of the teams headed to orlando for the nba bubble steph curry's free to have a little fun. he hit the links at edgewood and talkshow with a small group for celeb tournament, including boxer canelo alvarez and you're looking at their impromptu sparring session. not sure if curry is ready to take on canelo in the ring any time soon he almost got him there in plus we want steph in tip top shape for when he does get back on the court look out for that left despite a
8:53 pm
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8:55 pm
surge of coronavirus cases in california people lined up at downtown disney for its first day of reopening reporter kara shows us how visitors are adjusting to the new safety guidelines. >>we found a hotel or like we're just going to split we're just going to do it these best friends live an hour and a half drive from anaheim, so they rent a room and broke out matching asked for downtown disney's reopening. obviously we want to like going to the parks, but we know it's not safe yet. and so we'd rather just you know be here and be able to do a little bit of shopping. it's just a disney magic because during this whole pandemic everyone's been very stressed and at home and just nice to
8:56 pm
kind of be out having by a line of cars stretched well down around the block hours before downtown disney. >>even opened up. but parking and guest capacity will be limited as part of new safety protocols about 25 stores an outdoor dining areas are welcoming back guests with plexiglass partitions contactless payment options and socially distance lines and seating areas. >>temperatures will be taken with mass requirements for visitors ages 2 and up. and unlike florida's disney world which will reopen some park saturday. disneyland and california adventure or indefinitely closed. disney's waiting for word from california on when they can reopen hopefully we can get back to work in soon. but you know safety first this disney employee worries about the surge in covid-19 cases because his daughter is a heightened risk. she has a. >>kind of a weak immune systems to i can and injure her disney has posted a warning saying even with safety measures an inherent risk of exposure to covid-19
8:57 pm
currently exist in any public place where people are present. >>the big challenge ahead, finding the right safety balance for the happiest place on earth. >>that was kara fence strong reporting and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8, here's what we're working on for kron 4 news at 9 has more counties are forced to roll back reopening businesses to the surge in covid-19 cases, an infectious disease expert explains what it would take for the bay area to bring back to stay at home and 8 and as california gets ready to sue the trump administration over its new rule on international soon we will explain how some professors are stepping up to make sure those students do not get deported those stories
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>news stations. >>you're watching kron 4 news at know what you think that things are ok and we did great is the minute you're starting to get unsafe that the biggest enemy here is complacency. >>now 9 coronavirus cases are surging in at least 33 states and hospitalizations have hit new records in at least 11 one bay area doctor is now weighing in on if we could go back to another stay at home order. good evening, i'm ken wayne and i pale more california hit a new grim milestone in its fight against the coronavirus 7,000 new cases and 149 new covid


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